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Sports Saturday with Mustard and Johnson: Johnny Gomes hits a 2 run, pinch-hit HR to lift Sox to victory,

Jul 19, 2014|

The Red Sox came back from a 4-1 deficit last night to beat Kansas City in their first game back from the All-Star break. Craig and Larry talk about the Jon Lester negotiations and who might really be pulling the strings behind the scenes. Larry was also moved by Stuart Scott's speech at the ESPY's, where was the recipient of the Jimmy V Award.

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Odds mustard and Johnson's sports Saturday. Sports Radio WEEI. As. We continue on here in this summer and two quote. Yet another cliche is that's what we do we just recycle cliches. Various combinations and permutations thereof. But things change Larry the more they stay the same. Each and every Saturday we come in here. And talk about the Red Sox looking for fresh angle. And last I guess the angle was they started the unofficial second half of the year down 41 in the sixth inning. Seem to be on the way to a loss in Kansas City but up pops Zander Bogart breaking out of his long slump with a two run home run Jonny Gomes. Can't share a home run doing what he did a lot of last year is six pinch hit home run. Since joining the Red Sox in 2013. Season won't be old. The Red Sox. Comeback win five to four Orioles lost mariners loss for the Red Sox as it stands right now. Ten games behind in the Los common division. Eight gains in the loss column in the wild card. And they're exactly where people per week ago in the -- before that and the week before that -- -- -- -- -- -- -- you tell -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- still. Optimistic. About the Red Sox chances. Of coming back and actually landing a playoff birth. Yeah I was very. Down on them last -- they lost the middle game to Houston I just thought if you got to make a comeback then you have to stop sweeping series against inferior teams. But -- related to the all star break and they came back in and last night I watched some of the game I was kind of tie it's ours out laid out there are getting you know clobbered by -- Casey for a one. And I was shocked I costly parish shark to two or not chagrin now that they came back -- What's interesting about this team is they've had a horrible first half. You know a lot of guys have not performed up to expectations. So the only hope that I had in any of this is if they are at all to make any sort of -- yard comeback. That it would have to be guys we're gonna have to -- stepping up who have not been playing well now in. That's right to me last night I mean there are eight -- back but like last night. -- got it is one of the guys who has to. Really stop playing while the living up to expectations. Report predicting him being a rookie of the year or whatever but anyway he has to stop playing well. Gomes. Big pinch hit for Bradley import peace hunch by Farrelly and got him in there and he delivered. -- park called -- is nothing I went six innings gave up ten hits four runs only at three case. But the fact of the matter is they won a game Craig the way they were winning them last year. They came from behind. The bullpen was outstanding again Dayton Hotmail are. Does tolerate -- US -- I mean it's. It would it drives me crazy I would be -- either just have them just. You know rarely go into a slump -- lose a game Saddam we -- from a content and every yachts sail. But then they do things like last night that you just keep you hang on for for not a couple of game. Kind of like Vanilla fudge and the supremes they keep me hang. It's your first are referenced it today by the way both are great the original Motown songwriter supremes redone -- kind of a massive rock format -- nullified you keep me hanging -- while baseball prospectus. Larry the numbers crunchers and I guess because it is now. The second half of the year the all star break is over. And this is what we do perennially. Each and every year it's a -- in Johnson tradition we dust off. The old baseball pursuit prospectus and you -- the odds of the Red Sox going to the playoffs according to baseball perspective you know that web site. I know you'd check it out on a daily basis minute by minute to see where the Red Sox are well here's how they break it down. The Red Sox. Who are. Ten games behind the division in the loss column and eight loss column while -- have a two point 8% chance of winning the division. I elect them -- two point 8% chance of winning -- division. One point six chance. Of winning the wild card for combined total. Of four point four but the adjusted odds of them getting into any playoff -- -- -- wild card or a division. Is a scant three point. 5% I know you're praying man. US take leaps of faith on a weekly basis may be even a daily basis not a people OK so of 3.5. Percent chance the problem has. The Red Sox are still on last place there in last place in the division of the third worst record. In the Americans don't. Farmers market Apple's focus on our -- I don't focus on all that in a fire or the manager in the -- a bunch of guys I would not focus on what everybody else is doing. I would just trying control my own business and triumph played better. I you know I got to tell you there a couple of things that you look at last night. Drew came through with two to three two for three hits. This the only really is impeccable I know we're also angry with the contract humorous so angry with that the guy just hasn't been hitting by. You watch him just if you can focus fermented him on shortstop it's not that he's out you know unbelievable like Iglesias or anything. But he is so steady and so consistent and he made a couple of plays last night. -- that I think which it was so angry that we won't don't -- acknowledge it give many credit right he he really is I can understand. Having him be here because he's very solid if he's if -- Bradley. Defensively they're very very solid if you could just get something. The problem is Larry when you're takings under 500 you're going nowhere fast you wanna keep focusing on that and I'm not focusing on the what do you focus not focusing on -- is -- win one game at a time -- every and that -- -- thing you can all write that -- write it down for the next random one game and it's a guy who controlled the -- -- -- we -- control -- over control of the opera -- not serious -- otherwise Greg did you sit there -- If you watch the games and they have a rally like last night you just say. Now so why this -- right now back out I'm not doing that I'm enjoying each game you are yes I am. As a single isolated entity -- -- -- absolutely do you think people enjoyed last night's game I do I would say in a press take away when average during their -- climate. Right Albert got -- like your take on satisfaction out of each and every performance whether or not yields any I'm at -- have pointed this season. I am I'm very disappointed in December the things outside of the game itself if I hear one more thing about John lest his contract house green. They what do you think about -- -- contract a pop up -- -- I want I'm gonna tell you. On your screen this is just a theory by I wish some of their right is reduced. -- digging like they used to do by. If Larry Lucchino who we ballclub and he's been on the short stuff. But if he's gotten involved goodness to a point of screwing this thing up again I'm really going to be upset about it. He made MR -- some bogus offer just to get just to get things running right if if Larry's the one who did that. In made the offer and then the last the camp got offended and then -- not talking or anything. Now you're to a point where you're near the end of the season it behooves. Lester to wait I was taken five years 125. You don't get it done. They're talking about a 104 ID -- 150 million dollars that some teams are gonna RPM now so they have maneuvered themselves into a position. Out of trying to sign somebody at a ridiculous salary. Because they low ball the guy in I don't know whether that's -- ban all Larry by John Henry. You've got to have one guy who's running the show contractually. You can't have one guy hiring the manager Bobby Valentine. And screw that up and then a couple of years later. Now -- you got bent in charge and then if -- in announcing Larry did it. But -- if he did it is in negotiating by committee. Now where -- -- tab are trying to get a Hamels if you try to get mammals from Philadelphia. You've got to give up some top flight prospects in -- skeptic about these top prospects. Where you got to get the bat. Who also has by the way pretty lucrative contract that the Red Sox would take on all of -- to ninety million for what he has yet -- -- -- but -- you have to give up. Some top prospects probably Bo -- the bat. -- after about -- -- right now what we're getting the prospects to get the -- here's my problem with -- in every other pitcher comes from the National League. The so very rarely. Ever and now in the American League peak you know why because that bottom of the order where there is no pitcher knows shortstop -- no -- are trying to. Exactly. Cutler a National League lineup all you can't let last night at one point -- -- -- crime follows late. Yet that property any coming upping its -- make our rally. I topic I had and grow rods. Ed Bradley a thumping coming up I'm saying how yeah I'm going right to say oh good package and this and this is the team that your excited about the second half I -- I'm excited Craig I ages ten to try to be optimistic -- wake up every day. I'm anticipating rain I anticipate century it's called. Realism Larry. Went to try it. -- work I have reality what accounts this week was one of the race. And it dropped a bundle them by congress and and and that ID number of them perhaps from Fossett what we're shot opera -- -- I'll try to shut that off the shot off now when he's had a banner called deacon plodding but haven't fixed it is that is to your -- lot of no commander pay him. Not just say it dealt -- it -- in -- -- -- -- let you -- made a lot -- -- let's start. -- -- we are you guys don't make and then. You know who -- a market in -- I'd done it's aren't very aren't -- place now which is my place. Or -- I can match that I had I was sitting there just to minding my own business innocent bystander waiting for a I turn. A left turn signal to go from red to green. And some woman drove through the intersection in midfield hit another car I'm just sitting there waiting for return -- moving and I get the collateral damage. So there not to drop back oh yeah I won't yes and you're now grab my life is right now how bad as I have great painting that I did I did on LeBron James. Miami Heat detaining oops it 'cause that growth -- all swaps if you wanted to get him in Miami uniform -- I -- down there. Thank god is -- class all right in changed the uniform home okay that's not bad enough. But I have to wait for the bracket trigger route number you want to -- How life really sucks being Larry -- I was no I'm not -- I'm -- complaining -- my prayers. Go out though relations families in the alike for that plane Adam. And we talked wartime but I'm just taken a moment to just say I'm just devastated about that. I'm deputies devastated about those refugee kids who have come over yes I don't -- a complete take on any more things. By -- and you'll look at those kids' faces and you just say you know they'd amassed three point here. It's just tough so I simply. He -- at my little issues on nothing compared to other people out there in the real world what today is not been a great year for Malaysian airlines let's put it that way you know I was outside what are the odds of -- same airlines getting shot down and and of course being lost that -- -- that discoverer Bonnie -- about being lasted three privacy and saying yeah and it -- it -- -- -- There was one if we're. There was one funny moment in the game last NATO allies -- and Gary -- risky. The public name right -- like the sideline reporter and he's raving about this new -- it -- -- I'm not aware of Viet near raving. So Jerry Remy pipes and he says I says that really don't get a chance to watch that much of that stuff 'cause we're usually working to get ready for the game he says by. Where I watched that show he says that -- was terrific. So Carrie was overwhelming he says I'll thank you thank you -- and I think you that is as Gary says so. What I shall like did -- really like I back out into our says. Mota all of yeah. Yeah yeah yeah I I remember exactly in words I've really -- Right. Something interesting last -- we got a caller on the line them to be curious to hear what he has to say about it but Steve Lyons who worked out on the field. Like in India in the in the for target is area there. In Jerry was up for the ball. And I thought it was like template to me I I found it quite entertaining when you have two X ball players. Who can give you insight on the game. I I I like that lie I really dead I'm in some people say they talk too much or whatever I don't know but. I want insight I want them to be more critical well because there was a play when David Ortiz who was running down the first are walking down the first baseline for a pop -- It was in the infield in in three. Players collided to gather in the ball cola. But I said to myself what if that hadn't networks abroad dropped at a ground it Ortiz is walking to first base and they kind of thrown out. Like I do want them to be more I don't want Ortiz sprinting OK we all understand his hamstrings. So I'm not ripping him for sprinting down nothing but at least. -- down there in it and that's the only thing I'm looking for up but I found it. Entertaining. It you have to X ball plays giving insight after the game I think out of -- rodent in Tom. Jaws. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Have in he agencies English teachers use your subject and your object have been a tremendous. Air for many many years and of course Jerry. Learned a lot about how to interact in the the you know the the great rapport in the boot from Shaun McDonald when -- was doing it back. In the ninety's. But it's awhile you know just little tweak here and there -- expert just entertainment listening. Yet just quickly -- were off the off the beaten path for a moment I watched the -- the other night out of it and Stuart Scott that the -- vinyl. Courage award and I was amazing he it was absolutely. Amazing he's got camper and just it was an unbelievable. I'm presentation on his part in -- and I just wanna say discus at the point I feel that needs to be made. Bratt Brett -- a lot of criticism on the station because he sucks up to the ball players that David Ortiz in the proper prosperity and -- his favorite reporter rob Bradford. Goes around the gets a lot of interesting stories he's friends with a lot of the ball players and a lot of people mocked that and -- at. Rob to that I don't South Beach her brother you keep doing it exactly the way you'd think it needs to be done because our -- -- the all star game the other night yeah I was one of the few. And Pedro Gomez I think -- sideline report in the await ESPN. When Barry Bonds was going through all that stuff for the star Rory did nobody he would talk to anybody or whatever. He get out loud Pedro access and Pedro was able to get a lot of insight a lot of information from him and a lot of people ripped. Pedro is being -- are Barry Bonds stock up. I watching game the other night in the man has opted to inside I'm report and he's in he's got a great job any fits right in the point I'm trying to make is. Everybody out there isn't I don't like the way you do your job everybody out the -- is -- advise you used to weather like Stuart Scott used to come on and say he's as cool as the is the other side of the pillow -- -- -- -- but -- with an urban twist to it and some people don't like it. -- -- -- Because there are a lot of people that deal India ended up having a very successful career. We ESPN. In arms saints have abroad perhaps it's of the world or our our lynch are roach of the world and stuff like that. Julia drop. Do what you believe he would do what you think is best for you because the critics. We do get fired up our study -- jobs that these same people -- know we have to be found so you find your niche. You do the job the way you think it should be done if you are friendly a ball players and you get that top scoops and everything. You do your job in every in the people who are here complaining and ripping you when you get righted the had nowhere to be found. And I'm just saying I love the Shakespeare quote. To the final result tell your -- a lot of people brought their brick and complained and they don't like you do it this way right I these -- opera -- to win that. These same people have gone on to have very successful Korea is on and make it friendly with the ballplayers and they inside stories there are plenty a hatchet people opted to do otherwise you sell arms saying rob rapid -- -- armed. Are complementing him not because he works here and not because he can get into with some of these Bob plays on -- torrents of the very people rob war complain about you doing it. I know it'd be found when you can try -- trust me I've learned that from experience. So too and I don't South Beach were aware if you're a reporter of your prior our anchor person. You pick out what's comfortable for you and that's which you deal. Very inspiring nom -- I know if you can I thought about it restored my hat I got used to it on Antarctic urban slang but we our and our other other stuff become public but a lot of people that came from the West -- finally somebody gave me that five -- -- -- east. -- -- to -- lot of people didn't like him because he brought that to the table. But when he brought that kinda died out of the ball we -- actually made it east bogey out what does that he's it's like -- I while out Graham interface it up. But it's like as somebody gave that to be a California make a teacher -- and I said number eight sharks like out around here I've never heard of it. Five years later -- here. All I'm saying in conclusion is. Everybody out there is not gonna like the way you do what you do what you believe in yourself from what you do. -- don't let people change -- of the very people were try to change your win Uga tried it yet know we have to be found trust me from experience. They I know we have to be found. And I can second that from experience 6177. You haven't had a -- that -- -- style -- -- didn't change -- people -- changer. Believe me one of the reasons why I don't work full time anymore as I'm sure had a certain personality to certain. Distinct style that you know 50% like maybe 50% didn't like -- probably give myself too much credit by -- percent like. And listen you can only be yourself authenticity is what we strive for here. -- sports rookie of our meet all of these people that people hockey observers keeping Keith is certified lunatic I I -- like a college I -- saying what is -- -- about it gets another job these immensely talented that we say about -- Is a fine line only to run. Genius and insanity and -- Keith goes any either side of all -- depending on what day it is six lead seller about a brand ringgit genius prodded 77 I was getting 793737937. Is talking about the last to say I just get the number audio and get around and I can get that aren't like other monologue to -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- anyway we're gonna take a quick break -- what do. Chew on Larry's thoughts about authenticity in and -- thine own self be you don't agree with that I completely agree with -- 6177797937. Your thoughts and comments Red Sox. Coming out of the gate second half of the year on officially with a big come from behind win. Over -- they take a -- a slice out of the out orioles' lead in the division slice out of the mayor and his lead in the wild card. There are ten back in the in the division -- back in the wild -- baseball prospectus says. The 3.5. Percent chance of making the playoffs this year for the Red Sox but Larry Johnson yes he does. Believe so what do you think 6177797937. Mustard and Johnson Sports Radio WEEI. All wee hours.

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