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'Ello Gov'na! Can the NFL support a franchise in London?

Jul 18, 2014|

Dale, Michael and Andy Hart discuss the long-term viability of an NFL franchise in London.

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In this may be the part where Andy has excused himself from the discussion for a moment. Which. Any heart pain may have to excuse himself from the discussion for a moment and -- you do that's trying to understand okay. It can't -- disagreed. Completely totally 100% with Bob Kraft. -- of course sure. That's fun I hear I disagree. Totally when he says the NFL should strive to have a team in London by the end of the -- I love it. Don't you love it. I think you have every right to do that Mike counterargument here would be before about corruption and is that Robert Kraft has been at the fore front of the growth in the NFL since the early ninety's that's fair virtually everything that has been any revenues -- that's a major decision NFL. Has Robert -- fingerprints on it. And I would say. It's hard to find too many things haven't worked for the NFL. And I would say it's hard trying to -- things haven't worked in business for Robert Kraft since he was basically laughed that for spending a then record 174. Million. -- a team that he's now turned into two billion dollar franchise -- says just one point eight go to our round. The -- -- up so I would say you're you're very much open having your own opinion and some might agree with you but. They usually know their stuff when they make a major investment and that's going to be an investment that's that's a big move -- I wanna I wanna hear I wanna hear why why you disagree with that I'll just say this. Is gonna happen out whether whether you wanted to or not it is definitely gonna happen but when your wife hated. I just think that it's an unrealistic. To expect I go back that word. It that you can keep competitive franchise that for a way I mean it's easy when they're playing the patriots -- the jets are with a giant cities OK it's fine. What happens when they -- Seattle what happens when they have to go to sentences and have some -- San Diego in -- back to back trips you stay out their for the two weeks like the patriots do on occasion but but they would theoretically have to do every year. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- What advantages did they give them I've read for instance. But you've got to have a different salary cap for the London franchise as opposed to the rest of the NFL I think that's an issue -- free agency. Because you know we've all done those draft day conference calls you know the patriots take. I've ever been to New England. Out and an Alabama. Well heavier -- England. Now you're crossing the Atlantic Ocean for some of these guys in your your draft that it's one thing. But who's gonna choose to go over there some might well when you -- would you choose to go over there I don't you think you would be a cool experience you don't think so maybe. But I think there are a lot of people that it's and -- net dot stalwart would wanna go there. Tom Brady might wanna go to I think there are certain types of people who like to experience things and see the world and yes they might wanna go there. But -- used the example coaching. If you're the New London team in your -- you know you need a new head coach will how many coaches wanna -- there and applaud everything that is encompassed with being in London -- Only so many jobs OK so I don't even. Yes -- like another of the other point the other points that you make I think those legitimate points and they do have to be dealt with but from a -- standpoint. It's your head coach in NFL whether it's in London or San Diego and that would be the longest trip eleven hours. From San Diego to London. Don't have coat and -- and a lot of marquee coach yeah yeah I think he could and the longest trip -- NFL right now is I think six hours. So London to new England's -- seven. I think you would have to -- I think you have to be Smart and you have to be Smart about. -- team's going to like every team that goes to London every year you would know you would know your bye week because. You go to London in week three your bye week is week four. You go to London in weeks seven year by a week as we gate now for for the London team is and he says and I think there will be a couple of situations. Where there bring in the operation. To the states. Four consecutive weeks or maybe even three weeks and training camp. You have to win figure out how that's gonna work may be your training camp is in this area is in the New England area. Where you're it and then you have -- you have a stateside. Base -- Because you have to put those receiving games you're probably not for traveling. From London for pre season games you gotta be set up here. In training camp and then when the season starts you're going to lend to your home base let. It's not perfect eliminated the perfect fan experience most fans love training you know there's there's -- hard core group of fans. I mean we see it every day of its -- -- thousands of people down there. Because it's free it's as close as you can get to the players in the action and I you've just taken that from a place where you're trying to build we're going to pair of -- -- your ripped it out from underneath. Okay so we're we're we're -- we're work in progress that's what would do is what we'll do we'll start training camp in London. And when it's time to play games we will move will break camp and more operations state side. For all the games to your original and wrote for the pre pre season game so all the pre season games here over here yes. Good why are they different than any other they'll travel to to travel on make it look the travel is is an issue and we can't get around it so you have to. You have to try to make it a little easier every opportunity you can pre -- a joke anyway. I think that's by the way what they're talking about having two teams over there. Did you double dips and for exist in the pre season. You could send two teams over there and play those two teams and you swap they played those two -- -- four teams head back to play their various stateside games. I think gobbling up I also heard that it's an idea that sounds great theory. And then in practice I don't try to figure route. All of the logistical issues -- I mean -- give you an example the the income tax in London. Is exorbitant that's one of the reasons why. It is then and I've read this gonna have to pay players more. A live there than if they're living in New York or San Francisco writes for the salary -- got to be different but London franchise has got to be able to offer the player more money. Because they're gonna end up with last either way and that's a slippery slope because every state. In America -- -- different taxes so what you're making a concession for him -- -- in London while you make that concession from live in Florida verses. I figured out how these guys it would have to be collectively bargained in that something the players association. And the league would have to work out there's so there's no doubt like. There there are certain issues. That you just can't get around I don't think anybody would say while you're in London and you have your challenges over there I have my challenges and in Chicago you don't they're not the same. We know what to -- We know what to different French and you have challenged but nobody completely different but the fact is this last that is gonna happen. The NBA. Is has he has global presence. And they won't say this in the NFL but that's how they feel they feel like they have a better game and they don't have the footprint. Overseas at the NBA hats so. We got a better game we got a better league. And there's the money out there for us to get why are we getting -- we have to start growing our game growing our brand internationally. We're going over there it will happen there's no question. But I would argue the NBA has a better foot hold in the world without having NBA team in Europe or Africa -- or any of those places. They have a better foothold because those places play basketball right and I would argue that the NFL which it's doing in any lot of places. You're gonna. Create football fans are getting grassroots interest in the game of football and then they're gonna have interest in the greatest level of said -- Love what they've already there but as you said they've already started that yet but it and it's a long process and that's why they say by the end of the decade. Six while they I think the plan right now is to get everybody fired up about the game of football. And you watch in 2019. And how we gonna start talking about our expansion London what what are you gonna call. Monarch now not the monarch has been done now so. I was in the world football they. We're only human -- will be there as you just don't mean -- been secretive Stalin. 6177797937. Dance and Attleboro hate and I think -- -- question what division would this team come from. He's idol ratings giant thing if they're from our division and I want the patriot that I have to travel one in every year and I know. Any -- that feel exactly the same -- Hey Dan how could you not have England and -- England. In this same division this is a rivalry rivalries we got the jets here in and we got to England. And be kind of ironic that New England would be the older. Football. England -- -- already had a team but New England would be field team get a horrible headache a call on the red coats and I know I have missed it. Think Bill Belichick hated trips one -- I really don't. I think I bet it would like if he had to go every year now I yeah I don't know that for sure but I think also some of these coaches embrace the getting away. On different levels and it's it's time now it's quirky you know they what's that they cross the street and had to walk through in Hyde parkers right now. It's quirky but. I'm not sure he hates it as much I think Robert Kraft would love it if they were in the AFC east and they were spreading the patriot brand in to London and all that. And it it starting at strong foothold there they have we have a huge. UK fan club. Over there I think they'd love it not only do -- not think that the NFL should expand to London. I think all of the league should look at taking teams away. We'll talk about that at the top of the hour on for a 46177797937. As telephone number Elena holly and -- -- Sports Radio WEEI. Text the code word subway. At 37937. Within the next ten minutes and you could -- a pair of spots in the subway Liverpool kid's soccer clinic on July 24. And Dexter -- school in Brookline train with former Liverpool players and coaches courtesy of subway train hard eat fresh subway. Text the code word subway. At 37937. Right now to be entered to win in mind the -- I'm simply London on Monday -- law. I have got to go under any online world I ever -- London -- good -- I never have always wanted to see it I wanna go back as the. It's a great it's a great city tremendous city and you talk about some of the challenges of having an NFL team in London. You know somebody at the London school of economics can do the same thing this guy dated. John Carroll university in Cleveland. This economist who's there and hey LeBron coming back to Cleveland. Little little resultant 500 million dollar boost to the Cleveland economy. Total propaganda so. Let the school of economics -- -- the Smart people there can probably say. In London only will bring two billion dollars until Monday and result in six billion dollars in. Talks more. I think it's I think it's it's an interesting idea idea and I think all of the the people have a problem with that. And have brought up the probable have brought up the issues. All valid points. In and they kept saying. They wanna have a team their by the end of the decade and you bring up this point in 2014. -- timed it to work out the cakes. And think about OK how would I answer this question and answer. And the arts questions about training camp or the distance from from New England Q Lundin. How to deal with how to deal with the salary cap issues that's that's why you bring these things up now and yet on the -- And I ask a Xena -- question. Sure why do we have to have an American sport one of the American teams another country really know why Chara -- Money. Because because the NFL isn't making enough money now you always try to tell -- more you always try to grow your game -- -- they'll try to find new avenues of revenue oh -- we've tapped out the American market TV market. Well there's a lot of people out there in Europe. Bowl TV and won my team in London is gonna tap all of Europe in two and I don't know. -- and like yeah we share our game why can't we you know we should do. We should do it does some of the soccer people do we say it's the beautiful game right data -- -- -- over there it's a beautiful game you don't know you I know you guys don't get it right now. But there are some subtleties are some nuances. That you just don't give it's got to stick -- Michael we talked a couple of weeks ago during that the heat of the battle in the World Cup. About how unrealistic it was to put a Premier League team in the United States it's just as unrealistic to put an NFL team in London. I don't think it's unrealistic to have your team -- and I do and it's you it's hard. It's it's hard but -- And is in the long term. Dream to have a full division there an awful calm whatever wherever goats and then and then -- Netherlands France and -- to another terribly afraid during. -- the -- during what in Brazil why. Like Audi a bed in the morning. I don't quite see that that comparison you're trying to live your life and grow and improve and make more money and experienced things the NFL is doing the same there is an untapped market to spread the gain -- in Milford -- your next on Sports Radio -- -- Well you guys know -- -- already named the not the London Schilling nannies of their team they've played them in in fairly. Yeah I don't think it crap but. I'm not sure that these silly nannies would sell a lot of merchandise that. I I think. -- the biggest thing schedule wise I think what it would come down Q. You'd have to have basically everybody play over here for the first -- preceding games and then maybe bring too -- teams over the -- have them both play the London team and or play a mutual away game. You know you got to consolidate bring your fund review and then for the regular season and get a player like 03535. Kind of thing where they played three -- fired back there are five back here three there. I miss all the way do you go about it would be Alitalia I don't know how much of local YU's. Fan -- there is for other teams out there it just seemed like every time we go out there. Everybody -- offered to securities I mean it just it just didn't like there's nobody it's kind of like here I have friends that are. Our Premier League guys but they're all spanned the different teams. Yeah imagine -- imagine if they had a team here. How that would that would bring some people together. And imagine and so so for people at Wembley Stadium wearing 32 jerseys. If you got your London team this is our team our city our team. Maybe 32 jerseys at Wembley Stadium goes down to fifteen to start. -- you've you've got something there and that -- they're not. Crazy in the NFL they don't know -- -- -- I'm not suggesting it ought to make money and they know where the money is in the fact that they keep bringing up London is not by accident -- I don't happen. Is there enough talent is fully stocked the 32 teams have now yes ailing no. Well there -- -- there's enough talent on our acquisition. There's not 32 quarterback yes -- Bolick -- in an electric 32 good -- and -- 32 did anything of it they're not thirty great point guards in the NBA. That you know. You can go and keep going down the list for any sport so why watered down more. I wouldn't say it's watered it's just been it's been active role hierarchy of things and any sport. One other -- you faced by the way and we've actually talked about this with as I said we have a large UK patriots in community there. Is. You have a small group of people that are would would you hope would be your foundation of NFL support there the trouble is there aren't tied to teams. These guys have made themselves into passionate patriots. They don't want to now become silly and had a all silly and so I want you almost need to start from scratch. Other than the group's view -- because they you know what they say well go see this -- -- when the patriots. Because we're patriots fans have been patriots and -- bands for five years eight years and years now. Where entrenched so there's another it's it's a minor issue but it's also another little under layer should there. The London palace. Now terrible wanna be as a mascot -- just walk around that -- -- it is patently how does something to do with big -- and and -- remove them. Look and maybe -- yet that's great name hill judge asked that I really bad joke that I can tell but I'm thinking and we appreciate you not telling it. Outlook maybe folks think that that that there's enough talent to do this I I actually think just the opposite you know you're number -- in -- -- Kate -- A -- -- go now.

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