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Sports Saturday: Football season is around the corner, 7-19-14

Jul 19, 2014|

Craig heard an interview from John Fox on the way to work today and it reminded him that football season is almost here. Him and Larry talk about Tom Brady's weapons what the offense could do this year.

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Odds are Red Sox in our number one they kick off the unofficial second half of the year the big win at Fenway last night coming from 41 down against Kansas City Clay Buchholz. Not much to write home about but he did pick up the win courtesy of a two run homer first from Zander Bogart's leader from Jonny Gomes. And Red Sox have won five out of the last six and they do take a a game off the lead in the division. In the wild card but as I said and people are saying and now come on you you're just some GD Yankee fan not willing. So look at the bright side of life. To quote another great moment from a movie -- for Brian. Two point 8% chance -- winning the division. And one point 6% chance of coming back from getting a wild card spot according to baseball respect -- To be realistic and I think we are should be realistic I'm saying when I would like to see happen it doesn't mean it's going to happen. You know just quickly is so interesting group of LeBron James affect. In the NFL has done it in there in a farmer all of these the big four teams I would trying for a driver way to do it to leave some room on your roster. And have a little bit our free agency every year it almost like it gives the sport an extra boost an extra story line. The NBA all of a sudden Miami you wanna see where that got into Cleveland you wanna see what they're gonna -- Chicago you wanna see what they're gonna go I mean there about 56 teams now. That are appointment viewing. That it wasn't like that before so I think you get a little boost and I think the NFL again outlook of right here in our own backyard Revis. I'm signing with the patriots that is just a lot of appointment viewing because of free agency so. I think you gotta give LeBron credit for that because he started the dominoes and emotion. And now all of a sudden now the NBA to me has become very interesting I can't wait for the C. Maybe you're rarity around these parts because. I think we are all very parochial in our approach to sports we know that the the provincial part of -- -- when -- -- -- -- I'm Bradley for eight million exactly boy you know that's the problem is that where LeBron. Makes his big splash last week we spent the better part of last week -- talking about that. You know the Celtics so far have us sign -- group that's it for forty years and what is it 32 millions of them went to -- basketball free and I'm just how new in I I improve our parochial why do I love the Celtics have my number one. But you have to look beyond that and fight can you imagine I'll leave complain Chicago people keep underestimating Chicago worked assault. Being added to that roster -- now locked in he can step out hit that short jumper. I mean you got no right in the middle bank that's gonna if roles as healthy that's going to be -- quite attainment Cleveland Acosta trying to get love. It's interesting that tolerance and it is interest thing and they kind of surprised last week there was talk of some people after the show. They asked me what was the you have the after they were listening but they did ask me later what -- what you guys talked about. And I said it's a lot about LeBron and that there isn't a lot of passion around. Around you're not he's not she's on language you have think you know I think because I think that and lasts. And you look at the game a little bit more objectively and as they pointed out last week in a pointed out for. Many times on the show. There's a lot of people around here who don't like LeBron no matter where he goes whatever uniform he wears short of a Celtic uniform. The is not going to be a whole lot of respect of sympathy for LeBron James and they'll be rooting. For his demise somewhere you go hours. Not while I'm loving opera the bronze my second favorite player of all time birds number one -- in the bronze number two. I like the way he's carried himself by -- one stupid mistake but again he's not a jail. Mom hasn't been pulled over in the middle of the night somewhere I think you -- -- a -- a lot of credit to be that young and have that much responsibility put on him. -- all of us say stupid things every day of the week. The difference is you don't have about thousands of people listening of people sit there were microphones that's the difference. The though -- 617 sevenths. And -- 7937. I was listening on the way in today. And we have that show courtesy of NBC sports where is. -- Rodney Harrison the safe the safety blitz. And they were doing the show from a golf tournament I believe at Lake Tahoe. In our whole bunch of NFL personalities. Jerome -- that is what that was an interesting conversation but I was most interested in John Fox's come yet the coach of Denver. And it's sort of brought me back. To last year's season and the two games that the Broncos and patriots player if you remember that game and really bad conditions. At Joseph lap where the patriots we're down 24 nothing at halftime with some like that was 24 zip. And they came back miraculously won that game but then they really put up very little. Fight in did not -- touch. Rob Brady at all that that AFC championship game out at mile high so it was suddenly thinking about the patriots again. And where there are not necessarily gonna finish in the AFC east as we know where they're gonna finish they're gonna finish first is they always do. There's only -- one time they haven't won the division in the Tom Brady Bill Belichick era. But how they're gonna fair. In the conference and. And perhaps even how to get a fair as far as any kind of Super Bowl chances are concerned. And -- Revis the name you just mentioned. You would think. That the patriots once again are at least worthy of going back to an AFC championship game and the big question is going to be. Lo and behold there they're facing Denver again at and always seems to work out no matter what -- you know what happens Peyton Manning and Tom Brady always find a way. To play each other in the regular season and quite often in the post season as well. But you can't look at this in and they have a very good opportunity is the plane a whole regular season game against Denver. They're very good opportunity. With the addition of Revis. To do exactly what they did last year win twelve or thirteen games. I'd get to the playoffs get at least one home game and maybe even get to a Super Bowl this year -- -- this team is is as is good in spite of Brady's. Age and you know some erosion in skills you have to believe. That the patriots once again our team that will be right there at the. Well people keep ask you what's the most fascinating story. Coming up for the patriots that during the training camp. In the -- Revis is obvious from other crime comes back all that stuff is obvious to be. My number one focus for training camp and I'm going to be on the phone McCarron quite a bit and we're got to Ryan Parent has yet that training camp. On the Harold. That. Is usually. List offensive number one pick they got who had the two damaged knees. But if he's healthy from everything that I grade he has an absolute. Beast. He's quick. He's mean. And if you got the play of all the time but if you spell him support him and we Jones and Ninkovich a case to me it begins and ends with a pass rush so. That's my story -- -- I don't wish they could trade mallet to something and get Brady out one qualitative. Wide receiver I really don't I still can't believe I haven't Rolla. An element in drops and it was -- but the foot injury victory -- yes still that's right they start talking about -- Brady's scales eroding. You know what I'll answer that question when he gets some decent might be -- and there and then if he's still not performing. Up to expectations that maybe you can say yes I and I didn't say that now maybe -- jacket he could stop by. Texting. And an aunt and trying to get a more widely say about maybe we can count. And I'm bradys are right I can't pick your ballot check texting anybody why is that like is such -- is -- technical skill to write it. I just got my celebrated new light on -- love -- it's a pain and then next the easiest thing in the were you might think -- to break that Japan while armed you know. I wonder why do I do have a Mike on mine. You have in my unit gets a series yeah you can do that I don't care about all the outlaw texting because that way you don't have to talk to anybody else you can do what his concisely it's simply is possible or your wife to then I got its act which are. Or perhaps they gave way to go out there are important to rat out and help would be calling who would that particular case. I got a dog actually not likely -- you. To our product six -- 77797. ID 37 so we're looking ahead to the Red Sox second half of the year they started off the right -- with a win last night. Picture training camp just around the -- in MC I'm looking here. Now it was a listened to John Fox talking about they've made some. Big. Off season. Additions with the markets where. Can provide a little. I'll pass rush on the front line includes. Excited already this is Andre that's only need to hear a couple of -- on it how yeah it's different -- NFL and any other sport. Right you can be interest in other teams Rochester -- Right but the team everybody's interest and of course because there is no real competition and less. Unless they actually seat on the field I will not believe. That Miami. Even though they they did win a game last year in Miami apartment the dolphins did beat the patriots we remember that. Amendola could hold -- ball in the end zone. Patriots lost that game. I know the jets beat them on that bizarre. Play. Of the field goal attempt that was not a field goal. Attempt in the got a second shot from a little bit closer -- that play that one of the job. One of the patriots special teams players jump on the back of another player remember that. And the the jets kicker missed call your initial field goal they got that the penalty I think a fifteen yard with a fifteen yard penalty your tenure penalties of them like that 1815 thank you Paul. And jets managed to win that game in most bizarre fashion. But I still don't believe that the jets or Miami certainly not buffalo. If we can make the patriots sweat too much in the division but listening to fox as I said earlier. Just put you back and frame of mind OK it's Peyton Manning. Vs Tom Brady. The Broncos now are though archrival a division here at Seattle. He got archive and you follow some of these draft picks and Ingrid used to it and Jonathan Martin new contract going to be traded and. If it's just as Johnny brands our housing get into and click they're all kind of little things going on that are going to be very fascinating this year. But of course restore other rats are right now in that thing is Bradley -- opened his stance up a little bit he's. Making better contact with the ball I'm hoping he can come around -- his defense is superb. Tom it's just a lot of guys who gonna have to step up to -- I don't know what happened to his power. So fascinating to me to watch him great singles -- great great great fielder. But he's not getting the power that he once had I don't know whether it is and injured again what that is so. A lot of guys are gonna have to step up Craig -- in the first half richest. Way below expectations well. The the good got a -- comeback a good thing if you're looking at a comeback. Although the chances are bleak statistically. Of the division is wracked by injuries. I believe is not especially strong I think across the board except for couple teams Oakland. And that Detroit in the angels basically it's a mediocre league this year so -- can happen. Rather it's that just have to play some good baseball and the possibility of -- falling apart although we're not great. Certainly in probably not going to happen not probable at least it is possible given all the injuries in the mediocrity 617. 7797937. Jim in Peabody your next and I -- radio. They Larry Craig got the gold this morning. -- you mentioned Europe. About Oprah but -- -- worshipping -- totally other owners yes it is too late Sunday ticket and that's helped fill it up thirty bucks. Like all over there and why -- went -- -- the other child -- a race eventually at electrical outlet so don't. Is is this for -- is this for a season ticket that sort of semi sunny tell me in summer it's that's what I guess it's the other one. DirecTV and yet economic -- -- what did you -- want to go the I know you you I don't have as much -- the red -- Bigger -- like -- you know. Not that we have anything -- don't get any NFL owners I have to feed their families and everything to tell me about things are kind of title that a. A lot -- Who did get him in April and made each and actually in the previous post about -- -- Beside -- -- that I'm pretty -- -- what he's. Nothing I actually -- was is steadfast and going no more than four years I for a guy -- around thirty. Then I finally said you know -- OK fine give the guy. It five years 25 -- five years. I get it now -- innocent now have told -- not enough -- -- -- -- a hundred Friday or a 150. -- I mean it are. Larry well what are -- -- you're talking about 171000. Dollars an hour. Okay shut tomorrow what it is if you -- -- in the out where we're at great. What you want to schoolteacher very exact well but yet but then on the other hand. What do you do. When you got all these other pitchers who are borderline thirty and they break it down we know about the Yankees had a -- for the status knocked out this year and I'm not -- funny about it. If if if if you're John Henry USA from a business perspective. Tell me how this makes any sense. Well the it makes sense when your team right now you talked about earlier in search of power in -- of offense and we saw last year you have a guy like Jon Lester we have big time experience in a very not this year necessarily but atop the vision. Who had post season success has been there. Under pressure both from the regular season and in the post season and won a World Series won a couple of World Series as a matter of fact. Yeah you want a whole lot of this guy -- only thirty years old on the other hand as you pointed out last hour. You look at CC sabathia who's what 33 years old. And he's two or three seasons away from his best year and he's never gonna get back he's been shut down officially yankees made that announcement yesterday about. A you'll get a guy like him his -- pretty much over Halladay. Don by 3536. Though Jon Lester thirty signed a five year deal. I still think it's worth that would be John Lackey job by Howard Rogers -- -- much well again. You said earlier about the National Football League is there any difference between the Red Sox. John Henry and Bob crap as far as the kind of money that goes into their coffers these guys are immensely successful. Outside of their sports business -- crap -- paper John Henry reinvestment always got rid of that. But these guys are making money. Hand over fastow and how many places they get in NY one thing John Kerry doesn't have you know we have the luxury tax. And ideally they wanna stay under a 180 whatever it is -- -- -- expensive seats in baseball right. They have the most expensive seats in baseball it's the most expensive night out in any major League City going to Boston Red Sox game. You know about the -- contracts. You know about the kind of money they're making there. This is a highly lucrative franchise one of the most lucrative franchises -- only baseball -- in sports. So why can't they spent a 145. Dollar and -- 945. Is not enough what whatever it is. What you're saying whatever worth the climate you're a 140 middle OK are you I use now. Going over the books over there you the comptroller of the rest and I haven't intelligent conversation if you don't approach this subject. Is -- which your money. Because if you just sit up into a lot of art -- not my money and give him anything you want one of the things you've been using as ammunition. For the Red Sox having a very slim chance of coming back and making some noise in. And making a more competitive season they have so far is the fact the you have Jon Lester. At the head of this rotation correct OK so as long you have that kind of pitcher. And he's gonna be here from another four or five years if you -- over spend a little bit. Isn't that a little bit okay is okay it okay Cole Hamels I'm left Friday millions. Cole Hamels two years ago assigned 140 million dollar contract with the Phillies. -- -- -- any -- -- four years ago right so I'm just listen the reason I am furious about the subject has nothing to do it last. Has nothing to do -- -- ask what are you theories about a furious about the fact why did they wait so long to put themselves in a situation where. I agree with them they shouldn't pay that kind of money by any ball playing over there thirty are all part because they have a history of breaking down. But on the other hand they've waited so long and screwed this thing up so bad. What you what you -- don't try and trade them an auto market and you gotta get a number one status for next say this is why. The Red Sox right now our beat wicks in between -- neither fish nor fowl that just kind of spinning their wheels. And really care if there's any -- way to help the district was talking about as far as competitively. Are they in or are they out of they sellers or buyers. And they don't know where they are they there in search of an identity right now is long as they don't know. Where they're going and they still believe they're competitive not gonna get rid Jon Lester got it. I'm telling you is longer borrow -- and this is not company came up I don't know we have mark price has -- Laviolette on his contract if you're camp but you can't wait. Intel -- guys and our last month of his contract to decide how you gonna do it because -- why if we don't -- right now why would you wait to free agency. That here's the difference though Tampa is always willing apart -- There prospective high price of where their payroll in attendance record and just right there in the same position they're basically tied for last right now the Red Sox in the division. They each have about the same chance to go to the post season very very slam the difference of course is the Tampa is always restrained. By budgetary concerns so. A guy like Matt Garza will be traded James Shields Islam last night pitching for Kansas City. He's going to be sent packing. You know the David Price eventually is no longer -- going to be an at ten but they're not gonna wait until the last minute I take that right because they don't they don't have the kind of. Lucrative offers that that the run -- -- Henry does give an opinion once and he'll -- my opinion is why did they white -- so why did they wait so I don't have to get to my opinion Larry that's on the game and it's it's a question from an opinion question but it's not opinion you asked me to three weeks ago if you remember anything I say I don't beside the telephone number. I said I think they should sign Jon Lester I just said at this hour but you gotta be more specific and -- OK Larry read my lips you know -- okay. I Jon -- okay let's be specific give me of that it's not yes item sign impose -- Or whatever today Altman then that's about what and what's -- and answer you know. And odds are academic and our -- asked for the number so so five years six years whatever they I think five years. What you want sixtieth okay that he gets six years of -- you know like that at the line -- -- -- -- but I BR we are prominent and well. Why can't find it -- -- -- and just. As always thanks guys Disney EG six -- 150 -- flak. For not having an opinion I tell you what I want because I did come program we -- euros and 800 anyway great market and 615. Now. That -- -- -- -- You were doing I would. And then you went to during the breaks right or ask me -- -- -- dollars and you get trumpet -- -- hey you know I hate to use I don't I'm not out of my favorite phrases is that he might money path now you can't do that. -- -- Because if that be the case -- go out in its price everybody -- Red Sox straps. War. Resources and revenues. I don't think OK. I know there's sellout streak officially ended sometime what last year. OK or the year before I actually the year before the Bobby Valentine there. We know what ended. But last time I checked almost every game I don't see many of these seats over Fenway Park. We just said it it takes a lot but it is you've got to dig deep in your pockets -- you bring your family over Fenway Park opt in for regular -- you got to take. -- out exactly. Not just the pact -- try that time we were doing a radio show over there in the morning and not. A mobile -- I don't say mobile I don't know what gas station it was right on the corner of Boris is repaired yawkey way. So I ran over and I said at a guy lesson that we to a radar shortly I'm only gonna be out of four I was Abby Abby -- for the traffic comes. He says safety box I said. I'm not even going to be a during the game I just need a hockey Africa apathy ease his fist just from my name and not -- it -- and a hundred.

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