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Headlines, Headlines, Headlines Ted lawsuit 7-17-14

Jul 17, 2014|

The top stories of the day as recounted by Butch Stearns.

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Time for headlines I'm excited about these two. Really yes I mean c'mon look access look at what current well come on it's kind of it's second nature is that I wanted to do -- I was a kid. You know and so to get headlines here in the DNC show. To fill in for Kirk you're going to scratch off the -- they don't go back on TV to that that -- and I didn't radio at exceptionally excited. Headlines brought you by AT&T they cover more than 99% of all Americans building better networks so. You know the old advice John get too young -- -- yourself right now gonna get into retail outlets. I'm not gonna try to use the acerbic wit it Kirk as the -- try to beat him. I'm please I'm just not gonna do that. -- and it really good idea. I would try to at the brutal honesty that he does in these three stories creating an enemy -- Burning through my fingertips and you know this in the news is what's the final story in Newsweek out kicker lead with a kicker. I think the kickers so good. I'm breaking the age old rule that you you know don't bury the lead bury in the legal the last shall be first the last the last show before okay. So last night to my home -- diabetics there's three names on the Boston sports scene and everybody -- them well. The war and -- Kevin Love Giancarlo Stanton an -- Like updates on all them Kevin love the warriors are now back in it. And they are talking to in the clay Thompson thing might be the kicker and a what's his name Flip Saunders GM. Over the -- bomb to come oust him rob Bradford go to WPI dot com he talked to Andre Johnson. -- brought in a plane a little hard ball now Bryant pulled back -- million dollars. And there's all kinds of step with him and I want him with the patriots -- when you Google Andre Johnson there is no other Andre Johnson. He is rapper Andre Johnson and remember this guys. But he made headlines last April when he. Of his own penis. And jump up the second story of North Hollywood built my whole weekend at one mine -- week well the it do just for the publicity well here we. Got exclusive. Interviewing him on Sunday and here's his quote Chris bearer is Reed Johnson rappers real name quote yes I was using drugs that night but I was in complete control. I caught up because that was the root of all my problems alcohol. All of the clock exactly that makes you different how. This is the best my solution to the problem was the realization that sex is for more goals. And that I -- god when I ask you if you dot. Yes. So obviously he said this. When he was sober note though some of that exclusivity in those kinds of activities got into trouble I came here to be a god. He goes on to say that there -- media reports that doctors were able to repair it he says doctors were able to repair an -- on six delegates hard. But that little bit that I got I still got some -- that work well. Related tracks that's. -- -- just you know it's just like opera. I want at two and we and. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- The rapper recalled his first moments waking up hospital thinking wall I'm alive. Thank god I didn't wanna kill myself that was just my response to the demons. It's howl but typically he cut off with a statement a low. I got my guy. Obviously any scandals and it was a good move C. So next story has to do we have got Tatum O'Neal she was in the news recently and it's testimonials a long history to -- John McEnroe. Kids Tatum -- of you don't know if you don't remember she's the youngest person ever to win an Oscar she wanted to ten years old for paper moon. She began using drugs and she was fourteen years old. She was found at her lowest point like Derek Sanderson of the park bench she was found in and -- Central Park she was heroin addict -- all by his role. Was oh -- with you nearest you agree with that says Iranian and and in the players -- -- racist -- -- you know what she did she played herself to -- So this story is about her son Kevin McEnroe 27. Oldest son was busted as he tried to score drugs -- buying six bags of cocaine. Ten OxyContin tablets and twenty morphine pills in New York alphabet city. From a drug -- sources that round it's a strange place to get drugs alphabet city. -- from a drug awful. Yet and the story talks about going on in. You know the thing that leaves me with this story you know my wife have three daughters -- college now on. You have kids that have gone to college in this started using drugs used for yeah. And -- go yeah doesn't fall too far this. On the like this one final headline story here is -- guys. All Ted. Low rent movies you have never seen I wanted to punch. Never seen -- that I heard debacle on here last week -- never -- the -- -- not like I've never seen saving prime right now overseeing excerpt -- animal house that's and I know I agree on Wednesday -- -- -- about my life in the craziness I am going on with three daughters we have you know maybe I owe an apology to a former boss of laws we get a promotion guy. Who put a problem again with headlines you know -- -- -- all list has looked at. You didn't. How the -- -- right so our former boss said what's that said -- the leaders of our listeners don't know that movie. That's what we would deal with yeah yeah maybe was right yeah which -- -- -- know I know -- since coming -- I -- don't realize that -- Farley and I know Mark Wahlberg of course I'm not sure why -- had guys like us on HBO and ourself than Jerry I sat down the other night but I like to give away now you know what did I pulled out my seven dvds. And I went to look at because Netflix sucks these days and I went to look at you know what I watch miracle again. 'cause I can't get enough that I love -- -- miracle that doesn't time don't seem to have a couple I don't have that I don't watch Mark Wahlberg Mark Wahlberg join us anyway did that. The speech with the -- name -- yeah I remember that it was brilliant but we thought it was kind of spliced together some and he was up public. Whatever that 5 AM on the West Coast yes bull -- Again not all okay William. -- -- releasing a list and maybe listening remember that be careful what you say about. And the Rihanna -- -- about it because here David Crystal Smith. Chris that they -- the -- are between every indicator because DeVon over the decade. That was on -- notice hey Damon good will hunt and you and you've never seen Nancy I can appreciate. OK I can't fully appreciate that -- top of his head that rivals mr. -- Absolutely yes and did you ever think Mark Wahlberg I mean he's a great actor and I like them in movies but the thinking of that kind though. Now shock call -- at 5 in the morning he's obviously must really -- -- so they shot the scene there was a few car and I read it to the -- which is going but he shouldn't tell you could probably do that but I couldn't if I don't -- front Emmy reel that off that quickly you know what -- was released. When it came out. Yeah through 2012 or June of 2012. You who's only been two years Jerry Reynolds we'll get on with -- -- just saw it was not a theatres you know automatic you know much it's grossed. And that's -- 212500. Dollar billion dollars -- -- which really leads us on the oil which leads us to this lawsuit good. Panicked call -- -- part of the story then it casting call on the other day yet you see in the autumn by fear we're supposed to show up to that one extras. And a con -- -- -- -- like ugly Irish guys who look like their little. You know weather beaten and with the term they use ugly -- guys Ruddy -- run Irish guys. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- You probably don't have a publicity photo and -- may have your crime beat the stuff those of what kind of people that show up she thought extras meant every idiot on the street Kardashian. Here's why this is in the news and again they should have been our lead story but I saved for the end. -- Fuzzy door productions up quo according to their lawsuit that they are filing. Ted was not the original foul mouth Teddy bear -- all to the point that they are filing a lawsuit. Against angle mangled productions and a bag -- Michael productions the company suing Seth MacFarlane and his company for allegedly stealing the idea. Behind Ted according to the California production company they at a screenplay in 2008 called acting school academy that starred. Charlie. Who was a foul mouth bear who and Charlie who like Ted lives in a quote human adult world of all human friends the lawsuit states quote. Charlie has a penchant for drinking smoking prostitutes. And he's -- generally vulgar yet humorous Eric sounds familiar wow that's. Headlines until he's going to be stick to something. Dig to you -- people could. It was knows what they -- just laugh -- what you that was my biggest McFarland who directed co wrote produced and starred in the film along with the producer media rights capital and distributor Universal Studios are all named. In the lawsuit due to the character Ted being quote. Strikingly similar. The plaintiffs Charlie -- -- like with enhanced scripting is that you have vanishing point management and wrote a script met with the studio they rejected it -- -- -- made a movie just like Eaton who was that Damon will go LC and you'll see you'll see that -- The Teddy bears are said to have similar physical attributes and vulgar traits would both living. In the same type of environment so Charlie apparently in 2008. Was a part of his screenplay and and by the way if if this bill are represented from afar as yet to respond to the daily news requests for comment but. When you look back on it it's grossed 550 million dollars. I'd take a shot at a -- -- it's been bombed there would be you know lawsuit rent first observation my second observation is it sounds like they have a case on my observation is. This is one of the prices you pay when you get up into the rarefied air of Hollywood and any. Hugely successful enterprise right that people come after and there are. The bottom line is there are no new ideas. Every idea is recycled or whether it's for us on new cooking show -- -- television candidate as -- well his lawsuit you know you win this lawsuit -- -- produced no you won yet but you produced Charlie at the trial and he's got to be funny -- that -- he's got to walk on in. Try -- to proceed pitcher on the where Treasury Department had. You have to play. 777 -- 7937. Fault lines Earl Campbell talk review. Bench Harrington will join us in the 8 o'clock and you and I both stopped. In our tracks reading nick of Fargo perhaps. We don't get what he as is a good column where he presents the Cole Hamels scenario we should do that again we will that play into that -- going forward it's very good doubles. But he also has something an observation on Koji you -- title and his trade value which I don't understand all we'll be right back. You had sexual intercourse with a coworker on top of the pro -- that we sell to the public as to -- the past -- last week. I sold the past that to a family with four small children.

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