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Does Spygate diminish Tom Brady's popularity? 7-18-14

Jul 18, 2014|

The guys discuss the impact of Spygate on Tom Brady's legacy, the possibility of the NFL in London, and Mike Vrabel's yard sale.

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Fauria and then it seems to me days -- and the staff. On the WEEI Sports Radio now. -- -- lower Friday music why we're doing and early alone Brian. Ordinarily when we're just going to -- it. It's responding to play anytime of the day on ride him you don't need him and -- -- It's just east of the lives. Rock back and -- whether it be nice today I feel -- right way to the weather update that it turning now -- -- -- whether. Currently sunny and 77 degrees right now in Basra without -- heavy one at that very Hawaii yes I. Very nice carpet -- -- -- right because we have sort of ease the tensions on so let's face -- I think. Part of the reason this turn into such a debate is because -- gates still at this point is a lot point I'm saying this region just. Sparks people's. Emotions. Yeah and that is the that is they hit below the belt. That any loser and a fight uses. To basically save face -- opposite situation -- they do our you're -- awesome you gamecube I'll spy -- later. And what are you gonna say like you can explain it to they don't wanna hear it. They don't wanna you know wanna get it though okay. Which is why I think it's still sticks with Brady in this -- and sticks with the patriots overall. And Manning is free of -- and Manning is actually looked upon. In some people's -- As you know -- Luke Skywalker and Tom Brady is the Darth Vader because -- felt -- the both Hillary is the one lowers the black -- -- -- wears the white hat because he ran against Bill Belichick and spy gate and you know as number one soldiers Tom Brady I I do think that factors into this popularity. I actually asked him the more we that there is conversation the more it has nothing to do. You know this well and ask because you think it's more about marketing and Peyton is more in people's faces and the products that patent decides to endorse are more common man at what rate -- Everyman leisure every man and Brady is now or a year metro sexual. Actionable you know high in you know -- Well yes now did not close. No I don't want askew was because you do note Tom better than us and and it's clearly 99.9 percent listening audience right now. Does Brady saying no to those kind of offers could you tell me you thought that he probably got just as many shoppers memorial is -- for pop John Payton did. You tell me does -- say no. To those because. He doesn't want to over expose himself like some people say Peyton Manning is. Does he make just as much on the higher end endorsements. As opposed to some of these other ones why does he say. Yes to certain products and I think he's very selective on what he backs based on what he he wants his image to be any -- There's a reason he's backing on who knew about -- before Tom Brady was wearing their credit not only feel like every girl in my dorm but yeah new products -- but -- you Wear them. And as a guide you -- why I think I was made okay and where -- when you see a billboard Tom bird well how is wearing them regardless of what was going on they're just comfortable convenient easy to Wear shoes especially during the -- comfortable and warm. Yeah you go outside a ticket trash out it's knowing you don't need to put a budget issues on Fox's throat slip on your -- you're out there the second. Now I think it has I think it has everything to do with just his choices and that the heat if if dominoes game dams that -- will you will you do this man. But it never went on image to be. It's -- bottle comes on okay that's more that's more my angle forced myself. To side by side. Mean one's going to Fashion Week. You know and the other ones that you know doing a passing academy like it's just it's that they're just different. Scott styles of guys that I think wine caters to. The Everyman that more people can relate to what I'd be okay with a -- Manning is wealthy he's got to kind of celebrity -- from a very Davis family yet. -- like ability. Is is greater just based on his choices and it has nothing to -- Smart people who know football. Will never sit there and -- -- in your face it you're talking about concrete double -- Up check of the hall of fame and what's gonna stick out for him. Will be the first -- became your mind. If you -- negative things that Bill Belichick did over the course of his career as head coach but a New England Patriots would be the number one. Negative things yeah -- anything else. I mean the way he handled himself and for public OK Bob argue that not to like that on average and later to me it's actually kind of funny. You know his. Hostname handshakes or lack thereof is sportsmanship yeah I guess is maybe the way they may -- those are. You know secondary but the main thing is always going to be spy gate how he handled and he paid a fine for that. He paid the price of that so. You if you said Tom Brady's drive by something negative bot Tom Brady. Would you think that's the first thing you think it would be spike eight. Negative things about -- in his playing career will be there if you okay put -- all they care here's all the positive. With a negative Smart football intelligent people who know football there's so few negatives about his career that I think would be played pretty high. They would face fighting. Or what they say then they. The fact I don't lost twice to the giants -- I'm sure that's OK one and number that you guys -- gate they would think spike it's got to tell you would say that. You're Smart you know bitter apple boy are alike to cover college cover arrow you would not say that -- the -- last was if you're gonna come up with a list of negatives about Brady. I can give you 500 positives before I got to negative number one. And negative number one might be. The fact they didn't score much against the giants to Super Bowls OK but it wouldn't be -- -- don't -- so the intelligent football fan. Does not. Bring in spy gate to the picture to the conversation talking about the whole isn't -- Intel isn't gauge of football intelligence it's a gauge of perception. Or okay and perception and like ability based on. What you're seeing when you turn on your TV. What you're seeing when -- when you're watching a game that's electability factor is all based on marketing it's all based on. What you choose to back as an -- There's a reason why. Not Peyton Manning made twelve million dollars in. An endorsement deals this year what you know how to do those the studies school kids. Like that they show all my hat they showman dog. Like -- -- a little Fuzzy -- -- of people -- -- that this is like I'm just curious to see -- Goldberg has legs show pictures yeah and accusers say good or bad apple simply check off good or bad okay. And you know they do is targeted those high end you know schools you know B dollars on -- There are studies that are done a lot of these and based to see up people perceive race. You know yet you see those studies and that is the -- picture a black Kindle like friendly not friendly and they gauge you know and schools their lowest populated by. Kids that are minorities. Friendly for everybody yeah kids that are in the suburban communities that don't go to school with black kids Hispanic kids say not -- -- yeah. And get it you get it. Patriots colts I put the patriots won't go to somebody outside of New England I put the colts logo and brought those -- somebody outside of New England. Which one of these saint thumbs down thumbs down feature budget because despite or because of what they've won. I don't know peace it's mainly because of how much they won. Because a deep like the colonists had read before topping our people are jealous of winners I think that exists with any sport but spike gates there. -- find out of pitcher Brady and NB. Two thumbs up -- it it's not connect. That's a good point to bring up because like we talked about LeBron. The bronze in the top of this poll in terms of popularity. Or sports or popularity overall athletes American he was number one. Last year he was in the top ten when he came to negative responses least popular. Is in the top ten. So I ask you week you look at. Holes of least popular athletes were likely to be nine career Manning. Least likely yeah not only slight. -- like it would it would be Brady yeah it would be. Based on what I said based on what he's marketing what he's back -- The what he's -- you think people wouldn't like Brady because he wears drugs more don't know why is that it is asked via a general question it gave you yesterday at circuit isn't there's there's a lot of information now -- -- answered it. He's easily. Without backing it up the fact is that. They would at the EU giving a yes or no answer more people would look like like -- based on his endorsements. More people can buy popped off beat the protect box. Can't war -- -- or the couple odds are expensive. Either of them yes there I never owned dogs very excellence announcements about it. For a pair of boots 150 maybe. And probably. More. They last forever so. Awesome and so -- Alicia got above -- now see now Brady's above begging. You've paid your not bogged down let's go do -- -- New Hampshire right here -- 937 VI. -- that's high. That is why -- I could complement not me out on the winning factor I think down you know and you guys just senate. The most loved the guy is our team in the country -- one that went a lot. And then them most hated. Of wonder well within your yankees -- New York Dingell doubt outweigh the America's game by US. Don't cancel all banned across the country who -- the most and they usually say now. I think that it is everywhere -- patent to a point of view it as a crusher I'm more fans seemed -- in order mean. Pretty good the content of any teams will open the playoffs and we're gonna -- it was a global. So when it has named it brought up on on media and automatically associated with real element in -- and he's made it. Yet I would say that. Peyton has killed a dreamer -- as well often times I went when Texaco Albright is I think it's fair point it seems like history's most crushed by Brady. So maybe that factors in detail. Yeah we surprised at all it. Jordan was still on the list. I think it's alarming. It's he hasn't we talked a little bit about this before the show is it very alarming that you look at this list -- guy who's been retired for as long as Jordan is retired is number two. Tiger Woods who has won forever and is aging and may not ever get to the Nicklaus level that we thought that he would. He's an on the list -- hurt in terms of most popular Jeter who's retiring this year. Brady and Manning who'll retire. Fairly soon in the next couple of years there's nobody young and up and coming. On this list there's no -- -- it didn't take long for tiger to be in the top ten it didn't take long for Jordan to be in the top ten. I use the example earlier did not take long for Bo Jackson. To be in the top ten like Nike didn't take a long time to come up with a bono's campaign. All right. They found somebody was marketable they found somebody who could be dynamic and popular and didn't even have to win to do it. Or talk about winning and how that plays -- aborted when anything with the raiders voted when -- thing with the royals. But they made a bank load of money off them and he was dynamic we popular for awhile there's nobody like that on this list is there. No I am trying to think of you look at the lists and I think is alarming for sports. Top male athletes who dropped off the list from last year. Phil Mickelson Phil Mickelson and to everybody's of her joy is Tim -- -- Tim Tebow finally off the list so we did jump off that bandwagon and move on to somebody else and that person would probably would be Johnny Manto. He's not on here you know I was I was surprised that -- Nominee and Zell could be somebody if -- is good if he does win. Could be. Some uneasiness top ten soon but this'll be -- this would be if you got a guy like John demands they'll on this list in outlook output Amanda. Almost and that bodes taxing category a guy who's never wanted to thing. That's being put into an affront just because that is you know what he what he didn't in college in the know and people nobody watching him. But that's another guy that's you're inching to watch Bobby are not a 37 W yeah. All our critic Michael you -- just let them you know you guys go back or -- -- -- just discarded. People are a number eighty in the spy -- and I just -- into a corner -- you know anyone -- -- -- eight or ED. Perception. What I -- -- -- -- don't know anything about football OK if you are gonna say. That a big part of of Brady's career and winning Super Bowl -- You can they debris out and it would spike gave it didn't have anything to do it. Different coach which -- and. Okay that helped win -- title. Can't automatically say you know that didn't. OK if you are saying that Belichick cheated and they are equally committed. The ground and the Brady and by that important Super Bowl title even tell you -- an apartment. -- -- okay I think you can be intelligent and -- -- -- that's a good point but I still wouldn't allow myself to put Brady in that category if you wanna blame somebody Q1 appoint the figure -- Wanna use that as ammunition -- Bill Belichick. So yes OK. So Brady the Brady have. That all the write ups of the footage was he watching the footage -- and dissecting it like he watches film normally. No he wasn't was he did the coaches put him in a good position based on some film footage that they got oh so we can run this running play. To the right based on the footage that we got. OK maybe got wondered two plays may be they're going nodding in any proof. Because every coach has -- has told that they all the same thing the only reason why this is even an issue. Could everybody was doing it it's because they were arrogant about it so. You can't really put you can use that in the mix because everybody was doing it but they got caught doing it. Yet rates yet part of -- perceptual problem as compared to Peyton is that he's arrogant. -- -- -- it will. -- this writing the -- as a point that Brady is -- it Brady is perceived. Outside of New England as being arrogant know I can I can understand the perception of that yes easily just. I mean it's. And privileged -- ball a -- I can get that also but he isn't and he's not. And you know even though you know Peyton Manning is choosing different companies products to endorse. It doesn't necessarily mean we don't know Peyton Manning may be a jerk. You know maybe is -- mean it was wife maybe yelled at his kids I don't know I've heard this culture you know maybe. I have no idea you know but I know how Brady came up. I know he is as a as a as a as a teammate as a man as bad as husband. So I know those percentages are or war you know but at the same time. When you're thinking about electability factor and try to throw in the spiky thing comic. Becoming use it as ammunition to say okay this is what people don't like him this is why he dropped. Then that you are unintelligent. Football fan you don't know what's going on. Top cop with a top cock was Pittsburgh coach Bill Keller took an hour. Power to get a sound he just came out instead. They were -- us that was awhile ago -- -- -- point is that he made a human welfare he made a comment when it was relevant you know and using -- ball. As it is as a guy who's going to be banging the drama. -- the book said. We didn't lose the game because things it is because of them having any additional things that looked at all this say about that enlistment in Tokyo to -- -- computer because -- were told not to -- something that. It would stop and everybody goes there was you know -- we've got caught doing it with a camera. You know we had people calling card steal signals you know steal someone's circles close with a -- game in every -- attempted to do that. In -- so that's my point there's cameras all over the place the patriots and every other NFL team or filming everything. Everything using everything at their disposal. There's -- there's a rumored -- around. After the of the 2000 what's doable my first year 2002 opened up the game with the Steelers Kordell Stewart was -- quarterback right. First -- -- and this is just fun rumor out of an office through somebody told us and they said that they had a budget information on Kordell Stewart. Entering or this just this -- so in order to rattle him in order to throw him off his game. They were yelling. Things about his personal life. That were true things about him being -- -- are rumors yes so they were there were yelling stop and somebody was told to do that as he ran out the field while he was warming up. Now I don't know if that's true or not but is that why Kordell Stewart at such a crappy game. It had anything it was true so I so you can use that as fuel also. It's -- points what ever you can do to get an advantage you can do. To Bill -- point. Everybody was doing it. They're guilty of being arrogant they didn't have a you have a yelling things at Cornell about him allegedly being -- after five years of those rumors being out there and filming the other team's defensive coordinators quite a leap that you make. Not -- -- cup from the same cloth. Go to Randy. On from the keep Brady or 937. There aren't going on there a while a couple of turns one. There was match in the -- dog Bob Brady has -- one and the super Balkan partners now. All the and that. Maybe Obama vowed not to do with that whatsoever not to do it a couple of miracle play. Now by Eli. And not Welker dropped ball. -- you know that's why we're won a couple. Or -- balls. And basically why did manage Kurtz great. Commit. Just comes out of your perception. Manning -- perceived. As a regular guy and great year. To receive only happened yeah. So you think outside and knowing when -- that no one associates Tom Brady with the negativity. That is associated with the Belichick and the patriots to a degree because of spy game. How -- one either Peyton Manning or Tom Brady need to endorse -- better cell phone for you. That's why you have caller from the -- -- yes it was that the beach is underwater -- accidentally -- Is that loosely it's like a status thing that's all don't get it wrong to block -- sent by people. 6177797937. There is. We gotta get this guys had pats -- and ignorant. Academy we'll get to him next as well as some other patriots news items -- don't want entities -- crafts it's something very interesting to analysts if you agree with this one or not. First -- patriot as you've been here for the first nine minutes of the show are you gonna back Robert Kraft understands. Figured out we come back this is not -- reset in the media. Whether it's by phone text or -- to talk about the patriots. Right now with Loney Fauria and bad and yes. On the WEEI Sports Radio network. And W. Stumbled on -- day and the Harris poll that came out this. Popular athletes America. And downward. I think it was much younger people it's just something that he. Sink your teeth into to the merits discussion about a minute reprieve. Yes and answered yes. Yeah. -- there is yes. Well I mean if it's a great it's a great conversation of these two guys Peyton this Peyton Manning and Tom Brady will always be kind of tied together. And -- there's always going to be. You know Brady fans and many fans and -- is you know Manning look -- -- fans relate to -- as they opposed to you know Tom Brady. And obviously people are gonna be known mostly biased in this state in this region. I'll be out the -- you can be born. In this hero last you know 1520 years and not being. So it's definitely testing there of but I do want -- smarter football related items because there are some of the things going on the NFL if you're on all the talk about the debate that we can happen. About the perception of Peyton and Brady hang in there -- and it's more thoughts here before we get to. Break but there were a number of other things he came up that we also goes before the show with they'll worthy of discussion like for instance Bob Kraft. Saying that the NFL should push for team in London by the end of the decade. I don't know why this is such an agenda for I take that back I do know why why because they see money and it. They see that there's some sort of financial gain to be hat. You put a team in one. I still think it's worth whatever money they do make off. Again this goes back to one of our catch phrases for today marketing and they want -- market the NFL overseas and -- Europe and Asia is not -- say an untapped resource but -- resource that can be tapped further by having a team overseas but whatever they gain out of it. I don't think it's going to be worth the hassle that's been my. If you want it the whole time. I'll also say this that if they do put a team in London I'd be the first in line to apply for some sort of team relating gig is -- on. I'm -- -- last at a price of living is high I could be up the last ago yea you're right about that gesture but I think to be a blast to go over try to be a part of marketing the NFL. In a different environment I think we have fun challenge me that's part of the -- in mountain to climb and wanna climate. I don't think though that hassle scheduling wise. I don't think the competitive balance of having a team in London would be fair to that team. In London I don't know how to be able to do it. I'm -- -- you tell me as a bit. It's funny I've I've I've gone for a full circle on this a bunch of different times and the first thought of these wild wanted. You touched on. What's the most popular sport in the world. Soccer soccer but it has got a big dose of it for like three weeks okay like oozing out of my years. Most popular sport in the United States is. Football at the National Football League the second most popular sport in the United States is the NBA college football. All right college football OK so you got you guys are making a difference you know there no way -- the -- trapped personnel -- -- Capitalize. On out -- you can rest assured you let your guard down now it. I support you -- think globally. -- this is its biggest they're the most popular most profitable sport is that -- high they've ever been. But I think you need to -- -- -- OK with the way things are it's something else is gonna happen you're going to be overtaken by another sport. So I think their desire to go globally. Is a big part of them trying to get -- -- Europe now. Being ex player which you ever won without it ever and want to play for team in London well there's a lot of things that happened obviously. That -- that hey it would happen to the almost like you know when you play for college football team you know you can expect and and that's that it represents the cost of living for that area. So I would I would assume I would hope that that would be taken into consideration. We would have to live in London you have lived in Europe where it's -- it's not easy to maneuver if you're an American. Now I think. Every label it would mean that well I think it's gutless it's going to be hard if you move your family live your life everything's different so there's going to have to be some. You know you have to be carried out you will be its ministers say that effort you make ten million dollars or ten million dollar player. In the NFL you should get twelve million dollars. In cash and a lot to think that would be part of it believe it at nothing's gonna capitalist NFL PA signed off on it -- -- a matter. But we -- have that sort of argument when it comes to teams that are located in. On Francisco -- in the city yes you could. Yes you get out there are yes exactly and other countries talk about income tax states -- -- -- -- -- states yes you can but you're you're. This would be initiative that would be brought up and it NFL PA meeting. Discussing whether or not they should be going to your at it at the players association has got -- back. After everything's said and done there's ways to get around. There's there's there's a reason why the Jacksonville Jaguars are playing. Game a year for the next four years -- be home game. They're trying to establish a fan base. I mean I know there's not a lot of people going to your games so maybe that's a reason why they're heading out there. They're trying to establish themselves in that market. That's a team that was always in Toronto and the bills in Toronto time they're talking about San Diego and Mexico City for Alberto -- politics I think. I guess -- in the end. You can adjust to. This sketch they would have to it would be a lot like baseball you would take you know two week road trips. Obesity that Seattle and -- I'd be fine with -- teams who played them. You have to schedule where like they do now you play game and and you have a bye afterwards why don't they just of the draft in London. I'm down we just let -- -- it -- about moving that those soldiers like rock talked about those guys that would put -- techno house. Brilliant palace that now you read that Democrats that about when he was up there in London was it last year. Careers they'll tear out your devil's guys protected that house with a guy. Very very delicately phrased yeah I think. Listen it's like I don't think you should just a liar sup just assume that this is just as good as it's gonna get. It's speaking -- actually isn't as good as it was couple you look at the attendance numbers. For what in stadium and across the league he called him the little nutcracker dude -- little nutcracker and -- yeah. Nobody as far as. As far as this is good to get for the lead like you can expand. Guys can adjust. Bill get over it it'll be fine it's. In the beginning at four years ago -- brought this up. I was like no way in the world in my doing that is just the flight from Seattle. To the East Coast. So what absolute hatred of so we will play in the pace to -- Diego and -- May play. Seattle. What they would do is they would leave a like a Friday. Play San Diego on a Sunday. Packed their bags fly up to Seattle or Spain San Diego -- -- for three days and that fly up to Seattle plays Seattle the flight back. So you can really do the same thing when I was in Seattle we played the Washington Redskins he flew out there -- Jacksonville. Okay we played them that we went that we float at Washington DC we flew back so. There's ways around it like I eat out I'm OK with -- -- the more I think about it it would be kind of fun -- agency to kind of have that part of the world involved honestly Chris and I think it's easier for the NFL to make it work in London than it is to make the argument are we sure it's gonna work in London or London. What is does Arnold -- -- -- regular crap right let me how let's not gloss over that small little downhill and that's next. Doubt that the big part of it I was go to Rhode Island is the guy you wanted to talk to before the break go ahead Albert you're an ID 37. -- Slightly portables like you know what you do credit should not you know I think that you probably haven't been great and good that they're illegal gaming in the manipulate network yeah we were tortured and there were compelled to go. When the feature being built up little one little quality audit integrity -- that. Yes that was interpreted cheated yet they're not all that being so I respect that -- We're bringing it to everyone like all you need it probably more more the -- -- the logic and reasoning. On house by Eaton and other public didn't help Howard what do you know it didn't contribute anything. When you know picking. And outlook satellite to the degree to -- trick works knowing now find all well the first on topic. It doesn't matter it did but it doesn't mean that they weren't doing you just heard bill Howard say they were all doing it. Bill power had more issue that could have more issue that anybody else. Anybody else in the United States. OK apart from from from from this situation from the building things from them deeply in an -- gaining an edge. From building practices and filming games trying to steal signs the the guy he said Lewis died piston he does so we made it didn't -- paying imagining himself. But the main GD big guide. The the guy who basically said. Squeal on everybody. -- the fray until the group. JP came out I know what do I know are you afraid all along. He himself said he should've done it -- he feels bad about it and there was no schematic advantage from it. So what -- -- -- why are we aren't what you do it why why filled the practices like why why Eddie why sit there and and -- and hover over computer game in crunch numbers based on. It's based on blitz percentages why would you do that you're trying to figure out what you can do like how well that's -- -- draft national objective right. That's why -- -- there at this at and I don't know what he said. I don't know he says but I considered and I know that -- -- everything they film everything every -- field. -- -- It's running through the hat they they film us running through the day who. The patriots that film everything every team built everything on your individual put -- the other team. I don't know -- in general right at a practice their letter and errors they film what to do while. Outlet you know why you filming the the patriots players the Carolina Panthers Washington Redskins they need to chargers Kansas City Chiefs as a matter Seattle Seahawks. YE filming them running. Through these pat that the woman -- filming at the beginning of stress. Ball OK as though I wanna know who stretching on -- taking -- -- who's just going through the motions on Alberto everything. In the and you're trying to gather as much information as possible 9% -- information. About a united semi behalf -- it is useless. It's it's useless you -- what -- -- doing it's that's why they they constantly over evaluate everything that's like. That they have the super ball you're changing your scheme because you saw some of the night before that you didn't see for the past two weeks. Second guess yourself you just want all the information you can have. When we come back one of Christians. Favorite former teammates is back in the news again and work it tell you -- Christian can help them. That's coming up next as soon it is you kill me on this matter that are set an area. Minister got a foot off the hour. -- -- -- Sure Lou would've been. Really happy part of this conversation that's got everybody going so much. People on hold for like Orbitz -- spree. As early as -- -- even. Been that much about Brady vs Manning is the show was gone along -- almost been about Brady verses -- despite what it's turned in yet because we all the electability factor is Harris poll you brought the whole back that -- -- like Odyssey. Perception. Right or wrong perception is he's linked to Belichick and it's linked to use spy gate. And it's part of the reason why people like him as much has -- means if you're at your top finalists who would you put -- -- -- As far as popular a popular athletes. Popular athletes -- would definitely be appears popular tiger would definitely appears popular. I would say add your own personal problems of strategy or the -- tiger LeBron. Peyton. Visit this resort is that you like these appear that I think are the most -- I don't know why I would know like yours that I like yeah. Let I don't know he used to stop me on it lights up the public who do org got -- -- Molly did you put number either. I never -- I don't well I mean I just as a family wanted to to reduce CO relation program. I know it's like Detroit to me based on what even if I'd never met him before Troy to me is somebody who comes off very genuine. And plays the right way in plays target at -- ball protect good. It should. Know he would not be in my most popular -- why does that matter why you ask me that I was curious -- is -- if you like bridge you can pretty likeable. -- pretty I like a lot. And I got a lot trouble for saying that repeatedly for many years in Pittsburgh. I like yes and -- really actually sit and think about this horse who -- on the list. Debris would be on and where would Mike Vrabel via Christians. It's number one. Not available to. I know you're you're you're you're you're caused so much so many issues with this like I don't have issue with this yet you keep barking about it. Well let's let you have your moment among let Jerry gets staged Georgia State go -- -- -- up to it would you like to help out your former teammate Mike Vrabel. I would love to get. Here's the story comes to us from eleven warriors dot com it's all of the Internet is just the one link that I've found that we put up on in the days and FB page. They still -- warriors Michael -- there's the story on line that Mike Vrabel the Ohio State legend. Who became a recruiting eighties and of course former New England Patriots -- great. Has now decided to join former patriots assistants and now Houston Texans coach bill O'Brien Houston. So Christian what he's doing is he's holding an auction to help clean out his house. An online auctions it is -- to move all this stuff because wanna bring with them he just wants to sell off. And some of the odd items they're being sold are for instance a two rollins' Jersey. -- as -- Terrell Owens Jersey probable probable signed cities held on to this one out which year. The -- vicinity of the village of saint Henry Ohio you can buy that the Mike Vrabel Letterman jacket from his high school days. A couple of autograph footballs from the Arena Football League. The Columbus destroyers. I think that's part because the -- coming connection there. These are just some of the great items that you can get from Mike Vrabel treasure chest. Of toys. What are you most interested in justification for your body a few bucks and get some of these goods and resell them. But help Mike out the -- only thing I'll offer micro things I could ever match. Now the dramatic. -- forget what. Forget the Arena Football League autograph footballs what we need is a Mike Vrabel touchdown reception ball gap that should have gone on -- I would I might that whatever the online dating is I would help you bid on that Christian just to get report. So what surprises you the most out of these these items to villagers why is it really that's that's the president. Well look like a hold onto it for what about the village of -- Hendry like so. We didn't keep the city at a -- now. He never go away. -- we debuted the key to the city. -- give that way it changed my mind what I am going to bid on his team Mike Vrabel Letterman's jacket just like a winner in studio every day when he gets called back. It would. It's ten size that way swallow you up absolutely I'm looking at a right now one to get it to me in this why would you send your letter jacket I mean did you did you. He too high school is that something you would keep even though you're never going to Wear it again is Ohio State and no they overpaid for their assistants Mike should be hurt for cash. Right. Well -- -- is there a Mike Vrabel episode of broke coming up that we don't know about now I don't know. Now so I understand the Hubble AFL. Sign footballs and today is the negative space. Debris able Letterman jacket. That was that's interesting to me that's intriguing the were the mayor we're aware of who wrote the bill to think Henry I -- I would be so bad if I took time to DP the key to the city -- you'll want to leave town and you sell. Back I mean it's like if you're eating some by permanently -- your pardon me Christian I know but. We symbolically gave Buick keep the city -- get really had a -- episode toward the figure could drive it any time slot. We symbolically gave -- the key the -- that develops CNN -- I was like under the dome. Like -- finals the year or something like that can't get it. What you gotta be upset a little bit -- -- one -- -- I'll just hold on to just because -- -- insult anybody -- hurting anybody's feelings. I'm holding on the key to build to Spain and -- cilantro and I might get it back to. The thing and it got to how you. And crap like this in your closet that crap like this late. Random star false need billions and billions and billions of not -- -- related items -- -- yes Colorado related items -- -- -- things that people you know drop pictures they said it just hugged the stuff. You play lineup you collects up like -- get an autograph videotape of -- ball giving signals on the sideline yeah that -- asset to the one tip that didn't get burned them all all the all the people know how -- you could -- for that. I'll let stuff go to Patrick -- -- -- fun Patrick ignited resentment. -- -- -- And are you get -- that question why would the patriots videotape that would look benefit was it to them. And I heard her interview with Charlie -- about this. And he basically said it was -- scouting tool in what you have to go to be scouting defensive coordinators. Because they don't arousal opera prompting the team was built in game benefit to it it basically videotaped bit. You put it away in the immediate thought -- this summer -- the -- -- They would see if any of those coordinators. On this year's schedule. And then out of India that an exercise they would see if -- They give -- a delicate way of saying let's look at the signals. He got everything to gain better apparently. He gave benefit is looking at the signals. -- -- this economy you don't benefit productivity what an all the following year. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Tim -- -- you -- scalp for the New England pitcher than I tell you on your head coach Dick downed Kansas City what do you gather as much information as you can then you can sit in the stands. Nigh and with or without a pair of binoculars and you can't get all the information you need guess what you would just need to write it down and a book. There's nothing that you can't see with your eyes that it videotaped it it's it's the same thing. It's pathetic that video -- videotape viewed machine whatever -- yes and now. What no clear why I'm watching you like you think deceit or bad I can see everything what do they do before before videos what it. You study the -- they're filming everything. We all working out in the bubble called the bubble that Dana Farber bowl nose call. We were running in there one day I was hurt I was rehabbing in the I was rehabbing -- the and the -- room and everybody else's was working out. -- flip around the channels -- you know there's a -- -- there's ESP handers you know there's but stupid stuff and churn up. There's a closed circuit TV that is film I don't know they're actually filming it. But it's directly shot right into the ball. So anytime you can -- see what's going on you can see what's going on -- -- people -- around you can you can turn mentality policy. If people are taken seriously indeed turn on there there watching everything really get this from real fast. Mike why don't I understand spy game. -- -- What exactly eight or violate our back and are there like it will violate. There are filming the other team's defensive coordinators. So that here a lot that. You're not there were warned about doing -- anyway they're -- here who are better at. -- what do you tell you tell me that like you tell me are right -- Right. And her credit for October. The legal and the film but they did it the way they did it was illegal so what's the point there. -- -- OK so what's the point. And we're actually -- I'm not trying to misrepresent. Our try to represent anything senior -- you're the you're the exact person. That I'm talking about in this argument you're the exact person. You can't bring up spy gate and the perception of it outside New England what I try to act like it didn't happen. It happened. And that's part of the reason why it's attached to Brady when it's compared what are his electability. Is compared to Manning. This week in existed I'm sorry it happened I'm sorry your fan of the team and people remember it. But it's there it exists. It's well. It really did occur. 617779793. -- whether or not you wanna believe it it did occur. You can't bury it and people outside appeared to acknowledge it. Trust me.

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