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Victorino set to return? NESN's Tom Caron joins us from Pawtucket

Jul 17, 2014|

TC stops by to talk about the Sox and their farm system, as well as the return of Shane Victorino, live from Pawtucket, RI

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We are down here McCoy stadium where the Pawtucket Red Sox by the buffalo bison tonight at 705. There is no Major League Baseball game in Boston tonight the Red Sox return to action tomorrow night. At Fenway against the Kansas City Royals but that doesn't mean that -- and crew was sitting around. Eating bon bonds and get fat -- don't know when Tom -- so I go to fifth -- -- -- -- Comcast's network. They -- doing well TC it's the summer. It's beautiful was gonna get the -- -- great lately. They have a day off but if the all star report you just pick they are winner was still I actually miss why do you use the hills there needs to show everybody out -- shoulder do you have a great work capital yeah overall get a -- at all. I didn't get in here early I came late right -- you. Man I. I was so drag -- I occasional little. -- these guys swells well we don't do a lot of these Broadway -- a 45 of these older one of the Portland and August and it's a great chance. I'll vote now you go to Fenway to see the next great prospects but it is a great chance to get to know these guys a little bit. Before they appointed that webpart I love that I was only half joking when I said you can down here tonight watch this game NC the Red Sox August roster. Why are the over under right guys talking five. And you know I say over your very young guys and well OK because technically great -- -- on the roster. He'll be back next week you're going to -- GDD. This year debt -- OK and you're going to see -- as a September call. Let's get rid of the girls are qualified in the NF I know I guess. Why it took the decision. That's a pretty good line whoever came up with me I still go over because I think -- guy here heard exactly yeah. I have time to think I drive a little -- and tell us sitting on one point. Ever thought about today other direction other direct owes me traffic was that it has wireless budget here. Or drug was better or not how bad for everybody here is so anyway I I think over because again work -- -- a teeny alone without thinking about it. You know you look at the pitching guys guys it is always bullpen needs. Bobby -- was the all star game atom up that double header. He's a guy who comes up if they decide to include a reliever. -- in the bullpen and all security at three. Without really work it added and then beyond that. There's some guys that it would be interesting to see if they get a game a lot you know house and had to get up he's not here here again does he get. Even a double header does he get that 46 spot. What pitchers from here get another opportunity there's no way. You're gonna go that -- -- with LC -- -- -- -- Webster has been fantastic so that's five. You know without really dig deep work I -- -- -- spring training like you guys were so when Renato walked by here mystical. Well I just I didn't realize he's 67 and GAAP he is a big kid that's what does it make a big deal about Owens beings except that you never really talked about 66 however that he is you don't think about Ottawa's big guy he's big guy. And you know he's ready to go I'm surprised he hasn't already had a chance and I think he's one of those guys you know. As much as they can't like Della Rosa when you bring them up it's to keep him -- dollar rose has bounced around a little bit -- bounce around because of the numbers they have there but I think they wanna avoid keeping him on it you know putting him on you know you don't want to give him up to be part I think for. You know I think part of the reason. That they haven't really tapped into Renato. And this is up and think about going forward and if they do bring Greg Jon Lester but especially if they don't bring back Lester they say a group got to go with the kids. Two innings pitches a big deal for them especially for one year to the next step. It's a big jump DOJ -- so Renato I think his career high of maybe 84845. Innings now lot. Same thing would always -- if you get it. If you've got to rely on these guys. You imagine going from. A 130 innings 125 innings due to a five. Well -- -- 95 in your first year so maybe they're just trying to manage. You know when he pitches in and how much he pitches. I think there's a lot to that and we've seen it time to get what we're here and you just look at the box scores from these games and the target of Portland. They have no problem poll after a hundred pages you've got a three nothing lead people giving up two hits. -- -- not here for the wages your future innings deleted the bull but he did that -- -- So they'll leave here as long as they get to make sure that total number of innings total number of pages. Is being get a what what number it is happening they've they've probably total innings did this are okay this is what -- -- -- evil or longer they talk about it it's not editing they follow religiously but it's give or take twenty innings more than what you did you before and that's the goal let's not. They don't have a bit sloppy but the goal really is to sort of have that progression. You know if you're 140 you should -- the 155 to 165 range that following year and getting more than that. Historically you get that a year later is when you start to have the arm troubles aren't really try to keep that drastic jump from what -- -- forty to 201 year before we -- ago how soon before we see this kid playing right -- -- Boston. The kid who's batting second playing right field and -- he's pretty good. Much longer before we see Shane Victorino back rents out this weekend there's even talk of my guess is. Yeah of their home this weekend. I would think that I just wanna talk to but he said after BP so I don't have any inside information from him but he says I did the quick healthy game is volatile. Do they we -- for the weekend and take them on the road trip wouldn't -- that makes the most sense but you know we've seen this before they like to maybe polian and play it on Sunday. My guess is right is this a lot easier today. Probably won't be here tomorrow. I'm guessing they seem to do that a lot -- you there with their guys bring it back for one more game -- maybe activate its orbit it's funny now because in Manny. We talked about guys here that now it's such a different scene boss you know addition victory compact city that -- One guy can't do. But getting him back certainly makes it better teams certainly makes that line but if you got to go on that run that you guys have debated. That they -- don't have it then you got a better chance at victory. -- and tonight 705 it's the game time you don't want congress on the ball a governing body domino yeah I do our jobs -- and and it's like I'm home watching you know I'm waiting for. For -- -- to jump am I certainly don't that aren't yet Bob Montgomery -- the colds a lot of fun. And then we get back -- Smart idea. -- -- less fought and stuff in certain ways are also it is not the -- bought you guys talk a lot about it. Yeah I've heard -- read so much over the break about this is 2012 not 2002012. Was paid -- -- or more in the summer Syria go just go from dale says the rest that's -- Op but moral Gomez and and Darnell McDonald aren't the only shocked and forgot the. Most important part. I'll wait for you to get to it those are the names that are not out there was minus there was -- TV program by rivers Tom -- being a part of a multi hop -- tell them. I'm retired and I think of sodas and -- stating that. Is that what I know what I don't consider the closer shall ever get to doing a talk show wins the pilot as the plane crash and death battle. A planet is hitting the ground. It's so when you bank left back there what you think that's exactly what that show us. I -- -- -- -- is a noted a number of years ago we did -- don't Margaret don't worry about it so my point being you know are you gonna -- watch the kids I don't know like you said I don't go to that web part -- what did you say they -- well you -- are still locked in a panel watch what you're seeing right now while you don't get a better chance of -- to secure exhibit -- it as opposed that but I just listed -- not well. But this little run here let's the next ten days and again I'm not say to get there -- but if you went seven and three and used to shaved two games off that. At least now the kids are gonna -- -- I wanna see kids playing fourteen games out -- that doesn't tell me. Right let's at least creep into the picture so that I'm judging what I see from the kids. Based on the reality of games where at the other team is commonality and even though it hardly does not matter. And that's what the second half should be. And I think they need to -- right away. Pick up that moment that you once fortified -- play Houston all year understand but if you could do that again out of the break. People gonna get interest -- I think they've got to dressing -- -- your point missed the green room yesterday traveling Greenberg that's -- Wallace is in their plot -- make -- relish that Obama is not an -- -- donate there or else they're busily telling -- -- let you go out there wherever they're bad but there by the way it is my Brothers Mike Saunders the data match tonight. I like people are not exactly an authorized the CDC will be watching -- -- -- August Donna -- joining us dale and Holley with Greg Dickerson your boys Sports Radio WE yeah.

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