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Why is Manning more popular than Brady? 7-18-14

Jul 18, 2014|

After the recent findings of a national poll, Christian and Tim debate why Peyton Manning is more popular than Brady. How much of an impact does Spygate have?

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-- -- Former Sox player. Yeah. -- So I spent my teenage years naive my twenties don't let thirty drunks no I very low expectations my -- We're loaning Fauria and bad it's -- -- Sports Radio network. Economic zones until. We can't have upon further review. Until the end of the show. And now you're telling me before we began here that you wanna go over some and happened in the crossover blackness. If you ever been to profits down and I have never meant to be gone now. That's the spirit -- -- that's something that you would like. Okay. That everything anything out of it it's. It's just it's there's a -- people watch the great place to go. Replacing a collective one. We went digital we want to -- -- -- -- phone numbers you got it was not ten it was more like wanting -- -- -- what I was I had a mom I had so there. There's this there's this there's there's there's this guy dressed up as a sailor. And he was going -- sounds -- and he was going round town with his mother. His mother approach yeah I was married at the time and his his mother approached me while standing right next -- -- my wife excellent weapon the time. And was trying to figure out how he can somehow. Did in the mix and put it that way. Okay he looked. Like he was fifty but he was pretty yet going to be like 29 of the company looked like he was the -- kid the young sailor -- the young sailor. And I had to just elements that I'm flattered. However answers now prepares Belgrade area through it. So I guess that you know. No I have all the things -- plays I've ever been to in my life with my tournament outmoded the world players don't like. Okay. -- -- It will with the rest of the village people with their moms that's what I want and it's crazy I tell you if you if you're straight guide you have self esteem issues. And your moderately attractive. Go to -- -- what have you ever had self air. Issues offenses to just come as its use all self esteem issues -- -- -- -- -- -- you know this is that you've never had self esteem issues you know while I've actually -- house trying to -- -- finale on the -- acted out -- of the was very shy very nervous that she now wishes that she said no I prop up. But I always the issue is that secure products out so I continue to stalker all through grade school and finally got there in high school. -- are starting are very awkward I was very awkward kid like you know all Gately. No real style you know we talk about you know -- -- you know and I I I really happy group out of affiliated with -- It was -- you know you're a loner and out and ask those -- that as the Natalie little SMU had a lack of self confidence was before high school. So I'm -- -- let's see you're you're leading this team like I've never been -- apartment it's like he says I I've never been shot down a shot don't play time. -- times in my life. Likeness and name me one. That we would -- -- you would know not you would know. You would know -- -- -- -- yeah now nobody would know but it did happen it happens to everybody -- with the bath you know it is not did you -- everybody Tim -- -- -- -- me a lot. You know times -- -- care man. But -- doctor. As we do and -- Hampshire right exactly I saw the unfortunate part about. Today show supplement not being fortunate part about today's show is that we already did the show before the show started yes and I don't know when you. Occasionally it into one of these arguments with me during the pre show meeting Christian you get one next because you feel like we can't. -- sink our teeth back into it on the air but somewhat -- going to be all right our eyes so we bring up this topic of conversation. Before the show begins today the most. Popular athlete poll is out again. I'll LeBron wanna use the most popular athlete -- this Harris poll most popular athlete in all the world. And world yes all the world and he's been retired for awhile now. LeBron all -- -- but like I jumped Michael Jordan had been for a long time on LeBron one. So abroad as the most popular athlete. And we were discussing whether or not is to place before after decided about the Cleveland Cleveland didn't pop the notice actually conducted before he made the decision to Cleveland. And other things jumped out at us like for instance what you just brought Michael Jordan number two Tiger Woods is still on how long has it been since he's one. Derek Jeter is on it at number three. And his level of relevance I would say had dipped to until this year when he announced that he was retiring. And this will be his last year is going to be good bye circuit. So I'm going through some of these names and there are so many guys in there late thirties mid thirties there was nobody on the list under thirty. Very few. Where the next generation of popularity is gonna come from. With athletes not normally a delicate Tiger Woods or a guy like Jordan when he first emerged -- watched the thirty for thirty again yesterday about Bo Jackson. These guys that hit the scene. The mainstream like a meteor -- There's nobody on this list right now that's like. So when LeBron retires or maybe earlier that will. Want him to because he's been playing in the rose for so long as -- got himself his championships and so forth. Who has -- the next part that takes over who's. On the com. People keep talking about Mike Trout in a break you and all these guys in baseball baseball's not a sport that generates superstars that much anymore. As a reason why Derek Jeter. He's got all alone on this list. You cannot return to football like that turned to basketball -- and ended a more individual sport by individual running quarterbacks within the team sport of football is there are four quarterbacks on the list. -- Manning Brady Brees and Rodgers the same for that are on the top of every list right now. And that's where it gets interesting for us. And that's where it got interesting for our conversation. Manning comes in at four. Brady comes in at seven. Again this is a very nebulous hold the sense that we're trying to figure out -- -- popularity. That's just been identifiable. That actually mean popular like well lights. Or does that just mean Q rating. Does that just mean you recognized the name you recognize that they advertiser on hired you because LeBron James. Frequently has been one of the least popular athletes if you do the least popular athlete poll. So it's more about being identifiable. That it is popular and well liked. That's where the Brady Manning discussion its interest I think yeah now -- theory. Why is patent why would Peyton Manning be higher on this list. At number four. Then Tom Brady. Way and we all seem to agree especially your New England. That Brady's had a better career. There there is any different there's a like ability. With Peyton Manning look at just what Tom Berry does as far as what he's advertise. -- Look let's. Peyton Manning is advertise a look at look at his stars. Caught all but even his commercials are funny. I mean his Papa -- commercials are funny. The I -- call. Omaha Omaha check -- those are funny. Everything he does with his brother even when ESPN sports -- a commercial funny there's just a different. A mindset I think what people look at those two quarterbacks. The more people can relate to Peyton. They can't -- top OK why here's the supermodel wife. -- here's the jet -- here's the he's he's he's a soupy -- look like a supermodel he's gold at a carpet Kentucky Derby that's -- patent -- -- but. There is -- would you not agree there's a distinct difference between how those two guys are perceived. Yes based on -- just based on how they look and you know what they choose it from the you don't think Tom Brady doing a -- commercials. I mean he's doing under -- but I think he has stake in the company. He was a nice guy for ages and an under armor comes -- and he switches gears and now he's he's recruiting guys alike Cam Newton down Carolina. I think there's that it's just if I took myself out of the picture. As far as my relation Tom Brady name my real my experience with don't be on the same team with them Eldred symbol that we had. Outlook probably leave -- Peyton Manning. Just based on. What I see and I don't know -- at all I've never met him I mean I'm you know out on the field yes but I never LeBron deep that the player I was off of the player. But his personality. You know it compared to Tom our problem lean more towards hate as far as his sense of humor what he chooses. And just everything about everything not outrunning us us our ally if not no I hope it bit. I think eight -- player cut it a I -- it it was a bit woozy Olazabal didn't like you don't get though cut that meat. Cut -- -- out all of these are master card commercial yet the Orioles red meat to it there's just -- to be -- a distinct difference. As far as the career pass that they've that they've chosen based on your suggestion is that because of the supermodel wife and a lack of tangible qualities. That Tom Brady has that he's so much up on a pedestal somehow Peyton is a little bit more. Easily identifiable with the common man better suggest that Dwyer junior LeBron analyst. I -- Jeter Jeter is Jeter is the exact same thing -- -- You think Jeter -- Jeter's does not married he's got eight supermodels not one debit -- got that OK I was in New York. I think -- glamour team just like the patriots in the NFL but Jeter is who. Women love them. Men want a beer and Brady has been Brady has that that qualities to but it I that we can even use. Baseball analogy. It was district medical that you indicated Derek Jeter. And Peyton Manning also -- to lead towards. Okay recent leaned towards this is an Provincetown whine about not about a -- it's not a bear hug anyway now okay this is simply name. -- rating identifiable. Like ability yes like ability. But it's it's it's close don't you think a little bit has something to do with who they played four. Who they play with. As far as you know the teams Brady playing for the patriots and ballots yes and yes. -- -- that pass to play a role and I know you people tell you because you just hate Tom Brady just because he's Tom Brady maybe. It the whole spiky day yeah -- yes on it is. This legacy I nationally yes I deal. Why Seton and I don't know why don't see that. There are going to be people who hate on him and use that. As an excuse or people not know all the time you saw the Super Bowl coverage. -- can't have but their pocket they're gonna they're knocking it likes the -- back that he could win. Eddie what did have a good enough team is not like it's a question of electability question -- same thing. He built you -- on Europe try to bring it towards OK so Tom Brady. -- like ability factor is less because of the spy gate issue and the deal on the ticket people like Bill Belichick they thought. They -- that he wants to rules because they were cheating. Chris when I'm telling. Here's outside of these six states okay. Outside these six states you look at that logo and people in other. -- eighties bands of other teams don't separate Brady from -- check telecheck from spy gate. Everything else that swirls around the patriots the way the people doing new England and this is a national poll and telling you that's part of the reason why. Peyton would be below Manning in these polls a year they don't. It's got nothing do with Thomas a guy. It's got nothing to do what Tom's like ability burst is patent I mean you look at it really their clones. Of each other. When you view it from the prism of outside of their. Cities where they play. Meaning Indian Denver or the New England region. Everybody is jealous of them everybody's -- the fact they got talent around and everybody's jealous of the fact that they've got. Coaches they cater towards and that they win all the time that -- unsuccessful organizations. Everybody's jealous of both of them. Did Giffords is for bella check. And spy -- And the perception of the patriots being a negative entity will always be associated with. Rate the colts and the Broncos. Art looked at nationally with the same negativity that the patriots are. And and I think those are haters I think those are. Gorgeous Haiti on the patriots for for whatever reason it's like one years down the line. Tom Brady united 1015 -- years -- line he'll be he'll be going you we talking about his legacy and you're comparing him to Peyton Manning. And the one thing the one reason people will probably collect many above. Brady is because well you know there's a whole -- thing. You know he had exceeded it and you know -- part that hoping it's a lack. You know it yes that's going -- talented and intelligent football mind in total football they would build it had nothing to do with that success. Nothing to do whatsoever air Reggie himself came out and said. The he he would have done differently. I set out and I talked to manage 81 out work is yet and he was he was -- also we talked about this. He knew was going on it was packed up bills doing it in its space that Billy asked to stop bill kept doing it took up and it would Brady. So -- attacked Brady to act. Is. It. -- But it's gonna happen -- because people are paying to people who don't know the situation people who are in New York City who hate on on on Tom Brady. -- on the success and the giants. Okay so okay so I see the Christian Fauria you're told me that you would be in a different set of circumstances the when he talked about before it is looking at that you guys. From a distance Brady and -- you never played with Tom you said you'd probably be more of a Peyton Manning guy earlier in the conversation right. Yes if you order patriot he did note Tom -- and outward where assuming I still have Michael on knowledge right yes. OK but still if you grew up in Los Angeles a day and and you've played Colorado and you stop plan after days in Seattle you would look at Brady. From a distance from afar and continue to associate him with the negative image that Belichick has and the negative image that is associated with spike. I would allow myself to see the difference I would allow myself to not have blinders on and not use my. -- hatred. Or or the patriot or Tom Brady to cloud my judgment. Two to make me believe something that is the bear that had nothing to do with any success that they had. It would have nothing to do with it so don't matter were lit. Outfit there and look at what it's. And exactly -- that everybody was doing it edit your scalp. Back in forty years ago. You were trying to gain as much information as possible so you're trying to steal signs you're trying to figure out personnel group you're trying to figure what they would do. At the fact that bill doing it arrogantly applicable to stop ballot issue of it but I'm telling the stain is on him. On Brady yes -- -- -- on that doesn't belong on him. Belongs squarely on the patriot bill that's. It's actually able ever take that away I mean the -- this debate that we're before we got on the air was you're suggesting to me that people. Don't look at it -- I'm telling you outside I don't know I don't know I think Smart people Smart football people don't look at that Smart mobile yes. People yes look at it that way haters haters like you to him like you. People don't walk out albums that you can it was so funny as you say that. And when I was in Pittsburgh for thirteen years I used to get. -- -- all over myself giving Brady credit -- but he was. I was excoriated. For giving Brady too much credit Pittsburgh as the people -- because they're jealous in Pittsburgh they are jealous and -- must -- New York. And good but they're also jealous of Peyton Manning. But I don't I don't like I know what I could bring up seriously joy if I was in. Philadelphia or Pittsburgh or Dallas or Miami. I could bring up Peyton Manning as a point of conversation. Or Tom Brady as a point of conversation. I have the exact same conversation. About the two guys and people were fans of those given teams the Steelers Eagles cowboys dolphins whoever would call up and make the same complaints about the same two guys. They're protected they get every call. They're pretty boys. The league loves -- they're promoted. They'd want their teams to win it's a conspiracy because they get ratings. Everything it just piles on the same way and both guys and it goes to another level because of Brady's connects at that is eight. It's -- cars like the yellow card in soccer -- does bring out and play it whenever you want. Do you think one of the reasons why meaning may be more like a bulls because it isn't one as much. People filled all the underdog every once the while nobody -- -- Taylor left Indianapolis in the way he was crying and in going to Denver don't you think there's there's something to that. Like he's pitiful because he's lineup he's won just enough to not -- that pitiful what people feel bad form. Now I think he's won enough that he doesn't get that kind of crowd. It is not the lovable plus two Super Bowls. He's got -- -- straight in February sort of Brady but he's he's won three U 134 years already at parties. But we do do did you get any. -- speak about what sort of say Joey is that I don't think he's he's one too much to not being lovable loser. 61777979837. I got that everybody's got fired about about this week its next 23790%. Don't get to those. But when we come back we'll get some more response to the break. We talked about Provincetown until I don't want what the guys the morning. You lose the games because it. A it wasn't that happy and there's. Nothing obviously about listen I think -- Q okay thank -- computer because they were told not to do something that. It was something and everybody there was you know there have been caught doing it with a camera. You know we had people calling cards steals signals he has he also -- singles was it was a part of the game in burglary attempt to do that. That's -- choice way of trying to make it sound like -- that. Well it's also more than I -- half what it was his face we just -- free advice that is they were guilty of arrogance. The pages of guilty of everything it's okay to do with it and you can. Parse it however you want -- parsed does that attach Brady that's part of the reason why remaining when it comes to his electability factor that we are talking about this Harris poll that came out. And as Peyton Manning in front of Tom Brady black couples lots that's part of the reasons why is that radius associated with that people think of it. Negatively outside of this region OK so my -- -- that has nothing to do with -- -- well let me just reset it for -- Was out to -- Christian Fauria Maloney Fauria and n.'s Harris poll comes out and a little surprised to see because of the fact that it's only people mocked Peyton Manning. -- -- In the victory of the Seattle Seahawks over the Denver Broncos in the Super Bowl. Took shots at him for weeks going in -- weeks coming out of super -- thought maybe Peyton Manning's popularity would dip a little bit more and Brees might actually rise. Because this is the first time I felt nationally that he hasn't been looked upon as the privileged child. But he hasn't been looked upon as a guy who gets everything there is no Randy Moss there is no Wes Welker in a bunch of all receivers that didn't belong the National Football League to be quite honest these thrown to last year got the tip that should have been starting. And he kind of got his team throw at you look at everything that happened this offseason even when we started getting on the -- and our show won our first it was the we have was that. Sam Watson. Pro football focus story came out as he's not top five quarterback in the national reaction. For the most part was very pro -- talking about -- -- a top five quarterback. I thought maybe this was a little bit of a shift in terms drop people look at the two guys no surprise to see that there was still a gap there like that between the two of them. So we brought this up with a -- and I simply said I believe that because he plays for the patriots. And because the patriots had a negative image because people don't like -- check. And because the Eric -- and -- stuff. And because a spy gate there's all this extracurricular stuff around the patriots that outside of these six states lead people to not like them. As much as that. Colts or the Broncos who are rather Vanilla organizations that they don't have Peyton Manning at the Helm. That was my assessment yet you think it has to do a better stuff. Also it just looking at -- you're looking yet you're comparing -- -- -- And it explores her popularity and who they relate to. Peyton Manning probably. Relates to more people more men -- partly relate to what Peyton Manning is doing marketing wise. So here's a here's what up Peyton Manning endorses -- way he led the NFL last year in endorsement deals twelve million dollars total. Here's -- his partners are -- Is that these are like regular guy brands DirecTV Orioles MasterCard. A topic Johns. OK so. So he comes -- as humble hardworking self deprecating. An average Joseph the goofy sense of humor -- is that that's Peyton Manning. On the flip side you have Tom Brady. Here's -- he's. Marketing Syria about more more trendy high end brands like. Most regular guys blue collar guys can't afford right up Movado watches -- Smart water. Okay arrow why people get on -- 'cause I've worn them my whole life -- the best -- known -- man especially at a place that's always cold. Dogs. Used to the billboards what what lake construction guys get is -- cruised by Avago it myself bear hugs. God -- me. Samuel that made six dog that we. So I think that's in the Jeter markets -- of Sony's portable but this is a separate that's more -- that's the difference between Manning and Brady. I think each guy kind of decided which way you're gonna go. And many went the way of the Everyman ever that they ever make it relate to it easier I think to relate to a guy who's who's to beat. A famous person from famous book off mainly he's self deprecating who's had a -- sense of humor always make you bottoms up we're talk -- doesn't. The same thing. I think the national perception of ball -- they've got a silver spoon in their mouth. It's just which ones gag reflexes a little bit easier let -- go down yeah since birth. But it still must go to opposite birth or -- all 'cause they earned it both. All six draft I don't know if you despair about Brady Brady's morphed into when I it is I -- -- and I cannot Aaron out of it's just about -- implant a real college institution right and also RC got a scholarship he was a back not make it sound like he's come from hardscrabble. Situation was bicameral Hopkins. Okay is that -- Smart. But he hit -- like he had nothing was given to have another was given a Tom Brady that's -- Hampshire site and a whole lot of talent. -- took awhile to figure out though I mean good coaching and name -- great attitude but nothing. That that that -- source of data that applies here. And I think -- I think they looked upon again Christian outside of here I'm telling you looked upon as very similar in that regard. That each person. Is entitled their privileged -- her titled you really okay. Actually get a -- out of state to call him and 61777979837. -- New Haven go ahead you're on Steve. They -- gut that let. Tell you get straight to the point here Chris I think your -- point. Seven I think you -- What can -- to mark I lived in and New Mexico for years and I am not passing and bad but since then. And I New Hampshire. But it makes open daylight outside of New England. -- He's -- Manning has it all over him. So where we disagreed. Let Taylor I think you're up and mark kept as. -- -- Brady. And he is off I'm more like Derek Jeter. He's quiet. He's you don't seem to run around in pink pants with durable -- kick it broke. -- I had no idea where your -- -- -- Bryant get a split the -- that's another person agree with me hoosiers crazy okay to corn crop. It's my -- -- -- -- all -- please call back but the funny part about it is I do think he was actually more agree with me. -- nineties -- server through that nick you Rhode islander and 937. Hey guys I'm glad I got to blow because he's the guy I know -- -- -- -- you're like under you're dead on. I think the these despite gaping had not thing to do -- radio whatsoever. Is surely just who can relate to -- I think what you're talking about -- while he's learned out there promoting it Milan I was. You got yelled out hello auction and you got pink and on the -- sure that life. So you don't think oh man could offer second and -- you don't think for a second at a Chicago bear. Looks at Tom Brady and thinks to themselves. You know what he was associated with spy gate and never crosses their mind and not not not divide it up so that's -- of that is where I agree with you. But that is the un educated. Go part time football Eric -- football -- from Chicago. That that's who you're right it probably right but it to my point right because you're gonna eat -- guys who say that. Just don't know what's going -- intelligent football fan if you -- call on intelligent football fans all you want if you if that makes you feel good about defending Brady or acting like spike you're validating them. You're validating aren't validating the argument and intelligent football -- ballot. The argument is the debate is. Why is Brady below Manning when it comes to just raw like ability and I'm telling you it's because despite what you're saying. Not exactly what is my words in my mouth is what to -- but I didn't is not 100% spike. I'm saying that part of it is the patriots are viewed more negatively. In the colts and the Broncos are outside of New England the reasons why Belichick is -- likable figure and people associate spy game with the organization where you -- one minute or not yet it has almost nothing to do with that. Almost and it has everything to do it just said. It's it's who who hate Manny relates to and it's who -- -- Tom Brady relates to. So -- that too and it's not like. There. There's this huge divide between the two won its fourth and one of seven to go to out. That's up there whatever computer screens. At that board was gonna Kevin never ever you're on I 937 to like them. It was on its a war. Here I'll I don't want to eight pin like baker or you're actually. Being crew -- -- I want to. -- Massachusetts. And people I know that the -- that he apparently -- on. -- on that issue Tom Brady look -- Italy. Outside of -- alms people just like in my -- per yeah because I. -- -- remarks like even -- not his fault partially yes I would say those are Smart football fans are just keep gorgeous pushing their own agenda and it is just heating. Just because that's what they do. -- people talking about education -- one is I know it actually. Encroaching now Humana. And down. Yet. You went to -- him there and yeah. All the man you -- -- Tom Brady Tom Brady. It is so ridiculous how people think she's a great -- we had a playbook and they always been like or not. The top again. Yes you're right -- I'm not saying that it doesn't exist solicit what I want to Carolina I lecter played -- -- -- one year but it would Carolina this on this whole -- get things started. You've built the guys in the locker Steve Smith John Fox. Hey we need to get -- we need to get our ring back in my hall would remain in it it's of their tell I was showing orders up like they know you're acting at any rate -- Ernie Joey Porter Paula please. I get that people are always gonna associated with -- they're going to if you do some -- But those are on it. Did people not -- hit the ball they don't get what the reality of the situation is and if they want trying to knock him down. The only thing they could say if they were having an argument. We're all back report an argument and there's always a below the belt. Punchline that you can do when you know you're getting beat. You don't get hammered. You can't see -- there is over bottle -- get a hit below the -- you can get a -- we must go down. Litigators say some brilliant things about my mom give -- -- -- there's huge huge story of the white flag. That's what people who kind of compare breed that's what they do while he did this it is -- spy gate and they walk up the room. That's what they do get there's nothing to say there's a negative so so he likes Movado watches other -- and other than. -- -- he's shocked okay he he rather have out. A Smart water than a Papa John's pizza. They're I'll give I'll give an example we come back that that proves my point from the other and I do know we come back -- -- -- -- idea. Ever since they -- fine and okay we're not doing that anymore they've won how many Super -- -- and how many of it into. We've been Juliet. 23 smokers are. -- -- It's a success -- -- -- mean -- you -- it is it is but we're talking about championship -- coming with a lot of teams that won a lot of games. I'm not taking anything away from Bill Belichick and Tom Brady your great. Hello I'm continue to tell you that they are great they weren't winning one they've -- it. Four -- I don't know how many games obviously Jimmy 58. And an eight noted -- -- -- me you don't you don't you don't do that without without getting some things accomplished you know. I'm just telling you it's just ironic that that's the case. Arsenal -- with Lou was that your in the suit -- -- is there this past year yes that was only you -- New York went back. -- -- -- -- -- That is filled with just desperation. Did everything he says anger anger. Because. He got his they'd lost so you desecrated in the same way discredit -- aren't real high to his credit -- ball. So much for that that the fact that he would actually come on the air. In fear that out loud. Like there's any truth their validity to it like here's what he's doing he doesn't have -- -- -- backs -- Gaza's. Hey guys have a discussion he drops the bomb in there it is our start the fire he just walks out and you just got -- it is kind of like let people talk about it -- You understand though that that point of view is what supporting my argument that an. Amendment I'm curious Tim what you think of martial fox. Point there. What that they'd only one -- it would do you think his point was the only ones grumbles because of spike in -- well -- play that clip I think he's not wrong I think he's dead wrong before you don't ever play again he's not I don't know melt the clip breeze status. Are you have to happy to win that much you have to be doing something wrong. -- ever since they got to find them okay we're not doing that anymore they've won how many Super -- not and how many they've been to. Eventually it 23 OK art. Dual poker in the Bristol success though though isn't it mean when you -- it is it is but we're talking about championships are about. I do not feel that spy game helped them win -- trouble. I can't I don't know how more much more I I understand I actually go out and I'll give you perfect example I'm very very happy. That I was able to recover Hines Ward for as long as it did because he made my job so easy. He would say outright say somebody crazy things but Hines was the first one to say after 2001 years before we knew about spy -- After 2000 one's AFC championship game -- said it felt like they knew what plays were coming to me in the locker room I was the first person -- that quote. The ironic part about it was though I've played offense. Not defects short film in the office and then you lose that game because of offense or defense why they wanted 2001 special teams. The screw -- the Steelers on special teams all the plays the patriots made on special teams. That's why. So it it doesn't apply. And the ironic part about redoing this argument from the other side now I used to actually stick up for the patriots in Pittsburgh on this topic. So I don't want -- -- is somebody say that the only reason the patriots won because of spike. What I try to say use these other Pittsburgh analogy here for Christians and she got out of -- earlier. Sidney Crosby give me three adjectives that you think describes Sidney Crosby. Crybaby and I don't cry baby entitled. One more. Arrogant arrogant line. I went to Pittsburgh I guarantee you Phoenix Seattle. San Diego. -- three. Adjectives to describe Tom Brady those three would come OK now not then out to measure is sexual thing now and and you what you got for me. About -- -- not knowing anything about a big cover him. I'm -- start city Crosby SARS that probably it's it's not a segue I actually withdrew there didn't know him. -- on the following him what the ball in his career so I'm going based on what people are saying. Based on people who watched him are saying so. That's my point people say -- about Brady of the patriots are uninformed or are ignorant to what the truth is. That's me -- him OK I don't know that is socially done on ignorance it's albeit but that's the case. The poll is correct based on how they based on what they're looking like ability factor its marketing value. Although they both have Brady and Manny -- have a like huge like ability marketing factor like people want to work with them. They choose different things. But things that Tom chooses. Are things that most guys can't achieve the -- a puppet that Tom Brady that -- Manny does or more every day I I think. Let's go to it adamant Connecticut based on what I'm seeing here in the comments anyway I think Adam is gonna sum up. A lot of this argument one sentence go -- -- Guys thanks particular call all I I think -- it's it's simply until it's quite. I really think. People kind of Utah number -- -- Highly at all you know it -- about a perfect answer yes yeah and you know he won three titles but the result I don't. He you know -- he -- a funeral OR UC. You know I mean yeah everything going on and irons it's it's silly that people that -- as you walk they. They think it's you know that. They're -- exactly right Adam everything you're saying is right and that's part of the reason I jumped your call there because there is now a large element of truth to that is the Morse the more you succeed and the more perfect your images based on your success. People tend to hate you more which is part of the reason why. I kind of thought that Brady might move up a little bit on this because he didn't have. As much success this year he tried to plow through with a roster that wasn't as well built around him and there was that element of humanity. That was brought in his game because of the supporting cast not being around Christmas we talked about it right there in this offseason but all it was brought up Manning. Crosby. -- they fall under that umbrella of well it's easy to dislike them and -- at the same time because they have -- all. And I do think though that the differentiating factor between Manning and Brady because they are alike in so many ways. Is that. If you look at the emblem. People see the patriot logo they see Belichick they think spy gate and they go step by step by step. And now that I think it's an inspiration I'll -- so I think you can. Your trip you can try to lump them all in one big thing. Or big barrel Belichick and -- Brady in there and -- best -- it in the -- and everything else that's. Her aunt and everything that's wrong with the page is a lot for Italy's not a lot of all. But the factors. Is that Brady chooses. Slick high and train the companies to partner up -- Where Peyton Manning doesn't. He does pop a jockey just Orioles he does. You know the Buick commercial it's all about the commercials and I think what -- to -- Why do you have a lot to do it because. You have once -- it's -- lot of the businesses go to Manning is celebrating. Would want of a big or both but I'm sure listen I sure. Brady got just as many operas from Orioles or. Pop a jog or are -- you name it Donald you gave I'm sure -- Qaeda and at some point. You tell me up well actually what we're up against IRL when investigate this little bit more and 11 o'clock garbage -- questioned that I do you think plays into this along the lines of marketing that you brought up and you don't Tom certainly better than anybody. Here in the building so all -- ask you about a week and -- is 90% of media.

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