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Butch Stearns and Steve Buckley at Fenway talking Red Sox present and future 7-20-14

Jul 20, 2014|

Butch Stearns and Steve Buckley are live at Fenway Park discussing the Red Sox and their 1 run wins as of late and Mike Napoli’s towering homerun shot to put the Sox up for good last night. They get into the future of the team and if they should “buy or sell” this season. Then the boys get into Jackie Bradley Jr, the pros and cons of his play and their confidence in having him in CF long term in Boston.

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Bakken appropriate way to start today show on Sunday morning keep your eyes on the road. In your hands on the wheel could your Red Sox have won six out of seven pennant fever grips. On Sundays to. I butch -- the right to tell our listeners before you're going the herculean task. That which performed. To be here this morning not now. Which was screwed by management this morning. -- -- Prius and and you're very upset I'm not upset dumping that pick your very on that it -- is a bottle I am not -- that it hurts him publicity in this. And don't unless until we -- the parking pass off my house to you Q yes but did not inform us or me you. That it was not the same -- we've been parking at the 35 years. He decides -- -- you -- -- I love -- embellishment of his story. Thrift that. Even -- and his appointment and you parking and a lot has was erupting. And it and I show up to the parking pass and it's still -- down -- the Wright issue behind much when Napoli hit a home run lights yeah basically they wanted me to be parked outside they -- none on on an off. -- sector and some home run on the Sox a plane man now. And so butch added due to some like -- -- wanting to arrive in the cart on the Alley on two wheels. To get around the -- get the current lot ending in here it's time to do trending now. Which is special because you in your car waiting for me with that scratched at writing -- trending now. His folks that training now this just happen. -- has to be reported in written modified edited -- paraphrase it does happen you then have to report exactly that's the idea of the trending out stranding and I don't know how you did it but I do you view your parking pass. To get in your car and drive to wherever you had to go in and night. So actually dug into the ballpark like down here when I got this in a cutesy you're already here. Your two favorite words in the world box attache in cash day -- -- -- attitude dog's name section -- and -- it you little little it would if if if if how about this -- give you this not Iran not that anybody cares about my. Parking exploits are ours because -- of a -- accused of a story on the other end of stories nobody everybody that parks in Boston -- friendly -- through that to a degree anyway. But I -- a classic. New England weekend cool what can I give you the summation of it. So Friday afternoon and a half -- my wife and my eldest daughter when Cruz. Senior in high school daughters cruise. It dedicate snuck away they go on a senior cruise anyway. Friday afternoon -- -- my good friend -- fair weather we get together with our good buddy Tommy -- among others -- Went down the twin river comment box at a Tommy this it's obvious. -- it was his son Peter. Right yeah yeah -- you know the -- she's passed away. But anyway we hung out caught up had a great afternoon Gordana twin river we were taping a dirty water TV episode honest when report -- seen. And -- -- Pitts who works channel seven was my -- need to -- -- -- -- my stories better to keep on which he Huey Lewis are going to be interview Huey Lewis before they show. -- QB 64 years old not only do we interviewed him we got some guy he's Lebanese be giants yes -- get to that might listen so we interviewed him on. We interviewed him on his toward upset that they brought us honest for us to get to go on a rock and roll Portland's. It's cool hung out on the tour bus we interviewed and so during the interview. I was asking about the Red Sox and Boston sports fans and he said I want Jon Lester settled which team the giants in the days he -- doesn't matter is that's bull. I see you open up an area that we all know that what Eagles like rabbit Sonoma just hope not the -- Cisco rate yet and he said I'd rather him on the giants because they need more. In the days since there he got some margin. I'm like so so you up in an area we get to choose between teams goes well there's an American League and nationally that's about all hello. Which what did you team I said you want another Bay Bridge series. He knows that be great if I had these huge sports great guy and by the way little name drop and after the show got to hang out with him late at night. Down in his hotel on his bus with his crew talks sports on -- -- and other stuff he is an amazing guy. Great stories -- and went to Cornell. -- was a brilliant guy dropped out of school to become rocks at Richmond. I don't think he grew up in an. Area that just about the most beautiful part in that area. North of the day. -- to go yet and he in this way and he'll be gone -- and up and it's just stunning. And by the way as an aside point gets Sox. The first CD I ever bought was acutely -- I think it's his first eight track ever now CD endless summer by the -- each poignantly. When you transition from L piece -- CDs. All audience that -- has no idea what we're talking about right there isn't my first CD was Huey Lewis sports. -- That was my facilities that you do it means that -- -- you know buying -- -- -- wall without Portland but still nothing nineteenth by six. Hopefully it's in my CD player and put on a great show there were 3000 people. Doctor events and a great place well it before we get to since we're talking music now I didn't meet the guy about the name. But I saw him perform. On Monday night. Always -- -- Monday night in Minneapolis yeah. And I was like right in front it was a small intimate gathering maybe 2000 people. -- -- Was at the gallery at the Austin game after the nominating contest. In it was the it was I think it's called the -- -- it's an old flour -- for general -- And it's all old possible break in everything and it's a big may have be open space. And they turned into eighty. A museum. In performance senator and gathering place. And the Gallo was after the home run contest Monday night so we'll do that stuff and we all go down this place. And and it's just it's not open the public just for you know media sponsors -- hangers on other folk. And maybe a couple of thousand people all pushed up and -- like right here with Ian Browne mlb.com. And and and I hope -- who who helped me -- on the merit points at much of the signs in my iPod I need dollars our starters on the person Ilia. And to be -- club in his sound is so clean great and vibrant energetic. And and it just made the whole trip I had more fun Monday night. Watching Gallup lack of form god forgive that I did watch an omen contests earlier in the evening -- everybody -- So throw that out their favorite intimate. And we got -- intimate music settings. That your machine people that. My needs to be the musical all -- caught it and it -- awesome for lotteries it's. Six months and the idea that -- -- -- nine -- years 7937. If you wanna join them. But a buddy of mine its premium a couple of years ago and then I added that repertoire. Tonight. I'd run. Major League Baseball star game immediately made me think of other venues that unique venues that have been used by and by leaks and and every year ago with my good buddy Steve the Philippe -- to the taste in the NFL and in Indianapolis couple years ago the obvious yes. They have one representative from each city. That represents -- city. Are raises money for food barracks I am aware this Aetna but the NFL -- -- -- -- Super -- -- -- -- supermodel and an Indianapolis. They did it in a food bank in a former warehouse where they distribute the food book and the huge event but all this -- it was a unique setting it brought attention. To the problems of hunger it was just -- -- music. And they get food stations it was awesome. So 6177797937. Text on the eighteenth two techs aren't 37. 9370. Join us normally be set the table while that's going on I think you know. What's going on Red Sox fans so we've got calls on the line right now so what do you say we kick it off right away I say we kick it right away let's go to fall reverend talk with -- -- I'm Matt. But I think that he -- -- because there are gonna do and -- but. Cut that in the you can be up on the ten. You got tight finish the -- Tend to the public thought you guys. -- and I got a quick question for people are going to that trade thing I want to talk about. But I know Leo big godfather and the end up by the fans but the learning never heard of the godfather saga. The -- they take all the movies and they re edit them in chronological order. Right yes I saw begged you to go on I was -- on the first time that should they cut it to British television of the twentieth there have been shown here in this incident to their dvd version of that. It's been I write I don't know -- this dvd version -- I'm not crazy about it it they did at the TV. And so it begins to -- window -- Sicily inning runs all the way through. -- I think they edited god father three into it and so it's thanked him but it loses the irony in the and the chronology. Is. It's too simplistic the first thing I'd I'd like I haven't seen it Matt and I don't know if I'd like it either but you remember that we once upon a time in America. Yet but they it was about the Jewish mafia basically that they did that that movie the way they made that movie was. They tried to go back in -- it just didn't work yeah it just didn't work was to conduct -- James Woods -- -- -- hero's yeah -- dagger idol like talent either it was it was wrong doing 3002. Attracted. Yes I really get on to the baseball I can do baseball question he got it he's around the start up. We talked about John -- Staten you know it's pie in the sky getting him into another home run last night 24 I think. But I don't think this is. If anyone. I think anybody else out there that they can get they can help them this year and predict she'll like I've been. Thinking about Allen Craig the guy from cardinals hey look who's. That he'd be playing not really setting an off year but he's on illegal if -- -- eye tracker get a wonderful here but anybody else out there that they can get. But -- like one of the names that got posted Josh Willingham in the and the twins was a guy that got bounced around but. You're talking fourth guys at this point and right you know what you need. You don't know I think he's gonna finally hear -- contract that's what they -- popular panicking yet. Don't know but also happened on the contract. Burnett let me start to stop you for a second because what I like to talk about today especially I definitely want -- opinion I want -- to -- this what do you want. Another words the Red Sox were talking about whether their buyers as Zollars in my pocket arguably period. But what do you want what I want them to leave me alone I want them to think for themselves elected to stand up in the wrong Pete in the camera pulled back at that. Concessions it. No would you want -- and at the every concession I expect if old dog and I don't know what do you want I mean did the worst run producing team in baseball basically all year long which saw one characteristic for them. So before we talk about -- it was kind of a broad what are you more. I just you know compared to the production to watch it that -- can. Right now with the Internet -- you're missing my point do you -- middle of the order bat you want a new lead -- hitter do you want an infielder with pop. Do you want a right fielder with pop a left fielder with what are you want what are the Red Sox. Need when everybody starts talking about Bogut this -- -- -- -- -- project airline up next year. In -- you want in this lineup or what. Type of player you want to power hitting corner outfielder. You -- I'll do not like that said -- Allen Craig Tampa the hitter. That you know I -- without power hitter but he's the contacted executive -- It wears you run where's he playing. No we -- playing on this Red Sox team next year if you get Allen -- What we could point you cannot in. What left field. OK so he's ambulatory -- he's one of these act it even modified version note the and placed third hole. He's gonna play third I I I listen thank you got a little thanks and call -- -- projector -- -- but Allen Craig is on. The -- needs them -- the year if you will and in the reason people obsessed with -- Stanton. Is because he he's army team that probably can't pull on him. It kind of boxed in right now there there's there's sort of accidental contenders. In a year purity. And -- and -- -- the fan base you've got to bail on the season when there's still a glimmer of hope out there. And I'm wondering if maybe you crawling only did. Or for all I noted that he wasn't on the market but. One wonders if they might have made a full throttle effort in spring training -- after a guy like that. Not that you trade big names like that spring training very rarely does that happen on the -- the blue Jay street Clemens yankees' spring training. In 96799. Nine but that doesn't happen. So. I still go back to they need a big that they need -- -- on Craig absolutely no idea opposite they need in battle and I'm going ahead. Let me pose the question cute and if you read your priority because let's be honest question that everybody brings -- -- Sports Radio we all know they've been inept at producing runs here here's -- -- all you need to know. There's six or seven wins that they last were all I want Ron or I'll -- one so so not -- do you want. -- what you want on this team action do you what would you prioritize a left fielder. With pop that you can stick 345 we're threatened to be in that our lineup that would be one of my priorities. That would be when your priorities now if you're assuming that western -- -- team next year which you cannot do. And I would disagree the Lester and Lackey discussion is regardless of where there -- practiced. OK but you can't eat eat you assuming they're both back. How much of an arm assuming that Lester is gone and -- But wings though it is the ugliness via the -- might but the Jon Lester and race. And I happen -- -- -- is an -- and indicated that Crockett Mimi is seat the Acer receipt innings Mike. Just because he's got to find that signings what Steve but their balls in this seat. Everywhere around a little bit -- and what's yours mine is the guide you got to win one game I wanna put. And I understand that people can say you've not if you -- if you would it take the number one starter every team in baseball us. And he may be the staff face but that's equal quiet in a -- in days. In other words like if you take the worst team in baseball. Is is that your main guy inmates as their race and race and and the way I define an -- is. If you got to win one game the World Series when he won the -- while thome that would be Jon Lester therefore in my view today. Our goal along with that does is he's he's got when you put money down and documentaries game three you know -- it all points -- ERA. The argument against that would be the color black in baseball reference over Jon Lester is somewhat stellar Major League career. There's not a lot of quote led the league categories finish high in the cy young's where others who are and this is the hall of fame argument this is the is he dominated his generation. -- -- consideration when you -- best pitchers in baseball right now you would say Clayton Kershaw. You would say Tanaka but let's Pappas he's in fail yet in the stands -- Chris I mean by John when -- during that discussion. But at the end of the day -- you know what they said this about the twenty years. -- -- He's never -- in -- -- if you wanna read it landed on -- you know we send it send it to Cooperstown now is that Maria. Yo-Yo. It method of the first break with that one. Ricky and some are built villagers bury you guys are next question or one of them. -- appeared today. Not who you want for the Red Sox but if you are selling if you are requiring. What do you want for the Red Sox what are you making a priority. And hollering you acquiring that for the rest of the season -- won six out of seven. And for next year Steve Buckley Butch Stearns as a sports Sunday Jonas. I -- I dragged out there that this is where it. Not I don't like power and did it wrong. Over everything and Mike Napoli. Gave the Red Sox system don't want. Whether rainmaker. I'll read -- it's. You know middle want to know and -- -- so. Coming up to produce. And I'm gonna go out there and try to do too much and six month plan and suitable as well. Mike Napoli with the solo home run in the sixth inning yesterday proved to be the difference in the Red Sox 21 win their sixth win. In their last seven games dating back -- before the all star break. Four in a row at Fenway. Although -- these eleven. Home runs Bachmann call we got last weeks and Napoli the problem is not having an element ill informed it's well again here's from the Red Sox notes a couple of interesting stats. Each of his last three homer to put the Red Sox in the lead in three of his last five. Have provided the clubs deciding run in the sixth inning later I would argue that since Mike Napoli he's been in Red Sox uniform he has been the definition of big. Home run to him yankees he's -- games. However this is the most ecstatic and to -- when it comes to the 2014 rats Mike Napoli these last nine home runs. Of those eleven have been -- ocean. Guys are not getting on base and when they duke and that's points to. Pedroia and Ortiz Ortiz so when asked -- question of the top of the show -- what do you want. If you just go by -- appear a little bubble that is the 2014 rats -- He better production from your third and fourth hitters which leads to some interest -- questions. Are you going out to get somebody did displaced. Pedroia Ortiz had three or four in the line -- point four. Would mean displaced employees some on the indifference to 281 someone -- can threaten to be a better middle of the lineup hitter. Either one of those guys are this year. Or you. Again again just to be clear Pedroia is not going anywhere. Eleven years is not hiring ten million dollars. And by the way just as an aside before we move on. The that you Siegelman aptly -- nine last year. And it was at 31 pitch by Duffy and it was. Down Broadway a little high but on the Grand Prix in one behind in the count. And got a thing now -- thinking I'm gonna get some good behavior he sat on that. And because the press box so high. The ball is rising. Notes at every you know. Calling he's UC hit a home run it's like condom at least eight painting. That that that'll money last night the majestic all -- enemy it was just. Was like. One of the words for because home runs -- home runs and hits it deep it's not and you know that but there are some moments you remember that's one. Yeah that much of an impression not so much what he -- in the game. But the fact that. That particular home run it was just it was. I think of nearly one point out once it's an Inky dinky did -- over 20/20 five years ago it was one of those shots where. I I think he hit it all with a white. It was so and in Kingman hit balls like guys are too liberal Frank Howard. Leniency policy like that. You remember what about Billy actually. Member of the light tower power do you have any majestic well I adults and probably was. Got -- -- our our guys that died that at least Miller Light tower tower I was the -- famous line -- He has light hour -- the one home run that I remember when I think of majestic Fenner runs. Is Mark McGwire in the home run. Hitting constantly hitting all well right nobody -- you wanna talk about rising. Let's go to -- in Somerville here this morning hello Ricky. -- -- -- -- Hey I got a question -- This kind of schizophrenic. In the Red Sox beat by his flash solid. And let me explain. I don't think they're going anywhere this year so they sell but and has base now. Dubai and the next here. Up my answer to your question is yes and I'll explain buck they can be both buyers and sellers and here's how he selloff. What you have to sell off Jake Peavy. Andrew Miller. Probably has a lot more interest than people think coach he's an interesting one Lackey and Lester in that category two. Mean -- I heard Dave O'Brien. I was listening late in the game last night in Dave O'Brien was talking about the possibility -- -- And then he said while -- names come up and trade toxins rumors and so forth. It that he wise and he said you know that keep -- and I hope that's not the case and to the degree that you want to be entertained. Is much if you wanna see your team win. Tell me he's not entertaining. Coaching yeah. Gets the ball throes of a pro am I understand look again among the -- that it's all about winning and if they're not gonna win this year. Start lining things up but future seasons if if the managerial view is. Trade him thwart people persons. Chips that can help you -- down the road ions in that aspect of the business of baseball. And and it's not -- and job. -- provide fun it in less funny equals winning winning winning equals one night stand that but all that aside. Regardless of how the team is doing in the standings it's fun to watch coach you don't have an issue saying that as well you bring fun to watch. I would imagine you bring it up on the heels of our conversation last week about. You know the entertainment factor with -- -- I mean it's fun as they were last year was the winning that was from your right about coach. Coach he is somebody I think little kids latch onto I think he's fun to watch. At the ballpark I don't I don't think you need to shy away from that as a baseball purist. That there's a fun factor with Cogent so -- sort of leaning to that if -- the Red Sox may -- duke factor that in by keeping him without trading him depending on what you gonna get. For next you finally gonna need a closer going into next season anyway right. So the next week all of the reasons why to trade him in Iraq contending this year he might have value for somebody else. He's you know it's not gonna last forever he's an aging close however the fun factor is a good -- box so before going on -- about -- question can they be buyers and sellers at the same time. While he's kind of set it up so yes I mean EE he's talking about selling players and buying players for future seasons. Raised exactly the way you phrased -- yes. Go to Phil -- very who's next. -- -- What -- -- you're on the air. I I just had a question. Regarding Google remarkable adrenaline mornings like this is a question regarding sliding it but secondly what I because. Slide in the first and -- inspectors. More proliferation of the people -- current hit him in your fingers have been there. Rent a risk whatever it is and even brought cold -- look brought called. These hit a ball he typified it came recently even split the first one game epic flooding first. The order dopey talk to you guys applauding about getting up and not on the deal. Yes they do and it's funny that you mention sliding into first because -- if you if you want to. C a person have a nervous breakdown all you need do is go up to our yearly esteemed colleague Bob Ryan. And raise the issue of sliding in the first base that's when his pet peeves and we were just talking a couple weeks about it back to go back and twenty is -- -- actually. Dredged up some MIT professor to prove mathematically it's fighting in the first base. And and I'm -- in -- dressing -- -- points or about. The injury factor. The mere fact that sliding the first page actually slows you down now. If you try to avoid a sweep tag by the for a space that's a different circumstance. But in terms of getting to the pace faster. If you run through the base. There's a better chance you can reach in the throat that if you split in the first because you have to change your momentum. To slide in the first. You do lose speed by sliding in -- first. All that said Harvard Pedroia talk about this instinctively guys will continue to do it in their careers. Because -- your dog and on the line trying to get there and you just feel like my diving you can get there quicker and he's brought. And I you know and -- still do it will continue to out and I will continue to get hurt it more by doing up and running through debates. And it and you I mean. If you walk is he gone but -- talking about like I shouldn't slide. Because it's gonna get into it well that's wrong I mean you you have to slide into second third -- home. And that's a fact. Now this question about you know do we effectively we've seen guys slide very gracefully we've seen. David Retief sliding this is scary at that. He doesn't slide by ounces and he's just he's a big guy. And there are big guys that can run graceful and number. Ron Hassey -- -- -- -- yeah I -- dad's like catcher I would Oakland and Cleveland. The cubs. -- runs pretty good for a stopgap guy but Ron -- for a big guy written it was a test but he ran very gracefully and a nice inside outside what these theater. Top -- the water right left field and stuff. And just because the guys that are big and so it doesn't mean he has Grayson has he was one guy did. 6177797937. As the number on Sunday July 20 we're live at Fenway Park. Steve Buckley and -- -- jackets and Brewster posit Don capers and overcast today eject. Yeah it's overcast and cloudy had a little rain last night and I -- I went out for a walk my dog wearing my initial quality -- And throw backstop all I'll get a lot of comment from the other counters we're -- -- one. -- -- -- -- Women women it's Jack did you really get any comments about we can get a quality juncture. Of court that it did put it okay RR I just thought -- it meant to knock it. -- -- -- Talk a little populate to go about on. Seem to me that there's a lot of by now somebody get the pop open left field and Fenway Park in the red structured a deal about what's up with that how does that happen and grooving in on that I I would governor are -- Michael and I told it was you'll like not that you can make it play and job. She does not could not believe that it in this state and it left fielder about a ball drop. I'll take your questions yet dropped. And I thought for a second Jack so I buck you were at the game yesterday -- so you didn't see the -- you know did you catch that. It at that particular moment they were having Steve Carell do play by play. All -- that I didn't know reasonable Steve Corel was -- he's down in the John Henry seats and -- Gary I forget scares infamous doesn't make us does a nice job. He was doing now. Sit with Steve Corel and that was the pop up and Steve Carell says I should run out and get that. And then it drops and he -- Call and -- you should've gone to get -- act. That the human frailty on display right there -- you're seeing Jack that you think there's more and more that the Red Sox right now. I mean how many times do we in that would try to go home and again I'm not taking on the big -- I like him he's obviously the good club it's just. Under the political -- in the outfield in Italy -- part of better nudity. DA to potentially hurt me is that is that the reason why you'd have pinch hitter at a DA shouldn't. Well out of -- deal and he's been playing making it look like ballclub crying out out now while you've made EP your feelings not -- knew he was awful last night he he was guilty YouTube mishaps one was. Charging and hope on the pop like causing hope drop causing the ball to drop I think a map to it'll play Gomes charged in the -- might -- official scorer. I think his rationale was that that -- -- wave school Gomes off. And by charging into the play heat he was the egregious party so called -- And and this is one of those stupid score keeping things as such it would fall. But when he just stop with that ball on Friday that that was being human -- -- can possibly make. But the bookkeeping purposes they called it hit and that resisted he just had a bad game and hopefully he's not a good -- good. Let's deal announced he's maddening because for a guy who does lumber out there and he doesn't look the Parton is a lot of bad place. Curiously he does some things that are fundamentally sound he plays the ball off the wall very well his throws to second base in his Red Sox cores from a handful of guys there. He's also very good base runner. -- I think you would agreement in Jonny Gomes is a very good base runner. For the Red Sox so I'm not absolving him of the fact that last night or that he's made some plays that are like Dan and I think by any means he's a good defensive popular the curiously. He does some things that are fundamentally sound at times as a baseball which goal when the persona of what Jonny Gomes had this is probably not a good morning to be discussing fundamental soundness of joining. At that that's true. That's a good point we get a break a market calls at six on 7779. 7937. I want you to think about this as we go to break -- -- we -- back. -- -- -- don't question. Will Jackie Bradley junior win the gold glove don't answer. In center field this year and then the follow up question. Should he win the gold glove in center field next year we come back some stats to back up its sport sounding -- from Fenway be apart. I'm not -- -- fly under the radar and you know mom owned business that's the thing about. The leader -- you know learns very fast and as video so. -- -- those things where. You kind of want to take chances to give you a chance to make a play but in -- one of those things where. They see any won't take as many chances so I guess is -- -- sort -- count CI. Which one they wanna take. It's Red Sox center fielder Jackie Bradley junior talking about his thought process defensively and last night's game. The -- in the gang of Jackie Bradley junior as the starting center fielder for the Boston Red Sox in 2014. Ninety's some like games in Jackie Bradley has started eighty games for the Red Sox almost all of them in center field. For -- Boston Red Sox and when you look at statistically. Offensively and defensively that is the definition of Yang Yang just by center fielder so for example. When it comes to defense. Jackie Bradley junior. Has had 236. Chances in center field only three players. In center fielder's Major League Baseball this year had more chances Austin Jackson -- Thomas -- and Jacoby Ellsbury. However most of the other prominent defensive categories Jackie Bradley leads by far. All center fielder CS eleven outfield assist the closest is -- Smart with six these -- center fielders and Carlos Gomez at six. He has been involved with six double place. From percent of the opposition the only Smart and has been involved with three nobody's even close -- that he has. 00. Errors. In center field they Yang of all this is his offense I'm looking at a list of all the center fielders in baseball this year which includes. Andrew McCutcheon Mike Trout Carlos Gomez Adam Jones all Major League both weeks and Revere Coco Crisp Billy Hamilton Jacoby Ellsbury and on. Jackie Bradley junior of the nineteen. -- on this list offensively is eighteenth with a 227 batting average. And a 303 on base percentage before we talk about Jackie Bradley feature and more that. Let's go to the question I asked you before the break will ensure that little clever host -- did will ensure it will Jackie Bradley. Win the gold glove this year in the American League should he when it. Probably not. Because of history teaches first year rookie players on established players seldom in the gold glove. I think and I at the look it up I'm fairly certain Fred Lynn. Won the gold glove was a rookie in 1975. I'll look -- up right now however. You got to take into account that that was also the year that he put up phenomenal up its members was American League MVP. He played on a team when the American League pennant in went to game seven worlds here meaning he got a ton of attention got to the focus was on him. And and it was also the that the symmetry of the gold dust twins Jim Rice was also rookie. And people were mesmerized by this rookie tandem for the Red Sox for Atlanta Jim. He did clinical given the -- effect for those of you too young too old to remember young. In 975 and totally different and win the gold glove. He won the rookie of the year is -- at the most valuable player award is rookie season folks. Image Jim Rice he led the league in runs. With a 103 he led the league in doubles with 47. He hit 331. With 21 home runs in a 105 RBIs. I don't think we'll ever see another rookie season. And so there was so much attention focused on him the it would eat you you followed him more closely players did in fans and media. And you can see that great in the news worthy article lobby was when nominal center field. Mean he was just about that the best all around senate to reports of -- and that goes far back mister speaker and that but. So in dom DiMaggio so now you look at that. And you. Flip the coin so to speak and look at Jackie Bradley junior well. Eight not putting up nearly -- -- -- differently and its complete opposite he's playing for a team that's that's. That's really struggling to get 500 let alone in the playoffs. And people and not focusing on the reflects not the story this year than at the sexy story they will last year story. -- The Rick -- -- are not getting a lot of attention and that being our guideposts I don't expect Jackie Bradley junior now maybe I -- certainly worthy I was up -- game last night. And not only the throughout the runner at first base he came disclose the following a runner at the plate. And that the abolished that had the third base side. And Vazquez was captured by the way as it is almost picked up 21 last night. One at first base after it and -- -- -- on second base in both cases the -- -- -- barely. -- -- -- publicized out let me finish this is outscored with a runner at first base and and and I don't wanna. Speak out Gordon and and and suggest that I knew what he was saying but the cam was on Gordon. Talking to Mike Napoli and it was it zippy was saying geez I get ugly in this cases and -- toughest yet. And again raise a -- maybe he was saying a nap was a good place to get a beer in -- I don't know what it sent. But that but that was your reaction but my reaction was it was like -- is there was this kid. So and in by the way when you've got. Vazquez is out there is just like walking on air right now he's in the big leagues in Jackie Bradley's walking and -- in the big leagues and got. And the club being yelled -- -- and so. You've you've you've got Jackie Bradley junior thrown out of diapers -- throwing almost throwing around the plate dances over the ball around the field and almost getting couple -- and in and joining go to standing there in left field ball falls a problem. It makes you wonder lake lake lake who's more motivated to win right now on this team. I wanna beat up Jonny Gomes -- an awful game lies Eric coupled with the fact that these two kids played phenomenally aggressive baseball last night so. So doctor Bradley and protect me to go up that general back to Bradley that's what I do to help a son is a good team and help us understand this -- you've been there at the other kind of went back. When it comes to. Voting. For the gold glove and the American League gold glove I would imagine like the MVP like rookie the elect managerial staff writers -- -- -- it gets. The players go -- it does. And the players which explains why it harder for repeated bracket they gave on the Euro gold glove when you're currently twenty games like that why did note that the players vote for the globe awards the players. I that I do now. -- looked so make sure that it might be coaches -- so so that's your explanation isn't it about why it's so hard for rookie. As this means that again -- get the statistics nobody's even close Jackie Bradley junior by far. It's having the best statistical season defensively for American League center -- for whatever that's worth. And you just said it last night but if you come to Wii game. You'll watch kid who's fundamentally sound he charges ball he takes pride in how we throws balls. He has which is a rarity entity scheme. The Vladimir Guerrero is Andy Warren Cromartie floated by the managers and coaches and each league managers -- not permitted to vote the players. OK so managers and coaches vote federally mandated that the -- so. With -- eleven outfield assists with fundamentally sound plays like he seen last night. Does he make an up impressions on enough managers and coaches. To to have them say that Adam Jones or Coco Crisp show -- Jacoby Ellsbury. Who who by the way things number one goal. Has a -- that Jeff Baker of the Seattle sciences votes for the eagle glow -- wide tree eighty players past reputation. Yeah well guess what. The -- is establishing records ship that's a rookie. That like Gary pettis who you brought up last year initiated press broke at some pants did you Google close it's mostly popularity contest. Even suggesting that a place -- -- the late helped direct attention to -- which I would submit without Derek Jeter's one. By the way go I was wrong Jacoby Ellsbury in 2011. His second in the MVP to Justin Verlander year. Did win a gold glove he was second in the MVP he was an all star he led the league with 732. Plate appearances. And he hit 321. -- I'm 39 stolen bases 32 home runs in a 105 RBIs. That was the MVP season Jacoby Ellsbury who did when -- 6177797937. You bring up an -- in Pointe -- when you mentioned Vasquez in the same breath with Ellsbury and the bigger question is. Buyers or sellers at the trading deadline who's in their line up next year. I mean if you got your choices in your and the manager of the Red Sox couldn't you see wanting with -- all things being equal Christian baskets injury everyday catcher. And Jacoby L excuse me Jackie Bradley -- everyday center fielder in the old -- strong up the -- and then the question become -- shortstop next year. Is -- -- Guerrero is its -- Bogut who goes back to shore. I think every -- -- and about four weeks. Okay. Rice's experience that camera -- be surprises in the short does that mean they trade Stephen Drew. And should. -- roosters here I mean this year you mean. It would bother -- bit patriots the men aren't just asking what you think they should have brought him in a much and don't like Hillary and just think that what. I had to stand and it just so LeClair that's. I thought it was a good -- bring him in here because. -- is not a shortstop books. He's not a shortstop. Netflix won't come out -- you always say this defiantly like the Red Sox are listening. I think they don't know meaning that you -- the Red Sox still think he's a short now -- now they've finally cities he's -- he's the third baseman but back when they made its move. All we know Hewitt and no lie. And silly they got him out of position where he can't succeed. Moved into position and by the way if he's a week BI because the mood in the third -- you know boy -- him he's going to be big -- -- Major League Baseball. And that's where he's gonna play up the guys in this team was short stopped at one point. That's what you do you take the best kidney team right handed shortstop is is that not the case you Braintree. -- Best players -- shortstop drew Morgan micro chart but what I did not know about in place to block at least Knoblauch was our ace pitcher and also put him in right field effort based. Steve Steve -- Kevin Buckley and his senior year Braintree high school okay. One Boston Globe all scholastic baseball players here for the second year in a row on a broken -- On a broken leg that he broke up playing quarterback against Wellesley that still the best baseball player in the state. You just reminded me something I need to say it's very important and does but -- the show Jessica. He's in mourning today because John weakened died. No way he died yesterday. I did not know that longtime baseball coach university remain. Took five or six different teams the college World Series he's one of the most legendary college coach and a history. At least 94 -- five years old. But he died yesterday up in Maine and unknown and I barely had time to. Absorb all this and -- leading house this morning. -- can get an email from still lacking nada who. To lock had not owned bleachers yeah as a bar called which is a network. Block. I'll tell you -- we -- story for two. Full high school baseball seasons. There was not a game that we -- that someone there know that wink was -- Behind home plate watching Kevin Buckley Kevin Buckley went to the University of Maine because John Lincoln would not let him isn't. He came down here and literally wrapped his arms are -- that your company. And gave no opportunities he was -- every game speaking of that my brother in law Mike Conley. Is the -- legion baseball coach and I find myself in the curious position. At 1 o'clock. They're gonna play and he -- even in a few curious position yesterday I was with Huey Lewis the other night but it. It -- At 1 o'clock. -- -- -- by my brother while -- playing on the Braintree high school field because they've advanced in the legion playoffs -- I'm gonna go to the games -- and we however not a black and I'm gonna (%expletive) it I'm gonna find myself rooting. Forty -- team on a -- he feels it's going to be hard to do. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- And I don't really feel stuff does not exist on this Ochoa gets one of those -- stocks -- call assets it certainly doesn't make a difference. Which gets up when it's all island six on 777979837. Text on the eighteenth -- -- went 37927. Zander Bogut to brought. Actually times. Take a break we have technically come back we looked at Jackie Bradley him where he ranks position in center field. In the next hour I want Alexander Bogart's because I don't think any of us thought. That offensively. He would be at this end of the spectrum when you look at a group of short stops. Or third baseman and names like J. J. Hardy and Eric -- bar and Alex Ramirez and Derek Jeter. Or at the third base side when you when you look it. Names in the American League like Adrian Beltre and Kyle -- and rookie nick castellanos and Evan Longoria I don't think any of us. Thought that Zander Bogart's. Would be at the bottom of the barrel offensively. But that's where he has -- powered down and several to go we're live at Fenway Park -- -- sports Sunday July 20 Red Sox with a 135 start with Jon Lester. On the -- collect this being. Could -- -- with a seven game road trip coming up and trading deadline looming Jon Lester -- last start at Fenway in a Red Sox uniform. It's a possibility. Back -- more and all that on sports Sunday after this.

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