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Jul 18, 2014|

A full version of the Trade Deadline show hosted by Rob Bradford and Alex Speier. Featuring Red Sox Assistant GM Mike Hazen, along with interviews with Giancarlo Stanton, Zack Grinnell and Ben Cherington

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Giancarlo Stanton. Giancarlo Stanton I just figure I start the start MLB trade rumors. It will be traded is the hero right he's the hero Jeremy when everyone wants to talk about alarm among other things we get plenty to talk about on the club. Knowing you have insurance. How bandied dot com goes there I'd beg your view -- a great great place check things out. Trade deadline show -- rob Bradford WEEI. Dot com along with Alex -- of the exact same organization. -- will be used to this has been a great week early. Fantastic as -- the following week absolutely this is I think you would I share the sentiment that this is one the most fun of the funniest weeks of the of the year and it all starts with Sunday -- you and I believe that it is one of the best days of the baseball calendar for very different very different reasons. And it starts with the futures game we were both out in Minnesota. Futures game which you took in and it's interesting because a lot of guys here people are gonna talk about. At the trade deadline we can talk about some of those guys. Right after that is he celebrity softball game nobody in that game is we're gonna talk about. In the trade deadline shows that one person -- to come. Well I'm going to talk about -- Dan are you know he was great -- was really good it was really Kevin tooled obvious this wasn't like you're good. Your actor -- Your celebrities that James Denton was actor that he. You know. As he takes things to do this anyway -- and so obviously the next day is a great day out Minnesota at the all star game because all these players have medium build build the our free each league every player sitting at a table have to answer a question actually was 33 minutes for Jon Lester. And nom and that is great because you talk about who might get traded these guys what they think about their contracts always one of our favorite days of the year. And even the days of the all star game not so -- the game itself before the Austrian is a lot of access all these guys conversations you don't otherwise their ultimate you know -- there there they know they're there they're relaxed so it was a great week of -- we had a lot of interviews real player a lot of interviews later gonna have Mike -- on. Live my case and assistant general manager of the Boston Red Sox talk Wear the Red Sox that would trade deadline. -- in south from Ben Sheraton from the Dennis and Callahan Show earlier today placements sound from Giancarlo Stanton who. Idea podcast without at the all star game you talk to Zach Greinke he really fascinating guys. Yeah he's like he is the ultimate MLB trade rumors he can I think yeah it soler got a lot of sub -- you have to start with the global support sound of the entire week the most importance on -- out so you -- Sunday dinner. Guess not see this bill but so there's not a lot of Sanders and -- on his wondered how did you come to -- Did you have a name I don't know anyone name that sounds. It was just weird coincidence. She could run away faster mr. Jerry Jones of mad men. What accent is that. She's from South Dakota. South Dakota explained how to explain my shoes and in the in the all star again before we get to the trade rumors -- trade deadline. There's a lot to talk about 1 -- that. Which was a little weird -- -- him I've had to be done -- When you're doing Wikipedia asserted January Jones at VCU virtue of the sun names and her. It is a player named Zander that's that's right up the -- of the -- approach ago. That that is the bread and Australia as -- advice he could run -- fashion and yes she will not be regular podcast listener of the breakfasts so that's what else will be though it's been a good week in and has been a fun week and things are starting he'd -- as Mike -- and I'm sure will talk about. It's really this is where this is where the rubber meets the road Alex this is where things start giving you exciting we get we haven't done the calculation at week. Hours now I haven't yeah well that's you that's the -- well how Betsy the next break. But if you wanna join the conversation we beat pocket a year when we get a lot of calls -- -- -- played at night. But really this is a timeless so bye week last I'm just going with 330 hours right now that's getting a bit last week. It ways you know throughout the show we did Dayton Moore on in the city royalty and we actually at deport him back because we had so many calls so he really good calls to and and I think that I've always said this Alex both popular sport in Boston Allen says offseason -- entered this. Passionately love team building in this is right up there this time a year right. It is -- years yes especially now this person this year real right. Yeah certainly I mean this is this is one of one of the times when you really take stock of an organization from a big pitcher's standpoint. And one of the few opportunities you have and bury. Compressed period to make some serious changes -- and so we're gonna get all into it and we'll take your calls little bit later the phone number is. 6177797. In 937. Or join us. On the eighteenth he tax line 37937. Or you can tweet -- I met Brad -- that's. At Alex beer yes we're very inventive and also I encourage you to Q to join the Twitter world off our sponsor of at Kolb knowing it's you'll you'll be happy it. So. Does this start first and foremost -- the biggest rumor or the biggest topic you'd think of the day of the week. We as we said we went to Minnesota we saw all these players all the the whole world of baseballs there. Everyone's talking about the next two weeks what's the one thing that interest you know most. There were many of course for I mean I think that'd I. Think that taking stock of really -- their biggest domino for the Red Sox I think remains in many respects what do you do with Jon Lester you know and that has all kinds of implications going forward. You know in terms of what you would do from a trade market standpoint what you read what you would need to what you would need to address from a longer term consideration because. He has you know he has the top of the rotation guy who you need. And you don't have a ready made replacement for that's that was interesting to watch Henry Owens in that kind of lens of the Jon Lester universe it was that Veres. He will endlessly be interesting thing -- was adjusting to a. -- Well note Lester Lester all ouster forcing you to think about match serves are inclined Hamels scherzer and we know we you know we both -- we bowl bashers are about. You watch Jon Lester Lester question we asked US -- to Greinke while that sound a little bit later. But I think the giant plastered trade. Scenario heading into July 31. Has been under -- hello. I really do it I think it's in part because the Red Sox and we have we have no intention of trading him and they're not talking by. It would take something I think for them still trade him but. What is surprising me a little bit as far as we know is that I thought heading into July 31 the Red Sox -- Put close to their best foot forward in regard to a contract. Offer not maybe what they are willing to go the ceiling of it but close right because. -- isn't right what you're here is the on cross the but you know -- right isn't that what you wanna do don't you wanna find out the landscape that's how we really like everywhere Cole Hamels back in 2012 break yet and I think it makes sense because. Yeah you can spin it as. Jon Lester would hold on Jon Lester no matter what if you watch will be at the traffic that's fine. By it. You know I just don't I don't get -- get it back -- and -- the negotiating strategy. Back at the beginning and spring training and that's fine that's up for debate. -- just. Trying to figure this whole thing out as we go July 31 I think you hit the nail on that Jon Lester is a fasting -- guy. As via close to that and it's all going to be the thing that you if if you gonna ask me the most fascinating is. Is these days coming up we haven't seen anything like this where. In the middle of July we're going into the weekend series with the Kansas -- Royals coming out of the did the all star break. And these are legitimate legitimate. Big game. It's absolutely I mean they can reshape the direction of the organization for years to come right I mean this isn't just about 24 team this is about. Figuring out -- how many. How many eggs you put in the 2014 basket. How many you know what you're investing in in terms of the future are you you know are you thinking about moving a Leicester. In order to be able to acquire may be -- may be something you don't have for 2015. You know maybe maybe you're finding that middle of the order prospect for down the road in there aren't a lot of them. But it's it's really interesting to all its so -- scenarios he -- all kinds of different scenarios but this this -- The Red Sox sweep the Royals right and obviously get to the end of that -- -- one note entirely different conversation except if the Orioles sweep their opponent then it's not. Right because are still ten back. You have but he could always been is the wild card mean and and they're moving in the right direction and then you still have hope because you have Toronto. Tampa was after chance -- me it's not about whether you win it is about whether or not you make up ground because if you look at the historical -- the Red Sox have odds that are. You know really there they -- fighting history right now in terms of where they stand in so you have to have pretty good faith. Not just that you're going to be able to play well because playing well isn't good enough when you have. That many teams in front of you you need to make up ground right you and that's what everyone says that -- says says the Red Sox have to win and and everywhere else and and they're banking on them losing because their flawed teams -- their perceived to be flawed teams and that the flip side of that is that if the reds excuse swept by Kansas City. It all sudden we hit the Toronto. Bowl it is I don't think I think the conversation is pretty definitive -- Yeah I think that that would surely offer some clarity. And that's amazing -- we're talking about three games coming out the all star break in. And maybe you know exit to a 101 into whether -- not so defined. But I've never remember anything like that and will last might k's in general -- general manager. Of the Red Sox about that dynamic about how their preparing. The other. Of things I also came away from new meals during game and Carlos in the big guys. The coach you did you know though I I don't find a home run derby to be terribly -- event but the thing that is amazing to watch. With him is the fact that he's not he's not a guy who hits with Lofton it's going really I mean he can't. But really what this guy doesn't hit line drives that just keep going for about 450 feet. It's a trajectory of ball off bat that is unlike anything else major and and you'll look across the roster you look at clock across the club bounces. And it just is not guys it looks like him. They're just not. I mean it's and he has the skill set we understand it's not just like he's a big guys like it is Willie Mo Pena is a big guy in by you as flawed game is a good baseball. You it really is impressed so when even stacked against the best of the best. What disguise all about and that's why he's in the -- yeah of course he records right when when you represent something that no one else has and Gordon find yourself in a lot of -- rumors. Unless you're on a team. It has essentially unlimited resources so assorted do like we're gonna we're gonna play the sound from being Carlos stand after. The top of the -- -- play the -- stuff there as well. We're into the Mike season Mike seasons assists gentlemen to -- -- -- joy in his. After the break coming up about before we go the Briggs take a call Tuesday Wednesday costume -- all right everyone enjoy the conversation for a little bit later 617. 7797937. Jennifer and -- Jennifer RU. I am good. My Clinton and I didn't end up letting let it go. And giving that yet to a three yanks and and and wait for the Miami your karma could be content. That's a good question for and I give you my two cents on it it. It with a Lester is that will restart or Lackey first I I don't doubt for a minute of bill tried to re negotiate lap -- deal. That makes all the sense in the world to do it he's going to be 36 next year. You you probably think he can do this at least a year after -- next you do a two year deal instead of the one year Major League minimum. And it makes a lot that's weather held notre not I don't know because if he gets through that Major League minimum year that he becomes a free agent and then you might be able. You're one last year off the calendar. And you you may be able to -- three year -- Yeah I think that to me you need to have some kind of some kind of singular element of team control. It would be on the backs out of it like if you extended to me like if you extend him for one year at a reasonable summoned and have a team option at a reasonable sum then. If you basically need to have or a cheap year but something something that represents the fact that you have control -- this -- effort and saying discount. It was written into the contract -- your goalie missed a year and a and a that he missed a year just the pop bottle you went people talked about. But on my Nikes can be treated like this is the last guy I think he's going to be treated yet he's the guy you probably can't trade because well of us you know that you're going to extend Lester. I've played Timmy he's the guy he can't trade because he's the closest that you have. To a reliable guy anchor in the rotation in the absence of last -- aggravating on the last thing -- aggregate -- flat a little bit later because I want to squeeze a couple more -- at least one more call one year Kevin. And rate them ideal and. They got it Howard you know the they I don't understand why there it any thought to trading or trading Lester when it's it's a matter of money at this point in if you look at what they have in the system at least what I've read about. They don't have a bat it is anywhere close to being a middle of the order bat out of the -- who is proven. So far in. I don't know they're rumors that are are true war appears anyway they can make that happen but I would think is the best way to use their -- it's. Think some of the kids. Make it paid for a bat weak side Leicester. In keep wacky. Didn't you know I don't know what's gonna happen would would -- cold but I mean they're pitching depth and could pretty good what they're missing right now it is -- -- and in to let Lester go all the money I think so. Well you know you talk there there're organ and their operational philosophy is clearly did they are. They have they have concerns about risk on the back end of long term deals and I don't think that's unreasonable I mean. But they they put they've that they've accepted a considerable amount of risk when they extended John Lackey at the start of the 2010 season. In that risk kind of blew up in their face to the point where they were forced in a position where they were desperate to move the guy. Halfway halfway into the contract which by the way was that was one year before Hewitt before the extended him what year before his -- pricey. And so you know. In so to say that it's silly for the Red Sox to have misgivings. About the possibility of having bad money on the books. And I think that you know it's it's understandable that they would have -- perspective as much as they love Jon Lester as much as they say. Of all the pitchers that you're going to make -- -- we know at Austin American legally say that you say that he's the guy you would be kind of comfortable. You know there's no such thing has -- god no I in that -- a little bit about this today look at -- Cliff Lee is an example a guy who signed a big deal in the thirties and and you know heat for three years up until this year yet thirty or more starts he. Is his combine URA over those for years since he signed the deal is as well under three. So but now he's hurt -- the reality is is that at some point in that contract in May be it's a point where. You get hurt and then you come back like Lackey but some point is going to be a -- be bump in the right is it going to be. Beckett who is good for one year and then fell apart in 2012 missed all of the 2013 essentially -- and again in 2014. Is it you know is the CC sabathia model where at that first contract the Yankees had the opt out of after three years just by name bandied and then the extension. Has been MS and he's going to be he's going to be a mess on their books break longer time nothing you know to knock you know he's in year one of seven. Oh not at that and -- -- abide by that but that's from talking about you might you gonna hit a bump in the road out as Lackey. He showed in tobacco may show. Hey you know have a problem weather that storm and they come back him and maybe get back on the right track. Celia lineup we've talked assistant general manager respect assistant general manager Mike is at this -- I implore you all hang on because it's a great conversations great -- while baseball trade deadline. But this time you're gonna have these shows on next Thursday I believe the net Thursday after that is the actual non waiver trade line be a little bit earlier because deadline and at four agronomist six. That day by our time baby let's listen listen I consider this primetime. I -- -- -- people -- -- a great week and a great rim before I came here I ran around the -- for a little bit. It was less like the screams echo -- guy well I'm listening to the the these episodes of the -- -- -- SS oh well I'll just -- through deceived by mr. anything so today it hasn't sushi drove right by the paradise -- the soul of play and I don't know how I did that is fun you have by the it's been a great day and I really do enjoy this show enough of -- insurance. Sponsor of the show we appreciate them Alex -- I appreciate you appreciate my case in assistant general manager spots and Red Sox coming up right. We're back on the -- doing when insurance trade deadline should come here rob Bradford with Alex beer WEEI dot com doubles. Same exact organization were pleased to be joined by. Red Sox assistant general manager Mike -- in. Who's been in the news but we're not gonna talk about that we're like we're we're talking about the TV is currently invested in the Boston Red Sox not the team that he's. Rumored to be a candidate for the general managers do this San Diego Padres and that's understandable -- guys. Sure yes okay that's understandable welcome Mike how -- you. Thank you never really appreciate that you have really. Well listen you know it's it's it's an important time for -- -- the Boston Red Sox right now and that's that's the country where we're going with. This entire show it's it's a bizarre thing -- behind the seat out tonight talk all day long. And runs and one of the things we're talking about today where is can you remember. Our series of mid July series going to Kansas City Royals this weekend. Where people the players the the manager the coaches are all saying hey you know this is really important you -- any kind of dynamic like this. Well for the majority of our being here taking 2012 I think we need in the season. -- don't tend to -- six. But we fell apart a little bit later a lot is due to injuries and things like that. You know 789. In the playoffs eleven on September. And it last year to do so now there's not much darker I think he's probably most in the twelfth. When you know we are what we were at that time trying to figure out what direction and it. Just from the standpoint of approaching the trade deadline when there is uncertainty about which direction you are going to wanna take it at the trade deadline. How challenging is that how we you know are are you. Is it challenging to have the right approach to kind of starting in two. How how how difficult is to have. Kind of the right conversations with the right parties -- as you have some uncertainty about how to proceed. Right so it -- it that it's a lot more certainly. I think we're where we're looking at strictly I -- Approach. You know you're looking. You know a smaller person team. In your focus more on the -- creator because in all sort of deductibles about the deal would be if you need to get a reliever you do this news that. But that's all created restarts -- improbable Albert organs seniors teens who are so who the buyers. Usually when trying to -- Yet while mobile team as a playoff team you look at teams that are that are that are selling off pieces of me you know or. Young players this complicated. Tremendously. And you're trying to simulate. Information. In both directions. You know operated -- made -- -- -- -- -- to and the teller you are buyers. Need to figure out what you have when you made it caught. It is this year what you would need. Depending on which direction the team takes over the next ten or so being talked about. You know -- a guy like church or -- road in our office who operate on the starting side. But coordinating. Coached all over the country in the minor league and Major League ball -- not a Major League ball parks. Which -- which is more traditional. As far as sort of the overall direction and approach. -- we don't make that decision we're gonna make a decision collectively in good order like he said but they start out greatly gene does. You're coming up but I think -- look at promote the -- there is about humility information we don't wanna make and decisions. That doesn't provide. -- or others -- much. To -- relevant timely. Accurate information as possible for any decision. That you might. So just to clarify I mean obviously based on you very answer that you get to that last question give some indication of it but. You guys are kind of still on the fence or at least. It still has yet to be defined as to whether or not you're going to be in the let's -- for 2014 question vs the let's look beyond 2014 question. Yeah I or any of those decisions Arnold and look I think this division is wide open. -- Tina. It's been decimated by injuries to some level I'm not that sort of by and large -- are competitors. And testing are still pretty count as far as I look at it. Yeah we come together the finger -- that last year. You know we didn't do a good job in the offseason. Attitude to a -- You know put all the pieces together. It is jingle all their formally we wanted to do but. You know you watch got prepare you watched the go out it. Get -- ready to go. It's very much like you -- you don't searching attitude every day. When you're in the club or else is seen -- -- -- chewed up thirteen result been different there's been a lot of close games and we just seven. You know come on -- on the right side of and ought be good lord here common option. In the next ten days as it could change mr. Barkley so. We just need to be prepared for those who got underneath. You know and the others we need reason to be prepared to move in in any direction. Whatever sordid side. Red Sox assistant general manager Mike haven where this -- we seem to ask this question every trade deadline the last year was unique to the qualifying offer dynamic. Going into this year what you've seen so far the first couple weeks of July is this any different than last year of the landscape of what how teams are approaching it. Our team's more tight fisted or teams loosening things up a little bit more lesser power things unfolding in your eyes. I think it's pick up at all or part that I know that are -- change a little bit what you're giving up players that war or. Taking our players that maybe to get traffic competition work in the season. I think the second while -- much change there. So many. Other avenues. If they don't want wrong to get into the postseason and being in the post season field and all that and you wanna do. So when she got out there. And it's available to UT to even get into the second wild card tool and go to a few years ago. I think that's which changed the direction of the tree -- Garland wanted to -- There's just so so. That there are so many less sellers. -- they're used to be and so I think that's just that short supply a little bit that don't there are changed. Need to make a run Ernie -- used to -- -- -- get that benefit distribute I think we had a pretty strong core are all. To a forged that pretty. I guess it's worth asking you know how do you feel about the court your club yards when he fourteen you know one of the things that's been striking of course is the fact that. Is the fact that this has been a year of the offense not media expectations been turned -- was on the station earlier today discussing that up at at some length. In terms of the state of you know the state of the team's needs going beyond when he fourteen. As you explore the kind of possibility you know again bracketed you're not you're not committed to being you know to looking beyond -- fourteen but if you do. What areas are you looking. Well you're gonna look at irritation of your rotation and never and not start or did you think it all this year. Were probably a some degree of change your turn -- in appears that you are still look at that. Carrier starting pitching depth I think we are stable -- -- and -- right now that are performing well that for rest. Call nicely you know. Gotta be careful looked exactly how much you put into that. Given what we're just normal position -- side where you know -- -- and and and Jackie and now look you got here now Christian after. -- I think we're seeing one of the things are being the number strong players had a roster. And acumen are. Take -- Russell given his performance. You know -- be consider those players. Or do resistance inconsistency was that and announced. Probably -- two young players playing at this level. Watching them go through the ups and downs and Jackie really starting commodity and now. Aren't a sure thing on the opposite side and better -- or we can right before the all star break hopefully. He you know had a tremendous amount early in the you know ego that I think when you see them I think that -- -- to be so accurate but questions start catching. Strong -- stable of young pitching probably wanna make sure that. That supported the right way. -- rule will look at note -- is. -- -- -- -- long term you're always opportunistically looking for at all since January yeah I mean the club I think it set up with both our positioning. That hole. You go out and plays. All over the place was so loud you flexibility. To go try to pass that made it one particular position. While these guys are -- so are you saying that one benefit lineup force. Yet part of the reason I ask is because you know maybe a month or month and a half ago. I would have thought that there was a certainty that you guys kind of might need to bolster in the outfield. It now all of a sudden you know you guys are facing a situation where you almost have your you'll have a crowd of guys when Victorino was ready to come back. You know of varying experience levels when you I had in the Brock Colts the -- you Betts is the Jackie Bradley is you know the Daniel novice of the world. In so. You know I find it more difficult kind of -- I would have maybe even a month ago. To say that's a definitive need for beyond -- he fourteen and I'm not sure if you feel the same line. Yeah I don't know exactly right now I would argue that you know there's there's all team players that are there. That are good players that. You know that they'll be in the roster spots. And certainly a lot of young guys and there'll be a long time they'll impact immediately. You know a couple of got a -- back into the feel that we need to do to -- -- I think it's probably more about the -- opportunity. To figure out -- that impact guy. Could be would be and where they should on the roster and and I think there was only got shown. The flexibility to do adapt and move accordingly. You know we know we know all the names who probably going to be surface in trade rumors is because that is the nature of the beast potential free agents. One of the guys you talk about starting pitching depth formal one guy is going to be lightning rod is Jon Lester are you surprised. But the number about the -- one way or the other that you got from Leicester so far. There are a lot of interest that teams have -- Leicester one way or the other. Our. I don't or or or what specific thing is as keen to talk about the boat right now I mean it's still wager earlier. I wouldn't be surprised by anybody's record out the park are well. I think given the nature where where I think it just opens doors for anyone to call and ask. Maybe got. Wouldn't have passed in the past and they still may not -- and players that you that we won't trade and -- right. But because of the a lot of colorful directions whether you know even if we jump back into the staying. Really are at war or is it if it stays status well I think it's going to be a lot of conversation go. Those well I answered that those that was rod appreciate that there that well as listen this is like it was a testes or -- or where we're we're we're building year for future endeavors. I got -- meant that. With regards to it we among that group of outfielders that we mentioned in you know they're -- personal of course but it one thing that is noteworthy is that. They're kind of guys for the most part with all around skill sets. But none of them have kind of you know kind of top of the charts power even when you probably characterizes plus power now well except for the super human rookie vet who is what's in everything including my -- out and at any rate you know how difficult is it to acquire power. You know in the trade market. In the free agent market overall. In you know -- how fascinating has it become that there's suddenly this apparent. You've been pipeline it has guys with top of the charts power coming one after the other over. -- out there convoluted question thanks. Also it's like to mentally that I don't respect other Q does the kudos just flying around all over the place in the has come -- what is going into the -- what you said yes you do it's how if you push a breakdown of the component. Of it I look on the basic level that other question that -- it's really it's really. -- hoarding all our. But I think I actually think. -- that let our you know our our organization what my early years and -- has tremendous power little simple power I actually think. We have a decent amount of and it just out and come together yet know what that guys are still in Major League level going through those transition they. You know I don't know yet we don't know yet I think that there's there's a chance that that's part of just this equation and Briere I agent or. You look at a couple of guys that are really drive the beast all that well. -- a lot more power and operated just like your real question where it looks crowded or -- in now and the crowd it. I think our -- to watch our younger players. You can't give up on them just because and just because you know first under Jordan trio plate appearances and not exactly. The way they -- in the minor league so. You think -- are becoming more Gerald. Something out to do on international. Amateur -- Aren't out our do you think we asked the players -- -- just are showing it they did show at that players. You know if you step back. Ago we were talking about those players as those power -- guys we added. I think you know political -- -- were trampling our level. A little bit more. -- I think we have seen. Just the consistent ability to be well. Is a question from the unbiased smoky beds observer of on this panel they're not. From what you've seen so far Mike of -- what it is about what you expected says. You know I know Alex obviously is all this guy since birth and and you've seen a lot of them but. Lot of people haven't seen a lot of since he got hurt until he got up here is has he done eggs pretty much what you thought you would. -- -- -- -- No doubt he'll stick it goes beyond what looked like -- and I remember when he had a 150 averaged like a 39 year will be the in Greenville so I got to play -- comfort -- legacy grade school I think. Yeah rob I think it is what we sort of expected -- shown confidence of others upon himself when he's played. I think he showed very good at bat control. You know seeing a lot of pitches. He's stationed tough guys decent I've talked right handers. He you know huge huge looked to the mark but he did show some split lefties sort that you can write it pretty well. That patience. This stage in New York Dallas it was good to see that first aren't. You know show could bat speed he's just missed a couple of ball. I think defensively. That's probably the area that given the lack of experience and you'll feel you would expect to see you know. The most think consistency put it that way. I I don't think he made mistakes that you made you know some aggressive plays and he's he's learned when to back off and certain situations I think -- been excellent. Very control in the right guy -- doing a lot of things. On the on the field that I think for you know kid his age and experience level especially with his defensive position. Coming up not being in the outfield. He's done pretty well so but it yeah I think what we get through that transition period. Let's talk -- dialogue it differently I hope we don't go potentially concerned. Some of the things that. Red Sox assistant GM Mike he's not I'll finish up with with this one must question. Do you feel like you guys have to to have to decide when where the other and proceed one way or the other with the trade deadline looming. Is -- in action a a reasonable. A reasonable possibility or do you feel like. This is to -- opportunity to either improve for this season or to in order to improve for beyond this season. It doesn't that's an opportunity you don't wanna miss. The bigger question I don't think. Anyone scenario out legally we to go at your question yes it could be an area got out. If we felt like we -- into other areas. Given the -- where were you have not clear jumped back in every three game out. Because gained 1610 days in in middle July still want to play at a very count. Yeah that's an -- could very well it's yours and Hillary benefits to doing some of those. You know I think I I think when we talked about it today. Were talking about the myriad possibilities that are out there. There's three really clear ones but there's other ones that are a little left black and white. You know I sell or hold or that type is probably. Some variation of that that are gonna work. We're working right now all the information together so that we can make the best decision the organization are 00 for the fourteen all and -- -- -- that ultimately it's our job right we. We need to be able to answer that you don't -- change in the organization. And the whole. Well Mike we appreciate you joining us and all I can say is I wish you well and all your future endeavors. Thanks -- Are there a lot of talks. Sort of around the not. Only increment for many of those people it is mentioned that talk from. Sort of the it is yes. About what this means or what that means there. You know it's sort of it out there and then and now I just don't put much stock you're nervous. Coming from the people who are actually part of the conversation. I -- I was general manager bench Arrington. Earlier today on the Dennis and Callahan Show talked about Jon -- this is the MLB trade deadline show. Sponsored by public insurance help and need dot com Alex is on the website right now I encourage you to go there as well Alex. -- -- and always good interview. Appreciate him coming knowledgeably. Take away. A couple of them I thought that it was pretty interesting hearing him talk about you know acknowledging the uncertainty that the Red Sox -- in the considerable challenges. That you face as an organization trying to kind of navigate through a situation where you need to be scouting other team's farm systems is what was there as well as their Major League players who might be on the market. It's it's a tough. Uncomfortable position to be and when you don't know clearly in certainly whether or not -- a buyer or seller. And the fact that they're keeping all doors all avenues available to them so you know they're they're not down one road or another. By cells neither are you buyer and a seller there's there's a lot of stuff that can go on with the Red Sox the next two weeks. It's it's it's get ready for a wild -- yeah. You'll thank you Alex edited by you guys thought that he was very did -- articulating. What what the cut are in -- the next week so maybe the next few days in. And why he wouldn't answer might yeah might very pointed Jon -- questions very cleverly component but evidently not. But yeah he didn't say that that was a good -- it up I got two of those -- -- got convoluted on some of -- that news it's in my plus minus with me it's it's dogged by thought he did a good job of I'm really doling out what they have in front of them and and and how it is a different dynamic that may have had in years past him and really the preparation that has to go into it and how old. This because you're kind of in the middle here -- not definitively on one side the other of that does -- maybe how you are prepared. Yeah I imagine that there are a lot of amateur scouts. A lot of the Red Sox amateur scouting department is being brought into the pro scouting side of things right now. Because they need to be covering everything. Are -- repeatedly getting. Every -- lower blanketing everything as well -- and I appreciate everybody hanging on here it'll line through that Mike Hazen and -- if you -- into the conversation going for. 61777979378. TT -- -- 37937. Tyler earlier in the car are you doing Tyler. Eight guys I appreciate it all I had thanks for all the non yet Tyler where you the car that whole time. -- happen that aren't driving up but that also from all are now well. -- blunder I let out a hundred guys that they're cute questions warm air up at. I'm not bleacher or anywhere. Showed that trades scenario is third down well and and I noticed you're talking out pretty much all or the guy. I know he's pretty damn good and I won't hear about. But the Egypt articulate and a -- -- there are a lot -- But. Then you are given out -- is there -- boat you know I think it should be untouchable. But you think it is what they're an eight -- it. Well first of all Bleacher Report knows what their deal they made him a million dollar would you bring a Giancarlo station's name which in this is probably unrealistic -- trade him. May be the year of the conversation be more realistic offseason but but they know that they bring up his name yet or the offseason they bring up his name. Everyone's gonna try to figure this out and I don't blame you for bringing it up that's a reason why I get a podcast with a mean Minnesota. And it's also the reason why said you have to be bald and you have to do I think. At least offered through the thing we did with Felix Hernandez a couple years ago which is here are here are nine players pick. Five and I had to Yuri you US about some of the names Tyler to meet Giancarlo Stanton is more valuable than what the Cubs just sent to the eighties which was just some margin and in Jason Hammel in exchange for. The best two prospects in the a's system including one of the best prospects in all of baseball and Addison Russell. You have to have a better package than that normally in Giancarlo Stanton took to mean yes you I. -- I don't see how the how the Marlins would do a deal like that without including Bogart's. In and polian and maybe that's I mean it. Denton right presents that that type of entity did you that you would mention tell you mentioned Leicester right. Do you think they let me -- aren't out there and that -- -- -- -- -- somebody. All -- by every would have no interest in the last. Better because of the buzz likelihood is if he gets traded he's probably get a locker -- team who trades for him blows them away in the last couple months in and now you're trading for -- that's not a win now now now not all. But you know I in an entire other hold on BK is -- -- -- -- sound from view Carlos stand later in the show. In talking about trade rumors him talking about the first time he ever hurt himself mentioned in trade rumors. Richard just happen to be Alex. 2000 -- trade deadline Manny Ramirez and wrote about it extensively Alex New Hampshire radio -- frame in on. They get they didn't do it. Other lower the -- and a little bit trade situation. It's very similar like young -- and let it he's. As prevalent -- value but he ability hit it I looked good except account. Okay. Lose. Though big interest in Cincinnati. Right so Bruce is locked up. -- wall he has he's locked up under control for the reds in 2007. Team -- a club option in 2017. He locked up through. His contract runs through 2016. -- out in that ten year at twelve point five million the first Cincinnati very affordable very good contract. You have to tell me why Cincinnati with that contract wanna deal them. Well -- -- kind of he hasn't done well lately that late in the very career here at an all time low rebellion. And I feel like Cincinnati at -- they have a lot of good outfielders and they can definitely. Get shouldn't get prospect for him. And still feel -- out there expect -- the united definitely go far. Well he is having a terrible years certainly supposed value is -- a low point he's hitting what something like 229 with a 32 yeah. He is guarded like he's not even though there until the top 200 for aliens when above replacement. Yes so he's having a bad year but you're right that he's been he's been a terrific player but to me I think if you're the reds you thought enough of him to invest in him long term. You're probably not going to be interested in -- for top value for him mainly -- -- peak value return for him. He's not performing at peak value it's hard to trade for them well in game Alex thanks for the call I would say this soft so it. Yes -- average down years is 790 you know PS. Is 27 years old this is the guy who is it thirty or more home runs the last three years. And Elaine ski which is so devoid of power if this is something you have the guy and control. He's he's still showing enough size he's ten home runs this year which suggests that he's had some power he might throw around the second half. So maybe it's a conversation. As yet further along -- that contract if you wanna -- that caught our conversation the number 617. 77979376177797937. And after the break we're going to be playing some sound from Zack Greinke Alex -- his -- cranky. Attracted you Carlos -- who we talked a lot about in the first hour. I replace himself from bench -- was on the Dennis and Callahan Show earlier today a lot going on. If you want to jump in feel free HTT -- signed 37937. This is the -- -- -- insurance trade deadline show will be right back after -- This is -- Alex rob Bradford Alex -- W yeah I dot com. -- New England insurance trade deadline shows the show number three. All of them have been outstanding. So far so good -- hit a thousand. Allies that the callers have been great that's true guests have been outstanding and we've been adequate. -- the lethal combination. So in a single is hit it and if you really hated so we we -- talk chateau bow. The collars and gas being extra base our people were to the day there were bunting and analogue. We talked earlier -- right before assistant Red Sox assistant general manager Mike he's -- join us and thanks to him for doing that. We're talking about going out the all star game and why it's it's a great exercise because all these players are there no problem. Have. A lot to do with what's gonna happen the trade deadline. And or have to do with players are good at the free agent market and one guy it was great being stressed out of the all star game with Jon Lester. And there's different ways to look at the Lester conversation is the trade. Our conversation that that we had a little bit earlier in the show. There is the what's the get assigned -- -- is the negotiations. Is the here in the now what's going on just wood on Lester. And you talked to a guy who I thought had a pretty unique perspective of the last year situation and also it. Really reading your column minute and listening. He is a really unique you guys that sack ranking. He's pretty fascinating in that he takes a lot of time to think about roster construction in the market and he. You know he talked at length because he views himself as being in a similar situation. To Lester and Greinke or rather Lester and Max Scherzer. He's looking at what happens with them in their prospective free agencies. While he makes as he anticipates the decision. About whether or not opt out of his Dodgers deal. After three years as a six year 144 and he should be noted he's pitched generally well he's pitching really well in the last calendar year. If you ranked the top the top six guys in the majors in ERA. Number one is great and -- on number two is Zack Greinke Jon Lester is number six with Adam Wainwright ahead of him. I had a Buick who my head of him and also Taylor Rourke. I had a but it the nationals of course yes of course yes by so you talked to Zach Greinke about about what the what shape. The market might take for Jon Lester and Max Scherzer. Yeah yeah. And they both had some really good right now. There's still a long time -- with the season. -- -- -- -- -- They're healthy and most of. Finally. Honesty from a player in this is the guy who went through the same thing a couple of years ago because. He went through his walk year in 2012. Going to the open market and I talked about that you said. Well I knew that that was a reality that I pace that my earnings could go period I could end up getting 10%. -- Of what my peak value might be if I were to have one injury and he said because I just wanted to be paid when I was worth and if I blew out or something. Very much I was comfortable. That he had you juxtapose that against Max Scherzer was also sitting there at the -- session. Asked him you paying attention Jon Lester -- -- only pay attention one pitched against them a pitch against them twice this year and the great -- -- Lob lob lob Bob -- -- hockey. Your -- that you were paying attention to what Jon Lester is doing this like Jon Lester is paying attention to what managers doing there's nothing wrong with that. That this -- that there's anything on how well -- eight and right now Jon Lester is winning you know Max Max Scherzer six months younger. But right now as we sit here. Now I must say he's gonna get more money out but he's winning this. Statistically he's back he's been them more dominant pitcher although insurers and that's kind of that's kind of worked a little bit by the fact that yet. One bad outing they've both been really good but Lester -- as I said has basically been I don't think there's a counterargument for the notion. But he's been the most dominant pitcher. Well there is an art but it's hard. Who will really into -- -- the American League over the last 06177797. In 937 a New England. Insurance trade deadline show to play my interview -- Kyle stand a little bit later in the show. But right now it's gonna Georgian war can you do when George. Hey guys you know we've heard the rumor the office of the fourth seven Vietnam the willingness to go to a hundred. I've never heard what may be coming from western side and mean it does take you to. Created negotiation. And when I look at some other high end pitching contract it seems like there might be talking about more years. And then the Dallas because it's early and picked at or just sit ticked about 25 million. And then a few close -- like cranky and embarked on it or thereabouts and sabathia so we also see that -- -- about how they hit -- of getting. Full service those contracts I've put pressure or just that the difference out despite this being part of that so in my mind I'm picturing. Why -- it wears the discount whereas I wish I heard perspective from. Rumors of what the other side was passing -- in my mind. Top that is going to be 25 million and so you're working you -- discount all that amount or discount in the term and most of these terms. Have been seven years of some of these he also. You know winning -- working off of but I guys. Or George title Ali you know with this band aid definitive. Counteroffer. They are ours are ours are statement from ostracized saying this is what we're looking for now I reported that I thought. That if if the Red Sox came in and said five years won twenty home I thought that that might be at least close to getting it done I know it's a lot. Buck -- you talked about years. I agree and I think it the other side comes back -- and says. -- if there want a sixth year at that same AM AB. Or a -- significant buy out like a five mil or 75. That would create a better at eight AB effectively over -- -- have higher than that the signing him. I think they look at you know happened a couple of young high school lefties percolate through the system -- -- benefit lesson might be in that regard. Soak up I see this team positioned. With a lot of flexibility in payroll coming over through the years they've got when you talk about being strong up the middle. We've probably got the best catching tandem percolating through the system missing one of the guys now. We've got a lot of infield prospects it just seems and that -- well positioned financially. What we have -- George that you say that. What they -- even if they overpay but they could afford to overpay. Well lighted and you're right yacht -- right they can afford to but the problem is we talked about this which relies. There's a lot of cases where you get into the fifth and maybe six year fewest in the open market. Where it was just drizzle a history of guys whether it's Cliff Lee -- whenever CC sabathia. I'm just not making it through that contract you're absolutely right. I think whenever things route at every rep but he seems also what's important to him at least from what we have access to. I recall years ago it was no quickly vocal which is rare -- In imploring the Red Sox to extend back get. And then that deal did get done eventually but my point point yes I want my door I hope maybe they're considering. Kill working -- We're it's too important aspects of what's open now maybe together I think if you could resolve John Lackey. All for another 23 years of work that out. I think -- just seems like the type of personality that feel like the guys he's working with that's another reason he'll want to -- -- concede those two. Leading the transition of these young arms I think that's a good starting point and there's value there. The a lot of good points Stuart thanks for the equality after you have to incorporate buckles and accommodation. Since he's under control through 2017. What he's obviously he obviously our present something different than what those two guys are fed -- yeah absolutely by you're talking about. Building looking at the foundation of the rotation and and and just go back to Lester conversation which was. Okay the Red Sox do have the monies to make this work. Yes you set that time and time again have money coming off title payroll flexibility perhaps literally I mean you look at the I think. You know -- -- their starting rotation you be if you sign him to a twenty million something year contract. You still under. Potentially under fifty million for your starting rotation next year very manageable. Clearly the hesitancy with the Red Sox I think we both believe is years. It. I mean yes although I do think that it gets into a dollar stratosphere than Guerrero so you know the -- or improperly right I mean. We haven't seen them since since the -- Gonzales and Carl Crawford deals really entertain the idea of going to twenty plus million dollars a year with any I don't think. He is right against citizens you break as this is going along. I'm more and more and more feeling like -- is not. For the for the sole reason that. I just don't think the Red Sox are willing team that they'll pass rational where they're comfortable. To me the way in which it you know look at the Pedroia deal let's look at that and how it got done Dustin Pedroia basically established a dollar figure that was important to them. And the Red Sox then well I guess it would have to be spread over X number of years and they've basically met over there right. If Lester has an absolute dollar figure in mind that he would be comfortable with. And you know rather than doing but it five and one money the Red Sox at what do we did -- -- Jon -- that it was okay. Maybe it would do that I don't why wouldn't I at this point why would you do that you Jon Lester because if you do -- 80120. Then based BC you later tee you're -- chance that a legitimate contract after this contract can be. Difficult gap that's the way it looks at it in -- you can say that by. If you chart roster spot signs a five year deal right now he's gonna end up where John -- ending up in John Lackey could very well have. By himself with a three year deals aren't estimate director of the American it's not a -- Abbott labs and it is there's there's no -- -- is your first two and a half months or three months away from. From not having to do that dynamic now I agree but I'm just trying to find you know I'm just trying to -- why I -- -- my wife is a very different negotiation. Then what Dustin Pedroia basically. In so yes -- represents something in terms of the number of years given to a pitcher which would be -- comfortable for them. Mean even the four year deals haven't worked out great for. It does surprise you that going down there knowing what they -- strategy the last few years which is. We we want shorter term deals we don't want to get locked in its paying off right now because you look at they're not locked into these deals heading into next year. Did it surprise you with that as spring training at the in the spring training that they didn't try at least. Knowing they probably wanted to a four year deal but it try at least go that route and say all right you know what. Annual average were not super comfortable with but what were ordered to take a stab at this to get you -- four years because as we sit here right now. If Jon Lester is two months away three months away for years to some. Won't look -- realistic. Yeah I I am with you I I I although again I don't think that we know all the details of what the kind of informal conversations were. At the end of spring training. You know Larry Lucchino said on the station of the -- now -- on this station but told Dan -- that they were just throwing out the foreign seventy figure. As a starting point of that there were subsequent conversations. About where they were well -- well this is what. We do know -- out which is at the end of spring training there was an offer close to one the market value for Jon Lester. Is right now chart but not even close we know that up. And and right now the market value for Jon Lester. We think is appreciably more. Right now that it was at the end of spring training knowing everything that we we knew the other data set of his dominance has been broader rights and -- and -- I think his acceptance to get a deal done 20 yeah. Mean -- I keep saying it your three key months away. Doubt now I think that look the fact that a deal hasn't been done with this kind of proximity inherently means that the odds of a deal -- not getting done have gone up. Well we're gonna continue to -- conversation as necessity they would be would you Carlos -- a little bit later in the show right now it's -- to build Belmont bill I do and. And I just think that -- need to take a little more on that that is even make comment recent. And all you need the date on on the things where they blame -- all seen all. I am and I think he has. Some pretty big weight. Okay can I give you bill. In this by hypothesis on on where's Tom Warner lands he's you know part of the ownership group plays as part of the final say. But when you're talking about the active negotiations -- Jon Lester contract I don't think he's in the top three. But who would want to make that decision but oh well yeah. Well I think I think now works as it obviously bench Eric is talking to. To. Jon -- represent representatives. You talk through with the framework of him by ownership I think they're the key no setting a new deal of that framework which is being signed off. By John Henry in and to a certain instance Tom -- That's I think it works. Well yeah -- can get a lot yeah credit. Well that's the I think that in terms of the organizational hierarchy is viewed as being. As being the less powerful voice then then his colleagues ownership group. And -- You know ends -- ultimately I think that when we refer to John Henry were kind of referring to John -- slash Tom Warner. Because -- -- dialogue about a lot of stuff but they ultimately had to speak with the unified voice about most baseball matters. And wore under you don't want it. Makes the or. Out if they where you don't like Tom -- did you go. While no I just think he'd get too much. Gave -- that I really believe it. Everybody -- what when -- heard -- say that you found that what -- say that you found to be in migratory. They have listed -- supporters say that you found to be. To be kind of I mean he was right you don't want to -- A thirty year old. That much money on that this contract. So -- basically a yeah. All listen listen bill John Henry put it out there in print form when was that spring training camp while. That's how they feel it in it's it's it's certainly that's their operating yet. -- to argue yeah it's hard to argue thanks for the call bill is like the Cosby Show. I mean he he apparently didn't didn't appreciate the nature of top mourners collaborative spirit with where Arce or -- it. He had I have had I think that in I know some other people are also saying this is a -- Larry Lucchino raw and operation when it comes Jon Lester negotiations from what I understand that is not the case he is enormous part of it. But this isn't strictly -- Larry Lucchino I've been sentenced to a lot of talking in the rest of these negotiations. Obviously John Henry's. As the as the principal owners signing off on the -- We've heard from John Henry in the what was that business what was that article. I am I out of the business we -- is this week Monaco where he clearly defined how they are approaching the free agent market. Which is listen these free agency just can't sign guys at thirty anymore. As becoming more and more difficult because that's the only free agents are getting. Oh yeah he's ultra right. You'd at this is this is the problem of the industry right there with the industry puts you in a rock and a hard place because all of the young talent. Almost gets locked up to -- pretty free agent deals. Like Leicester did by the way in agreeing to a landmark extension after basically. One plant one full year in the majors. In so the you don't get guys who early -- until they're thirty which means that. You're shot at -- happens when they're in decline so. -- the real challenge that you face is how do you navigate that how do you get a league talent if you want to forego. The free agent industry or at least the high end of the free agent industry the answer is either homegrown homegrown homegrown which has become the most essential part. Of organization building or. You trade for guys which means you give up a lot of home grown. While they're still young as the Red Sox did you know as we as a kind of alluded to a little bit earlier when they traded for Josh Beckett. After the 2005 season. Our eight guys eight guys on the all star rosters -- contract -- -- -- making eighteen million dollars or more that's not a -- Considering how many guys are making eighteen million dollars or more that's just an example of exactly what Alex was talking about this is the MLB trade. Deadline show sponsored by Hobbs New England -- -- NE dot com after the break we get to your calls. Also here -- Giancarlo stay and who talks about. How he feels his thoughts on playing in Boston. What -- say that you found to be comply or -- I would think that day. I would not a lot of you have to think about trading. You know so I'll speak to that is that they're trying to. Notice the really player trying to. The term build something there and so -- you. Would you want to move a piece it's important to. To building that Ernie and Ernie yeah. As been sharing 10 this morning still this morning right up past midnight now this morning under general exit midnight to Dennis and Callahan minute and show. And dangerous after midnight tennis at its best soccer raji Callas then of the Miami Marlins to. Is all the rage in the world of baseball and because he's all the rage in the world baseball we will be playing my -- exclusive interview with them. He'll start game. In just a few minutes. It is the MLB trade deadline show sponsored by hope knowingly and Terrence. I love Palm -- hub and and we should be grateful that during an insurance is able to treat all and migratory situations. Extra but it rumored that I'd it's awesome today it is the best part about it was the history. -- by reaction at it if you if I had to guess the guy's reaction after you Boston out which. For our listeners -- -- I think the majority of the -- definition words bust and laboratory meaning causing fire yeah okay. Which which is awesome words because his spot some definite. Well -- Alex. Once again. All right 61777979837. Will be planes -- interview just a matter of minutes but before we do that. It did in TB -- and good evening. Are what the guys I don't and did. Ot study highly -- and likely -- question for you. You are not on me -- that at this time before the interview a comment on the let this situation. So the question let me be specifically for Alex Alex can you tell me what is going on with key countries. -- he's on the DL and Portland with some right elbow soreness right now I'm told that he's in Fort Myers rehabbing it he went on the DL. And I believe in early July but he's expected back in -- him. Okay so there's no -- -- right now how old -- Tommy John or anything like that but it. Not that I'm aware of did not that I'm aware of open. Get him. And potential ceiling if you look more like a reliever Betty. -- in the patent. He's three pitch strike thrower who's not who's been a really good performer in double eye obviously for a very long period of time a couple of years so now. So I. You know -- answered your question. You don't rule anything out I had won one of value radar kind of compare him to Miguel Gonzalez. Who. Was a guy the Red Sox -- in the rule five draft a few years ago. He never really materialized in the Red Sox system. All of a sudden ended up being a starter for the Orioles for a few years I'm in a pretty solid one without great stuff but as a strike or so he could be that he could be kind of seventh inning guy but he's a big -- based on his ability throw multiple pitches for strikes. That's good outlook and I just wanna say also I love that full count -- You reports on the minor leaguer. Every single day again every single day nobody does that Alex. Yeah it's hard to get I mean I look at look at -- the little box scores but you don't get a lot of right -- on the minor league guys anywhere else so like. I appreciate that and not let that thing by -- week. It's -- Who watched -- on its been going for the whole season everybody. That the thing but it probably the most I think he's gonna -- Same here anyway and it'll happen but. That people normally what would like peace. Is that the scenario but didn't call me the most was lamp and I don't know who what somebody asked Jackie Bradley junior. I think I heard -- yardage out Jack he probably about the contract situations that you award. Know it's funny he says that Dan because Lester said that I believe is at the all star game. I haven't gone into any kind of society kind of signed up this hardly an abstract and he said you know what I don't want people going around asking Jackie Bradley about this. Yeah you're right -- but -- it's great he's so like product until after Jackie in. I don't know I think I get -- it could the team that so bad it is not all of a lot of talk a -- But it's really too much already everybody thinks he. He's gone everybody thinks the Red Sox screwed over and ultimately you come out -- -- I don't wanna be destruction no hard feelings. I just one at that that he's an -- started coaching him again so. I mean I don't I think it is a lot hot. Offer that and did not look -- it you know what I mean like say that. Yeah in July and August for the pump the brakes on that I know people wanna talk about it but it's I can't I can't take anymore that I'm second out on the let the situation. He had it and thanks for the call -- a fair point because you know Lester does seem like the one who's who's kind of just accepted you know. Look if they don't really wanna engage right now -- let's not mess around with it that's okay I understand they have a business to run I kind of have this on my own business aspect. To worry about end. You know let's -- we'll check back you know I wanna be here if it doesn't happen OK that's fine we can. Edit and read that we would both agree I think it's on lustrous and this really really well perfect -- per almost perfect absolutely by. If he wasn't pitching well then this would be very awkward conversation very awkward interviews and but he is pitching well. And nothing has changed he remains even more in the catbird seat -- he ever has because stated Gary's point three months away now. So. Yeah it's it's Lester an eagle Lester conversation would be going whether they won -- with a loss to the nature of the beast. But we talked about Giancarlo Stanton a little bit earlier I had a chance to catch up with him at the all star game -- podcast the Bradford show. We -- play this for you any -- little bit about from the rumors the first time you heard rumors which was Red Sox related and and also -- spots and play him off. Who's your coach Stan thanks for joining me and obviously -- we talked yesterday about. People of Boston -- -- come in Boston and get that from a lot of different cities I'm curious. As a young player when was the first time you remember ever hearing yourself in a trade rumors. Who would actually say you announced in the -- still were amending the mayors for Boston. It. About -- I it. I actually didn't understand the business side of it as much pretty much at all at that point felt like wait a minute mean for amendments makes no sense. Whoever the other -- even close it's true but I grew up and got older I understood. How works a little better understood that I was a possibility. So what you remember that moment committed Lulu is a while ago bureau -- the moment who might have told you did how you found out was it because it wasn't like it is now it wasn't Twitter. I think once -- and in that Dallas shoot well the first. Year two of Twitter and on and all the madness that goes into that 2000 it and -- right when that started. So that's not found out. Was it. Was -- you said do you know what to expect you understand the business side of it was just it's disheartening who have because obviously you go to a team and you -- think you know this is my team. Now and I was actually pretty flattering to. You know be compared to that caliber at that time. Men. Two two if you drift when you do that for for minor league never touched the touched foot in the big -- Did you stars -- -- were you actually start looking at. Boston I don't know if you ever even been a -- you start looking you know while this happens. I would have to know where to tell what to -- It was not them because I do. -- still pretty far away from big league at. A year and a half way. You're looking like Pawtucket. -- Why you do -- evaluated Jeremy you didn't start researching on me saying our. Did what do you do do you call your agent do you call the front office what you just have managers' time. This is this on minimizing talk about us the easiest. Route to no legitimacy or not so. That's pretty simple and talk to him on what what matters and get back to -- possibly. Was out and since then you've been involved on the trade rumors but TV do you feel kind of like that was the closest. There would be seeing a reality. I'm not sure there. I don't know how close I was thrilled. Article however irons close every do you do do you second -- -- do you get sick of this sort a lot of question. Yeah for the most part I mean because rumors are rumors but then again the root of all. Through shirts could be some rumors so you never know it your play at Fenway Park I have one time it was -- Once 2012. For. It was a forward. Play in the. Okay AF. You know when you're going when European you're not used to it you see on TV. And you walk in their for the first time want to -- so wide and on the wall as a close was your impressions. Talent especially. Fans should feel you know like one of those games those student designed and and video games count just play head. So. It's different -- -- so many years on TV and then walking into it you know so. South. Through the wall seemed closer. Yeah I did he do it. That's you video -- -- I was gonna say you need me to pick suddenly part that's what I do concedes he's as well. I and so last last time I will ever ask you this question until you arrived in Boston and you answered the exact same way you yesterday. So what do you think about playing in Boston potentially in the future. That's out of my control slow. You never know. You -- -- I had doubts about this thank you for joining. At a lightning interview with Giancarlo Stanton. Where I learned that he does not play video games and we all aren't tonight at Fenway Park retirement you play him. Those are exciting revelations it did it ended a little bit -- with a bang but a -- the year because -- me you have to at halftime down just the -- collection -- disclosure of the fact that the money questionable interest of answering. Led him to answer all -- little interest. You know it it was like thank you the obvious the art of interviewing you know this is as much like it'd Rory Johnson yeah that's good is that right. You can't go without at Florida honk at them live. The question that you're not sure is gonna get any answer at all but you know have to be gas yeah definitely don't start with that one go by. If it was its duties he said -- talked to him at the media -- the before and of the Ian Browne mlb.com -- government was there of the Boston Herald as well be asked today -- -- Tebow planned box and he gave that sort answer. So what I goading him to do this little mini podcasts. Have to find someone of the unique things sell my thing was the origin of rumors would Giancarlo stay right now. And saw I'd totally for guys. Part of that that was the first rumor the first rumor you'd ever dealt with the wise the Mi Ramirez rumor back in 2008. Honestly that was such a fascinating thing to look at his stats in the South Atlantic League at that time. That guy that was the first time that it was like. Holy smokes is known he wasn't on anyone's radar really he was not my radar at that point and then you heard him in the rumors I was -- -- -- at that time yeah because Mike Stanton. And he said oh my god how does he have this many home runs. In the shortest season is this just you know but Terry that's a good hitters environment is is just the most absurd. Absurdly inflated statistical. Off fluke. Ever seen by an eighteen year old and the answer was no no it was not. Ended up for a half minute interview we learned that I forget Twitter exists in 2008. Also forget the Red Sox played the Miami two years ago. So at Fenway Park now I remember excitement only builds rob. I remembered I remembered when they deploy him in Miami of course -- in the nightclub about field. By it -- -- you know it it was that nightclub remembers you rob -- and you really got it right right -- that I mile wide tournament the -- this is the last time I asked this question you. Until you're drive and Austin. Where everyone knows next year at the Austin -- taxi -- absolutely will not be. -- so anyway six -- I doubt we're glad and I hate to come up put number -- an -- thing I do not expect Mike's game to be treated by the dog no I don't need a couple years maybe -- seeking -- a little bit more interesting and I. I love saying I love saying what the Red Sox have to do -- opt for the nine guys it's a pick five. And they have I don't know. But by this sets the type of player weights. It's so rare in baseball right now and and a team like the -- I believe need. Just like Felix Hernandez was pitched like the kind of pitcher they desperately need back in 2009. Unbelievable that in Felix's own -- he's been so good for so long and that is when you know and I heard earlier in the year off with spring training and April but -- course you know itself is back it up a little men -- velocity. I don't know if that friendly note the year I -- we -- go to this one more segment again and I anchored to jump on people. The people who come last with some good trade deadline topics. And we stormed toward midnight storm court Friday. People the last thing you'd do today. Call 6177797937. And asked or talked about a legitimate topic. -- -- -- Pub doing insurance demands. Shakespeare demand that I demand it. Do it right after this break. Back people -- it's the call here on the MLB trade. Deadlines show. Well two more of these race. One next Thursday. The actual not waiver trade deadline on the 31. Believe that 1 albeit 6 o'clock we consider this primetime that is the prime mister prime time. Club doing insurance our sponsor were very proud to have them on board I'm rob Bradford -- I dot com Alex beer and I asked you before the break. -- of people be the people who come bring in the noise off. On the phone line asking -- questions talk about the good topics and you have answered the call this is right through these Bob if it beats your first you don't -- It would cover up the months. Hello Alex. A great show guys I really love what you -- -- would lead tonight your bags we pursued. You know it's a -- you know I heard -- -- you know -- who grew -- out there that it won't what I thought I heard the W it's 510521. Year. To -- on restaurant or Internet to play to give up there and and go out and give you feedback you know the Sox came -- Four to seventy so it it me having no numbers out there they were basically 80% on the term. These type of tournament dollars while Lester didn't -- -- Now I've heard the word on the street that the Sox are in and nine figures to Jon Lester and he doesn't wanna -- So you know everybody's saying immediately -- Frieden to Jon Lester is gone -- like a two questions number one. Q the Red Sox -- and an accent at this point. You go to Jon -- agent and I'm talking tonight or tomorrow night and they look at -- -- our very best offer. We need to know it is 5 times to morning I'm going to get it done and it could not I'd like him he what you guys. I think that you could get into unless a -- of. Guys I think I think that's what they should do. And I figured to the end game yeah I think absolutely that's what they should have you know whether or not to seek out a trade market -- events it's reasonable on me and I do think that actually would probably get it done even though. In the way he's going right now he -- and probably make a whole lot more by. You have to be realistic about this at this point three months ago -- billion at the open market. And we can we can argue all day long about what would have maybe done done -- spring training were not at the -- spring training in more. Well I'll say this there to assume it's a foregone conclusion that he's got a few reaches free agency I think is at least slightly erroneous but only slightly based on the history of these things the last prominent free agent like him or call. Who is roughly. Who is roughly in the prime of his career. At the time that that he reached free agency and re signed with the Red Sox I believe was Varitek right there -- agreed to that foreign forty deal. After the 2004 season when he was a free agent I can't call the Red Sox three signing anyone else. Who is kind of that in the prime of their career top tier free agents -- Mike in Springfield your next I don't mind that much. -- -- -- How about more than Mike Napoli and he's done that they're not from the share. Well. Seau says this is that. That B I think that finger thing has this -- to -- all day long all year long. If you look at that figured we understood this back to Chicago back in May and -- crooked. And right now it's still pretty soul and I do without I didn't know I have for now about that white and they have surgery you guys be because they said it wasn't broken. Motivated and I I am baffled by it Mike because. Every time like -- I'd say hey how's the finger. And I think it's still swollen. Like crazy and what happens every it goes down and then he hit three plays. And it balloons back up so I do think this is a -- I mean I love I love the guy named bird that's a good point there's definitely done wrong what is going hurt his hand because he's just not the same player. Yeah no -- here. Am hoping that that that the time that he spent on the DL might help the thing helps -- figure out -- -- I mean still I did and in he'll tell you like that. That time on the DL was actually. He said that he. Would be gone on the DL unless he had to make a roster move for those few days out there help but once the many came back he wasn't gonna help to the point away healing that finger. The finger thing just isn't going to -- old I guess after the season. And that's pretty huge hit whose team out the news and questioned were team needs power they need is right they lost -- middle of the order -- basically who's having a great year up to that point by the way yeah absolutely. We have time for one more caller. Also -- we call all right thank you though thank you everybody for Colin thank you for Mike Hazen. Assistant general manager Boston Red Sox the exact cranky bench Arrington Giancarlo Stanton. You -- legendary Jones GA average down a can be frigid January Jones some of stone though. Listen. If you go to WI dot com right now I should not maybe not right now but I had a good run most popular idea forget relies stretch. Alex -- can only hope that it gets another run when that Corey greets well I tell you a little -- a little key for all these people heading into midnight the last -- -- -- before they head on into Friday. A very special Brad social podcast will be executed tomorrow -- The movie sex tape comes out. Fans -- one of the actors in that movie. Is going to be on my part I guess I won't say hope. Well one of the actors because you know Alex when someone wants to promote a movie. They cover the draft restaurant show is where is the epicenter are so next next week will be here same time same place next Thursday that as -- said. The week after is the trade deadline it will be a fascinating fascinate. Couple days right now you become not even week -- -- every if updated day is important right now which is funny to think about what you're talking medal last place team but. These are crucial games coming up pay attention to job Alex. He Sosa did job route grad Robbie your job was great era in eight. In laboratory a very good job I will see you all next week.

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