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Butch Stearns and Steve Buckley on the importance of Shane Victorino 7-20-14

Jul 20, 2014|

Butch and Buck discuss the importance of Shane Victorino and his injury issues this season. Sox fans always talk about how losing Ellsbury has affected the lineup, but they seem to forget just how crucial Victorino was to last season’s success. They also talk about the closer role and what that may look like for the Red Sox going forward considering Koji’s age and the speculation of a trade in the near future.

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So -- -- talked so much about the less dirt situation. And he starts today and I've got everybody whipped into a frenzy that it's his final start. And Red Sox you know for me -- about that I'm going. Phillips would I would miss Lester if you -- yes I think he's a very enjoyable to watch like his work ethic. And as I've said many many times like the fact that he can pitch in Boston he's not on collude by. Media heart being in talk show rattled one in expectations and so forth. But there is a future everybody's expendable right there is a future moderates are without Jon Lester yes. And we both believe that if they don't sign him or said differently if he's pitching for somebody else next year. But the Red Sox are probably making a mistake we both believe that right I believe yes I do too. So what's called the road if he's not pitching for the Red Sox next year. Let me let's just go that route for a second what's so wrong. -- If he's not here. Again cushion with affecting you and I both believe it's a mistake. What's so wrong with taking your chances. Spending that guarantee big money on a bat. Somehow some way whether it's Tulowitzki and college stand whatever. Committing that somewhere else and going into the season next year with Lackey Buchholz. Taylor rose how much it. Lackey making next year well again. It's 500000 -- -- -- This this guy winds about Nelson Cruz hit them all over the ballpark and he pulls this. You guys have short memories nonsense do you think the guy like that's gonna -- 500000 dollars next year. What do you see why you gonna hold out he winds as the capital whine about so he's certainly don't whine about making 5000 dollars so he's gonna take the ball on one year deal and go about their perform from him mr. -- the I don't think he's gonna do and I think the Red -- of caving give more money Europe. Whatever I just don't think he's gonna whistle happy to lose a lot of 500 I guess my Mike went on Lester is very simple if you're not gonna commit a hundred plus million to him. What's so wrong in trying to commit that other places it's what's not. I just. Think they are a better team moving forward for the next three to five years if they signed last year by the way what are we talking five years six years where he won it for Lester yeah. I think at this point it's got to be a minimum of five I mentally for those states five. What options does he does as he performed in that fifth year of the way he did and years went through for the waste reform -- -- maybe not. But. I don't we all kind of understand. That you sign players the one term contract she did this sort of deep down believe that you won't get value for the dollar and that last year -- like when the Mets gave pay ago four years or you aren't sent him. And the Mets while that this fell apart because of injury that. That the Mets gave Pedro for years because the right -- wouldn't but I think I think deep out of a very amplified this but. You can make the case at the Mets and maybe maybe not so much of that fourth year and that's pretty much talent Plano. And you always make the point about Lester that the Boston factor is huge one. Always to me about make the point that in that fifth year. He might just be still a pretty damn good pitcher yeah he's got he pitches -- his legs. He's a horse he repeatedly -- thirty starts every year and 200 innings -- are threatening 200 innings every single year. And by the way Cliff -- we're talking about and others directly Roy Alley there have been guys. That if it's thirty through 35. And been at the top of their game. It's gonna keep in Bedford. Who's next here on sports on in our final hour hi -- They got. It seemed like a whole lot of wild numbers being thrown around here without Lester and now lacking particularly black -- Lester. I think he can prove to his public. That he meant it when he said he wondered hometown discount. If field take five years it states that it won't be a discount -- money. It will be five years 25 year. And I think that the idea that lackeys. Like you will not -- happening in the year. That idea is that number on him -- is I it is blocked. Has grown higher and higher and higher bad I don't think it's. You know I think it's thirteen now. In the and so all were really committing to this four whatever that is 38. Million our top two pitchers and I don't think that's an unreasonable thing to do. I see you're assuming they're gonna sign John Lackey for two years 26 million. Are you saying. Are yet. And you action in the gonna get Jon Lester for 25 for multiple years for five years. That that will be done -- five years a 125. Million. So I guess my reaction to key point parking is five years from 125 million. Is solid on every level a it's an offer that the Red Sox can say hey. We were competitive. But anybody out there even if he signs with the Yankees in seven years thirty million. -- we were willing to go five years 25 million that's an opera that. Red Sox fans can swallow and say they were -- point you can not you can argue about when they made that offer and how serious they were by starting at seventy. And trying to go there. Bomb on the other way. Yes it is just -- just a -- amendment to the discussion. Should it's scary it's experience that Jon Lester B yankees' opening -- start us. Yes that that you're not only lose those numbers you know and only lose that domination in the American League east which is -- calling card. But -- transfered to your hated rivals and keeping in mind that Red Sox and yankees it's been a few years now since they have been the one a and one B the American thinking they've kind of -- -- to some degree at least this year. So but deep but everything is sort of measured by how they do against the Yankees right. Let me give -- the balance of power answer. When Johnny Damon left the Red Sox over thirteen million dollars more for the Yankees 453 I believe was the deal right for years 53 million. Did that swing the balance of power to the Yankees in -- -- from the Red Sox to whatever degree. It swing the balance of you but Damon right -- I did it did he give the Yankees more power and -- the Red Sox at the same time yet okay. So far has Jacoby Ellsbury going to the Yankees on the same thing. To a degree to to a degree it adds that while. What what happened is it sees this -- confusing the Red Sox missed the 2013. Jacoby Ellsbury and however the 2013 Jacoby Ellsbury is not playing for the 2014 yankees. -- So that's why it's hard to it's a question. Do they have a that -- have a oh hole lead up yesterday miss them yes so but it agreed to it and again this is weak it's weak start playing the numbers. If it Jacoby Ellsbury it re sign for the Red Sox. Re signed with threats like these points -- -- right now. You -- magically putting up the damage he's put -- in years past I don't know are they producing runs at a better clip of Jacoby Ellsbury -- -- -- Getting a victory -- Victor Reno. Is is. Good mentioned that line early last 32 going into when he -- the shoot 33 going on 43. He last year he played like gazelle. He played with reckless abandon. Yet -- very good on base percentage he won a gold glove in right field it was a spark plug the top of the order with with -- Ellsbury. And he was a key reason they won the World Series this year this is not editorially speaking this is just back he's broken down and -- -- don't get back to victory when -- go back to the balance of power argument. So we agreed that Damon did shift the balance of power in other -- strength and the Yankees are weak in the Red Sox. So far you could argue even though it hasn't been seen as significant that the Red Sox have been weakened by Ellsbury is lost. And the Yankees have been somewhat strengthened even as -- significant. I won't fare if they did win a World Series in 07 yes so it's not like they felt part -- with the games and the only -- the Yankees won the World Series the next year signed him. I would argue that Jon Lester in that same argument with the balance of power there was cup -- he left -- -- five yankees weren't you originally. I would argue. That the shift the balance of power has a chance to be greater than anything. In the past with Red Sox and yankees Jon Lester leaves the Red Sox. -- to the Yankees. So you brought this up by saying to -- champions wanna swallow the fact that he could be the starting pitcher. For the Yankees and opening day next year think about the switch a balance of -- this could be significant more significant and Damon are Ellsbury at. -- That have ever gone Louie Tiant Roger Clemens even leading go directly to the Yankees the Jon Lester to the Yankees thing next year. How can you not argue that that could shift the balance of power significantly. It's just acknowledge you would. It it would be huge and it's something Red Sox eat even those -- into sales Lester once in which money we've cut. We're not on Workman and and and bill grocer Webster Ali's cool means you're throwing out all right that's all great. But keep in mind that you you may pave the road that takes journalist of the Bronx. -- let's go back to victory column very well written today I brought us some really good points you here on this -- thing like well. Was any fun last year he was more than on he was you know what an -- right it's just an opportunity buck I'll probably get some really good lines -- given you credit for them this morning it's limitless. Which you missed an opportunity. Okay yes. How many games -- Shane Victorino played this year furtherance when he too. Where did -- finish in the MVP voting. That you dismissed and opportunities to race and I you know knowing you. And I you know if you give him a chance to more minutes and at Atlantis stumbled upon that now. Now your last line of your column today. I'm an attic dot dot dot applied to look dot here's the -- is known as an ellipsis OK here's my ellipsis your last -- of your colonies. Shane Victorino was one of the main reasons why. 2013. Was so exciting and he's one of the main reasons why 2014. Is it so much here's my ellipsis. About dot to dot but dot. What. Will the -- be written for 2015. Which. To have that -- took you know the space. And now they do it they remember zero went -- on the cup on the bottom is -- -- member of this team next year. Is he significant contributing millions of dollars in the year I would think you would be. It. I'm just asking you to look into your crystal ball too because everybody called very good because it's right. He may not be the factor that they're not a run producing these team but he's a huge factor because he was at the top of that lineup with Jacoby -- -- Last year an old -- gone. He was expected to take some of the argument to -- about whether he should lead off or not his numbers were better number two played 22. This year. So whether they are run producing team next year -- -- which -- tied to that with a direct don't get up and got that hit. -- -- ground ball single hard on the center for a single efforts today. Did you I'll -- back there and it. Because he had been around this whole year go to GP in north provinces and hang on I JP. Put him a great job at the end he will do a couple of -- bring you. It was fun I love getting up before the morning it just makes my day. And -- like that it could have done something. You you -- bootleg video where a lot -- -- -- -- good article about like ketchup and the government so with the public I just. -- dug in like a little conflict adventure I'm glad you got out of they're trying to get into Iran now. All in good fine thank you. That Michael -- do it then nobody really brought it up. Anybody who worried about a 39 year old close open next yet. That -- really -- -- and we know what pockets with but it anybody concerned that. And but as they magically disappear as would render a more typical report back on energy and the mentality that he kind of remind -- a little bit like Koppel on. Well you brought -- to about you brought up to very interesting points JP. Are you you know is -- going to be their closer next year. And if not who is they're closer of the future might answer to would be. Sorry can't worry about that right now but just because of the nature of closers. Malicious go back to how -- get the job in the first place I'm with you I do get direct such credit for signing him let's be honest he was their third choice yet as -- in an Andrew -- Right so who's going to be their clothes -- for next year regardless of technology. Because I would ask him cool with what qualities they work and has doubled blogger -- yeah there was a Bulldog mentality. Well I -- it. Any concerns analogue pose this question and not a rhetorical question it's a question to which it is not audience. Any concerns. That workmen that does -- have that mentality to -- kind of closer. Did -- go back to when he was posted at -- -- And what let's act go backe infer that to John palpable on its first big league spring whether it's on. You do run when he famously had a -- drills so Sammy Sosa it says something had happened and without anybody he had yet to play in a big league game. I believe and without even being asked to do so by one of the veterans -- by the manager. He took it upon himself that drove Sammy Sosa because that's the way he plays baseball. And then and again imposing this is -- question this isn't like an outlet and you get workmen in that awful game against Tampa Bay. Is clearly supposed to hit Longoria he throws that we had pitched that up by its head to feet behind him. And I think everybody agrees he -- that he was supposed to hit one gore. And it and that's -- he got the suspension and so forth and so so it's a good analogy but I think it's a stretch that's mine and I guess that's why I'm just bringing it up and did this guy the last caller said. He's a Bulldog and and I am not convinced -- he doesn't have the stop in the mentality in the mindset that dogged determination and all of that that does instant. Making it closer I'm just saying that I am not convinced that it's used -- a snippet and say yeah the closer. Yet and I'm I'm also not convinced. That it 25 year old guy pitch for the University of Texas who does in my mind have that Bulldog mentality. Doesn't have what it takes to be closer because he couldn't or wouldn't hit Evan Longoria and Jonathan Papelbon. Would indeed before he -- -- enemy we fight it Sammy Sosa I'm not convinced of that either way I. I mean let me just in the eye test but could you Sebring and work and is a close eye could -- was -- So so I don't know. I would but again in the Koji thing in my wary daddy's 39 years old now. I think that with the university Texas that the doing just that whole. The right handers that have come from Texas that the everything from -- that. Atlanta a lot of guys numerous Texas that no external debt is prevalent now as it used to be put back in the days when. What is include cliff Gustafson with the coaching axis. They used to routinely -- -- getting the Indians and again it might help -- EHL as a high draft pick out of Texas and he I don't mean -- got the big leagues and -- creole. That Texas ranges -- the key markets a good point. I'm just saying that Texas right handed flame throwing guy. Automatically falls into a category baseball they just did when the Red Sox went to Houston John Lackey is from here. Roger Clemens was from here Josh Beckett was from -- Clay Buchholz is from. Was he from what's his home -- Our forgot to bring in workers from bowl week Texas they take pride in the right patients is just -- that tiger. That comes out -- go to Peter in a car hello Peter. I did -- bomb completely like it wants to you know I'd be glad to bury the picture. -- -- the Red Sox screwed up by not signing him last off season. But until I could polluted because I'm still getting six years at 25. But I think you know would be in everything on this first half of this year intimacy he's a very good pitcher but he's he's not that. Only guy IT guy that you eat previous years -- yeah Harry Reid knows all the foreign. It seemed that the -- 75 ERE guy. 16100 policy into an apple in the next you're gonna be 31 and a half to thirty you know I just told the committee that kind of money that kind of odd it is too. Who would you committed to witness so two questions to that point Peter. Yeah whip who would you commit that type of money to any starter in his thirty's or late twenties I so hope would be that guy. Well I think what that will get his history shows you that you can not a lot of that -- of you also see how many County -- Tommy John surgery had not been -- this. This year and we got thirty. And I'm just talking about for Lester I mean I'm I'm answering your own telling me what I want. -- -- I know you can always eat frozen like most rap you know let loose and he's he's a pitcher and you have to base our -- -- can be formed -- you can try to. Model body tried to snap -- I people because it will be a wise investment is because I think he's gonna get hurt. I would be concerned about that it completely it'll get hurt or drop off probably in the last few years. Let me ask you didn't quite an -- different question. If you if you would I have in the same conversation. Five years and it's six years now and other words where were both on the baseball reference page which I'm on right now. And I'm looking at Jon Lester not up to thirty years old but 3132333435. Yeah are you gonna be shocked. If in that five year period ages 31234. Or five. That he's threatens thirty starts and 200 innings for the majority of those years -- -- all five are you going to be shocked that happens. I wouldn't be shocked the would you be shocked if it ERA global -- His career ER is three point 66. Yeah and every year. -- treat it and. I'm gonna wanna CRA I'll give it not been easy RA two point 65 this year three point 75 last year. Four point 82 the year before that's the blip before that. You know that's the blip in his in east chart as a spot. The year before hold on Peter the year before. 3.4 73 point 253. Point 413. Point two what it's three no experts we ought to -- here. What previous years that's his career -- -- army. He got eighteen and price this year in eight of those first two years he was trying to make in the major leagues are it was almost five. In it in his eight previous seasons renegotiation was not a four point 75. Let me say it would hold on let me see a little differently to you Peter and we can go on and on about this person Peter hold on to let me just appoint Peter and actually the point. In 2008 the first year that Jon Lester made over thirty starts -- he'd only made 27 total. In part to two seasons before that the first year that he made thirty starts okay easy -- was 3.2. One. And after that it was 3.4 13 point 253 point 47. And one year. Yet any carry over four and this year it's two point 65. And isn't that they've got a year ago everybody wants to run on account. He had one bad season as a starter. Yeah and even a PPV take out at work even take out intact even this year he's at but we cannot be carried out what's wrong with that crap and I'm not committing 67 years. -- 20 X 20 six million dollar that you connect. We'll Clayton Kershaw as the only guy you gonna get his eleventh I'm headed in the enclosed -- I didn't say he was -- you gonna spend thirty plus million to get that guy and those guys aren't out there. And I don't think that could be a good idea that you could assuring. Problem I tried this Peter I try to stay out of this these guys are good things on that was great radio. The question. -- ignited fourteen in and everyone was trying to write a monotone do you stand by that statement. You know -- this is what I like about less practical to all of professional I reported to be your check. I don't need you now that you know what you're kind of like that bad golfer on the tee -- very mechanical -- -- can't go -- -- exit initiated -- into the but you know too many -- over Korea where he's the only cool I didn't. And all the sudden you lose control in October and on and sort of your home. -- very very good picture. I think that's all very nice he would come close to answering my question what I said was. When he went 914 you say everyone want to run him out of town and I think that you stand by that statement. I think I think what people did yeah. See -- then I need to have calls correctly on that point because I'm under the impression that. He kind of got to pass that people more focused on Bobby Valentine. And Lackey. And and Josh Beckett in particular -- and I don't recall. That Lester took a lot of heat for the IP. Want to run a -- fully agree with you he did get a pass. We get a break we're back with more right after this on sports on. Final segment for us this morning on sports Sunday Steve Buckley imports stern so baucus plan in my summer. The other day of my wife for the rest of the summer and when you ever do this once you get into the summer knowing a couple of things happen for she could very depressed -- you realize how quickly summer's over. But I looked here and I said to myself I going to be on Monday night August 25. And I realized I am coming to your all time baseball game issue you know why why haven't been there in many years yes and again in the past if I have my preference yet. I'm gonna beat you with Fred and Steve and I'm gonna tell you why. Night because Friday August 22 is the third patriot -- -- okay. They will play the Carolina Panthers at home. I'm hoping that Andre Johnson is in a patriots uniform and not a camp. That's the game went after the third game is to make -- all the Koch is Israel's right right. Your game on Monday night they then have a final game against the giants that charade game yet Garrett Garrett. Drop almost gonna start you steeper at the plate. Exactly so I feel like. Among other things -- your game gets started and all good reasons to come to seem pleased you came Monday August 5. I can hang with -- even have some serious football talk while watching baseball watching you guys play in the all time to Britain's the common. The old time baseball and -- plated. Option. You know -- the -- -- -- it I mean wicked line drive to right field off all oil Campbell. Town get out of town. A hundred Fred. Fred. Actually play got it into it at bat against me. It's a lot of likely. Ninety years thirties. Having read with a patents and -- uses and you know grounder at third -- there because they hit the industry. And die anyway -- games Monday August 25 it's being played the race but for jobs. And in a -- a couple of emails to people keep active by one sponsor player surely have been chosen for the most part. But if you want to sponsor player in the 250 bucks Neiman on the beat them player diamond comic -- that right. U mass effect argued that chetniks on OK and you. It's -- and as Barkley at boston.com. One of the cool things about a game real quick is that. You can use our gain. As a place to have your event in other words if you want to blow for the night we we've had kids birthday parties. What are all one of our players in the game a couple of years ago with keep the Belmont was in the game. Think it is name. But he would be he would -- and game used while his parents. Took this cute all. Creeds are dream for birthday -- and -- was in the game and then five stitches -- -- freshman at college played game. I wanna have a birthday party and wanna come to your game more like -- I mean it's -- We have concessions -- we have silent auction raffle. You can dispute with -- -- -- announces its own separate that you do that we announced anybody who wants you know politicians today influence. If and the and skip play against one of our players right. -- its technology what an amazing kid he is up profoundly -- Between -- -- -- anything and he he he is he public MVP in our games phenomenal hitter needs from Framingham. And he goes -- -- to technology and RIT is using our game this year for a lot -- that -- gonna bring all the people. -- forget about the BC people to freeze people a toss bringing three busloads of -- friends and so forth. And the home team this year is going to be mostly. -- former teammate to be seen saint John's prep. Chosen by -- and and this is -- candidates fighting that fight he's got -- last season that will hear. He's still in the -- recognition. Thing to send emails and so what he has wife having baby in September. And he's gonna be -- to team and it's going to be basically team freight train against all comers on the other team. And look at Sony players this year we actually for the first time we mainly use multiple players in the same uniform. If you wanna get as many of Pete's friends of the game responsible so the left field it was where in the 1932 Chicago -- reflection upon may step by that uniform in the fourth inning and have a player where it just because we don't have normally we just used an up players for our uniforms but when I get as many of Pete's friends in the game is awesome. So it's Monday night August when he -- 7 o'clock it's legal fund raiser for the ALS therapy development institute Cambridge. And also for the number three -- -- fund. He can make it checked out to either one of those ALS TEI is a nonprofit tax deductible. Peace treaties -- is not nonprofit its experimental therapy repeat and it's not a non profit. All time baseball dot -- old time baseball dot com this -- time based on Monday night. August when he that we are going to the biggest crowd we've ever had histories and disorderly wrong liberally. At least I think he's playing in his six to seven games. Here before go off the air meant to mention this story all -- I think people have heard about it you've gotta you gotta understand the magnitude of this right now. So if you go to the British Open or summer next Joker Tony policies in response -- -- -- and coming in for that night and memories are Stearns memorial fund my -- Right now on the thirteenth hole. Four if you watch of the British Open and all Rory McIlroy is running away with you which sucked the air you know he's not now fourteen. He's now through fourteen he's not running away with -- anymore. Sergio Garcia is five under for the day -- not calories sixteen under Sergio Garcia the guy -- really never lived up to his potential was fourteen and only two strokes back. She got a final back nine of the British Open it could be legendary. Here's the real compelling story. Ten years ago. Rory McIlroy he's dead Jerry was a gambler. When Rory was fifteen years old got his body together with the local -- east and said I wanna bet that my son when the British Open before he turns 26. This is the last chance he has to him -- and had -- The -- -- would only take a hundred bucks wondered Euro was -- but a hundred bucks was what it was worth. That that's the most they would take he and his buddies for them at a hundred dollars if Rory McIlroy holds on and wins the British Open. His dad and his friends when 360000. Dollars. He made the -- -- years ago put a hundred bucks on his son let the time by the way for the stories of winning in Richard titles. What are not always had a great story it was guaranteed until about five shots that Sergio Garcia made. So you sit there waiting for your son to win it it was it was guaranteed when they started to me and -- search yields make in this run. And a quarter of million dollars at stake this isn't Rory this is dead bodies assistant. You -- Little League dad helped by the fence read the paperless two plays baseball only goodness. They got to be talking about that Matt -- they can cut the eats up about that. Let's go to Ed in Concord before we finish up here hello -- Hey guys I'm -- and I don't dispute Red Sox can afford left or should bring laughter and the one thing -- -- you got to get over and and Nick Carter did it on the return to get out of the hole. You know -- that he goes to -- Yankee. And -- are you kind of get to a little while ago that -- -- -- -- 2005. That quote and walking you can afford Jon -- Texas has a lot of money doctor that a lot of money Detroit at. -- -- money so it let me stop you don't want a public that's all I orbital and didn't like -- -- out. Yet we don't hey can we had a conversation at -- I agree under like three and Wednesday that. And I agree with. I agree with your point we are at least a decade past the stop worrying about he signed with the Yankees however. It is very real. That Jon Lester could be pitching for the next year so. Don't you don't make decisions for the -- fox based around what do you think that the Yankee great happy what Curt Schilling and result in record going to be -- Would change everything is. Lemmings all head to hold on hold up Ed Ed hold on please. So are you saying that if you're the Red Sox you don't factor that in at all you just say I was brought. You've -- an employer because you know what you got it straight here in Detroit when you're armed rival when -- going to world spirit well. So settle settle little differently than you are saying if you were John Henry Larry -- bench Harrington if you reporting Tom Warner if you were part of this group right. Think you would say you would just say hello that he pitched for the Yankees pitched for the Yankees we can't worry about. Yeah you can't you can't make decisions around and in the media. And knows them it's it's easy it is to stir up I don't expand and I I get but -- -- -- President -- position anymore but typically around you but how much money in the octagon Ellsbury a couple of the guys in the end. You know they like you all are part of the people in the division. But. Well I would argue and argue against I would argue against your last statement that the Red Sox can't. Make decisions anymore based around what the Yankees might do when it comes to signing one of the -- players. Ellsbury was one Lester would be another when it comes to assigning one of their players in free agency in the reality that it. Very well could happen I would think you would have to. That now and you -- because he's been held very. If you had a cigarette market opportunity back side. While applauding it but this year but still wouldn't make big deal -- might have gone out and get a better replacement I agree I think Lester we're not a category and -- Because it would -- on the end and look at how the mighty yankees spent. And their their one year old 500 so it's not always about oh -- -- don't want to be in the Yankees that was what used after I used to be could he get. Can miss character and I think you'll miss categorizing me I've agreed with most of your points. That you said I'm not saying that's the deciding factor on -- -- that you that you talked -- nick and me under the bus you have to deal with that you have to. And -- I in the neck and -- you know it's hard in the opening Yankee. I just predicted that the it would have a top ten years ago like you know irrelevant yeah. I guess I I've been trying to its European if what you make of a valid point I don't disagree with the -- I could get start promote -- like you've got to make it you know it's almost more dangerous -- at the end of -- you know like an -- or he might treat it your goal. It went well there's. So so fifth final point dead in which we do this for cholesterol time you Chris your crystal ball. Who is he pitching for next year and who's the Red Sox opening. I can tell eagerly pitching for I think in the Hendrick sort -- make them a good offer. -- -- So I do two ahead now. I think -- like an admirable -- at -- out there. I want hill running up and you -- buck your documents you'll give us numbers right now I like my. I expect junior and come in and around 120 arbiter like you look it up. Darius do cause he gave us numbers Spock he won't. Ed thanks for the -- -- -- -- -- -- ten minutes twisters is gonna sponsor me it just occurred at -- some Eagles gonna sponsor until all the time go in the Jerry Lewis telethon here. All time baseball dot com you want him about -- scheme and his folks that do such great great things. Monday night August 25. Hope you feel better today -- and will be back next Sunday would support Sunday Red Sox baseball is menuing next on the Shaw's star market Red Sox. Pregame show and then the Red Sox radio network Jon Lester enjoyed folks maybe the last time he's seen him starting at Fenway. Red Sox uniform. Have a great Sunday everybody talked to some.

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