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Has the city of Boston gone soft on the Red Sox? 7-21-14

Jul 21, 2014|

The guys respond to a Dan Shaughnessy column that points out that the Red Sox are on pace to finish in last place for the 2nd time in 3 years, yet ticket prices still remain among the highest in the league. Is Red Sox nation getting fat and happy now that the Curse of The Bambino has been lifted?

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And our bad days than a -- Christian Fauria who Maloney seemed bent. Thanks for inviting us as we get ready for the Red Sox game and -- went on the Shaw's star market Red Sox radio network over here. The next time Jon Lester comes back to Fenway Park similar reaction what we heard yesterday on the radio network as he was. Leaving -- ways now with eight shutout innings under his belt. And it allowed loud ovation that struck me as the kind of applause you get -- player that. The fans think what you might be saying good bye to you as well as bank YouTube for good outing. He could have Lu one more outing at Fenway before the trade deadline the day before the trade deadline you -- may be less is a tip of the cap for. The overall career that he sat in Boston may be more along the lines of what we've seen before Fenway on of the choosing of sides of the pitcher vs management. -- on this whole contract to beat the. And swirling via natco -- looked at it was another stellar performance from Jon Lester and the fan base. Almost standing and applauding -- there on your side right like support. Yes we want you to come back to yes you deserve the money. What do you do in front office and an ethic that's more of kind of what I got to know maybe two weeks from now. Or ten days now when he makes that last start at home against Toronto on July 30 the day before the else the the trade deadline. Maybe we start hearing more more body either deal being done -- possibly train this guy wanted to stick is the wrong move and I just don't see them. Even discussing that boat will -- Within the last week there has been more trade talk about Jon Lester because there has been more trade talk of the Red Sox going out and acquiring the pitcher. I. Or something in return so open the question to Red Sox fans as you watched Jon Lester leave the mound yesterday did it cross your mind. That he might not get another start at Fenway Park he has one more scheduled before the trade deadline. How did you interpret that performance in the response that he got after leaving following eight shutout innings vs the royals yesterday 6177797. 937. And it ties into something I think that Dan Shaughnessy wrote yesterday and nine you talked about -- a little bit on the baseball show on Comcast last night I saw your discussion about it. I'll go right into the lead from Dan about it from the paper yesterday this are -- Boston Red Sox enjoy a friendlier environment than almost any of the thirty teams in baseball. The Sox have a chance to finish in last place the second time in three years. When a playoff game and only one of six seasons and still be perceived by their fans as quote perennial contenders and quote. These stocks can play nine games under 500 for the first 95 games -- to loving nation of believers they can that they can win the division or compete for the 42 wildcard. Sox owners can pare payroll so he 2.5 million -- off the books for next year. Stay well below the company luxury tax threshold and listened to regional applause all bands being the highest ticket prices in baseball. The Sox can get folks to buy into the notion that it's foolish to compete in order are on the open market for the services of their best pitcher meaning Jon Lester we just talked about. Sox tickets and merchandise are hotter than they were at this time last summer. Andy president of Boston tourist groups as a for the past ten years have been tracking visitors spending. And the economic impact the Sox it's almost unaffected. By the team's performance. Dan basically asking your guys has the city of Boston gone soft. On the Sox restore what you think -- on soft on the Sox. I well they're they're definitely. Open to us seeing things their way. But it it definitely. Have an easier time dealing with the defeat which means that yes they've gone soft of course they have they've gone solve it. I'm just saying like -- a mean tightened it again talking about this public on soft yes. What do you mean what do you expect I was when I was there from 9803. And we're still on neo curse of the babe. People were happy. They didn't want to see the Red Sox when the play in the playoffs they wanna see the Red Sox win a World Series. Anyway -- gonna be satisfied until they saw that they have won three in ten years. So have they gotten soft -- they've gotten soft error I mean there's no doubt about it of course they have. Marion stayed with the debated this not even a question isn't. Mean 86 years you won a World Series you finally won money won three cents so would you expect. That same pitcher all that same anger. In Red Sox fans they hadn't before 2004. Never gonna happen garrison nineties and it pains me across the Red Sox for a 99 win season that included with eight consecutive pressure packed victories. The Boston manager was on mercifully booed on opening day the following year now everything is awesome because the Boston ballpark is a tourist destination and -- All of with the hype of every young player coming through the system swelled when did we become. Saint Louis. Let's go to Saint Louis it was pretty good baseball Tallahassee -- but the fan base and Saint Louis is that you know it and they're regard as the best fans acute. Noted -- -- team loses it just like you know what good effort. You know latest year and they don't get on them in any means that's it -- about Saint Louis oblique. What I think you're on to something. The guys resale of course exchange because. Of the paradigm shifts throughout the fact that you went from the curse of the bambino to. All of a sudden -- won three World Series and yours you can't expect the fans to feel the same way would be gone through a multi generational routes. You what you have now where you've seen three championships in ten years it does change your perspective what does change your response. And how would argue that -- -- they soap set in 78 in the fall in the area of seven game lead. You know going in the September. And you blew it right where where this with a fan base very forgiving. In Seattle on November of 2011. When they had the ultimate collapse. I don't think it was very forgiving ethic that was actually old school. -- comparable anger let's not forget where we worked two and a half years ago November December. That year October. Of 2011. That was old school anger from a fan base course you'd be -- a seven game -- 78. We guys might have a better perspective on this than I have since I wasn't around you -- about -- wise I always always kind of Bennett. Attraction tourist wise is it not -- people always come to that wages to -- then why didn't play at Wrigley Field same thing together a couple of destination parks museum. Register go to the park regardless of the record even appear at the end of the team you just go to go and soak in the atmosphere. At the park and I don't know if that's a bad thing I got the impression from the column that it was. Some are being suggested. It was a bad thing that this tours attraction exist because well it rings in the highest ticket prices in baseball time. Thus lining the pockets and at the same time the Red Sox are willing to pay yeah that part I agree with Dan on. I don't wanna see the Red Sox it's so complacent. That they don't feel like there have to compete. Or their own top notch talent or rush the luxury tax because they should be able to you since they do have that -- to -- I did I do agree with that part there I'm on the same Pena and about it that's trees kind of leaning towards with it. He brings up the money and everything else like Israel Lester steel doors apart -- towards their Fenway Park I'd be curious to find at the percentage of people that torn apart coming -- from. -- surrounding Boston cities and towns wrote in a lot of people are. About the Kansas City beautiful day watch the royals are you know the Kamal Milliken with ticket or Fenwick park account of people just ports that come into the city. -- from wherever from Europe wherever. Right to just wanna see Fenway Park which you are right when it comes that part because one of the frustration I have is that. You know the way they won the World Series last year in spending the way they spent. Is that the front office actually convinced this fan base -- spending a lot of money on very -- the players is a bad thing. That convinced that database to the plane and a salary cap sport. We -- we take these phone calls about Jon Lester they're talking about the years the backing the deal or he won't be productive. As if it's gonna count against the cap like it's a bad hockey contract. Or bad football contract they can't cut on the way you do that salary cap -- -- at Bristol salary cap. You know that there is no cap to the back dated Jon Lester -- deal. If you're overpaying for the guy you're overpaying for the guy but it's not your money is their money let them worry about they're still gonna have more money for some of the reasons that Dan brings up in the call. You know 45 years ago when they signed John Lackey. The game what seventeen and a half million on average of people gifts -- will be get a pay him liken them once started to get a pain in my kidneys than he should be one. Seventeen and a half million dollars. Go right now you know so let let's fast forward five years from now you give Jon Lester 24 point five million dollars. Seawall you'd pay him like in case you gonna make him an ace. Five years from now who's the highest paid pitcher much economic we already know we're you know we're Kershaw is. But they'll be pitcher out there for years and -- three years from now they'll sign for more money including Kershaw. You know -- -- -- continue to grow so a year five is 2324 million dollars. They'll be somebody out there they'll be some mill road guy make it twenty. You know to this kind of goes to an article you wrote on WB. Basically the -- describe being. The hunt -- these big time free agents yes Andre Johnson's -- Carl -- and the Kevin loves. And basically where they were a captain Ahab to look at that big white whale. Now the team the -- -- it very very well in the when I read that. All I thought about -- and thought about was guy were a bunch of gullible suckers we fall for everything as a fan as it relates well I know I know what's your goal but your city you look at guys are talking about. I mean that. That's just change gears a little bit but that you're talking about all these. Whenever somebody throws -- -- -- brought any game we were all over Cole Hamels -- two weeks of disgusting Cole Hamels in Jon Lester. Gullible or suckers we buy it every hook wee wee -- -- we'd grab anything we can we fault for everything and that is the white -- every big name. If you big name star -- possibly come here and played for anyone of the teams that are in the city. Is. Automatically. They just jumped all over. Like it's the best thing -- it's called Sports Radio none else I got out I know our boys are violated they analyzed two hours of I don't know but it's like the I think we're still gullible lake will sit here not just us in terrible at this point to the fans also could -- the part of this too. There's two UT your year are quite -- wasn't what you were going up and read and how. -- -- -- at the end of that when you look at it okay we're gullible right there and pastry called us soccer's sign Revis the yeah -- -- they bring in Randy Moss were gullible and in the Celtics trade for Ray Allen and Kevin Kevin Garnett. I mean we're gullible now. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- And I -- John Andre Johnson it in like a scene like two months span. No I don't -- I don't belong in -- Sammy there was you know Felix Hernandez Felix Hernandez was -- Carlos stint but -- LC signed extensions Seattle Adrian Gonzales. Was young Kyle -- leader Gonzales came near to trade you know soul because it has happened. You know Curt Schilling coming over here I mean it's just Manny Ramirez Pedro Martinez. Be in this market our teams they spend money and that's one reason why we are spoiled we couldn't afford to bring in the these high priced guys you know maybe he's done as much as say the Yankees deal whatever might be. But he has happened in the past. It CEO Kevin Love well why why -- Kevin Love could make a quick fix like we didn't 2007. I -- Kevin Garnett and ray out by junk I'll stand -- because three years ago we traded for aging Gonzales so we because it's happened recently. We think you can happen again. We're hearing new. Big white whale captain -- To I think that they could get them. I believe these three -- -- you are gullible if you turn gullible you do you believe in everything now it's every last thing that comes out based on the column know because I don't think they're gonna get any of them. -- that would be easier to what did you think the patriots fan base was gullible to even think that the Revis can be no I sat here's an attitude yeah no not not biting you but do you gullible people out there. Why even think the picketing assign readers get off of that ball that never gonna happen you gullible bulls. The next day well I never thought I'd just kind of beyond that there. That's what you have the playoff. Ides of Boston fans do you find yourself getting gullible do you think you're going soft on the Red Sox 6177797937. And I swear I know we're joking about my intent was to make people feel gullible my intent was to make it feel. -- that these guys are gonna come at least this year well you know you bring out. -- I did it -- that's correct -- not when I read it this morning -- President they are out there it is -- -- that big white whale -- hundred foot shark it doesn't exist. I think if you look at all those guys like I was talking -- resemble standard could wind up here. I think statement could wind up in Boston Red Sox player some day. This year by August 1 hole it's not gonna happen Kevin Love look like it made sense for awhile. Gullible I don't think that ever made I think that we've I think I don't Elvis setup from the get Ellen my will be available -- just thought it down and -- just like why. -- The only real clear reason why that what they gullible and -- opposite -- gonna happen of course is not going to and everybody that told you in the beginning. But Danny Ainge. Knew was gonna do everything in his power to try to acquire. You know so I think. Did general manager gave you hope maybe some of the assets may be in reality was that chance would you GM wanted him bad it was into everything he could get yeah I do what is enough. For its Christian between the two columns and if you're interpreting -- the gullible factor I do now it's differed -- where they're listening I'm just telling that that's what I read vows like -- They go there it is but obviously gullible soccer believe that Andre Johnson has the chance to come here. Is what data suggesting it's like you're not gullible you're buying and you're willing to be a component hunt. You're willing Dubai in and you're willing to enjoy the losses because the park is great that's kind of -- Dan is doing his thing would the fan base be more upset at this team that won the World Series last year than ever make the playoffs did you consider say they've made the playoffs since 2008. Right. Oh or 99 to get swept I think that was your pap left TB -- say -- Iran. But four years -- not make it a post season that it's gonna happen now -- now I'm now we're gonna rebuild. It made the playoffs for five years and now get a rebuilt with young kids now I think you would see a little bit more anger. But they just. One the World Series so -- and given the chance of sick and they. -- would begin to be optimistic that this team can actually get back in this thing sure because if they do get back into this thing. If they deal with the cast of characters they have it will be special. With the youth that they have on this team they'll be doing it differently they'll be relying on youth and as you've got to step up these next two and a half months. This could be a very special run and it's gonna be done differently than we've seen in the past so we are intrigued by that. Realistically probably not gonna happen but because they want a World Series last year. Yes isn't that a natural reaction they gonna be somewhat soft that it -- the following year. -- -- 77979837. You can text as well 37937. For the record that comic -- you referenced site. We needed -- in -- WEI can read their or at WTI dot com Steve you're up first this hour on 937 WEEI. Stevie there. Steve always white noise went well he was gonna bring up Jon Lester we lost embodies debris and Jon Lester goes oh got -- back Eric. -- -- -- They figured and the system that brought up there hadn't I want you to make you and if you like -- -- Just don't comment stupid for presenting it and seek my thought I would little rest and let my feet. A 125. Million dollars. But I would given two choices Lester -- cheers and I consider that fact so wanna go 150. This sentence -- LSU blister agent. You can pick from college -- currently you're gonna get a 125. Million dollars you could take it from five pairs. Was six years but I guarantee. That early in the six throughout the sudden got a pitch over too many things. And if he does have ideas he couldn't get 25 million dollars a year if he'd take his picture option he didn't get to 22 million dollars a year. Please guaranteed money he got that extra year. As a red sex to get toward two million dollars extra year -- but let's is guaranteed money -- -- -- got a meant that the six year no options. That you don't really. When it contractors Steve is and where you can. Kind of talked about this 125 million dollar number on a couple of occasions. But he's got -- taking a salary cap approach to it to -- Heidi is spread out the money in how to distribute the annual average value which again is less important baseball than it is all at six boys. He created few guarantee 51 point five in the sixty QB -- 25 on top of it vesting option. But he's you mentioned there could -- if 1518 million dollar player option that could be a buy out. And you go 5125. And still be able to guarantee C 135. Basically. I mean that that debts should get it done the question I have now is that. Lester can say only want to -- you know we're not talking he doesn't need to know anything that's going on at Joseph molesters representatives. Are not sitting down taking phone calls behind the scenes at whatever pace they want I would question why. Why aren't you. Find out what that number it's not as it's as the horse left the barn I don't think it has yet at all but I would hopefully there aren't they are talking to someone. Six was 77797937. -- since you brought up the word all played this part of the conversation over to you is this an example of the global nature that you're talking about with. New England fans as it comes. Down of the Jon Lester all that nut -- time now this contract not only not necessarily this that I just a different situation. Know my thing was just based soldiers and it's just make it this time in particular this is not and three of the sports through the most important sport sports teams. In this city there's been one name one big -- Our name that's discount have been float around there that any time there is. Any kind of discussion about how the team can be made better Audrey Johnson came up for the patriots team Carlos bit and came up for a for the -- -- Kevin Love. There's been floated around it seems like forever. So in the end it. In the end after reading your column about the white whale and know did you. Same theory -- out my first impression was -- -- -- of the -- gullible suckers any any -- somebody throws out there but we're gonna jump all over it. What is it we might not have. Any chance whatsoever. Any deity you -- restores Kevin Love. It's Charlotte Kevin love the whole coming to to Boston going to Red Sox game I mean that just strategists -- everybody. And in the and it seemed like -- complete set up on the side a catalog and his agent Cole -- him an. This Fenway may be an attraction for tourists but for area fans it's an overpriced dump of an obsolete ballpark -- coming in the to a seven area code threes are off. This one agree with my point amen not our money there in too many businesses Liverpool NASCAR LeBron. We are soccer's. This one coming in from the 413. Area code remember the outrage over the bridge year that coming in from 413 in this from from the 617 area code. After winning the World Series they blew an opportunity to get better so there there's an example of them not getting soft on the Red Sox after winning world's years. Select few texts. I think in general -- played the text machine. None -- I think in general yeah all of the whole. This -- the kids' stuff people still want more kids. I don't look at you want Paramount only -- -- -- you work really had a putt -- Workman bets Renato. I guess Henry Owens may have is only so many more kids you can have a look around you -- -- But the point is that people people are predicting this in April early may as teams go nowhere bring up all the kids. And Andy's just it was way too soon on the kids of and three months to sell in the minor leagues they've come up and it got a nice job Jackie Bradley get to an -- must have big -- start -- figured out that second half we'll see advocates can keep it up. But I disagree with the text about Fenway because I don't think it's just a regional attraction I think and I don't think people outside of Boston look at it as an overpriced dump -- now mark I know -- date. Everybody realizes it doesn't have modern amenities but. There's a curiosity factor about Fenway if you've never been there before I think regionally actually might have more of that reputation then beyond. I think outside knowing this pretty well outside of Boston people look at that -- A museum a place you have. To see we're just hoping we'll get there really should be some red bricks like this the for the whole freedom trail this best of bricks that kind of -- of Fenway also because when I got here. -- -- the bucket list of things of people Sergio deceit. OK on that list in no particular order. -- rock was on little. Plymouth Rock turn up it's a rock -- -- Iraq -- brought down on our earlier days ago but the Freedom Trail did that Paul -- -- house spend way. Check them all off the list modern pastry. Mike's pastry -- at all. -- and I guess anyway was probably ended up being the most fulfilling out of all of them just based on growing up on the West Coast. Hearing about it reading -- -- talking about it see people just Revere it and Ella Laura these are OK check that off the -- had nothing to do -- -- -- -- high price a big year our food. Was I had the same issues with that is that what some a -- apart don't take my. Do you think -- ways they don't I don't know what you think of Wrigley. I'm gay because Fenway is like brand new compared to Wrigley Field now if you gonna go to Chicago. And you were a fan of of baseball and mean the matter how big a fan of baseball you an opportunity to go watch the cubs you'd go when he walked in there and you being taught you look around us oddest places great. But it's a dump. You know but you know I mean it's season tickets there you like Arabic and improve the stadium somewhat and they just do something to improve it. Fenway Park has done a ton of things to -- that stadium compared to what you you -- you know -- but they're both. You know tours -- joint -- -- -- -- -- Hang in there will get you will take some more we have one line open if you wanna grab about 61777979371. Return David Ortiz makes a prediction. And we wanna figure out if there's any shot of -- coming true at all that's coming up next 937 W media.

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