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Fantasy Football Podcast July 18th

Jul 18, 2014|

As we inch closer to August the initial Fantasy Football picture is starting to become more clear. Today, Jim Hackett and Pete Davidson of Rotobahn.com review Pete’s most recent article on WEEI.com featuring 20 High Value Targets to consider. The conversation features a deep analysis on upside players like Justin Hunter, Aaron Dobson, Tavon Austin, Michael Floyd and Martellus Bennett. As well as a breakdown on three Quarterbacks including Tom Brady who should be strongly considered ahead of their current Average Draft Position. Get ahead of the information while these great Fantasy Stocks are low!

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This is the fantasy football. Thank you and Pete Davidson in the world. Does he flew home. Presented by a Mohegan Sun Bowl and don't. Welcome to the WEEI fantasy football podcast I'm Jim Hackett. Sitting alongside WEEI's. Fantasy football expert the chief. Editor and writer for -- dot com Pete Davidson Pete. Welcome to another edition of the fantasy football podcast I'm getting more excited by the day we're here in the middle -- July it feels like the draft is this a couple days away. It is true that -- that it thankfully it's not because. You know. There. I had a right up I could draft right now I know you could I know you're a good -- out we have to look forward to do in terms of political strategy article together and help. As much as we have the player pool lock down and I know you know this but you know right now ADP data is really in its infancy. In terms of 2004 so. You -- in terms of players market values I think we still locked -- so yeah the next couple which are going to be -- interest thing important however it was. Yeah its interest NBA could this just seems like you we talk about the slot but. Every year the the season starts earlier and earlier and earlier and I feel prepared to draft right now. And we're not even at the first pre season game yet they're really not even in camp yet. But there's so much activity is so much to talk about and you dove right in this week. With a couple of different articles that I'd like to feature and talk about here today. One of which is live up on WEEI dot com right now and it's the Tennessee football 2014. High value targets article the first one and you you look at twenty high value targets in terms of where people. In the whole draft universe are being taken in their average track position where you see good upside on. Yeah and I and I tried to throw patriots and the boat in the I think you probably know where if you go through it as a couple. Yeah -- mean to bring you a little. I don't know if -- necessarily a value at its current number but I just felt like in briefcase I feel like just the general bars on in the general. I don't think you hear people saying. I don't know I don't -- -- get enough respect. We'll just I Canada -- I got upset about it and let's bomb but you know I I think people are really. It's weird sometimes people remember context really well and -- sometimes for whatever reason people choose to just sort of discard context and Brady's. 2013. I mean gosh you you've got at least. Say okay Eric Hernandez gronkowski Yemen dole well at least so many things happen. And an ideal personally I -- pretty -- in a lot of ways one of his better years. I agree with the -- it's it's it's akin to like the 2006 season where they lost givens a loss branch. -- Ben Watson was kind of their big target he was an under performer. But if you look at like the a touchdown to -- deceit and -- ratio if you look at like. His completion ratio he was brilliant that year. And dumb you know people forget they just they got pumped out and indeed that year but and and probably and wonderful underperforming team. With some there was a guy who had that. The drop season in the big guys appreciate Caldwell is a pin number one receivers so I do like that band of you know bandits was who was -- pretty good and I agree with -- -- pretty. It's -- time though Brady hadn't become the offensive juggernaut right. That was pretty moss Welker. Three must welcome right he was definitely settled is. When people were like what's wrong with Tom Brady. You know what he -- fifty touchdowns. Would -- -- if you like last -- people see it differently if you bit of a recovery would never when you principles he was on sanity back operate. For the most part yeah. Like well you know I think I think he is his break out. To me was 03 when they beat Carolina in the Super -- he was so. You know only he'll break up but that's got a chance to break service to break up four years later. That's probably right so that I that's all I'm saying hey we're talking about on what I'm saying about -- total fantasy contest right. And I I just think that a lot of this to people. They only see the numbers they only few points that come through on game days sometimes and I think Brady the -- last year where you really got to watch the tape. And you have to respect all that extra work that was being done. You know yeah I hope this thing all the stuff they may not have been put -- all the things that the patriots may not have been able to put into weekly game plan because they were still teaching. And that too they were still teaching but that's not happening this year -- exactly but also to. Julie Edelman was their number one receiver at the end of the year going into the year but a lot of questions about him the questions were can I stay healthy -- he. Durable and -- is now the only question you and I -- right stale and nothing -- it was a surprise of it. Everywhere I think we're pretty out for an adamant that they've given he's one of our guys yet but I had. But to -- -- point I have zero faith that element to stay healthy because. You know the rest -- -- all these different -- And I think you know he's one of those guys where like Welker you have to respect his willingness to stick its base in the fan. Oh you know but that's part of the reason -- you know inevitable seem kind of guy communicate plays his heart out when he's on the football field. And you know it's weird because I don't know of -- since sought out last year. Because I think he was playing at a diminished capacity a lot of the time. And the patriots cannot under threat written on the -- -- the patriots aren't the kind of team that's gonna do that player. You know the PR hell they're not gonna tell everybody that haven't don't play -- oh god you know and thought I just don't try to say is if you played pretty different schematic but they're based might have felt like hey this -- really gut it out for us. But I don't think the patriots really threw that out there are -- a lot of people were just flat disappointed in him like yeah it's got the dog. But I think you know I think -- the growing thing. What about a third of the way through the year they go by memory here but -- to meet with the same after that the first he -- getting out -- who have seen -- in the. No question what is on the field Brady wasn't looking to -- Probably because he wasn't open as as he was the first actively against. But haven't or is definitely a guy this year and I think this is especially true of the interest to find a way to not. Where -- out if you can be a little bit more you know a little bit more political role -- He could make all the big plates he really could -- you got the smarts either guy that would mesh with Brady himself. And god. Yes no I think and I think putting Brady on this some high value target list is is Smart. Because of all these factors that that the biggest factor to me and down it goes back to an article that you put on wrote a bond. With the with the initial top 200. And so -- it just kind of frame it up for our listeners we're gonna talk a lot. Go in depth on certain players that I'd like to talk about I know you'll be ready to hit Pete on the EEI article that's up there right now sure under the -- -- but there's also. Where that stems from as the top 200 that's -- wrote a bond and has a lot of players in there that I wanna highlight and where I'm coming with the patriots thing with Brady is. So much so much depends on -- to me. Dad if dad is the X-Factor the why factor the ABC 123 L and OP found. Previewed again Rockefeller you know if you agreed to be unique yet we need to grow like I don't I don't disagree that one bit however. You know he was I think the thirteenth overall. Tennessee quarterback last year most in you know in your basic scoring system yeah I know he was thirteen W experience scoring system. So even with all of that nonsense he was thirteen. So yeah I mean if you're gonna tell me that all these rookies are rookies anymore and that most of them look like they're going to be healthy. And he's gonna get gronkowski back well gosh I mean that just changes the landscape completely and I think I mentioned that article. You know the looks at -- yeah maybe some people consider to be a lot -- problem with that but I think from a standpoint of fantasy football I think. Q what they said he just Brady Brady yet because what I said I'd they're going to be something to that because the blood -- did her previously as -- put. -- it -- there's a real commitment to the run in the back half. Yeah hatred -- but yeah I don't think I don't know that they have that option this year necessarily there less Ridley really gets his game together. Yeah that's that's a whole other subject I wanna hit we later on the in the podcast because. Well -- just fumbles. Probably -- -- because I mean I. You know we're big -- -- Ridley and Ed and I think a lot of people don't realize how broad gained he actually I mean you can -- well. I'll tell you -- just a yellow pages you know he has a certain role in the patriots. I think sometimes people look at the role they think that saw a guy can do. Now we're on where the patriots station here so I think most intricate and understand that's yet but I think fantasy footballers nationwide may not realize how good. Really could be. In the could have a big part of the tax treatment because you know Belichick got a quick look at this I mean I there's no guarantee you right now everything is gonna have a major role he may never get back. Well now you write it that that's a fumble lettuce does. Its that he keeps flaring up. And Indian rights and he needs the funds medicine and. Only about Lisa what do we have him ranked I would say without looking at it is about sixty. -- Political -- -- that might. Being. It's. Actually right on ease -- he's he's writer and director should not the right on the fifteen markets where I -- -- him. We. It's got him -- -- -- A 69 right below Welker ripple and I think in the end when the top 300 conduct he'll be a little bit higher I think doubled them up. But yeah I mean this sort of place holder location for Ridley I'm pretty scared -- PM blog I'm scared that he puts the ball on the ground I mean but the US and if he looks like he's going to be the patriots starting running back. Once training camp starts once you know information starts coming out -- become a movement a little bit orbit. But if he is not the pitcher's -- backcourt you know between just being very skeptical and he might even go in the other direction. Absolutely beautiful spot without waiting for better information. How wonderful ever gonna get it because like I you know pre season like it -- -- give Brady a full half. In in the third pre season game you won't see him in the fourth you might not seem -- the first the second I wonder Bradley will be handled the same way. And then I I I picked I would think that they wanna give him as many carries as they can you know none of the -- -- Bernie thank you and I think they wanted to prove that. Under the football so and today we'll see what happens hey if if if and if no illumination occurs between downdraft in season. He'll probably either get -- back tiny bit -- worry isn't what the position incorrectly telling people like say a lot of upside here but. You don't do not take this guy is. You know -- second running back or running back you plan on using often. Because it's possible and that is economic I doubt that you can mean it's sort of like Terence west the -- will be everybody's sort of like a terrorist west where. You're kicking him for the upside you have to let your eyes open and realize that maybe it doesn't happen here but if it does. I was on campus when that this is what yeah I think that the bid to enter Ridley I -- you would have thought a little bit uneasy about real life. Which at least admit desk. If Ridley gets its act together and stop crumbling. In that offense he's not he's got -- Warren potential. Exactly are you just you just went where I was was gonna go I was having a conversation that my yeah let's get. I was having a conversation of myself as I was driving and as I often do with. No multiple personalities he defeated them all. Did -- and -- other personalities are involved in this -- does one and eat it but if we move we were having this. Conversation -- -- -- out really. To me and I'm driving I'm like I'm just I would be comfortable with him as a two I would be comfortable with him as a three. It can realistically it lets you just draft in some crazy fashion he's not going to be. Fourth on your depth chart making your roster looks sexy. He's a guy that someone's gonna have to gamble on and and do you view that for that upside the upset might not happen but realistically you're not gonna get them. As of as up our before ET TEU might want him like that but either Timmy is a do or don't guys. Well I think -- I don't I don't really look at it quite that way because I mean I'm gonna make other picks as well. So that. To be Ridley is I mean whether we like to -- -- my fourth. At least at the very likely -- -- -- -- winless and having a really weird -- -- but. Mr. -- to god and again like Terence west. I like drafting guys like that you. But I'd need to have my team make up so much. That if I get the bad side of the coin flip on players like that I've got a roster to make it work anyway right so you don't. It may have something to do with which I drastic. Early that I know manipulate and -- Okay that it's been a little bit -- got captured I would greatly dislike as some solidity but once spot that's redundancies. Archuleta got redundancy built the first two spots. Now all of a sudden I'm thinking hey yeah I'd like Richardson Ridley if they work. Because. You protected because now I can die and go after that upside but I'm not worried about getting hammered on the dance so it's sort of depends on what kind of team you're putting together. The point that those guys are on the board and you know realistic option. Nixon's Nixon. Now right so that's a little little bit of start with the pats we like to do that kind of happens organically which is -- But I really important now and it's gonna happen but I would like to loan to look at the WUI article that's up right now. On the the high value targets there's a -- -- read it -- Yeah was a separate half -- But it's not a letter read this it's it become like dom. Any comment that drive this morning -- -- -- like candy coffin reading the great gas into the third round. Kentucky university there but but but but but but it's anyone's. The -- there. This partisan and you hear of people clicking out of a podcasts is that the at at best -- I don't really about exactly where pricing not doing that people. So we'll stop -- lots. Let's jump into their -- players highlighted and there's about ten to twelve that I think are really interesting to talk about sure I'm not yet. Well I you don't have to go any further in the first on the first one it that you that you highlight is Andrew Hawkins who on young made his name with the Cincinnati Bengals is now on the browns. What what what is very striking to me on the -- own them in a couple of leagues and took a shot on him in the waiver wire. Paid off this talent there. What's it what would just strikes me just from a mathematical standpoint is he's the first guy that's highlighted. In his eighty 224. On this story. Don't just let PPI actually had to go to fourteen team league. But it debt and needy people identity is not being taken twelve to. Yes so I just think it's a really interesting story is a lot of talent the Arab. Help for what it's worth by the time people are drafting real teams twelve teams twenty or down double figures anyway it's guys not getting drafted -- will -- right now -- people are. You know slipping through some drafts right now is people and other massive. Well he's he -- of a lot of competition roster competition there. And a lot of competition but you're right none of it's good again because they've got a -- of -- but I mean I. I've heard a lot of people like buying back in the mile lost and I'm sorry I would too much miles off to attend football now. I mean not yet my last pick 120 around draft did not going to be miles off yeah an -- in -- he's having like. You know the possibility owned training camp I mean I'm not such America. Seat miles us in the take a guy -- a lot of miles on them last year he looked bad. Really the last two years and he's had an entry into orbit and entry was longer than that. Joseph bond yeah -- quite honestly it was never the greatest player to begin where he was sort of physical marvel. You know there's a strong guy that they found actually lived it before also but I mean he was never a great route guy. They -- committee. Side you know. If there was a guy I don't work up to tip it toward anyway yeah first place so yeah I. You know I've I've dissents are surprised Cleveland they've brought immediate community with the good fit for the system but who knows I mean you never know. But I didn't but also you know with a guy where are you -- the other side I would like people -- he plays a lot of heart. But he keeps breaking bones still -- your run after the catch guys and keep breaking -- that's bad -- it's you know that it did. I could be wrong but that team is starting to project -- -- to you know Cameron Jordan and you know despite. -- It's a actually that's not it's it's gonna be a little tough -- to -- him to go to great American. I was on a team of you know like I'd like Chandler Jones and Hopkins and you know Travis Benjamin and these global players but the little Peter -- -- -- the guys. So it's gonna be eventually receiving -- it could be an Elway Schmid. You can mid eighties Elway and -- -- -- -- but then you've got the big played it yeah. -- that's gonna be actually you know it is -- the quarterback there. That would be efficient offense they're going to be thrown out power running game that you they have the big talented tight end and all these little quick receivers. In addition to Syria you know how to make that work. That is fun it is fun to watch him with style of Hopkins. ADP briskly off people's boards -- that's a guy you can get late and maybe be happily surprised with. That's the CI mean -- I mean look 2.4 and it's. I'm looking at the bogus number it's what I've got when it surged -- at all but yet that's numbers coming down it's gonna come down fast he may be didn't need to be -- a hundred. He may be needed down the one point four by the time we draft. So you know but I think even you know if he comes down that -- he's still a viable option especially if he's having a good camp and he looks like he's going to be the starter inevitable so. And good -- than the next guy highlighted in them in my own notes after reading articles Justin hunter which is. Did this is a classic classic so much upside so many questions guy. And the questions for me are really about him it's about where is playing you know his quarterback who I like personally by the way but. I'm not sure. Can stay on the field or is good enough to mom. And it's the offense like X accuse him worried about so Justin hunter. Unknown Tennessee is a guy that you think is a really high value target can see why -- ADP is on the talk to me a little bit about him to our audience. And he's just a -- I mean you know if you recall last year before the draft he was one of our. You know guys we really liked. He was our Johnny Bravo -- -- 2013 Gerry well well it's. It's as serious as you know you were -- I really does he's big he's fast he's Agile he's. Athletic he can go up yeah it is then once he gets the ball he can turn on the jets this guy runs away from smaller defenders. So I mean he's the -- to keep the total package and I'm a little to continue on under my concern is hunter. Committee he's the problem he's dissolution and he's the problem lies. Bill because he's been a little bit of the -- -- throughout his career. You know that's you know -- else to put it you know -- just a little bit a little bit immature. But you know it's you know -- with a lot of players of the -- -- all the craziness go out these these are young kids. And I think. Personally I mean I know what I was like I was twenty. I know I was better -- -- do even better yet 44 and I think that's the way people generally are -- so I think country knows the stakes. I think he clearly showed last year that he has the talent and it is no doubt about that some of the plays he made. You know go search a -- so -- I. I like that in -- -- go -- -- going up that's the thing that struck me with on the ground against the jets -- I saw Cordelia but he's beautiful the apple -- -- schism is there in the will is there zones is DNC and the fact that. Double digit touchdown potential this year if he gets the snaps are projected to get. I basically giving him all of Kenny -- -- yeah from last year you thanked. Yet and I yeah I think -- that type of exposure if the target. Increase is sort of commensurate with the snap increased. You look at a guy where you know a guy you can draft often after under players are off the board although I saw him go in the eighth round in a couple drafts recently -- so people rising up to hunter. You know he's a guy who may develop into our guy who unlike you know look let's start -- this guy you don't try to don't try to use ADP and try to get him at 149 instilled that the united. Go for middle twenties or maybe a little sooner because depending on your situation. You know if you're just looking for that upside option at receiver and -- that he's one of those guys this year you know last year we don't Josh Gordon -- Paterson. You know Michael Floyd usher and -- -- the guys we tell people to draft yeah. You'd definitely don't have as many of those types in the tenth and eleventh round this year yeah but under global. -- kind of jumps off the page and be yep Tampa today. Like him beyond the other guy I want to ask about in nets think kind of that same range in terms of ADP coming in an average -- position of 138. As a guy that people in New England. You would think would be very familiar with but you -- gut feeling and just. Kind of paying attention to the market the people here is that people really don't have as good -- sense on Aaron Dobson as they should. You know Dobson had an interest in -- into Detroit yeah -- because piece fell behind a rookie. Last year which I think immediately tumbled to not look sort of disputes some of the shine off an apple if you will yeah. And I don't know I think some people sort of I've just done really didn't -- psychology so forgive -- besides -- Suzanne this is -- -- pomp and go all the Brothers and and what stops you got going at the foot injury it never. It's never crystallized for him last year but I think. But once they're getting patriots fans probably do understand it is has potential but I think you're really -- when he started clicking yet. About you know midseason he's got a once he scored touchdowns maybe three weeks in a row or something like. There was -- there was a two to three weeks spread. The you don't. See him you could see the physically how do you that we saw until the Marshal right it can be if he's healthy if that puts a 100%. Keep the number one receiver the patriots to me. Also think maybe I'm wrong but that plastic that's -- they won't -- that should be the guy they want to feature yeah passing game with the receivers obviously gronkowski now and. Right now that -- that feels right and I think it's just if you hit it on the head there hasn't been enough of a of a positive sample size to kind of for people to emotionally commit on. Right I think about you know your average and that incident until work on every player I mean we have jobs -- lives with -- industry's important. But you know adoption to Guy -- do their homework and if you really watch him play a lot. Go back or social Marshall is a very very talented guy. Makes crazy catches. I actually go to the Twitter conversation or maybe a month -- month or so ago when I mentioned somebody you know the patriot receivers if you look at last year a lot of those drops. Were -- collect lead and it turned drops EU. And it's if that's what do that the kind of mistake you see when guys are still sweating and their routes and their route adjustments. There were two of -- without select remember Thursday where you know. -- doctor releasing them then current. And Ted Taylor played on that play so -- to you know back to play were he still thinking about the route. As he's running it. You know when when that becomes second nature. Of this would have become the left hand thing instead of the right hand -- right. You'll see the fundamentals kick in that eternal come quickly and a catchup ball. Lutz that's -- that's I think -- and -- here you know and and fantasy football owners need to hear to -- Yeah I agree that that's the -- -- I'm fascinated to. To see in training camp this year because his I I IE. I think of him akin to how you think about a a college basketball where making the transition to the NBA and that just once they hit that wall as the game schedule such a grind -- -- they hit that wall. And Tompkins at the wall. Like you get injured but there was definitely a law would prefer for him and he came out storming. In not drinking happened and then in into the early part of the season looked really good and then off he went. Yeah I think he might get a little bit -- rookie -- there's obviously some injuries. And I'm -- talking to guide because I think I I like the week competes and I think he's got good feet. You know active. In any clearly has an off from the neck up to play in the patriot system. You know they got heated I mean -- -- They're definitely people written off Campbell conference I think that's scripture. I agree do you agree let's -- the next one. On the yum on the twenty high value targets and WEEI dot com that the next one for me it's not actually in order but yeah as I cherry pick. I. Thought. On the question -- -- time we want we want people to to use their reading skills as well but Martellus Bennett the tide and for the bears is in a monster offense. He had a great year last year and in my opinion. His average draft position is 141. Current date and I don't get it. Yeah it's too low I don't know why don't really care like -- -- But because I think it's it's true low there a good thing -- opportunity. He. But yeah it's it's it's hard to fathom why people would let a guy like that stay on the board until 141. Now on the -- with a lot of competition is tight and like I need. Doesn't make sense to me. Yeah I mean to -- Bennett is a guy who has a chance to scored double digit touchdowns -- -- And it's and it's not like he's you know Mercedes Lewis kind of tight end where he's out of the offense between the twenties now -- opposite. In fact that it is one of the best third down options on the team. Can come -- like that throw down the middle and he can get he's got the size of the speed. -- -- Instead there's the -- do you bring up any tight end in football what you want to Martellus Bennett. Compares pretty well that guy athletically and that's gronkowski -- that's Jimmy Graham it's anybody you -- name I mean it Martellus Bennett is a stud. Especially around the city and he is a rare thing either to -- mark and there are very few tight ends in -- -- pocket much better than mark felt that it. Right and isn't an offense and he's got that two great receivers there on the outside -- they have a running back that catches it is good. In better than everyone in the league have a good quarterback that line is better than that Swiss cheese burger thing that we saw a couple of years ago. Our prayers are totally yeah exactly solid. Edit I mean that is one of the underrated parts of that whole equation because -- give them dynamic pass pass catching ability for the type -- position. But people -- as a dynamic blocking ability and like she -- -- team that -- Swiss cheese line. To have a tight end who can pass protect -- -- block and catch first downs and touchdowns. That's a pretty darn good clinics -- -- right now the patriots had Martellus Bennett to go with growth bullet. I think. Fourteen in two yeah. I agree at all I mean -- delegates. So if you see Bennett on -- you know on your draft boredom and what Ron does this is is just. -- a realistic shot but -- goes really to what you were just talking about five minutes ago about how we give up -- players yeah. You know better with a guy who struggle with the cowboys -- was immature you know he came out of college a little early to -- was there. Wish -- was there are so there's a little bit of a -- -- that they get disappointed with him based on effort and maturity at a -- say that they were wrong at the time. But clearly Martellus Bennett of the guy who every year has got a little bit more mature got a little smarter got a little better yeah. And now you know -- -- what I believe is its fifth season. I mean he is a complete player and I think he's probable president. Yeah I think is a bust out this year for sure. Now on how -- you don't want a guy like what are. Be remotely have access to the Pentagon and out of it can now that we've blow up -- -- ride it around. We should do -- Monday the Tennessee thinks that -- safer but -- But you know if he's hanging -- what round Pete you know. -- I -- Bill -- generally goes somewhere between the ninth in the thirteen. I'd say normally twelfth eleventh and twelfth you know. I think he should be going in the eighth -- ninth. -- that's who I was gonna suggest and yes. He should be going right around the same places for guys like Rudolph -- In fact really. He can make it argument intimacy protective of. Yeah. Just for the -- of the offense they there's a there's a definite high value target that to -- pops off the page on the article. Next one from me just sickened with the guys -- catch the ball and the desire to -- Austin okay -- Who's -- you've really kind of a big deal coming out of college last year. You know an unsettled ship where he isn't in Saint Louis but dumb. You know he's we're seeing the impact of all that right now right where where is ADP is. Yeah local used to. You know fantasy footballers are very touchy groups and and they don't like being wrong they don't like trapped in the wrong player. You know getting burned by taking someone too early and table and -- ADP. Great now to -- -- sort of an indication of that whole thing I think a lot of people were disappointed in his play last year. Another disorder not touch them. And I think that's a mistake I mean you know if you go back and look at wrote about last year we were telling people like say. He's also but don't expect or older and away he's gonna you know Schottenheimer -- -- yet. There's a lot to learn. So you know quarterback still learning. What that cornerback went down yet so you were killed -- for you know. -- -- up I mean you could come up with a you know whole bunch of excuses for Taylor and Austin but I think the truth the matter is it -- a rookie receiver. He's a tiny receiver. So you know that adds an element in your learning curve. And he's a guy who plays you know multiple. You -- -- a lot of the response -- you actually you know winds up in the back -- on occasion we've got maybe a little bit more honestly than your typical receiver also. You know highly involved special teams. So for me a guy like Austin it's became infamous slow down for him. You know all the stats he put up in college she wasn't doing it against air right. Real competition out there. Yeah and we certainly regional competition only played so I I think. You know if it is is -- hospital lock to be third receiver this year no he's not but the thing is. You can get them. After older players -- off the board. And you're getting a guy we're in my opinion he does have second receiver upside but he could finish in the top 24 receivers this year absolutely possible. Because he's such a big play guy. And -- that is it and it's ironic that you could consider all the -- really didn't get the running game on the cheers backstage situated you know. All of you know while they're gonna pound the ball probably what happens. We -- particularly. If we really could get the ball -- yeah he's running about people's you know accountable for Dennis it. Absolutely because a big play guy if you can give him five touches a week that's all you need to do. So. To me he is very much towards the risk is indeed very much. It was just when you think about you know if you put it well as a hundred players that can go before a guy like that think just rewind the clock a year you know I mean and see where. Quarter all Paterson was -- wasn't being drafted. And and how Keenan Allen you know was a waiver wire pick for the most part and now these -- guys don't start. Knowing -- -- what more Hussein is is that you know you look back at these guys and and and suddenly now in a year. There -- like wide receiver to lose you know and in in good ones with with upside itself. To make your point if a hundred players are so going to be up the board a guy like Taylor and Austin sitting there like that can be kind of yummy -- fantasy -- I mean you know it goes back to what we're talking about before over the Ridley and west in his case at all costs in the right -- eleven all the time -- -- not. And if you got a really shaky receiving corps. Taking up all of option like Austin might not be either Serbia that you might wanna go to media is safer option like Marvin Jones yeah. Somebody who's still a little bit more guaranteed. Given the same upside. But but maybe dust and who knows but. You're sort of saying 001. You know if you're drafting and I think most people do this but it's something you really make sure you're doing is keep track of the team that you've got in place. And you don't regroup regroup regroup on track to reverse when it comes out August. And know what it's going to be available the US to draft progresses and draft accordingly. And there are going to be times where. Elicit the out of this situation just describe well look at the opposite once Atlanta you know what I've only got three receivers but boy they're really good it really like yeah. And Taylor and -- on the board. Anyone not. Know what's your head you're going to be able to either trading of one of the Big Three yard he has. You know -- are hostages -- those things where. You know if you read the opinion on him there are people -- -- since he can't play. Terrible can't collapsed -- completely complete bust. But it hasn't -- about their strong -- yeah. That's why the -- console but there's a counter narrative which is based divorcing and there's play people onboard with that too. So I mean don't. Parts are true. But the problem with the people were killed and it is they're killing them too much particularly into their own detriment. You know I mean it is ticket because people are Dawson was over drafted as a rookie if you wallets yeah. But Obama you know -- that is a rookie doesn't mean you shouldn't be touching him in his second year. And by the way we -- the same thing last year about Al -- Jeffries at the same thing lecture about Michael Floyd. And everybody -- those guys now nobody like those guys this time last year nobody. It's a you don't know really know I don't know your hand puppet. No really million draft board and no we're rom we are opponents are drafting -- keep you beat -- that's gonna help you on when it comes decision time a player like that -- of -- I really I mean -- you know -- well. Do some like -- but you know that's. That's one thing about -- drafting which is obviously more more people are doing it's I mean there's definitely more online drafts and live in person -- these days. And and that's one of the real advantages if you are lucky enough to be in the draft -- got twelve guys in the room and you can do a new draft. But as you sit chart. The draft the full thing after you put all 246. On the board. You know make this you know. You know the degraded and fill it out and I even go to the extent like color code the position yeah. So I can I get really easy reference so I want to my right the coaches -- but -- -- Bakalar right okay good elect quarterbacks -- this time around. You know -- -- -- right I hit the quarterback and I think these guys be drafting quarterbacks. Two you can do that when you're in a draft so it just say you of the seventh pit -- you know there's going to be usually you know thirteen to eleven -- between the -- -- tech. Maybe you're sitting at the end of the rounds and your decisions are harder because you're looking at you know 24 -- between extranet. So that's one thing you can do when you're charging draftees can look down and you can say OK. I don't think. Quarterbacks logo between now the next summit -- right that you look at the quarterback problem there's only two left that I want. Pretty sure they'll both go look at Atlantic -- Bright bright and it -- that's where this information that -- puts out from -- dot com pops the most because if you have your fundamentals of drafting down. To target these high value people he'd just be so much more strategic and -- -- explosive. When the season comes. Yeah I didn't do it. The idea is to have as many really good players as you can -- yeah. On and that's why you know we often say wait a quarterback Twitter titans because their positions he stepped -- you can look up and starts with that but the shortage you know at the -- positions. You know by the same token I mean I was an NFL ten draft the other day and I took breeze in the fourth round. I couldn't I couldn't pass some of the. -- hey look -- human. The -- a lot of stuff to look at it. I like I never -- I mean encrypted taking a QB in the fourth isn't exactly going early right but for me that is generally yeah. I mean I usually I don't I I work really hard to try to not take QB into the seventh round yes I can. You know maybe in that particular threatening it the first trotted toward the second and twenty picks later Brees is still on the board running backs I wanted went. The receivers -- -- went. So -- well -- is the best -- eleventh straight birdies itself you know sometimes you do it but you know you have to make sure that it's because. The value should you know really strong. It's -- does that how the draft falls to you. And one more -- more receipt. The top part about street trapped you have so little control yep -- if you auction guys some. As the -- the -- thought the cut but you can you can I can do you do. -- the more you understand the player -- the more you're gonna like an auction because it gives you more options and you can target more of the guys you want. -- more control. Get give more control. So the ball on the 120 high value targets one more receive it before we get to a couple other things -- I've got a couple of things -- like to talk about one debate. But one person's gonna tee up on a -- in a nice big pedestal you preached -- preached to the attitude to the on to the church here. Which is I'm Michael Floyd all right so yeah he's got this it's in just his he says that last year no undergo knee Arum knows that of the glove fest but it. I don't know if you don't want to go near but I mean he -- you know people -- his rookie year -- disappointment sort of biased. And again I think people you've got -- on people as a rookie receivers you struggle you can't give up on -- yet. I mean -- -- him down you can slightly adjust your you know take whatever that the team give up bottom obviously that's different right but you know Michael Floyd did you know. The -- tell guys Michael Floyd was gonna happen. He's just itself does not that -- he plays the game the right way to aggressive player. Well let's have lots of things that you didn't make him you know a potentially make early run not I'm not saying thankfully early -- -- earlier around. I'll mention selection. Simien Michael Floyd is an elite receiver I mean he might not be in the top five but. He's right in that next group I mean he doesn't have the stats that say that yet but that's so curious. He's in the great guys and emerging offense that's looking more balance right their entire attack he saw FitzGerald on the other side. A running game it's getting better. Then why don't you -- it's still on the other side was obviously true but you know one thing you'll notice if you watch a lot of the other cardinals is they like to. Stack Floyd in fits together on the same side of the formation yeah those those guys do a lot of Robin for each other and it works yeah and by the way that's one thing that you know what people talk about Tony Gonzales in Atlanta and how much the falcons -- -- -- and volatile and obviously they will. But one of the things that they're gonna miss is the way he -- guys for Roddy White yeah towing in Tony Gonzales was a bastard -- guys so you know just a little. Side comment there but you know that's. That's one thing I mean -- I would back and watched all whites so -- last year just to see where he was after those injuries and I was actually pretty impressed that but it looked okay. But it did jumps out on film I mean Nike and Tony Gonzales worked extremely well together in terms of making their routes were creature. Dance team. And that's Tina rough year to date they got an -- Roddy White it if you pay attention should have shown you something like he wasn't. It was a down year for fancy was a down year for his overall. Production by many -- he could look in the mirror after that season and say proof. Yeah yeah yeah I think you lost an -- aren't. We don't have that I think yeah I think you're right but I mean we knew right away it was tough because of that games played streak -- yeah I got a lot of criticism for playing when he probably shouldn't have. You know what percentage point for the streak. Yeah I'm not I'm not saying that myself by you know there's some -- that the guys that they're playing when he shouldn't. Now then maybe it -- doing it maybe the players doing it like CJ Spiller Leicester united you know I don't reported on this times -- license -- middle. Yeah and -- should have been on the field. Couldn't yet give the player guts for gutting it out at dozens and you don't don't don't poker player especially -- great players are but back before -- com. His eighty here right now it's 57 when you see yeah. Good move I don't think there's any way it's 57 months we BC I'd be shocked I didn't look at the forty. And we -- And affording yeah I'm -- It depends on the draft. I mean that's just saying like he just said you don't know your lead in some leagues I might go a little bit earlier to get guys like Floyd. Do I want them. Yeah you know but then again in other leagues -- I feel like they're a lot of people asleep at the switch I might take guys' true. Are commonly take and I and they try to steal guys like for the -- later you know yeah. So it really depends on the -- you know like I. One thing I'm realizing it's. I'd like to get Paterson employed that's becoming a really tough thing to do that they're going to -- with their movies are slowly moving to the same part of the draft where if you're an ashtray. Should auction -- second vote. Pretty early in the year I was get I was starting off. Taking three running backs in fourteen draft and still ending up with Paterson and Floyd I nice. Yeah a little bit two -- -- -- -- -- I got to -- of the relevant as represented of what you're going to be -- pull off. In contrast and look at the middle of July right so I mean has -- I was talk about drafting and make well -- that's one thing I mean people are drafting earlier than yeah he's visited basketball leagues have been going to for months now yeah. I mean -- I died I signed up for best all the the other day and the draft started within 24 hours of the police are sort of very baton. For what it's -- Now it's that is it's interesting and go to. I'm really enjoying these NFL -- that -- -- Hewitt ducked under for and it's you know it's it's. It's it's gonna cost ten bucks. But I've been doing them instead of doing mock -- a lot of time because they're real people actually pay attention to them and they go 22 rounds that you really learn more about what people are thinking when you do these traps purses just to the mark just. There. And I think it's ADP data that you're getting from those -- in the interest I think yeah the one thing yet to be careful of though is in the -- that you best ball scoring. So you don't settle lineup every week it just gives you your best possible results every week. And so. It didn't really be true you have bench players who you know looking for that consistent five right you're looking at that guy who might be a war and a lot of weeks but who also might go toward. Can disappear you can read. Those are those are you know valuable players like one guy I like in those leagues if you get -- really late. -- is good. Sir you dropped twenty under any right -- and again he might have to the field but we can put into basketball league that's not a bad guy to have on your bench. That's interest the person. The -- get more popular that's what you're seeing there. They were popular and and for good reason they're fun and it's an excellent way to you know to prepare for your real leaks another player who would be sort of a you know -- a nice option one of those leagues -- stilts because you know he might be true if you know 235 or -- -- -- -- 23. Yeah well that's New Orleans right and today they've got those people pop up he's going to be more consistent this year and he's one. I -- I like it was important he should definitely can I do you think you'll still be one of those players where you know. You know 567 yeah and then spikes you have to -- there -- be injuries scored four touchdowns yet. You know any I mean it you know Kenny still -- -- of those guys were you -- 1415 point -- there. Don't you know the 56 yard touchdown. I have tickets you don't -- there and on offense in the dome -- think. All right so let's look schedule -- of this -- that as we start the Segway and into guild deeper on the I article that's up now at the high value targets. On -- gonna go into position. There are three quarterbacks you highlighted in -- are wildly. Undervalued right now one we talked to the top three. Russell Wilson and called cap predict that I want to get into a couple running backs with you so a lot of let's talk about the QB is a little bit and I think we hit this and another podcast but. To date Russell Wilson calling cap and act like still pretty pretty pretty high eighty keys for what you're getting. -- why didn't listen much forcibly cabinet obviously. It's for whatever reason people were okay taking -- verdict in the eighties and early ninety's. Which I still reduced. You know great value and armed but you know somehow Wilson last you know. I mean another couple rounds so I mean he's around I've seen Russell Wilson didn't want 20s30s. And it's crazy. This prisons to me I would say I would think like almost like as in Egypt cannot marry them together like that it is a bad example volume bird magic thing when you think ought to athletes -- it's a -- I think that all of. All around quarterbacks like to run they like to do designed runs the you know similar ages and so you know to play the same division heated rivals. So yeah I mean there I I. I'd I'd do the same thing could. But I know it's weird I don't. I don't know what the rationale is. For the average person why these guys there's what they would maybe it's because he's you know they're considered to be air quotes here running quarterbacks. And they are they're not getting the respect that other -- actually getting beaten but look at me it's about statistics and what -- has been a QB one this first years in the league in the top twelve quarterback yeah so essentially what people are saying either the rest of the quarterbacks or about to get better. Russell -- was gonna regret. I don't think either one of those things can happen. I wonder if it's more about Seattle. You know -- night that the way they're perceived there is a deeply. He really people you know -- worried about Golden -- but. I mean you know what whoever. That I mean there's some validity to they will miss golden -- sure but I. Remember carbon didn't play in the regular season to use that. Right so essentially when it comes to its fantasy numbers you're replacing it with our and so back okay. An upgrade to me well it. -- easily could -- it definitely is I mean the thing you like about -- I think is a little bit more durable but. Although he's an injury issues to -- you worry about heart and obviously in terms of missing time but I need I mention of his comments about. It's coming but we -- the rookies yet now they take Kevin Norwood and everybody told -- and the Internet and I can't come. You know these guys are big time players I mean I know they only -- you know which Finland the second in Norwood went in the fourth which we sort of thought he would pre season but. Kevin Norwood is. He has potential for really good for. So these guys -- you know if if if if the Seahawks serious situation where they need. You know at some maps are in whatever they've got other guys in the rich to Communist government while place. And you could handcuff a guy like carbon with Richardson or -- must have it but we absolutely. Actually makes sense -- you know we we talked about this before and I've that I thought about a likely when the Super Bowl the quarterback in his second year. You still have a lot of your talent in the core areas. Might be time to be a little less conservative -- it. Well I. But I think she looks Seattle's defense there's a decent chance they're not going to be quite as dominant yeah. If they've had some losses last round that's true that's so you know it's possible that there -- you know -- really good due to be wrong but they may not be. As dominant to the extent where maybe they're not so. -- just sitting on ten point lead right. What's really not -- my good you know what let's go get a couple more scores just in case I think you may exceed that attitude a little more this year just based on the defense being. Great verses in second they create on the I think that's a factor I think the other factors Wilson just becoming you know. Better. You know their trust in Wilson going up and up and are now the guy's got a ratings so I can't imagine. You know they're worried about giving Russell Wilson the keys to it to be more aggressive. Daddy's a level etiquette I don't see his head ballooning. Enacting a problem I see progression from them. I mean it's just a question of you know is is -- getting better is he seeing the field even better I mean I -- it did and I do do they have the talent. You know to get more guys open I think they do you know it's. -- out of interest thinking I mean do this if I was sure what I'm saying 100% sure I'd -- -- up even more rankings I mean I. I'm not a stomach to make any assumptions with Seattle but. The reality is even if they stay. The way -- -- and they keep running the ball about 54% of the time. Well I still expect Wilson to do what he's done which again makes -- Twelve cornerback yeah right so expect that -- -- cool I Allegheny institute running backs now of the high value targets and they are. They are high value targets for the just two people that I've got some questions on it. Can we just a uplink since the upper deck and watch the one thing and -- predict. I think. Catholics are you happy he's going to be better than last year he's got more targets he's going to be better. -- miss Crabtree last that you're gonna have Crabtree -- years he's going to be you're better. I think the running game is going to be better hide when they needed their running game that got hide. And you know kappa -- nick is a guy where. Same thing he says about Wilson may be Seattle doesn't. Maybe they're not willing to play conservative and some of these you know somewhat close it is I think -- -- may be in the same boat to their defense has gotten any better when it got -- -- so. That's coaching where you may receive them piled up a little more offense cities to and -- predict that all the things they've done. -- -- you know I I think I set it in the top 200. You were confused about. The 49ers ground game I was at school or how long does gore have left -- if I can come in a lot more factor to go to the receivers while they -- it's. You know Stevie Johnson and enables innovative Crabtree and the draft and Ellington and you know they've got a general coming back from his injuries last year. They're so deep everywhere is a little bit tough to figure out exactly what's gonna happen but none of the as a problem people look at the draft upper -- -- -- all good news for cabinet. And it and it is anything in it if you only just seen. Jim Harbaugh was face you need -- -- guys competitive all right and yet he's sick of losing. The right. So -- a -- him like it that we don't win yeah -- and you know he has gotten the Denver and yet -- and the big one yet and it's like how do we get there you know Holloway. -- -- -- Yeah and I doubt now that -- married just put it exactly but the but it. The -- was like -- if -- have somehow bottom looking around like you know it's time you know I -- that usually means good things if you have a -- quarterback like captain back. Yeah I mean it's I mean clearly Caroline and and Harbaugh got those programs. Locked in I think I'd agree calendar football for most organizations again this year it's probably the best two teams in football again. And yet to cut you off but I actually get through -- I think he really is a guy where there's so much going right for him right now yeah. And again we talk about holding off our quarterback -- Draft your top six players and then finish that off by taking college capital -- -- great instructor how. So. I did some similar last year with Cam Newton -- -- -- on -- but Japanese again theory. All right so you yet so so we've got about fifteen minutes left and wanna hit two people. A little bit like a running back kind of defeat -- the thing you know I want -- hearken back to. Where this article came from which is the sort of on top 200 hit a couple people that discussed it out but couldn't first. On the high value targets there are two people there they deserve to be there I just have questions and I and and one I wanted to be channeled it enact guys Doug Martin. Who is immensely talented. You know coming off of a tough Tennessee year for a lot of factors enhanced his eighty. I am worried about -- and it -- about about drafting a guy like him a lot of reasons it's it's an offense that has. It than it should be improved with the additions that they've made out of the draft. But I I see slow start all of this guy -- I really do is I'm I'm concerned a quarterback. -- you not. Like county like account okay well make it may make the case does that hum hum avoiding Doug Martin right now. Are more potential leaks I don't feel and try to make their -- That part unless -- have a it is. A new look immediately for I there's a reason for it because they have added. Couple things have happened more personal when he went out the -- to -- in after and it really well yeah. But they've. You know neither one of them are as good as mark and they both got hurt so. You know he's the guy I don't appear to be a book last year but it could put him back indicating the chart that that's obviously -- -- What Doug -- we think is one of the top ten back in football terms of talent we think is an outstanding. Back. We are a little bit concerned that the reason that I'm not pushing him aggressively the reason we have a 24 vs maybe. Fourteen that's easy to do is -- yet well and -- we have and it's not that much. -- to file lol yeah it's to get quick -- now. Outside. But that -- point three -- it's -- 31 earlier. Good thing that concerns me about Martin. It is but the rookie. -- yeah. But I don't think a lot of people I mean I. Right now board to guide people are running away from people that -- about more worried about decisions guide or about the offense and they're talking about. You know committees ensured that feel all this. Couple things on that first -- Marcel being drafted in the top ten which -- pleased with the -- guys -- -- -- had to -- their backfield and it would upset right. So that's why -- -- that's. So what to -- that part of the equation is already big didn't tortilla it's okay. So you know the shoulder injury. This -- don't that the project to be over the shoulder injury so I don't see that as a big problem. In terms of right now yeah now too weak do we put that in its history and say hey this guy had an injury -- sit yet yeah absolutely sure he's a guy that was added injury. But. It's much as we likes him spend as much as he is phenomenal. Pass catching back who could conceivably make a huge PBR intact at some point right he's a rookie. And the one thing I caught on film I watch a lot of atrocities because he's a big back with intoxicating. Open field ability and great chance to do look at this guy to go wow. In the right situation. This -- academic Rebecca wood in the states. But. If he has a typical rookie camp it has typical rookie struggles -- conducted -- -- deductions. You know. Yeah you still think Martin's gonna did the the bell cow but I mean. It's it's quite possible that which is simply works out that way because by the time they've gone through four weeks training camp a couple of preceding games so Michael how we play anybody but the sky. That could end up what -- what let you know that that could be -- -- this whole thing shakes out so I'm never gonna just assume their rookie running back is gonna pick everything up. And that's I think what people are doing their religious sort of assuming that Sims is gonna make this big impact he can't he's got the skill to do it yeah but but I do think. We're jumping the gun I think he needs to have a good camp first before you start to scare off of Doug Martin. That and again. We have -- in two raking. Some of this already. Why he's where he has. And I looked everywhere were very high and since it is as someone who. He wakes Doug Martin who owns Doug -- some -- I was not real happy it's in draft sense but now it's like okay we gotta be sober about this so. If it weren't breaking don't have as much -- would Doug -- hesitant to do with what you said new offense yeah -- -- have -- -- little bit of trepidation with the new offense -- And more competition -- Yet so that that's kind of that that's I just is thinking about I'm worried it cannot. And we went when you have all those new factors I I I foresee slow starts to pick a running back -- oftentimes start slow him in the defense is get. All emotionally charged up in the early part of the season takes sometimes an offense a little time to gel even if they. Have some experience together so much -- he's a red flag guy from. Think that's where McCarron helps them located a veteran yet and the other benefit is that you know McAllen. -- know was was quarterback when levees that was in Chicago so. I don't there's some familiarity there the count as a guy where if you listen to his ex teammate Larry Larry FitzGerald said just -- one of the best he -- he's ever had his entire career in the NFL -- It's pretty high praise. It's not a fluke that he looks a bit last year was just put it that you would because he's a good player. Anyway the last thing we should sell Martin. I think the key thing to understand is. I think Europe perceived risk is valid yet. But again since you right now can get him at the turn with the second you know between the second and third round you cannot get a -- -- -- We're talking about a guy. Who is gut prop eight upside. That's not bad. Now I'm gonna make that I guess I I hear you make and a good case I'm still. Little bit earlier I like it was there's that every player has more than once scenario right. Yeah you're you're beautifully played out potential scenario for Martin but I think the biggest thing people have to keep. When you wanna keep your eye on the ball is wait a minute what if he does well yeah. It's important collection. You know don't want could be what everyone's talking about after four weeks this year is that good. He would keep dry on that as well look you know there's some doubt whether some upside last year he was pretty much a -- first round pick and -- yeah. You know now he's moved back a little bit that's perfectly legitimate but he still has that upside that made him. A pretty much universal for -- Yeah and the guy and it's an -- to help Buick Buick is Yeltsin put look Arab blunt out of business temporarily it's before the patriots picked him up so I -- here. -- put put himself out of business a little too lazy you know to the -- and I don't you know -- I don't think he was I don't think Xian when he got to Orwell. Which you know could face similar boat people yes absolutely that's just not just -- ten. All right one more running back on ahead and Europe the article from today which is DeMarco Murray who obviously for many many reasons is up. Top pedigree running back -- belongs in the conversation. Not mine is more of a question which is music eighty PF fifteen easy I think he's you know right where he should be can take him earlier and feel good about that. On his some concerns I have one. Yeah but you worry about yet and then my my second worry is this is. Has the Dallas defense improved -- if they don't -- that terrible so. Says doesn't that that is that going to be playing from behind night if you got his put two and two together. What does that do to there pass rush ratio we know overall we really know zealously to sling it around so. I don't know I'm concerned about it. Well I think about it but I think in I think the short answer that I don't think it matters. Because they think he's going to be incredibly involved in their offense whether they're coming from behind two other. And you don't know whether they had a lead. You to believe it is essential cog in that off nannies and -- he says Bryant so you know regardless of what. Stayed in mediated any particular point in any game DeMarco Murray should be the focus. So I'm not real worried about that and you know what -- -- is going to be issued -- so they're going to be moving the ball and on the field that should lead to plenty of red zone opportunity you know -- Yeah well that's that's that then that's the that's the answer but. And look at cal was improved a warrant to keep up with murder is you don't really go back to plays a really good offense. And it just isn't any. Substance of competition. You know don't partisan nice player -- commanding -- some snaps he'll he'll help to keep. Refresh but he's not a threat to bury his handcuffs. And barely that yet. I'm actually it is the best handcuffed if you're gonna -- -- -- but -- might be a guy or maybe you don't a couple of you try to go with. You know revenue golf community try to come -- let's get another back. Live in order to -- -- Yeah. It is. Think I mean handcuffing I think to me I'm not a big handcuffed guides the particularly the more like they have to do it yet but the war the war the weaker the waiver -- going to be even more likely I have to do it sure. But you have to have -- -- that makes a legitimate move like -- Christine Michael. Yup yup you want to cut himself tonight -- alleged because for all we know we can come in and put up exactly numbers yeah you know and I really Davis. Definitely I know if you get Jamaal Charles as he could literally coming into. 90% of what -- to logistically. And yet there's some guys are yet yet you really wanna try to make that happen down the hours ago eyewear. If I look at our running backs and I McMurray I'm not real happy with my adapt a bit like yeah I better grab them -- Yet a cut well said. One or more running back and this is -- a debate at all it's why I wanted to almost give a public service to our listeners. I you know Kerry Robinson is on this high value target list and he's a guy that you know I just -- skillet heat. In New Orleans has been has been flooded with talent and a lot of different names at receiver in and running back. He's got it. Emerged last year that it may be. Listeners don't have as good grasp on him I don't know what percentage of Tennessee book football -- really kind of pressed his value yet so little analysis on him -- bottom. He was and it's always you know the the saints are a lot like New England. You know you can you can go broke trying to predict what they're going to do. You gotta be careful you don't -- over investing guys who have -- roles on teams like that could. -- -- -- -- -- You know that's -- You know Kerry Robinson well looked very good. If you look at the things they've done since the season the players that they've gotten rid of you look at the fact that Mark Ingram had trouble being available yet look at the fact that Pierre Thomas as much as everybody is really high -- Thomas hit a horrible year. -- that's something nobody wants to talk about it good this year because in PP -- the 77 catches yeah. They give you a great production but his per catch numbers and per carry numbers were some of the worst he's ever happens so what I mean I I think people like. Think appear Thomas is going to be what it was last year. But I promise you when the saints got done with football last year they went into the film room and got the stat people do they went over everything that went well. We're looking good production in the ball to Pierre Thomas or throwing the ball pure -- to glue guy and we need him. And he was a big positive factor for them in a lot of ways. Bush he's not you know you stop paying the rent when -- in football league so it. I think if I'm -- I could be wrong but I think what the -- what do they wanna get him back to that role. Where instead of playing 50% of the snaps thirty pounds 50% of the steps -- -- I think I want to get that number down a little bit yeah they wanna get a little bit of the -- itself and keep them fresh because -- -- on third -- he can be a big factor for them. Yeah. And robinsons the guy in the negro said that the injuries in his. I have been Robinson and save people for the ball well. I I feel like. Robinson's just fresher and and it looks sometimes people you don't know vs evil you know we don't have much of an injury history. On your Robinson so maybe he will prove to be brutal but right now we're just gonna give -- sort of an average grade under ability. Caught an incomplete whatever you call it but you know we know Ingram Ingram had trouble last year was the total you know also. -- it's been hitting and tackling like the and and you know one move that we can do. If you're in the big performance was not particularly if you get Kerry Robinson later and it's not terrible movies if you -- it fitting rooms around a couple of rounds after the fact of rapid bad -- also the together and let you know I don't cook for a couple weeks you know you may end up with a based playable back. Yeah that's Smart. I think when you have that questionable assets that are interesting that's always a good move. Yeah I mean I don't pretend you don't wanna give up an upside player to do it. But you know once you get past all those high upside guys that you -- roster and Haymarket was on the board and I Peter Robinson funny that's a good time to do something like that. -- cool. Now it's that's good insight -- there's a look at you know about a dozen. -- and I'm sure you know one more -- on Robinson. We watched this -- we went back to watch just cultural as well we are not sold on the there's a sort of a thing being floated if you read around. If he's not going to be PPR factor they didn't catch passes. We're not sure about that we think he may actually be okay in the passing game. -- that's what we got some big advantage in new loans and aid that's it that's it that's a big part of their arsenal. So cute and I -- We're not willing decision not factor in the passing game thinking they actually have -- potential. Woman that makes him of that makes him a high value target right there right if -- -- a lot of people don't recognize that. And you and you do them a decent -- -- -- decided to keep in Europe in nerve up to sleep. Yes sometimes when something doesn't happen people assume it can't happen right. -- -- and I you know we just -- yes she didn't catch a lot of passes last year but when you watched the once he did catch with you know he. We've got to get to get decent parents should be OK so. You know the issue that -- dozen of them but I wouldn't rule out. Dual role that has some catching some passes it wouldn't it's it's not an impossibility. So what it's worth it if he's just you know he's a good back you know that -- that. He really didn't hit the hole is aggressively definitely a lot of yardage on the table. And he breaks tackles in the Bill Parcells -- them. The Celtics is the next Curtis Martin's. For what it's -- Enough to make it in the -- says I'm good I'm down with -- hit just a got to wrap it up that's that's a look at twelve or so of the players that are featured. On WEEI dot com right now with -- article. -- the high value targets twenty of them that are there for you to read a little bit more about you can listen here obviously to listen into the podcast got some in depth. Analysis on that compete. But what I wanted to kind of Segway is a close and how we got just a couple of minutes it that this article stems from the top 200 that are -- -- on dot com that Pete put together. And done this shows you kind of like the bill list right now the global list at 200 puts it you're gonna add. Way out by Sunday will have will be -- At the top 300 up so beautiful -- -- 200 is that a lot bigger. Beautiful so what's interesting with the -- the differences of the two articles obviously and the mass of players that are analyzed. But on this you know it's it's it it is a lot of analysis in the form of what we -- skinny. You know about a player and why they are where they are you on these rankings vs eighty. We do this we spent the jerk -- the hour of our podcast today kind of talking about high value players there. Hey did you -- we have guys that you don't get to. Next week we have a 300 delegates so that. Yeah for sure. -- but everywhere where -- is -- high value players there are also people who have like some a little bit and and that raises questions as she's why are they saying -- what can we expect. It -- make it kind of -- to bomb to project and an a couple of players that day just to kind of stick out to me that is who wanted to hit really quickly. Yeah what is Wes Welker you know I Welker. Is in that great Denver -- offense. Get killed off a little bit -- the and the welcome as Welker he's a producer. In -- to to -- a little bit low on. On the rankings understandably. You know it but but. I figured -- would be worth a little bit of late dialogue to kind of get into that. Sure I'm just worried about concussions yeah. But that Sunday night you know Welker can he was always a guy who is do you look at cat on his twentieth place. At the end -- You know I I have all the respect in the world for less well terms of how many times -- I've gotten up. But we'll work. From some great -- -- by the way I mean it. He's had some frightening looking hits and -- I -- -- you know -- -- no doubt annual united. Into this many times but you know I mean like if you don't if we get a coupon Drago and podcasting which it was OK let's keep MPs and I can get out. Whatever that quote -- -- you you know I mean. I have to say I don't think. You know there's always that moment of the player's career a lot of guys we really remember the moment like when Montana that can custom that. Do you want to -- as the clock across -- -- can have an argument Aikman had a couple of those. And unlike any -- step towards the end of the player's career but not. I I don't know part of me maybe it's just a gut feeling and I I try to stay away from gut feelings but. I don't know I I sort of felt like maybe that was Welker going down -- level. But maybe he's never going to be that guy again congested it is spelled wrong time after time maybe now he's the kind of player where you're going to spell real good -- -- in for a week -- -- Today at the end that I just I'm you know that you could could -- -- -- a few stories -- top 3040. Tell it yeah yeah he can do it you're right. But I'm worried about him getting knocked out from a blogger -- now. And -- I guess it's at the five do we have to carefully you know part of part of what the service that wrote a bunt don't. Rankings are just just be really clear our rankings are for performance scoring their standard score mightily in ninety PPP are we would bump him -- Share of course not to give a -- part of the service provided by night what you do would go to bond is. You know giving up and only people both fists at me on the stats but -- some analysis and tobacco -- to look this is why they're here. Buyer beware or shoot early on this guy that's what's kind of all about that's it was cool about the I article today that's up there I would really recommend checking out. Is that it is guys in my RR one on your radar on this you know eight to ten others that we didn't even cover so. The good good job there and I would strongly recommended to the checking out. Yet and we'll do our best golf what's more these guys and obviously as ADP in drafting patterns changed some guys simply far off the list because bill. You know -- GDP goes up twenty or thirty you're not a value anymore but. Usually when some players are moving up other players are moving back we may find some other values as the season goes on so you know there's the fluid thing in we keep well keep it updated. Yet his the ultimate tease that we're gonna do an extra podcast next because I've got a list of people from your 200 dollar a -- Tillotson is at 300 in im gonna connect. Nobody hit some people on now who's up who's down and why didn't do. One more. It is the Internet so we can goal in Milan. I do Lamar Miller was one. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- It's a non real ranking I mean I can put empire a couple of -- you know matters. It will look it's been his ranking it will largely be based on what -- situation is. As you move into the season like right now Marino is. In the I don't -- horrible. So you know millers -- moved up now. I don't know or even higher by about Miami's line was when he did I'm worried about my hands for. So look Miller got a ton upside because she's a player with a lot of talent. If no OSHA Marino doesn't get his act together and only get healthy if Miller's the starter. Well -- I think you'll have to taken -- starting running back. You know and and. Three questions so I think he's a top fund like pulled the trigger on now well I mean. July 18. You know there are certain schedule -- -- my birthday about Larry -- does maybe. But you know the thing about Miller in in this important factor is sure and -- they -- the OC would be inexplicable play caller yeah. And they brought in laser. From the Cogent and from Philadelphia. -- they can -- days in the US and I don't. But you know this guy should have a little bit more of opened my with the offense and you know I think they've already -- already talking up Mike Wallace being a different player -- system which is gonna help the running game they brought in Jarvis what -- Who could help on third downs. There might be a little bit of a better situation this year. And it says it's one worth watching for Charlotte and it has been it. Does seem worth watching last year but now there's some real changes like they -- on the stuck in the mud team last year. But sentiment with a crazy stuff with the offensive line which I had no interest -- talking about right now and it in the -- -- with the play calling which was just really. I mean in my opinion is Turkey just my opinion but I I really what it's. -- without the back if he's the starter he's definitely -- -- that epic which is you know that's prepared Victoria rectal. I -- good answer to that. We're gonna wrap it up because we're out of time but dumped. To all of our listeners out there thank you very much for tuning in number one but number two. Stay -- lots of big things happening with our fantasy football stuff we're gonna be on there as we've mentioned before. A Sunday show that's gonna start in August in earnest when the -- season is really upon us we're gonna ramp up but this podcast you know every week. And maybe do a couple more week if we can it be great yet just two just to give you more inside more information. The articles are going well Pete's gonna have they out. Presents an NFL Sunday show on WEEI which is great and I'll say this at the front of every broadcast which I didn't do today but also at the back. Is this team is putting out new content which is happening literally daily. Check us out on Twitter okay pat wrote Yvonne. Keep an eye on Twitter I'll be sending up my own tweets -- re tweeting and in making sure that night. A group of people are followers are are getting re directed the right way and that's out wrote about hacksaw. So check out those handles and keep coming back keep listening and look forward to an improved and enhanced Tennessee football suite of products this football season. And we wanna stick our friends at Mohegan Sun but like -- -- not think one of our new sponsors a draft thestreet.com. Who stepped up big time this year were psyched about that's -- thank you very much and dumb we'll do it again soon. Early next week -- Excellent thank you all right.

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