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The Debut of the Fauria Five 7-18-14

Jul 18, 2014|

Christian asks five questions with topics ranging across the entire sports world.

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Yeah. It's the story Barr. You've heard the rest now Lewis into the past we got topics that we got to upgrade we got -- all we got. No way the glory to god for its books being over here I thought god more yeah five do you want to. Bottom of what can create. Guy. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- How do you know it's funny about that it. It was just a Christian point 485 or pretty gloomy days and then it. From ESPN. The first -- If you let it open how would sound in your head. And he took that literally that's what that's passed out in his path. I just went right on tape how Sony anchors studio about describing. It -- -- -- Like a bottom like a monster truck that follow up now without and we try to do -- to wait quite work now it's Gloria is hard. Think he was oppose the cut that out how to mix it up a little bit -- -- back. He's -- because the ought to be great noted -- -- cut it when I heard with the open would be I thought it would like literally be -- called in doing it with a big voice guys doing. We know when you said this is violent is out sounds in my head you wanted that sounds in your head on tape. That's all I wanted to look now I want them on tape but I -- mixed with some music and maybe some you know monster trucks now -- here -- quality music. I did. -- did -- are bigger Macquarie music figure it anyway you cut it reveal little bigot -- All right so the four -- five to get to the back story how -- -- Zia's BN lights here now and I never went idiot tonight. Just duties this. Five topic -- just bring up a bunch of topics national topics. That merged into the Heisman five -- I would give my top five Heisman candidates every Thursday I would do this on Thursday. And it turned in just -- 85 where I kind of just did -- -- any random segment whether -- sports that are Wetherbee birthday. Again just taken national topic storyline to this. Performers with the west are all national please -- we got we got some if we're gonna keep it on a local flavor okay go ahead so the first one. Patriots can't start next week so obviously you know the big names no big players -- -- movement deliver for the patriots. Who'll be the -- under the radar impact players. Okay now under the radar doesn't mean you can say -- college nationally. Well we're not talking natural -- you got everyone in here no attention to Jamie -- people are watching Jamie Collins to see. What he's going to do so therefore he's not under the radar we are all paying attention to them we know. He's got that he has -- we we think he's gonna have a figure him packed full year especially after what he did flasher in the playoffs against Indianapolis Colts. So he's you can't use you can't see a guy like that but I to use on an idea earlier you can give whoever you want to is why it. James why does a good -- explain. Because as I was one up before retirement running backs I think if you're a rookie running back and you don't have a significant. Starter in front of you you can make it even if you do sometimes. You could make a major impact in this way. And I think that why they have bodies in front of him on the depth chart not when they can't be passed with -- above average performance so I do think that there's a crack for him to you run through literally and figuratively to become an impact player on his teams although it. -- an impact apple doesn't necessarily need -- rookie of the year for sale or not even he doesn't have to have. -- a thousand yards rushing you know he doesn't have to have you know sixty receptions the last nine OK but I like yours -- -- the guy that. You'd say you look at the debt target like okay he's he's he's behind Steven Ridley and Brandon Bolden. And he's a rookie so I didn't really -- -- what he's doing but yet he's running back -- mine. I stayed on the opposite side also and out like a Cape Canaveral Hopkins now. Michael whole whole bottom when you. He's the guy I'm looking at being that. That under the radar packed player. So your -- -- -- and I felt like if peace but they brought up much different guys that he would have assigned anybody. I know -- be looking at bringing in other tight ends you kind of feel avoid that it became castle -- probably five but. All most. Offenses you really need two guys and that other guy. To serve a bunch of different roles and have a big purpose up on offered so. OK these bodies under utilized as a receiver just run great routes. We've got great hands and he's big enough that when he hit the ball and he's gonna make you pay when he runs really when he runs with. I mean you look at -- film of him when he was a street Louis catcher -- -- seam route and -- running over people running over -- jumping over them. Had only had one touchdown not a kind of reception when he was evolved over 54% of the plays off the last year -- the support guy that. At a position that I think needs it. You know hostile Watson Ben lots of little brother rookie this guy just don't you like ten feet tall. Seems to be intriguing at east Carolina. But I think -- out of all the guys on the list I think here's a guy that people look at that. Because I think he's just going to be a role player but I think he did have an impact. On its feet on this -- IQ question -- -- is that like this side number two. -- so let's just say you had a ton tapped it yet -- -- talent and you could play any ice for you want it to but that talent. It would it would only take you to the division one ranks and after that division one -- was over after you played the division one. You would you would not be able to play. A pro sports we're good enough to play as good at what professionally OK okay so what these sports would you choose. Basketball. Basketball yes why basketball because -- can make the star on the college level. It's gonna get -- chicks. And after I'm done playing I can still use that skill on a pick up level to impress people when I go from college 62 years. Yes I. Why would you not take. What did you because if you could be great at football pick the most popular sport why would pick back to. The ball because you're more of an individual star in the basketball level and beyond that like I said you can still actually go around -- play pick -- games of basketball whenever you want yeah but if your plan picked up. Football game if you're really good old boy -- probably really good and everything else. -- US so okay so I can't get back basically your question is what I rather be. A star point guard. At Boston College. Or what I rather be a star quarterback at Boston College. If I'm not gonna go to the pros and either my answer is still basketball basket. Well what I asked is this question to a few my friends. And the popular answer with gulf. Because all that's ridiculous won't know if you think about a golf. You can play it until your 67 need. Maybe even eighty years old you'll have that held for your whole entire life that sort of lamb salad basketball's most likely still be a good basketball player picked up level tablet -- even though we look at it professionally you can use that talent you have in your life you know. What he's going to your golf games. No it's nobody's there at the band that she'll -- golf practice or your golf tournament Whittier College. You're gonna use that talent you wanna maximize it for. Brave face or you can go and play -- but you could learn to play golf after your career in college is over. You could pick up some clubs and -- because. What the business is done on the golf course to pick it up late lately like no big deal. But football you're going to be good at anything -- -- gonna have a national stage. Athlete everybody all the tainted I have brought -- English. Every march you still see Bryce drew shot every march is still -- sheets march jumper against Syracuse. You know these are guys that didn't go on -- much after they did play professionally but you know. -- remember what they did. In the NBA. They're known still to this day those those names mean something because of college basketball I don't think the impact would be what is much -- -- -- Yeah and if it's just a four year span and you wanna maximize your fondness. And your experience. Today in golf would beat -- last thing if you put your friends in the face when they said that. I would that somebody kicked them and in the but after that. No I mean I I think it's it's a logical choice to make sense I understand why they chose and I wouldn't choose -- personally but I wish in life. I'd I'd she's football on the football -- yet know all the regulators I don't get it to you don't school down cells may be held north Florida state of Florida State -- just. Party it up enjoy life. Actors -- -- don't wanna be -- it's possible graveyard that guy -- I tip so beat just posted it first World Cup rankings -- I just came out and America. The US actually fell two spots. So give Robert there's no -- you don't want not know what your problem is that -- irritates you at all after all the success after beating got knocked. And because I did exactly what they. Did in the previous World Cup's they got to the same around the end they won one game. One game in the World Cup why should they be elevated all that much more when like experts who just it was a blustery and agrees with the Netherlands and -- -- -- ranked below America before this World Cup that's another and I think that they they were keepers rankings -- That's that's -- issue how could the Dutch ever be beneath the Americans. In the first place. In all I'd die I don't have a problem because the whole system screwed up to begin with and even -- the system was right what do they do generally advance themselves all that much based on their. Recent track record of success -- if you get out of the pool play get into the round of sixty. You feel little bamboozled you feel little lake. Like I'd just played with based on all the coverage -- out there always are words they don't -- or higher that the US got its assured that the US take its best award best best moment. But he -- And then that rankings come out he realized they drop. But it would -- -- so well I guess it's all well why they dropped Christian I'm more concerned about how Joey does his wedding and how a team USA does in the fifa rankings. Bet he paid attention soccer ball -- well not actually saw a founders. Wait so it Seattle's founder's birth the Portland Timbers if you want a seat. You we watched those games and it looks like a riot squad the Seattle founders roll out they marched to the game. And today there are holding banners. There there there there busted out smoke smoke bombs that are staring at them it looks like it it is Seattle riots there right. And I was there for that. Possible problem that -- so the next one. Aren't there ago big baseball tops view. All right so role playing if you arbitrage and right now do you trade Jon Lester now. Why. I all they refused to third you hold onto on. And use weight to hope you can reach -- after the season's over because you're kind of gambling is at right now do like trade him right now to report before the trade -- -- it. I go to. Ownership and I say what is the maximum contract I can offer him. And that would be would think if it's 150 million dollars or fifty I offered -- He says yes race. Because that's something you're gonna have to make your decision you're gonna have to -- our total 150 million dollars the SE traded to try to get something of course yeah but I guess that's the most important -- -- -- need to find out. What his mind that is is he does he does he really wanna -- is the city convinced himself that he wants to go somewhere else that the -- -- yet more money so we're alliance your question is no I'm Max out my offer before -- I don't way to reagents to Max out my offer him accept my offer now and then it he says no that actually. -- -- All right so the next one. This is supported him in -- your request. About a coming answered I would I would. I would do basically same -- August I would need to find out how much is gonna trade him -- to find out if he says Melvin that I have freedom to get something for. You know Lexus and a walk away from it. I certainly -- doubt the last two questions are all about role playing. So. Actually. Don't switch off the GM I -- out of our head and GM. Has the toughest job to get his team to win a title. Which Boston tea with Boston GM. Dayton this rally going or age gap from this point going forward -- lost yet has picked -- this time. Beating this team do what it. -- -- Just a price said that why because in the NBA elite player too especially in the east and but don't you think it's really -- -- has. Got a good setup the way it is right now what's the most importance earlier -- in -- all star charity project start. -- again. But I would say charity because they think there's the most work to be done before what you -- last place team right now that. Very well may lose its -- you don't know what's gonna happen with the second best pitcher you're probably gonna trade that third best pitcher. You got no power in your system whatsoever to speak of your best power hitters eating in David Ortiz and your second baseman you've got signed to a long long term contract. Is. Apparently under performing the back into the deal already. Give it -- just -- breeds -- would give me what's the one thing they're missing. Right now what's the one thing they're missing their Red Sox the -- under one player away about one player now when my -- as -- always. All we've been talking about is okay they need a power bat. All they need that they don't get anything but they're not just they won power that if they can get -- because if you think yes the toughest time I think he would have the top -- Danny Ainge is defined two really good players making content in the east. Master out they gauge would be to god has the toughest job right now I think I don't believe that argument but I'm just saying you could find yourself you good players. Put them on an NBA team. Look at. Look at the wizards are still the fireworks yet there it means there are no fireworks there he's the way away from finding any fireworks any one or two players -- Rondo may be out the door markets -- be your main guy. You're you have all the junk all the -- played all these assets. But nobody wants them. So I mean I -- your point with the Red Sox but I feel like they're set up pretty nicely with the with the prospects the way they -- with the young players playing already. They're already getting that spears there aren't getting that that I've played the big leagues. The pitching set. There's just one player really a power bat away from being in contention they had twenty games they lost by one point. Twenty the only thing that was missing was someone who could hit a live. -- they're also a last place team that very well fly three weeks from now might have traded. The third best pitcher they're closer maybe their best pitcher and then you don't know what's we're -- A sounds daunting to me. Yes will be but you were picked liberalism. And the patriots are pretty set up for Burnett out of resorts in Iowa advocate just went through -- All right. 6177797. Under through seven so we are allowed to allowed we are allowed to have the callers call in -- their opinions yes -- the 485 yes that's it they might like it at all they might -- added on me like they can respond. To the question -- -- -- yes about the patriots impact player -- about if you could play any sport but not play professionally. -- paying and the two Red Sox -- charity related -- yes. It still behold I wanna play golf as my sport that I could play college but it wouldn't play after college and not be professional is. Perplexing to me like why I you can learn golf. Eighty if you want to it yes -- added it peoples still not want to play. They don't waste or don't waste your talent. Play golf acknowledge. -- ball as ours that some people are holed the want to go back to the Brady Manning things from media. Poll question Harris poll that we I don't earlier about the regularity it -- music threats by the way like that to CK -- and like that it. Heard a -- -- both for your car. You've heard the rest now -- through the best we got topics we got to upgrade we've got at all. Laborious five -- -- had its books for years I thought god. I had wheel blood that you don't ever trust him. With anything so ever trust. A lot of dates the wedding. Or does that there. Brandon in -- a brand if you can play any sport will get your point about out Peyton Manning and Tom -- you good place for not professionally. What would be the answer Christians question. Really couldn't go yeah if you take it all the way to NCAA division one if you wanted to you when you aren't. And I got a computer. And let's go to that site -- manipulating and -- you is I could beat Keith Smart. -- -- -- one shining moment would have meetings every yeah okay you -- also the hail Mary pass like Doug Flutie. Plus I'll start. -- go ahead would you what to say about that Manning vs -- thing that we are talking about the four. And another called it armed what I read -- and Netanyahu mentioned a -- have been brought up on previous topic let. It's important because that's a -- group like this that and that's when without some -- like any particular -- -- and showed that the popularity. I think. And -- it's just been so good for the past decade longer arms and every school studying people just have this like jealousy against new England and I'm. I'm not any patriots and Eagles and Bruce -- -- by apple at the Celtics. The people of Britain I think that's important are currently pretty that it just because they're women as people tend to say screw them about the go to guy who you know on the title. You know three times the last decade I can only Syria stopped on maybe to -- -- tort law. -- jealousy is a lot to do it and thanks a car brand thanks wade but I do think jealousy has a ton to do with it. I just would advance the notion that people are really jealous of Peyton Manning to. Because as -- point saudis and Eagles fan. Having worked in a number of different markets before I came to. Boston in both the pro careers of Tom Brady and Peyton Manning. You can sell about the same negative adjectives in the same negative sentiments. That fan XYZ. In any NFL market as towards one of them and user for the other you have to be talking about a from week to week. I mean you can go to Philadelphia and at the Eagles by chance and it would happen there because divisional on it but by chance if they played the Denver Broncos one week in the patriots the next week the same complaints about Peyton Manning would be uttered by Philadelphia fans that will be -- by Tom Brady fan Ervin would be -- about Tom Brady. Yeah and it's this -- this moving through this city and being here as long as I have it is it just recently I've never seen anything like it like. There's just there's not a -- college sports. And it bit beard -- heart addicted to their pro sports and every sport is represented. By either a hall of Famer. You know great history. Some great moments. Great coaches I mean it's just each team is represented equally outstanding they've had their ups and down the pats have been down the brunt -- it down. You know the Red Sox seem like they've always kept their fans. -- never seen a city like this because it doesn't work like this in Seattle Hillary does some really Jeremy can you main -- think of another city -- it's built the way this. Citi is -- -- provincial -- sure yeah I think a lot of northeastern cities in some midwestern cities her prevent Mike Watt. -- Pittsburgh was very practical. Columbus. Ohio is -- state. Either of their markets Cincinnati or Cleveland -- one -- -- -- very provincial. I think you're looking at a very different perspective is I think it starts to change the further west again are specially west of Denver that's -- LA still does not have a football team. I would never have people bolted because people just don't care. There's been the -- so transient people come in and out of their people. Who are born there usually leave in its base day. There's just other things they'd rather do or they rather you know cheer for their college team there -- -- for US let's just let's say you do a lot of college football much the same way in Georgia when it comes to Georgia were. Alabama when it comes to Alabama. As far as return love affair further football team yet all I -- I got a middle of the estates for Alabama and Auburn what father is up so it doesn't matter they have nothing else to cheer for Tom called from the Cape -- the united -- seven. And it thanks so I'll let you go typical quick for the militants while on everything you -- one point is now -- -- -- -- And I delivered in New York in a back -- Turkey. And the people up there they'll create heat -- -- telecheck but that it -- cubic upbeat -- that never answers. On the same point you get shot patent a couple of years ago -- but -- -- -- and sit. Up with thirteen herding cats aren't so microphone under the bench here in the stadium the only entity and takes the brunt of that. But nothing sticks to and Morse takes to to read like -- -- back -- -- But because of perception the saints world warm Fuzzy story when they won their first Super Bowl. Common back from the hurricane and everything else Drew Brees the feel good story. Pictures real feel good story for the first Super Bowl -- that when -- he came out it felt like it was tainted somewhat. From the outside. The outside perception. And I think that's your right about that a lot of things stick to the patriots now negatively acting briefed fights that perceptual. -- in comparison to Manning and and maybe breeze and Rodgers -- on this list too graphic at a German reporter Roger was not -- he was the top ten wasn't. Or big quarterbacks were on the top ten actually Aaron -- ones yeah they're they're like behind Brady. Yes OK that's not that I'll ask you this question -- from New York a lot at MI right. In putting forth the argument. That even though we don't wanna admitted here in New England. People attached spy gate to the legacy of Brady the patriots and Belichick way more than patriots fans want to hear. Oh yeah that's absolutely and one reason is they've done everything to gather Belichick is that coach. When he willing to Cleveland really never in any thing is all winning percentage. Is you know riot -- talk radio upgrade yet but it. Ballots back so I mean wherever you go you gotta go out. Here you know the other thing is that we will talk about it that the women on the list so -- one player Michael Jordan was retired in the top ten who made the list. And for the women on the top ten list. There's four vote Mia Hamm. Billie Jean -- who hasn't played -- four amber Chris Everett who was tied for eighth an -- king is still regarded as one of the most. Popular female athletes. Zealot but yes your kid got and then beach volleyball player you'll probably like misty may trainer train number yet. I mean so me so there's four out of ten who door to play -- My courses. Who's next in not years ESP -- who's next who's up next. -- EC. -- really -- probably and you're gonna Sierra commercial batters -- somebody to follow 61777979837. When we come back all. This kind of goes a lot of what you just brought up in 45. About. The question that you -- about what would you like to play. The comments of the after the Washington Nationals about how much she hates baseball. Yes I gotta I -- brother -- is a former athlete yourself we're gonna bring that up to you we come back as 90% -- -- media.

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