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Jonny Gomes with Joe & Dave after the first game of the second half

Jul 18, 2014|

Jonny Gomes joined Joe & Dave after the win, in which his pich homer gave the Sox the lead.

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Johnny congratulations. Serve a year huge head. I know you're still in the baseball history you realize that you're now second of all time Red Sox original brown was 61 behind number one Ted Williams. Yeah I guess rumor has it that. You know let me know and I'm not trying to chase to -- and that is stats but I'm just fortunate and lucky words in uniform. Johnny what do you think you divide in that spot you think in home run when you're up -- swing the bat. Well you know that's. No that's my opportunity you know right there and you know it's a -- got a bad start for me about 2 o'clock. And I just got a -- of my opportunities are there. You know runners scoring position you know they actually had the second baseman on the poolside. We're stationary there's a -- or broom ball. Base open you know left behind me to go for the lock. Just. Nature -- -- -- over on the outer half and trying to you know Drogba senator and you know right center gap you know that second base and from that that's -- there. What's your basic approach when you pinch hit did Johnny is some guys like -- the first mention other guys like to wait. -- the is that correct book was out you know you know that we'll be written but I tell you what you know every single. Pinch hit every single opportunity is a different situation. You know runner on third lesson to you know just a you know sac fly Giles does his job. -- scoring position -- -- in the hit. The opportunity pass the torch. Lefty on the mound left behind me. There's a lot going into -- truth and you know like assess whether out of that started about 2 o'clock news. -- when you look at his club and in what happened last year and what could happen arisen this season. Where is the collective heart and soul of the Red Sox right now if you -- -- -- 66 games what can be done here. Well only time can tell you know tell the truth. You know how we opened up you know right after the all star break I mean. They buckled it up for you know you know he showed some outstanding stuff you know that cutter that changeup curve ball. You know Dave -- behind the plate thrown a guy out early. Huge huge home run out of -- it sitting there you know but -- -- same -- we understand you know we dug ourselves a little hole. You know under no circumstance that we need scoreboard watch we just need books and in between ones. And to -- -- you've mentioned. He really is hung in there despite the tough times in the stands to be a very great -- confidence booster for him. Yeah absolutely no you're talking. You know you're talking just hanging in there here the big leagues. We kind of put a lot of weight you know on both -- you know playing third base here you know -- Boston Red Sox in the world championship team. Everyone's well you know you got to go check his birth date you know and realize that all done now hold on you know and that that's our that's our job to you know it the veterans here. To take the pressure off you know under no circumstance we -- 21 year old you know driving the Bosporus. You know schemes peaks and valleys and you know Nolan really came out of the -- you know -- you know there's there's going to be some struggles. Obviously -- of the struggles are magnified here in the Red Sox and you know having that recent rain that we have. You know this guy's got some unbelievable talent and you know he's gonna he's gonna grind away and there's definitely no lack of work -- come from him. Both Johnny congratulations you you certainly have that knack for at my friend and I keep up every time we see you up there it's a memory of last year. Hit yet I mean you know talking these guys earlier in these guys you know why you good pinch hitter you know -- -- -- I have to hit the hill I don't have that. You know it's going to be tougher for is getting around -- You know it's good do you know have that you know ability on our team we need it you know my -- does that -- me -- -- visit the job. And you know things get hairy you know from the sixth inning on we got a -- -- on the bench and Johnny -- expressive so well thanks so much for joining us appreciate it --

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