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Jon Lester continues to dominate 7-21-14

Jul 21, 2014|

John, Gerry and Jerry Thornton discussed the Red Sox sweep of the Royals.

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Honest to god I am telling the truth I'm looking you in the eye and tell you the truth all days Saturday and right up until the first pitch on Sunday. I said to myself self. Is that possible. That weekend. Minimize I know we can't eliminate. That we minimize. The amount of Jon Lester contract box when Jerry and I get back to work on Monday. And I hope that would be the case I -- in fact. That are a third man and today -- for. Could spend much of this four hours lecturing Callahan about what irons all fight is because I think that's of interest -- -- conversation -- the iron self light conversation that we will have later. But I guess we get to spend a little bit. I'm on could change let's change it cheating again I you know what it doesn't mean the price goes up that means it takes more discipline on the part of bench -- -- doesn't. It takes more result of and is going to walk away from the -- does go well. But no it doesn't assure us understand it that's an aunt and lusting after him. To do their part. Seven. That's what the market bears in November of delicacy -- again. He blew away the royals and in June and we'll see what the market -- when else out there and whose bidding. But if you're -- -- and Henry and Werner and Larry and Devoe said that the you know their their philosophies not overpaying guys in the thirties. Hum that quote to was. And I generous quote I have -- again the of that. Bloomberg business week article earlier in which John Henry that in response to a study's result goes yes. That suggested big money is wasted on players thirty and over quote. To me the most important thing this study shows is that virtually all the underpaid players. Are under thirty and virtually all the overpaid players are over thirty yet teams continued to extravagantly over play. Overpay for players above the age of thirty. -- so John Henry is saying that the laws of supply and demand basic economics capitalism. Exists in every area of the world except. For starting pitchers in in baseball I mean there there were very few guys that can do what Jon Lester does the afford his price goes up. Except when you look at history you guys over thirty do not and that trend well -- India. Percent in the fourth -- 67 years in I think that's the -- of part of Sunday appease right does that include the no CC sabathia example Johansson. I mean it is he's right -- right I mean guys who and we still look good for the best example of the the guy who has earned. His money with a six or seven year deal pitcher over third. Who gets a six year deal and if it is not in the and the mystic is going to be -- out there doesn't we've been look at -- I mean sacked creek he's only two years and his deal. And the younger obviously than now. That Lester Wheatley can take CC sabathia probably off that list out there today say they said if that's your car that you should run not walk away from Jon Lester. It just means they're has what it means yesterday means there's more love more motion. More more people are just side absolutely and and more people who say too stupid things that this problem. It's an album oh OK. He calls agents and how much do you want OK you are in it. There'll be a decided. And noticeable difference between the public response and reaction. Not signing Jon Lester verses to not signing Jacoby Ellsbury jewelry with actual yeah yeah yeah I think there will be a a vast majority but a solid majority of people will say if it continues to pits I don't even remember anybody's I don't. I'm l.'s review you don't -- anybody know I think we all saw what happened with -- Broussard coming years early. Like you just -- you could look at -- -- -- and take -- at the end of this. In the office that. You don't get emotionally attached to occasion now that guy is gone at the end of summer. And I'm gonna steal his chair Whitney's -- -- -- ever had the feeling. When you watch last still though that that guys. Susie gets to created to see these are things I do believe it when he says it's gonna give the Red Sox shot. But when when tell me when wealthiest and how -- and on and -- know he said he hopes. The first time the phone rings in the season ends it's the Red Sox and what do you wanna say it or not the price is going up I mean you think for example. That you'll have to sign for five years with where ever he signs -- you know. I say more likely six and there's a chance he might get seven from some maniac team -- step and and if which means the Red Sox are out of that cherishing walks away and we have to depart camp debenture papers showing discipline. I'm not so sure Theo Epstein walks away from that with this kind of support. For for Lester and it's growing. Each start it does take you know some of the -- takes a real Belichick -- streak. In your GM to walk -- from like Lester but if it's seven years. You have to. How often. And he said he's gonna give the resort's first chance I think if he doesn't now in the last two weeks in June and in on the -- and -- treat them I want to get treated just let let's get this -- then like. It's happened once or twice doesn't happen often were guys sign in June. I mean in July this is their agents usually is the union off that won't get. But the Red Sox have two weeks have exclusive negotiating rights -- Does he give me chance then yes it does not artist Portugal because they don't look it up I don't know how many guys side of those two weeks but not many -- would you. You're that close to finding out what maniac L they aren't as well just it's not feasible to give them a chance talked of course you will not because you're almost a free agent Joel makes no sense at all that's why. I think the whole two week exclusive rights thing is it's kind of pointless you know pitching. In -- again hurt mean you could stay home and you know and bubble wrap and wait two weeks in the NC what's out exactly just get the Red -- best offer and then say this is my baseline I can only do better approach to. -- as bullets and Seth Levinson his job is to listen what the Red Sox have that is indeed what your baseline and -- that Jonathan aside. There's three more million dollars a year make a difference to three million over five years make a difference just thirty Macomb. A difference to me to -- ago the answer is it's going to be a lot close to thirty million dollar difference that a three million dollars. And offered lots of people discuss all these possibilities for the Sox and all they throw on that. Extra year a club option yadda yadda. In the history of this thing has always been there's one team -- -- it just makes a bit absurd offer that he nobody is that right nicely to do it yes and that's all it takes and it and I thought he walks. I mean thick of the teams that have gotten stupid Seattle last year with canal that's his home on state hometown. New York Yankees have the LT with with you name it Ellsbury sabathia you name it to share. That is going to Atlantic could be and whatnot they have a history it's stupid but that's where he lives -- in this lots of ways I can see him thinking he is greener on and on the other side and he will be I mean I don't. We hope they get it done out of the at a time I don't digital I don't -- him -- we could do. -- -- point seven Sunday's piece which is very interesting and he almost is challenging the Red Sox to maintain their philosophical stance here. Talks about testament to his contract that's sort and -- wire two after passing out Ellsbury. Now will the Red Sox make an exception on Lester. If they do you have to question whether they really do have this philosophy well we just talked about Jon and reasoning on overpay for guys that are in their thirties. Out one American League general manager said if that is your philosophy you can't make exceptions. Or it will be viewed as he joked. If you very from that. That's sends a week message to the baseball community agents etc. When an organization and if he. PR blow back. And stick to your philosophy. And you have to replace him and that's the question de -- amid a lot of media guys are big last two defenders. And they sales who's going to be erase all that hasn't really he can't say. -- you know we're not sure what Henry owns about Lackey so let's give in seven years levees that we are supposed to do. Is supposed to give the guy and you and if they -- -- of -- or if there metrics are correct it'll be what 234 years of a dead money you're. -- -- -- -- But would you agree there will be more of a. An emotional response next year if Lester leaves because my guess is wherever he goes for a year to. You will be performing better than Ellsbury. Right yes and you look at it you know Bryant Johnson you look at it Clay Buchholz who brought. -- dollar rose Stephen Wright Renato those guys. Or call playoffs if it shipped to make it equally important Cole Hamels or James Shields. You know there's that I'm sure Ben's got all kinds of plan BC and he sure but you're not exactly shopping in the in the bargain basement bin. With those guys either you know -- -- those those guys Jamaican it of making less and less like a Hamels change and and Johnny Damon has a piece we just can't understand. Why there would be interest in the Cole Hamels in case someone has to explain it says -- payment CBS. Well Hamels has for years let it. They would love to get their race for four years that's probably their limit when you say yeah or maybe maybe five. So you get Hamels before Lester for six. Isn't that hard to understand. All the other thing that that may be Jon -- has looked at is that Cole Hamels ERA in the National League pursues the American League is almost a point cap lower over a point -- worse. Against teams that don't do not have the pitcher -- Which is why I love Lester because in and I am unwilling to overpay now granted it is a limit to how much fuel you willing to overpay even but. There aren't many guys that -- I know are gonna do what he. Is gonna -- he's adorable he he's gonna give -- 31 starts next year no matter what he's clutch. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- How'd you yet you move off the number you currently act because I was at that NASDAQ added that's just and and and human -- about that to step seven of course the move off the article. You don't get that party movement in right but six figures or whatever -- -- -- -- in the hundred million Wright yeah you've got them. My point -- gonna have to overpay. And you're probably gonna have to accept. That the last couple years -- that you're gonna be eating a ton of money that he's not -- -- I I get that but I don't think John. Henry has an appetite for anymore I think. The the Dodgers trade tasted so good. Satisfied him so much that that is established the philosophy here. You know that part of what made that deal works always that they had guys like Jon Lester. You know who were able to carry into another World Series I don't know who the next Jon Lester it's which is why I wanna spend John Henry Bucs did to keep him. You know -- -- say the prices and go one up like. Do Lester and the Sox by by the nature of this staple gambled. By not sign a deal going to it there and Lester guild on himself. And they won't be able that they couldn't stay at their it you know what a number more comfortable to them and that he wouldn't -- performance. His. Five is last nine starts he's five to one with a one point 14 ERA in his last 70. Point. 85 ERA that's gambling in -- that's why the prices going up but again to -- to my market based analysis from earlier. He's like a house some water there are only so many of them and they are not building -- more houses on the coast so the price of him is higher than it probably should be. Regarding Hamels the price is not just ninety million for four years you saw a bunch of articles over the weekend got a opining on what it will take to -- Hamels away. From Philadelphia and everybody said 23 peoples and it has to be one of your top three or five prospects in your organization. You can figure out who that would be with a Boston Red Sox eight top fifty prospect in your organization. Probably a second tier prospect as well. I think threats actually covet their top five prospects on -- -- I think to get -- that I think you pay the ninety for four and in a heartbeat. It's the other cost I think it has some blocking that's why you. You've got to deal Lester at the end and on the next two weeks and days to get a deal. You know what if you feel like he can't sign him in if he's not talking to its. We can all agree kind of got a hard to sign a guy when he just digit highs minimal which even -- I think he's handled it brilliantly anonymity says he doesn't sound like angry. At all doesn't mean doesn't sound like them. And mercenary at all it's still sounds like he wants to be here yes and use the that the the the legendary it's not about the money right now I that's an is that the price and these -- credit wrong IQ well informed to -- guys in this position often do it's not about the money years. You know got to feed my family. We could make a long list of all he says some worried about pitching about it but I Baltimore I'm worried about pitching and he says -- -- don't want to mask and Jackie Bradley questions about my contract like anyone ever does that they don't but he sounds like he's. Genuinely concerned about his teammates and the sounds like general genuinely wants to be here but I I I get the sense that if you know the union in the region. Have any say in this any influence in this she's just connects keeps me in most things until November. -- says goodbye. Every single year for about eight straight years Roger Clemens who is was on a one year deal and he always signed. Not for the money it was always for some other reason like you musical on its. You know Roger is a huge fan of -- McLean you know writer really respects Joseph -- said he never once signed a deal that wasn't for the most logically follows direct data that's -- -- -- respects Andy -- sold much he wants lots of money just -- he wants to win on that score board that's important to him he wanted to be the highest -- wanted to -- the Toronto's best example. I went through it went to Toronto to get close at Texas yeah I wanted to. You know -- a lot of us want what's best -- spam problem not -- -- discriminate Canada with the hotel equipment -- -- I'm -- Clemens couldn't really read a map I guess that he thought -- relate to now you know Ontario is right next at Texas. The job last year come under aside. Who would you suggest. Is in baseball one of the more corn. Are confused. Vacillating uncertain people in baseball doesn't have to be bench Harrington with eleven days until the trading deadline. And ten games in that period in fact you only get to have off is the trading deadline deadline day. Are all against the American League east and he said it was last week -- the other thing plays out in the next ten days in many at that number pretty much rate on the head. Is this where you bring up your your -- -- fight. Conversation. Edged to the the with -- is about seven out of -- -- fight. Yes of anatomy stamina for a fool's gold which which -- I know that not because I was good and I in high school chemistry or anything but because they mention it in silence -- yes yes it was one of those. You're an programs are showing -- elect our armed they have to -- thing. That's that this is in order to. You know and if you're trying to decide right now by the buyers or sellers I have some numbers for you. They're currently. 46. In 52 now -- traditionally. To make the wild card it's taken a boat 92 wins on average which means they'd need to win. Another 46. And that they have 46 and -- yes it was a -- 64. Games remaining. It's taken them. I'd 98 games to win forty sexism so you've got to go for me what -- 469. Winning percentage that seventeenth. That sounds like you're sellers to me it -- you know it's it's dumb and -- like it seriously and there's a chance and no I'm not I'm not. But I guess he doesn't have to do anything and make some sort of definitive statement just yet right I was gonna say given ten days. I'm sure he's got deals in mine deals on hold aren't you surprised. TV hasn't adult content and Gomes as an -- -- that doesn't create. That's apparently a rebel -- -- and more likes peavy and Gomes -- guys but if some team. Wants to give you some -- them you couldn't you could -- them and still say you know we are hoping to get back on the gas if you 88 -- -- Ben and you've got ten games to -- this match just assuming -- rate of the deadline day on the 31 and then makes whatever deal or not deal. Or no deal. But he didn't win of the ten for you to say I think there's a chance to separate us and yes -- Nextel -- kept me Nixon for. Ten games it was if you win seven. You'd be 53. And if these five. Yeah yeah it's still under 500. Company -- -- if the for a 54. -- in our 5088. You got a wood eight. Com and I'm thinking and in that eight game stressed that will be dealer will be good peavy deal with a Gomes deal. Too late to trade -- and you wept guys -- until this web. Now what is what is what is hilarious. Yet placements are a -- new metric but then again it's called lap who who wins after presents the fifth at. The seven. Maybe he was I'll tell you maybe was maybe if -- -- -- Let's cut bait on him in April they'd be in the in the thick of this and that coupled with the fact that Dempster of the joked to what's keeping everybody loose. So bad dynamic I think. That was a bad -- that we all agree Pierzynski was a bad dream or port. -- suddenly I don't know I know you needed a veteran catcher for one year but -- had what we had to be someone else out to help. He could have paid Saltalamacchia and them taken as a loss next year try to deal and in India. And not have this present -- a hole in the close close. You know that this won't that be the summer where I was wrong about everything like every word that's come -- I'm -- for guard in the Red Sox has turned out to be wrong including. I was all in on presents key when they first item. And -- and I think because of his reputation of being an insufferable a holes and only guys chaos just this guy will fit in here I thought like -- would with this market can't handle his intro parts. In -- for all -- like you know in suffer ability was there is an extrovert is that he'll thrive in this environment he's not a director -- He's not you know Adrian Gonzales the Jabber no. And I could have been more rock did you ever think he was that ban catcher Amanda -- I remember seeing and worse catcher job for a catcher catch catching -- I. That's sock did catch and I know he he you know he was a fairly productive hitter. You know it and take a lot of pitches he did drive in runs and he didn't feel awful when he was step into the plate. -- we felt better with him at the plate and Rossi in the Ross Perot on there are young Ross is not really Major League hitter is good catcher. But simply couldn't catch the framing it couldn't hold up. I don't it was like you don't would you would you coach an eleven year old and his wanna make sure that everybody gets the play every position and execute didn't wanna catch you -- elevate the you know he could fit into the equipment that it -- -- we have a mask it. Half the time -- he said Jamal plays like ten feet behind the play -- -- -- regular battles and Adam and I would like that you move up political -- that. And a -- time he was captured life pitches like it. There was an intentional walk you know racist and very differently he couldn't care less of -- clean itself -- -- love it just went to the backstop and they're gonna -- it. Is there any doubt in your mind that if you were here is 2012. It has been up in the club house. -- don't know no doubt always on and off to -- to be alone in focus to a certain bonding acts as a candy if it appeared chicken and he'd be over often -- zone but. I'll I'll bet you said is there any doubt that the pitches one of the underplayed stories in this room first that was. It is couldn't yes and that we haven't heard that from anyone yet. -- -- -- You expect from a in a -- Boris is. Surely. Not a a pitcher putting your name on it that people say and scalps of Minneapolis and look at this phone I don't remember any other anecdote do you. Mean rob the story of them look in his home. -- -- -- -- -- -- Public and it was melting down right next oh right yeah it was melting down after eight walks and that's true. You know he he he know. Melted -- presence of national TV guys the other charge against him but I think it is going to be more about wore his -- A week and a half an oasis TV collaborate at this a lot as smear campaigns go deal this was not one of the better ones -- and the Sox are good at that event. And a guy and he ask what you eat yeah it is in complete and by the -- -- All boats say and bad things about somebody behind their back like I enjoy that are still waiting for the real story about Bobby Allen I don't what would like -- say they'll put it he's gone is gonna be the greatest news month -- will get -- get more dirt. More gossip more of bullets back stab and gotten off thought that the user friendly and very successful Terry Francona would take much -- A public meeting going out of town the Bobby Valentine I have -- sometimes people disappoint in the smear campaign and Pierzynski I thought we hear more get more especially from pitches and I love this idea oh -- you know I have a project name on if you approach in any money in -- Davis. -- -- Much dirt writes of course it's going to be an -- of the satellite stab at somebody in the back was not there. And -- You know you're not supposed to kick a guy when he's down a public big believer that that's the perfect time to kick out of this first of all he's -- down unit it's -- don't have the lift your legs so much so yeah I had of those two things I and I want more on presented lift your leg and Portland. Motivation to six point 777979. -- 37 will go to break Coppola fault lines -- top review question for what do Morton timer. Matt every and rain Gibson. Have in common an answer when we.

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