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Dale and Holley's Four at Four - Inspirational Messages Edition - 7-19-14

Jul 17, 2014|

We tackle four topics, all sparked by the great speech Stuart Scott gave at the ESPY's last night.

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And holing the. And and. -- -- -- -- Police holding up his iPhone apps in the sun is out you can't even tell. Florida -- brought to you by AT&T. AT&T covers more than 99% of all Americans don't think you a better network. Apple and are joking portion of this segment however. Because we're gonna give it for four at Ford they were gonna give you some. Inspiring sports speeches. Sometimes we treat our athletes and our sports celebrities like they are heroes and nothing can hurt them but sometimes something bad tragic happens in their lives. We'll start with Tedy Bruschi who responded from his stroke with a rousing speech. When I was writing that book now sitting down with Michael -- I would say things that I thought would happen and my wife looked like this took that didn't happen. That didn't happen that way that I'm actually here's we can write this book correctly. My neurologist put his -- And on my shoulder and since -- you've had a stroke. Stroke. And that's when I looked at haven't thought to myself. Stroke stroke was something only equated with my grandma. My grandfather I didn't know -- that happens -- I've learned since they can happen to people much younger than teenagers kids. But the only time I've ever used the -- stroke before -- on a golf course. Wolf where was that speak to Michael. It was XP. I don't know what. Appearance. Speaking through proposed. If he goes on the lecture circuit. Are really really like it. -- -- -- -- First. They're over there. And I have looked like about the fact that violations or do you mind yeah. You try to pressure out there this kind of -- my little vital contribution to remember things differently and together. No it says Tedy Bruschi you know my story my stroke my recovery. It is -- book together that whole experience she was right there with them. The presence of mind that take notes when things were happening very quickly so she would remember it. She was right there with that the entire time and end with the recovery they were very candid about. The disagreement they had not coming back you want to come back -- -- -- good she's at now. I'm not a -- I don't want you to do it and they talked about at all -- that book. -- -- -- As we are Michael -- Modano had just been hired as head coach of the Indianapolis Colts and he was diagnosed -- an acute form of leukemia. During his treatment he returned to the colts' locker room to fire up the troops. I got circumstances. You guys understand I understand. It's hard to beat. That's okay. Then on live -- two more daughters. Give -- -- at their wins. Tenant court settlement -- several times. On dancing at two more wins but from what horse natural together. I mean. That was before they've allowed back Coke right -- -- just go back to visit with the team after his treatment you can hear his voice out week he has. If you remember the privilege long lost hair hair that. Which you can just hear the guys in that role. At -- out there with him every step of the way during that thing and -- it was amazing where it came from because. Most of us didn't know much about -- The at that time -- As you know I thought who Syrians did a great job not only as interim coach get into the playoffs. But how we insisted on leaving the light on. Legal at his office is Donald's office and -- came back to fifteen at the head coach he's the head coach on this stuff is looking over the franchise look at over the -- But he's got to come back -- gonna leave the -- on that comes back. Pretty inspiring stuff and -- extremely. Luke -- may have given the first emotional speech but no emotional speeches ever better than when Jim bell bottom stuff but yes -- in 1993. Don't give up don't ever give up. And that's what -- -- try to do every minute that I have left no thank god the day the moment I had and if you see me. Smile and maybe give me that's important to me to. But try if you plan. To support. Whether it's days to a cancer foundation. So that. That's someone else might survive. And prosper it might actually be cured of this strategy. The then he became a figure a bigger -- did after he gets sick after he battled. And as Stewart said just as you died as a means that it you lost. Stuart Scott made that point last night. He became a bigger figure after all of his trials than he ever was even as -- as an NCAA winning basketball community about the Jimmy the foundation. And what it's done. And the gains in the departments that they have and the awards. I mean it's been going on for the better part of twenty years now yeah it and I think a lot of people. And it's a good thing you're right -- a lot of people forget. What his personality was like. Very animated. Very funny. What liner guy. If he really would bust your. But it's -- beyond that they became more than that a basketball coach. More than just NC state. He's a he's a bigger screw you you hear the Jimmy V. I maybe fifteen years or you're cheating feet probably because the Jimmy V foundation. And you think about NC state run around the justified. Do you think about Jimmy V now. And think about all the work its foundation does for people got to. Make -- first. And that leads us to number four full up and after the eighteenth -- emotional speech that day Stuart Scott was first diagnosed with cancer in 2007. Is gone though he's -- over fifty chemotherapy sessions and three abdomen surgeries. Last night at TSB's there wasn't a dry eye in the house when Stuart Scott spoke. But not special. But just listen to what demands it I listen to all that means everything that he is asked of us. And that's to build the V foundation. And we'll tell you that it works are talking tangible benefits. You -- mean that clinical trial. Now here's the thing about that coach -- bottles torched 21 years ago. Helping me and thousands of people like me right now direct benefits. That's why all of this why we're here tonight. That's why it's so important. When you die. It does not mean that you lose to cancer. You beat cancer. Like how you live. Widen it and in the manner in which she. I called my big sister Susan -- Watt. I need to -- That's -- and I know that apple called her and call my other sister Cynthia my brother Steve and my mom and dad. And I can just -- Those things are very important. I won more necessity. And really to two very. Vibrant. Intelligent. Beautiful young guns. The best thing I've ever done best thing I will ever do. It's he would head to Taylor and -- I can't ever give up because I can't leave my daughters. Yes sometimes I embarrassed. Sometimes they think -- a tyrant. That's a direct quote. There's an adjectives that describe tyrant to -- not gonna go there. He blew me away -- asked -- concede to the sport but he blew me away -- -- I am and yeah I've tweeted out a link to it it's everywhere you can see it on ESPN. If you could see that audience. I mean not only was -- not a dry eye in the house. Nobody who. They just stood there and and stared in rapt attention as he spoke what a job he did last night. You know he has. I think it in a lot of ways he's inspired people any surprise people. Because I think who would you watch him if you're watching sports that are out of a lot of you watch sports that are. Holding up the volume up that you're paying attention here on -- on everywhere but a lot of people watch sports that are here you're out of the rest product at a far. That you see if -- Stuart Scott. Do export Saturn but OK everything -- -- hey Stewart got to donate Stuart Scott at the NBA finals. NFL game does it really. Register how's that kids. It's kind of take it some of the staying out of just how how sick kids public a lot as well. Because he's got he's out every day out there why some of the NBA finals handing out the trophy case -- Oh god this sprite he's doing he's doing better he climbed the L I eight I had no idea that all of us a lot older guys go on following. I had no idea about last week. And -- said it. I mean I do I knew that he'd been sick and -- been battling I knew that if there were things going on his life. He told -- he told a poignant story. He said he said you know big time network executives his -- Guys would column and say hey look and he had chemotherapy treatment today. Can I can I stop by bringing somebody anything like it means it's time network executives scholar and insane stuff like that. I was pretty touching. I'm about the about the speech was great. It was off the -- is that not I don't not a -- not teleprompter. He had obviously worked on this prior -- just stand there and speak -- top of his head he had prepared you know some framework I'm sure. Both -- -- was nothing in his hands there was enough that he wasn't reading off any thing. It and I don't think he stumbled once they did have one time. Not one time. I looked at it as he began his speech he said he set up tomorrow you know my boys are going to be -- -- the espy's last night with with Kati. And now these guys' faces. He says Jack Bauer saved the world he introduced a million. A. Saying that's what it forces favorite television so you know tomorrow all my boys are going to be -- -- -- -- -- address these -- mandate. Money Mayweather and TV don't regulate you know whatever her. Jack Bauer saves the world and he introduced me. It's an effort at ethnic and Kiefer Sutherland by the way was standing there just hardware side yeah and and he just he never budged. He just stood there a while he applauded let you know obviously there were breaks for applause from time to time but he just stood there. Wrapped in as we all our I just. It blew me away he he's a lot more than Beaulieu. Yeah and I thought it was spun on oil -- didn't give him credit enough I didn't either I'm right there with you right there with you never knew that about. He he was supplement if you get the chance go to my Twitter feed donate by ESPN's got it. There are links I mean heck everybody in the country seems to link to a and did you -- all the athletes I've followed a lot of athletes you can guest Aaron Rodgers all these guys talking about him. A lot of people talk about not talking about how inspirational was it -- powerful story. And how he told his story. Yeah you're right if it was all over I don't know how many how many athletes. -- -- But it was dark it was there was something else.

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