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Butch and Buck Live from Fenway -- what will the Red Sox rotation look like next year ? 7-20-14

Jul 20, 2014|

Butch and Buck discuss the Red Sox rotation going forward this year and for the future. The Sox definitely have some arms, they just need some offense! The guys talk about their feeling on if the Red Sox will sign Lester and what Lester deserves on the open market. They also chat about the variety of young prospects they have and which ones they feel are the real deal.

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You. Matt -- taking your calls it 617779. 7937. Spin and hits that matter on the platters. I can't spin on matters anymore. -- ever DJ -- in the records in UMass and yet he did I did it's don't know to a message on 91 point three and -- -- -- time. It was not it was like. What do you call now on died illiterates he's to hold it and then what the -- play and try to count down right to the first. Leader our ability talking about medium set. So your day today in us and what you're working while I guess right last year because this is -- started that -- well I'm just let these people know. This these people now going to be able to say but that they saw Jon Lester last start Red Sox uniformity and we think. Polonia tickets holt on the ticket stubs twelve years in the Red Sox organ. Station this could be the day this is is that this is it misses the next time and and when next we see Jon Lester pitching at Fenway Park. It will be because he's gonna get traded to a National League team this year when next we see Jon Lester he'll be any Yankee uniform. Pitching against the -- That's my prediction. Unfortunately. So your day today you're gonna be at Fenway Park -- Yes and beat him all day and all things being equal you'll be growing something tonight. With the stars in Somerville. Over that I will be -- something tonight with Indy it's dies it's the usual crowd I think OK so UB grilling on your Sunday night what you prediction. We'll be writing about Jon Lester tomorrow we pick up the Boston Herald. If my head against he has but -- we have to pundits writing today. So O John -- he's doing it on all week on baseball. On ball humble man -- general called him a couple of -- -- and Tom Lehman so. To my estimate before it means -- new food new -- -- doing so I gotta keep an open mind. I'm gonna leave here today. Actually go to the bleachers and watched two innings of John last regular guy you're -- bleachers and watched two innings that John Street you have oppressed that's. There with you that many people when I said you're gonna be hanging out at federally working today aren't working today -- -- -- little that you like and my work is done at 1250 bucks on watched two innings that Jon Lester. I'm even gonna go to -- school feel like my brother Ramon Mike Conley and Rudy Julio beloved women team with my dog -- spent a little quality time. No no family no kids I'm I'm I'm actually. And then it will play a round of golf for Braintree municipal Scott walked up there and and trying get on with a group of guys meet them and hang out. And then you know will complete my weekend because yesterday hop on a ferry -- -- -- docket for the but my thirteen and daughter Victoria and just -- -- -- Some random family distraught to offset some funds national. Go to the phones let's go to another George in war record I'm Robert the other -- in West Warwick. Yes seven Warwick now. You know George from West -- I do not know right now I can barely gave by the way there. It's like you're at the opposite end of the tunnel. But. It's interesting I want to talk about the Red Sox on a global level but now that I know this is Celeste just. Last game it that way I don't apply to try and take a run down there and catch it because. If I recall correctly. In 2006. I was with my brother at Fenway Park I'm a -- day I think it was raining. And maybe it shortened game but I sort child molesters for a scheme and then my own line. So hey listen I want a picture guys break and get your opinion here because. And I'm looking at this Red Sox team I know the vibe is in good right now but. I see it as a critical time for baseball ops looking at their payroll obligations they've got. Only 78 million obligated after this year and beyond that just Pedroia -- contract. Some -- -- few but she mentions you'll like -- he met strong up the middle. And here we hit -- talked about this minor league system they've got arguably. Two of the best young catchers in baseball and -- heart and Vasquez. They've got Maria grow. And if you keep Bogart's -- sure. You've got. That you can place second base they've got strong center field prospect here and baptism back up there. What we don't seem to have this power. And elected askew yes and I would do if I was GM might be looking at I think one you're not only have to try to extend Lester. But I think he looks up and all these young pitchers from what I hear looked up to John Lackey I'd like to see them both side. And I hope somebody can untapped beat Felix to rock. Talent because I think power lefties. Don't all of those trees may play well at Yankee Stadium. Something happened last year we helped carry this club along with John Lackey in the middle of the -- Well hang on Georgia from a lot of -- -- so first of blog look it up the east the game you're talking about Jon Lester for started Fenway Park was June 10. Okay Boston against Texas they lost seven of four Jon Lester. Through 99 pitches in form a third gave up five hits walked four and struck out for that. -- -- it was raining that -- that's I would hope because -- I've got pictures of him I thought might get exit to my brother let's go down into the first section a couple of shots. And I've got pictures of him you know throw the ball through the -- That was his first Major League start on June 10 2006. Just FYI your other point approach. I don't know I'd have to look at doesn't look like it. -- have to look at your other point about it let's listen at double header would suggest to have your other points one is about. Strong up the metal and the other was about Felix to -- and overall -- which. Point butch is they've got a lot of opportunity. Fiscally and might only get the Tory too really do it nice transition. As -- -- I agree I agree with text that's Red Sox team. Next great Red Sox team for three to five year window so okay what. I don't know yet there what should they be doing right now out what's working in that objective. Well it's it's interesting point you bring up so let's talk about a block are the Red Sox set up. With the way they've built their organization to George's point. To build a so solid contender for the next three to five years. Based primarily he seemed to be saying on their farm system in the -- it. They set up our system that we over rate. Because we assume because they tell us these guys baseball America toes guys. A rock great guns so we assume there are great prospects -- and OK the -- had smuggling I do because the reality Major League Baseball. It it's big boy baseball and kids get up Pyrenees struggles that you can't just assume because the Netflix Telus the top prospects that they are talking on. The Red Sox that are telling -- top prospect you know put me in the position to defend. Everybody that rates the Red Sox minor league system so isn't ruby Derosa good example what do you make of what we're seeing from the kids so far. Four of his seven starts he's given up one run or -- that's pretty impressive well he took your advice after his. Shaky start saying hey gotta adjust -- eight runner up speech stuff I was talking Pedro Martinez he's thrown off speed pitches for strikes. He's unhittable at Fenway -- yes there and one AD against the middle which starts at Fenway because you're the one that's a great danger icy -- he's had his or. No you're the one that said that the Red Sox. -- their prospects are far over its prospects who meet. Okay that's a little different -- I said we collectively over rate the prospect. It's -- that was it -- so we stated so would you argue against this point. That partly today yes on July 20. With a Major League rotation to day of Lester Lackey Buchholz ruby -- rules and Jake Peavy. And in the minors with five guys in plucked out. Who are highly regarded in the wrong right Ed Henry Owens can't even make it right now. Because like etiquette prospects coming up -- run not -- Workman Webster Matt Barnes and Steven Wright as Alex -- so finally. Chronicled on his down on the farm report this morning. What would wouldn't you argue that they have what everybody needs in baseball is only system. Little wacky and happening this morning. That he doesn't buy extra outs right are -- curve balls because people say I don't org incur some problem occurs and then I said. Always you read all his stuff that's a no I don't read it. Though it. And that's something I gotta go back agree with that but. It's presence in the gonna be different breed of five years outing anybody's ever going to be good again -- three to five years because the it's. With the proliferation of younger players coming up all the plays being weeded out parity taking over in baseball. At the Tennessee a lot of teams -- seeing it from the Red Sox this year the teams are gonna dip in fall and rise again in and out. The I think Red Sox is in the future me. Want to temper their annual expectations. It doesn't mean terrific I'm gonna try to -- the winner. If they don't sign Lester it's not because the cheap. It's not because they don't like him it's because they they want putting -- -- -- you want him in the interest of building a great team right. They will be determined that he's not the right mix you -- out of money he wants what the needs in projections are expectations. But I think Red Sox fans moving forward. Should maybe come to grips with the fact the Red Sox may not win 95 games every single year. Because baseball is being built differently now. I'm a look at them. Crystal ball in just a second after a couple calls value. Who the Red Sox starting rotation is going to be to begin next guarantee guarantee and making guarantee let's go to Tony in Bridgewater it's only. Hey great -- I think that but -- -- right over there -- what we're sort of a missile at a high I don't have a problem is they got from. What prospects there -- critical from my early days -- what I applaud what other beer you'll start. -- critical what we spoke with Dutch it's desperately here. -- voted yet it's about 180 call out there and they re very good everywhere all the got a 330. Like we sure. Sure you are there are so out at me until after -- 500 doubts whether which court that. 500 that's okay it would which. What are the -- about 200 inning mark you notice what Felix Hernandez came up -- 2006. Right. He was 1214. What format -- irate. And every couple reading the rumblings he -- -- -- -- our hot at all this thought this was at 2006. You can go back. -- Tony let me interrupt you for a second because I like where you went you don't wanna judge young guy. In your opinion until he has 500 Major League -- -- -- whatever many seasons or 200 innings as a starter right that's right. Okay but here's the problem -- to agree. What are you gonna do in the meantime are you willing to be patient enough to do that for example Bradley and -- Bogart's. Are they are they now do you feel confident. That what they're gaining. And struggling so mightily at the Major League level right now is that by the time they get to 500 Major League at -- we're gonna know that there are stab which major leaguers. A look at this is my opinion at all or -- as far as Jackie Bradley who vehicle took me to get a guy like differently. Yeah they're very that if you're at the -- are all -- -- popular at the pocket -- choke he gets on the sports. It's not to everything -- The senate deal little with the pit stops and Reggie Smith of Boston Red Sox this guy is twenty RBIs in his welcome yeah he's only gonna get there. Struggle a little like okay. I couldn't agree a struggle a little to play is an understatement I couldn't agree. Getting better he's he's playing better but there was nowhere to go. But -- I couldn't agree with you more defensively the real question we Jackie Bradley -- what's your line up around and so you can afford to have such a phenomenal defense if talent and presence and be strong up the middle and allow him to hit I mean what's the Mendoza line what's he got to hit on base it. In the guy is sharp. Mean that they are 11. Book become an upbeat -- the extent that ultimately ultimately they are they aren't doing him a shot in the worst run like. They're the worst luck producing team in baseball. You remember -- about it come up right now. You'll have one a couple of all right guys who want to -- about recoverable or art cover up. So there's no -- wouldn't struggle. What. We'll get noticed more because we can't score runs -- six -- of open by one run over these last seven games at all. He's part of that hole. Discussion no. He's a great partner which he why a lot of what he is no let let's let's just did denial by -- Tony to have me you're missing my point. We're sorting itself 500 injected. Bradley was sick 46 now you -- -- -- Of course you wouldn't -- they're not 25 games -- games or 501 of the big reasons is they don't score runs. And that got a bunch of rookies including Jackie Bradley who's not getting on -- not producing guys on base I mean. This is that this is a Red Sox organization all I think they took this approach that they've got to -- box and actually. What's your help bring these guys are what this is what I'm saying that we've been here are ideas and experiences the shots out of the the future. Not stop but now look -- you're gonna -- well but they -- the solidified that he'll be strong up the middle but. You're you don't think I agree with bark when he's at fault that's our shot spot but it took them for years to figure that style. Wait no opposition shortstop in the finest. Of all -- -- great tips and actually -- -- -- wall you know or shots. Out -- And in -- it may be these drone he he's not the not physically what he was a few years ago Bogart's Bogart's is a the first -- so Bogart he he was a lot. -- With a lighter but -- more in my -- that he is now if you if you look at him now he's at that point. He is -- much. Bigger guy around -- on my thing out of shape he's in phenomenal shape but he says they beat -- guys get big links. And I I don't think he built like shortstop. Cal Ripken was needed and waited for gazillion years so you know he can prove that wrong -- -- -- Chris in mystic Connecticut Europe first when we come back. Talk about Shane Victorino embarks column also here on sports Sunday on WB yeah. -- number one that would be those very departure. -- No I think that's -- the whole thing with the offense you know that that that's -- started. And then victory of the church that I he would know you have you talked to guys in the batting Oregon right. And I think it's a who's a trickle down from the air put for the offense. Jackie Bradley junior as moral that no question right there the other thing I would say is simply too much. Emphasis on Bradley in -- right. Especially Bradley. Because. He was supposed to be the center fielder replacing all very in new York and replace -- very altogether but. You know that it 200 most of the year it was. It was not very good. Nick far -- the Boston Globe on the Dennis and Callahan earlier this week talking about reason number one for the Red Sox offense. Being inept as Jacoby Ellsbury is lost the combine that with Shane Victorino is lost. That's a subject that Steve Buckley writes about today in the Boston Herald before we get to that Steve mister put you on the spot and Hamachi likeness. July 20. 45 years ago today in 1969. July 20. All -- ninths what is it. It was the blow -- you are absolutely correct my friend one small step for man one giant step. For me and I kind when giant leap for mankind with Neil Armstrong. Did you know that the Red Sox as part of their pregame ceremony today. Are honoring on this day Sunday July 20 the -- would actually -- -- anniversary. Of Apollo eleven landing on the moon. Haven't here's what they have lined up for you today for coming to the and to the park today. Former astronaut and US air force retired colonel Greg Johnson were part of -- pregame ceremonies fans. Honoring the day and raising funds for the Red Sox foundation. -- on 1969. On this day win Apollo eleven landed on the moon. The Red Sox. Had a six to five win over the Orioles. Accounts of that day at Fenway say that the play by play announcers also provided the crowd play by play of what was happening with the mission. And the park erupted when Neil Armstrong standard on the move. -- Johnson is in town take part the observance of this historic day as part of the fun. NASA is swinging the -- fund raising providing a trip. To Johnson space center for 43. Quarter of mission control into the astronaut training facility and a -- flown into space mission. As part of a three ring raffle. For the Red Sox foundation two of the three ring -- they do that when you put the picture on FaceBook my fat fingers with a three rings plus David Ortiz. If you get into that now -- can also have a chance to win a trip for four to the Johnson Space Center. And a tour of mission control on a -- flown on a space mission as part of that raffle grand prize winner will win. Rings from 0407 a thirteen second place winners when World Series rings and again their sweetening the pot. By doing this today. The raffle will be drawn on July 27. By the way so pretty cool that they're recognizing the 45 year anniversary of the Apollo eleven moon landing and where you -- about -- number. How is set summer camp. Can't -- approximate range New Hampshire it was a Sunday to right. I was home watching on TV arm armament and and and I remembered they mean it -- wide announcement. It was where the voice was you know like that the mash thing. And it was a tensing Cameron's campers the United States is just landed a man on the moon attention campers. -- an edit it chills with 1213 years old. Reading a story about the anniversary Apollo eleven -- did not know this thing about the -- NASA astronaut since that day since. July 20 1969. NASA astronauts have returned to the surface of the -- on multiple missions however no human has touchdown. On the natural satellite's surface since 1972. So nobody has stepped foot on the natural satellite surface of the moon since 1972. On the 45 year anniversary of Apollo eleven as -- go to Christian mystic Connecticut hey Chris. Hey guys -- good. IE. Eclectic -- We signed on here. I'm thinking well they should. Or are you think he will they shoot. They should. I I think this year I mean you know you're getting -- and it's now like a guy you're not you don't know while we cannot handle bought my. Carl Crawford and it during the dark. In a -- yes he seemed to conveniently avoid my will. Question will they re sign Jon -- I don't know I've -- -- -- police brutality doesn't get in the way. Fruit -- so in your opinion if you with a Red Sox right now. When Jon Lester with too much to go to free agency where would you offer him. Five year 12825. Million dollars. He -- him that's 24 million point four plus million a year. For five years. I don't know I don't I would do that too much of that gets that done at this point again let's just take all emotion out of it if I'm Jon Lester. And I'm going to get a six or seven year offer. For twenty plus million a may get multiple of those offers this offseason it's just gonna happen. So so why am I signing. That deal if -- Jon Lester. I think if they don't get a deal done I will be in the seat and I think you've gone and I don't and I think. Well Betty nick apart no -- that there are inquiring about oriental but makes no sense to me are already Europe not Phillies reportedly -- Whatever team they're -- all the money candidate than they want upper Echelon are upper Echelon brought back. -- -- -- -- Well the only the only I agree with you your premise that it doesn't make as much sense but here's how it could make sense. You get Cole Hamels who by the way is the exact same -- Jon Lester there too much apart. He could argue has more success than Lester over his -- because his stats about a but they are in the National -- so you do have the huge factor I'll give you that I understand. That you haven't known what Jon Lester you have an unknown with Cole Hamels but you have four years ninety million CF four years committed a 22 point five. For contemporary left hander who started in big teams has not had he demonstrated success in the World Series of post season but is pretty good. And then you trade Jon Lester on the heels of that gets some prospects in return so that takes and Gerry Callahan brought that up the other morning we are working together so. I don't I wouldn't do that I don't think that's a wash but that's how it would make sense to go to. Great job -- you have to get. Howard hitting prospect or poster ready -- prospect in my opinion because they're no. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Teeny bit -- let you know. You know they moved that stood out LTO. I mean any. There editor Staten. Either in -- seething -- You know what are -- the most common -- -- records you know and I mean -- any America prospect we get that trade -- I think. I think that starts would be detained. By our -- can't really you know in the marlins' future they gonna be able to look forward I know they are. That's gotten that they're. Acting in court if a tech questions a year away Barack. At least a year. Why is that this offseason because he signed for another -- arbitration eligible for another year and you put the right package in the table and you never know. Right I agree with you protect questioned the deadline is a year and a half away not one free agency period. I understand that what I'm saying is that who who's to say the Red Sox don't put a package on the table that the Marlins. Can't refuse which brings us back in it -- Why it's always a bonus. That's wanna know what's funny to say that because organizes every time I mentioned this there was no achievable if yes. I -- Bogut but I give my -- Stanton Pakistan is the guy again taking into account. As we've learned the hard way with Gonzales. And Lugo. And -- to -- In Crawford and a bunch of other guys you can't take you guys numbers in different city in project those same numbers in Boston because Boston has a way of doing things to guys -- Yes but if you're giving up. Two of the most highly regarded prospects in baseball. Forgot it's already established I'm probably doing that too. Another G -- than the phrase that struck with me that you just uttered buck. -- give him a deal they can't refuse. To me if -- the Marlins. That's Bogart's. Henry Owens and it might be even -- John Lackey thrown -- is under contract for 500000 next year. That's a deal I can't refuse that's a deal that's not going to be. I'm not gonna be top I don't think for -- Carlos. That's why when what when people like to beat a Curt Schilling is he's a big mouth and all that this is a guy. Which showing came to Boston. Shot his big mouth off and I'm gonna do this I'm gonna do that in the -- every single thing he said it was in it in terms of bringing -- in 86 years has committed championship. Not only did he win one of them won two of them. And guys come to Boston and some some of them -- not but some of them right here he thrived here. I'm no argument from me if you're not gonna get you Carlos stand who's another bat. Middle of the order that you could get for the Red -- -- Connecticut wants to trade for Troy Tulowitzki how we make him -- and you've been -- I -- interpret or to put it. Well I'm asking you the question how are you doing it. Hello Steve. -- -- -- Really not all that time to say they wanted to trade for Troy Tulowitzki. To question he's black he's not a he's going anywhere he's the guy is different it's guys like David Wright and that's what they have two guys on the team that I would want Carlos Gonzales and Troy Tulowitzki. So again you giving up a Bogart's aren't all -- for either one of those guys who haven't been able to stay healthy. They're Clay Buchholz. To a different degree. Both of those guys are you giving up only once indoor Bogart's in a deal three Detroit Tulowitzki or Carlos Gonzales. Would you. You can -- Owens is the guy now is my new untouchable -- has guided don't wanna trade I can't even make the -- -- rotation that. Yet act guy right yeah -- -- It seems he just seems and I talked him for -- and eight minutes per -- spring training and Alex had a money show this morning. He just -- is. Like he's the next coming well I mean I'm not talking about its pitching prowess I'm just -- -- us from meeting him talking -- his demeanor suggests. I choose -- words carefully his demeanor suggests. A guy who will be a comfortable fit on this team in this city in the -- -- And if it you ask you expand on that I can't. It just seems like just -- appearances in his his demeanor. Like the I asked him if he's a goof ball left. And he said that story to be determined -- the of that story hasn't been written yet I took that to mean yes but I'm gonna get there first to the USC. Quick break we're back -- -- and Jack from wind is up next your phone calls and more on sports on. Last thing -- before let's go here Koji at the deadline now what could the Red Sox get for him if they decide to move him. That's a good question I think. There's demanded access for a league pitching especially good teams this year you -- like right that he can perfect start. Tom -- -- on WBI's mid -- show MFP earlier this week. Talking about Detroit being a good fit for Koji who are. Here Red Sox here on Sunday July 2 point to won six of seven. So why they buyers are they sellers it's one of the topics on the table but I told you before the break I give you my starting rotation for next you ready I'm ready care. These are your Red Sox starters for next year I'm gonna save the number one starter from last. John Lackey Clay Buchholz ruby Della Rosa from Brandon Workman John Lackey Clay Buchholz -- tiller -- and Brandon Workman. You're opening day starter for the Boston Red Sox last year and some hoops after the jump through this to happen. What would and so I was irritation again. John Lackey Lackey clay buckle Buchholz ruby Derosa and I random work Henry Owens will be not so sure of buckled it's likely go ahead. Would -- -- be traded. I just think -- -- scenery and I'm not advocating that I'm trying to think is they think. That -- that he's on the table with a strong crystal ball this is my crystal ball I've talked about -- I'm sorry I assume when you gave -- -- -- invitation you thus opening economists say yes you can rat you can wrap this -- off the -- on the contributing enough you again you know not enough. While today Richard plain -- like I'm playing all right so here by my a lefty who gets the ball on opening day next year. Is 36 year old Cliff Lee OK here's why apple here's why it won't happen. Cliff Lee's contract if you look close at okay. Has an interest in clauses in his contract. It was a five year 120 million dollar deal that took him through 2016. With a club option that gets him to sixteenth. So the Red Sox will be trading fourth the government this trading deadline a guy -- guaranteed 25 million next year. Not a guy who has the Red Sox option for 27 and a half next year but at twelve and a half million dollar buyout shall we say that it embarked. If you trade for Cliff Lee was going to be 36 years old. You'll be committing 37 point five million guaranteed. For the next year and a half plus whatever you have to pay him this year. Because you'd have to buy him out for twelve point five here's the clauses in the contract that are interest he's just coming off an injury right now to his -- In his contract that sets the option becomes guaranteed 27 point five for sixteen million. He's not on the disabled list at the end of both fifteen and of next year with -- -- injury to his left elbow or -- left shoulder. Or ES 200 innings pitched you know fifteen a foreigner innings pitched in both years. Which is not gonna happen so you chose that option could kick in but it's unlikely from his injury it's happening this year here's the other thing. He has limited no trade protection and may block trades to 21 clubs including. Baltimore Boston the Yankees and Texas. So for him to put that in there you would have to believe he doesn't really want to. Come to Boston problem a look at in my crystal ball and say that the Red Sox are gonna be more willing to commit forty million dollars. Two with 36 year old if cliff least healthy. For the rest of the year they'll treat -- in this offseason. That rather than give Jon Lester. Will be heading into 3536. At the end of a five or six year deal. They're gonna get to Cliff Lee for two more years. And be more than happy with that that'll allow them to bring Henry -- into the fold next year if you were not what he's still here and try to do ruby you -- -- doing right now. That's just my crystal ball bark like pattern. Twilight did I I seated IC logic behind it can't it's not a question whether it like I can certainly see it happening. That's but if it would happen only if Cliff Lee comes back and -- as well for the rest of the year -- it's coming off the disabled list apparently he's pitching Wednesday there's. The only dummy thinks it's -- recently mr. How when why and and wins during the offseason re right because he annihilate the American League east is a proven Boston performer. That's the why that's the way what the other one. How why and how because of him the money he wants. But not -- -- Well it's and a -- it was standing right because it's just you just guessing at what's the average annual -- I I just told you -- just that's for the day's stories to write I don't guests at number which you are one. -- -- And you are not a member of the BB WA -- remember BB but McCollum in Shaughnessy our Brian jacket my own world it will be insulting -- that what you are -- additional defense this sentiment saying it that that you -- demand that I give you the exact dollar value his contract demand and and I've kind of standing thing. I don't I don't guess it contracts because digits when numbers so your money. So your premise. On besides Rick -- will Lara name me another player that's gone to free agency. And it's -- back -- signed with his original team and actually -- -- by being traded to the Red Sox and then that officer of these market. Bernie Williams the trade. All signed with his own team to ask me -- by your rules -- Oh that I do think that -- and you think Jon Lester is gonna go to free agent equity to bear attack but somewhat Jason Varitek could I asked media to give you more if you want puts -- and you think Jon Lester is going to be that guy. Heating John lashes -- the latest in that list of guys to go to free agency signed with the Red Sox. You know it's all kidding aside it it's not that ID. It's not that I in confidently. Guarantee you know that but it it's just. I don't think it's that I don't think that he believes the -- -- is as much the slam doctors have -- -- go to Jack and I maybe you know and they don't sign with the Yankees and you know. So you know -- Jackson -- hijacked. I don't. And get them tool tool. For well. O o'clock and now a lot -- -- And wouldn't have said that you know 24 million not gonna get it done for Jon Lester. I go back to about three years ago when they wanted to trade given Ellsbury. Too loud forgo its it and -- or even know where you'll hear it terrorism. For against them I mean you could particulars are not about. But you know. You can't sit Alex Rodriguez I think was going to be what it's like it protects is obvious that we consider first would Alex. And it's last week we will tomorrow without them and Detroit feel about let's stop. We reckon this fact is accurate 1869. And 69 and set up like -- fourth -- that -- back from the Yankees. But you know but it has yet you know that don't know better that night that are the army and click record a quick check -- the quality -- He originally at the beginning of the year and -- were talking this contract the remote part of a hundred million light years which was twenty million a year. And he should be we'll take all around this cup so they -- with a forty years -- seventy million. Which was almost eighteen millions to I would think that would be all else that's -- that's probably what they were -- but now now it's not it's like now we got to get a 144 million. And he said why wouldn't take 24 made in a week ago also wanted to go to something that spoken and figure 141000 people in the pot he said he likes Boston and they are up. You look at it to and that's -- first place it's 171000 people sometimes every game. Jack you don't have to sell me. Jack you don't have to sell us on this I. You wanna go somewhere aren't we. And they can all twenty million unit for the wild eyed every restart all I look at my spot and that -- and -- here. -- might be right any might re sign with the Red Sox. But on saying is at this point if I'm him I'm going to hear what people have to say why wouldn't you. Apple -- -- stalled it you know and you do wonder why that seemed like it was like Bernie Bernie -- -- And another guy Kirby archer and also state -- -- there's reason -- -- that we are well. You know what but before I hang out -- at all and other college sports stocks were. But the best in the -- you got out now all the years. Where you know and he he treats me like a -- -- say the same thing that I. I'm not an intern with thanks a lot now don't know I've got it all together in an intern -- Or whatever I don't know what he did say if you. Well the year ordered we are -- apple yet that's trying to get to focus steps off. I don't I don't know -- -- a -- I think. I think Jack knows everything about sports don't forget. Let's not you prestigious now let's squeeze another on him before the break let's go to Mike in Framingham Mike. -- -- -- I think -- are you sharing your -- they just don't know what it don't. And I don't really doing I put on -- -- -- -- advocate. I'm just being devil's advocate did they know what they were doing last year in the eight ball as well Arnold were lucky let you OK -- just -- -- come. Are the only two people they should probably get rid of that is if somebody makes an offer for Gomes a car. They should get routed through trip to Detroit needs to shortstop -- water and a vote that's it short and hope to third and let the kids play and let the chips fall they may. That's a rate cut you probably get -- with top prospect. Whatever. It would liberalize and what limit what they don't know what they're doing Mike -- you stick them about their prospects that they drafted. Because there's nothing else better right now go -- go spend millions of dollars I was listening deal got opposite they go get. Where is it -- also the other guy closely. For the rest of the year so -- that money. Why can't they sang last -- spring training. I think guys saying you know I think point four point five I think you guys are right. That -- China spring training we're taking part isn't. I look maybe they botched this and we look back on it we might say that. The bottom line is that Jon Lester is going to be an opening day starter for somebody next year making twenty plus million. And if -- him right now think of that that's a guarantee pretty much. That's a solid guarantees you're gonna find it Jon Lester is going to be making twenty plus million for somebody next year from multiple years. It's just a question of who's gonna give it to moment where he wants to be. 23 hours down the two hours. Three hours a Clinton scored Sunday we're back with the final hour of Bakken portrait after this.

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