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Jon Lester with Joe Castiglione after completing the sweep of the Royals

Jul 20, 2014|

Joe C. talked to the Sox ace after he

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Jack congratulations. That you really seem to be a total command right from the start that game that the got to have a little first inning difficulty. Yeah I mean it that after the first things a little bit got. Obviously knows these guys are going to be swearing in and do really good job -- about ball. You know so just trying to get some workouts does this -- You know -- open -- very. It seems like in recent starts you really had great -- -- been very effective with all of your pitches you -- -- Unhittable curve balls today that they -- yet curve balls good. You come off the break. Bullpen was was that the curve ball. Just was able to -- it luckily if you. The the -- Furyk won the bounds but the you know overall command was pretty good. -- and two walks before it walker there's -- -- it's it's it's. You obviously not -- -- wanted to do but that they're accurate play there and -- you talk about black hole to. A lot of good that was a Stephen -- yeah that's progress made a great player earlier yeah yep Veronica into the laugh I mean I don't I don't know how brought keeps doing knowing -- you know after Tom Edwards on the diamond so. You know he he's done a great job -- and you know continue to do great -- defensively and offensively it was going in it's been it's been great -- When you mentioned that your bullpen is that a true indicator for you how often does what your bullpen translate to what you do when the game starts. I mean there's times obviously where you going to start and you know. -- No matter what the score is there or whatever right got to throw 120 pitches and -- as deep as I can. -- today wasn't one of those days. You know obvious you review review grind it and and to agree to a force keeping us in the game last night in. And I get that W so. You know for me I pride myself on more than anything he's just making sure those guys that the fewest guys -- -- as possible on the days that it's in. And -- -- that stuff that you know in the series and -- this summer promise of them. But -- you had great stretch here in the course you've done it in the past nineteen that we in season all the great post season performances. But is this recent stretch as good as yet you've ever been -- thing. In terms of being effective. I don't know I mean obviously you go back and you know look at look at when I was younger and -- stuff wise and you know kind of put enough you know put up strikeouts and put up all that stuff but as -- -- commanding the baseball it three pitches. You know I think right now and understanding how to pitch right now loses as good as been. A long time feel like you know mentally and and. And nice to have six runs your battery mate -- help you with a long two run homer he had that huge this huge you know I love it when when rusty does that they're. You know obviously he's not known for offensive production but. Anytime he goes up there and and -- -- couple runs and I mean obviously the big flies huge for him. You know. Guys swung the bat -- were Fincher you know all day in and made him get the hitters counts and he talked about stuff that has the -- You know we did a great job of battling and and cute guys on base all day in and you give me breaks in the dugout and you know all those things quicker defense so news news good team. Your team win today to team wind and as for the series and in the sweep in. Hopefully carry pitchers continue to carry that into tomorrow answer in the big road trip coming up with that the division rivals. Yeah yeah I mean this is this week's going to be huge especially you know obviously we all know. What's coming at the end of the month. You know we're right in the standings so hopefully. Hopefully we can gain some ground. We've beat this next week in. Well next week and a half and and hopefully we. We can get some buddies and giving people way so you know hope that that's. Obviously in all the back Vermont but over continued grinding and you play good baseball and congratulations to -- -- on your -- wonderful event never quit this writing had a big success yeah I was also. You know really. Really thankful for my teammates that that you know -- or last off day before. For the second half you know come out support in. You know is it any time that you know you can get a bunch of people together and raise awareness for a for pediatric cancer. It's a great it's a great night it obviously had fallen on top of that which makes it even better. Jack congratulations on both counts thanks so much for joining our guys thank you Jon Lester who is now ten and seven getting the win here for the Red Sox the six shot out of the year by Red Sox pitching let's go back to Chris.

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