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The future looks bright: PawSox Manager Kevin Boles with Dale and Holley

Jul 17, 2014|

We're live in Pawtucket and we check in with the manager of the Sox AAA affiliate, Kevin Boles.

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And get the opportunity to welcome India the manager of the -- attack at Red Sox Kevin ball Kevin dale long day I get regular president could see it. Thanks for let -- come down here and spend a day in the sunshine -- a guy goes to that today. Tough way to make a living and yeah I think I -- I was joking earlier about your job and guys who sector job before yield. I would think that there have been years when we knew that players in your clubhouse and McConnell never get a chance with a big glee club they get this guy and that guy and that guy. You got guys who might have bags packed in their stalls in the -- everybody's getting an opportunity. -- it's it's been very exciting for our guys for this clubhouse because. Again we can't allow opportunities -- -- guys have gone up and they performed and again we wanna see the Major League club. There's a need that's you know that comes up. We've had guys to fill that role meant struggled to an example Christian Vasquez and the list goes on and on so we're very excited about the guys have gone up there. Typical of balancing act is it for a manager in your situation where you're trying to get these guys -- the Major League ballclub but at the same time. When all games -- well it's and number ones major leagues there's no doubt about it mother being Major League rehab assignments. It you know whatever the case maybe we have to make sure that we are here for the Major League club we are feeder club for the big leagues. But we also like to be competitive there's no doubt about that that's not a secret. And our guys have done that you know we've had moving pieces. All throughout the year. And our guys performed well on the matter who's coming in that clubhouse the gel together and they've done a nice job you get Shane Victorino in right field my batting second -- How does how does what at the logistics of that argue told by -- then. He's got this many innings this many at bats that sort of thing -- the medical staff does you know along with John Ferrell were in contact with the Major League staff and they go through everything that we need to go through. And -- that the players -- -- dictate also at how he's feeling on a particular night but obviously have a plan as far as what you have for that night. And hopefully everything checks out fine in the need to move forward for the next day so along those lines if your plan tonight for instance was change gonna play five innings. And -- the and a five these same cabinet feel really good I'm gonna keep going are you allowed to do that while we make contact with the Major League staff and there is some flexibility and you know obviously we have. -- guys wearing -- communication with their Major League staff and our front office so. Adjustments can be made him would mean make sure that we follow up on everything we're not gonna make decisions here and fast I'm not jumping on. Tips to keep your job that's a little like this they employ absolutely. What's a bit alike -- Bomb with a -- in the rush. Of the young kids coming from you know my only Portland what -- well typical the big club how would you personally handle that this. Well I just think it's it's part of the industry these days others you know it's a fast line that happens and obviously you're looking to get the guys up there as young as possible -- get them the experience. I think that what we have is a luxury with their Major League staff has centered development staff also so now only a -- there to win the games at the Major League level. They have a history as far as developing players so when we send a move to -- are we sent a Christian Vasquez. We feel feel very comfortable there and terrific hands that they're gonna take the time. And they show the patients also with the players obviously don't wanna have too much patience because you are trying to win Major League games at you know at that level. But we're very comfortable setting our guys up there and and hopefully they'll perform form. We're talking to Pawtucket Red Sox manager Kevin -- the easiest conversation you ever have to have is when you call it a young man in a year in your office and say hey you're gonna show. What's it like when it comes back and you've had that happen a couple of times this year we've had a few and sometimes it's you know it's tough you know sometimes they don't handle it you know you try to give them but -- -- four to 48 hours. You know to get rid of all the negativity and everything else because obviously a lot at stake for these guys. But for the majority of our guys have come down here. They've been terrific they've been -- They understand that OK this is what's happened now I think there's of a sense of accountability that they've come in and and be realistic that hey they didn't do what they need to do. Other times it's out of their control they just that down the numbers don't play out for those guys. But as long as they get through it you know get my little time little breathing room. Was to get asset OK it's time we get to work let's focus on getting back up there and they know that we're in their corners try to do that for the credit watch what we're just a quick follow up is that part of the of the assessment process you guys have. How does he handled this absolutely absolutely and you know apparently I mean obviously we do not want guys to come back -- be satisfied in Tripoli based -- baseball player but. Also can they handled is the adversity can handle that they didn't perform. -- sent down to us and now what adjustments to they have. Note that could evaluate self evaluating tools to sit there ago OK this is where it lacked when I was up at the Major League level. Let's go through the plan let's get our routines let's tightens things up a little bit -- -- him back on track and I think a lot of our players. They've handled it very well this year for the guys who you go up especially for the first time in theory. Stater piece of advice that you give them that works for all these guys don't changing it used to be. I think with the younger guys used to be OK the game is gonna toughen -- up the market's been a tough Kenya you know being in Boston and New York or Philly. But I think the message that we're trying to send now -- don't change who you war. That you were eventually you're gonna get tough you're gonna have scrutiny you're gonna have people you're going to be under the microscope but don't change the person that you are. Go with what you know works Korea and keep looking for ways to improve. And the and the constant communication with their Major League staff and we can't stress it enough because I think guys assume that. They have to change who they are just because they're at a certain level -- we get cash from Portland. Don't assume anything. Just be who we are. And the game will show either way the game we'll show you what's adjustments need to be made and I think that as I was guys so -- this -- to making those changes before they're needed. Then he can afford it. It seems as though there's been a change not just in the Red Sox organization but in Major League Baseball but how long guys need to develop right I make it like we'll keep that -- starts in Portland he's here with you guys for awhile texting and always up with a big -- club those things didn't usually happen very off. Well I think it did they think it was it's it's it's happened but now the number it seems like there's been an increase in the numbers there's no doubt about as throughout the industry. You know and a lot of these guys to they're getting a lot more attention and Weathers the Arizona falling Weathers the futures game. All the press that is going on and I think it. The good organizations. It's yes they they understand they look inside the numbers but they understand the person also because a guy can be throwing up great numbers at a level. But as he has mature enough to handle the next level Kenny put things in perspective can slow things down. And I think that's one thing that -- best and so was an example. He just didn't let anything affect them if you saw how he dealt with the media. He is able to separate. Probably -- and anybody we've seen a long time and I think that's a credit to him and he's innocent he's gonna have a terrific future and for guys. Like him. But there -- many other guys who. That's maybe their biggest problem. When they move up levels whether -- from double play to AAA or AAA to the major leagues that the most difficult thing. But those guys to deal with I think so I think some guys you know they don't know how to handle all the attention but the beauty about this market with Pawtucket. These guys -- microscope here and we're not far from Boston so. They can get a little bit of a taste of Portland's not as much they start to get a taste of it here in Pawtucket. Because a lot of the media's is going to us from Boston. But I think sometimes guys they fall into the trap for the start reading whether they're doing better whether or not performing they start reading into. Too much of the stuff that that is laid out there and instead of focusing on what has gotten them there. Trusting the organization trusting that trusting their industry in the process how hard they had to work to get there. And I think if the guys that can stay focused separate get rid of all the -- get rid of all the distractions and focus on what they need to do those of the guys and -- stick. DeVon Guerrero had a six RBIs game where you recently and we we've heard a lot of people Maloney among others talk about how -- -- with the glove. How close is this -- to be a Major League ready player while I tell you what he's he's a polished player for the tournament time he's been a professional baseball experience seeing him last term pork and Portland. I -- Major League camps you're seeing him here. But -- terrific talent and he can play he's a legitimate shortstop it is it is pretty impressive what he what he has to offer we're start to see more strength with the bad. -- easy to use all fields is it right candidate complete short game. Good instincts on the bases. Again time will tell but we definitely like the package that we haven't if there's -- if there's a shortcoming in the organization just as an observer looking at it. I say it's the development of legitimate power. Powers of a problem it seems like throughout baseball but in this organization as well. To a degree but I also think that the time that players are given you know the window. I think sometimes we want -- results we want guys in twenty to thirty home runs right and that just does not happen I mean. The rare occasion you know -- Mike Trout. I think that's that thing it is it. You'd see the industry falls into this trap they wanna compare young talent in one organization to young talented another organization. And that's just not fair each player's unique. And the lasting com is the power. That she's the last thing that come with any player this development also with the industry hardest thing felt starting pitching. And -- see how tough it is to develop and looking for fourth or fifth starter and how much money that's spent in the industry and free agent market. Those two things power as starting pitching used its toughest things development. Deflate economist Richard who -- to talk about this earlier you guys have to feel pretty good about the debt that you have in terms of starting pitching throughout the -- we have some we have guys with a legitimate chance starters and again not everybody's gonna make that can fill that role. But do we have guys with that potential and we have a list of and they -- -- it you know there at higher levels here in Dublin AAA. So we have guys that are candidates -- whether or not they end up being starting pitching remains to be seen but. -- if -- like their chances with those guys thanks for Clinton has come and hang out your office today thanks for coming appreciate what I saw it got an idea that I -- come out of this ballpark -- as I said before this is a major among the miners -- government. Kevin thank you very much good like -- here for its it chemicals manager you talked at Red Sox joining us on the Baylor college program Sports Radio W media.

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