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7 days 'til training camp: Exploring how Darrelle Revis changes this Patriots defense in 2014

Jul 17, 2014|

Michael, Dale and Greg Dickerson talk Pats as we're now ONE week away from the start of training camp.

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Dale and Holley broadcasting live from McCoy stadium in Pawtucket a buddy Greg Dickerson is alongside with talk a lot of baseball today for obvious reasons Tom Karen joining us as well. But we are not. Losing sight of the fact that one week from today. At Gillette Stadium in Foxboro. There will be patriots football players on the field. The report a week ago yesterday first day of workouts a week ago today and it's hard to believe that the it's nearly football season and it has nice that you earlier on -- health. That is when baseball season in Boston officially ends you think -- be one week from right yeah because. There's a lot of angst and anger and I think people are looking forward it is something else something different something fun. And something they can look forward to other people are dying and for football could start. Do you think go with the patriots. In -- face you're looking forward to something. Generally what the patriots got kids in the army of that you look at or something different edit an exciting you know is going to be positive run. But with the patriots if it really does come down to. It's Super Bowl or bust -- you think they are more. Do you think they are in Super Bowl team right now them. -- to last year orders in general are eligible to absolutely you'll think there are. I thought well it. Right now -- I thought going into last season I thought they had the chance. To be a top. Five top seven defense in every other states I -- I wanted to know yeah I had at the start of the year before they got injured. They were kind of right there to meet up with the addition -- rivas and guys come back healthy. I'm -- harder than that. All comes down to. Number 87 right. And -- cannot 87 if there if if if grunt is there if grant is air from week one through the rest of the season and the playoffs yes. It's questionable at this particular -- -- I don't I don't I don't either you'll -- the goal no goal no I saw what they were like offensively with grant last year. And they were really good when he was playing and then I saw what they were like offensively without him. And they weren't quite so good and I look at the at the so called weapons that Tom Brady has to play with. -- -- I don't see that and they still got to the AFC championship game they're all being lazy -- -- -- name that they had no chance are okay so okay. There aren't that that you said they'll let don't let nobody -- -- are good -- what you have to wait -- -- blah blah right but. If your defense is healthy like it is like you hope it's going to be this season and the addition of Revis and Vince coming back and Tommy Kelly. And hi so Labor Day lows reported a sixteen know maybe they -- they -- and maybe they've lived through a big difference Michael maybe a deep offensive team. That plays good offense but plays great defense expert -- thank. Was thirteen with that last oh yeah they want a Super Bowl right. Are they like at the guts and are they that -- an -- out -- I don't know that that's why I don't think either quite likely that that is in Seattle Seahawks yeah. Because the Seahawks have been the Seahawks. I have more of bill they have more talent we have more defensive talent and the patriot you just said to me before you think this could be a top five. Defense -- to top five. -- have your top five so -- I think that we -- -- you could be number two we could be number three that means you can win with defense. You're asking me if they can win the championship without ground and I'm telling you know based on what they did in the off season I think it's you know you lose that's what they lost the lost leader. So -- Arab blood. You got back up on us and he's he's he's a great talent and lost the durable. And they added random -- Offensively that's what happened. So your Britain here. You've had Dobson who still has some injuries since I've sort of generate some people think he's better off now that he was. Our origin or he's he's in better shape I'm sad. I think he's gonna miss time training camp so it's already -- so Greg what would talk offensively. What we're talking about is. A guy bringing in a guy that you didn't have for the bulk of -- who is a guy that's ground. Easy easy game changer he's an incredible weapon I think when he's healthy. When he's healthy he is the best -- football. But. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- these guys Greg -- who -- these -- play makers that Barbara you're you're getting your your switch around what I'm saying here guys I've looked absolutely I would have sort of I'm glad I noticed -- it down at Bristol attitude they think. There has still learned a lot down their -- I did this with people are out I I just think that I look at that look at this football team obviously. Obviously with -- Rob Gronkowski. They already they can be eight dominant. Transcend goal but transcending offensive team they they can be as good as anybody out there with I don't know. Can still win. Because I don't think they need to rely on the offense scoring 283031. Points a game because I think the defense can be that good. Where they can we scored seventeen point points. I think it's fair to say that they won't have to score as much offensively is here that I think that's a great point you make every elite. But I just wonder if the going to be able to score enough if they don't have gronkowski now. If you gonna tell layoffs through it and that's that's the -- that's what we've been talking yes I think it in the regular season was at the other day in the regular season. The patriots who looked just fine they'll have a couple of games where they're likely AFC -- blow somebody out they'll they'll put up forty it'd be like 48 of fourteen. Forty its warning why an okay is that not a problem. In the in the playoffs for the competition gets the weather gets worse competition is better. What can you expect. From a pub -- less offense and he is the key to what you're doing he is BP is Tom Brady and Rob Gronkowski. I guess you gotta hope that you get something model fell -- cut -- -- there. You get more out of Danny Amendola which I mentioned -- all fell. He's probably the guy to me that I look at that I'm most interested in and most worried about the same time. 'cause you see what if his talents like in Carolina but I'll say. -- plenty of guys trot through here. In July and August and early September that you say hey this wide receiver could be big for Tom Brady and all the city can't figure out the offense and he's gone by up -- -- There were -- -- -- yesterday bill. Donna -- was dot org Ron Rivera go to the Panthers. They give me scouting report umbrella fell -- big kids strong kid -- gets the ball. Who drops them -- He'll drop some. All all. As well nick is -- here understands where the ball is like a very little a couple of drops the -- -- understand that trouble is with this quarterback. You wanna trust the most lawn you get put on the second page a game plan real quick here. And that's the thing that that worries me the most I'll be very curious. Next week when they get on the field for the first time. Not so much you know obviously it's not the same I wanna see how. Receivers on this team do against as good a secondary is they'll face all yearlong. I mean we got -- and Revis out there and not does -- -- to practice I think he'd just a practice training camp and that of course he missed a first report it points right. So so you got -- Revis out there they won't face a better secondary than that this year. Show me a ticket any separation from those guys. And then maybe I'll have a better idea whether or not they've got you know the offensive weapons that they need to show me that Rob Gronkowski is out on the field next Thursday. To me and maybe not to what everything which is out there and participating in do we want it you have. Any hope were expectations for M and -- -- I told he's fallout that hello Larry Lawler he is what does that what does what does that mean hoped to I think he's. What it was me and no -- I -- I I. And what do you admire America I mean -- I mean that the ban. Can actually catch the football that the man can actually stay on the field that's what I mean catch it yes stay on the field and a replica we never happens. Artist I why -- I think now he's gonna suddenly deal. That's why I asked the question because it to me the offense. I look at a guy like Danny Amendola and I worry I. I get concerned about them you don't gronkowski. I understand. Is the linchpin of this offense along with Tom Brady but I think of this offense is gonna go anywhere it's going to be based a lot on -- mental. I heard the midday show. MF they were talking about this a lot during the course of the Dallas -- Is this a one and done for Darrelle Revis. Track record would indicate it probably is apple will talk about that as well 6177797937. As the telephone number. We're down here McCoy stadium home pos socks it's dale and Holley and Greg Dickerson taking your patriots -- when we come back Sports Radio WEEI. All the patriots have released a couple of players today. Just to keep -- debate on the roster their net data 87 players on the roster. After releasing. Wide receivers Jeremy Johnson and -- Wiggins if you say who don't I don't blame it. I had read about a eyewitness. Freeagent. You know commencing -- they can do type guys released both of those today. Current roster at 87 as they get ready to report next Wednesday and be on the field. Next Thursday we'll have more I mean it was I was only half joking with Michael yesterday about this every year. This is the week in which guys saying you know what -- just on all of this is worth it anymore and you always get tired and yesterday it was Armond Armstead is 23 years old. He retired for obviously other reasons medical reasons. But every year doesn't seem this week you get some veteran. You know free agent offensive lineman who came in here and and said you know lot. It's just it's worth it to me anymore using just one more week. Is right next week. Doctors article recently as a couple of warrior training it seems like too good to me like the first day you wake up man. I forgot what it was like it jerks agreement had to how hot out here. Here they have got out of here at but it is rotten no good and it's not as bad as it was fifteen to one right -- -- -- go through a onto a double sessions actually speak at that drinking water there at the and hydrated. That is used to people. This rapid -- were prepared -- college not doing it anymore. A career -- -- it didn't matter how much. -- I -- -- column where you're building are recognized looking ability not to I don't I don't know. All I tell you noting that not a big -- -- that I have had the market a lot of. There playbook -- that -- brought this up before the break -- I was listening to the mid day show with MF the earlier today. And they were discussing whether or not we think I think you'd think that Darrelle Revis is a one and done. And will they re sign this -- to -- term contract. Either during the year after the year. Because it does as little points out kind of seem like he's always in pursuit of the next big deal he's got a one year deal here. You guys can you see. Bill Belichick and the patriots keeping your long term yeah because that's -- mean he's gonna have to lower his financial expect a guy. Art exhibit your long term. You know you have to pay. A sombre David fortunate with Tom Brady only gets set the market if you wanted to do -- hasn't. Especially with this last deal but you want guys like that for the most part Brady being the exception for the most part you have to pay for it. And I think they recognize the ability of Darrelle Revis in the necessity of Darrelle Revis now that it's a passing league we all know what we all see it. And he's he's still one of the top guys in the in the game. If not the top. Now a thousand Bristol earlier today Tim Jennings. Of the bears is on three time pro bowler. Think the NFL network had him ranked fifth. -- best corner of the league 74 best player overall. Tim Jennings give mr. top three quarters of football. Without hesitation. He goes Revis he goes sermon he goes Patrick Peterson. So he said look I saw Darrelle Revis at the pro ball and he still has it that knowing he'll come up injuries don't ask this guy is is one of the best to make all the plays. So he is that guy inning in that left the last from the patriots had a guy like that who was recognized. As top three in the -- was Ty was to highlight that rural people and I I don't know that I reckon. -- -- -- -- -- -- Yet go back everything that -- back to go back. We you you mentioned. -- the patriots understand what it means -- will understand what it what it means to have a guy like that -- defensive back field. And that they'll have to pay. Will Revis. Understand that he's got to take a little less -- because they -- us Armageddon. I don't know -- after they saw his history it's always been on get my very last dollar he is going to do things going at the last dollar I'm saying but Bill Belichick doesn't usually pay the I don't. Q well in this case. -- -- through the desert when it comes to defensive backs they have really struggle. And an. I know the Red Sox with a short starting position right now I know Hasan gave me a lot of plays for the for the patriots. And I thought he was about as good corner I was very good corner. But some limitations even with this aren't -- where you you couldn't put up on a certain side of the field because he wasn't feeling comfortable there even a guy like servant. Who was terrific plays one side of the field with Darrelle Revis input anywhere you remember hearing he was on Welker in the slot. They didn't go -- your outside guys would ever be -- to do good in run support physical guards can jam near the line. So it's been awhile since they've had a guy who they feel like we could put him anywhere and because of forks. So I would like to think. That they feel exactly the way you just described. And we haven't had this in how many years we've never had this in the in the Bill Belichick era so we've got to do what we have to do to keep that. But I haven't seen them ever do that I mean -- they don't even pay Brady topped. But they did but they did before now out of this extension. Is interest what are what negotiations were like -- -- what the logic was in. If he had insisted. OK I need to be paid like a top four quarterback. I would have done it right. You'd like to think they'll have a of course I I think he's the one exception to the rule yet. Nobody else's I I but they've never been in this position where you say what this is what they do when they have a top three quarterback football they've never had it. I just think based on his history. Darrelle Revis is gonna get every last dollar based on the patriots history is -- says they're not gonna give every last dollar. Antony Revis is one of those guys that he wants that one last kick at the -- in terms of a big time long term deal he's not gonna get a let me ask -- this. Assuming they don't get a deal done before the season's over. Win a Super Bowl loses Super Bowl does that affect whether he stays or goes out of the growth in other words if they win it I got rang up. Now I don't get my big money somewhere else like it or not get to the Super Bowl don't lose. Very does that make me wanna stay here. Does that say wipe out real got real close to what does the does the place Reich and win the Super Bowl this place right get that ring. And -- the room and have to take less money. I think he's already been a good businessman early in his career he's got his money's gotten huge contracts. He has ever been to Super Bowl so is that these are veterans of all obviously that -- Super Bowl ring. Now the stage of his career I think -- he can do both. He can get he can still command a big salary and be with an organization that feels like there in the hunt every year. 6177797937. Joes on the cellphone. I could hit the button I you might have to go back there -- -- Joseph you're next on Sports Radio dale and -- Big guys I can't believe how much a little respect for army and our wallets. Most not only about recorder. When -- it was he always recognized that top three when he played. Yeah who's better him. Abilities over it all right dialogue blow away your -- and remember. -- I was but I. -- Ty Law. Talked about in the the stratosphere of a book to rail -- -- think OK so his peers at the time they're GO. I play would -- for a while -- was not their blood. So -- Sanders he had Madison ascertain and in Miami for all those years. You had McAllister. In in Baltimore. You had. And I will -- giving it argues that Champ Bailey you can say Champ Bailey is overrated now. -- Joseph Jimenez should say he's -- people are now -- I know. An overrated number. Overrated what I was play. I Karmetasploit I order it now in order straight back in the day during at all. That was -- -- David good quarter. But no I I think -- I'll come up with you I think I was a great player for the patriots he was very important to them. A big game. Big of big time performer. When it mattered he loved -- the pressure -- the the challenges. And you want those guys. Play all over the field. And he would -- a bit too and sometimes you get him in trouble. But he was very instinctive. And so what are those interceptions -- at those all those biscuits Peyton Manning and AFC championship game. One of was just keeps at this Harrison has used up and over here. It feels something. But afloat over -- you get me. And he just jumped the route I mean he was that kind of players are pocketed dismissed guy but I just went up lots of reality -- say what he recognized and he played. It across inability -- -- yes I Ty Law absolutely -- the top three quarter. Here's the easy question and answer patriots all -- yes Aaliyah Aaliyah. Pro football -- pro football order. Once it Darrelle Revis pro football forever maybe absolutely. 6177. I. Seven as well I haven't gotten it -- on board with -- we've got an hour to go we're broadcasting live from McCoy stadium hold the Los Sox they host the buffalo bison tonight at 705. It's -- Hollywood Greg Dickerson Sports Radio W media.

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