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The Bradfo Show: Thursdays with Red Sox bench coach Torey Lovullo

Jul 16, 2014|

Rob Bradford is joined by Torey Lovullo, Red Sox bench coach, to talk about what went wrong with his team and how they might be able to fix it heading into the second half of the season. Included is a special guest cameo by Alex Speier.

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It's nice easy and. -- things that interest. So I wish my -- it's. Just sit there and still. Episode of this and to be who would win and show. -- Welcome to another -- in the Brad those shows Martha as always buys -- distinctive clothing people make we looked so darned it. And hope -- insurance. Go to hub and we'll bellows could be talking about all things Red Sox what went wrong in the first half this season what can possibly go right in how they are planning the Red Sox that it. Getting things right so let's kick it off Thursday with two. Hear from the field on target field Minneapolis Minnesota. Eulogy lives. Story of mellow but -- Boston Red Sox. In the rearview mirrors the first half of the season looking straight ahead right after today's game -- toward the second half. How much optimism. Louis boys I believe that over the -- over the last five games -- there bases. I wanna say that it's. Given us. A little extra hope in the way we've never lost -- and you know I think that it. They were were not playing our best baseball world where that Boston and down it's been frustrating it's been a tough road kill ourselves if we know. Moving forward we started playing little better baseball towards the back cap that. The three all star break games and didn't make -- ready to go I think it as soon as we get on the airplane and I we had back to Boston food. But now it's going to be full systems go further a good second round. Alex spear asked me ask you this question. So as we work together and its multitasking by the get the good question which is. What has happened from this year. Brutal from last year change your perception. On how dramatic or something can change in baseball we say -- stated game exchange data today baseball's a fickle game fickle mistress and Soledad. But how does this change your perception of how that. But nominee is so Sparky Anderson -- that. The coaches and John in the front office -- get them overnight used to he said Sparky Anderson says that Sparky Anderson said that about. Coaches by saying you do you see. Tom Kelly. The Minnesota Twins weren't playing good the year after they won the World Series calculating its stupid overnight or one year. So we we -- the same the players are basically the same in the native learned -- -- forget how to play baseball overnight. I just think it comes with the grind of the day to day operations that they go along with a baseball. You have good moments where you get that big basis. The area. To the next day we haven't gotten -- big base hit that's nobody's fault the pitchers have gotten wiser. The teams are a little bit cleaner against the Boston Red Sox there's room with -- world champions. What is just so -- -- that. -- going to climb questioned him. When you come on spring training you you did everything you could prepare you guys do everything -- -- for prayer for the season turning the page. Preparation thinking you have things under control and you -- never things are not really go perfect spring training looking back. What was the biggest surprise but said we thought we had this managed. Heading into the season and may be looking back. It took a -- that we aren't expected. Yeah it's a very broad question I think that's the big thing from day one of the season towards industry training was losing chain victory you know really hurt us. He's table setter he is a leader by example he is an energized player he is -- center fielder playing right field and Fenway. I I think that kind of put us behind the eight ball but it created a little opportunity for some players it's a little while throughout that player would be brought -- I think we raised some expectations on some guys in May -- does that -- expectations for a little bit of pressure on certain players that didn't perform for the first month of the season. -- -- -- we were a little bit behind and you know it's hard to play catch up in the in the big leagues -- to play -- in the AL east when teams are gonna force. Thank you for collier broad question not a bad question. So. So you look at you look at those five games that we just talked about. And one of the things ice time with -- did not dynamic you have with the players you have now. May be a global managed a little bit more. And maybe just a little bit in -- old Jack he's hitting a little bit more Yabuki speed and does it didn't feel that way just because of the that different dynamic that you feel that. That you at some point this year you where is really where station to station team and maybe you're able managed. Things get a bit more aggressively now. Well you know I've thought about this a few times we knew that we lost Jacoby and we lost Shane Victorino speed because of the injury. We knew that we are going to be a little bit different team we try not to be states in the station. You know we have to be careful we don't wanna make outs on the basis now all of a sudden you compound things. With us not playing well we are making outs on the basis so not only is losing teams -- heard us. Forcing things also started -- a little bit that's where we probably reach our low in the first half. When you inject a few guys that they can't play at a different level as far as moving around the bases and and it injecting some energy. You know and and who -- that's name is that they handed out listed there exciting player. One play that kind of signified a little bit of our turnaround was in the advancing to second base on a plane that was just -- common ground ball the first place I think everybody understands the -- talking about. The bang bang play safe at second base but it kind of we raise an eyebrow at that moment that would risk an incredible risk that it was a pretty dynamic play. Jackie Bradley also coming on offensively we all knew that he was very capable of the front office really believed in him and we're watching that translated to a pretty productive player he is leading them. The this -- -- as a baseball of the ultimate zone ratings the in the American League in assists outfield assists so we know that these young players are coming into their own. What was -- last all star game. Last all star game was the Pacific closely gets the internationally. And I think 2008 and seven. So you want a player. As a coach I don't know if that counts I mean this as an owner here for me to be here -- big league all star game and went with the way it was the last as a player. My last as a player was as an injured player. And nine. -- me and ninety eighths. I was an internationally also but I think it's -- I was just kind of wander around like now leaders is here today. Well I I I hope that I hope this doesn't enjoy whose parents Maria and Alex spears actually standing right over here at -- bring him in person like him. What you bring him in -- can. A lot so -- So I -- I -- -- -- -- I had asked the question -- -- asked -- asked him. But it. I want you to ask him and it's it's good enough if you think you do you do the same answer the music that's fine I'm -- given that answer. But if not. That if you could answer it. You've now overseen. The the pinnacle of success the world championship you're currently in last place you inherited a team preceding that pinnacle of success it was coming out of last place. How do you explain the profound -- your vote volatility of what you're seeing unfold on a baseball field. And what does it do to your world view your belt and challenge if you prefer the German. I'm not really listening to Alex right now because I need to go take a photo with the American League all stars are really apologizing to people with -- and changing into a Mike here right now. I can say that I'm sorry I said that Dallas -- see myself saying no more use than him but I'm not listening to you right now but I really have to go to we answer this question another minute. Does five by the demographic our demographic of twenty year old girls are very excited that he said that its -- on the field thank you -- -- guys.

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