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Hail to the Redskins? Is it time for the NFL to mandate a name change?

Jul 18, 2014|

We discuss the nuances of the effort to get the Redskins to change their team name and whether or not its the correct move for Roger Goodell and team owner Daniel Snyder to make.

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We're -- threatening to I don't know I don't even care. I I I I do think that if there's a certain. Reprehensible. Aspect to a that I am I'm -- we joked about it earlier. That you know Christian and -- on the broadcast will the patriots first pre season game. Is against Washington. The Redskins and we're having CBS saying they're gonna leave it up to their commentators. Maybe it is kind of decide whether use the name whatever. I just. I find it hard to to think that I'm gonna talk about that football team for three and a half hours on some Thursday night. And that's eighteen and if they're watching you name it's the team name. It's not my job to change the name that is Roger good job George John -- I think it's time to change and that's fine. If it gets changed I would -- I'm not gonna hold out and say no they're always going to be the Redskins to me I'm not gonna call on the Washington. What Evers but. As long as their team did the league that owns them that that it's one unit. Calls them the Redskins the commissioner has not changed at the owner -- Isn't that their name. The Washington Redskins would have would have their screwed up though on the -- there wrongheaded. But -- everybody wrong headed the owners Roger Goodell I don't I may have -- wrong and -- -- -- wrong but we've learned that when you're an owner of a franchise within a league. You you don't work on your -- you can be out at any time we learned that the LA clippers and if they wanted that name changed. Bettany would be -- -- that's that's a separate thing I dissing any anti American tell you what to do clearly but. Are you do have options like -- -- three hours during the broadcast on muscles to do while you have a three hour broadcast. It's going to New England. Uh oh we've pretty much care 859095%. Of the time. What's your take is on the New England football clubs correct Sosa -- going to be talking about Washington. The entire game and if you if you want to you can just call them Washington. But my point would be I would have to think to do. Because for my wire life so it's -- in and you don't read against corner Redskins quarterback -- rates running back at Iowa State at white Hart it was -- I would have to actually focus on. Don't say Redskins don't -- in Washington RG three is the Washington quarterback he's not the Redskins or don't say -- And I just feel like until they change the name that's the name of the French. -- and they may not changed. And -- not that's how I think I think they -- and to be honest with -- and now gotten all the people who don't like. I've said this I July I don't feel strongly about it but I think that your -- I I think it's offensive to people I think it's just obvious. The name. Is the conjunction of red -- -- -- it is directly talking about skin color it's not. The Indians where you can are right that is not very no argument there is no argument that. You know I went to high school that is the Indians that's different then read. Skin it it is just so obvious to me. Now again I don't care passionately about it but I think it's up the NCAA has holed the University of North Dakota. That they cannot be the fighting -- See I think even that that is not as obvious as Redskins. They can be to sue you can be done -- -- is about to fight. I'm just saying that's what the NCAA has told -- I -- but to me there is an argument for the fighting -- there's an argument for Indians there's an argument for seminoles their. All of those have argued any of those Redskins to me is the one -- it's just it's just so obvious it's laughable. Now I can -- in Snider sighed okay is tradition it's always whatever. But I also say the flip side is. Let's majors he was so the second they become the Washington whatever. Mean there's going to be a lot of people that now have to buy their RG -- -- Jersey at a. I don't think. I don't think they changed -- -- change their name and he still the owner of the team. I may change their name. Any won't be the owner of the team -- I had if he does he does not want to do that I've I've seen enough I've read enough. From him. That it is just one of those things it's non negotiable. As far as he's concerned. Michael what's your opinion should say it's. Or should -- change and yes. -- I would change that I -- I would tip. But what Daniel -- buy into when he bought the Redskins. My guess is he bought into a rising tide that was called BN FL wasn't buying that name right it was part of an accurate he's probably just put bodies of but he loves he loves that team and and loves that still -- the -- still have a history. And he loves that the -- likes the song that they had changed their song right. And seeing them now and again and Andy you've hit the nail on the head the other people just don't seem to grasp it. A detector uses yet dale what about the KP chiefs -- -- Chiefs is not offensive action it's right -- if the cheap Hewlett -- it is not the same or we are not saying that all Indian names. Should be outlawed you're exactly right the seminal this fine but he did -- in the Cleveland Indians -- fine. And I like mascot very much and I understand if it didn't yeah but there are layers are that brought Redskins want to me just beat Cuba. It's red and it's in it's it there's no greater. Seems pretty clearly too but at what I was -- that and how does that well it's. It's not black and white. And and I and I also love the fact that if you're not offended you and I mean you won't -- You listener AA is not offended ute Dexter -- is not offended. The nobody should be. Offended by that well. I think it these things go through goes through cycles and I know what there was. Washington it's almost that -- Washington or you purposely not thing. Oh yeah I got an app for both of them after years ago I heard. Yeah like 34 years I think it's it's every -- -- at least is it's a ridiculous name it's ridiculous. But. It this is not the first time it's hot now to hot topic. But it was a hot topic for awhile and then sixties and seventies and and -- and they kind of took a break for a while when they were good. And usually that's when you get more criticism when they were good name when -- three championships under Joseph Gibbs. I think really hear much of it. Then -- comeback lately. So they may they may survive it you know and Dan Snyder. He made his weight around and until. Some lawmakers move on to a different topic different passion. And we'll still be talking about this fifteen years from now twenty years from now into the text -- who says chiefs can be derogatory. I don't -- -- and I think again you know I have a lot about this. And and part of it is average everybody goes to. And this is the kind of the annoying thing about these these types conversations these types issues. Dan Snyder goes to native Americans who are on his side. And then there are native Americans who were offended. By Dan Snyder in his native Americans than they tell their side of the story so. I've heard that chiefs can be offensive as well. I've heard insiders say that. He took a poll and and and people weren't offended by and he's got letters people say don't change in name. Then on the other side their people say change the name it's awful it's terrible. I you know I really don't know that you could probably. You could probably talk to somebody who will tell you exactly what you wanna hear. On this issue. And to the text -- who says Chicago Blackhawks is the -- now it's the same as seminoles. He is the name of a tribe of Indians. Like Florida seminal says it's not offensive in the least and I don't in -- he's at a best -- win hockey might but I don't believe we said they were definitively not offensive. It was just not as clear cut. Now you could argue that there's debate and who does -- offend and small groups what ever okay that's a separate issue. I just don't see the issue with the Redskins in anyways you can argue that it's not offensive to some people somewhere. Other than the argument that they try to make I guess which is wallet spend their for sixty years. That that's a different I don't know -- was sixteen -- a lot of things happen that aren't allowed anymore 6177797937. Is telephone number dale and Holley an IndyCar ride back to the call sports red. WEEI. Hello. Plead the fifth that's honorable and anyway. Students like the idea. If all your skin is if you're -- somehow tied to the other nickname of the skins then fine -- that's that's fine but this isn't. There is a joke there I now and you'll leave it alone. Thank you can somebody explain it to look -- in the room after which it. Both kids. He is getting that you just gave me dancing I still don't get I was trying to help. I'm lost. 61770. So I was telling -- have an awful awful nice. Phyllis in Peabody hate filled ideal. I don't let not let your sister station at the end of the committee for the red Redskins. Its main -- they anticipate instead. Statement read before they went to battle and exactly put -- what gave you go to battle. So out to be Robin and. I'm -- I -- all the respective whoever we don't have a sister station but whoever it is listen we do have a sister station templates aren't thoughts. And we have a sister are we on all was that he should that sister station be like our London station where across the pond on Somalia. -- like WA AF. I cast -- sister hears this I guess and you. What you know about the ecosystem they heard that oh you weren't around for assistance matches here hearsay and and and it -- says it wanted to educate yourself dale -- did. The beat teams started as the Boston Braves they were playing at braves field here in Boston. The following year they moved to Fenway Park in the owner of the team said. Well we can't beat the Boston Braves if we're not playing -- rates field anymore so we got to change the name and he did to Boston Redskins. That was it. There wasn't some you know historical. -- you know we're where we want to honor the men preparing for battle it was when playing in braves field anymore. So now will be the Redskins. That was it wasn't anymore deepened philosophical than that are Craig's on the cellphone I -- Then then why don't we didn't get any more to ignore opt gold. I mean -- you know if you look look a little bit deeper into jail. And you'll get a quote I am actually drew a logo are locally based on. So it adds a nice weekend and I hope. To the Redskins. No -- no we are trying to disparage anybody. With our team and myself and they've dealt with. Well our team and you know we usually you can drop oracle. We don't even use -- back off. Wonder why why why do you drop why do you drop the name red. That Michael Holley at an African American and what you Obama then get it up by the -- by that that didn't end up you adding. You acronym stood for your field and -- have been taken off that album covers sure. You know strong opinions quite important. How -- not an opponent you know what enforcement and when he. -- went -- public outcry that Michael. What are you know -- but it. Could. I don't. Yeah you can quiet you can buy it -- -- that is why they listened but that's that's that's ridiculous argument because. Look don't look don't look if you don't wanna feel it. No -- -- not about wanting to see it it's a ridiculous as this does have a conversation. It's a ridiculous argument to say because you can buy fill in the blank. It's not offensive you just ahead. You are -- you're you're a fan you're a fan of the team that we're talking about you can buy a Jersey you can buy helmet. But it's still offensive to somebody so I -- doesn't. Whole lot certainly -- what does that mean. I don't answer. No answer. No. I guess I should let them. That's account out when I got I don't like that that the -- -- say it's something that contributes more. What I should have started with my old it was simply. If you don't like it don't look. That's possible. That's possible or if you don't like it and there's enough public pressure. Your favorite team may have to its name changed -- if you don't like it don't look so these people should watch NFL games because they might act you know see something that's offensive to them. I -- I apply for you know from my standpoint I'm happy I have a nine year old son. Who did that -- the chocolate skin has never meant anything offensive to all part of what. Eighteen would refer to enter into you'd never you'd never know -- any other way you never know the total auditory. -- Craig can I ask a simple question and I'm not -- in a Smart Alec when I say this out if if if you're nine year old son. Had a classmate in school who was a native American would you tell your son it was OK to call that person -- -- What cal it's okay or APD Ed would you say that's okay because it's not a derogatory term deal. I I just asked do you think it would be OK if your son did. Question. Yes that is that class. As -- -- a fellow fellow nine year old -- dollar and Arnold said -- You're. At that answer questions on nine year old says yes you can comment so then what you said. And -- adamant that same total truth and worse let's let's let's roll now the Edward -- example. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- But I -- it altogether yet. I don't know I don't know actually it isn't we've just gotten thrown -- a way to hang on a second we just got through this word -- on a second we just got through this in the NFL last year where the use of the N word. By black players. White players approved use by black players with white players white players black players became a major issue because not everybody agrees upon. Just because two people agree upon it there's 53 other guys in the locker room that don't. There are veteran players who have come through the Anthony pleasant and Andre Carter's that are not okay with NWA. And using the N word for reasons that -- Comfortable with them so it's not a black and -- -- -- stated again it's not an issue that's as simple as he told me I could. And like that. One important question or one point nine year old and you'll correctly and then I asked you the same question in -- apple application or not gonna get there that -- That's where I -- and ultimately get America where blesses if we think that it's it's not a good time. Because you're thinking too much about it. -- all while walking up and we don't spend much ambient virtue of where you called it important tradition. In two aborted -- -- benefit him. Yeah I've never once. -- -- -- Even though the National -- you know logos right to the name and logo and it doesn't help. In the article Michael what attracted me to them as well optical -- -- out of coal. -- -- The guy in this day and Trenton -- dress him how could you -- you never. This all that we haven't they it's part of the it's part of the red as it's well within almost all the Washington culture. The funny thing is I don't feel strongly about this but when I hear the arguments from the Redskins defenders it makes me feel strongly about it because I've yet to. -- logical -- good argument you know he says I don't think about Redskins when I cheer for the team I don't think of as an offensive term. Well what if some native Americans do who are watching that game and they see people on -- you know what to get for an answer when you asked that question. Well there's something to offend everyone. Boca and they somehow track again again I've because I've seen it on the text machine already you'll find somebody who find who takes offense at every name. I I I I I guess the the Peta crowd takes offense that at the Detroit Tigers. I'm trying to -- I just feel like this is the defense of this is the slippery slope defense. They feel like -- you know that the PC police can take -- my Redskins what's next the PC police can ask me to stop doing this and that I feel like. It just. Yeah -- as I said earlier guys need to find. Anybody. To defend your side of the argument all day long so that's what you know Daniel Snyder said hey listen we've talked with native American to many native Americans. Have said it's not a problem hey look at this letter his letter I got the other day and it's not a big deal. And then he's there are those who are trying to get the name is outlawed abolished. And really taken it to a the political realm who's who have their own resurgence elect. I don't native Americans find this offensive I don't think you'll ever find. Just across the board there will never be fool. Unanimous decision. People who work totally offended by and people work. Who -- toll on board with so where does this and I'm thinking it's gonna have to be. If the name ever changes back when I said that if the name ever changes. That means we have a new owner in the National Football League something's gonna happen -- On Daniels and I -- -- by the way it would probably be a good thing for Redskins fans anyway. Six a new owner I mean 6177797937. -- telephone number dale and Holley. And any heart from patriots football weekly Sports Radio WEEI.

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