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What are your expectations for the Patriots in 2014?

Jul 18, 2014|

We discuss the (sometimes lofty) expectations for the Patriots in 2014. Is anything less than a Superbowl a failure?

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It's funny because we had this pocket 10 o'clock this morning 10:45 this morning. And we were gonna sort of begin the day to day with that a conversation about expectations for the patriots but the Red Sox in the second half of the season. And I'm listening to Christian last hour with -- days with -- -- of they're gonna win the super ball Michael. When the super ball. Well think. You can call Christian Fauria a homer okay. But I think. Most patriots fans agree with them so that means that. Does that make them homered in the making a realist is to make a -- genius as a make a patriots and he's got up -- he's got his finger on the pulse. Really think most patriots fans think they're gonna win yeah. Well I -- I don't feel they don't know about you don't think most patriots fans think the team is gonna win the Super Bowl and that's in that the standard. That the patriots are judged by the most patriots fans don't believe that. Then why would they say it's been ten years cents. The Super Bowl because the Super Bowl is the standard I can't say I'm upset about it or words there's some outrage all. You should step back and to smell the roses and look at all the good things that have been afforded to you you know. What they would do when buffalo. What they would do insist that you know. I can go there because. I think fans look at it that way and I think the team treated that way to -- Everybody's -- of expectations are part of life but there's a difference between. Knowing what success is for you and there's no doubt this team not only based on history but. Three straight years in the AFC title game success is finishing success is going to winning the Super Bowl. That doesn't mean you necessarily predicted or expected if you're a fan and I think there's a lot of fans that are. A little bit dubious of the offense they've turned on -- a little bit. They now see him as a guy they can't count on that will not be there at the end because. In the last three years he has not been there in the end. And I think they look at the teams in the NFC and say. How -- going to be the Seahawks how my going to be the niners win. Julian cattlemen you have to be one Steve Ridley not a big mouth but but that the problem is they both heavily defenses that's the problem you both. Facing an elite defense and that weapons on this team without Bronx and now that we have word that. Aaron Dobson is probably going to be slow to start camping who knows how long that takes you know may be starts this season and PUP after being booed all offseason. Where the weapons where's the offense coming from this defense better be damn well great -- they're gonna need. My yeah my philosophy of life not at all -- crafts go ahead go ahead you know -- that I -- that I of stitched this onto a -- or anything but my philosophy of life is. Whatever you want most wants he'll. And and I truly believe most of the time that's real. -- got to be realistic too I mean I may want to dunk a basketball. Why doesn't wanna go out lets get real -- you know I don't know -- this -- so I'm just saying. I I agree that everybody has goals you should have lofty goals you should you should try to attain the ultimate goal. Which about it got to be realistic and if Europe patriots man you may want a Super Bowl championship in the worst way. What is it realistic -- let him. It was CB if you if you talk about you dunking a basketball. Yeah that's that's a -- very realistic now it's unrealistic and it's never happened and you're not in contention. Four for dunking a basketball was ever happen on a ten foot room I'm sure -- dunked a basketball it lowered. Under -- but before the tape might -- little plastic late goal rim it's not like you're talking about. -- Oakland Raiders. You know this year saying hey we're gonna win the Super Bowl this year what you do last year and -- forty year were you for your report. That doesn't make a lot of sense for the patriots as -- said. You have been in the AFC championship game for three consecutive years with not like. It is just totally crazy. That you think the patriots would win the Super Bowl I don't know I'm just too early for me to say that yet but but Christians saying that. Is not the most outlandish. -- anybody can say about the patriots and here's the other thing I would ask you guys -- you think some guys. It's probably more immediate thing but for -- -- think some guys and girls shy away from. Saying the patriots can win Super Bowl because you don't wanna be accused of being homers. I definitely think that -- look at I'm sure somewhere in the back of my head it's probably there. But I've got too much recent evidence to go by and it shows they didn't have enough to have won a Super Bowl. And I've got too many question marks about the health of their second best offensive player. If you if you if there was some way you can give me some medical you know yes Rob Gronkowski will be helping when the playoffs start. I'd probably jump right in there with Bob May and I just don't believe that's going to be true I just don't. And the funny thing with me is I actually think they may be better suited to go to the Super Bowl this year than last year for the simple reason that. The Broncos have a very difficult schedule they play the NFC west. They have had some major changes that. That offense well first of all that offense was historic so it's not going to be as good don't like it was like oh wait for the patriots no matter what your offense was not going to likely be -- good. So you take those things two things into account they're likely. Down a notch so they may not have home field advantage of that game in January could be in new England and I think that would be huge victory for the patriot because I think. Peyton Manning is good as he is now has a little numeral for an arm we sought here last year during the regular season. So I think there's. Maybe it. An easier road for the patriots to get to the Super Bowl but I just see that NFC in those defense is and then I get back to what dale said how much scoring against Seattle San Francisco. Carolina has a great defense that that can -- people. I'm -- not tell me yesterday -- stadium amassed and one held the game -- what you told me yesterday. You thought the patriots would be able to Muster up some point without growth and I was very don't know -- -- just the opposite. I said -- -- I think they're pretty good offensively without -- I don't see how they're gonna score as much a year ago he was a full touchdown difference in the six games he played. A touchdown more they would they weren't good offense with him -- Brady I believe had three of his top five passer ratings on the season. In that stretch of six games I believe he had like four of his top six. Completion percentages in those games the evidence is just. You're IC at the stats see it defensive coordinator see it everybody knows this offense is. Very good when they have the best tight end on the planet on the field the problem is. It's very questionable without him and Dobson was a guy that I think. You know -- -- check told this show. Late last year in the winter early spring whatever was raved about. You know the second -- receivers in that year to jump and how much they're looking forward to working with them -- We're working with Aaron Dobson this offseason basically meant rehabbing a foot injury he's been in a -- for four months and their questions about when he's going to be on the field. So some of that hope that you had in the winter. May already sort of be chipped away at and I think there's legitimate reason to be concerned about the. Yeah -- Medicare they are game changing offense. Or or they just have. A major major advantage. Match. Mismatch. When you when you have -- and -- now with our ground. I'm not sure what the identity of the team is is that. In -- Tom Brady trying to make tried taking these receivers decent receivers and making him look a lot better than they are. Or is it Tom Brady saying okay my turn around here and and give the ball to read it to Ridley on this one. Not gonna turn -- -- the ball to serene moment -- delivering here. Thousands of -- left right. Well I I'm not sure who they are without -- commit to get to -- -- offense. Well at the hardest -- -- or or cattlemen against him is it cattlemen's offense but part of the problem there as it was settlements offense last year basically it was cattlemen and blocked. Or blunt is now playing for the Pittsburgh Steelers an element was the offense in the first year that he ever stayed healthy -- his career and sort of took over that role that's the little. Part B of -- without grown kids. You don't know who's going to be there because Steven Ridley has been productive 1000 yard back. -- and a guy that for some stretch of every season puts the ball on the ground regularity in finds himself either on the sidelines or inactive because of Shane Vereen. Has shown the ability to make plays he's also shown an inability to stay on the field like he was last year when he was on my IR for eight weeks or whatever that was. Danny Amendola can't stay on the field can't stay healthy can't be a reliable target for Tom Brady Aaron Dobson has gone down that road so you don't even know. What the weapons are going to be even if the worst case scenario it's and -- is now there there is. Almost nothing that you can rely on without any assurance other than I guess if you buy in that -- is now Wednesday helped. Well I'm gonna come to the to the defense though. A what -- my favorite MF's. -- And that would be Christian -- allowed just loved playing. Everett and maps and he is key there either way America -- and I -- think totally dead. And don't. And -- and don't expect to have that putt around this thing around with what you put a common and that MF three. -- It's a whole different story. Showed the man who put the -- in MF. Christian Fauria. Reason. Really good reason for remain out of -- on the radio bigger reason for us and you don't edit garrido and that the patriots the call the patriots as a verbal team. You pick up Darrelle Revis. To pick up Browner. You have arm and you think he's gonna have it better seasoning at western -- was bad master but she's expecting proven. And the return events and Tommy Kelly and Jerod Mayo yeah yeah you you've got a pretty good pretty unit unit and they have. Chandler Jones who continues to improve and got Collins. So. Aren't you at least excited. About this being eight top five defense and. I am intrigued. I'm not sure I'm excited yet and that the biggest word I think you used in there was if and I've tended to learn that when you say -- about a sports team if this happens if that happened. You usually go about 5050 on the -- Some good some badly whatever it if it's if -- social space help right well we have some of those on defense if the entirety of the defensive line basically states helping Kelly. -- -- -- yes you probably have a pretty good center of your your defense. If you're defensive -- stay healthy because they played every game last year okay -- you're decent at defensive end and -- Chandler Jones takes a jump. Well if Jamie Collins is the guy that played the colts. More often this year. Then he was the guy who had eleven games with two -- fewer tackles as a rookie OK he's an injection of youth on the defense but what if Jamie Collins isn't ready to start on a weekly basis and what if Iran Harmon who started three games a year ago. Isn't ready to start sixteen games and what if Brandon Browner who lost his job with the Seahawks prior to the suspensions and issues there and would not likely have won that job back -- stayed in Seattle. What if he's a back -- corner and what if he doesn't like moving around the defense never looked around in Seattle well guess what. Darrelle Revis is matching up to -- probably moving around the defense both sides what if he can't do that. There's a lot of ifs on that defense that everybody right now and and Michael strike everybody assumes it's it's a top five before this is gonna be a top five defense. Well I think that's a little early assumption. Bombed out Michael in the wind -- -- -- your if stuff bombed Michael right out now -- know what it's like to live from buffalo. Yeah. We're not -- I don't know what we're talking about is a team that will win its division. Will be competitive in the playoffs and likely advance but will it. Live up to what you have said is the measuring stick over the last fourteen years. -- suitable if the super bold and there's going to be some sort of disappointment especially. You're predicting a Super Bowl -- to start the year always been Super Bowl favorite but one Christian Fauria. Who just happens to -- pre season broadcasts on crafts sports network. Picks them as the favorite -- this latest now. Yeah yeah yeah that's that's fair right and I'm sitting here wearing his -- calls weekly and also happens to take part in that same broad guess at an -- out of network anywhere when he in the staller and Waldorf thing atomic how there. Oh because -- also. -- -- that broadcast. -- gotta go the other. Other way just because. You don't wanna be Hughes now I just think they're gonna lose a suitable -- that's what goes for negativity patriots nation they're gonna lose the super ball that's what's gone -- and decadent abstract. Jerry Norton would be bitching me out right now fewer year. Look I I we do have Loftier expectations back to that -- again. If you're eight patriots fan -- patriots. -- media member you have Loftier expectations than almost anybody else in the NFL because this team during the course of the Belichick Brady era. Have proven that those expectations are -- If I think like -- That they are one of the favorites to win the AFC and go to the Super Bowl. I don't think they're good enough to win a Super -- very negative and think about that very negative but there are people who think that's negative kept it in 90% of the cities in the NFL if you sit well I think our team's gonna win the conference championship and get the Super Bowl maybe lose. -- said sign me up today. Why would you vote why what I don't understand is. You might as well say you don't think they're gonna get to the super people may once the team gets in the Super Bowl to predict a Super Bowl loss before the season I think is designing the NFC is a lot better than say. I think the go teams in the NFC are a lot better than the best teams in the yet I clearly don't offensively you know last year it -- it snowballed you know you have the Broncos in the Seahawks. And it just got out of control and got out of control pretty fast. But do I think across the boards of the the four best teams in the NFC. Are are dramatically better than the four best in the AFC and things are not the best team in FC last year. Go by the score of the game if you wanna do that say yet NFC's best last year a lot better than AFC's best but. Eagle two verses 23 vs 34 vs for the that result was gonna happen. I don't. I don't think -- -- -- yeah I went out of Seattle was better than Denver -- in San for an Cisco. Would -- be in New England not like debt of some sand like that and I -- horse -- Cisco would have beaten New England Sampras is go Seattle is a great rivalry. And they played out classic game there and NFC championship games it was awesome. And including the Richard Sherman punctuation at the end. But this -- all you know this and you hear it all the time press conferences more than we do it's all about the match -- each game is different. You can't play of the game we'll -- every Cisco lost barely this Seattle -- New England lost by ten to Denver therefore. -- if you takes the Jefferson score vs New England. They're gonna -- about this like -- problems at the matchup I don't see that's where a gallant about any imbalance that we remember the eighty's. Where it was a streak fourteen general -- in a -- was stupid. I NFC. Always anytime AFC would go there. -- sacrificial lamb c'mon c'mon up we know what's gonna happen gives the trophy now we have to play of the game but we know what's gonna happen I don't think it's like that anymore. We come back lots -- talk about the expectations. The baseball team in the second half of the season but the focus for the most part here to start. Is expectations. And how if you don't think the team is gonna win the Super Bowl. Are huge as being negative because their folks I've seen him on the text line already who just think Andy's being Nagin will be -- yankees pitcher they think I'm being negative. These are going to be even in the -- -- game going you know until -- warmed up is warming up the -- game don't you worry. Michael Ali's house Darden -- -- -- the autopsy are as Michael Holly's daughter Bristol. Indy art patriots football weekly I know that does -- Cecil wanna -- is sitting across the table -- -- Sports Radio WE yeah. It's one step at a long journey over the course of the season that you have to take and you know there's -- skip and it there's no shortcuts. And become excited to get back to that this is we've been off for quite awhile -- and not trying to get back to work. Patriots quarterback Tom Brady. Talking about getting back to work and that's what they'll do this week players report Wednesday. May well beyond the field a week from yesterday next Thursday which is July 24. I think for the most part. A lot of optimism and I'm optimistic too by the way my expectations are high you know Europe pessimist they are just a super they are just not as high as the Super -- OK but you guys explain this to me please. How do you pick eighteen. In July. Of bigotry and go to suburb on July that's once had a problem Kofi enough right but you but if -- -- shore. Picked in the go to the Super Bowl the start of the season and lose a -- Peter King like people that -- these predictions for. For their magazines and for their their special publications I don't -- an affair -- affair and do that. Are committing a fan would look at you know -- couple of top teams that are leading contenders to win the NFC you'd face. And say. Who this offense matching up against those defense will you ticket from tennis here you are you -- in Seattle order yes I think Seattle is the leading I hate and then I think San Francisco has a chance. Why is there an upstart teams say you think there's an upstart team. Caroline -- Carolina. Saint Louis in a tough time with Arizona they aren't happy offenses yeah ball and that is where I think the patriots can deal with Arizona or Carolina you know that could be it skipped beat Carolina I don't think this Patriots offense. As constituted without -- Is capable of doing a lot against good defense I think we saw that time in in time out last year theoretically Carolina Monday night jags and -- -- -- -- Okay you watched the money of course. So did they let go let overmatched against the Carolina Panthers I know they had their first option in the red zone was to throw to James Devlin that was going to be their their winning play nose against the -- can get. How old right but they lost the game it was back they lost the game they lost that against a team that had no offense the point is. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Hash -- -- the stupidity yeah that's my it's it's I'm gonna go with the patriot two or anybody else is playing Seattle in Super Bowl because is very difficult. To win. Back to back super doubles let him. Well let's -- get to the Super -- or our promise there there in the Super Bowl and you're going with the sole reason it's hard to win back to back even though they've done the hard. Part they -- that and tied vote there warned now know a and got a tough conference outings including cantankerous now. I don't -- the daddy can't be hard to tell -- and I like Poland. All men in all seriousness and ulcers is I don't know who's going to be -- make to Super -- but I do know. For Seattle. It's going to be really hard for them to give back there hey because what a way what do mansion back to back in -- salary cap league is difficult but secondly. Their division and then San Francisco Arizona and you guys -- in the rams. That that division and enough. Is going to be that whole attrition thing. And then the NFC playoffs will be difficult I'd seems -- -- hard and they probably won't wind up with -- home field like they had last year. There are different team on the road so. I think it's going to be difficult. Let me ask your question because you brought up the division that division -- the two top teams are very good. In the two lesser teams have very good defense is -- you said battle of attrition. One of the criticisms of the patriots pro war I don't know the last six years it has been payroll lot of bad and they win the AFC east there's no competition. They're not that there metal has not been tested often enough and with regularity in the regular season because of all of those he wins it sounds good doesn't it well and I'm just wondering. It sounds like a good story until you start don't you rather have the easy road. And not have your mettle tested until January. What I don't think -- I don't think they have an easy road -- -- -- you know these games in their division short games and alteration. Are not as challenging as NFC west and beautiful too. To argue anything else. But by that logic. They should get into the playoffs and they face let's say they happen to face a team from the AFC east like they did in 2010 vs the jets. In the playoffs should they just beat up when a team because they're metal. There hasn't been tested by good teams but to cap the AFC east and got the jets used his role over the and that didn't happen and it's it. It's really. Not a sound argument if you really think it all the way through. And also you think about the last three AFC championship game so they lost to December. They lose to Denver because they weren't tested in the AFC east -- lose to Denver because. Maybe they should have been in that position. Heard the year before they didn't lose to -- and beat Baltimore and up and do with AFC's beating Baltimore losing to Baltimore had nothing to do with their division I it's a great. Little narrative -- that it's great to blog about tweet about I just don't think it's it's rooted in facts. When I look at the Patriots defense -- and and I don't wanna hear about yards per game because I think it's over rated. Having Bill Belichick and still operating you don't care how many yards -- Iran for passport. I look at points per game. And the patriots were tenth in the NFL last year in points per game as a defense which considering the injuries on their defense I thought was remarkable. So a leap to a top five defense does not seem out of place to me at all now I and I I think a top five defense and I'm only using points now. I think -- top five defense is absolutely. A realistic expectation. I agree and am an offense I don't know I'm a public patriots football weekly shirt on which is easy now I haven't happened I think this defense could be phenomenal. You know we talked about all those -- but you've added. The best corner in football for the last half decade. And everyone knows when you have a great corner we saw firsthand when Aqib Talib was at his best. This defense was light years better than when he limped off or was limit. Now some of that early last year was against pretty bad competition. You know rookie quarterbacks quarterbacks were about to be benched cut. Out of the league all of that. But Darrelle Revis is an upgrade in terms of talent. And he's an upgrade in terms of her bill so that right there makes you better. And the other thing that I think really intrigues me about this defense beyond Harmon and Browner and just the physical. I think they've been trending towards more aggressive the last year year and a half. And I. Just from afar because I don't know for sure have been sort of giving up Patricia credit for that. More blitzing more stunts more gains or act in less -- act yes and we know that when you have a shut down corner like -- I mean hell. That's the backbone of Rex Ryan's career in New York I got Revis on the throw the -- you can you can accurate pass an up and we're just gonna embarrassed. They also more athletes up front. Dominique -- they drafted as a penetrator is a guy who's -- moving forward and disrupting the backfield Jamie Collins is an athletic specimen. Who wants to be moving forward and being a force as an athlete Donta -- same thing Chandler Jones year three jump same thing. So I certainly think you can talk yourself into. This has the potential not only -- -- a great scoring defense but just. Not Seattle last but a defense that's aggressive athletic flying to the ball taking it to the other team and we haven't seen that around here in quite some time. But -- you mentioned expectations. So let's focus let's focus on that and you tell me. What's the expectation. Guys what's the expectation. For the New England Patriots in 2014. I don't minus. Win the AFC. I think that's a fair expectation. Now how they do it as part of you know. I'm being swayed by LV it's that time a year every you know predictions are all -- now right and and Jamie Collins is the but you know song list to be a potential break out Pro Bowl spark. In his second season. -- just look at that and I say. Are you basing that on the colts game is that you basing that on. 'cause the guy was borderline irrelevant for about 90%. Of his rookie season. Even though he started half the year. He was just kind of out there and I'm not faulting him for that by the way we always do that. The vote the most recent example good or bad is what becomes their entire real question I can remember when I was growing up bill -- here. Was hitting bombs late September. Oh god if you -- -- that over 550 yet that he's gonna hit fifty home runs and it doesn't work out that way it never works are. Very rarely. Works out that way. And that's I guess what I'm a little bit hesitant to jump on board which is the fact that this is going to be just flat out but you know. Richard Sherman. Well you got to number one corners -- really Browner and other number one corner he could be on his only one of the top corners in football and you know you're gonna be the second or third best secondary on these -- Seattle yet you ouija boom LB. I'm just a little hesitant to jump in the pool with two feet on this defense being dominant -- Michael what's your expectation. I think is the same as the same and so Tom Brady leaves Brady and and Belichick. When those guys -- together. You expect. The patriots go to the Super Bowl win. That's what you expect only if they don't do that in the season as a failure so you've been disappointed for a decade. I'm just telling you what the expectation is here. Yeah I don't feel like it's in the same every year for a decade of in the only exceptions I guess would be. 2008. Where and when Brady is out so it wouldn't Brady is in there he got a healthy Brady. And you got Belichick with a headset. I think most fans. Expect the championship -- expect a Super Bowl. And in the -- all the common to all of the all of the conversation all the criticism. Comes from the fact that how can you didn't meet the standard it was Dalia you know play the Pat Riley speech again it's hard and even if you win. Three championships in in ten years or four championships in ten years whatever it would you -- your number that's still. Seven years six years or you didn't win -- via an. Everybody knows but doesn't stop the expectations from being there and they'll be there until those guys. Art a partnership anymore. Well we'll -- we'll see what fans think now we've given you what our expectations are and and by the way we're not trying to be. Pie in the sky were all trying to be realistic. -- I'd I really do honestly believe that I think that. If you could somehow convince me that Rob Gronkowski is healthy for the playoffs. -- to. I just don't have much faith in that expectations kind of a theme for the day. 6177797937. -- telephone number the AT&T a text line. And lord knows you party found that is 37937. Top Texas Holly's expectations. Are unrealistic. We'll discuss it with -- was we come up next Sports Radio WE yeah. At some. Is that -- three really good -- no. Three receivers. Brady looks like now. Looking -- all day surveys Sheffield -- to the end zone and broadcasting the ball -- catch. Patriots touchdown. I don't get to see Tom Brady -- and there's no question I I didn't do you think villagers pitched it. There I'll have political process that. The satellite was to -- Bill Lindsay and his scores. Well it is that time of year or nearly so well within the week filing of training camp and -- with a baseball season's gone couldn't get here quickly enough -- So let's see what your expectations are reasonable not pie in the sky not -- moralists expectations. You know not sixteen and -- went three more in the playoffs if you don't actually believe it well today that was called Michael -- Christian for expect those are although I don't think even Michael things -- warrior might be march. -- just the expectation. The expectation of this ballclub because I the you're pretending -- -- you're pretending like -- we're dealing with all -- so unreasonable. -- how can you even think that way. But that's but the reality is that's what the reality is when you have. The best coach in the NFL. And still a top five quarterback in the league and you've got a history of either winning the Super Bowl or competing. For that trophy that -- as Marty Schottenheimer -- competing for that -- Year after year OK and let's put this I'm I'm gonna tell you about something that I know nothing about. Doesn't stop me before. So let's just say focus on a valedictorian. Heck if somebody -- and you're on the valedictorian trackerless that your sophomore in high school sophomore junior. And you're at the top your class. And one day. You bring home. A couple of B pluses. Your report card. Now. You don't think too big -- are not bad. But they're bad for you -- at another student a C student brings home the -- you're celebrating. And that's what I did the patriots -- the valedictorian. They are either at number one or two or three in their class. You have heard them make that valedictorian speech before so that's what to expect Intel. Tom Brady decides that. You know he wants to being an analyst on a Monday Night Football work go up to Brazil. And just -- with with Gisele on the beach on flaw and that is the patriots are the team that wants to be the valedictorian. Hasn't been ranked number one in their class in. And their -- and not number one and a class but they're always in the top four panel army or top five right. They don't like -- felt when he dropped and student and he always expected Yad like fifteen people in high school class. That was sarcasm and sarcasm there right -- let me -- a sarcasm there. 6177797937. Let's kick it -- with chuck on the cell phone hey chuck I don't. Good good guys he's on younger. They got all the guys have changed your tune a little bit since the current program that. You guys that are not named Michael Holley are breaching the stupidity in the early this idea that. That -- to start a program that's unrealistic but it just 11 voltage. I think it's unrealistic to expect them to win the Super Bowl this year. Well how can save I mean -- -- -- -- the future future last two more injuries to key players -- -- team that I can ever remember. And this year they're better. You know in in in -- that it would -- breaking point last year hurt or watched or heard -- Well -- and -- Andy and I were just talking about this during the break they were ranked third because when Rob Gronkowski played. They -- off the charts they went to like 35 points a game. During this dead -- season as a whole including the gronkowski games they averaged 27 point eight. And I began chuck by saying. I have no confidence Rob Gronkowski is going to be available to the all the time -- -- also remember that points is is total points its defense 2.2. So when you get you know a scoop and score against the ravens in some of those things. Back in square sway your game and you really sways your number when you score 55 against the Steelers. Who Dick -- team jest. At a brain fart laid down whatever you wanna call it when you have a 55 point game -- -- your point -- that. -- -- -- we're even -- o'clock in those little game. I think it's still scored enough points for me to be aware that middle of that middle. That's probably -- oh god yeah. Notice saying they are not. A good offense or they -- incapable on offense we are starting as Michael said at a certain expectation -- competing for an AFC title or competing for a Super Bowl. To compete for an AFC title you may have to outscored the Broncos who had the best offense in the history of the game last year's Wes Welker that. Or to win a Super Bowl you may have to school or against a defense. Like San Francisco or Seattle that is thought of and has shown itself. The best in the game mean nobody ever scores -- those guys write and about ever so that's Paris well. Sarcasm in the dark as Yahoo! Music throughout these earphones on hiring. But -- people score on that happens you know that's fair but it's also fair to criticize. Where's -- gonna come from when you late last year. We're just throwing to Julian -- I mean it was like 60% 65% of the time Tom Brady would just drop back and throat Julian Edelman and when he didn't. He was going after such hall of fame weapons as Matthew Mulligan and Matthew Slater and Michael Oldman -- -- Reich I -- that all. I think I think the idea. The start the game pass attempt to Matthew Slater on the -- everybody. It's like why boarded that I mean I know you like this the shock factor. I don't like to surprise the other team but where did that come from you know usually -- do something like that. When you're an underdog -- when you need to when you feel like you need to do a little something outside of the norm the 07 patriots weren't necessarily do that. You know the the 2000 ravens weren't gonna be running all these tricks you know they said. We do what we do as Bill Belichick said. Iran the 34. Cover -- for like eighty 1000000000% of the time when he at Lawrence Taylor is your Rolen out you win. 61777979370. Jays up in Portland -- TJ I don't. And yet. My -- our -- out of this by saying I I do understand that Bill Belichick knows more forget more about football by 8 AM I'll ever know. I didn't over achieved for ten years he had been a victim of don't expect -- -- why. But the criticism I have of him that kind of that's what you are saying India it is inability to adapt. In game plan that parents frustrate me especially in the corporate title game. You say that they were. Gearing toward the more aggressive nature -- you know last year I didn't -- -- in the conference title game never put that whole game. It was clear meaning that it's in the back there -- not in 67 degree weather. I was very frustrated by our and we make adjustments rates are at the front line need help we gotta start on the blitz packages. Yet that's a fair criticism because they never sniffed him all day long but I think part of that is when you lose your top corner your top cover guy. I think you're a little more hesitant to go after we've seen that too well. The numbers that did they. I guess we can we can break down. You know the snaps at defensive snaps from that game I think they did blitz on what the percentage -- they sent some they never got there yeah I don't know let's outages they can get there. Right and is it fair to say that if if you have a lot more confidence in the coverage capabilities of your secondary and especially year to new quarters this year. The -- much more likely to dial up those bullets I don't know about your preacher. Those guys can cover guys down and we all -- all the talk we've heard this offseason about manned coverage in Revis and you know the pass rush guys talking about he gives us that extra half second. I will be stunned if they don't man up. We've all across the board and send more aggressive front this year with more regularity that we. A beast. Here -- I just think in that game in particular group callers frustration I think a lot of people are frustrated watching that game. Even if you know the Peyton Manning can dissect a defense he can diagnose -- -- which -- doing knows where extra guys coming from a knows what's created based in your pressure. You have to you're in a desperate situation because. It wasn't working it wasn't working that your your best chance was to. Try to put some pressure on -- have him and have them make a mistake or just get an area ING -- punched the ball -- something because. When they -- snack zone. He was he wasn't touched on -- he was touched all day. And it was able to sit back and and -- may -- wasn't thirty yards downfield but. You know fifteen there and fifteen air Saudi get -- on one play delegate and a cup on a couple plays because. This is -- this is adamant that challenge which are which are which are presented to me. Do I have to wait till the end of the show to fight techsters are connects right to -- Have to I went on. What -- pop up -- a -- it would let you read it I think they want him to not read I didn't know it was physically possible to listen. To sports talk radio. Without the ability to hear to have years because this is clearly -- -- person who just -- the show ripping -- and back they just don't listen just back I know I you're not allowed to fight still don't tell it's Friday. This just might make another appearance before the day is out six months that's. Six foot 77797937. And nine guys who have been out their sending text of the shorts and at its mind about at my. 617779793. Sevenths telephone number. The AT&T -- lions 37937. We're talking about expectations. But Fridays are those days where we kind of are all over the map -- you're welcome to add in some other things as well. It's -- Hollywood -- heart patriots football weekly Sports Radio WE yeah.

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