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Sox seem to be alive again, so are you back in?

Jul 21, 2014|

We talk Sox after a sweep over the Royals at Fenway. We look at fan interest and how nothing in the AL East is even remotely decided at this point.

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Just when you thought you were out they -- you back -- Just when you've given up on any hope that the Red Sox may be a viable baseball and entertainment alternative for the summer. Jeffrey Sachs -- at this over. I can't wait for training camp to open up. All of a sudden it winsome anatomy star and think OK. Maybe they are viable entertainment alternative. Is that baseball. The five that define. Viable race. All seen that yet defined sockets backing him. Into you know what I don't I'm not -- it yourself shell are as. -- not. He's not done a great citizen -- -- because I've been down this road belfry or have to cancel four be jackass number two. Did you -- -- one lies -- if you. And to play like that and -- to -- the beginning which apparently didn't do the open no I heard it opened up and onto a jacket on jacket so what about -- I don't own tails above and -- materials and dale that so that's anybody's ever called the ball. -- -- -- the name of the mayor called him that really believe they were totally not true at a loss for words. Faded Gael rate compliment. Really mean. They might have actually meant it on jackass one jackass Q objective so what you are not buying it yet yet. The Red Sox that that all that you've come a long way. That's that's a lot farther than I've come. Not yet. I'm not buying into it. Period. What you're trying to. Advocates say that can't think actors and you can't say that -- That it cannot come back -- -- -- because they if they close a month from now. -- gain back in the elite USQ. Bob. It's a game back in -- against. I -- on July whatever it is native and I thought I -- -- -- first let's look at it. July what works yes that's where does that degree. I -- regulatory part -- I'm not playing at all. On August papers they're game -- You can't very well not buying the -- that I. Just -- two games and understood. And you know if you don't care. I I I don't care pro -- game two more games this information and numbers that don't know the guys don't give me correct information. I don't deal well with that if they gained two games this week. I'll still say they're not coming -- coming back because it's just the way law. Hard -- based on what I've seen. The first three and a half four months of the season and based on the all odds to come back and believe and believe it or not. It's actually probably easier. To come back in win the division. Even though they're seven and half games out of the division and only 616. Or six and a half on the wild card. There are fewer teams in front of them in the division in the on the wild card that's the problem -- both the bomb. They have to play 600 bull all of those themes that we talk and talk about. In the east in the American League have to -- something like 450 bull. Think all those things are gonna combine them happen. I don't think it's gonna happen and it's amusing to you -- my yeah. I want you know Michael you know you're in Las Vegas will be your breath away and I'm not 100 dollar bill note. Your mom tell us your what you wanna do that Ahmad -- in knots in my head got a big numbers and I'm more money he's got more money that I do and he's more optimistic -- I am. But just like humans much -- Obama. I didn't on the -- -- your comments and now it looks like we understand a lot of solid in Vegas because it runs well has had a brother Bart board is irrefutable fact that that's not that's why I'm here and -- hit it a failed there Africa that it. They don't take the hundreds over -- at the -- so look I do like think it's realistic to expect that they're gonna become a playoff team it probably not. I've been saying to Michael for a month now I'm not ready to close the door yet you closed that's -- I understand. I haven't been willing to do that for a while yet and now. I am I I don't think it's the AJ Pierzynski factor this is not all thank god they got that guy out of there and Alex are winning baseball games. John Dennis is that lap. Wins after Pierzynski I don't think that's -- this it is. I like what I see from this T Huckabee not even -- like what I what I what I like he as they continued to pitch and that's actually been up pretty steady component for them. But now they're starting to hit it to post it was it was amazing to meet its so many guys could be sold fall -- what they're norms war. I mean Daniel novel looked like a shadow of himself from a year ago now looks like look like the real deal Jackie Bradley junior of the last thirteen games is at like 378. Not now I've probably your best hitters while ironically. -- hitting OK right now but big -- not so much. Are you as you said it's you don't believe -- the presents key factor I think that's a part of not just Pierzynski but what Pierzynski represented that that's part of part of it for this team. Look at the Red Sox you look at Larry Lucchino John Henry. -- -- and Tom Warner are all very Smart people border so some Smart people lack. People skills. A lot of Smart people. Will go what the numbers and they will go with the trends but they don't wanna hear anything about intangibles. When I hear anything about chemistry. Because you can't really define that. So they tend to dismiss. I think with AJ Pierzynski. He's he is representative of what went wrong in the offseason with the Red Sox OK let's bring in the guys we know all about them. We know all about his approach at the plate it's not like ours we know all about his relationship with the opponent his relationship with his own teammates. OK that's fine all that we'll bring all that stuff then. There will replace. Will replace Saltalamacchia. What Pierzynski. And it won't mean anything even -- last year our internal projections said eighty something went. The numbers the numbers are hard data that eighty something wins but you take that eighty something wins. With chemistry guys with something approved guys playing above themselves at times and and really coming together well I did -- 97 win team. I think the talent was huge part of it and what 10%. At 15%. Chemistry. That was part of the -- lore that was part of what made the Red Sox special. Getting rid of AJ presents a bad seed is a part of it because now you're going back to where you were in 2013 I'm not blaming. All right -- don't have that's -- -- -- no problems on him I don't wanna make it sound like all out late you present at the -- such -- -- new part of the Belmont I don't think it's a minor part of Michael. I -- have been -- AJ Pierzynski we all knew the issues and we only with history right but I figured. Here's a team that has such great chemistry important break guys. Look what they did in 2013. One play here is not gonna -- portal that what players -- a term that's club house or this dug -- around and I still don't believe that in one place at turner. That is not totally. It totally ruin it. But I think his presence did. Did make for some problems make for some issues in the clubhouse and I think you bring back the entire team that's not realistic every every World Series champion. In the past ten or fifteen years I mean where we're talking about three of free agent -- so you can bring back every single guy. And try to recapture which had a year before. What instead of saying. Chemistry as a matter. You wanna say -- to Saltalamacchia that you too expensive and you wanna make sure you have some room on the road for basket that's -- art. Bring in somebody else who is not a problem like -- to present -- and they just picked the wrong guy it's not -- -- and it existed and there's another guy. Boy I think and it represents who they were last year. You know players always say that 2013 Red Sox and different players always say nobody believes in us nobody else on this -- believe that we can do it. Yeah about the rotten. That I was shocked the world that is not brought me here for our data don't yet. Last year. Great season from -- not a great. A career -- for Dana you know wouldn't believe -- and -- this year 2014 wasn't there at the Red Sox believe in their own guy. They sit on the AAA in now that he's back staying pretty much the same -- and Nava. That you saw last year did not has done since last month. It's not a it's not an accident so they're giving back some of the elements that they had last year and the help of Shane Victorino probably helps but -- all that's at a record deal. -- know you're not gonna help. I think I'd like Dell that he's done well out of college and Pittsburgh for Greg Greg believe it I don't think from the time. I think they've put themselves in a hole they don't have enough time. To take it play good ball but did you would have needed 65. But the reason why they have enough time is take a look at the rest of the American League east I have -- agree with Greg may have a better chance of winning the division. But they do getting one of the two wildcard spot because in the number of teams in between them in the wild card and so many head to head against those seen as -- and I agree with you in that regard. And I just look at the rest of the American League east and I say. They -- have time I mean the rest of the American League east hasn't dazzling me and. They're saying that we've been through it all year -- doesn't dazzle. But they're all bad habit but both of them are better than their red doctor -- place so. If you say on this division of division sucks you know you look around a kid that got on anybody I mean literally or figuratively -- got anybody could your last. Hottest teams in the American League east right now the two bottom teams out on the golf -- the Red Sox and Tampa Bay or seven and three in the last ten games. Toronto the team that face tonight is foreign six in their last ten. The Yankees and Baltimore are reach six and four and last -- is is badly it's Tampa played. For a long time the season works is god awful. They have one more when the Sox do right now right so. -- you think Boston's gonna catch up to the Yankees or Baltimore or even Toronto. Sure the Red Sox if I play better baseball the last week but. They can even -- what are they can't catch Tampa Bay did you -- you know in order -- about to appreciate about degrade them. UN not rugged -- I don't know what that Portugal that antibiotics -- and I'm not the captain obvious and everybody know that. You enunciated so well and you speak in such perfect sound -- that you -- -- and he loads of material what does he back he will be back again. And that's the problem I don't -- I think it's going to be pretty soon as -- back yeah if that's part of open. That your familiar voice and accurate or. -- making up words hit the Red Sox on the Red Sox make Iran -- -- those guys in I don't think Indian -- these guys who would they figure who would take your word when your own words. Like that. They do that do you reward -- the team. But -- -- you know -- the guest -- your show you obviously did what does that to somebody -- someone who's a guest in their home. You make funny your own them so they would do them when I absolutely agree that you beat her say something else what else would you say yeah. Hours and 45 million units are well all it will rock solid and -- Kevin Garnett -- the second greatest Celtic fulltime until -- That's you know Max Quinlan coupon equivalent to the -- up. From a phone call I. -- to -- hates when -- -- We're back tax all you'd like as a result -- he will not let me forgive matter revote we either gonna get better -- -- -- -- you do after Byrd says it. -- that possible -- doing your job. Dalai trio once you are no -- I would I would honestly -- -- -- seen I was busting tax is -- it was -- or doing your job of new. Well you all after -- would like to Mexico and friends I want to bust the ball back to -- out -- -- the dollar and strong. And got our product. And get another opportunity here I'll I'll just lob another one down the middle of the plate orient. I am convinced look I've been convinced all along I'm more convinced now and I ever wise. They're gonna -- Jon Lester and it's gonna cost them a lot of money it's gonna cost them now probably a 135240. But they're gonna -- Number Randy no no based on what. Based on the fact that there was there was at GM and I forget who wrote this week -- and I apologize for not giving proper credit here there was GM said. He's probably gonna get a 180 million dollar offer out there. I think the Yankees are gonna step up and -- a 154. Or 155. Especially -- CC sabathia is career is over with as some people theorize that may -- Jon Lester is gonna have chances to go elsewhere and the Red Sox I think are gonna realize if they haven't realized that already. And have to pay now we're gonna have to pay a lot we're gonna have to pay twice -- our initial offer as an actual worries me every figure that out each riskier. Other triggered -- out honest might go back to the go back to this. Belief. They don't want them. The Red Sox do not want Jon Lester I don't know that I don't get that they want to Jon Lester the deal would have been done already -- -- -- bright side you Michael here if they want -- keep them they would have given him pretty. Better opening offer a legitimate -- a legit offer. And they were followed it up in the last month or so I don't want. The longer this goes very don't wanna be contained -- hole. It's gotta get that much more expensive in November -- December helped me out here fellas you guys you guys are in lockstep on everything here today so. I'll just throw it between the middle of union side. Why wouldn't go get that iron and a -- Delegate local Obama run of the Red Sox but if I thought it would have been done by now I I'm trying to look it at all the things I can look at. Since coming back from cancer. Remarkably healthy mix 31 to 33 starts every single year is gonna make that same number again this year. His numbers in the American League east very good -- -- numbers in the post season even better his point series ERE zero point 43. When the pressure gets -- he gets better. XY OK I can't -- back up that -- we throw a question back at your. Why did did they given such a crap offer why did they give in such a global offer because they tried to take advantage of his words. I'll take a hometown is -- hundred at 820. Million is a hometown discount I think that right and if they're. And that's why they've made the offer -- -- businessman -- they are it will start -- barbecue -- are gonna get our best offer will give and give one that maybe. Maybe -- take but we don't expect and take it we want him pocket -- -- Smart of him in a while I don't know I'm revise and revive. They want them force are relatively. I don't wanna. And not on terms that are are consistent with what what the market says they should be given. So they want Jon Lester pick be for four years at Jaret Wright -- and that to -- seven million it. -- favorites four years in ninety million. Four years 92 million options and all that stuff you don't take it that won't necessarily happen now I don't work in baseball but looking at the numbers here. So let's just give you a range homer Bailey's time for six years 105 million dollars. Homer Bailey's career ERE fortune five. Or ERE ERE plus anything over hundreds above average in 95 below. Our career -- 132 that's not good. You could say if you wanted to you would stay at homer -- Now you look at Zack Greinke six years. 159 million dollars aggregate does not so matter of fact just numbers are very similar to Jon -- 360 career ERE for Greinke 365. For Lester twenty win seasons for those you care about -- with pitchers but when he went through this for Greinke -- When seasons for. Lester zip as a matter of fact his career high electric Brian win. Higher than Greinke. ERA plus for Greinke went sixteen ERE ERE plus Lester won twenty so that was six years one point nine -- Zack Greinke. -- at the baseline you're talking a 105 million dollars from Homer Bailey who's now on that level Greinke Lester. Height of it. It's a 159. And I think it's probably harder than that. So you think about that first offer yes we all take it we all take it gets 79 dollars yet yes go ahead I insult married I'd take 35 to cap. I'd I'd take a third partner and be very happy but in terms of comps. That's what it's gonna take what Jon Lester they know that still the fact it is. They don't want them because they know what it will take this I don't -- market value and they're not interest. They also have to know what it's gonna take to replace him. You gonna have to replace. Eight they probably feel they can replace them. With the Cole Hamels time OK we don't have -- spend five years in a 170 million dollars for a 160 million dollars. We get somebody for -- three or four years igniting. And we can replace that I think that's the way they're thinking you'll replace him in uniform ball with somebody and not an agent. Not as good up and especially not against the American League not even close to being as good. If if you go to that and to bring some -- for what it's the only thing I can think of deal because why wouldn't you want a -- like this guy. At those numbers and they know every single time it happens every single time a player gets to free agency gas -- The cost is always -- strike you can pay me now or you can pay me later they got to pay them now. And save themselves save themselves twenty or thirty million million dollars. If they -- in the fall and rocketed a texture and I don't know this to be true techsters says Peter Gammons said. Jon Lester told teammates he would have signed it. The Sox had offered homer -- -- six for a 10561. -- -- Homer -- that he would have signs now this is what -- reportedly told. It said that Lester told -- teammates. And more realistic offer instead of 470 which by the way I know I caught crap -- -- saying that's insulting. It's like it's like you're selling your million dollar house okay and I -- 200004. Mean you never dull so he was an and you don't what you don't even call me back you -- and not serious. Please be easier I think -- other people out there no thank you want to find somebody else to deal would give the laughter ready to the laughter so he shipments -- And discount. A whole homer day. -- -- I don't know how hard job won't go look -- guys must be time for a break and I got that every single time I'm more I'm Lester goes to the mound. You're cash register ringing in the back and. Here's the difference in my opinion between the Jon Lester situation and -- Jacoby Ellsbury situation. In the Jacoby Ellsbury situation and I heard this a lot paid a -- should've acted earlier they should have got him signed to an extension before it got to free agency. In my opinion that was never gonna happen. And Jacoby Ellsbury we all thought was going to be gone when his contract came none of us thought it was gonna stay here none of us thought it was gonna re signed here. He never gave any indication that this was where -- wanted to play anyway. Jon Lester couldn't be more adamant this is where he wants to play this is where he wants to be this is where he wants to pitch. You could get Jon Lester done before he gets two free agency but it you don't. -- If he gets to unrestricted free agency ten days after the season is over. That he's out the -- That's why I think it's not gonna get done because. The Red Sox had plenty of time they have the all star break. To move things forward. -- Dave had time since their first offer to move towards another offer and haven't done that -- then if they haven't done it. Well above a second to last week of July when intuit the -- September. They gotta do it in late August -- getting towards your run towards the playoffs -- what happened to me. He's all but gone to do it in August -- -- -- -- aren't you good -- tomorrow. What shall we assign show me a signal that proves to anyone a -- But the Red Sox have come closer to signing John -- Austria has ordered a probe wanna -- Jon -- As part of the problem and I blame Lester side for this we have become accustomed. Or we think. That we're gonna know. When negotiations pick up -- negotiations are good because of Lester side they lead their first offers no there's no doubt the Red -- that we couldn't make them look good. So. Since they leaked that for years and seven million we think that if another offer comes is gonna leak out again. In May be it's not maybe they both have learned in and specifically -- side they've they've learned that this is not the way to get it done whenever I get a deal done. By leaking it to the media. Theoretically they could be talking right now. As we speak. All right. We got to counteroffer you're seven million has now grown into Homer Bailey territory. Or maybe Adam Wainwright with inflation territory to -- inflation. Adam Wainwright deal with the -- 97 million today's terms that -- 170 -- -- so somewhere -- And maybe so we're maybe maybe the calls and they announced -- thing wonay when a direct attack. Five years 12025. Million a six year vesting option it's based on games started innings pitched whatever number you. That is based on that. It takes it 100 and four. But only if the sixth year kicks we all sit here and agree with this. Resigning Jon Lester is in no brainer yes and no wonder what ever number 21 reporter on -- 80145. That no brainer for all pretty simple to me so why is this why is -- not so simple for the Red Sox -- why can't I get it why don't I understand. -- does that of this this which even now my take you into the -- means. Of John Henry and and Tom Warner in matters keen -- the last blast especially our. It goes back veteran what what year was that it was. Our ballot not a lot of data that there was there was a slogan. Was it now with Vietnam. Never trust anyone over thirty. That then Vietnam era slogan never -- -- over never trust anyone over thirty when it comes to pitchers in baseball starting pitchers in baseball. Did and that means we are going beyond four years with the philosophy is very sound simple. If if he wants to -- for three years it loved album what -- for two years four years it happened over four years they don't trust and guess what. You're not gonna have a top flight number one starter -- -- that they have one. That -- Henry Owens so. On -- am lucky got to give credit lately let's -- I mean I lower unreal just like I thought I don't want sort of the island still talking about it doubly -- -- -- but -- to -- on one -- yet given credit worth thinking. Am gonna put. Myself out there and put my neck out there. That he would who has never pitched eight days in the big leagues is going to be our number one starter. In a year or two -- let Jon Lester. Who's got a pretty decorated resonating. And has been on the man in the post season especially when it with the regular season like to apologize for regular seasons at that point out earlier. Very similar to Zack Greinke in -- rate of regular season the big difference Greinke got this idea and and Jon Lester Lester a World Series right and if you look at the numbers if you can't even if I've been debatable. So you look at. Lester. And you look at the advocate. Okay it seems obvious the only thing that this is this operator is the Red Sox view of -- don't trust. Why would you want to bring a kid up from double play were AAA. Next year when he gets -- -- would you want would you wanna hand on the ball and say Henry. They go your our number one guy. New York carrying this pitching staff that's cryptic as opposed to bringing him saying. We a couple of guys we -- -- colts here we just signed Jon Lester we want you to be apart. All of this rotation but -- and we're not gonna push I don't get that and Axl sounds. Not 32. And religious under the contract and party generally speaking Michael I agree with them generally speaking. I think there are always exceptions to every rule and and I think Jon Lester is an exception. I think that his track record his history you have nothing. -- base concern on other than the number the -- number. As I said every single year since coming back from cancer he has made 31 to 33 starts every single year. He's always available he always takes the ball. He's not like some of these other guys who spent a month on the DL here two months on the DL there don't like Clay Buchholz. He's not like that. East totally different in that regard so the only thing you're basing your concern on is the number yes he's thirty -- while we can't go. Well you based on the number and you base it on what what happened -- thirty plus pitchers in baseball. In what they get the big contracts it what's the you know what what what kind of value you get out of it and I know I heard somebody say. Well it but the Yankees they would CC sabathia. And look at him today. Well yes and -- CC sabathia with deceptive CC sabathia its first four years with the Yankees. So four year contract with -- does this compare our airport contract. Gave them. An average. Seventeen inning not the winter everything but candidate and an ERA history. Aspect and I take it -- want so for years. He's their number one starter. It helps them win a World Series. Is. He is worth every single dollar that they paid from the first four years in the past year start to breakdown okay. You look at that into -- of the Red Sox. Say the similarities between Jon Lester and feces about. But the body type to body tired of the flag difference. Lester is a big guy but he's not a big out of shape ideally CC sabathia -- meet people knew about is not the big people knew going into that deal that might. Your five or six. He was going to on the tenth tank because of his shape in his body to but it would you believe that Lester -- -- And I don't care but the Yankees -- giving him a five -- and it couldn't. Just because he's a free agent and they just had to pay top dollar for him. So I -- they'd given him five years. And he in here is unavailable in the fifth year but he's great for four years OK -- done pretty well. It's not a guy to a a thirty year old pitcher thirty plus to a five year deal you got mortgage years out of them. -- And it was party when they saw them was 2829. When he signed with the Yankees. That was the guy in free agency -- paid for the production of CC sabathia and they pay for the contract status is about. Guys that we mention. You talk about Homer Bailey. He has a part of the -- he's gotten free agency and paid my 1059 dollars. Adam Wainwright did not become a free agent on the market -- in 979 dollars you've got John last year. Without free agency no competition. Give them a little bit more because legal market you are looking up that matters right so. All of these all these comparable it comes back to what I said earlier they don't want the guys don't want them they gave him an offer. Seems like they're negotiating. But honestly they're not having not done as the Taliban may have not done this in the past that guys. Holy gave Roger did this sordid deal. We offered a contract and he decide to go somewhere else big. This in the past and the only way they would have floated the information I'm convinced that you know 98% short it was Lester start. Only way that the Red Sox would -- that they wanted to throw little trial balloon. Let's -- this for year seven million dollars. Let's see what they say those idiots and WE yeah I Greg Dickerson and on Monday he's an idiot. If you're let's Greg Dick Taylor I'm -- -- Well -- have an edit their -- obviously there's always everytime -- here is arguably those guys let's see what the fans think of this four year seven million and the answer okay it. We've got the right idea that we're girl Jon Lester walked. It's funny should say that because as I watched the end of the game yesterday and Jon Lester strip off the mound. I thought this is not just. Up a crowd at Fenway Park up plotting a good shot out -- And that's certainly was part of this was a crowd at Fenway Park Saint John were on your side. Damn right management you listen and not get this guy sign as he's going off the mound. And and ways going nuts forum as they do you know when you perform well. I think you were talking a management as much as they were talking to Jon Lester they were talking ownership -- serious guy we like this guy. We liked what he brings to the table. I think they see and feel much like the Contra we were just talking about. If you get five years. And he's. For forty years also -- six year. Mean this is six or seven starts goes on the DL. The ERA pushes up to a -- four and a half four and three quarters. Aren't you still satisfied with what you got out of the deal what -- -- that -- As long as I get good production in the first four years as a Red Sox fan I'm thrilled with Jon Lester. 6177797937. -- the telephone number. The AT&T text line and staring at a right now 37937. Coming up at four at four. You can probably guess what time that happened we're gonna try to make our Rome prop that just like. Rory McIlroy -- dad did on him I mean at some confidence in your kids' abilities will do that with the four local sports teams coming up. I just after 4 o'clock 44 but we're gonna -- -- -- the phone calls with you guys. Jon -- price going down its only go one up. You ready to sign on the dotted line are you ready to let him walk 6177797937. As the telephone number Sports Radio WEE texture that. On the AT&T text line at 37937. Says. What was the offer. Four years seven million. That's more than enough -- what o.s in the in the years that's more than enough. No doubt John's been a very good pitching here in Boston he is not in a league pitcher never has been never will be. Especially as he rolls it it was mid to late thirties I say give them a fifth year -- years 85 million any more than that. It is more than enough. If you working and -- -- -- And more evident not that -- college professor is more than enough that you are a radio broadcaster not named Dale -- look at that just got up and felt that bill that's a lot of your case you know what I've done didn't have done our empire. And -- called me and art work from Michael I'll. Have to work or at least 74 million. If you insult me but it's not enough there -- sleeper for Jon Lester. He stocks you can say he's not a -- to -- the wider what I wanna say what. He is an industry where the market with the market. Certain things about certain pitchers with the majority. Come up. Homer Bailey. Is okay. Easily pretty average pitcher which drafted very high no -- the president list but he was drafted seventh girl Jon Lester weapon and so. He's got me I guess in Cincinnati but I must secure 105 million dollar contract. Going to complain right look at. What Max Scherzer turn down. But it would Zack Greinke has right now with the doctors on and on the market certain things about John masters although. Seventy million dollars is a lot of money for a 95% of the public. If your Major League Baseball pitcher who has worked Jon Lester hands and he's got that got the credentials it's not enough. 6177797937. Roberts on the -- Europe first and Sports Radio -- well. I'm Robert Robaire what's up man. Are you know. John -- is a very consistent and he's. As you know whether it's not like they didn't need to get them side they need to do you know what it takes is that it's gone up and -- and all day at this point. We get so much noticed a story about like get that back via satellite there and then you get somebody like John college student. You don't try to go and get some like that but he's gonna have to give up good prospect. If you're looking for a good pitcher inadequate that. You're not gonna have a blood -- for the cash to go get debt so they just need to diet Lester I think the idea what you can do 43 million -- a year and it thought. Robert if I could ask you this if main goal what it takes to sign or resigning Jon Lester. Why haven't they done it yet. I don't know that that's. That result -- they know -- to open up that four year seventy million dollar offer what an insult. Well wasn't an insult I don't that was an -- -- all in baseball -- it got started -- it -- it's confusing. You're Jon Lester side you say all right. Is this is is this your best offer. Or is this how Larry Lucchino negotiate and that it ends and they haven't proven yet. Just like this is there -- keynote negotiating now bench Gerri can the general manager of the Red Sox we have been Jarrett and all the credit last year. For where the Red Sox turn around him a bulk of the credit well look at the great signing him made here of the great trading mate for John Ferrell. Mean step after step two and everything right in and out. Now is it unfair that kind of backing away from -- Gerri give them putting this on Larry Lucchino. Is this -- and sharing them. Deal if he's in the lead negotiator in this or is Larry Lucchino the guys today -- -- this is what you opera because I've been negotiating a long time that's how we do see. Somebody asked me that question on Twitter yesterday it was meant and what I was gonna say as we both answered it pretty similarly and I have nothing to base this on either. But I fielded a contract of this magnitude is not on -- chairing this has to be an ownership contract. Burst -- at the very least they have to approve. And and I answered long canyon and a 140 characters to the of the Twitter a follower I just feel this was ownership not management number. If bash at the debate sat on the bench Harrington were handling this contract don't you believe to be -- can be done by now. I mean this is -- Larry's fingerprints. All over it not and sharing it seems like. Volumes in east long -- Haley and I don't. They get. Us out. Packaging like I was just wondering well there's no way John Lackey -- -- 500000 accurate yet it period I've said that all along I don't believe he will. Yeah and I you've got and you don't think he's going to be. So when you get involved opening their -- here. Michael -- Henry -- And Michael says -- -- -- number one starter opening day 2015. Batters going to the ball next year if he's healthy clip articles. Yeah he's healthier if you're gonna Anelka there's juries clay buckled the give -- days. Did he has very strong 16568. Innings over the season. ERA under the rain maybe not available for the playoffs but that's all right. Ready to go there's your opening -- start and I think if it did it left is gone and lack he's gone he's next in line. Buckles 10. One's so we as we assume Pete he's gone as well -- dead are rose about politics and it out Buchholz is number one -- -- number two okay. -- -- He's three -- to Bryant -- Brandon Workman. That there's a three or four. That we don't know ball right now knock against the best of three know there's a three era for. -- comes from somewhere else prepare choir and I don't feel that yes our our three or four maybe you want some somewhere else. Not a lot of those going around James Shields. Anyone distinction not a -- shields now now how about. The price. On David Price could be a -- -- think he's gonna cost about contract. Just to trade for what technical -- No no cut and only to whatever happened -- Tony Allen temple would do it and out of the Red Sox would probably Tampa went on talking as a free -- Obama talked at bottom all you I was already out -- -- -- Not a not a ton of money at the ton of money but not to worry about it one more year. Then he's going to be a free agent when sixteen correct yup yes. After after the -- it will happen between fifteen C yes. So yes can be a 10090. 195. Because he has a he's a better. You would agree he's a better pitcher than -- Jon Lester. Would you think David Price the better -- -- done item. It's. He's done very well. -- better talent he's got better stuff and as a sophomore he hasn't. Proved it over the courts. Of his career but he hasn't proved it as long as Jon Lester. Look at look at a stock look at his numbers he has not proved event as long as Jon Lester house and he's about a pitcher in terms and what's here what's and his arm he's a better pitcher. Jon Lester -- give you more results. Round I -- I'm not all board. Not your rights. That he is not a setup. Half I think a word I think he's amid endless it's not it's not a it's no shame. For Jon Lester -- is funny you were just saying the ERA plus for Lester -- a 121. Price 123. Yeah. That's well at a little like I guess that's what -- And I and I know I don't know and I know you don't wanna go to -- and stuff but ultimately went. When 81 and 46. For -- -- -- bad now does go to. -- -- can't score. I can't I mean historically a look at and -- a matter but. You wouldn't we can we can throw that into the mix but in terms of career ERA -- career where I'm from shore. David Price -- numbers are better and it's fine and I think Thomas is very good pitcher and I would sign them from the Red Sox. Or any team especially in the American League East Coast than nationally it's not even fair. Also -- nationally you can change is his career. He's already had AP fantastic career with the Red Sox. Being a part of the championship teams and he's been a part of and his contributions to a championship. And National League. I just had its debt -- Vinatieri Vinatieri. Good kicker. In the northeast. In outdoors and outdoor stadium. Go to Indianapolis. -- -- -- is -- money or five yards. Are open I got good. They're good -- and I liked -- a lot of Nadal. Jon Lester. Take away the designated hitter in the National League. ERA is going to be sick. 6177797937. -- telephone number. AT&T tax minus 37937. It's dale and -- and Greg Dickerson Sports Radio WE yeah.

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