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MSNBC anchor with the worst follow up of all time 7-18-14

Jul 18, 2014|

John, Gerry and Buck discussed the moronic MSNBC anchor.

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Dog god. I know we're not supposed to criticize days. Other media members doing a less than bang up job the wicked do that but that's a low point -- -- is -- is not real MSNBC. Reporter anchor Bobble head -- people are tournament at a guy. I don't like you said bubbled up with the once I was over the line oh well would. I would that that if we call her Bobble head yes that we in trouble. Did you do says and that's an MSNBC. Anchor anchor and a caller who said he was a witness to the plane that was a sergeant in the military hit its chief -- Ukraine. And we will fall for -- an occasional pranks a crank calls. She fell from the she asked -- -- follow up question -- I'm -- ever heard that she asked me follow up quite as -- say -- org a friend mr. Butler here to second place again. -- -- -- there. -- some -- can hear me I can't please tell us what what you saw there on the ground in Ukraine. Well I was looking out the window and I saw projectile flying through Skype. And New Hampshire. That between we shut down by a blast away from Howard Stern's ass. So it would appear that the plane was shot down and you tell us anything war from your military training. What sort of missiles that stem and that may have been coming from. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- I I hate to say the cliche that. Is appropriate here mark that the athlete Utley rear mark -- like Steve Buckley. The morning I -- very simple is pondering I know. Easter -- is my Mike on process justice and he deliberately hurt shouldn't you do you had them. When you hear yourself like I hear myself nearly. So you might think. Never worked from a list of questions you agree up. I tell what did you -- all the time -- does I can tell you all about it never. And you know talked about this once and a great interview with DeKalb. That never work from -- questions. Because what happens is you don't your mind is focusing on the next question right in you don't hear the answer the previous question. So that's particularly on gifts she had that second question technically yes yeah yeah. And in this guide them but what he said correct and I always tell kids like if you ask someone are you married years -- have kids. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- I do think alarm should go off when you hear Howard Stern's ass right. You -- DOJ thinks somebody famous cut cut. We witness now it was. It was like Tom -- at least the Brokaw that's I was gonna say and but I don't think he fell for a at or thought past no late -- -- card doesn't work with the questions. And Brooke are I think it was Brokaw asked the question it was the bubble Louis thank. And then and then there was -- thought it was Ricky Ricardo. No no boo -- a little bully and -- -- video at your door to -- talk show hosts and I was listening committee did that what you very good. So Barak went to gain in a and so then I -- it was Brooke looked up camera look back in the deaths that are reflective -- -- back up. Obviously a prank from. Reflecting the needs of course the local popular talk show host an incumbent on from there but not dull work -- with the question that. By Ankara pickets at Cisco fell for the names the Asians slurs all gas is in California. In polite too low I believe she got fired she got reassign -- her producers all fired -- it is. Clean -- on vacation to California for -- -- Don King Wong. 20 waiting I think -- I think she would look that a human could survive but. There was some real casualties than that yes that was worse -- she read up its -- someone. Print animal forum handed it to her and we have a long overdo it too long version -- and haven't but that's clear to -- there's ever been -- Like that. Venus. Yeah I mean yeah not not would be I am I have his -- I would I got -- -- Many years ago but -- Birdie Putt it was Kirby -- yeah now I got called me yet. Ten minutes to Levin when I was anchoring the channel seven sports. And said there's a press conference scheduled tomorrow Kirby Puckett at. The slots and -- the room -- the Ritz Carlton or some laughs no I remember this city will be up Howard Stern's -- yeah. You crowded into an accident doesn't -- look back at militants. Without a and it's Williams a freeagent Mariette ruining your -- starts up so I didn't go with -- it's like called the -- -- one of the hotel was arrested. Due to a room set aside to -- yes. And what's at four in -- of the agent's name. -- -- and nobody we have this we reserve -- -- With the army or two hours ago about the eerie Colby back and said you fell four actually called the hotel. And reserved -- room and -- -- now -- why did you call me he said well I called old bell at 1030 he wasn't back from dinner yet the fact that. I said well that's great that's great to know like I that didn't want me and we left them -- the mark like. Falling -- knows name -- after. A plane crash this was that the plane crash. And it was an Asian airline -- we heard. -- -- -- -- -- We have new information now also on the plane crash KTU is just learn the names of the four pilots who were on board the flight they are captain. Some -- seeing Hwang -- we eat too low. -- leave food and bang it gain -- the the NTSB has confirmed these are the names of the pilots on board flight 214 when it crashed. We are working to determine exactly what roles each of them played during a live. And that's on there are okay now that's the great thing not to listen to the guy who calls in and says he's the sergeant it's another thing not to listen to yourself. Some being law holy she -- and I I have I have it backwards I think the one we just saw the most recent one yet is more egregious because. Somebody. On the other side should have been with CNET dump that call right away. True don't you think someone should read those names it's it's a problem as you you -- -- wrong place if you writing them down boldly and only food and it's like it you know stop the presses you ran him with a piece of paper -- -- You know everything's I think I've got a fire and I'm pretty -- that property. Called producers got to dictate he beat you through reduces our life a full -- that. Up three KTV producers were fire stations AG on a crash -- report. Which falsely identified the pilot says she does turn and and they're investigator Bruce -- would double special projects producer Christian to get the sellout and Brad bell -- -- all been let ago. -- -- -- Oh really on the anchors arrived -- but you know what the the punishment for the attic where she had to stay on the now an agreement looks better is if that's the while mass I'd not not that I ever -- mean we probably have months ago right. We remember. Someone not significance and businesses and directly related but that is the boom don't. Boom goes the dynamite guy working somewhere. You know a guy that hill and on the YouTube guys that skinny college kid who did that the worst 303 minutes the sport's ever. You never saw this now all of milk itself loses a little sheltered life block all this kid was it was that he does the sportscaster of the college. TV station. And he's behind on the shot seats it was. It was a panic him -- yeah -- -- it at that and oddly enough to -- got hired by some -- not -- on a show it's pretty pretty me and printed boom goes about. Eat well he popularized the answer is eat that he was so awkward with this -- And the the guys earlier taken the saudis have -- the court bright and he has and boom goes -- my. All right I am not admittedly the brightest bulb in the chandelier. But I'm pretty sure I think that the import of a commercial airliner. Being shot down over Ukraine supersedes you film. On what -- contract talks by hello sellers. Tiger's rebirth of the British. We are Brady ranks. It's Friday. I'm tired of being in the gut says this is what we talked about the put up the menu -- what what interest you Tony I just wonder. It happened like herald in the globe you know some. Wacky radio guys -- that something inappropriate on the same day an airline shut three and of people died on page. Still different. That what would your newspaper of them and -- -- -- toward an outlet and a tough call when you 108. -- 8080. Children. Eighty children yeah which is murdered. But. What was the question of -- question is where would you like to go to tired of the guy. I my -- whatever the map on the travel here what I like I would first thing this morning as said the first thing asked a friend of and David -- because that was one of our favorite moments of the week. Probably best in the view of the week we have David go on from Minneapolis. Where he worked his -- straw purchase Easter up in New York baseball writer who's been in New York for a long time should know baseball probably does know baseball. And ranks Jeter and Gehrig and DiMaggio and we just looked at each other on board I cup. -- caveats. Number one I don't -- a friend to yours I guess everyone's afraid I was right. Then what's the point he'd be here. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Is your friend of mine yes I like the guy yet or respect the guy yet is he good at what he does yes it. Did I listen to the interview live as it happened which certainly I wish that let the Radio One bit more -- no more or what's going on in Boston. He catch my drift. But I heard any of -- is it is the -- -- early in the morning in Minneapolis in Minneapolis working Turkey sorority -- -- Like around here in Minneapolis. And and I heard that. And I for the first cup with connect to a meeting and media to view it even on a couple of minutes and comic was and -- it's can't. And -- he put Garrick behind -- year I was like. It's going to be he's got to be kidding right right this is business first and it's it's it's not uncommon for very young baseball writers living in the moment right in there and so all this that stuff and they fan boys and that they that they draw a line if it happened before 1998. Right. It doesn't exit from comedy so exact right yeah and I get accused of that -- package put homes Wagner had this guy you know what -- you you don't you don't recognize. That if you took -- Wagner well Garrick if you could look Gary tomorrow she'll it is a DiMaggio yeah in his prime in plopped down the middle 2014. I'm gonna eventually gets you struggle because of the kind of pitching -- -- now and and the way bodies are built now fear otherwise. The fact that relief pitchers can in the fifth inning. And and it is all kinds ST I I disagree I think Gehrig is the one of those exit and you don't ever want Babe Ruth Lou -- those are exceptions of the ruled to demise well what I will tell you is that they would thrive -- -- this equipment we knew growing up. When you look at pictures of baseball players from mr. Europe Mike that you're. Didn't look like old men who. Didn't look athletic the wool uniforms not what Eric. What that's my point yes -- with a guy like that especially as I got older I saw more moral Garrick I -- I was in New York for a couple of years. In the NC -- play football in any and eight bit dizzy if you read Jonathan -- priority of Garrett which is the best it's unbelievably. Well written. I'll luckiest man by Jonathan -- And in Detroit pitchers he actually auditioned for the role -- in the with Jody Weis. And they have pictures of him -- -- in and you look at it. In the equipment use and because he was so enormous. That he just didn't look. Like on joining what's -- was this warmer yet Alan white body every -- will -- which is built like like. Tight end yeah yeah and -- it looked good in the and that little thing that -- just doesn't look like it was going Gloria. And we have a picture -- that if somebody sent to us two days ago. -- in the in the Tarzan -- -- serious yeah okay end up. -- you -- you realized just nor -- he once he wasn't particularly tall and in both -- chill liberal rights right. And and then you think women it if that was moved Derek in the 1920s and not everybody is like that right. He must've just been so much better than everybody up imagine -- exponential. Adults 67 RBIs right between him and everybody else it was it was probably ten times. The difference between tiger as the most in shape golfer back in you know 1996 race like all white you know. -- -- -- didn't exist in Lou Gehrig would be Babe Ruth. Oh yeah it's gonna get a way to put -- you're going to be considered the best hitter I've got a very good way of putting it what do you guys will raise the name. In didn't expand on -- what was. It was a great point was -- on -- me. Well I'll throw it up there and see you this is up. Money was sharply Jeter animal repair. -- that. That's a bit closer oh absolutely we separate talked about it before position offered a final pitches here. -- ribeiro won before. It's still ridiculous. -- put metal headed Jeter who's got mantle had a gear. As the I would goal. Obviously -- -- DiMaggio mantle Jeter you know what I thought that was generals -- not even debatable I -- sure sure I wish you were. The only enemy could have made said the -- the days those guys that play against black guys or demand that the whole separate argued double what else that makes that's that's right president had a -- have to begin the only other argue all the camps say it was due to play it short. Duke played short -- played short and in not very well and in again when he guys raise the top. He should of won the gold gloves that he saw. And and that and that's a respect thing they gain like that highly she -- -- and read it that big big game loved his Derek Jeter. And Ozzie Smith argument over -- scale our Alex Gonzales. Jose Iglesias is that they make up for the lack of hitting with this great glove. You can't make that argument Jeter I'm pretty sure DiMaggio was a pretty it's an -- them -- was too and it's not like they lacked while in the field. The one thing I would have said if I was here is that. You could make it compelling case to put Jeter had a man. In that may have though not always and listen let me repeat or try and we're in full agreement. That it goes in order. Ruth Gehrig DiMaggio mantle Jeter. That that's fine we can rubber stamp that the senate off the product. The one we you can at least sit back and size say okay go ahead. Is mental Jeter that's the one week at least make a case I am and I'm not gonna defended -- I don't believe it. But when you look at mantle's numbers that that he did fall off a clip at a certain juncture directory or any never got it back jeered that there was. Safe of that injury the third base saying it in in Toronto all that time and and last year there was that are fairly steady maintenance of his record. Which leads me to the point that I made two days ago. What is the engine that drove Derek Jeter's name and and love and adoration from baseball fans took things. Consistency. And longevity right. I think he was the best in baseball but he was better than anybody else in baseball other event. Classy TO -- luckily yeah that yes in a gift basket. Enough that he was never the tools like the way it was there are currently -- a sure sign that you're supposed to go to C -- rebels -- basket the other day. Walker on the -- that. Now -- -- was never the best that anything mental was the best at. Every every and we never saw mentally his best means save for a couple seasons right now -- just -- and Rick -- -- -- -- and he played if anyone with a team. He's a three time MVP in them three times the top three in the history Johnson winner -- three times top career career in 1977. Hope he has. And I asked this this is the point that has put pork and have enough away. And it just blew my mind someone point that a commit look that up weird does -- -- all time among yankees in -- PS. Did you hear that I did 34 and an amazing elephant in the show among the top five is. -- Gehrig mantle -- right in order. In that that Condit. Shows you what kind of players they were hitters at least I headed -- to look at a particular were party to you know 33 and -- yeah higher. We joked about it the of the wedding -- well I don't like you were white I mean who argue -- a couple of seconds. Like. The aim is right it was a lot of let's. It will Damon we played four years that the -- bullets it was a minimum I think it was a thousand miles that it apparently was something. It's -- If you -- -- -- in the first. Site I guess like Reggie Jackson because of all the water yes will be a war right course right now for. Asked you before you heard -- said pup tent right. I do note that. The we we poke fun of the Boston writers of the laurel -- they lay it David Ortiz speed -- regular basis. The New York writers -- that would -- If we can we comfortably yet well you can and autumn and I didn't know. That they tend doubt it off was was in lockstep with that viewpoint right and and it's not a bad -- to Harry I mean what's not to like -- -- Jeter. There is there are no flies and Derek Jeter is Derek Jeter he's been in the lineup say for those two disasters injuries he is but in the wine a day in day out. Since since he was debate and I. Trying to to appreciate his work his longevity is consistent all that sort of stuff but don't you put your credibility out there. On the line and walk out on the thin ice as the as the snow is melting. When you say he's better than. Yes right I into his you know who G wounding is -- willingness in all so Woodley whittling its 33. Or even correct the -- they enjoy having fun Curtis Granderson obviously Don Mattingly. Yogi -- Tino Martinez. -- there's another by the way you have you could make your assertions hold no question that the three time MVP yeah. -- music Chechnya I mean you talked about a -- positions. It's a good -- Nick Swisher Rickey Henderson Dave Winfield Mark Teixeira Hideki Matsui. Oscar gamble. His eighteenth with a hair definitely it. Bill and Yogi -- numbers when you think that he was a catcher. Just jump off the page ID TJ in Portland agrees with TJ good morning. I don't yeah I I don't know how you leave you guys included Yogi -- by. I don't know how you make. -- put them in the -- Don't -- Paris which big player Derek Jeter got awarded the catcher went 3M VP. Well -- there was a shortstop I mean. -- never walk in and every come close to win MVP what every in the past armed. Yes he was just he was always I'm always an -- on this team yet he was. He never won a MVP you're batting title but he -- -- to be the Don Sutton argument that Don -- was never the -- of -- team except that -- his career is over at 324 wins. And then there were people that -- implement it was the release of his own team -- -- wasn't the case except in Philly when the teams are. Or use the -- in 93 when they went there with the -- just two years and years of very good yes weight gets you to that juncture right yes I mean I I actually yes. Yes well yes at five great seasons right. 123 com and David Ortiz is -- more a greater number. And and execute -- phrases. David Ortiz has had a greater number of great seasons -- -- If you look I mean you can city has with the player -- was this year was that but at the end of the day. What Jesus had morning great see you look at what's great teams split tees as says the better career than Jim writes. And Ortiz will not emotional for him and Wright did thanks to you expect you pay all -- people went soft. I think dose I voted for him all the -- -- -- I didn't I didn't have a lately -- art. Lots of people that -- his first vote total thirty point 1% when he won and look it up and from what I -- to sunny high ratio was 21%. Well Blyleven. Was down in the twenties. That happens this already is a weird mean that so it's a week collective. It it it's far ranging I still think all these guys are gonna get all -- All the steroids -- I think that the bulk of the younger generation of batters a couple of the fact I I IC a day it's the Nixon wasn't such a bad president yes argument right. Meet Ted Williams himself. In his last days and went to the Commissioner of Baseball to lobby. To get -- with Joseph Jackson in the hall of fame. Now I don't profess to be an expert on the -- was -- saga and but I nobody took the money. And you can't put him in the -- of may because of that he took the money. And worship worship and it took the money the so he was a pity not just abject. The backstabbing yet so so. So all these years later this of this of loud and emotional passionate Joseph Jackson lobby. The wants him in the hall of -- You -- -- 1520 years to be allowed passionate and emotional well and a lot of steam still be around and concise and I don't Nixon that camp now I don't both of these guys. I've noted -- shouldn't tell Miro and -- Clemens also vote so I don't blame him. And Bagwell I did go to -- good I don't understood why I have a I have a very flawed. Way of looking at that opens myself up to what kinds of attacks. I need something. Have in mind no vote I need something I need to failed drug test and a trial. India I need -- smoking gun and -- whistle blower. The appearing on the list. Built in in -- -- K yes yes just now where Jesus concern I will tell you this at this if it seems like I am hedging or billing or whatever the market. I don't tell you who I am not going to vote for the -- -- bill. Is that on the ballot and he's not going to be at about eight more years right but he failed a drug test but says but. Let's that you need but if I watch myself in that now I'm I'm eliminating any new evidence that comes -- the next eight years. What new evidences an exit because it failed drug test in 2003 I think you would agree is is questionable. I don't know what he tested for. And it was supposed to be released to the public. There is something sketchy about that 2003 testing Parcells used to Zoellick Bradford and -- Well I I've that's real and solemnity with an -- -- in Nancy Drew yes okay. Yes that's the one to hang on let's except the except that. Except he's not on the ballot yet. So I reserve the right not to to. While you check back with -- many years. Well let's Morgan have a presidential election in 201620. And 24 and you know I wanna know right now we aborting a president who -- when you want Hillary you wanna ask me. Yeah I already know I'll answer that -- right that's all that comfortable for the Republican or whoever is the right -- the pocket he's gonna make -- -- set 617777837. -- the car Peters at Newport Brad Faxon. Join us alive and block. Out rates -- eyes opened just -- one right just all of one. -- -- I -- I will I many times when I -- I just did I say yes and I just get abused and you guys impacts on in the Dino says. They react to him in a foothold in its negative I have way into the way zeal on the rough to the putts again that was awesome right back. We have new information now also on the plane crash KTV was just learn the names of the four pilots who were on board the flight they are captain. Some not king Juan. We eat too low poll leave food and bang it gain owl.

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