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Brad Faxon on the British Open 7-18-14

Jul 18, 2014|

Brad Faxon called in with his thoughts on the Open Championship.

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Yeah you are a dumb ass or two DE NC state Buckley in the house timeout in 1000 bucks tax code word full apple. The 72881. Text she pays attention follows instructions. You are to text -- code word old to 72881. And watch how many people exit the wrong number. Within the next and be better to win 1000 dollar -- I got valuable for exactly message and data rates may apply Texaco word -- who sat. 2881. To now next -- word will be announced that 11 AM today's date June mr. Faxon how are you my friend. Dario I'm I wanna I -- add. Arbitrary and Steve Buckley. Featured cut that is so not true. Brad let me just -- -- create our young guys. -- -- is that this is this is what these guys do. And they show you take a little kernel of truth and they turn into something entirely falls what I am saying it was under true. Sensitive through this battle -- you nobody gave you probably. Bring everybody loves you what I'm saying is I -- a would you guys both agree I'm a double its news programs yes. That analysts in all it's not yet you're only human and what I've said is Brad I'm not a golf guy. I am not a golf guy instead of in the Brad Faxon things and I tuneup for Phoenix -- not a golf guy they turned it into I don't like you. And win it sound -- Winged -- I. And in in most of its -- Dino because I just I just glean something from the -- -- -- inherently and a out. I'll read this as Dino talk in the okay. That this is -- talked in the eight hey Brad would hit extensive dropped in that thirty foot Birdie Putt at twelve dream for the double bogey that was awesome. Or. Or. A possible Brad. I don't know it sounds. W brought out though I did not want to is it is what -- WYR. Hypocrite and -- the current dollar stimulus after I mean yeah yeah they facts only -- -- not better -- five bucks you think tiger's got his eight game going don't you. Well it certainly didn't a lot better game and he's played in the last year. So far and you know he comes back to play some great memories he won here in 2006. He keeps saying that he and you know achieve better it. And you know Tiger Woods did. -- 05 birdies on the back end up 33. It in good shape you know but he all the way to go. At the look in his diet to lose snap and -- photographers. And kind of stocking the course. Like the old tiger. You know it's interesting to watch it in the if you if you saw an article in the eighteenth hole to -- -- yeah he has more people all the outside the ropes and more camera people. All around inside the -- Berkshire. On eighteen when he tried in the second shot and obviously the typical the whimsical. -- righty got it over the out of bounds twice the interest in particular hole and he makes -- back when he hears the camera -- and he stopped them all in motion. At the top of the swing and an -- -- recorder but. Nobody can do you know he's he's he's fascinating that everybody that starts -- swearing in that position nationally and he only had ever seen -- -- That's what it was a bad back exactly why not to swing and if it's a bad shot in Cleveland -- -- the -- enemies. That's true does anyone else do that now. And there's a lot of a lot of people don't like people taken pictures of Phil and I'm Rory I mean it's an Adam Scott but only. Tiger makes an issue. -- revenues it's -- serious questions are -- in Austria I've done the Deutsche Bank several times and I've odd ball tiger around on the course. In the bad times an ending that that amount of people following him cheering for him in my opinion. Based on just on this one term and it has never changes that been your experience. There's no question about it then and I think even the players in the field. This is much is anyone but they want a -- healthy Tiger Woods they ought to seek. Tiger playing well and they -- -- -- what -- you know a lot of the players. Tiger that could stepped up to number one you could stocks start the Rory McIlroy. I think -- They wanna see tiger we'll also they can say you know what and when they got in the they're critical DR who is quite well I think anybody -- -- -- and you know. Post 2008. Beat tiger -- Well you know a lot of players say it's more difficult to -- a group in front of art and what that means it is a lot of the players that. The group that the people that follow tiger will actually rush at when tiger's done. And run and distract the group in front of the getting positioned to watch X wing over the next shot Portland in the landing area and and -- -- always -- -- don't know him from a tiger tomorrow you know that's that's all the things that the players don't like. Out when he was in his absolute dominant crime who has the best driver of the day. The longest driver. -- right. Yeah you know he he's followed you know Greg Norman would have been that guy before or norm at one and you know in the nineties the most common apart there was there was not a better. Our government well and Greg Norman statistically you know -- -- when you when you can measure statistics looked at at length and you look at fairways fit right. You know tiger has never been indicted the lay up there and fairly exit. -- Accurate statistic that is a lot of little would be typical measures. Should opt from the -- in the fairway and it doesn't measure drivers from the sea turtle executed to our truck -- 4 o'clock in the fairway you get it. Point -- you know being in the fairly even though what in the driver. You know tiger when we played as is most dominating up in 2000. -- some drivers a long long way but he also was very conservative off the -- the key player with three woods into aren't really needed to -- Where where I was going with that he has in his heyday when he was just kicking ass and taking names. He was the longest driver he was the biggest golfer he was among the best iron strikers. He was the most intimidating and he was one of the best putters is -- any of those things right now -- You know not right now I don't think any of the players are waking up. Think you know I got tiger and Barack. Right still I'm still in the ball -- a lot more right city and had to do that he had done this crime he. It likes to play if it now and that's what his -- Sean Foley was gonna rain for the program impressively for a half hour yesterday afternoon. You know. Not many players when they may play great rap got on crack for that long but at the open championship -- -- -- southwest -- your little local lake. Are you get very few days actually wanna crack and yet it was a atypical grave. Links golf at warm conditions all the players Clinton shortly picture that not much. Was strange people -- shorts on it didn't -- the British Open British Obama still green Brad and a -- -- that. And then if you ever look at highlights from 2006 it's interesting that the British Open. Or at the the open as it's -- around the world and open championship. Typically played on eight different courses and what they called the road the rotation you know Iranian reciprocal look so long last year are up in Scotland. Firmer and threw her on the West Coast of Scotland under these three court that are called together royal looked a little Brcko and where Liverpool which is clearly can. Have never quite a bit of the British show what the British Open in 2006 before that. The first one with the 19671. And David Chandler when he heard Argentinean player. And they have gone back there as you know we're gonna try to doubted it when tiger -- he famously played 72 -- one driving that mutual one driver. And you want I opened in staked out you could literally pull the ball down on the ground. -- should sit tight and you're seeing them a much greener golf course. This week and and the players are saying that's making it harder. I believe it makes it easier when the wind -- up and stop the ball but it is a different story when it's wholly different direction. Tiger didn't comment that practice round when he got there early. Earlier last weekend and he could he played the court freed from that -- excellent condition he may have a little bit of an advantage could acquired seventeen and. Putting aside stature of putting aside money winners this one rank in terms of determines that golfers want to be in. A baseball plays like going to certain cities football players is wisest when rank. An inappropriate question for a non golfer that took a skull busting your balls -- thank you. One out I like I was with a look. -- If you look at before me I don't know what goes up her secret you know the map to the British Open I you know before me. Yeah -- we note for later if you look at the side in the players' names you know when you look at the leaderboard you look at all the different countries that are present. They're from all over the world in the open championship. Is worldwide. The most popular golf from. For all the players use. Field other than the American -- I think if you ask any foreign player from it wanna win they'd alternate fuel and naming the British Open Middleton US open and and how it got that feeling about the that it -- some special about playing. Links golf the open championship and and a a -- the spectator really made a big departure could be a -- she's being. Hello and I'll solo that could really applaud because it got when you took. A affects this requires a short answer the fifth major is that the players or is -- Jack's memorial. Well -- the players by a mile out putters to what date it we intend to have the strength of field that are there I think it's 98. Top hundred player this year and you know I I think that we used to because the golf course like like the amount you keep going back the same time seeing the same shop on the same course. I think that that really helped the broadcast. Our businesses I don't know Phil Mickelson missed back to back Eagles by an inch this morning. I think you know the answer -- but what is what is that called back to back Eagles and have you ever had one of those facts. Actually. What about that that eagle putt I don't know that I have read back to back Eagles but. You know so it is still an enigma to me it means he he's guided. Get off course and says how O'Grady's plane have -- treating -- with the ball out of bounds yesterday and made an unbelievable putt on eighteen. -- is bogey there and that he didn't get on and they drove out of bounds and drove the ability to -- -- automated. A putt. For par which should have been you know could have been a million. So we -- I don't know. Part hole on which he hit a ball -- about. On -- -- -- par five with a par five you know players are making birdies on yesterday and played a little against the wind but. You know Adams got the streets so agreed to some guys are still reach it and well there's a royal Liverpool -- But a funny part par thirty on the front. Inward half that the tenth and sixteenth in the eighteenth. -- Brad this is the uncomfortable analysis question Rory dumped the tennis player and his game went through the roof why is that she left them for a Portman -- -- -- the art model girlfriend now we'll. Get to see that really helped but you know here's -- good for the big day he -- about the difference stories that are around this week. You love that tiger was back in the eighties you don't but feel like the -- would act and they completely around one -- Rory McIlroy. Who. Shot sixty. Six yesterday would lead has the number one stroke average on Thursdays and you 281. Stroke average on Friday and ironically he. He's playing late this afternoon which will again make. Scoring more difficult already stroke average street shot higher today than it looked yesterday at the same time though. That could mean up to three or four -- different to stroke average in the afternoon. -- here's the challenge in this requires two sentences. The difference between the Molinari Brothers can never keep those minutes apart. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- But the -- brother called -- you know. While the logos and and -- -- guys have been around for a long time believe about. And they are having -- both shot 68 yesterday. And better. Well at its interest in that Eduardo. Probably -- It. He's there. Degree better than his Brothers and pepto. And I would that Eduardo better player years ago what. -- played pretty good this year. Who who knows I think they're they're pretty well. Are we -- and has given me in fall. That you have available to you with one round in the books and Rory McIlroy is six under par and has the lead who's gonna win this thing. Lord which art art I'm you know I'm looking and Adam Scott and -- disguise he's the number one player in the world he's the first. Players -- he could be the first player to win a major at number one and Tiger Woods which is amazing that nobody else not that. And and -- got the wing flawlessly -- -- -- obsolete -- -- about the it department he called elite driver up he. But he different completely different make -- -- caught. And you know. I think here so that the condition and state difficult. I don't think he'd Birdie Putt is crucial to have to be shoot fifteen under apartment and little scores in the -- outside Chicago are. I think he got ignited the going to be there would have real legitimate -- -- -- you're the putting guru what happens when they take. Adam Scott's broomstick away in the take Brad Lian. Webb Simpson's. Belly putters away do you think he'll be a mess. You know I think there are certain guys are going to be a message might seem a little bit obviously Ernie el -- and what I could. Being used in the longer clarity in the attached Carter and in -- he shot yet and it's somebody that ought. And what would that -- learn how to look at what -- you that it's been caught in the back into the electrical bogeys up old Ernie else -- really -- With the putter not the -- -- in the I look at Adam Scott I think it. This guy look so good in an over a golf all other driver -- I don't think you can really have a lot of typical short. Short putter and I don't know that the long -- is really helped him but I think -- -- -- Bradley web and then I could only -- the long political career. They're really really become a part time and this rule. You know be attached -- you know you can -- you -- parties can't -- the body. It's gonna have a real effect of these ethnic votes into play on January 12016. -- make commitments that the band over. The commitment than -- factory home. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- --

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