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Rubby De La Rosa with Joe & Dave after his first win of the second half

Jul 19, 2014|

Joe & Dave talked to Rubby De La Rosa after the rookie pitcher went seven innings in the one-run win against the Royals at Fenway.

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All right thanks Chris -- -- -- congratulations. That. That was really are outstanding -- performance by year's mr. wade started your first five pitches are close and then you've got your command back now. Is thinking. Tell us about the way you started how you would just that. No thirds whom Favre Marino also realm of the -- from platoon because. Really really cute little. So off of make it this guy. He's made pitches than -- did this guy's been a lot. I don't wanna through us but the thing either so -- but I thought -- -- thrown -- -- to football. And different between team through them. Rubio had to pitch around a couple of drops in the outfield a couple of plays we thought there should have been made him. Some miscommunication by Jonny Gomes and and Brock Colts is that hard to do is it tough to pitch through that when mistakes are made. Know what it's hard to harmful. -- others it doesn't about a mile the moment in middle school. Try to get out in this you know so plentiful that about a lot in the last guy you know -- gimmick you know and I'll be in the -- -- That's a great thing approach having a very Smart approach that that. You didn't throw some strikes to -- -- to try to have them get themselves out. And really work that you pitched very well with men on base that tonight what was your thinking that we had men on base. -- it ticking like. Make -- -- that you know Philadelphia when that happens and they make -- temple play so the award to the dual threat to the way and the way. Tried to keep the spot with a with a few. Please give me that is the -- into the Boston. Through it. -- a close game tonight Duffy was pitching you know almost as well as you were ruby knew it was going to be close what was your reaction when Mike Napoli. Hit the ball that he hit which I don't think his come down yet it's still traveling out to some. And I have good hitters so well against this Knight who were found to hug island -- and so. I feel like a little TV you know Romer told the whole muscle does -- his mind knowing you also thinking I can. You know that rowand also -- good for us to put them together than with -- you think you'll hear from Pedro Martinez tonight that's for sure. What is Pedro say four -- -- no little boy went out and keep your head up and get to but within the last laugh out. -- ERA keeps going down groovy guys for sure and he continued pitch really well it's fun to watch your pitch and congratulations on a nice win tonight to think they. Thank you -- congratulations. There it's like winter a lot of.

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