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Three For All: A 'lack-of-sex' spreadsheet, 7-21-14

Jul 21, 2014|

Tim bought the entire DVD box set of True Detective and binge-watched the entire series in one weekend. Christian found a man who made a spread sheet of how and when his wife said "No" to sex. And most importantly, Lou spoke about a boy named Danny Nickerson. Danny was diagnosed with brain cancer last fall. He loves to see his name on postcards and mail, so Lou encouraged people to send Danny birthday cards.

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Hey these guys know more than just sports educated well traveled passionate. Renaissance man -- -- -- at least three or wrong kind number 30 yeah I kind of three threes overall venture. It's 34 wrong species with MF beat. -- Fenway -- dangled city. Dan Johnson -- -- touched a nerve with people gonna get back into that the sound off for the three for all here on 97 degrees yeah I've brought to you by. Deposits -- construction needed new -- they've got you covered this story for a whole bunch of things under the roof of middays -- -- -- whether it has to do sports or not. I would start by congratulating Christian oh because here continued onslaught of show shaming me finally work. Very quiet weekend this weekend. -- -- -- much going on itself is going through the aisles of target I saw that box at. For. What this shows that we talked about your detective. On HBO. Which I haven't even seen by the way -- -- your show -- me about Gary shell is always shows that the people watch -- I never really watch shows I'm not a TV show watcher. Let's Family Guy or South Park it's pretty much from limited to do. True detective yet is that theme song. The question it's a dollar of the -- yeah I got -- -- when it comes everybody who is great isn't this last the officers who watches the products on its models entourage like part of it you know life job right in this bundles like it to my family get together. And we accidentally. We -- is -- -- detective on like on goal and yeah I'd like to say that you actually bought the dvd who buys the dvd box that nowadays because I want to legitimize leisure and maybe take it on the plane with -- -- -- back to Pittsburgh this weekend to do the arena football game don't want to have with me for a flight HBO -- that's real goal is mainly iTunes. That's a bad move at whatever cost Felix and that's what I like there are -- -- are still had to give up across the -- -- stores and technology shape. I'll watch it I just I cram it was it an impulse well how many unit needed to whole series all series I'll teach you really -- more district -- now I stayed up really late on -- Saturday night I watched the first -- bad episode which I really enjoyed in the last hour wrap up. OK I just feel like the last episode not the last three episodes to anywhere. This the problem I have with all those kind of shows. It's a lot of time to -- basically you're taking a movie that you're making it eight hours. And you get a layer upon layer upon layer it grabs you see they're doing it well then why are all -- Can't wait to watch the next thing that grabs you right there's a lot of twists for twists a interns returns they can read discovery characters that we're just supposed to be on the side but. Now we're gonna bring them back in because we have to stretch out for an hour every week. It felt like it felt really plot to. Radio you were you giving it -- mr. moviegoer me it. Be solid miners might -- TV standards and made that pretty low standard when it comes to -- TVs outside of the okay yeah I haven't seen it is now I don't think I'm going to go see unless I have a good look on vacation down time don't feel like reading some crap book. Yeah I I might try it out but thought it was great great sex seems to. All recognize and are tired I primarily an -- just brought me back yet. Alex here's here's a guy and I -- this gosh -- the great -- right now so solid guy a hundred. Who was a little uptight about the lack of intimacy. It is marriage. Put together an excel spreadsheet book all the dates and excuses of why his wife turned them down for sex. So -- -- -- tried really hard it is the effort checks and yet and I guess they've visited big going off for awhile so we body make it excel spreadsheet at. Which is stupid. There's just made a bad problem worse Wright like now she's really not -- -- ultimately what he's six I saw -- Reggie is if you are right that's no excuse it turned out to be that -- the only at 63 times in the last seven weeks. Out of 27 attempts and the funny part or the excuses. Because he actually write out the date. The answer. And the excuse with some explanation so now there's your basic things and I'm sure all of us have heard at some point in our life. I'm watching the show and the show is -- friends reruns. Thought well -- so it's not like truly techno I didn't buy that for a box that it hardly anything to do so and that will be odd like in another hour. This is I'm still a bit tender -- yesterday were to beat you actually had sex game before did a great job mister c.'s standard so told another level. Honest and it's it's next to him that this is true and here's what -- try to watch a movie. I won't have time to get I -- have time to get showered and ready for dinner and he says that they were twenty minutes early I just came back from the gym I feel gross. I have to be up early with the other one because she didn't shower to the next there yes -- or are or you're too drunk talking to the husband right though I want you know we're not going to -- you're too drunk. I don't feel I don't feels I don't feel good I still don't feel a 100%. I needed sour so her made excuse and that she just feels dirty right they -- wash our wrap it back and get dirty -- in English or who proved that they noted artifacts. Although I understood the cleanliness on mass transit here in Boston -- it's a -- this is tremendous Twitter and mediated transit police Kay ash tag MBK etiquette. Please refrain from shaving your fellow passengers. While traveling on the -- thanks. There's a picture of some through sit down the other guys that like trimming up as -- Virgo you shave them on the -- He's got like go to -- line going down from a edit -- first -- -- -- it's -- -- like a straight -- -- like barbershop yes on the train on the train not and that's. That's picking your life been it's been your own handers and right of ballot at a smooth ride that front Syrian. But -- -- my neck for later so there's certain things you just don't really think you're up there to -- but apparently MBTA system -- tweet please refrain. From shaving your -- fellow passengers while traveling on -- so. You gotta be careful there and if you see it again I -- have taken a picture of it's evident that a violation and that settled on a sec what jeweler put out there is the story couple days ago. Great story sad story but does -- name is getting Nickerson. -- gonna be six years old on July 25. He was diagnosed with brain cancer last fall stuff going to kindergarten so he's. He's dealing with the things obviously 33 radiation treatments. He's at second chemo we have every two weeks but here's the deal. -- can recognize his name brace almost going to be six years old he absolutely. Loves seeing. Bet postcards mailed right birthday card river was quote he loves seeing his name on a package from magical fairies on -- so happy. He just absolutely loved seeing it. So they're talking about setting up birthday cards to the settlement. And he gave result they -- that's the key appeal blocks -- every -- -- -- the so ecstatic he's no expert big cards and birthday wishes. I want to give the address is Dave again getting Nickerson PO box 212. Foxborough mass. 02035. Began getting Nickerson PO box -- wants to Foxborough mass. 02035. It's a birthday cards -- the little Danny let him. Just enjoy seeing all the cards in there are seeing his name on all of it. And might be nice to some reports of tickets in Fenway park at least judging by the text received most people say it's dobbs there they would like to go. Your day whatever good times you are -- bastards you go all suckers. 617779793. Seven I squeeze one more that like all here let's go to Korea let's go to Chris in a car Chris what do you think about this Fenway Park angle to the discussion. I'd I'd I don't know about it I saw it as a baseball fan like first and foremost I I don't understand how. Anybody who called -- alt fan can sit at that point the public. Sure all the -- solidarity and you know it's cramped but it -- it it's it's a great place -- the museum like. I would I sat on the monster a couple weeks ago mark Oliver but it was. Over the earth somehow -- about up there and it was it was great it was a great experience every time like other relevant but it cathedral -- books follow our -- I don't know I don't anybody politics though. It's old and antiquated and that's what people exactly and put the guy with some of them are young and what -- real quick like that is just how does the record a lot so it's okay for like what was. Yeah that's -- issue it's gonna come up or times a year. Five times a year ops have to worry about something like that. And you're seen as the reason why you should pay Jon Lester with the market value will be going to be on your mind. 6177797983737937. Coming up 1 o'clock are all Christian what's up. -- was not here for the debut of the stellar new addition personality -- -- The Fauria five. Forget the five questions the most important part is the -- five open. Which will definitely gets you. -- o'clock partly for the amid days of MS PDF five questions ready -- we already already regrets he's got to listen to the opening critique the open right out of Washington and are both well even better. 937 --

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