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Three For All: Female Ninja Revisited and Joey goes to a wedding 7-18-14

Jul 18, 2014|

The guys revisit American Ninja Warrior Kacy Catanzaro, and Joey asks if he should take a date to a wedding.

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Hey these guys know more than just sports educated well traveled passionate -- didn't Renaissance man -- -- -- three or wrong. Number 30 yeah it's kind of 33 overall picture. It's three overall these days with MF beat. Recalled today occupies. Composite -- construction needed new -- they've got you covered. Britain for -- is to say this show referral a bunch of stuff under our roof that sometimes has nothing to do with sports maybe a little here -- there but. We draw a lot of things in there appear that is that it be and Christian I think that we need to qualified yesterday's referrals and that was a goal wildly popular things that have a girl on their own. Pleasures could grow anymore got greatly that's the Marriott and -- girls KC RO it's now turned into it he sees. -- are madness. On the Internet is all the guys up so yes -- against RO is the girl from tauzin. It was a gymnast she's 24 now. And you have one. That way in which he made it to the finals of American ninja she's the first woman to do that. Text here yesterday told us that she is also the first Americans to do that which I did not know. But if you are not an ego I I don't watch -- have no idea I will now because of her. And we got the video of her making it through the American -- obstacle course on line from yesterday. Today and the middays with and it V links page we have added Perkins to Graham account which is gone viral. Everyone knows her training diet now she -- an oatmeal. Christian that's what a -- things -- I don't know this morning and heard in just submission video has over 100000. -- now and I stressed -- need your submission not submissive. Totally different thing but the point that we keep coming back to yes I would be submissive for Casey and our eyes to -- how much US. 140. Summit and. What a hundred house I don't know that would your work she's a little small for you what you think of the gaps that I will admit. A little too bad so we'll see what the -- distant to some of the pictures I know you'll look I love the whole outlook deal like -- This is a little much bigger crowds earlier much like the big body builder out there like today you know these are ignite abilities such an -- washboard. But you can my photos of the surprising things because how she's that -- with that much upstairs I mean maybe a little. You know the martyrs of of the wonders of modern medicine perhaps that. But she does have a boyfriend -- -- matters not how word as a sport whenever she is -- mechanic so yes -- he is free get out of it would you rate there about 24 hours for about 24 hours -- famously. My girlfriend. And now. It's just a crisis like AJ McCarron with Catherine -- Think the exact I don't think now hey this Alabama that's my girlfriend and -- -- -- -- an onslaught of social media attention. You know -- sweat and out boy and the living is just so you know at American ninja warrior -- yesterday -- had no idea this had nothing to do with actual variety did you fighting you know -- through it and -- superstars. And sabotage -- like. Yet you admit it yet sure. But this does have an obstacle course you know like. No real crazy. -- Physically challenging obstacle course that most people. Don't get by the first route to have a -- my first round and -- changed. Courts that make it even tougher for each each section each each level it's harder harder harder at all and -- -- With the -- ramp wall. Yet a -- wanted to wore gray ran up -- straight up if she's tiny and she made. Unbelievable. You check it out it's on -- there's going to be -- and Joey you've got a contribution racist Louis and here. Yes yes so I've got a winning tomorrow. Regulations that -- him -- body that is getting married and I was wondering what you guys think as a single guy is that it is good to bring it state to a wedding or is that -- bringing Santa beach. Aren't so it's a state. It is big guarantees clothes for you know are just as an element that you really like -- you would wanted to speak to future. Yeah it couldn't look more so along those line and -- -- -- hot -- and -- -- -- -- -- all right. That -- -- -- meeting your friends and executing their approval nobody else acts if I'm not sure yet we're not a monster it is this some on Christian and I now. My my my -- view is -- there are a lot of single girls will be allowed to go that the -- Hit it not sure yet I don't you ever seen the movie when he crashed her up. I've made through -- to bring a day after the wedding Joel I'll tell you don't do when -- wouldn't listen to a rewarding -- If ever. My brother's wedding my brother's wedding in 99. Eat -- -- through them. And locked out of did you meet a girl that yes I did it it is it is -- -- -- that you if you work at it. That is the perfect place to -- -- -- here you gotta look at it from an. NFL draft point of view of bringing that date is sort of like you only trade up in the draft if you absolutely no you have to have this player. That's like bringing to date to that way if it's a guaranteed a lock. And just a few drinks at a wedding. Need to -- -- closer to get -- tipsy she's in the romantic mood that sort of thing if you need that then yes springer otherwise don't bother. This is all the other girls that are not heard that are single are thinking the same way. I'm going solo. I would definitely go solo let me get of course -- -- are you in the wedding. Yes and in the way up to your front -- out of gas hatred through security right I mean got a big denouncing them as they come -- Joey c'mon bureaucratic -- available are automatically adorable -- I did you know speech all right no no speech. Are yet I go -- go. And it it but it. Leave attached and Joey went that we do the announcements just one mainly here. It's 11 manly tear and that we'll put him over the Coca choked up well mr. choked up a little bit one manly. Hearing here what these are great for -- -- other perfect place to meet girls out of all the places bars restaurants. You know whatever you want college games wedding will be the perfect place to meet a girl. Not necessarily glad option is KC Kansas RO -- taker if it's anybody else don't do it -- says plot twists she's listening right now. Well. Yet I don't know what to do that. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Caught up in this Peyton Manning. -- -- -- Import job. Properly building up the introduction of the Horry five to -- that -- -- -- we have the intro that yes the great intro you do not want to miss -- -- 485 coming up in the 1 o'clock hour were ripping off something -- -- used to be the intellectual property obvious the end but now it's Christians intellectual property.

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