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SoccerCast - Liverpool Midfielder Joe Allen

Jul 18, 2014|

In this episode we talk about transfers across Europe, players we want to see in the MLS, and Liverpool's Joe Allen joins the show!

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-- Welcome into another edition of WEEI soccer cast is our first post World Cup. Soccer cast as always I'm your host Ben kitchen alongside -- via the phone this week is Michael's -- golden Russ -- I am -- then again sorry I cannot be a studio would you Bob but at least we can do it this way. Hey no problem whatsoever -- interest in show lineup for indecent acts and things on today's show -- ESP NFC. Has a list of World Cup small our World Cup swan song eleventh. Sort of go off that list and talk about some players who wanna see here in the nonetheless we'll talk a little bit about the English Premier League and some of the transfers have taken place. And we're gonna talk and at the end of the episode we've got Joseph -- from Liverpool joining us via the mid fielder -- of Swansea city. Guys clearly Brendan Rodgers as the guy because he travels with a Marbury goes pretty much so out we got packed show for you today. But let's let's start with -- what what's going on next week here in our lovely city of Boston. Liverpool's playing Roma at Fenway Park for the second time in three years. If you have got your tickets now go find him out there you can project -- stub hub if there aren't any available on the regular sites. But definitely donate tickets now it's a great event to be at -- really fun to see a world class soccer match. On Fenway Park grounds 'cause it's very bizarre -- dimensions are reared their little bit smaller. But it's really cool because you're right on top the action so it's a really good times -- -- check that out and again enjoyed Joseph Allen joining us later. A part of why Liverpool in Rome -- here is of the international champions cup. And it's got a lot of great teams coming to the states Liverpool obviously. Manchester United Manchester City believe arsenal enter. Who -- is boo Rio Madrid Barcelona than just name them off the top my head hurt there. -- -- -- what are your thoughts on bringing a competition like this to -- United States. I think it's a great idea and I'm glad that they do decided debacle I want citizens the second third year that that they'd done this this cup and off. Again it's just a wave -- for fans that maybe aren't familiar with some of these clubs to see them in person. And if you just coming up the World Cup then you were following certain players this is just the way now to all their club team itself. I just think it's that it's another way to like it -- could say expand beyond the brand of international -- -- here in the United States. Yeah I think it's a great idea to and it's really fun to see the teams that. We get to watch on TV every weekend. But actually play here complete lies right in front of -- so that's an -- treat for us we really do appreciated US soccer fans appreciated. So I do wanna start with this again -- -- on ESP NFC dot com they did a World Cup the swan song eleven. So wanna go through some of the players -- misery if you don't follow me on that that's. Players that are again are no longer going to be participating in the World Cup. The big news today was still form. -- bomb at thirty years old has retired from international duty no. Yes. He's my favorite player in the world. I just think he's absolutely outstanding I'm kinda surprised by -- the thought he had one more in him you played so well this year. I thought at you know 3334 years old he'd have another 1 -- -- am very surprised by that. Clearly you are too. I am you know it's funny because even at 34 I think he could do a job. Or for Germany you know gold rescind their assault also do it so locked eyes you know again this is a little bit of a surprise again you're breaking the news to me. And don't want as a player board that I -- decision nonetheless some that. Yeah absolutely I don't think it'll happen because he's. It. I think he's the top three players in the one of the top travelers in the world I think historian that was behind granola messy but I think he's right there. If not top three definitely top five. But look let's go to this list who were gonna do little exercise here of some of these players and who we wanna see in the MO less Greta we obviously want to see all the -- and analysts but. But realistically see -- in the MLS. I don't believe -- as a player we never -- because he's such a high quality player correct. And I don't think -- -- Byron Munich I think he's there for life which I'm glad about I like seeing those several players stay at one spot for life. So. -- -- yeah we are no -- the -- lasts. John Luigi blue font. Is on this list is an honorable mention I don't think we'll ever see him in the US I think he's an. Like for out Natalie. You drink. I totally agree it's funny because I would want to see him in and he got a velocity he's first class goalkeeper. I think that they missed him you know again even just just saw. So that one about she's that good they did they depended on and so I -- an interest in that he's now retired. Yeah I don't think will mean he is forty so yeah. But will never see him in the analysts just too bad but no word gotta keep it realistic here eager to see is. Now that's -- differ on. That realistically I think you could potentially see him in the MLS the way his career has kind of faltered. What it's funny because because you were just talking about c.'s current and dot. And she ended up in Toronto why would it be so crazy to -- because yes. And -- to -- them -- -- considering the World Cup he just sat. So and the fact that he was replaced Oden. Real Madrid right. Right you know and again you're now -- players. That it. Say five years ago that would normally come and pick -- -- a cop who played for Real Madrid you know why couldn't Casilla got up. Yeah I think you're right I think he could I think that's actually a little more realistic it's obviously more realistic than before on the phones forty and luckily it. He's a hero there but to see this is kind of gotten. There's talent the black sheep of that international squad now. And even on his club team and I don't know why he still seems to be a world class goalie but realistically that could be one of those players you might see in the -- Sunday which would be awesome. At right back cola -- You know what. -- interest I don't know if you would come into the into the MLS but I wouldn't mind seeing him again -- -- due to cut about he's not the same player. But even even at his -- I would like Cigna and the analysts. My iPad I would like to too but I Peggy Moore is that. Probably go to Australia or may be. I'm 1 of those Middle Eastern league's terrible weeks that was a ton of money. So I I don't I wouldn't reject him to be in the analysts anytime soon broke up and 3035. While Rafael Marquez thirty note that. Go and on the list Mariette that's. Are how old. Thirty. Probably not. I would assume that he misses overall purse prize going to be done in his -- again and go back to Colombia and played there. Let's keep going down -- ever -- the good old. While I would love to -- Patrice I loved the city trees several with a revolution. You're asking me. Are brought I don't you know again I I still think he has a lot to law offer he thought I don't know if you would -- into the military detention. Now he's got a lot to offer in grant -- wants them. So if movie wants them then there's no shot of the analysts getting him. He's a little too temperamental for me to want in the MLS I think he ye go back to the 2010 World Cup. Use one of those. He figures on the France squad that helped implode that squad. You remember that whole storyline now is awful and that's not a player I -- revolution. Or maybe even in them homeless are still wise absolutely. Probably outlets and you know it's funny because because some people over here might know it -- -- ever unfortunately because Luis Suarez. But but Patrice -- is a quality player and done. You know if you ever came over here someday they'll would be a marquee signing. Diego -- Holding area I hit it out of the question I don't I don't know on someone's. I don't I just don't know how -- -- god knows he's an it was in his thirties but I think he's on top of the younger side of the 32. -- -- Then why not then you know again at the top players 32 to 34 and coming off of what the World Cup and and not. They can add something to ride to Camelot I'd say yes. Do you tell us. I think he's got a lot left in his tank and not a step not a fan. I'm not a fan at all my indoor -- and you -- won a seat up player and I'm not sorry I'm not a fan has -- -- more. Barnes and -- I've watched a good amount of this player and yes he is he had a decent. Our woke up bride. I think that you -- yeah I should indeed be a liability in my friend and I don't wanna see him. And and I'm also are just don't I'm not I'm not a fan of -- in the chaos. I'm my second bird -- player in the world and drew parallels are yes yes and yes and yes and yes. Yes yes yes it will never happen. I know that but you know what it it it's funny do you know that I got to receive tweets of all the supporters wanting Pirillo and end -- yes but that ain't gonna. Yeah no he's not leaving in Italy anytime soon. Why surety Steven Gerrard. Now we're finally get to a realistic place up. That could realistically happen he could kind of go the way. Of bomb. Frank -- -- up you know end and again we talked about this before I would love to see Gerard yeah I think he would be a great -- You know if it's play. I'd like to say. If he's a revolution player because of the connection to. So at Fenway sports group even though they don't all -- revolution you know there you know of the Boston connection I'd love this game come here I think he could. He could be -- its intimate feel like I think he'd be tremendous I I you know I get what you wanna come to the last. I would hope so we don't forget about the revolution just in general I would love to see up to see -- -- -- an Obama. Now. You said something that. Piqued my interest here and not to -- too far but what to do love to see the Fenway sports group by a -- revolution. I can -- would be a tremendous. Moved our war. For Philly sports group I think I I think it would be an asset. To have -- by the revolution -- while owning the move since I look forward it would become a Peter's system it would be a way to get it get these youngsters over to -- To the New England Revolution so what somehow manages to city I think is gonna end up uses some of their players where -- With the New York team I you know I guess I would want to see it or even start up a partnership with the craft skip part ownership somehow. I'd -- to see I -- -- -- -- -- to revolution to the next level that if you're asking me I would love to see that happen. All right here's an interest in one. Job. Help me out solely I don't sit up and then put. I don't know on this one because here's why he's RD 3435. Yeah. Bomb he's kinda he's lost his spot on Barcelona so he's got up in the air right now and -- I know major teams are kind of lining up for services I get that. Tom. But I I don't know I mean obviously I don't know these people and I don't know of their. You know wishes and desires but that could be an interest -- one where someone -- teams here. -- as you know maybe the Red Bulls only -- -- money at the sky -- to be our new DP. Absolutely I do you know what I don't know if you do role in the company doesn't -- that I would want if we're talking about. Wish list of players that you could you could build -- run even. Even out at an older age I think -- -- job he would be incredible sum it up. You know I mean. I mean caca you can't I don't think people realize what a big Bangkok how was -- for five years ago is best player in the world market one point that's why getting -- -- the -- -- appreciate -- -- -- -- -- this. -- -- -- -- -- Is believe it or not would be on a simple way of life it would be huge I don't know. If that's in his son mindset right now but if you're asking me -- MLS -- a ton of money out of debt being the type of plug -- in the throw money -- Merit lets you gonna enlist Franklin -- -- you know while we don't know definitively but we've been led to believe that he will be with New York SC. This job alone so. I don't see him leaving. Any time soon I don't see him coming there. I see him more likely gone back to Liverpool before he would come back here over here and -- though I. What -- he's out -- I mean he has a very strong relationship obviously used to play. A little while I know the local support is still less sense. He is getting up there are dates I don't know what if you could offer brought up. But I again I would love to see him all over here but I would be shocked if somehow he gets. Involved again with a little -- -- Tim -- weird you know. Georgia's -- goodness. -- Georgia military go to I want back reforms so in the Soviet that is absolutely no. I don't want any Greek letters and always great to all these great yeah I'm so I'm sorry you're not gonna get me just say no. Uncharacteristic. Has Karen Buddhist. Bet and I'm sure -- I haven't seen much of Kara good president and he's up there and -- The energy that that guy has the skill he still has at 38 years old he be fun to do it you'd you'd be happy to have them on your team that's long been. Don't tell me when I will be happy with rust. And are you all right here now we're gonna get really interesting here but got Samuel Eto'o. Yes I would love to see him in the MLS just. Am not out but an -- -- but I don't. I don't know rule I think he's gonna end up in -- Saudi Arabia. So -- got a solid gonna pay him a ton of money you -- Yeah yeah but he's important he's a goal scorer he would be it would be crazy good in the in the MLS he beat. He'd be better than say you know -- You know again I'm. You know bring -- someone over here. Like some of the strike as we have now you know -- I think he's been fantastic Hugh Hewitt. -- it probably -- can still score goals -- -- it could score a ball rode colts. Yeah. -- a little let's. We're gonna go out on a limb here around new Miroslav -- Are no. You know you don't wanna -- you would never expect it to yes I would want him no I don't think he's coming here. I completely agree and then someone who. Three prior to this World Cup I would love to have seen in in the MLS. Diego for a -- After the World Cup. And you know how I feel about Diego for a lot of divorcing the guy play again but that got some personal reasons as I'm talking golf and no large reason. I don't know how much the guy has -- our. But if he still has something left the answer would be yes brought up figured out didn't give up what amounted to see what the outlook if you didn't show as much. In the World Cup is playing like that he league I don't know I don't plan I'm not sure where he's flying. Blood -- you know are. You know it's funny after you know. After after his club atletico Madrid one year old police he did have a couple good seasons and then that I believe laughter end up. It didn't show me much in the World Cup mile but I know the -- I can score goals if he still has something left intact. Well -- no one. My favorite players in the world who for some reason I don't think has home right now. Did your drug. -- Didier Drogba went to China what of one point why wouldn't he come into the MLS. He went to China and that to China he went to the Turkish League which I mean that's a two team league. Delta authorized weren't born Drogba right here in the US would be would be -- to be beast mode. You you'd have never seen a player like that the analysts at I would. -- he was army talk about dominate you know I mean is unity if you walking and and -- what the top three top four players. You know I -- No one can know Lincoln it. Giving up a good point that I don't think. We've seen a player over here -- the last step that can do what blog but does. And I even that is age I would love to see I don't care all that guys bring him over here but. You know what really surprises me about -- now. What that Chelsea hasn't snatched them. Want to two point you know it's funny because again. They should you know. What he's got so much history there. And I just remember his reaction when things went in the champions league. And it and I guess that was the swan song but sometimes you can go back and that's such a diploma walk why wouldn't -- bring them back again. I don't know. I don't know I mean they just they just. -- -- -- So did just got rid of him they sent him to best -- to us now. So I end you know Marino has no no real love for simulate so now so why not would it make sense. I think it was and I think it does make sense you don't put it it's funny you mention above them but by just happen to see others while Landau. You know I I don't understand what happens is some of these players you know date they go to the bigger clubs you know -- double -- -- -- was left hand don't want to new council then goes you know that goes to Chelsea and then and that's -- you know all of next thing you know they did they get to the bigger club and they really can't make it there and then. And then he's off he's off again he's he's he's just one of those players I know he could score goals but. If you know what it's about what I can apply that direction -- double bend it only can play that Beckett picked off but by bigger site -- -- you. -- personally don't. Don't go there because your career is really -- gold go down and he's one of those players. Yeah. Science. And uninteresting point. -- have been just standpoint student. I know you do let's let's talk about those transfers that have taken place so far and let's just start real quickly -- Suarez to Barcelona we haven't really delved into that -- 75 million pounds which works out to be you about a 103 million dollars yet but believe some about that a I don't know if my math is right. But it's it's close to that. Bomb now I've heard people come out. I believe that was. Your Christ came out former coach of Barcelona. Came out and said it's not gonna work but does make sense they have three kind of players who demand the ball. In -- and all of front name. Do you see that working out do you see that being the they beneficial relationship. I don't know that's you know. Its second by the egos. You know while players don't want the ball we've been so sometimes when you have that it it it does the war -- it that's going to be very interesting. -- it out the players Suarez dissolved. There's a tremendous -- I'll I'll never kicked out away from him but -- What -- and that that's the end and they -- -- that's. That's -- that's the strange mix you know and that's basically what what Barcelona is doing is basically just stopped. Just acquiring talent just to stockpiling talent and an -- hopefully more -- it doesn't look like a plan to be in it -- what I'm talking about. Doesn't look like they understand how these players -- gonna work together. Actually backfire on them and diet of the engine in the C and W you brought up that ankle holiday all the work together. I don't know but but -- just to get back to Suarez because I I don't remember what I wanted to talk to vote in regard to how much I heard a good amount about just. -- When the Suarez transfer. Went through. All right it's starting at Boston's Sports Radio about the transfer it started here in some of this talked. Are off on a different Sports Radio stations and have been on WTI there's talk of all the while. Maybe there were maybe John Henry continued the money from the Suarez still and give it to Jon Lester. Now. Anyone that knows the sport of of -- of football knows that that's not what's gonna happen here. Does you know does Liverpool and and the Red Sox have the same ownership of course they do. You know does the money come from one place yes but when you're talking about money. From Luis Suarez all of that money is going towards Liverpool other money. You know you know again that the Red Sox have their money will report houses houses money but the idea. Death because. She John Henry's old Luis Suarez all the sudden the money's going toward the Red Sox. Are you -- it you know eventually it -- not the reality you want you know that shows me what business ignorance. From sports talk hosts. Yeah I do not split your business -- like that you do not feed one monster from another guy. -- as the Roush Fenway racing group take their earnings and competent. The Red Sox no no that's not how it works and -- And and again that's you know that's the point of Suarez that I just -- wanted wanted to mention because because -- -- Many local people support it's -- -- did you have nothing to worry about they're not gonna keep the money. From. From our. Form all the money that the government's Juarez and and give it to the roads like that it's not how it works. They're gonna spend on on their own players and they really did show ignorance of I'll talk show host they're really don't understand how how how the business work and other worked out what. Because Liverpool needs all that money to to find new players to replace Luis Suarez. Every single penny of -- will be used as. And let let's we ought to let's be honest business wise. Which brand at their peak would be more valuable. Liverpool. Or the Red Sox have done it right well it's not I mean yes the -- -- probably more valuable right now. But if you look back at Forbes just had this list a couple of days -- the most valuable sports franchises across the world by over the top couple spots. Soccer teams. -- -- Because it's a global brand exactly in the global game the Red Sox are not a global brand and -- -- And that's the bottom line endlessly against the Red Sox -- apple -- in the red. Will say this though however if there are two baseball teams that out to come close to being a global brand its the Yankees and -- the -- So true but but again if Liverpool's at the top -- deliverables winning Champions League Football they're more -- -- it. And the Fenway sports group they know this they're not dumb the very Smart that's why they're incredibly rich. Right let's keep -- -- -- Tony Cruz. Byron Munich two Real Madrid. What are your thoughts on that. Well it's a very good move for Real Madrid on I I do like Bruce and I and again I. I think it's a Smart move for a ten minute because -- Smart move for Real Madrid. I understand that transferred much better than I do. Luis Suarez going to Barcelona. You know against -- for four for Rihanna to Real Madrid has always been been known. Well and I actions are always open in recent time as you know -- at a club that collects talent but. But in the end they can find a way to make that count played together and I have more baked and Real Madrid. Collected the council we've heard on more than Barcelona because Barbara slowest places certain style. Well all the pieces have to sit together to work out -- to -- I guess -- -- -- I just don't you know again called back to doubt -- -- -- -- -- -- Suarez. About Suarez not seat and they marked -- what you -- -- it's it sounds crazy to say because again all these. Incredibly. Talented superstars but. I've put my money on Real Madrid right now all over Barcelona -- are now. All right one of the biggest transfers so -- Diego costs of from a atletico Madrid to Chelsea right. Now know. As Marino found that striker that he's looking forward I think yes yes and I'm still say drug bush should end up in Chelsea. Well you need more than one strike you need more than more than one program striker and Yvonne Murray yelled. I bring it may -- talked about this but but did O'Costa. Out of tremendous year and dot. This might be the missing piece or Maria because she complained all what you could just see it was very unhappy with his strikers. Obviously -- the body is now gone as well. And this is this is the right move state they went all in on cost and I I think it's a great signing. -- we've talked about this before but. I don't know projection really talked about this one before but Alexis Sanchez in Barcelona and arsenal. That's a great move for arsenal coach is the first time you've really seen in a couple of years are some anger really spend his money. Did this this is huge this you know again. I don't know to kick them over the top. Then you know Clinton to win in the league but this is a step in the right direction -- really is this just. That's that's a huge movement and -- -- actually just talked about at all on -- stock. One of my co -- just mentioned well it. If for some reason they brought in. They brought in another piece they brought in you know -- another political along with Sanchez they might they might be there you know and -- dot. I wouldn't say game changer but it's pretty well. Yeah all right here's a big one in this and interest me for a couple of reasons Mario Menzies TH. From Byron Munich to atletico Madrid now Barnes kind of get picked apart here -- and atletico Madrid has is really interesting. Track record. If you go back and you look at it. Torres. -- line. Via. Do Costa. They really know what they're doing -- that -- position total and every time they lose one. They do a great job replacing. What the manager bottle itself always told -- he spoke English. If only Diego Simeone smoking. I I'm telling you I love that managers give me that managers -- -- He he might be my favorite in all of I know football you really might be he's so interstate yeah. Barcelona lose a player again Jonathan de Santos. -- of Hillary -- men I don't think that's really that. Big event a move that really will affect either team now might be affected Hillary out to get them back up to where they wants war. Gareth Barry to Everton. Yeah out of the thought you know it. On the I'm a fan of Gareth Barry says you know again these he didn't play that just always does his job so. You know again I'm I'm I'm screwed -- place so that's that's a goal for me. A player who could potentially be playing here next week in Fenway Park actually -- free transfer over to Roma. You know actually call it just got replaced last year blood. Maybe in a new setting a law. Still it'll be exactly the play that it was -- Chelsea I don't know I mean not that it just one has he has the job. You know I get a guard reached his peak indeed it is done I guess we'll find out. I don't think he's done I think this is a right as Smart move for him not to go to one of the premier teams in the Syria out. But to go to team he can be effective and I don't. -- are Roma. Romans not the premier -- you know again one of the top teams but they're they're they're almost there. Yeah they're they're one of those good teams that. Could actually do some damage. You don't really expect him to do a lot but they're really put that -- really change that race out there. Try to look at some more names here obviously. You know we we talked a little bit about -- alana. Moving -- -- would you think about that deal are it's not a Southampton to stop urged. You don't find reduced tire again talking about Southampton as well I I feel bad for fans of that -- club because they are getting you know they can raided. You know they've you know they lose Lambert they lose a lot of political also been a little Buddha defender to what Bob. We shod in -- removed it is John net cash OK I mean I have actually I feel bad for sports fans of this game because. Because I like what they were building at Southampton I've been really did indeed they have that did this young nucleus. Guess what this young nucleus is is now leaving amid insisted that the news is that part. But not a moron I've told you I I I actually think that he's a special player. And -- to a job for political and -- liberal wolf. -- like India complementary piece that might surprise people could -- just scores goals NN dot. So so a lot I want to I want those most powerful live report date was conveyed that they have a great deal still to do but it took -- back to Southampton. You know -- it's. It it's horrible for me. You know overall bill don't be you know a supporter of a smaller club watch insult hit the -- picked apart. It's it's really is a shame you wish. In this one of my issues where I like sometimes I like our sports better than than football across the way is. If -- one of these smaller clubs you can't keep in builds team anymore now and and that's really a shame. Because you'd love to see South Hampton those guys that core stayed together for like three or four years. And really see if they can push them become one of the top teams in the Premier League and -- just doesn't -- however the way the money is you know if you're the owner of Southampton. And someone you know Manchester United's gonna pay you a ton of money for Luke -- -- -- -- -- pay your time money for animal wanna. I mean it's kind of hard to refuse that. It is -- -- you know at some point you know it's it's -- typically thought of others because last year I I kept saying that. The two plus I want reform to involve themselves up after war efforts in. And of course -- hit -- -- the putt putt hit the did the right way but now you're looking -- like you just said that when you get to a certain point. These players become you know be become you know assets to other teams that. You know again they just get picked opted to take them away because they helped put the money to borrow money the bigger clubs always critique from the small plots. And that's and that's the frustrating reality that it that I deal with with a bit of a small club this that this continues to happen. You know I thought that South Hampton would would would stay strong and not the not so these players but they are in I'll end up end to end. I guess you could say that they're forced to did -- here -- of course because the players do. He -- you know do have that power that they can -- they come forcible. And all these players are are leaving Southampton and I don't like it I'm I'm I'm not a fan of that -- its special today. I'm not a fan of it either because you -- receive these teams he built up and especially you have relegation. Now -- Clinton could easily be -- it. All right now I honestly because of all all these players we've been day. They are again you know hopefully they won't they won't replenish and take out money and and invest it wisely brought. But they are in danger of that you know against a team like South -- I never would have thought would be. In the relegation battle starting off this season -- when you lose hope -- suppliers. Are you automatically in the mix and there are so many teams in the next -- we were just talking about it. How many teams you know again. Relegation it is something bad that I'm not Natasha this did you it is exhausting. All of that is the kind of tell you -- exhausting it is. Worrying about relegation when you know when you're taught him like whoever put you never have to worry that you don't have to worry about Manchester United. Chelsea arsenal they never have to worry about that what you are assaulted him when you're all like my -- form it is talked about. Constantly. That threat is always there even though you even know if you'd you'd think that you're not gonna get relegated to talk continues the odds -- -- You know what it costs to be relegated and I heard about it for years -- and I and I exit it's not gonna happen default that's not gonna happen want it just dead. And an end that threat is real that threat is about money because you go down -- division you lose. So much money and it's difficult to be at the end of one of these is that you Falwell win. With a small side you know -- like I'd give a formal or what a cult like Southampton. Because because there's so much that the supporters put so much into it. But you always have this threat of relegation it is it's really it's typical for. Four for -- -- that aren't used to say the European game to understand. What relegation really feels like because it really is it's it's it's exhausting. I'm -- Part of reduction glad that I -- to -- -- relegation anymore now that that -- out -- you're about how do we get promoted which is which is actually a nice thing. -- relegation is so exhausting them. What's get back on track start. That's OK I love France you know how I love -- sites let you go maybe I just let you go look at bomb we didn't finish up the Southampton thought -- Luke shop moving to Manchester United 1920 years old. Very promising some people said he was -- the best defenders in all of the Premier League last year yeah. Is this move is going to. Be what puts -- just united back over the top. No but it's a move that doesn't pushing them in the right direction. -- they need they need several moves. They got old very quickly and and daily you know again unfortunately with the with David -- saw. The issue isn't -- the issues that they had really came together at at at at the worst possible time. And sir Alex Ferguson got out of the right time to be honest with you yeah you know what if -- always -- you look at all the pieces several -- You looked at Rio Ferdinand who just left off on -- free to to our QPR you look at. You know against some of their most established players and starting to show their age and dot. And you know again you. They still have talent. But date you know I again I. I think Manchester United are probably still a year away from being Manchester United again this helps. This helps and and obviously the new manager coming in who's gonna bring in I've I'm sure are huge amount hotel won't help. But but it shelling year one is it's gonna take a lot more than just -- shots a lot to get them back. That's just my feeling on it. Island let's. Couple more wanted to talk about -- Before we finish this off we had two more players on talk about we'd obviously have talked about him Louise is transfer over to -- PST yeah a little bit for record numbers for defender -- which -- which is absolutely the dumbest god damn thing I've seen it. -- -- He is not a very good defender he doesn't even wanna play defense -- he wants to be a box about holding midfielder -- -- Why this much money he's not acknowledge he's a marketable and -- an overly marketable guy he is marketable but. Really -- PST dueling. It's not like -- stiff competition in their -- It's you know again I look at PSG in -- and I are friends -- that was important yesterday. And disappears she's been saying okay we're gonna beat the Yankees took -- we're going to be Real Madrid. And we are going to clock. The best now we can find and and he's been named -- distant distant that this is based on reputation because. -- the defender. -- and I'm here to tell you he's not a great defender he isn't quite -- wants to be in the midfield like you said. He wants to be a box to -- quiet that's what this guy is. And in this -- he does not want to be a defender and you look paying him all this money because of the because you think he's a quality defender it's really. If it it's just it's it's ridiculous money being -- being spent on a player that doesn't deserve it he does not deserve that. Type of our transfer -- it's it's ridiculous principle one that. Doesn't that just tells me that money gets spent -- -- crazy. And that and that's certainty just just aren't really. Doing their due diligence because he -- due diligence you wouldn't be pinned -- a lot of money for this -- you pay in half. Finally that there you know obviously -- left. Chelsea. And we've seen what they've done and they've brought in some high quality players. And -- us from Barcelona. He's returned to London this time with Chelsea yeah. Is this the move on top of Diego causes this to move is gonna give them the premiership again. It could I mean they should be favorites -- along with the Manchester City and and you and we've already talked about arsenal. Those -- media are are the three favorites but you know what. There there are many people of that that dislike -- I mean which strongly dislike we're all used the word hate marine you know I love me here. I do I just I I loved his if his whole thing is hold back and and I do think that he's. He's a wonderful manager I don't. And I think dead -- Bali now has to pieces he needs to win. And that's the -- -- I mean undiscovered gas is a move that. Then again I think has fallen under the radar a little bit because of the World Cup will -- it happened so poorly yeah. -- out but but I. Again if you're if you're arsenal support for the available facts you know why you're not happy with the Internet it -- again -- -- what. You know it's funny I IOS like about our so our arsenal -- big -- But I can't get picked off left to right by other big -- But that's because arson angered I really is good coach but I really think he's terrible. He he missed manages. All of these transfers. He. I don't think he's good a personnel wise up. I think he's kind of a -- I think he's a little too full of himself personal. As a coach to think he can get away with not having this -- talent. Well I hate to put the comparison that but I do see a little bit of a -- person I'm gonna do exactly dude don't do I can't do it. I thought I know you need to -- -- -- I don't got to compared to -- checked because reckons it's because because I concede that I can I can definitely see. Think the you know be out being -- -- I concede did you know the the type of hatred that at all of these guys -- but but again it's like did state they tried so hard to do with -- it off. I guess you could say it lasts because because they believe in their system. And I I can get to parallel between Bender and -- sorry I don't. Monks on of the pit but I. I know it's still a lot preview for the PO. We're obviously gonna get a little more into that as the season gets closer were still. I'm -- less than a month away. Two do you have winning. Pre -- your top three teams are gonna finish top three in the English from merely the sort. The cat I have I have Chelsea winning at. I used to I think -- is gonna win it I'm not arsenal makes the makes another like marquee signing which which again we're just -- -- I'd just I don't know in. There is there one major piece away from from not being able to lock to win it so so ominously Chelsea I'm gonna say man city. And I'll say arsenal. Analysts say at an all too liberal poll well and fourth and Hillary's once in Liverpool force. It's I just think that this year it's gonna be too much to overcome the loss Luis Suarez. Even know I'd like to see Liverpool. Honestly I want to little one and a lot of what you were aware -- when the league I'm gonna do that I just think -- it might be asking too much. To do it this year because without loss in Belmont system must -- to take. I really wanna see them make a marquee sign but it might be too late. A marquee signing up front. And I know they got low on and and -- made some good moves that they -- didn't make that really sexy -- as a goal I see what they're doing now. Well let me ask you know you don't you don't yet know we're reporting -- you know. Yeah up to replace Suarez in the and that's you know again that's that's difficult to do you out. If you could name one player who -- -- Big Ben who won't be deported to you know what this is the guy that can do it. The big guy and and money is no object because again they have huge amount of money. Odd that they got from Suarez said there's want to fire dead date you'd wanna bring into replace Suarez who debate. Well they are removed if you -- to move to Chelsea. All -- Diego costs that would have been cost but he -- before Suarez moved and I don't know. Someone out there that that's still available yeah. Know now about patrol. But it has nobody. There's one player talent wise -- temperament and was held -- no. -- -- Talent -- yeah. Every all the other baggage the job done I don't know I can't imagine dot. Happening but no it wouldn't but I'm I'm just saying tell -- tell -- of someone that could potentially be available you know what screw it I'm gonna change everything I just said. Liverpool go get Didier Drogba right now. Right now. Do we look at I'm get a -- -- removed I'm gonna go over to Fenway BO talk to someone in talks Tom Warner for the second time violent but it helped Tom they hate. He's a belt -- -- and -- get drug but it won't cost you know won't. The score unit and has -- schools. Let me ask you know again -- Lambert -- -- There's not a sexy name not a sexy you know he's -- all the player does not sexy looking either multiple -- that at -- -- not to Anglican diocesan review. You know again not present amounted to genocide -- isn't there. Over the brought up like Ricky Lambert is a planet that that again just scores goals brought up. Put any more than that they need someone you know again it is it's tough I look at Liverpool and and I would get storage. And I look at job. Why my point being on off. On the other -- certainly reviewed sterling. I look at the two of them and if they'd just you know again it it's -- is gone in and and it is probably the right thing to do. Word for John Henry and for which ports group. But they need to find someone to play that role you'd find -- Beckham played a -- maybe not as good. Then maybe you have something but that's that stepped up big hole -- it's just it's a big hole -- -- I would be taught him -- Liverpool for awhile. That it's in that I follow the most second would be probably Newcastle -- really do like -- -- you know let's middle of the road team I don't know why I like him I just do. I'll take a while I like them line from the movie goal. And boom. You receive a moviegoer I mean. Again that was all about it all you know long. -- Tuesday morning yes should -- this city mood yet. Again -- -- we've been talking about a fictional but fictional movie brought up. But yes dot -- I've actually kind of write down Newcastle a little bit because because of that movie but. -- -- New council Tapia they have all those. All of those players up and you know almost French players and not. You know they usually you lose a bit about them as well. But -- but they're Smart with how they handle things I've found it to be smarter than Mike to south phantoms of the world and how they. Deal with losing players on and replacing them and they have a pipeline to to France -- it's really it took a present to be interest. Well well I also find it interesting and of course I have to throw all references here because the manager. Our broad new council is a full supportable and not even though he -- the manager for. 400 just let down part of delight our I have to throw that out there that that you grew up being full support. -- deployed. Or. So we've talked a lot about livable would like to see them do and now we're gonna bring onto the show Joseph Allen. Liverpool midfielder. In -- is a little bit about coming -- play in America Ross you don't get to ask any questions. I'm sorry you just don't have to listen now I'm sorry that's because I did the interview yesterday and you work here. Think that there. But we're putting this all together to John's going to be joined the show right now Joseph will be here next week with Liverpool as they square off against Roma. Fenway Park. It's really really cool when they do this I really do appreciate and I really do love it especially -- at me live from Liverpool. Midfielder Joseph challenge Ohio are. Are you prepared for your trip to the United States. Yeah just about the incident on. Long time coming we've been looking forward it to rely on the players. Yeah I can't wait to get out there and get that sort of like. Do you like the idea of come to the states and trying to. You know help raise brand awareness for Liverpool in the Premier League. Yes and then knowing Jack about that opposed the so beautiful with -- The problems -- not to massive global importance. It cannot -- to the station and you know come into contact with those with the supporters is is -- well. No I think you're gonna have an experience to play don't ever usually have playing football. On a baseball field. Are ready for that. Hit and insisting on. Yeah it is essentially happens to be great but it's I didn't go on and so he would go over the guys that don't see the and we -- in an incredible place and they really enjoyed it is it's it was a good food that so much and yeah I think from. Conceivable some supposed. Have you been to the states before. And I've being a couple of times. When. They -- ages it was the most -- and -- play a game in. And that. But otherwise that to me. Well let's jump over to. Your team right now and and the big news that happened just a couple of days ago was. -- Suarez moving on to Barcelona. Do you still extra pressure now trying to kind of pick up. Some where he's left. Not -- to deduct extra pressure we appreciate it see he's -- each -- his huge. Player for -- You know as you know possible. Let due to move on and I don't know is yes come together. You -- you guys and is well. How themselves then and then kick kick start the season move we -- -- -- the buck and the last season. And you guys did have an amazing season last year and now we're we're pulling for you guys here today. Make that -- and win the Premier League title and have a good exciting running champions league. Are you are you excited for champions league action this year believe it's your first time experiencing it correct. Yet it he had that was. Another another tired and I joined the club -- -- to get a chance. Yet it's been -- competition I think in the club for people who premier pinnacle. In. Yet -- have a chance to -- and just from -- so. And -- it -- them under way and a -- system and this you know we could go one step. And that's the community that would be in incredible achievement. Absolutely absolutely would. I I talked to -- Russian couple about a month or two ago and I was thinking about this while talking to him. If you put together an all time Welsh national team. That the pretty damn good team do you have to think about that I mean they know the World Cup's coming up another four years and obviously you guys would love to make -- pushing. Be a part of that. Do you think about the actual history of your national squad there. Quote. -- Probably showed in some issues we've under achieved a little bit of the nation has the -- of the -- as -- we've had. I think we're. We're good momentum. You know present we call the play is like -- have found an arm around the -- in young players to other public gains. Yeah exactly. For the team that can. -- have a good qualifying campaign and -- him for his time to level. Absolutely it would be fascinating to see you guys. Participate in that. Final thoughts -- to ask you about. Over here in the states. Soccer football what everyone to call it has been growing rapidly. Do you like seeing visit this sport that you love them that you play. Grow. Exponentially in in another country like the United States that has historically kind of dismissed. The sport itself. Yeah is great this thing. -- guess they -- so well and the little cut themselves and shows given. An extra bases well. I think it is great to see on the right and civic club where do you know product so hopefully will will help continues now. And yet he you know from the -- the players too who got it to play at a moment British it is an attractive place to conflict -- -- well. Will we ever see you in the analysts. You know Dana and I just -- which deals but Joseph thank you very much for taking some time we look forward to seeing you next week here Fenway Park and for the international champions cup throughout the states. Thanks very much and thank you how good was that in the judges to vigil around. It was tremendous -- I'm telling you -- -- interviews I've heard yet. The cut at. Right thank you guys are listening yet again we're gonna keep. Cranking these soccer gas out for you guys is that I think we've established that we've got a small little following him and moon keep wanna talk to you guys and a you know we're gonna do some more stuff that involves you. The listener and maybe bring you guys in to join us for these soccer -- you know what will -- public does -- but we do little Twitter action here. We of people submit some questions -- and we didn't call them and have them ask the question on -- That's sounds like a really good idea so let's do that and -- will China set that up sometime at some point this weekend and removed from their thank you guys again for supporting us during the World Cup run we really do appreciate you guys made as number one for two straight weeks on WB -- dot com. Does very awesome on your part thank you guys again we really do appreciate you guys supporting us and listening to so keep it up will keep providing content for you. The soccer starve doing listener and you guys keep given us your feedback is up on Twitter. You follow me at young Ben WEI you can follow Ross Ross underscored Goldman you can check him out also on cottage to awkward talks all about. Fulham yeah. You can also hear him. Forced into patriots podcast. Yeah it actually -- -- -- excuse me I apologize patriots fourth and to do. So then you guys again we'll talk to you guys next week.

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