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Dale and Holley's Four at Four - Future's Bet Edition - 7-21-14

Jul 21, 2014|

We tackle four topics, all spawned by Rory McIroy's futures bet he placed on his own son 10 years ago.

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And calling us. Then I'd been there yet what it was about to go back to the future. The fact of the future. Well done grant thing that I got here on I got I know now the only. Big time. Gore guy that -- they have all -- my head -- into the John Williams production was got a shot well got to break it. -- -- Yet. Four -- four brought to you by AT&T AT&T -- more than 99% of all Americans don't regulate better network. So let's go back to the future replace some futures bets -- Boston sports team. Rights of dale and Michael -- me a list one player from each of the four Boston teams that they are gonna place their bets on their gonna convinced Greg at least. Money are the are gonna start with the Red Sox. Still. -- projected to Henry Owens to be today. -- -- Carbon world. -- Well. -- is our money on him Michael. As picked Santa Bogart's. -- I don't what -- the premise here is five years from now five years ago which of these guys is going to be I. Big time player in the major leagues. -- and I'm not sure Henry always going to be ace of your staff and five years back chances are he probably won't. But I still think he's going to be very very good Major League pitcher of the things he's doing. First single level level and out of double -- level it's like unfair I mean it's just a question of when they're gonna move him off at that time -- you'll probably make them what's -- do. The big thing Hillary -- was doing in the minor leagues Zander Bogart has done already. -- Bogart's also has been part of some pressure packed playoff -- to Boston. ALCS. Great at bat against Max Scherzer and game six that led to the winning run. In that game World Series. He's got starting experience in the World Series. He has struggled this year but what if that's a positive preventable -- of the age of 21. The success cannot come too easily his -- to position he has dealt with. Going from shortstop or third base you've dealt with the losing streaks. -- the Boston Red Sox have been on this season he's still only 21 years old. He's got great make up he's got incredible incredible building. Senator Bogart's wolf wind and MVP award. Within the next. Odd years I'm putting my money on here's the problem that I have right now and very similar to Michael the start of the show. I'm gonna walk up to the teller I got a hundred dollars. Did you guys make change I don't know athletic bell hop Michael ego. Your future bad thank -- I'm making it -- -- you a note. Put that away that's for Webb Simpson when the British Open from secret salary if that's definitely -- that was my British Open champion. Just don't don't don't whatnot haven't seen enough had real is still a double play guy on the will be AAA but. I -- with Michael that that a book arts has just been through so much stuff already even though he's struggling. I see how we dealt with those drugs. That are correct ourselves for next machine explodes it was John Williams so you never heard of Allen's old history all well there you -- -- -- -- just everything does just that so knowingly so authoritative of course of course of course that we bought whatever you were exotica that. Yes they are might go through the bruins'. Michael -- is it to Malcolm -- bond. Dale Arnold little more informed pick back up. I don't even. I. That's with a lot of -- Apple did a -- to help TV tower with a lot. I love about what to say my -- that don't believe I got a lot now know everything about hockey I thought Malcolm's about it you know what's gonna make it even worse for you. -- -- -- -- Would it be growing. Up and say he's going to be a great. Great goaltender playing -- his brother in Montreal. My hockey sources you by doctor sources tell me that. It was a great traffic in the first round for the Bruins very athletic. Great make up good kid comes from -- -- family he's got all the tools and unfortunately for hand is locked behind you who blocked. Behind to -- wrath of just what about -- not gonna happen here -- A pretty much a lifetime contract. Would prefer when he's going to be a great goaltender from where -- I think -- I've remember a couple of years ago when John Sweeney told me that if the Bruins had a problem. It was that it was their inability. To draft and develop a good young defense. And he said to me when he was eighteen years old study -- gonna change that. And I think he casts it's only twenty now he's already played two years in the National Hockey League I think. And I'm not believe me not putting him in that category with four and park and all those guys but he's got great size he's got great mobility. He's probably not going to be the physical force that some Bruins fans want. But he's got great skill as well I think that the Hamilton's going to be -- act and all star caliber defense in this league for the next -- Michael. I love the passion I loved the energy that Jeff had -- was -- -- But still think you know believe. About hockey song almost barely Doug Hamilton I think you're right there and I respect him or director -- -- shelf. -- Now on into the Boston Celtics -- has select David. The number seventeen pick in the 2014 NBA draft James Young Michael -- cheated and bullet. Miller -- 00 yeah. And as. Chicago's only Julio. And we'll go forward seventy point seven. He's 610265. Pounds when he had exquisite work really big hands also can be finished at the rim with the festival. You can contact helps open up. She -- I did not see that your website you first of -- I don't know does it help in my case. -- arbitrator here of mr. Dickerson. -- Always respect to work at our project bear very very Smart very intelligent get to the point all. I think your choice of James Young is a great choice and it scared me if I'm gonna go with James Young I don't believe enough. They're market Smart don't believe enough in Kelly -- let me or. -- cylinder. -- pressing. Maybe Paul Presley not -- -- I don't believe enough -- look into what the Celtics have right now to say five years from now is going to be something special so I look at all of their assets. All the picks they have from other teams including their -- -- are going to be bad again and the 201415. Seed in the going to be in position to get. Young mr. Okafor related to a back Okafor. From UConn. 611 big man I think he's going to be the next Celtic and they get him I'm confident that he and five years to beef -- -- -- I didn't know you're gonna get the. I know all the and a stress that's that any part of my decision -- not -- work well there you're quickly here here's the thing about James yup he's not ready to play in the end of the day. I know he notes that everybody else. Hopefully he's going to be a good Maine read off your -- they've got to developmental team -- Portland. I think he's gonna see a lot of time there -- to play a lot he's gonna develop its game. He's got a little better shooter and I think he will and I think long term. Five years from now. He's going to be wearing a Celtics uniform that you unlike cabinet hey -- -- I -- off the board make my own. Decision McLaren -- say they're both wrong of course Boca I think. I agree. -- look we don't even know the Celtics are gonna got them number one. Never are successful what the trap block codecs are not adding a little arrogant young. He was and I shoot -- -- three point shooter in college. I don't know I don't of his game translates well to the NBA Marcus -- alone I think he's gonna be real super super tough. Hard nosed defensive kids. But right now all star in the next five years. Anybody on that roster including Okafor. I don't see so where now we both owe him not able to me to go there. You'll you're attorneys money -- nobody nobody else artwork is a testament to our entry about it. Time now to AT&T futures -- of the -- and Sarah Miller I always wonder how it's gonna work in New England Patriots Michael Holley has selected Josh Boyce. Dale Arnold -- the fourth round draft pick James White out of Wisconsin. James White is the running back. Closing takes the snap against the wife worked in the left side excited to. And. James White was a touchdown machine in Wisconsin. He's got the size of 510210. Pounds BA legitimate NFL running back. You've got to running backs on this team and Shane Vereen and Steven -- -- be entering the final years of their rookie deals and you know what that means around here. I think this guy is going to be a position first ball running backs can can perform at a reasonably high level earlier than most other positions. He was a touchdown machine 45 rushing touchdowns. Three receiving touchdowns during his years of Wisconsin I think he's a guy five years from now you're going to be happy he's on -- -- Well first wanted to give him epic history last summer -- -- think that term thinking. The thing with Alice -- and look what you know and look what he did in the Super Bowl vs the giants. In the first three quarters maybe first. The half court amateur career I have that I really want the public in the final drive of the game where you know Plaxico Burress. Out of reform on Iraq -- that some like you can pick out any one play other things humbly thank you can -- exceed -- which are managing. Josh boys in college okay great great college to play games like most guys are great talent athletic drafted by the patriots. But Josh Boyce that about him last year it didn't work out one. For Josh Boyce it was a year for him this study and learn at the feet. Josh McDaniels and Tom Brady richer -- -- and not because you by the terminology here he's been and it's playbook. Fifth last year and after an -- -- -- -- I always. I have incredible talent god grates me and I think that fear. It's gonna do it what can we talk about Johnson Josh -- going to be Josh Boyce is going to be that new. David -- and it's not that it you. Deion Branch would Morse -- Mort -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- I don't see that everything in him at all not a fan of him and all I don't know -- the doctor white -- futures credible white. Just for Dale's point that he's going to be the starting running back next year. They're not gonna re sign that you guys in Ridley over the green building up -- -- or certainly not -- He becomes the number one running back on this -- on this team next year. And in forty years and -- contracts up. Salvador certain your honor your honor. Before questioning -- before you reject me yes. Can I pull it is very obvious hold. What an obvious hole in your logic -- Africa. This -- five years from now right. August now. What's the average lifespan. Of an NFL running back commitment to its 45 years ago it -- about 45 or four. Brooke good -- running back you can get. Pretty good. For good talent and bring the production for five years. Not for -- for all that Lorenzo white ignored I don't I don't think so it is not an attractive thing when that. Object and not to it's -- -- rabbit who's out who's Josh Boyce is the quarterback going to be in for years -- -- -- You have forty year old Tom -- about -- and that's a different futures had to -- to be able to get the bull on them yes -- you don't need to. Well needless to throw that guy why receiver screen. And that's what this. Lead in intellect and instinct of -- boys. All the corporate that at all and just avoid that apparently can do beautiful things it. Well you're right about one thing. You -- -- proud -- -- -- the six -- 77797937. Texas has daylight can't believe you did not know that was back to the future. It's like you know -- H. Okay well as long as we know -- 6177797937. Is telephone number Dale Arnold Michael Holley Greg Dickerson in the house Sports Radio W yeah.

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