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Jon Lester dominant performance capped off by huge Fenway ovation, 7-21-14

Jul 21, 2014|

Lester went 8 innings allowing only 4 hits and striking out 8 as the Red Sox swept the Royals. He walked off the mound to a standing ovation from the Fenway faithful. With every dominant performance, the price tag goes up.

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Who was back from vacation 2.0. This did not breaking down south Carolina's offensive line to go a long weekend -- back from the wedding. I just say hey I'm proud of my hot enough listen into what's true detective we'll get to that. Coming up we'll deliver on that -- the weekend for that weather was the Greeks. -- that is green eyes and his idealism and I think it was a nice advocates Friday was great I was in the right it was Friday it was awesome get -- legally and regularly watch. No windows because it -- -- good it did the show about really -- was always. Did you doubt that there be a clash at the girls out there late night and the beats -- barbecuing and I -- it. I did go to W of them on Friday and got those two big GIA -- beef meatballs -- it is. Me into a food coma for the next -- -- the next morning -- that I was good. Now's perfect so Lou when you are federally Esther do in the baseball -- We're -- represent the game yes I was at Fenway yesterday and Lester comes off the mound after another great performance. And the crowd stands and gives him an ovation. And it helps me a little bit more than just a great pitching by our race there will be a little bit more on emotion. On mine that. Did you get the sense as I did at that crowd was preparing to send him off as well as they possibly could. Just in case so just in case it straight yes. I thought I thought what the ovation wasn't the fans picking sides. That's all -- by the -- and I thought it would I that's yet you are great we're gonna give you a standing ovation. I felt like almost everybody giving a standing ovation was looking up the left us think at the same thing as winning it will look look at the left look at the owner's box at a the -- GM's Ortiz doesn't know what's ahead right there Roger Clemens walked up the a look at a bid to get staring him as he's walking up a Fella every -- was cheering. The up up top. Look at epileptic gun or the Red Sox dug -- with a right in third base side. What -- how. How you people throwing -- is -- at one spot and sharing -- it's another spot waters it's another spot Henry is over with -- four looks at it. Is it like Bobble head -- around -- that's the case there there there might have been enemy when you. When you're guy right -- threaten middle of this site that long contract is gonna be in -- more pitching you know prop god created out there or not. When other Sox got to sign this guy what his leftist camp could sit down which start to become maybe an issue as well. But during that stretch in the last seven games. Your 40 with a point 85 in your last seven games. And you sit -- trying to determine what you Werth is a free agent market in your middle of the stretch. If you sit and yeah you're sitting pretty nicely for a journalist. Yes nodding -- there almost all sorted out just like you want to write to me this is the exist but the -- -- want to happen not just like they've planted it's like -- saying why don't want the money. And to better myself when Gordon what does Super Bowl all my god I had to put -- post season numbers Montana couldn't tell you out in out that. That's what he did and that's what -- -- doing all the post season probably not at play here but yet great example great analogy because that's exactly what it is and if Michael's little ball doesn't really low ball but. I mean he got a decent offer that would most quarterbacks would -- -- people said that's eggs that's what he deserves series lucky to have it right all all that's a good deal he said no but you are crazy global LS and have had a crazy moment in turn got a big number. But Flacco did better so what is suitable the committee easy for Lester with point seven he -- many. Isn't it kind of happened kind of working out the same way to do -- although that year Flacco and losing his office Cornelius was enough corners -- of the year. -- it's working out perfect form that every like everything that you would want to happen as a free agent. Going into the open market is happening for -- it is. Perfect the way it's working out for him the reason -- all the way about the fans reacting the way they did when Lester came off the mound was before the all star break it was still a sense of is this deal going to get done or not and it doesn't -- and in free agency but then the Cole Hamels stuff start to churn during the all star break and you know during the days after the all star break when the Sox were start play again but he hadn't pitched yet who has got the start yesterday at Fenway. He's got one more start. At home. Before the trade deadline and another in between in Tampa he's got the one in Tampa next and then I think it's the thirtieth against Toronto's when he scheduled to start again. The before that it wanted to try to. The one against Tampa and one against David Price yeah well yeah. Right on the mound -- they -- -- of the best -- right now on American League although. Chris Sale. I'm statistic that Cy -- prediction and -- -- -- at that he's that good but still two of the best lefties and it's illegal price and Ortiz. But it's going to be to his could have two more starts before that they have the actual trade deadline they have off -- belief. Which makes it really interest. Well I mean listen and that's going to be a buildup that's gonna come to a major it is just this witness because it's like does not -- that's gonna happen is -- it's still Ortiz gonna hit that's going to be -- It would be great impressive all right Adam. That's not going to be the case and and maybe just maybe. Ortiz in his Haiti becomes hotter the Jamaica in August against price that would be fantastic delegated that -- -- two year. Point it said that he would -- Jon Lester should start. Not July 30 right at home against Iran yes he should have that stark shootout one and it is the next couple of weeks. Know you might have a better picture I still think it's a launch I think it's a huge mistake. If you trade Jon Lester but that start you might have a better idea of they really thicket of doing this and at that point you might get that ovation of this could be yet we'll see what happens tomorrow. -- -- at the launch on a huge mistake if they said -- Red Sox fans if you're at Fenway yesterday did you get that same sensation and when you think about Jon Lester and his future with Boston are you starting to look at these next two starts that perhaps his last two. Even though there is still time to get a contract done the trade deadline is looming. Is -- articulate more reality than you ever thought at one many of us were surprised that it got to this point it has. So how we deal with the reality of it moving forward with Jon Lester 6177797937. I talked to Lester after the game yesterday at Fenway Park and asked him about pitching. With the knowledge that. The trade deadline is looming the contract -- is still out there and yet he -- perform better -- seems with every start despite these distractions. I'm not worried about it. I don't pay attention what's that are coming off the field them. Just try to make sure that I go out and pitch both of these guys in here. If these guys -- -- well thrown -- humble about my business and and that's all I care about I'm not worried about. Not -- -- in the past those to take care of itself you know in the when the right time comes and -- about going out there five days in and do my job for these guys in here and hopefully we can get back up to the top of the east and they get back to playoffs. And -- what you said about picking sides I also last Lester if you thought the ovation that he got leaving the field. Was about the fans giving him a message of appreciation for how he's pitching for all this. I hope people more pleased with -- kitchen NI com handling contract stuff I mean it's like I said that's all I care about doses. The pitching side of it the other stuff will be there when it's there. That means. I think it's that simple -- And that's the beauty of it because not only in transit pitching at -- level. But publicly -- -- -- an outstanding deal from day one. -- from spring training. From when the news came out. Of the four and seven. Knew it was nothing it was I just have a job to do I mean he has handled it perfectly but he says do appreciate. What they'd what I do in the field hopefully more than maybe on handling things they appreciate both right now. Because we scenic it really interesting we seek it sticky we've seen guys bitch about it. And he could have people right now turning on him if he was gonna do to things publicly but he -- from the ovation at the just weak -- -- calls on him every day. People on -- side. Yeah there on his side. We'll look at the what you just said a -- that plays a huge role and he's not he's not bitching and complaining he's not making it about himself. I mean ended in a tough situation whether it would it with a team isn't playing great I mean he's he's been that positive he's been that positive light so. It's a win win situation forum meet. I don't know how many different ways this could go wrong for the Red Sox but this one they can make right this one they could fix. And and then -- me and then the year let let let let's talk about. The chances of making the playoffs are are are make it a wild card spot this is the first order of business that needs to be taken care. You know a year ago. They pretty much to the day. Jon Lester had a four point 58 ERA. Last year at this time. And going off what he and 2012 beautiful point eight and I do you rewind the clock about a year ago. And people saying well you know that thirteen million dollar option isn't a given. Right now those guys question of foray right now he's got a four point five -- race at 86. This is all of the year ago. The last count a year guys at 38 starts he's 21 in ten. With a 239 era 25060. Innings of three now but -- a year and half Stratford. It's hard to believe that last year July 13 going into the all star break this data for five media -- after coming off you -- four point eight. He's just turned it on at the right time and and all of a problem with that one bit given it's -- one concern but it -- the next five years as much a concern -- I would with any pitcher in the game say what's he gonna be like for five years. At the same kind of concern anybody could blow up anybody could give her. Won't ever myself and I think he's been a model for others -- -- to witness. As. Players get to that stage of their career he's been able to handle it. I think and a professional manner. He's been very. I think forthright in not wanting it to be a distraction to his teammates for us as a team. And he's been able to go out and maintain that high level focus. That was John Ferrell after the game yesterday when I asked him about Jon Lester and -- up this question to. Again I think you know for those who see John in the days in between starts as much as the that they takes the mound it it's a very driven very focused person and not surprised by the way he's handled this. You know use the phrase earlier Lou picking sides in my mind start to wonder a little bit -- wonder what exactly is the case. For the Red Sox at this point -- and there's somebody out there that didn't pick the side. That most the people at Fenway Park -- yesterday Lester was even now when it comes the contract decision with the potential and being traded. What is the case to be made why is that the right move for the Red Sox to either trade. Jon Lester or decide to not extend him before the trade deadline you've got the case to make it I'd like to hear it because it's. Striking me is it's harder and harder to build at this point 617779. 7937. Or you can text us at 37937. You've heard it and you're on the baseball show yesterday a little on Comcast and another. New Meyer Francis Bob -- -- not exactly been 100% behind the notion of signing Lester at this point maybe investigating some other options. We fix it Lester should shuttled off. There's only good personal oh sure don't all yet geek -- you can deputy can make more money once he gets two free agencies over by that point right. What about the Red Sox point B I got -- got the impression from him that. And the -- here's another one of the guys you -- omelet but a couple of dobbs I've watched the show that on May be the best thing for the Red Sox to take care of business and trade him at this point because. Why would you. -- that much money at one pitcher when he's probably not -- even accepted now he's been away for free agency -- It's got to find out if these guys stepped in and -- birds gotta throw some and Adam. To the kind of gauge his temperature to -- where he's that is what he's willing to negotiate with. Well there -- there was a report I think John payments in the Red Sox were. Willing to up they're offering a nine figures you know hundred billion dollars. That has never been told the -- Lester and so that is coming straight from the Red Sox front office that is coming straight from somebody. Whether it's -- in the keynote John Henry there we're willing to gold were a hundred million dollars. -- now bigots and tell journalists that you don't amino -- to get you real figure. We debate one last push year let's start sounding get it in the bullseye I think you what let's stop. Negotiating. Let's just give a real figure. Well you -- like -- point let's start also going out there and figure out right these. Pity he could very well it just say you know I'm await regardless wreck ever gotten out to you actually make him a real good solid offer right then -- now. Right -- BS economy it's like enough with OK it will willing to what are willing to go. Five and 125. Or five -- 130. But let let's let's play off the floor and seventy let's say four and ninety. You did try to negotiate to get to a number enough. With all of that stop the negotiating. Give them a hard number to -- there's very you know would there's no wiggle room whatsoever. Here it is 5125. Vesting option. For that sixty year another 25. You gotta have. 380. Innings total the last two years that investing to kick in -- -- the -- can happen if as long as he is healthy. And it's basically a six year 150 million dollar deal -- give you 525. Guaranteed. We'll get a little -- like up a five million dollar up -- out so it's five it's 130 guaranteed -- it. 26. Ideal opportunity to make 150. And that set it will we wanna do that because they'll come back and asked for 717 what you're seeing now. At least you gave make good offer. An offer that is there this is the offer this is the amount if you wanna go to free agency will see if we can compete but this is where it's at an end this thing. And just that. Enough for the negotiating they give me a hard number let's CP to it if he's gonna duke is now -- -- Now I'm start to wonder why Jon Lester is not sit down. -- -- Get the Red Sox wanna talk -- and it Jon Lester tails thing perfectly. I don't know this for sure all right -- -- -- could very quietly be doing a behind the scenes which is what can predict it would happen it and when it got to a number he come -- to -- but if Lester side truly is not sitting down the Boston -- suck my course but why. When -- you wanna get this thing done or not least you can hear them. You should be sitting down with that they should be docket is data should be that's for sure. Outskirts UN Nathan in Dorchester Nathan you're on 937. A guy who -- I predict I will part boldly predict. Jon Lester will be on the mound. Was the Boston Red Sox when they face the outlook angels angels of Anaheim in Anaheim on 10 August 2004. -- That's a Lester will be traded won't regret lol true. Yeah you want you know and you can't make a -- for a fault for not trading knew we'd have a chance. To -- and organize and make. The case to trade him or make the race I'll let him walk and they create. You you the only thing to him is that you've got a delegate campaign. And that means. And that will be a valuable. For at least. Killed at least. -- telling do you know him through writing and you're not gonna do that you're not giving debt that was his. It's kind of similar to what we saw with start the Monday. -- -- have a company operated now. That language is exactly what we saw from the Minnesota Timberwolves McCain to Kevin -- as an equal or greater value -- -- -- get equal or greater value and -- and the reason I phrased it the way that idea that Lou is because of the way you brought it up during the opening of the show which was you felt like some Red Sox fans in the stands were taking sides and so I and I don't know with the other side is at this point. To argue that the best case is not to have Jon Lester B -- Boston Red Sox player. By the time we come back in the trade deadline or by the time they come back from spring training next year. -- and so so the bowl predictions about him -- it could very well could very well happen it's just. I think what happens I think they are negotiating. Agents and negotiating. Quietly in -- -- discussing it and Jon Lester B in the veteran that he is. It's not -- let anybody know about it he's still gonna say so the -- -- good foot soldiers that he's gonna have a clue. There's gonna happen. He's not gonna get a free agency. That were missing you know we're gonna have an announcement okay your -- gonna break the news Jon Lester signs -- Not a contract. That's what is going to be it's not going to be. Because the good -- there of the play making ability is there. And the fans love -- on the season's been crap. Although he will lead to -- that it's getting better we'll get later also but most importantly. Mean he's gonna be Red Sox. At that. You're convinced yeah I mean I think based and plus to be a Red Sox player come August or is -- Red Sox pitcher come. XT last year yeah I don't think I I don't think -- he's going to free agency. Penalties sort of -- I think what they're gonna do they're gonna make him if they haven't -- going to do it and the next two weeks they're gonna make him a solid offer. And that's going to be the offer and now if he gets a free agency that's gonna be -- -- -- basal -- but he turned it down. But to be legitimate. It's going to be comp worthy it's gonna be in the same bowl as a Cole Hamels. Not sure it's gonna be a Max -- because we don't know what he's -- -- but that's the kind of rambled going to be and I've Boston fans what do you think well John let. His next start at Fenway Park. In ten days speed his last 61777979837. Will continue to talk about that and speaking of star players being traded with the trade deadline looming at the Red Sox blown opportunity to move one big chip. Already we'll tell you who it is and why next -- 937 W yeah.

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