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Jackie MacMullan, ESPN Boston, "I think Rondo is going to go, I just don't see where and how yet" 7-17-14

Jul 17, 2014|

Jackie Mac joins the guys to discuss her thoughts on a possible mid-season tournament in the NBA, LeBron's return to Cleveland, trade rumors with the Celtics and Red Sox, and Darrelle Revis' contract situation.

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Jackie Collins joins us right now here on WEE -- from ESPN ESPN Boston -- Mac -- -- I'm never want him out how to make that happening again assimilate very manner and everybody away. At camp. Eighteen you're all I got too dark and often never Ron darted to be worse advocated the fifth you have -- -- -- actually hit the -- I wrote a column today for WEEI dot com I like to get your take on his well this story that's kind of crept out their last 48 hours about a need to season and BAA tournament and it's very nebulous what Adam silver meant by -- whether it's. As I've seen written before an F a cup soccer style approach or maybe an international. Style approach -- love the fact that he's thinking outside the box I love the fact that. He's not just being a static in running the league in thinking about new ideas I just don't know how this is gonna work. Well let's look at the early stages and I agree with you it's you know there are some dog days as we know in January and February secular. With the NBA and especially. If you want to leave that team definitely. I think the idea would be despite its -- -- The one thing that jumped out at me it was one of the initial landing spot to distinguish -- take it. And that's to me is not I'm not literature what they have summer there in Vegas and I do why would -- events -- parties. Yep right but it -- into the wee bit. I mean I think it was less than six years ago that -- -- them you can argue that disgraced NBA official involved there. And it can't wait situation. Would just let out of presents -- I would stay away and eight personal. But the idea of you know the top eight -- that a one game elimination. Over a weekend I do think that kind of interest and because we we can you look at it in to generate the -- -- -- format that one game elimination. Would -- -- So Jackie did you had a a great. Article on ESPN boston.com. When you you set down just really broke down Marcus Martin you went back to his childhood his parents -- our Brothers and and a -- are -- anybody had a chance to go and read it. Did you come away with a a better understanding. An appreciation of Marcus mark. Well I mean you know I knew some of the details that the story. But I didn't like except that -- that it took away from it. The tremendous amount of pressure since its young man had on the agent you know. When his brother he had a brotherhood cancer pod Westbrook who had Derek Fine basketball player and some feel it repeated -- market art. I'm -- cancer. At a very young age you know ended up dying from cancer. And and he passes away and his other -- on out and start saying to him. Listen you know it's on you know it's on you and I'm thinking are you kidding -- -- also I have an appreciation for some of the pressure that these young athletes feel when they're handling -- counting on them emotionally and financially as well. Particularly they're now at some relief and a lot of people to -- market smarts like a bill handled. The first game or two of the shots may -- weren't followed the defense was the Ayers or anything to kinda. Take out that maybe you didn't know maybe -- Plame even with some of the rookies. Well you know we've heard about it toughness and I'd be lying if I watched Oklahoma State playoff last year -- you -- -- -- here and there. What does that defense of commitment was certainly there and I and I think that's what got Bret -- so it's the first stage. And you are going keeps telling me they. We aren't going to be fine shooting wise it's his mechanics are -- and it needs. You know to get -- and well -- and then. You know that you get the -- the ball a little better than that and I'm sure he was pressed in about an eighth inning grand pronouncement after he summer games. What do you need to shoot the ball a little better than what I saw -- that what you've got obviously. -- during moments from ESPN Boston here on WEE IT immensely Maloney Christian Fauria. What's in the back and forth on Twitter beef between the Celtics blog and Jeff Goodman -- about the benefits of may be trading Rajon Rondo. And you might see the story they came out where I think it was to Marcus cousins was lobbying for Rondo to come out to Sacramento. What's your stance on this is the summer has crept along and has changed at all from say when we first started talking about the prospect again. Of Rondo being traded -- Danny was starts against it again recently what's your take now. Well -- have to say that he's not not against the law mean they've been trying to penetrate that aren't on -- not for five years for the right deal you know. And -- and the Sacramento thing -- into -- because it. Sacramento it made no bones about it states that had interest. And Rondo you know they wanted to plot to deal with the Celtics felt that perhaps it's too much. And the other problem like that Rondo indicated to the Sacramento ownership which its viewership. And in bulk Shaquille O'Neal cartilage. That you wouldn't sitting going that you wouldn't re sign with them to -- terms such indicating why would you make that billion what Ernie. And I think that's where the market hasn't come in here. -- you know I think they're trying to compete and try to hit it could be a great place result so. Talks reignited about Josh Schmidt. I'm going to Sacramento Kings and we all know that Josh and Rondo or our blood and held them. You know so I think that's where -- read that and all that however. When the Celtics or interest in making the deal they were interested in Isiah thomas' move on and and Mac so I just don't see how it works. So we'll see how we're tight I think Rondo gonna go but I just don't eat Wear and -- yet because he wants Anne Maxfield. You might have to back off so that he want to play her big market team contending team. And the Celtics have to get something back -- I don't see where that is. Jackie wanna slow LeBron James I think -- you in in many other sexually -- thought he was gonna stay in Miami you know -- areas now. How surprised you and went to Cleveland and and we are talking -- before the PR relic LeBron has accomplished so much now it's a boat may be getting a little bit love a much think that related to returning almost -- PR went. Well sure but you know you can visit it first and foremost and all you need to know about that. It's fact that he's an opt out a few years and -- tell television revenues kicking and so he can cash -- -- -- so it's important. Foremost he's he's he could visit any you know some of the candidate that -- carry him -- what Dirk Nowitzki didn't doubt that to me it's silly. -- -- with -- -- -- -- he did something altruistic Mickey different team. To be to be a better team in your sister you know he's a -- like. LeBron I think. Coming home was certainly part of it. And I believe the when he says he felt badly about how that ended I believe the idea of warning older but let's be real about that. -- between the -- stunk and they didn't have in -- and in cat carrier and Greta how much -- Cleveland wanted a Hollywood gold. If you did it first so. I I don't I won't criticize them one bit from making this move. He was the freeagent and that's his right that's what happens when you're in created -- any handled it so beautifully. Obviously in direct contracts for the first time out. Are talking a Jackie McMullen he has been used in boston.com -- Jackie. Speaking of up businessman Darrelle Revis we've been talking about him a little bit before he got on to try to figure out. Well the patriots and what they can do to keep him long term obviously you're it's it's a two you do but really it's a one year deal second year earlier yeah point five million dollars. And he what do you think the odds are up and actually signing your long term is that and is that a discussion the hatred start having the -- season starts. What they Christine you know -- and I do what they depart from what they normally do what they normally day it's a lot. Yeah you know he asked he -- wanna be one of the highest paid corner in the game you know you're looking at outnumber these other guys getting -- concern and everybody else. And the -- and they had deserve that and and you probably. But the patriots. -- the name name one -- in the last time they overpaid for some -- times and Dana laughed and they actually eight market data you. And -- ensure. We can even name that -- could certainly -- below market value. And their starter most of that started at below market size so immediate so it's always looked like 01 and done a -- Unless they came -- maybe they're thinking I don't know that I believe. Give it wouldn't if you're going to change your philosophy or anybody witness out of the big guy that regular apprentice you know perk up your editor here. Your intention and you know. Based on just what he brings special look at what a -- believed Aqib Talib did last year and I don't think he believe is the same players throw Revis. The -- we've -- it every day. And as you know it's seem to mean Q if you look at the the patriots ticket street elite sort of doesn't make their one offensive player and it's been Brady. All along -- the -- they're gonna they're gonna take care of their gonna pay and then you know for a while it was. I've ever seen where you know -- capitulate on seem orbit and of course it's an on account of events which then it was you know and we'll sort but I think. Immediately exit the new defense of players that fill -- they'll make those moves for. But -- only usually only one there -- at the most to assist the way they were anxiously they were all in. Plus the real quick -- out Lester to. Philadelphia or Cole Hamels to Boston there's a number went -- throughout the year we can loyalists a number -- different ways that nick -- out of the globe today. It's not necessarily straight up trade. Yeah not some that's not how I interpreted the way of interpreting it is. They would make a preemptive move to Dick Cole Hamels under the assumption that they're either going to trade away Lester or they are going to lose him in free agency. I'm not buying it what do you think. Yeah I don't understand that the point that really because in the in the cannibalism -- you know. I -- the -- saying. Clearly. I think they know that we don't know at least I think they do. Stated if you let him -- free agency you content at somebody's gonna pay him a boatload of money Mauritania ever dreamed up. And you're gonna lose some. -- You know navy -- I don't understand. I don't understand election negotiated and made and we don't have the full picture because we haven't heard from the reds are easily -- source information. It to. It did it bother my mind a bit on it if they really did -- Obama at first opera and and -- Not paying him five years for that money because probably recently updated at the end of those -- -- -- and get value -- 35 year old pitching you know. But I'm Lester at the guy you know you you're still would he -- his injury history is practically nil except for. You know the typical cancer part I mean in terms of taking care of itself he -- -- terrible and to be responsible. You know -- he went small exception of that one year record pitching staff was under scrutiny he's done everything that he and then you know model citizen I. I just think it's it's -- way. You keep him why hasn't -- done it makes no sense. Jacqui thanks a bunch Jacki have a good week and now we'll talk to next Thursday okay. Sounds like or what about Rondo being traded and actually. And Lester. Are right. -- executive on from ESPN and ESPN Boston and then the Maloney Christian oriented days.

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