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Fauria Five: Which team is the biggest threat to the Patriots in the AFC East? 7-21-14

Jul 21, 2014|

Do the Bills pose the biggest threat? Should Sean McManus force his announcers on CBS to NOT say Redskins? What happens next? Tiger win another major, or will Rory complete a career grand slam? Colby Lewis was angry at Colby Rasmus for bunting against the shift. Should Red Sox fans have false hope, or cautious optimism?

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-- -- -- It's little Fauria barred. -- heard the rest now listed through the best we got topics we got to upgrade we got it all we've got Joseph me. The story live the political its books ordered. 555. Before -- five. You want five of blood and create five. Fifth I asked him to get to kick out of that. I do so idiot value UN and just the bush said just a bunch of different stuff out to sort of pick wanted and Joey -- -- they just put it all in one it is that that. And he said via canals like how does I would say one day and I kinda. Knowing that they're going to be edited so I want to give him plenty -- to added up so you know one threatens interactions. Sure but now he's you know just to just keep going to stop stop but so of course gullible soccer that I am listen to Kevin Love it -- -- look good on tonight is kept talking talking -- like -- great. Good it's -- together on -- fly about a solid week. Thought this through a lot. Next thing you know we are by far for you 85 you why god why create five. The temperature and obviously you know didn't talk on this disease like OK that's exactly what. That's exactly what went on your head it's Alex took a microphone and -- to Christian school and -- just watching everything get. -- that's what was right there are waiting for little guitar -- Workers put in -- Margaret and well. I. -- -- so global. I don't eligible who did some monster truck rally commercial music editor I expand that big explosion by. Fireworks after an ankle softly at -- out again elect a among like -- yeah that's -- great -- -- do that do that definitely. Those -- edited out raises the Christian god. It's don't Fauria bar. Got -- -- go right into it so obviously. And a little reporting app for camp right now at CC EJ Manuel on ESPN right now ice fishing yeah right all -- those athletes like they're burning operated like that aren't so. Sweet Lou Aniston fans would do the bills opposed the biggest threat to the pats in the AFC east know they do not. But it does. -- autumn or earlier that the jets posed the biggest -- I don't think they're much but at all I think the patriots win the AFC east comfortably. But no the bills do not. The biggest threat -- -- -- because they still think they lack way too much talent. The bill the bill -- now there's still too young guns they've walked down the jets are young and scattered on offense. That Michael Vick. Are there. Scattered -- music on Saturday -- colonel Gary if -- parent if your -- based on the quarterback situation with the jets is true who would rather have EJ Manuel geno Smith I don't know. We got to pick one. By geno Smith I haven't seen what everybody else season EJ Manuel yet and I think to go Alonso was a loss was. -- nor I don't think that this much of a threat in the AFC but I actually things TV not talkative I think it's Miami I just think they're gutless acts upon us I want Miami Miami we're -- our -- -- -- now another year. No show really go running back Mike Wallace you're comfortable when those elect at that and collate that your defense religion I actually think Miami. Will be it will will be the tougher just open so I didn't know they. All defense is -- probably amen to put all deep fences of those three teams Miami the jets. Good and ballclub but among all that great front seven to -- they've all at some additions I think. They could -- -- to watch I'd never seen -- show has little to assist testicular fortitude as Miami did to tiger they had AJ manuals the better of the record -- -- -- I feel like Obama to put my money on any of them I've kind of seen already seen what -- -- can do -- he hasn't gotten much better mean acknowledgment -- more. Lately on the -- at the a lot of -- we don't -- -- -- -- needle if you want but no. I think EJ many more importantly. We got it out wanna see more than any other player in the NFL this year is mr. -- -- tends. Out of out of the Buffalo Bills that the first round rapidly they moved up to get. That's the guy that he's gonna make a huge difference got some guys back. That -- Scott Taylor back he eventually the goal also is a big mess I think. Whoever poses the biggest threat I think it's got to be buffalo. It's got involved have a look at it right -- Year three that's -- the guys kind of take off a little bit last year there was improvement. And I think -- can get even better this year so please Miami. You know -- because. Intrigued by the survivor those -- so president CBS sports Sean McManus came out -- talking about you know that the CBS broadcast and obviously the term Redskins. And the question is should Sean McManus make his analysts -- decide on their own or should he just make his own policy and have them stick to it. What it comes to using the term. Redskins during the broadcast if you're covered the Redskins to. About Comcast some medical gadgets. -- -- -- -- data called Redskins -- call the Redskins. Right why would why would be what they put it in their hands make the call it the league -- -- political all of the Redskins. Then you should be calling -- at Washington Redskins do think it's. -- you're gonna have some analysts saying that team that used to be known as the Redskins had some guys say go Redskins like. Either eating your pork or you're against it one way or the other Washington the whole time until becomes our -- repetitive that team what -- about -- -- I'm doing the call for the patrons of the -- is it that I'm calling on the Redskins. I don't know what else to call them and the -- it's in my decision now our production crew we haven't had that discussion yet but we've met about it. Just in general about the broadcast. If that comes up I mean well and I think it's silly protest -- -- -- -- do you think I should feel guilty for calling the Redskins. Those that one is politics ever come into calling a game. You know like where is -- politically correct to say redskin or not he'd just yet they -- to call the game. What does this team called themselves the Dallas Cowboys hobbled down the Washington Redskins what they call on the -- Redskins until somebody takes that name away from a to -- I think about it when I'm watching games prior to this being announced I'd never would've thought that I play guy called patriots doing in the whole game I probably would have noticed it's. Honestly yeah I don't now okay our pitchers guide editor I don't know who lives is that CBS. News CBS guys are. -- -- -- -- I took codecs and I so I guess you guys who are watching the British Open -- Rory McIlroy wins the open championship by two shots over Sergio Garcia and Rickie Fowler make you make McIlroy the third youngest player behind Jack Nicklaus and Tiger Woods. In the masters air to win his third major so obviously he's one away. From the career Grand Slam now if you weren't watching Tiger Woods finished six over. Finish 69 overall fight so what happens first. Tiger Woods gets another Grand Slam or Rory has the career grand slams. Tiger. A little tiger you think tiger against one more of yelled at for bumps go right -- he's got more more chances. -- 262. Days of for the masters so there's a lot of times -- for our boys sit on the origin of. Or does it win the masters that he's got to wait till next year of his own regularly until next year. We can beat three of -- boy went to drag him every opportunity go after twelve the year should America be like yourself with on the now committed to be -- -- -- -- that was gonna stick with the -- on the probability of a tiger winning 11 out of four. Although Rory activities but he's right about the math was right about the math obviously there's in terms of odds the odds would be better for -- for schools like based on biggest numbers gap. But I think roars closers about the masters and tigers any major yet Roy is never finished better days so I mean he's never really ever been in contention for the masters he's I was kind of it's an open at beating contention for the masters. In the two years away from -- two years away. But again I think if over the -- while the other -- Our big -- biggest if they don't got a chance to -- -- as young as he isn't as hot as it is right now all the hot. Model that he's dating. He's got -- -- -- bill got to save swipe at tiger have a regular wedding stuff we have but he needs a the only one and I have that Caroline Wozniacki managed to win a tournament on the same day that he wanted the British Open and I -- let's go to baseball world court so there's a battle of the cold it. I Rangers starter Colby Lewis is upset that blue jays outfielder Colby Colby Rasmus. Laid down a -- What this team up tune up there with two outs in the bottom of the fifth inning of Saturday's games. I -- the rapist put down this blogs. And obviously Louis is kind of pissed off about it -- update now now the question is. This Colby Lewis had any right to be medical Colby -- for -- got no absolutely. It wasn't also low against a shift. Yes yeah occur against a shift yes he's got no right what so ever to be upset that shift is a dare to -- out -- -- They shift is it fair. Hit the other direction -- talk about this -- David Ortiz for how long now he's got no right via. Jim be shifting its goal we've Rasmussen you -- to -- power -- guys if you got a power home run threat that -- should be bunting would break the shift. He's the only part vote did you outs and it and I've seen -- -- that it could be many times you come up and assist them and everything else and if you're not a based dealer with two -- in your buttons for a hit. If there's any but -- -- -- -- -- -- -- don't swing the -- try to -- double credit -- position you're not a based -- -- is not a base -- Still I've heard people -- -- Don is that to me of that just the way he played a game and as we're Colby Lewis is going. That would throughout if you try to get a double -- got a big -- now Colby Lewis did you -- it. He really shot play with it through in Oakland that play with the Sacramento actually that one year and I love the guy but this is different this is the shift. -- I don't shift. If you gotta give much -- here yet itself which is starting up basically through the inning and kudos to all rallies don't ship if you get a bitch about -- -- Any public he's just pissed at himself because he's sucking right now he's playing terrible. And stirred up. Boy route with takes advantage of the situation really not it doesn't take advantage of the situation does he supposedly based on -- -- Fit into the ship again comes to dig themselves out. Because you stock because it was six point three -- ERA or 67. Years managers up pig out on him pitch better. And to be happier. Aren't there -- I've got -- -- so everybody is -- good mood that was Red Sox right. It won seven of the last aid there 46 of fifty to seven and a half games behind the first place Orioles so to start with you don't. Yes false hope. Or cautious optimism what are you feeling cautious optimism you're gullible soccer you are gullible thought Britain why. Because cautious optimism. There's nobody there's three teams that are good. And that is Detroit Oakland and Anaheim and those three teams -- a beautiful season. I would be shocked if any if if Baltimore or Seattle. Played 67 games under 500 the rest of the way didn't make the playoffs would be shocked that anybody all above them. Not guilty for playing ten games under -- not that good. Now and save this for -- time the Red Sox haven't been that good but they have won seven of eight. It does feel a bit different over the weekend but it's more -- Bob Bullock has been all year. The rest of the -- -- Seattle. I don't believe in now at two great players I don't believe in them so that's that's where the optimism comes as. Music cautious optimism and you have that false hope. Not public ovals congress and as you know praise of gullible I look at you may do it I don't. I called cautiously optimistic since value of labeled anybody who has any optimism whatsoever -- about anything is big east Asian gullible sucker I just wanted to jump on the opportunity to use it as my own for -- it's. That's your false hope. It's all false hope here's what it costs don't don't don't don't believe I did this as I said it going into the all star break -- see -- coming out of the break they're not gonna. I understand why they would make any moves only got through that stretch against the elites. Tobacco are. Tracked back erase everything I said now that's actually happening. I mean they're playing well coming out of the break with his AL east schedule will mean to make up some -- -- yes -- -- they make a bid to make the playoffs yet I -- and likely. And I guess I don't know. No no no. Also hope. Black. Out of Florida Fred they're bad for the I if you want to China not any of the questions of the -- but you can do so it's 61777979837. Reported five or it's or four years or 555. She it's on air tankers it. -- back. Joey you sit you up Blake you know I don't know constantly. Got me at least. It's tough it's.

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