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Awkward moments from the 2014 ESPYs 7-17-14

Jul 17, 2014|

The guys break down their favorite and most cringe-worthy moments from lat night's ESPYSs

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Go to -- on advertisements I'm more really guys you few I got laughter. Buying -- traveled through their. I don't let her. Discussion on -- we have. That Cole Hamels is not stupid. And again I won't back that collars when I don't think he was trying to suggest that Cole Hamels the human being is -- I think you're saying the acquisition of Cole Hamels to lose Jon Lester would be stupid. Cole Hamels apparently is not stupid -- what -- -- about his no trade clause. Limited limited no trade clause that this year. He can block deals to all clubs except. Atlanta. Boston the angels the Dodgers. Yankees. San Diego are sitting on Louis Texas. And Washington. Now. What are all those teams have in common except one big market big money in a good chance to win. San Diego while that's -- -- that's reached from so he's basically can block trade when he won teams. Other than those teams there and the Canon makes and so he's attacked in the now that seem pretty cagey I just associate it as a way to -- -- he's from San Diego look at again and now. He's -- executive while -- -- -- go to San Diego anyway you know you're. I cannot catch on the back you lose the -- the back today about the chargers. Trying to get buried in the park to times -- to a certain that it'll three when Kevin towers called media offices Lula and you'd get traded -- back to Boston. I was like. -- are a couple minutes I love played -- mile to get as good team out there but. -- just I was there for a while in this kind recently back like yeah. The Kevin I got a tee time Monday the update Torrey -- haven't played yet can you do the deal on Tuesday. You know I was like this especially the Plano line. And it's nice idea. Because I live I say yeah June gloom right yeah exactly. It's it's so if it's so I think it was I thought it was so nice. Ever to city it is encouraging to realize that they're there were people who gave a crap about their sport. Like there were passionate about it and it. And did the craziest I I heard some bad things about the fans here I -- big that would make you not want to come here. Basically everything that -- said. I could not -- they could not have been more wrong yes they are critical yes they will. They'll critique but they -- hike by the afterwards and buy you a beer afterwards it's as if it's it was like up. A battlefield commission OK you made its UK -- we've we've we've given you our best and in years and and you're still standing okay that we love you don't even if you fail. Look at critique so they're basher but we like you. Michael ordinary ESP for a -- let's get ready get the budget Baghran. I was a little late to apart -- I -- you guys. On back and forth on our group text that we had before every show about how. What she thought the espy's report seen. To watch last night I I found some pilots at the end you guessed it through to the -- now knows better effect that didn't Danica Patrick and a great one bit Skyler -- look great guys that's what I'm talking about when I -- at. Athletic the chi X Danica Patrick to Danica arms she's jacked. Drive that cost a dollar holidays you're left. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- It's all reports -- -- -- flat Egypt Turkey well I is gonna get by I guess I have the same issues. Or watching -- There at the start of it just the introductions and NC but the guys are wearing and see what they're talking about is -- couldn't couldn't handle Michael Ayers. What to Wear who you're wearing it made no -- Nick Young. Was Hebrew people who's been so bad it was it was hurtful. But when the US men's. Soccer team got awarded. Best moment for -- got up I threw open my mouth a little bit. I guess begins to. -- -- -- It was -- it was the us just like that -- it just tied the ball right on the World Cup coverage. That's that they did -- ethnic attacks of course you know what happens gaelic you know some guys text users stay in the sport. You know what I don't fully understand it as much as may be most do I get the sport I played the sport but there Schoen a moment of Kevin Durant. There you'll cry except in BP look at his mother and say you know you you you start what you may cheerful was on the play of your kids I -- thank you so much for that -- opportunity that child you do everything you could it was not easy the -- crying he cries of people standing -- Mariano Rivera wanted the greatest closer of all time. Twenty years dominant from day one down at the end he gets pulled out of the game by Andy Pettitte and -- Derek Jeter. And everybody's crying and that we go to USA got in pool African plate. Are supposed to be its pool play. And -- I want the World Cup -- whatever it out to give him every cricket award last night okay every single one but that's a better moment in sports. I've -- those only those the only one that was alma top this pop up plotting. You know the that World Series trophy on the finish line after Boston Marathon great moments with data that all. Had a nice that he is because there -- no it's not always says -- says he put it ahead and top shelf. I was amazed at -- when I saw that it would just proved. That there and goal was to force this down our -- looked. Look everybody look look how that drove it home double ballot Nardelli got a little we need to sit here and we need to have a moment we didn't give them a major what you want to the Christmas story. You know I got a very -- -- -- -- is is is there really like a week pity and soccer so called experts right guided defends you -- that guard the game I get it. You people even seen that that was the greatest moment in sports. In the tigers' season -- whole calendar year that was the greatest greatest. Soccer -- -- analysts the people that supported the people the company you don't like director's cut that what he called people come to -- double bibles. It was a problem it is -- all the witnesses that -- you don't like I upgrade as each and every day. The post people realize. That that win over Ghana in game one of pool play was not the greatest moment in sports. And -- just admit that. It's voted by now -- It's voted by the public correct this is a call its -- used in an -- double what they're saying it -- -- their say it's voted by the public. But you go online you vote me for anything from. From best female athlete waitress Rhonda aroused deeper US seat that she couldn't come because surgery. Okay yeah I mean there's there's -- it just via the best moment it's just kills me best comeback athlete Russell Westbrook he that was the best moment because Christie to eating got to stay up there for another couple mental disease they are. I'm Maria Sharapova I think somebody forgot to button -- and thank you for doing that that was that was nice. Talk about awkward looking moments. Maria Sharapova on a loyal bear weather in New York Floyd member -- that she's a foot taller they should he she should have carried him out -- put her hand inside insider shirt and it act like you're the whole little puppet. Because that's how tiny -- -- -- easily putting aired in a big baby Bjorn. You walked out there or like some sort of hidden knapsack or you -- where he's on her backpack and she cares about the the other two awkward moments where Danica Patrick being on stage -- digs when he kept saying over and over -- -- lately my girl alone leave my girl to. Danica kept looking nothing can be -- -- already. But it was his way of telling the world you know I'm over Indian and -- now I have a girlfriend and commissioners pots made a continent now it was just it was. It was creepy. Others it is 11 awkward moment that I I fell ill -- when Drake. Oh by the way every year tribute norm McDonald or even Justin Timberlake but he was good but Drake Norma -- this means -- break really. But the whole opening the monoline only as a write those crappy jokes but no delivery which try to make him a comedian it wasn't working but when he -- his songs. Side -- that that was pretty funny. But what he's saying what was -- the honorable mention. And all great number twos and not good enough to win. Dan Marino how psyched are you kidding me athletic and they really get day and they -- days given the TV smiling to there. And some upwards of football this year. Riley Cooper said some things. Rich seeing cardinal said some things. I just want to stress that there's no room. For racism in the NFL. Unless you own a team in Washington DC and it's ago. Believe. A little weird there. Hello -- big. -- this law saying who's the C Arctic came out the shorts the suit shorts. I saw that and that that's got allows talking on their -- -- reduce the output of these guys are winner -- I would desert resorts was fantastic I got -- what's the knock that -- about that stole the night. You know and I easily easily the espy's I'd be like yeah -- was -- -- -- it's because all the great athletes eagle of the great moments of the season and you know the guys that. Bestsellers the year in this war that would great moments great teams it's always like I -- nice event if it beats. Don it's not just an analyst Joseph on which was last night that had to try to go away from -- your best actor product -- that -- -- -- means it would need right now. This has got like 99 all star game and got a very special -- journal and -- that came back so one horrible segment. And then hand it actually handed remote about like signal. Do what you want I'm done I'm done I'm tapped out.

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