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Headlines, Headlines, Headlines: Passenger jet shot down by Russian-made missile 7-18-14

Jul 18, 2014|

The top stories of the day as recounted by John Dennis.

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It's not with per -- had it with Steve -- today. I'm not sure I think this is true but I think it's true this is the next. Big big -- headlines and they OK and you don't like golf -- like that I took us. You've heard me talk about it once before them the biggest thing I've been averages up about the station is that headlines was taken off the air. And in fact I I even remember. The old and being. In. It that background music when you league's better routed Dino -- -- and it's pretty good attitude you know minute this -- easy QZEPs. You know -- little edgy about it. You'll more like John Chancellor our own news story -- that you're showing great John Chancellor. That's a -- that's one deals here. -- -- I'm sure this as the next big thing jet crash kills 298 in Ukraine US sites Russian made missile. Our file this under the category of let's close the barn door now that the horses got Malaysia airlines says there -- no longer get a -- -- Ukraine. Let's okay because no one's ever gonna fly on them again probably a good point injury you know if you're lucky the opponent disappeared -- in the black what was that. Against in -- and so in black coal black hole yeah mrs. a little worse under fire. And it's a dangerous area. And the pilot says yeah. It's about half hour lets -- we'll get you out of the gate on time Ukraine accused the separatist of carrying out what is called a terrorist attack on commercial airliner. Russian president Vladimir Putin blamed Ukraine's government. Were creating the conditions for the insurgency. Trouble. Oh yes well -- -- much hairs he's in trouble I mean doesn't care Obama -- This was so bad capturing by the way beat I think so yeah doesn't so that you were given that I thought that was given back. Well the preventative effect that night yeah. No I don't no no no no no no. I do know that it did to Robert Kraft it's a great banquet story he was he tells him -- great fervor and he's popular draw awful man he went into effect at all and -- This was so bad that went right from the island -- Japan to Warren in Gaza. That Obama only -- -- Forget the third -- we have but that it points and committed. They don't battle -- a shot at a bombs and -- -- -- double bogeyed the 27 at a lot of dollars a day where there are you can't go after Obama on tangible stuff you make up. Would you admit. It's also the populist place them into chuckled. I definitely -- in -- question was posed any chuckling and I mentioned the aircraft and the 295. Dead Ku in eighty children. For forty seconds. And that started joking around about Joseph Biden back in Delaware. And then he went to to fund raisers in New York do you think that was a pro. Simple question mr. Barkley is an appropriate but the commander is quite a myth that I was at that. The Yankees had to cancel the fundraisers. And understand. Why you wouldn't cancel hundreds he's concerned about appearances right you think all those donors no they're big -- bats would. Canceled checks it was cash purses appearances correct but could you have sent by ignore sent somebody. Tried to -- -- doubles and I could not one of president sending out a message the government goes on that we go on. That was still in the business of data -- Don't you have to live our lives Aronson. -- -- And concern I -- their 300 buck -- you go to fund raiser that week that we get a little rodeo clown stops that we can debate whether or not and shouldn't change is scheduled. I don't think he lacks concern uncomfortable thing I do and comfortable. You'd think he's kicked it back in the Oval Office has got a bottle of beer that you go to fund raise or do you not joke around and laugh and smile and it's literally -- backs. And I have a drink and have a dinner. Mean you do that's what joy in your your president as a party reading children's story out for about three minutes. Three minutes. And he concede in line when a panic and then when he got on air force once in the score back to Washington I don't wanna -- -- into it but being a -- -- -- -- about a third of that. I'm sorry kids something came up -- ago. At large is all read Curious George last ready -- little strain that could. Miss it and move bad blame bush blame -- blaming bush I would have more respect for human -- the last refuge of rightwing -- -- to -- -- -- -- wait wait wait. Right wing nut job. Is the turnaround -- through that Obama lacks compassion and care I'll open a topic so buck he went -- -- -- that's not -- you said that's not all you said the F she's brought to -- all -- Ed -- -- -- saying. That he doesn't care you said that while the of her only what you and we said here I know everything you said buck is currently right here years he didn't care enough -- that. -- Wendell -- BC news describing the wreckage. It's -- pretty. Pretty grim site I spoke with a colleague who arrived here about an hour before I did. And just this -- and he says there's bodies scattered all over the place situations like this where it's a very serious. Our milk commercial does not we. We. Crucial -- but it. -- who's talking to either the rebel -- that I itself rebel with a weapon he had just played out with a flashlight on the ground that there is some. There's blood. Splattered everywhere and pieces of pieces of her remains there are. We can -- now yeah there's pieces of fuselage everywhere there's been that looks like a piece of engine possibly. Sitting kind of -- an extra good care. Somebody's flashlight -- upon some children's playing cards that we're kind of scattered. We found part of the -- fuselage there is a body next to it you know it's it's a very grim scene that we're seeing here. You know doesn't make enough money first responders you imagine having. Part of your job. Being part of my job is to look you're and as hard enough and is difficult but and I'm not trying to make light can you imagine being first on the no I can't articulate and that the image eighty children my children -- and -- -- And you saw some of the video of the bodies. They wouldn't let the -- first they would let the men and then then they came in with -- all the cameras. And you did and they did not hold back like and -- -- -- that you saw that body part you saw blood. And then you saw in -- pass. Ports to dean -- point I did a piece for Boston magazine about twenty years ago on the state police crime lab tests and they were at they've they have report to the murder scene. No we don't touch anything -- And as I learned during that piece it's not like MTV was just the body line it will trickle blood everything's nice and neat so I'll -- it right. And it looks like a tornado blew through there and it's it's it it's it. To make that part of your daily oil is beyond my grass. But you you have to be an expert I would think about compartmentalizing right -- Michael that's that part of my life and then this is the customer think every time you -- a who don't have to work the work you're gonna see like a lot limbs limbs right -- death who. This is the Malaysian Transportation Minister his name is -- Hong lie. US and Ukraine. I've indicated that Malaysia airlines flight in -- seventeen. Washed up now. Should you be confirmed. He'll be conducting international law. And -- are always against human decency Malaysia or -- Any such action. In the strongest possible terms. And called for those responsible. For the seat being brought to justice. Go without saying and condemns this this. All four -- who's who's. Here's the question and I am reading everything here don't know the answer did they think it was so. A military. That theory that you just made a mistake they missed identified -- write this. That like -- over top of the military because you what two days ago they shot at a military transport and think it was possible for terrorists separatists to get a hold of a missile and how to use it and to the point I mean I thought that was only and 24. Where they could shoot down -- -- that's 35000 feet right. Didn't seem like too difficult for -- hand held was imminent stall I don't think -- chairman we don't consider what we as. Individuals and groups are capable of doing right that we thought only when government could do right or right. I mean there are lots of terrorists. Like al-Qaeda doesn't have one of these missiles to -- -- they do about that only if they did when they use it and we'll consider where we were. Nineteen. 45 in 191942. And in 1945. We're like 2000 people locked away in the desert in New Mexico three years to build one warhead move towards as a war. To effectively in World War II. That's that's what it took to do that to 67 years now and how Pakistan has like a thousand times more firepower. Then we have in the -- gay ya think of that is a frightening it's right. Now. -- -- -- -- then you war you know with the prime minister of England based on -- when he for correct. You both will read and well rounded. Meant who's the Malaysian prime minister or not Starbucks coffee -- god knows the ways I think it's holy -- The other guy he too low enough. -- No it's not G rated -- Malaysian prime minister. This. Is currently being. In what has Gordon. The defending your performance. You must. And we will. Find -- precisely. What happened in this life. Knows who we're is that I'm done. Police isn't lost last flight crew in ozone or over. Do those from that lost light family. Know that. And on the back stroke all the people look at Purdue and in -- that can be called up the case. We still don't know how many if any Americans the original at regional -- was 23. But I don't think it was accurate. I don't know that there might not have been an. -- -- But it was. -- all of port two notes Amsterdam Amsterdam's dribble and you know where it was going to a lot of me in aids conference. Mean it was not in. -- -- Stop stop and an oracle went through them. Australia Australia prison. Big twentieth anniversary aids conference all these researchers re Smart -- Doctors and not in anybody's life is more important anybody else's who was medical researches. If -- the topics that debate that. Two point nine seconds -- of concern for the president. Obviously the world is watching reports. Of downed passenger jet did Russia and Ukraine border. And it looks like it may be a terrible tragedy. Right now we're working determine. Whether there were American citizens on board. That is our first priority and I've directed my national security team to stay in close contact. With the Ukrainian government. United States won't offer any assistance we can't help determine what happened and why. When disasters happen. It line item budget in our government say you know gonna send a cut -- food down to Katrina victims -- -- -- What are we need to do over there billion the border when the you know yes down the border. The plan for that. Conflicts that says a bunch of stuff that we can't predict who's gonna happen like this in the oval office on the shelf as a coffee canned. A select few billion in net is that right now or are you the united set -- the president's response is everything. I just ask a question of always wind and using his Constantine thought that you will not comment he -- off to a 129 seconds a concern from President Bush while -- -- your cell would -- when -- -- Which suggests that but by saying that you'd -- your your your. Anticipating. But the audience is going to react assailant though it's been well I have got to tell editorial why -- it does it look good -- why not just make it look good that's a columnist at (%expletive) I'm gonna cut sheet in front of me that says Obama. Slash concern for Americans 29 seconds to -- -- was -- OK look I could I play at all all right nice strike. But as someone with a -- programs fairly often. I don't seldom hear you say. The length of the cut when you're about to talk to them. That was fun at him all I founded disparaging. Should have rounded -- the -- -- it does it said if you had said here's the president talking about this tragedy we get the current. But instead you sit here is 29 seconds of Obama. People and it seem like he's got like a golf thing on and had these -- don't have federal regional on 9/11 the only -- 26 seconds bush. That talent on you dimple and a little over a cellblock he has aren't which are probably missed it all the if there pop up yesterday -- sand husky stepson -- stepson. What are pictures industries that we you know you think it -- -- -- period of Russian blush and blood appeared on Oprah last. I mean it was a gradual thing and it happened. In summer camps and and any of the times that he was -- time with me as the grooming process goes -- they move further up my he would move further my leg with his hand. Each time different kinds and so in as a little boy 89 years old. You felt what's the word awkward is the only word I can really use is awkward if it felt so different from anything that I have ever experienced in my life. That to have that be done and not truly understands. The feelings that I was having war or what it. What it was for. And he just progressed through you know going up my leg at summer camps being in your shorts throwing grabbing on your generals as he throws you. Not the world that would not a bit like he -- -- -- It's adopt it's not stepped. Are you about that which is even sicker ones. Levels of depraved but shopping outrage I went and got a look at some like animal shelters and says oh he is a little what is the where's the -- now. She's around she's she's still in the house that hosted -- out over the there was they -- of happy valley would agree if she thought yeah that's him how's it gonna get any. Female children. Now -- well. Sure yeah well I mean -- they had to make sense that they went right bella biological girl right but no -- -- when they went shopping short victims they got boys in the house I'm not sure how many they adopt that he might have been the only one ahead. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- He does not know why and just show and a look at who's to throw people off the scent. All right 6177797937. Block is in the house stays in the car Jimmy's in behavioral the Brad back -- -- interview is all of our. What did you. Think of the Billy being an appointment we talked about last couple days. You're out there that are ambassador of inclusion I didn't like the title like the job that's good answer I was and like -- this is a weird awkward title it it it sounds a little food as -- with the majestic he has that sounds like but -- -- majestic. -- good. I thought the idea of bringing him in and listen I don't have a -- -- this but part of my coming -- process was flying out of Florida in meeting Billy -- having dinner with them. And talking with him for three and a half hours one night about the whole process. And he's a heck of a guy I've always thought there was -- he he's very well spoken that was thought to be a place for him in baseball now that there is one. -- vice president in charge of player relations player -- visibility. That there might have been a better way to put with the title yet outreach should be in a mostly via an incumbent dean of diversity the perhaps but I don't we're gonna do you know. I think he's IP what he's going to do be is a presence. And UB baseball spokesman when issues come up. -- if if players need to talk about the coming -- process he can address that as nobody else can. If you read his book that he wrote back -- 05 or six. Being a closeted baseball Major League Baseball player during the period that he was was was -- and I'm not saying he was going to be Joseph DiMaggio or anything. If he had been outer -- it straight but if you read his book it's clear that he suffered during the idle process. Did you know him or -- -- covered him or had read -- and only and Connery of I have a Billy Beane was that I I know the other Billy -- in Oakland. And I remember I think in Seattle. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- So I remember seeing the other Billy -- That the gay Billy -- With no we the end and and make -- need mental picture of him. Having known as you learn the two yet to discern the -- and and after all this happen I would put my school books. And right is right frequently put notes and you know hit the -- -- senator we have swing I write little notes in the margin is all the time. And don't back to my school -- to see if there was any notation made about him and there was -- which means I covered his games but nothing was eventful the degree I would -- notably. -- -- on whose side buck falls in terms of the discussion of the Michael Sam yeah we should shorten. Operator in the NFL will deal with that we come back and.

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