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Butch Stearns returns to the show 7-17-14

Jul 17, 2014|

The guys opened the show discussing the ESPY awards.

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I tend to have a couple tells a lot of friends yeah it's -- it was not knowing I tweeted out the had fun cold. A typical New York that he and exit he enjoys the the job. And if that work ethic from Topeka he'd be under his bed right now a second as somebody's from New York -- that's probably. Go about their jobs they they they enjoy the fight we you know it was genuine at the end of it. What Stearns like a -- time and our viewers out there I've never always sit here and look we flex in the backseat had a lot of data Verizon drain it is kind of a strange image things happen don't like a car over what you don't make me as his car over its -- the fact is it safe to say that this is the hot -- I -- -- hot and I don't know. It yeah well heart. I'm very well out -- way in this morning long since -- I've set in the studio to get a couple years goodness I don't I did show would -- about a couple of months ago and I realized I start my relation to the guy goes back to 96 now he got started when you're like a living your shoulder and right yeah yeah. Guys started -- seventy minutes and seven point seven. At all I started before. While I was on the bit ago. Yeah yeah I was and I became the under the Reagan coalition building right I filled in for you guys recoup after selling and I want to remember this when you weren't and two. Neal Huntington have and I called Omar -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- That was the first time -- and it worked. Dell's been here since like the stone age I think the first time the three of us -- -- -- getting -- -- you Jerry and asserts that 95 field in fruitless. -- I did show and I just come back from spring training. And Nomar showed up any of this attitude. And I called upon I still have the stack of emails somewhere and I got from like the -- stuff they rallied. And and I talk to Nomar about it after that because it created it was a social media backed him but he created such firestorm. And I senate wants an oncology upon he knows why does -- get your act like. As you know he's wanted to face again it okay whatever is that stick around and read why you don't pack line so. That is seen -- so. So -- David off was January and at the end of yesterday when he said this was fun boys you'd think I created the tweeted -- -- Oh yeah and reports all that would mean do you when he was whatever him and I -- asked him he says he'll come on anytime we get a I'd enjoy conversation ideally it would feel that way even now I think we. We heard them I mean we did it was. He's in the W. Gehrig and Mark Shields as New York, New York baseball writer who thinks Jeter's -- and -- and DiMaggio you know that we do that celtics' top ten list. Did you always think is administering Lanka's peers and European hot button -- as you go right to me I never put him above five cause it's hard to get comparative semi doesn't belong above five nobody in the top ten -- real curious -- I think Jeter is the same argument meaning that. It's hard for me and again -- Boston guys but to go ahead of Ruth Gehrig mantle DiMaggio. Yeah -- like you could put my Jeter five if you want yet that's okay that you can't put him above that. You can't ice cream that you in the radio all the time and I always scream and -- although I do agree with your promises accidentally you don't like to just -- alone -- -- -- -- I do you make you -- match in yesterday made -- scream right -- nominal cross class. It might look good though yeah really. -- But vital I scream at you because you write your premise that Jeter's not curing kids with cancer it's partly because yeah however. When you look at his career and you sort of paint a picture -- -- that he's. Twenty years and what just a good player for one -- -- very good well never the best. Never not once it was into this discussion you have to. Answer this question and then you can proceed one horse. Did Jeter ride into everybody's consciousness. And Asian drove the old Jeter is great let's give him an entire night the answer is. Consistency over a long period of time. Would you agree to that I would agree in your direct question what course did you -- -- -- he won three World Series -- foreigners that. That's a white. Guys on the didn't get off to a good start with the Yankees with a single digit number but that's -- or -- -- -- -- Tony you know and -- all the ones that it's going to be the most compelling to -- -- what -- average -- what he's -- and the sixth most in its site and a history of baseball. But that outlawed -- your. Number would you ever say peace rose as the best player on the Pete Rose whichever City Hall as was the best player now but you made a good compellent once you've ever Jeter's never won MVP. Never had 25 home runs hundred RBIs ones. Never won a batting title -- UC. I'm saying he's in the top ten you seem to say that he's just. Hung on for awhile and beat him at an -- as well I think I I active definitely knocked the wind nada a pilot can -- -- with the question of you know where he ranks all time in -- PS thirty voice I heard a 34. And the top five are still Ruth Gehrig mantle DiMaggio I mean those guys that's a pretty. Indicative that's that's pretty indicative of year again were found at the plate we start on this -- but you just started time with the yankees' all time list you don't you don't agree would -- -- -- -- No I just told you IQ what do you yell at maple are. To compliment that he -- carjacked a Tutsi -- -- and I would disagree so if you on me -- I was I said I agree with your premise on almost everything I just don't you seem to be going to the -- Of disrespecting Jeter because. Oh we visited him so much more better yankees and Jeter value that I a lot more about it a lot. But this the better we we started talking about is Jeter overrated. And -- the discussion would Davida approve of the point. Here's a core ideas he's in New -- was the team writes about it every day. I think she's better than -- element commonly -- guys across this great nation would say that I don't -- -- another guy there's some Jeter's third behind group that and then -- that I don't liberated. I mean that is the definition of mobile right we design is better than Gehrig it better than DiMaggio I think that the -- it is Israel that at least not us news and. Here's the other thing and I think we got a good -- it's important as we talked about yesterday. And a lot of people ran with -- you know we get people pocket yes but -- -- kind of a lot of people focused on what we said yesterday it was when we mentioned. That they ignored Tony Gwynn. And -- fox finally acknowledged ignored Tony did you hear what they said I didn't get the statement Curtis please. They said you know Ralph kind of -- Don -- -- -- we didn't acknowledge them yeah. Went 54. Guys. To -- sort of surprisingly. In his prime this is an eight time batting -- prime life. What it. -- Johnson on the bad thousand Don Zimmer. All so it but but the point of effective -- not what is next year he's tired yes Jeter Jeter gets hit by a bus and guys up that you'll ignore him for an entire. 56 hour I don't -- I could do this -- this disease. Take a page from the Oscars. It's the most interest are actually in the Oscars every single year -- an older -- I thought I forgot the Bea Arthur. But the but it went by and I -- did you equate. Tony Gwynn with Ralph command and Don -- mean some guys -- when there. Next next year debt Derek Jeter dies and now. I love them but just work here Bobby door passes yeah. They gonna say oh no we can't acknowledged Jeter. Because -- or die it's is absurd. Premise and I hope. Across the country people call fox out for this. His day -- up they really did and it's got nothing to do with Adam Wainwright and the nothing do with that right has to do with ignoring Tony Gwynn an eight time batting champ and a better player than Derek Jeter. -- that's an overrated list of duke would ever free win with the same respect that we Jeter got him yell I mean that's. Get that -- -- every possible eagle on which we didn't call we called Jeter overrated and we'd prove a point. And you still can't handle. Talk anime yes. Can handle sick couldn't handle I agree with almost everything you said I just said I feel like -- -- -- yelling you. Is that you seem to make your point. Two over exaggerate the fact and sort of inferred that Jeter was an ordinary player that's not -- is not true you're you're wrong okay so that -- a great player I'd like come I don't dislike him and I'll do you job well -- -- it doesn't mean you're bad it means that people for whatever reason for a number of set of circumstances come and apply. Look at you and think you are better now than Lou Gehrig or Joseph DiMaggio and Abramoff case that it's over. I would bad I would say Jeter's little more over hyped and overrated and it's just the nature of the New York started until last year real. I guess so he's always been he's to -- he's been like Jerry West you know the figure on the NBA logo Jeter he's not even the best Yankee to retire in the last two seasons -- governor revenge and we -- much more or -- than we do now my summation of Jeter as a Boston sports perspective. Is that I'm gonna be at Fenway that final game because I am pleased. I don't know I -- I wanna -- wanna be at that moment because he is the most apprentice. In my lifetime he's the most hated in respected opponent of the Boston sports team ever -- my life any hate -- all that that's what he has a lot -- -- -- I'm talking about the we hate the Yankees type of thing. I mean I just I hated -- I did not want the guy up with two outs in the seventh inning how many times that he fist off. Would with the tying run -- the winning run on second base hit to right field against the reds original -- of our children never missed. Same type of chicks. At the notes aren't expected to doesn't. And it's true. -- -- and I don't rod got that rabbit I forgot what the innuendo in this he go what's it herera my entire pad but I don't use it to sit and you hate Marriott did you hey merry go that's it. The same right yeah I can't from a Red Sox perspective no because that's what had more success against repair than any team in baseball. Over the years. I'll look at the numbers if you want but they did it mean they. Billy Miller. Fresh retire all the time even really good plate umpire note David Ortiz someday will give it to fox statement. As and by Ken Rosenthal we are deeply saddened by the loss of hall of Famer Tony Gwynn. Extraordinary individual whose memory we honored in numerous ways in recent weeks baseball families sadly lost a number of people this year including hall of Famer Ralph -- Bring passion or were all stars Jerry Coleman. Jim from -- and Don Zimmer and did not want to slight anyone. By singling out one individual. -- of Bob Welch what is its value according to frank cash yet offends me more nobody -- frank cash in -- so we -- honor Tony Gwynn but his point about the Oscars is a really good one because. After the fact. To -- fox is reacting through Ken Rosenthal right. That here's all these people that -- the ages did I think it would be I bet anything on any odds that a year from now. The next all star game there will be a a Jumbotron. -- -- every minute highlight things that has the guys you know highlights and you know written stuff about the guy. Like when they do that the Oscars and they show solid so when I don't know who he is but they -- director of such and yeah and you feel like all dignified -- You -- your ignore missed my point. Green stands above and Gwynn was cut down in the prime -- light and it just happened I think he begged for a Altman on and on. And -- -- it to me. It's a better player than Jeter so you're not -- any and all those things you say about Jeter you know did it with class never got trouble never did steroids never been his wife. -- -- -- And you throw on top of the eight batting titles so John's argument -- -- five. Gold gloves but are your debate is not John's that they should be honoring people who asked in baseball -- dissolution -- the last year. But I know right -- is my ultimately went stands above frank fashion. In the annals of the game count I was 88 when he passed Ralph Carter was 81 brought their -- and and and Zimmer was 82 and believe me. They're -- they're not missing the point at fox when they say. We could not a Tony clinics and we would have thought of rank action. And I have to speak for fox really I have all of our club I gonna -- -- -- leave him out of office -- number -- a big Welch and -- -- I think -- -- before after I just before you're always an if but I fumbled Welch fan base fan or family member I say. How do you leave -- that press race up and that thing just snowballs from there by. You mentioned Topeka earlier and and and it takes me back to where I thought we were gonna commence this exercise in futility. It doesn't happen very often around here. But in all the famous question -- famous answer is this is the two or three days roughly nothing. It's happening in the red sports so we're going to earn our money today in venting at ferreting out information can talk about that will be interest. Isn't this what it would be like to be a talk show host in. Topeka every single day your life or buffalo for that matter -- -- all due respect to the bills and the sabres we had a producer a statue left here. About the buffalo. But -- the other day announced its two and all summer long. And I think they do widget will sit down talk -- I don't talk Quinn talk you know in the real target a local angles my right right you wouldn't know did you start your career in Kansas City, Kansas all four major sports don't it's true decades integrates you dame hockey team. They were the Kansas City the yes I'll bet with the stars worthy I mean that the gum royals with a basketball team. -- -- -- -- Kings and speaking royals with a baseball team as Kansas City Royals George -- and bring about breast they've Reagan that's Sox rank lights in Minnesota yes guys I know I had nightmares about them in the -- raised cash in the GO. -- casual not to -- Glad it was the GM -- -- I can't name the I can -- good buddy Tommy White House -- bring choose drafted in the royal academy yet but the -- -- Canada and around the country does. I don't know the hockey team was and the city scouts that scout this player was wealth paint ball will payment on wisdom was the coach I'll -- thus concludes our Kansas City remembrance like so they -- in Topeka they're not talking about Cole Hamels -- rumored to come to the Red Sox that's going to be to get used to be units seats are -- -- -- -- -- -- that I encouraged. See I commend. Can nick a -- of this nice job you know what he does. He comes up with that. What's in the missing piece so we hear what he can't Bristol last April easier start then what do you do right and most analysts say there ago. All Henry Owens John Lackey east regular staff. He's throws. The new name in there and it end and leave G leads me to believe at least. That there's a plan that we're not we have not seen yet it might not be Cole Hamels but it's somebody it's bench -- and has a plan. To put together a playoff caliber pitching staff. And it doesn't that that our next year yet that doesn't include -- last. There's a plan on his desk right now. I think the thought of this one as a real hard. For a lot of reasons -- price the cost I think a lot of reasons again we did this earlier. We can do it lady look at the stats they're identical and were born two months away from each other Cole Hamels and Lester Cole Hamels numbers some of them are better. Then Lester Lester is a better winning percentage and almost have identical starts at 242 to sixty. Com post season did you look at well actually yes -- -- -- chances right. I don't I didn't look at that look at those my pleasure Lester says. Ever tell you any less I didn't get a good World Series when it won a world since your child to call quote is the this graveyards of full of indispensable man irreplaceable man. No one's irreplaceable. And he can't attribute it to -- -- that will replace them pay him whatever. That get -- trouble. And that's what. Leads teams like Detroit to give 219. Million to just in Berlin will -- He's so good we could never replace him he would sums up this call Hamels. Discussion and nick tweeted out the Red Sox scout went and watched it. I'd twittered out and he -- he said the Red Sox have been scouting Cole Hamels. It yet he has. Or -- remaining about ninety million dollars that's the contract precisely the contract the Red Sox want to pay for a number one pitcher. It was on to say the Phillies have been scouting Boston heavily all season long at one point check this out. The Phillies had their top people at seven of eight Red Sox series and now the Phillies. -- scouting Boston's farm system the Phillies would have to here's the -- Here it is get three top young players to even think -- Hamels deal. I'd say do it listen to this -- for you make that deal three top players for years and ninety million you have the pitcher at under control or you're. Price. And you deal lest there were -- to prop up to top prospects. Think of that -- So you didn't see the best prospect attached to be given up amnesty -- -- Bogart's it's going to be unreal and so it's not not going to be -- OK so Anthony Renato yes Renato YUS ask Leslie just used nail this down Jerry. The difference between Cole Hamels. And John last one prospect. There's one prospect somebody like -- -- -- -- Alan Webster top pitching prospect that may turn out to be about a redundant -- second base about marquis that much catchers are what my income second let's say -- -- -- -- -- lets it all things being -- he turns out to be good to very good pitcher. That you gave up. The difference to me here's the issue I have with the -- They're identical and a lot of ways. There's a lot of unknowns with unknowns about Hamels -- Boston right for years ninety million as 22. Point five year. I'm six years I did that comes up to 135. Eating Jon Lester -- -- for six years 135 or whatnot now. You don't nodding to price as John Lackey had in the price of gasoline is -- up and there's totaled I think he would -- there goes my arguments follow me for second at its six years 135. The difference between Jon Lester -- known and all your -- yes. Is 45 million dollars for two years two more years -- four years of of right Cole Hamels. And that one prospects he sees what's -- -- is what makes all the sense in the world. Is as they look at a guy like Lester like the same way Detroit the teachers are. Is you're gonna get what you pay for for the first three -- four years and then it's going to be. Did money -- -- elect -- sabathia you're lucky it's four years -- your outlook yet -- -- and Canada -- if you're lucky you pay appropriate for years he produces. And you -- one or two or three years but not let you know if we advance this map it's at least tells me that the Red Sox all the years that thing that bothers. In the money that's actually hold your original question so specially for pitchers the years bothers them Africa's. The same list I'm pretty sure they get the Internet saying this week got pushed out of it of teachers. -- use a -- who'd just don't. Maintain you know over five over five or six year deal now they know what we tap this about the -- which is ERA now. Six something that you know they know guys with a lot of innings out of my nose. Host thirty. Don't tend to hold up over a six year deal they know that so this solved that problem they get a guy's image. Who as four years instead -- six Lotta money but only. For a lot of help me out there who said this I read it this morning on the email you sent he was a pitching somebody's some pitched some pitching coach some pitcher some exact. Said pitching is not an injury waiting to happen picturing is an injury. Happening in the Gordon needs or according it's at pathfinder for notes in the Gordon -- story Gary yeah. I just thoughts about -- five point 28 in the point during 301 against never shall laugh the way here it is John are pitching isn't an injury and waiting to happen it's an injury happening yes some players break faster than others it was Dirk. Hate hurts players former pitcher Arab broadcasters used sparkles of you know -- or the ball right. Some players never break but that's the symptom not the disease pitching is a dangerous activity. And -- bodies are trained to throw pottery generate more power that danger goes up 6777979837. -- out in Topeka anymore. I'll give it up -- went -- we give Johnson -- credit. His report card -- ultimate battle of two -- go through an -- whether this guy was this respected or not. He -- out. Three war. Five apps as opposed to everybody else who handed out to. There's one in particular that. Is gonna get -- ex communicated. -- -- clubs aren't very good job on this report card by two -- He's a tough greater Bruce's leg the -- of professor manic yet yet leaves no meat on their bones and that's we like 61777. -- 79837. Fault lines are open the front office report. Larry did today you know. Slept in. He threw them under the bus Larry it was supposed to join us. He's not gonna join us but -- is instead he said then you -- -- -- answer these questions you dance around the Cole Hamels situation. I'm curious as to what -- Tomas again banned charity and for a great bit and that we come back.

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