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Jon Lester's Contract Situation and the Future

Jul 16, 2014|

Mut and Villani are talking about whether the Red Sox will give Jon Lester the type of contract he is looking for, or whether they might be shopping him with rumors of the Red Sox scouting Cole Hamels.

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Just after 8 o'clock on Wednesday -- and a lot of it for Mikey. You're a Sports Radio WEEI happy Wednesday to you your calls up until ten. A bloody -- till midnight -- they're going where 617779. 7937. The phone number eighteen tee decks on 37937. The fun part about this job. Besides all the free food the Mikey get -- big daddy's. Is it got an opinion sports talk my opinion is that Jose braille -- to knock cannot rookies. George springer is the best rookie. Texas in the seventh of Ford's opinion is that I suck on the radio. WEEI dumb enough to hire me so that's it we can all have our opinions -- yeah that's what makes this medium -- and LB is dumb enough to consider bring York. MLB sent -- and a rookie and their dumb enough to have the all star game count as sounding. Of the L -- absolutely back to your phone calls at 617779. 79837. Talked about the -- receive the all star game last night. They want it to mean something. But the players dull your Crist talked about Wainwright -- one in neck in -- bothers the hell out of me ball Wainwright in Major League Baseball. And also transitioned were some Red Sox issues. What you're looking for the second half of the year you guys lineup every single left these games a Red Sox review went on to the game in the weekdays -- -- -- Lawny. -- on the weekends you guys are always their talk about this team. Will -- break from the game action but we expected to join the conversation -- what you expect from the Red Sox in the second half and that's led to. What you expect Jon Lester -- outings all the bugging me today Chris yeah we do seem a little peeved. Did what David's in the car which apparently -- brutal earlier tonight Dave what's -- comment. Hey you know at the ranch are wanted on western. I think they -- armed. And you know don't let me off all -- Mike -- shortage. 130 over or year -- -- 120 over forty years its and that she doesn't carry that it's harder. He won -- a few big shot from thirty million bucks a year. But because they didn't want to respect the Red Sox are worried about the hours -- word that two years. The drop from a contractor arguably quite likely that -- -- Torino and and and not. And Napoli last year contract that would football market value in dollars but lower in years. And if he can't and I think arguably thirty million here -- here probably -- I think you would take that in a second I think when you when you say. Okay thirty million dollars a year make in the highest paid pitcher in -- Baseball in the thick of the highest paid player is a mystery Crist at thirty million a year is -- shots contract coming in. Thirty more. We'll check Kershaw steal but I think for four years. Boy that I think they would I think we're due to win sixty I think that would fit into their overpay but don't pay for not premium years not four and 120. Not Webster never wrote earlier that because she'd go get -- And like one stretch he. On the market. I'm sure returned well. And 144. It was -- all starts here he's gonna make a lot of money you would go you all the thirty. That number is -- -- can't get by yank her heart on -- gerchas gonna make thirty million next year. And then between ID 32 were 33 every year for the rest of their contract that we can I help out legacy. Welker just 26 you're talking money I wondered recite -- -- -- contract how long. Here -- just contract. He's got he's side realistically until he's thirty yeah then he'll opt out of that deal would probably sign unless he gets hurt in another gigantic and your -- Lester for what 3132. Through 36. Well you don't westerners are. -- Lester they're getting -- you what what how would be when he throws his first pitch for the new contract. Birdie are probably only 31 maybe 31 years old you're gonna pay him at 43130. Through 33. And 34 years old. I am usually but remember most -- right off the last year of those contracts were then we know they're not worked. So you know you're you're playing around thirty million lyrics are in a thirty million or forty years. And -- it but if you could during that time that was worked -- Into treacherous like he did -- world churns. Your work on -- T make the jump from and David -- called man you make the jump from. Couple years ago this was. The number was basic got a million dollars to win right Chris it was yet a million dollars win with this is that extra points out at 37937. That's a million dollars per start. And so it's it's a major job your putting at the same class occur shot I'll be honest I don't view him. In the same pitching class. As Kershaw I don't like paying thirty million dollars or Kershaw money. -- 31 through 341. -- Dodgers did that for Kershaw. At 26 through 2927. You're thirty now. I guess the argument would be if you're gonna throw 130. Over five years or something like that. Why not take that number down a little bit overpaid big time on AB. And try to get more bang for your -- he's never going to be a thirty million dollar pitcher may -- feel better about it if you feel like you're getting prime years at thirty million. Rather than. Severely underperforming years at 22 were 23 million. But -- I still I can't get that thirty million number with with Jon Lester Clayton Kershaw as the one guy in baseball again. He tied my god won two Cy Young awards before turning 26. Which is just insane to think about. And he's essentially the Mike Trout of pitching so that's that's a special case and you gotta put him -- category -- to. 6177797937. David another -- in a car talk and Jon Lester David go ahead. I don't -- scenario. I'm concerned about all Lester because what's gonna happen here it's much money along areas. In a couple of years sort of a title the money we're going to be seeing the -- today. As a matter Republican race the team not playing like it may seem as we sure. I won't -- -- yes. I try to negotiate -- three years besides aren't it it's -- 45 million I think that that's the president money. He's not where he's not seen it -- I thought -- -- what opting. I think you're probably right I think the Red Sox as part of what has made them Hammond on the problem. It is there's one thing between want to get fair value for guy right David in your in your right to live up to that it. Guess towards 3435. Results can meet up the problem is that. We're talking about numbers for Jon Lester. It was not gonna cost them that much if they took this negotiation seriously from jump street and that the Bart. I come back to it's still frustrate me at the -- -- Thanks your call tonight they've all added outage and wrinkle in this. The adult the Boston Herald does -- -- work over there but some papers now are are putting columns and stories online the night before they go in the paper. A gap and -- herald those that are not I just -- in two minutes ago actually accurate have been -- during breaks up every. I hope it's good -- The brakes not long here not in whole store and without that what did you write about oh -- right thing and hold kind of our opening segment essential. So. You took we talked about in the openings. Mod is double by -- now now now now all all my own on my own stuff now and I can be a photo capture some people don't want that if I sit up because the Boston Globe. Now does that with their stories winning columnist these students with. You saw this week if -- issue with first Dan Shaughnessy -- start showing up there right. And today is the 16 July 17 is the date line behind nick for Arnold story it's now available. On the Boston Globe website. Not -- knock on the Boston Globe website. And I clicked on just think it was a store for today but it's a new story for tomorrow. And got big picture Cole Hamels there. I think lol what does this have to do with the Red Sox and nick a part of story number two right down there at the bottom. Talk about the Red Sox in the audit decisions but at the face. Number two. Cole Hamels anyone nick for a writes it makes perfect sense for the Red Sox to pursue the Phillies lefthander. They've been scouting him why. His contract is precisely the contract the Red Sox want for number one pitcher. It has four years remaining and about ninety million dollars such a movie geared mostly for next season. The issue for the Sox would be giving up prospects. Campbell's this philly's most tradable commodity they would have to score a huge to make a deal the Phillies and -- scouting Boston heavily all year. At one point they had their top people at seven of eight Red Sox games and out of Phillies are scouting Boston's farm system. A play for Hamels can approve the Red Sox leverage blaster to -- opening proposal. A four years and seventy million dollars. So far with suggest after -- -- time talking comparing. -- his contract Hamels. That the Red Sox were jumping in and actually trade for Hamels. Is four years in ninety million dollars up in his deal right nick of Fargo at the Boston Globe tonight. It's interesting -- is Ann moss is already got it's a reasonable comparable bird for Jon Lester. Yes pitched in the National League his entire career -- good in the post season he's got opportunities in the post season he's the same age. My question would be two full one why give up prospects when you can just give up dollars to try to bring Jon Lester back and sorry but until battle philly's -- market but skinny bitch embossed Yankee -- Fenway Park until proven otherwise you know Jon Lester at the same age. Roughly the same production. Can do that any -- they would pitch in the American League which is obviously different pitch in the nationally the frustrating thing here is that they have a guy like you said who's who's already pitched. At this level and if they offered. Roughly what they're gonna if they trade for Cole Hamels which I'm not I'm not publisher makes sense read Nick's story here today but. You do that when it probably would cost you. -- ten million dollars more. Just -- -- -- at the beginning of -- -- that's an -- discussed dollars it is cost dollars rather than. That the Red Sox were talking about the stakes are at sites -- the mistake in my mind is already been made. The mistake was not being proactive and that's why -- get back to the idea that I just think they don't want. And it's not that they don't like Jon Lester -- value him. They don't want him at what the market is going to be air or anything close to it and Johnny -- story made me more convinced of that because it is reeks of the hey we're seat -- airport at their from game 200 million dollars we tried. You know we made active -- peppered it just didn't work out why. That's appealing and yet why would you trade prospects instead of just paying Jon Lester. Elect -- that -- is that I'm just saying to myself if I can try to rationalize it in anyway shape reform. I -- Lester like you just pay money to keep my prospects for I don't know Gian -- stand. Or Carlos Gonzales when those guys inevitably become available. And you wanna trade so that the prospect currency. For the guy you Marty have because it costs you less money. And that is annoying. Is the Red Sox trying to save money on a pitcher they already have. -- give up prospects in the prospect in the process and treat themselves again. Like get the Oakland -- they don't have money growing off the trees Chris it's one thing to look what are we doing. Wanting to look for value I understand that but and said this all. You cannot categorically. Eliminate. Hundred million dollar contract because it you do you categorically eliminate the elite class players unless you happen to get lucky and -- one unless you draft trial. Or draft in this case Lester. Unless you get fortunate happening draft and develop one. You eliminate back last players to be start categorically winning these contracts in made an exception for Dustin Pedroia and on the beach just handed out by. They have to eat yet begun judges because -- swung and missed with Adrian Gonzales and -- proper situation AT&T text line -- 37937. Hamels leverage vs Lester is like Fenway group is rich it's business. John John is bye -- and that's part of what nick kfar rights that'd that'd be trade form this year they have leverage that Lester Parker beat. You -- leverage to -- Western knows -- the market he's gonna make X amount of dollars yeah what's the leverage -- a less leverage are you gaining and Michael Lester like security like now when we're okay where to take is dry I get enough back there -- -- if I saw Cole Hamels got to town I would just say all right we're. Going on the open market and getting a bidding war I I don't see how that creates leverage unless Lester is just. So desperate to stay here but it -- is he probably would have re engaged. Detox at five for a hundred -- I want to and I would say. Where does -- create some. It creates depth. What does from me okay you trade for him to safety net that okay -- we started the show Lester conversations and what's the back -- plan well. Now I have a back up plan Cole Hamels is your legitimate backup plan. Why -- you trading prospects for the backup plan. Would he can just signed Jon Lester. That that is so frustrating to me architectures -- depends on the prospects month while again I'll read your book for a row. This is number two -- on Boston Globe website right now. Defeat the Phillies would have to get. Three top young players to even think about a Hamels deal otherwise they build around him. So are right with a three young players right even speculate. -- there might be start throwing -- names but you're gonna get in someone's there are going -- like tomorrow. Smoky back to keep that yes Marrero. It again ask about Owens they're giving up a lefthander to ask for one back. If you asked at the very least this is so frustrating to me. That the Red Sox have to be so Smart and C a we can Johnny don't want it okay. Will go try to trade for yo -- Cole Hamels when you don't have to you. You can have the money to spend on Jon Lester -- yes there's less risk with Hamels but. You're trading draft currency they could get you your realistic Mittal the order back -- prosper -- for anybody. Not -- station Gonzales or somebody similar Chris and I would say starting pitcher but he -- Lester here. You should not trade prospects restarting Pritchard and what to -- the depth is in the organization off Owens Renato. Gala Rosa Workman -- of the top even a guy like Alan Webster. The depth is in terms of starting pitching and that's in all those guys pan out but yeah on one or two -- their huge additions to two irritation. Give me the power -- prospect that the Red Sox have right now. In there I can't name one there's gonna will -- I will -- Brooks. Yet that -- power bat -- have a shot -- power guy -- yeah he's been not really so that's the point though. The idea is to use some of that -- use where you have depth. To be able to get a guy like Stanton and that's the obvious gotten everybody wants once you should want. Because he looks like one of the best young hitters in baseball 61777979837. Is the phone number you guys -- straight to work of Florida wrote. Instead of paying for Jon Lester. The Red Sox have been scouting the Phillies the Phillies are starting the Red Sox and the potential to trade your prospects for Cole Hamels. It's like well. It's the backup plan. It's the it's the back update to the problem is what it is and it's. The terrible analogy but you have this beautiful girl right here you don't trade for another girl actress army right. Trading for girls happens all the time in this country. Pot. Had just what your reaction that is a Red Sox fans take it easy and a potential sexist that's it that's their play out it's the point that that that's the plan. -- of Florida writes about the night. That again I don't I walked in today I shouldn't be a bad move because on vacation beginning at 10 o'clock tonight. The next Thursday so I should be -- a good mood all this stuff tonight is bothering me. And a great -- On and on the level and it's working for the -- sixties when you're gone you're -- great chip regal bottle. It's a two -- -- I'll get it. You know what I articles here that's not what got my vacation next -- darker parts for us Steve's in Fall River out -- -- -- Terry on hold. Steve's in Fall River waiting patient talk about Hamels Lester and I Steve. Are you or I'll probably. Is certainly. -- -- they're all think you should yup it I'll tell you that doll she calmer. A cubic. Eagle which should I should build it up with this bill she could be. All. You. No -- Approach. -- and the culprit. RP IB ER what may well we do -- To halt it well -- -- -- In -- where. These Kart track nobody. Cult corporate can't let me tell all he needed. Our job. Look Smart not. To Albert or are under the well. -- -- much they want that this simple pretty Opel should make it didn't -- people call or not. It neutral that is just -- or they are. -- Call crawl another church better yet another what -- but they've got -- -- That you got it. It doesn't make sure that they heard that yet the that this girl what are going to be in a bar in court. Because the charts while the low and shape our -- Okay what are. Being light peak in dull. -- the questions Steve and bigger pay I don't I don't love the analogies to abused animals -- but I appreciate the call. Is really wondered where they'll know I'm glad I got it actually did make some sense he got there I don't again don't like the he abuse of animals. But I I know what he's getting too and that's the question right. If they're gonna pay Lester. Comments -- with the free agent market. Who the got to -- and appointed that the pay Kristi said earlier you're not getting rid of in Major League Baseball 100 million dollar contract and by the way. Nor sure you if you're the Boston Red Sox Oakland a's and after next year you'll pay just to margin. I get that opens got a crappy. Stadium. I don't look at TV dealers but they're not considered a big market -- -- -- new money baseball changed -- but realistically to the second team in their market the Bay Area market. Makes sense that'll pay some margin. The Red Sox not paying Lester and then and trading for Cole Hamels. What are we doing. If you're Red Sox for and tonight. Does this bother you or is this plan okay. You like the idea of trading prospects for starting pitcher and creating leverage war. I guess it would be having you back up plan for Jon Lester. Two other notes this department wanna get to that actually retire until we let the show with tonight. What the Red Sox have planned for guys like Bogart's middle Brooks you're in the second half. 61777979837. Is your phone number 61777979837. Your -- At 37937. Crystal Lonnie this year not with urine from Mike he's on special assignment here on Sports Radio W media crystal Lonnie and house of -- what do you as well -- 37 WEEI. Up big Tom behind a glass little. All meant little this concern. Hot Thomas an intern for the former mid day show here that I used to work on. And now Tom is controlling -- show. And it turns -- of rising fast the same Thomas tell about his crazy weekend last weekend. Now trying to show -- if it should probably patios here as well he's been on the phones. Your calls until ten a -- he's got till midnight it's 617. 7797937. The phone number the AT&T text line is 379837. This -- a Florida story will be the talk of sports talk radio tomorrow surmise we'll talk about it tonight because bank with a boss Google has posted it online at their website like that show early edition that. That show early edition was a cult early edition -- up a paper that day before and he went to fix every -- tank. Earlier on on not -- Maybe it was a cult like it was elderly -- emitting radio tomorrow's paper the day before and they fixed -- all the bad stuff that was gonna happen in a cat but things -- I definitely never watch that show I can watch a show where the guy was like the goofy. Superhero. Now now forget the name of it is it's it was -- ring tone toward Georgia's. Answer Rasheed. Believe. Georgia's -- home audio mess. And -- The products whatever that show like that -- -- more from nick for a -- a back these phones the headline is the Red Sox are scouting Cole Hamels. The Phillies are scouting the Red Sox. The Red Sox instead of paying Jon Lester might trade for Cole Hamels like trade their prospects. As in top three young players three top young placed again which I thought I totally ridiculous. When you had the money to pay last year. They're gonna make another run at -- nick writes the money's gonna get pretty intense. Scherzer is out there. Seems like he's in a good position. Our biggest thing less stress of what is injury debit dime of the a team that and that the lesser stuff would not. Didn't really get me going here teams are asking the Red Sox nick writes though would you trade last year. Number three is what we open the Red Sox conversation that -- Chris which was. This is Chris is -- desired mix line the rest of the season is finding out which young players can be trusted command key positions in which we talked about. The Red Sox got to decide whether smoky -- trillion outfielder. Weather brought Cole is a starter. They must find whether Jackie Bradley junior can hit well enough to play center field every day weather becomes a trade chip I just throw win. The way he plays defense they get it better finally keep this -- Maybe it's 235 to forty hitter that's good enough for me yet you -- you 35 hitter for his career. And play that kind of defense provided you play. Quality. You know outfielders around immediate production from -- outfield it's not ideal of course from two BT 35 to forty you know. But he's the best defensive center fielder and I'm not going back that far but I've ever seen in -- Red Sox uniform. And full package terms of the -- the week it's after the ball he's the best I've seen on -- -- -- Billy Hatcher back in the day. He goes on right of the young players who knows about -- -- Brooks at third baseman is injured again setting him back here's the nugget that I wanted to get you. The Red Sox hope Santa Barbara to begin to get comfortable at third base. Which they consider his permanent position. And start making the adjustment at the plate that would get him back to being a fun hitter to watch. Well they go Chris I was telling you that they need to figure out if you play shortstop nick afar I was writing tonight really tomorrow. In the Boston Globe. They officially now view him. As a third base which means. Rock hole and or -- Guerrero to shortstop going. -- yeah and Guerrero I think is the got to probably like long term bite. Width. A guy like COLT I understand his value is kind of like James Loney type -- somebody to move around a lot but I don't. I still would like to see him find a role with -- team as a as one position player -- -- play second base for awhile I'm not sure these these look at you shortstop of the future was a really of the position he came up playing granted. Neither of any other positions he's played. And at times he's looked a little bit. Lost in the outfield and it's not his fault he's learning to play the position right -- -- to play. But yeah at the same time don't you -- the shortstop -- kinda creates an issue with Brock COLT and where is gonna pick one sport that's before even get to will little perks. Who's got out of sight out of mind here but he still somebody that. You think about at least is potentially that power back in the middle the order granted nothing shown the last few years back that up. And thank you to the does the -- -- with the greatest American hero it's always your -- -- want a show I was think early edition was the one that I think. Which I again -- no clue wire early edition I won face in mine voicing Gary. A debate defacing Gary and those classes nice haircut they. Certain time not shirts and little -- he's yelling at me. And -- early edition moving your toddler shirt -- but I never heard of like the Wikipedia during the break. But I know. No reference at all. Ought to -- in Rhode Island talking about the Red Sox 937. WEEI Terry go ahead. -- -- points yeah. -- the actor. And he. I can understand the current dollars the -- In Holland. All of that. Well a little rickety picture at. There too there are the air and I hope they. Give but the market that. Question as. It is not adequate. -- it out it doesn't help that that -- Security -- you know wait a lot of people feel like it'll play a lot and. At all -- Tarek Ali finished Terry. I don't think and I don't think outside of a handful of people think they were the reason they won the World Series because they're playing off the emotion of the marathon bombings are you resale lot of people I don't believe I talked to people every night on the show so does Chris. I don't get that sense at all. That you don't particularly. Like. If you look at the body of war at its. Baseball ops are particularly about it -- it there are people here at an earlier. See the truck that. You didn't. Like. You know what. Or -- -- -- it is true that the I can't help but -- -- Like -- on. The -- at eight. You don't trust this group -- don't they Gary good count that I -- group Terry. I got to look at your idol. But it but that's -- credit -- to try to duplicate. And it looked like trade with a little smarter between -- start to get a lot. Also. I don't even. And I am invite but cherry can and I think cherry daddy get the negotiation at some point if you were able to. Well if you if he picked the prospects and arrogance I give as dale Rosa Webster. Then he gets as much credit as you want again because those two guys -- roses in your rotation daughter wants to see you in the rotation. An Al Webster somebody gets hurt he's the next guy so to get to Pritchard and to have them take those contracts. Was a thing of beauty by the rights and that's -- penetrate one way or another the tank and on cherry. If that thing fails that's the kind of deal to get to GM fired. You know even one it's been with the organization for -- he predated the he user account for a long time and has been around for a long time. So at the end of the day you've got to put that one on bench Harrington and you know their bill visit to scout and and to make that yields kind of remake the direction the franchise the two big mistakes being made to be any year now in hindsight. Relying on chain victory -- stay healthy. And over the course of his career Lee a lot of games but you talk to people recover him he has always played -- a 100% -- maybe that was too big big gamble. And the second one and maybe the biggest one. Was counting on Daniel not to be some version of what he was last year have a 380 years so on base percentage and be able to plug him into that leadoff spot. One that obviously failed miserable old line you. You don't include. Relying on middle Brooks there I guess that's not -- be more failure on middle Brooke you're saying that a failure I think that's more the -- I think that's more failure on on will -- I'm not having the depth behind the guys -- all the order that that's probably the better one -- night having a capitalist side of the infield you go pick Ryan Roberts tattoo -- Ryan Roberts. Off the scrap -- two weeks into the season because you got nobody else that was but they didn't have a plan. If Bogart's especially didn't succeed and that's before annual particle. And it's a wrap up the point on Kerry's call I appreciate it's called racism questioning. The the baseball -- office I might again personally -- deceit you find a lot about me tonight I don't. I don't consider Jose Abreu or mosque here it's not -- a rookies. I don't put any blame on bench Harrington. For 2012. Larry Lucchino. Wanted Bobby Valentine body downtown is not the reason that team lost OK but it put them in a bad situation. White out of the gate. And so I draw a line through that year I give charity and Lucchino credit for making the trades that led to eventually. In part you winning the World Series -- went out and got coach -- we are. The best closer in the -- have a baseball watchers are -- like charity gets credit for that he plugged in Stephen Drew defensively. That worked out pretty well. Johnny -- all been there are some things -- can did to that team last year that -- all -- to all baseball decisions that led them to win. And he gets a -- credit for -- I know -- back usually and as the as the closer but they still. That was a guy they scouted command and play a role and it ended up being a bigger one and anticipated that somebody they targeted that's when -- credit my bigger concern -- I gotta tell you is the ownership and the willingness to spend money. Mary cherry has part of that appears saying he's saying all that to last three years. Well forget to the last three years and talent public to the next three years players walking away. -- Berry's obviously gonna walk it was Lester walked. Are you more concerned about the ownership ability to spend big money on key players -- you are. The talent evaluation. Try my answer would land they did a hell of a job evaluating charity as part of a prop as when they. Drafted Lester but it held -- job evaluating him and developing him. Now you got to be willing to pay that premium when you got great value from them through the course his career so far of a lottery and -- hanging out with you got 61777979. 370 AT&T text line. Is 379837. Your thoughts of Red Sox management nick of Favre story. In the globe website right now in the globe paper tomorrow. Scouting Cole Hamels potentially trading for Hamels. Instead of paying Jon Lester. He -- to -- and Sports Radio WE.

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