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Rob Bradford, WEEI.com: Red Sox need to win this series 7-18-14

Jul 18, 2014|

Rob Bradford takes the place of Kevin Millar and disucsses the sense of urgency in the Red Sox clubhouse and possible moves at the trade deadline.

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-- -- Noon hour. General are normally -- right now brought to us by ERS restoration specialists in Brennan's smoke shop. Kevin could join us is -- golf tournament differently. So he -- life and it says that's rough retired like them. Rob Bradford joins us from WEEI dot com kind enough to fill in any moment's notice appreciate it rob how aria. Still bowl our night with the same lifestyle so it's apropos of filling it and then you play golf you play golf. Well very very rarely I do very little like a normal heart does and so by -- Brit -- -- you have to golf I make it a priority -- quality guys. Robert perfect like regular finger and rub -- start out by having you'd chime in on this conversation a Christian I've got into if you saw the Harris poll lists they came out the most popular athletes and all America LeBron James number one Jordan. Still number two. Number three Derek Jeter I'm sure that has a lot to do with the fact this poll was conducted fairly recently. In advance even they are -- a -- advance even of LeBron decide to go back to Cleveland which -- that would have made his popularity spike even more. But -- gotten a bomb when it comes to Q rating PR and stop like that because of all the love that's been thrown. His way in recent weeks and crested during the all star game. Aside from that -- you look there's a lot of older guys on this little LeBron as young as you're gonna get on this list. Guys on the back nine of their careers. Especially baseball wise when Jeter leaves who takes over. As the most popular guy in the game do you think. I think what the big guy won the MVP let me Mike Trout animated. -- -- -- A lot everybody that press box in Minnesota but -- was gonna win the MVP -- and Mike Trout comes in and does what he did this -- give any coincidence they want. They're really -- this guy for good reason these these great player he's a dynamic player and the other guy I would say he would Palestinians and I'll that you played in the market are on the team that you can really do that it right now by. Those two guys for baseball big purse obviously but at some guys. In in baseball -- they have been really pushing it are going to be really pushing. I don't know those guys can see -- and Internet content live. That type like guys or other sports the younger guys in basketball the younger guys and football. I don't know if they can't right now and that's a problem I eat diet you have seen the poll that you're seeing. All the studies and research about how baseball trending over what was your average -- Of the all star you're 53 years old. That's a problem that's why it's important to get these guys -- You know the follow up here that rob is the argument that I've been having with Christian and some of the callers today as part of the reason why Peyton always -- more popular than Brady when he do these polls is whether it's fair or not whether it's -- not to a large degree I don't think -- Tom Brady is linked with Belichick who has linked with spy gate and people look at that. And they don't like him quite as much as they do Peyton does Ortiz fight the same thing because of his association with steroids when it comes to popularity. -- the game. I just New England throughout the. A lot of guys I'd -- to know how Christians feel about the spike gave argument. Well. They -- robbing him you outwards. I don't know about two hours. I Christian and I think. I -- had nothing to do with anything that they've won. I've had little impact I think they're guilty of being arrogant they don't know is not spy gate about the argument that -- put us. -- like how other than the idea that could affect -- popular now I think get a tax bills popularity that's why I totally agree with that I think I think Brady. You know what I asked -- head and it's very very good said. Oh who'd you rather favorite there and both Brad Faxon or Tom Brady said. Wildly definitive Tom Brady -- he walks on water adding that that that basically summed it up I think Brady. And tight despite gate nearly as much. As -- ballots active certainly but it -- about your key question and steroids or performance enhancing drugs. No offense I mean when he says. You don't get a free pass I agree with that and I think Tim you said -- as well yeah did it he doesn't recover -- brought up right name is brought up at all. I think you point to it that certain degree can help. Yeah I think Brady's got the same way when you get outside and knowing that whether it's -- I don't get Bradford is is it -- Smart intelligent football fan so we knows better than to go ahead and put Brady and spiky in the same register -- talking about people that paint their faces and streaky keg before they go under stadiums Smart intelligent. Doesn't necessarily come into play when we're talking about wide reaching a perceptual. Someone who -- they're afraid to drink from exit I like to think that I can also be intellicast. Thank you thank you probably why would you put all those -- -- get paid decent people in that category. Of more people off to him. I let's -- With the so I guess it's not really the second half of the season for the Red Sox but were were calling it that. And obviously try to figure out -- are realistic way this team to stay in the hunt does wild card would be fantastic. But based on the history of the situation off -- back -- Is it realistic for -- assume that they can actually pull us off. It -- realistic. Barely and and I point to other people point the Kansas City. Dynamic last year whether adding they went to them into. After the all star break got right back give it. Totally changed how they -- the trade deadline were worth thinking about trading Ervin Santana and decided not to. So a lot I think it is barely realistically guys. I've never seen an instant -- -- -- where become the all star break and you have a series over the weekend. Says there are saying that we have to do well. We have the winning games in this series if they get swept -- Kansas City. Then they talked about it not being realistic so -- such -- fine line. All of being that you. Actually in the conversation actually having a chance to beat buyers of the deadline. I think it's it's going to be -- stuff wrote in the city brigade team right now in the kidnapping trial they always have trouble with itself. Yes they have had been playing better big act against Houston in the White Sox. And by itself this is going to be a -- Yet I was sick of that this this works for the for the Red Sox settled dumb and dumber line. You're saying there's a chance so you obviously you're gonna have to stay invested but it really pisses it allows watching them at the Celtics through the year and you know during their season and and whether they were taking or not -- just more winning and there's really nothing viewers watching basketball pure Red Sox fan. What's it like what's going to be paying attention to addicted to keep -- to keep me interested. Well I think fit -- over the last couple weeks people are getting ought to be about the young guy I've I don't care they win the united. Good to -- young guys in the -- -- -- that Jackie Bradley in the Brock called the I don't think that plays here I really doll I -- I think that the people wanna see them win and if they don't win they wanna see them make a move to make themselves better in other words. But they -- 500 until he's not waiver trade deadline. And they don't make him move I think even with these young players they think people will be upset they want -- What they're gonna do you for next year there's some optimism with a young players sure. But they want to see them go out in yet another piece because that's basic guys they need another piece especially in that -- -- I don't know how they get a but they need another piece I did I didn't think they have to do something dynamic they have to be all here in the next couple weeks at the deadline. Rob Bradford was -- for animal are today and I don't have very good job by the -- had. It is out. I -- with -- -- -- -- you're all wearing my my head seizures. Ed hardy teaser right exactly yes and it really tight I think rod did a better job and -- Peyton Manning. Tom Brady discussion in the large African done but I do I can't let's go -- and operate a couple little Cole Hamels is yeah. First of -- do you buy into is 32 is there any. Fired the smoke. I have Padilla Cole Hamels is that the red -- acted on them awhile ago. Ed -- you know just to see where the Phillies were out the Phillies had no inclination betrayed him. As little as -- talking right now -- still no inclination to trade him now affiliate also known to wait till the end. But did not waiver trade deadline to really -- go. And I'd -- that they wanna deal Cliff Lee to the problem is Cliff Lee Evans double thing yet would be good rehab start. But as we sit right here right now. I just don't think it -- it's a realistic thing for the Red Sox to be trading for col labels mostly because the Phillies really. Don't wanna do it if they don't wanna do it that you probably go over pay if you wanna get in on it. So let me ask you it and this is sort of multiple choice ranking. Got a question. What does Cole Hamels or another pitcher of equivalent caliber you have three choices. You play it out to the end and you try to sign Jon Lester. Or you'd trade Jon Lester now and get another pitcher in advance. Or you'll allow yourself to just say we're gonna lose Jon Lester and we take the compensatory pick what's option -- the NC what's. All of you leg LBD. -- and what I mean by that I think they have to put. Someone at their best foot forward. In regards to the property Jon Lester before the end of the month and in so far that it has been a science they're gonna do that. It is that you got to find out we're Jon Lester that and if there's no hope in and out of our. Trending towards thinking that they just don't wanna go to waved on -- is gonna end up. There's no hope you have to at least explore a trade forum yet. Get something back. And I left it lets you still think you're in the last few gonna run -- that we need Jon -- -- -- -- Even though we noted that a lot because that topic can be valuable guy they go back to. The big guy big guy will leave letting guys go they get Jackie Bradley had -- and Blake's wife art. I spoke -- picks for guys they like got let go so. I I I just think that they have to put their best foot forward and see whether that would laughter and that you have to also this February Europe. -- lastly rob one thing there really I think needs to be underscored here is that I don't know we've talked about this enough how badly they've played. How badly that has screwed up this whole Lester thing and I -- because they thought they had more time. Correct to get this done without doubt they're so bad and they might be out of it. They probably feel more of -- need to trade Lester to get something form because even if they were very part on the line in terms of negotiations. They would've had a thought I think to themselves back in spring training or not to be last place social agree it's great Jon Lester. This has to be considered now because they are in last place. Are absolutely no it was never recovered patient them. I've -- in the year but that that we get to this point and there are going to be. Talk about trading to unless absolutely. Never thought that was ever going to happen by. In and the other thing that probably doesn't help the Red Sox are being -- some on the field by a good job laughter in the catbird seat because he's been so well done electorate handle that. -- and the entire time that he can do so because he. Performed on the field by. Did we go back -- your point now I mean in spring training I dare anyone to say they were the ones that you know what they -- do. Trade laughter at the deadline -- -- Rob thanks a lot receive -- good job. Market. He looks even better that at a party teacher that he doesn't know suits. People -- hearted game.

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