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Hamels to the Red Sox? 7-17-14

Jul 17, 2014|

With rumors swirling that the Red Sox are scouting Cole Hamels, the guys discuss the idea of acquiring the Phillies' starter and how the move could impact the resigning of Jon Lester

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-- pouring in men's first -- program they slipped into the game. You guys warming to the idea oh. Cole Hamels Red Sox -- I am warming. You better. It was like it's gonna happen right. There's just no way to but I had no matter what we do no matter what angle. We go at it there's no way of avoiding Jon Lester and his contract you used to call -- I -- I don't you're doing I tell you don't talk about John -- contract Jimmy what you do bring a Cole -- was the latest joke. Jon Lester nick of parliament's BA are exorbitant Karl's fault of our shown huge fan of you so he can try to. During a day to get Jon Lester out of town on -- -- ceased talking about it just for you Christian and alternate back to you. Listen it's all star -- nick apart up. Mentioning it today in a global saying that Cole Hamels why not mean they have this god and it's his starts the look at Adam. I guess we're sure that it's Cole Hamels that looking at a look at his start was it just his over the Kamal -- new guy I don't feel bad rated pop. I'm not really crazy about this at all. Andy merits because it's it's in that range right of Cole Hamels has four years left ninety million dollars 22 and a half each year. There's a 881 -- million dollar team option point four million dollar vesting option. It's one of those things based we're talking about we're matching which Jon Lester in that fifty years -- vesting option afforded -- told a couple years before nick accent. So. Looking at four years ninety -- that's why puts it there for a top rotation guy. I'm just I'm really ethic he's -- Cole Hamels a very good pitcher. But what before year's ninety with him. -- much radical five at 125 Jon Lester. I would much rather do that I know that this this goes back to hold citing big time free to bring in the mean here does gold. Activist Carl Crawford deal I know Jon Lester can pick sheer. I give him 24. Then wondering if Cole Hamels can come in and each year for 2.2 million dollars. -- -- know this what are what or we don't wanna give to three million dollars more a year in one more year -- -- get a guy that we don't even know. It -- Boston let alone American leak. Not not not not big on this at all. It's not just fiscally irresponsible. Did you would love this deal are they what is. The biggest question on Jon Lester was why are they not -- and why are they not doing it he doesn't. He's not a guy that. Nick pulls out a box him in in and demands things he's not acting crazy. Is that he doesn't rubbing the wrong way he he's a grinder he's a great teammate he's won in big situations he's one World Series. He's been here his whole career. He's having a great year so that the biggest question I was that was why they're not signing him. Well I mean there had to be reason that we have brought about of the -- could really make any sense of it all and all the all the talk about well you know it's in season and they're not -- you know talk about a contractor in the season at the Red Sox -- -- -- -- -- Then make sense it makes sense that OK here's the reasoning behind they don't want to go out there and sign anyone for a long term -- you're so what. Or just get four in ninety left before nine with an austerity like fifth sixth are you want five. Go five to Lester OK so embarrassed then again I'm happy medium also blow with a vesting of five of the best. You know look let's find out of 5125 not to get it done I personally I think it will now there's the other thing we're talking about Kenny pitched the American League Cole Hamels had a very. -- -- career which you agree yet to 93 right now 106 -- to 33 walks this season five straight years and any RAF three point 60 or lower. You're kind getting into you well Jon Lester territory guests are winning looking at the wins and losses in the as the Phillies haven't been that good and. Notably years noticed careers against America with. No 128 career starts in -- starts 452 -- Okay in his career now is a career 33 ERA guy. All right in his career guys have hit it up to 38 with -- OPS of six -- 81 problem that's his career. But 28 starts against the American League he's got a 452 ERA. And there in 275. Off home with a 806 open yes. You want Tucker what I know and you go grab a guy egg a good -- a very good pitching him National League and bring in the American League you what talk what unknown. You spent 22 and a half million dollars on that and almost thirty. Now Cole Hamels was 26 and Celtic my chances of also saving years. He's not he'll be 31 as well he's got a Ford have -- his career to -- the American League teams. For 22 and a half. I'd rather give Jon Lester 26 million dollar you. Hate you hate that idea -- I thought that I don't like the idea but it -- it would just be Jon Lester either what -- yes exactly and see that's the second coat of paint to this it's not just as simple as do you give up on Jon Lester to get Cole Hamels. You're also gonna have to give up more. Now to get Hamels to the Philadelphia Phillies in -- going to get in return for Jon Lester my right to assume that. There's no question because one -- gut. You -- time left on his deal. We're erased a four years left so I'm gonna give up some prospects. And what -- three or four years to a three of four years whatever at least I know I got a guy before. We've got to get to -- -- journalist you should get something there's no question you gonna get something for Lester but it will be quote that a deal usually get up for two months. That was gonna give via. The Phillies know what's going on here the Phillies know that you're trying to replace Jon Lester the Phillies aren't just looking at Cole Hamels. Asked Cole Hamels in this deal. If it is to be true. They're looking at Cole Hamels as big guys the Red Sox are trying to get to beat their ace like I keep saying my position is being consistent on this if you give up on an -- union hates the Phillies are looking at a from that perspective as well and they are going to demand. Ace level return. Even if Cole Hamels is in the pitch of the Jon Lester is and that has to be factored in yet to whether or not is a Smart dealer and. It basically the Cole -- dealers you you're buying it except buying a car right off the lot in a car by car -- a lot it automatically drops in value. Really the cars it's still works great after two years really just really getting into its own up 30000 miles ought to be still got another 674. Really start. The about getting rid of it that's a coal Hamel is I mean you're dating him after the its side of that big deal. But they probably feel that they're still -- in the same value for -- getting good value they don't have to commit to that six year or even a five year deal. But although at the same time. If you're -- targeted at trade like for light you're gonna have to give up cool but what what prospects would you have to throw in the mix to make it. Huge for -- when I read something like this from nick apart who it's who's tied in obviously opened their long time covering this team. And mentions Cole Hamels. Economic -- in Cole Hamels later on he says well they get some Secret Service leverage. In Jon Lester. I think him writing that is kind of all they wanted out of they get writing that we're we're watching Cole Hamels start to tolerate such -- -- Because if you think about it. Spring training they are trying to talk it didn't work out it sucks that we don't talk during the regular season. That's just not out a way we global business criminal moments -- article just let the moment. Now all of a sudden it's turned a little bit Red Sox if you got to pay attention what's going on here trying to talk to journalists -- side. And they're not getting anything any really responds well they're they're not as eager to got to respond maybe that just. Maybe they're trying to squeeze the Red Sox a little bit now which it could turn on Lester that's eight -- wanna be here. Why aren't you opening up talks let's go there well to do it why aren't you. If flowed out that maybe that interest in trading for Cole Hamels. Nice that look at it's OK listen we make it all you really -- -- develop throughout the globe. You know I always got Cole Hamels what you wanna start talking now or not. Because we got to plant the 2015. If you're not gonna be part of it. It Cole Hamels is our guy is it all just a big ploy to get his side finally sit down the red sox' epic about a sounded too. Red Sox fans will last you the question are you in favor of pursuing Cole Hamels especially if the part beat that and it likely is. Is that if Hamels comes here Lester is gone. What are you think 61777979837. I'm against it was against it Christians and they America's makes a stop talking about Jon Lester -- -- -- works. Works you know it's funny because if you think about it. He also got it if they get coal -- if that does work out and it's still. Enables them to fight the good fight in enables them to. Okay. We're giving him but we're not giving up on the season you know it is you know Cole Hamels still gives us a chance. To win games this year. Because he replaces John Lester. So you can really you know serve two masters here you can see you could convince the fans that you're not pinky on the -- -- interest in his and I don't give up on us were still in it although it is dale long -- long -- if you just do the math. At same time they're not they're not you know not to be anchored down with a contract six -- Contra which. I don't think they wanna do. T I don't -- anywhere bench Eric is right now it's a baseball version of what the eighty -- got going on right with assets okay. That's where he is right now he's got some young kids up in the big -- shown they can do he's got a bunch of young arms that are up your show they can do as well has -- -- AAA at one down at Dublin. It's always got all these guys out there right now it's -- game how can -- use these guys to help my team win in -- future. If I got if I got six -- that I believe him I need to what I need to self evaluate. The find the two best. Then I believe that are untouchable that helped me move forward and I got a mobile before. -- my team. Okay because topic is anything wrong with saying just Jackie Bradley will stick just Santa -- you'll stick and just Blake's wife -- will stick. He'll just del Rosa. Henry Owens everybody else might be on the market and a promise that if you still got 456. -- five or six homegrown guys. But do you want to get opportunities -- Jon Lester for 25. Do you wanna sign a guy exam for 22 and a half million dollars -- using up three or four of those assets. And elect Jon Lester walked what are you gonna get return maybe one of them back tonight abused up guys for Cole Hamels. When he could've just given a little bit more might Jon Lester. Now what happens in the off season -- get a bat. You know what happens joke I'll stand is available this winner. What happens if another ballot that Carlos Gonzales. Is available this winner or another bad the -- it just didn't. They sit there and say you know -- -- trading at any Renato -- we -- but it just it. So you sign -- -- -- give up electric to a 34 million dollars a year you keep all these young prospects and use them wisely. Not for got to replace at least it would give a couple extra bucks through. Compared to the guy just rated for the -- makes no sense whatsoever. At all these guys assets that you have the prospects that's what they are. You use them to try to fight to corner outfield bat that can actually swing the bat for you the next 45 years. And it's gonna throw this out there almost playing devil's advocate on myself because I agree with what you just said Lou but there is an -- parts of the Red Sox that thinks that getting Hamels. Now. Is part of a big push to try to make. The playoffs this year right did that Campion who think -- to break the playoffs to make the playoffs there when the bad division to. David you could still used it relates how what I just sedated to China. It is to serve two masters you were going they know -- blowing up on that they can't really think that can they -- but you can't really think. If that's a -- to -- that this is the math -- figured out they can do and an earlier. For them to realistically make the playoffs. As a wild card they would have to admit to win how many games what work we cabinet. Say it's good the last five years the last. Wild card teams 92 wins 93 wins 91 wins 95 in 95 last five years that's what it took to -- -- and as an -- All while -- So right now they only have 43 wins. Or 67 games last. Gave up when ninety. That's honestly you know I mean right now. And -- it would it mean to get ninety wins. Retractable 47 in twenty. That's we're talking about buckets that's what happened so the resources -- go home and make September interesting. To make it interesting I'm not sure it's gonna get it done you've got to -- 85 games. -- yet what's region need to win. 47. Got to go got to go for -- 420 yeah 42 and 25 yet the rest of the way it was seventeen games or 54225. It shoot 85 wins that's to make it interesting now will that when it. That went to division. I don't think so so. You gotta go on at the Ritz receptacle on it here they have to -- being bosses on winning games OK and her -- all of the other day. The other teams -- front view and other divisions gonna have to you know. Stumble but I don't -- the -- the Yankees up the stumble. You can't get. Cole Hamels is part of that equation they have to be thinking of that separately nobody is like I'll just take an -- listen it's got to do not want to make the playoffs so. Any reason behind. If you're using to -- out of the reason the note to to keep this up interest it. It's not going to happen. Red Sox fans what do you think six point 777979837. Beds sharing team was I would dean seated -- talking about the state of the Jon Lester contract negotiations. There -- a lot of talk -- around the about not. Knowing anything coming from many of those people it is mentioned that talk from. Certainly it is yes I'm about what this means or what that means there. You know it's sort of it out there and then and I don't I just don't stop here you're nervous. Coming from the people who are actually part of the conversation. Terry -- also talking about the hometown discount. Quote from Jon Lester whether or not that's kind of point to the negotiations since then do you believe in your opinion. Did Jon Lester early suggestion that he be willing to take a hometown discount or. The club's early low ball offer to John in anyway shape or form shape and and sort of constrict these negotiations going forward. Yup and I think. Did beat 08 because again work work from nobody is. Nobody is you know. -- eating any water. Anyone vehicle and I'm. You know as being good -- just try to -- traditional lumber or the other or world. You know all -- well over our group. Relies on the relationship is built over twelve Beers the way -- The way as a way to try to find find their. Constructive resolution to. -- -- -- -- You Biden's comments. No -- -- within the first -- when he sat down -- and these rumors because an upcoming from the people involved you know the two general managers of the agents of the players and it's like it. And it never does. This doesn't really ever. Nobody how how does this information kind of get out to the reporters. Like going in the via MLB trade deadline in -- when the Red Sox. You know traded Manny Ramirez all the Red Sox every every time -- ever made any huge moves the General -- a month to get this week we're gonna trade Manning. I've actually talked of five teams and is a good chance at least some of the players that might be involved. -- Now somebody else gets it right to an agent ran all or team off the record -- member of the front office to maybe leaks some nations have. So I just. I don't I don't buy any -- it. On it because I just don't think anybody really tells the truth that trade talks. Until it happens because you don't wanna be sit there -- left with. Yeah we're trying to trade this guy and it not work out and just not getting back to my player who sit assailant when he Dylan. -- -- trade me for two weeks. You know and and now not treated -- but -- doing here what's my future you know I get a problem of the players so I don't buy any be honest with. It's gonna Franken a car phone frank what do you think about the Cole Hamels to Boston. Discussions. Good morning. Good morning. Your frank -- -- It go but I know -- great so far. We don't eat it we have a lot of it and I'll -- EU like Akron. In and make the playoff and joke you know -- killed at ground. At least it put like -- short. All -- should be -- -- Now repeat what the right place much I don't see. Well oats wheat might want to play it play out this season they're gonna play out disease advocates the second round of the playoffs that's not a certain alcohol content based. And only if they get the SEC capital somewhere in the second which is gonna happen but looking back some equipment sector which isn't gonna happen so you're. I love that like Oprah called -- on -- date their basement. He just is what he has great player to play a bunch of positions which can fill a hole wherever it is. But I do agree with his assessment of of you don't need. You know that that pitching on right now especially the Cole Hamels and -- does -- make sense why not it makes no sense what the gonna need pitching if they decide that the -- assigned Jon -- that all of this is true but let's let's play this thing out what he was approaching that from the standpoint of this year days this season's over he wants all the kids to play. In public that's fine you'll sell tickets to play but he also thinks they're gonna get the second round playoff -- and and he said if they even get there early and get blown out in the -- doesn't believe that anything about this team so which is fine -- get -- in and play the kids have a doesn't cost you want economic hit up there right now been a comic -- they got. This is what you're do you want your GM to do though you want to define I mean -- by creative ways. Too I guess get the same guy. Where there for less money and I know see your compare Cole Hamels and it doesn't necessarily have the same track record ages there the bombers there there's a lot of similarities. But the biggest issue would be could he pitched in the American League could he have as much success there as he did -- had a much is as American we visited national. More or even in this city. Why do you say the city would be an issue because we've seen it -- Immelman Phillies all Crawford couldn't do. Much pressure feeder Gonzales stick around and found that he could really help what makes this city so hard to be really what what is so difficult to deal with the city. Are people throwing stones at players as they block out the field what makes it difficult. Why would a player haven't issue dealing with this city. -- I left Boston playing Cleveland San Diego when the game was old or if I failed there was one reporter. Is no sports talk radio I just went about my business and went home. We would get smoked twelve to one at a lunch the next data in a couple of -- San Diego it's it was a great game lastly you guys play -- lost twelve to one. -- -- -- period to three run homers it was so exciting and you know what just keep trying keep going hard -- for effort -- Mike -- the hell in my right now. That is not here streak to learn out of the if you. I'm gonna play you look at a player can play here in this city. Go ask somebody when he fails what's it like this you make every excuse in the book yes. Not playing here when he -- it like it will look at a -- deal with failure. Any deal with criticism being out there publicly and if they can't and some people can make this their personality. That is albeit play yes. It's I came I came from a -- Seattle. Seattle was is bodies -- music -- never bodies and never anybody in the locker room and there's always. Mean they always thought we should be better than we were coming here I think -- -- play don't you want that they go to -- that. That's the best -- that's the ultimate sign of hey I may. That's the got a complaint and the weaker minded people just don't -- a deal that they'd rather be at San Diego serve in the afternoon ago and just be patted on the back to stock general baseball six on 7779790. -- and I agree with --

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