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Three For All: Ted, The Rock, and Ninjas 7-17-14

Jul 17, 2014|

The guys venture outside the world of sports for a lengthy discussion of Ninjas

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Hey these guys know more than just boarding school educated well traveled passionate boss didn't Renaissance man it -- the -- three or wrong. Number 30 yeah -- threes overall picture. It's 34 wrong dvds with MF. You think you got what it takes a player like got a -- whites and among -- He's never talked like that. Past is everyone's mouth is usually -- white. Got -- Christians DeRozan too -- for and a lot of them were. That's an added. That's always start today's referral from a Maloney to advance Christian Fauria for April brought to you by deposit dollar construction in a roof. They've got you covered. Trying to cover things that are not just sports related including -- I don't know if you like the movie I love it. Beloved to get the sequel that through to its news coming out it's a production it's at the released in June 2015. But what's the problem. Bengal mangled reductions. Apparently. There are suing Seth MacFarlane. Because they claim they've -- the character first. Fairly Charlie. The abusive Teddy an acting school academy 2009010. Was a featured route sex reproductive bear named Charlie. So they're sitting there saying listen this this Ted this is our Charlie everything from the vulgar the way talks the women is actions. The city of a lot in common they're awful sit. This sitting in -- room living room with a coach. Charley o's had a beer had a cigarette this cancer thing is head. Buried a pissed off I sought to see it no I didn't see I've seen the video is it the same no data thing now is a bigger bear there's a person. Inside the bear suit he's not quite as cute and cuddly as ten walks defeat isn't quite the Teddy rocks and walked. That Ted has these pilots like he's mashed together. That's another angle is a little rough around the edges but one thing it isn't it's funny. But it's not funny at all there -- -- I watched it and it wasn't funny but to head it was funny. So maybe set just throws him a couple 100000 of the -- does go away. If you was on fire or maybe I don't think you broke this is there a way to find out Charlie maybe came out after they heard about to head. And it just threw together more. Quickly I think to do a big tent the bears waterless teacher that Charlie on. It got to play on a little bit Obama that. Voter relic of a potential buddy named Charlie like a little tiny bear a friend -- now speaks -- -- -- and a lot of that's what he's really should happen now know what every cartoon every movie. Usually shows that they're jumping the shark when they bring in extra character kind of likes scrappy do ya do we. That kind of -- I came up on a couple hundred grand whatever he says let me do a little cut up a little settlement be able to use Charlie -- beat the hell out of your number scraping up. -- -- And I don't call you scrappy to have strapping hedge her. -- -- also posted that the Brady Bunch. And our auto care of the glasses right all -- I don't know what about some and recently joined. Happy new department of -- tested -- there are member. No matter who our audience doesn't look very nearly as simple as we also. The only illegal aliens I think we've brought that up before. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- It hasn't happened. You don't let the leg. And if so our third rocker chick who is wearing my red leather pants you have forced to look -- -- and yet. I -- this this hidden because you know Dwayne the rock Johnson and it's coming out this new movie Hercules rock and please Hercules and anyone over what he ate each day. What's up with amazing it's over 4500. Calories is now the average male the moderately active average male. Consumers about 2200 -- he's he's -- 4500. Over port 500 calories. So we -- -- seven times a day. -- quickly the first meal. Announces the chicken or hate whites five out of the oatmeal. Or cream of we Demi is -- chicken like crazy easy fish like crazy steak like crazy. Seven meals a day. I don't know -- it doesn't you -- it -- it. How many Douglass Frederick able to -- Bradley has a little lobster roll. Check out his wife's a lot of their lunch coffee nordic critic help that for you because you drink a lot of seven -- to account for me god. Did but -- gonna happen after after a couple. It is still there it can't. Seven -- you really need to live your life -- and everything everything around you like past revolve around sitting down and eating. If you're gonna be a meathead ripped up -- -- just don't wanna be ripped up you gotta find time to -- now imagine out. They don't he -- the pressures on food yes the fridge filled with pre made meals always -- barometer Michael -- -- dot. The rest of us army can you imagine trying to fix and it and prepare seven meals. Well appeared accurate actor I mean you have your own -- You have your own personal tray that lives with you if your only chemist. -- -- the HG HL PGA that's really aren't actually -- any are you constantly have like -- they -- have year old lake. You know whatever -- plastic surgeon right to do you face in just suck all the fat I mean that's what you need in Hollywood that's all the time yeah. And that's the one thing that is in here -- it there's no supplementation here. Well Chris is there is joined the rock Johnson myopia that diet I would like to introduce you to Casey. And Zorro. Or earlier of the university of dirt housing university she's a gymnast she won the -- micro credit. She -- when I was taught she won the whole Internet she was all over the place on Comcast last night on. Our -- early edition OK. She won. American -- she's the first girl to advance you all want the American she's the only female to ever. Complete the American in -- obstacle course. Five feet tall 100 pounds. You as a buttons now pocket when you give me crap about liking. The muscular fit girls no I mean you try to turn it into a lot of female version of doing in Iraq John Q what do we know I think you wanna be dominated Baghdad what is it that's what's. And if she must -- -- at five feet 100 pound load that he cheese ball at least eight -- aged gym this should be very well -- like. Fourteen she graduated know she's formally of housing universities -- she graduated so she's at least 21 years old I actually tried to set up a vacation time. A couple of years ago when they first -- bringing. The American did you choose you know -- reduce their numbers are usually -- the Japanese birds and they were aired on our -- for some other some other station. They're having trial at Venice beach California. And percent of the whole thing it was her -- do and I just I couldn't bring myself to do it like. That's a show that I love. But I think in my head that I could do what I could do all these tricks like I can go to adult that you get through the first stage got Miller you're watching right now -- -- completed. As -- there's a perfect -- actually short she's light she's got that yes yes yeah -- all -- hanging. All the -- obstacles she can do both easily now you have the perfect body type -- size wise you've got to get jacked up you can't do just eight. Bolted to muscle part -- about a hundred pull out look at a how reports do you think -- -- breezed through -- 146 there's there's I don't know if you guys are -- -- -- you -- a home video with me right yeah I was actually watching your reaction to -- more I watch a video now that it gets the point where they get to the swing and part of it is it was race unit jumped the subnet -- -- weren't neon green light. -- -- does she goes we've got the whole video up WEEI dot com and -- is gonna be page there's a port where she actually gets -- you pull ups which you list. The bar off the lack she's an apt to attach the -- to the next latch. Are you so it's unbelievable five feet tall why -- -- -- if you smoke and why she particularly went Windiz. When it's gotten injured right like what she would -- -- Jack before ownership group which swords. Noted that you complete the course compared. Yeah that is only rushing yards are usually it's sort she's like. We'll into these days if we careful but. Noisy that chip in his body like -- every -- I like our body that ripped. She's just Jim this year she's the new it girl she's gonna be all over the place she wins this competition she'll be hosting the -- next year. Best moment but just think this figure that -- that would win this competition with the next gymnast. -- else who -- -- collapse experience it would not we could do it like you have to be that little gym this type diet. Lots of upper body strength but you got a strong hands we'll binges are renowned for being 65 to fifty not gonna he's still getting quite. -- -- -- likely reflects the witness the Chrysler like 135 -- business -- a black -- we've lost -- on the whole actual ninja out of this man unaware advantage of that. At W every yes -- all American just don't by the name of the show these like that means it doesn't involve karate black but -- like every other show report. Obviously not yeah. -- think that's the broad categories this little girl just. Jump around here in the eighth on the hoops now what's going up the change every time -- that you run up the ramp yet let's just to clarify. She doesn't know karate does not anchor Idaho. I've been. A major thing -- Texas he's got a break above board notre anything. -- of American ninja does it ever graduate to the point where -- do you karate now can be happy -- -- here they got here we got a corporate name people try to but it's great obstacle course warrior. People setup the journal -- a little and their backyard space they'd they'd bet their own course to try. Conquered this course there's -- the relatives ran their ramp Beck basically go straight up and ever run up this ramp. Grab on important felt most people can't -- -- people well wolf bill to construct this in their backyard to practice. Not a lot of wrapped pars right now I feel the first on these short she's got these fluorescent turn off. Which. Did trouble. With greater Christian OK okay go get a lobster roll pull up that way out.

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