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The All Star Game and the Worst Ideas in Sports

Jul 16, 2014|

Mut and Villani are talking about the MLB All Star Game, Adam Wainwright and Derek Jeter, and what are some of the worst ideas in sports.

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A planet Mikey show -- Mike -- what -- you -- a lot of hanging out on a 37 WEEI. I know -- Mikey is but I'm not allowed to say I'm sworn to secrecy tonight so really you can try to bribe me. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Up patio here tonight -- -- Mikey is but none of us are gonna say that we've made -- I I'm at a packed with paddy. A lot of apparently I didn't realize they're easy -- but now that I know there's a packed. I'd probably still be bought for relatively proceed at a high price. -- and not easy flat but you know pills on the on the table talk and -- you are lucrative work in Favre like -- -- three different radio operative. Yeah I've heard you on recent -- -- half -- -- half gap -- arm about three and a -- us a lot to get to would you now at 10 o'clock tonight we're gonna deal talk about a bunch of different things but I do. -- the topsail wanna start with what happened last night the all star game. Just like Mikey doesn't take your phone calls all night at 61777979837. -- Texas well 37937. I'm -- your tweets law on the way. Because I have heard a lot of this -- Chris and I'm sure you Hugh Price talked about it earlier today already died and I think it's it's still fresh in my mind. Because of the way it's -- package not just this year. But the last eleven years and it was packeting MLB -- was package that is. This time accounts Chris because. The rating sucked for the rates were terrible and so they tried to figure out a way for this thing to. Means something is they gave us this. This time accounts we can go back and I go to you actually kick what YouTube's MLB takes down everything off for you to get in MLB dot -- to know they would Dave -- have an up there. Need this time accounts crap remember awhile and it it's still -- until last night makes no freaking cents. It makes no sense Chris the take this game that was -- as exhibition and at one time. Was what the biggest event of the summer before cable TV you're too young to recognize this before cable. The all star game and the World Series with the two biggest sporting events of the summer slush ball and football season. And indeed they want that and they want. They want it to mean something and when what happened -- that would Adam Wainwright or couple years ago in the third inning Bradford reporting that. All the major also plays it left and on a plane and weren't even there anymore. The idea that it's it was ever considered a real game in more than exhibition. Just bothers as a sports bankers. Yeah -- the crap and there was a time when accounts but it was long before home field advantage was there -- never really counted obviously it's always been an exhibition. But there were times -- treated. Like real game there were times -- mystique because eating it to the the American League national absolutely have to wonder. What Mike -- against Clayton Kershaw looked like anymore in the four game series coming up next month in three weeks we'll get to see the angels and Dodgers. So that whole element that mystique is gone. The only thing the all star game and operas now is some -- we saw last night a chance to salute a guy like Derek Jeter for a long career chance to see. Some of the great players out there can be on I find it somewhat boring I watch it there's really nothing else on to be honest with you. And I could live -- I think the terrible idea don't get. But like -- it would be this time accounts paying a little bit more if it were working but it's not. The ratings are still going on ten point nine millimeters so viewers last night the last -- All Star Games. -- any year for lowest rated -- stark -- that aren't working. It is so you believe that the idea should be graded on how the ratings are not that we would use for your UN CI -- in -- if I think the ratings -- therefore I would still think the dumb idea but at the end can't justify the means in some cases. You can't because it's still not drawing viewers it's still not trying younger viewers. Our age group doesn't watch this game 9 march not at all -- the average age of the all star game last 53 year Angel -- mean. That's outside of the money demo for television to 1849. Unreal it it's not even on top being stupid idea to begin. The tie the result of an exhibition game into the World Series. And home field advantage. It's even working like go to farcical sports fraud okay because they want to package it that it is it does mean something and see. That's the other part of this is that last night was proof again. That it doesn't mean anything to these players that were apparently home field advantage Bud Selig and company. Doesn't matter the players the Adam Wainwright is more concerned about making sure Derek Jeter has a fastball hit. Then he is about getting them out and if that's the case how can you fraudulently Tellme is the Commissioner of Baseball. That should matter for home field advantage that. I've heard the stats -- about hadn't gotten any game six is game sevens. But that's a pretty big deal where -- -- -- games -- right I mean especially with that this -- -- ideas and sport to get to. This they don't all league and Major League Baseball. That is two leagues use two different sets the rules are so pure American League team. Did you get the DH in game seven you have David Ortiz vs. Out of a -- at first. That's that's a decent size -- -- -- you come back last year in game six ID field goal in game six knowing OK got it and you've got Ortiz DH not to worry about where this Alex Kelly -- the lineup yet so you can look at the numbers and say well. Eight per Kerr shot can win anywhere Ortiz he can win anywhere and maybe -- and strong ties -- -- the NBA. The home field advantage and win game. But US -- manager US any player US -- where you want six and says you better believe all want it. At their home field it's moronic to think otherwise and to have that be in the hands of whether Adam Wainwright decides he wants a couple of I shot Derek Jeter or a game where all the starters are gone -- work it. Is ridiculously ridiculous that's the effort people letting -- right off the -- I don't know where you land on this but I. I don't heat that the all star game in general bothers me the fact that accounts and it looked like accounting is beatable field advantage. Take those calls duke I just don't like and I don't think it should mean anything I don't need that competition I want it to be an exhibition. I also bothered by the way Wainwright went about it is at at the crux of it on a million dollar pitcher if he has any level of competitive juices in his body. You wanna get -- -- route. Doesn't wanna do for the National League do for his team by the way lost game six -- on the road the World Series a year ago I heard a little and other people today say. No problem Wainwright did. Thinking of it through the Lanza. Game it's it's an October yeah cannot be one of the teams in the World Series and and now all of a sudden we might be on the road to give up a couple of runs in the first inning India. And I would be bothered by it by. I guess what I'm looking at is the lands of what I feel game should be it should be an exhibition which should be showcase. Want to -- some. So I don't have a problem with -- -- it is now Chris it's not an exit I understand that weren't exhibition with you on a percent you play. Outlets played -- from position they are replaced goal for a great incident between. Randy Johnson and it was John crock. Were Randy Johnson buzz jog -- and John crock looked at a batter's box helmet around -- around. He put -- -- around that was good TV what the that was enjoyable but it was an exhibition it didn't mean anything and when the other ones is channel park. Serving up even more on the south cal Ripken in his last all star game unit out. Rick you hit it out. So like I said maybe it's because that -- come back to the whole idea that this is so stupid for me it's more like bird you know MLB this is what you get. You want to attach some meaning to meaningless game you're still gonna have guys whether they be leaving in the third inning. Managers are obviously managing differently then that's obviously an adjective in the regular season. Starters out and pitchers are going -- Tom you're you're gonna have guys -- at guys like Wayne -- say. Sorry I did they're -- guy that I respect he applauded him prior to the back. And the -- ninety mile an hour cutter that didn't cut rate factories have a good point compare to Pedro striking out five the first six year Fenway. That was a competitive guy on super competitive athlete Pedro Martinez. Facing the in the middle right smack dab in the middle. The spirit air facing so almost used up guys and in baseball history right now it's it was his McGwire Sosa Larkin Bagwell an amnesty it. On the -- -- and 99 all -- in Cincinnati red he mentioned Larkin forget the guy to but there at least that three I got on got thrown out trying to steal strike not Rahman what that three of the biggest mean. -- say -- bags but yet you guys write their Sammy Sosa who we know for a fact now. It was built on steroids mark mart target player but late in his career obviously be -- helps -- it was a guy who was pumped up a little bit. Anywhere and there were super competitive about it and as Boston fans as baseball fans you like that competitiveness what competitiveness did. Adam Wainwright show last night and again that means something. By throwing is that -- Pipe bombs and he called -- a tight shot tight shot. Now again I never I understood what you play high school baseball produced and mention it at least a 100000 times a little bit too little and you also umpire baseball it was talk about gap in your travels in baseball oracle today -- -- now now I'd never quite shop before. Never felt like shot -- I don't understand how that's supposed to -- easy. I don't know what I shot it but it's that's tough to make I've never heard of cat she's got a real tight shot on this one I don't know what that means Larry Walker. Was the guy we're thicken up and what was that -- it was Larry Walker knock -- against unit. I think it was John -- for a. It was John cartoon like to be wrong now. I or I can visualize everything except the guy putting now on backwards -- getting in the right handed batter's box after Johnson won one over his head. But like -- said with Wainwright I love my favorite all star memory. Of the game itself is paid for 99 at the top my list for me to use these nothing else. But in that instance last night similar to channel park with cal Ripken to kind of dual hat tip -- like shot. For god it's earned it over the course of his career. I'm not saying guys should show up but not median means something I don't I don't want it to mean something in for MLB -- to get sorry. I had no sympathy for Major League Baseball bats to get you wanna try to have it both ways. That's which -- gonna get I don't wanna see like the NBA all star game guys to get out of the way so crisp pocket throwing Alley oop to somebody but. You know every now and then it's rare that it's gonna happen when you're a guy like year I like Ripken final game final all star game. Hope I shot how many years that well so a lot but term and the issue comes back to down a hike by the ways of the -- which makes sense I just never to raise Ivan either. Not the other sports you talk about they're also games are joked with a Pro Bowl NHL AM BA yeah old jokes that's not the real game but. None of those games as far as I can tell. Paint themselves as. On the -- this time accounts. Primary and an hard to be fair that's what bothers me the most the baseball doesn't like this I already got two calls the war people -- they said he enjoyed the way it is so I'm I'm obviously. There are people did like the idea of meaning for something I hate that idea when it does mean something -- get your saying about. UH. It should be an exhibition and Jeter should get this. But last night's game secure at all to the managed the American League and -- that being. The Brit what we have to work with that it does at least last night counted. I camped on board Wainwright I can't it was an exhibition game Chris I completely agree and I that the Jeter stuff last night. It was overdone. I mean I think Derek Jeter. It is probably because the marketing plays in the longevity of his career probably gets a smidgen more. Attention to credit the is is play might deserve -- last night. A baseball got it right with the recognition the curb the Nike commercial before hand out was terrific I would have liked who have seen. And I understand it's a very different circumstance but I would like to -- -- more or something about Tony Gwynn. Well that's the next night not that that that's kind of putting in a separate in a separate category there by no I I thought it was spot like. Jeter is one of the great players of all time what you like -- not -- kind of got to come around to backing collusion. He's a guy that is -- piece of baseball probably the face of baseball in the course of his career if not the best player. At least one of the most well known account of the face of the sport so we absolutely deserved what he got last night and you know the whole thing with Wainwright. To say well it's not an exhibition silky then fine if you're gonna go in. Go all went in other words exactly that's probably dirtier but I mean -- wall and on target about you starting -- -- in the game if they get to debate shot to win. I'm talking about you're starting pitchers go more to winks if you wanna go -- It back and I haven't which is that that's fair but Wainwright can only control what you can do one about you -- all bigger picture managers -- Kershaw for three or foreign right now about if it was really meant anything. A bad job and a theme. Of course shots take a look at it the year -- at the start that game for the NL nobody wants to sell -- its nepotism for his own I'll obviously. It's just nepotism for his guy. It is 61777979837. The phone number the -- text line. Is 37937. I would argue that in my lifetime one of the worst sports ideas. Is making the all star game means something. We're gonna get to over the course of the next four hours having weave in between Elvis stuff is another bad ideas and sports for example for example. The globe puck in the NH as the first one at optimum angle Oakmont in the NHL. Has to be one of the dumbest ideas in hockey they made it look like a video game it didn't look good at it brought bad attention. And bought sort of eight hacking case to the NHL so people rise in Europe are you talk it's worked toward the worst is sports and our first would be. Globe puck and hockey right there atop the list -- if I. It's all yours apparently yeah that's the first one apart in my mind any others that stand out as bad ideas and sport -- come up with some through that that was the one that they'll immediately jumped out to be my second one man. The ex FL. The ex FL trying to take Vince McMahon and wrestling tied together he hate me. And add them a locker room cam on the kick up rules don't fight for the ball. But it has it's just right now in 2014 -- -- sort of a concussion much of the kickoff rule. Was gonna work anymore and flying to Dell's NFL but what I say about ideas and sports summit of group a sports fan if you listen to sports talk radio you did. You've got bought the belief that the worst ideas have been. I want makes those in over the course of the show by a Twitter and text and calls at 617. 77979837. The phone number the AT&T -- line. Is 379837. On Twitter actress -- 44 corrects -- -- Mott and UT WEEI tomorrow and body in from like he's on a secret mission tonight. Write your phone calls and exports radio W yeah. -- -- does it all I want to make contact. Then there's only one. So was John -- patio. Chris -- set I was confused in the text. There will be more texting and maybe there was what sectors said -- not a Larry Walker -- crop yet I've ever spent John crop was in the -- -- are game. Larry Walker was the guy that I missed in papers by strikeouts in 99 and Larkin Sosa McGwire and Bagwell. Yeltsin struck -- walk a lull there walker what you walk off. Six pack in -- small hole -- cigarettes. You rake -- hit 330 -- John Daly of baseball I mentioned bad ideas and sports again be theme throughout the next step three and a half hours as an example AT&T text line. 37937. The Chicago White Sox wearing shorts. Have you seen those photos -- old White Sox -- shorts that is a very good example. Are they -- bad idea in sports and -- was an intern frost and amid a show is now help out here is you take all the stations soon. You can keep track your bad ideas and sports forget on text and Twitter or mix those and out with your phone calls the next three and a half hours. It our all star game stuff you -- bent upwards of these phones now it's about that was the big one from last night Tony Gwynn is bothersome and this idea that baseball. Can't take -- 92. Just now it's time Tony Gwynn and Don Zimmer but I think there'd be like -- two minute video monetize content at some point in the game I was waiting for it. And when it didn't happen. It was one of those were it's like it's so obvious what the hell you think I dropped the ball at a player like that 61777979837. The phone number crystal Lonnie is here -- would view is well -- in parts on all ticket to open and the Chris -- Up until midnight tonight less is in Gloucester leads assault on 937. WEEI less what's going -- How they're armed -- -- caller what you're talking about next game you know the idea that this time accounts and try to make up thing and it means something. -- -- I'm I'm I'm more like you are liking it testified that -- gonna bring you -- a more. The Second World War the all star game was talked about it from being worn Bible he nationally in American. Under which subterfuge to Bernard and all you need to -- is to go -- YouTube including Ted Williams 1941 austerity. And see his reaction on the run and the American reaction. And then nationally ordered rejection. And the problem is we've become so far into the meat inside it you wouldn't. Are there and it is terrible that opened up and this is war it's like Israel -- -- you have been praying. And you know that there's so much that has been lost in interleague. Play analyst tang capital. If you want more competition last you liked them anywhere metadata and like each other absolutely are like -- less appreciate the call glad you made your first time call right here I would say. In general Chris I don't. I don't like the whole war sports analogy not anymore. But I get what he says about the competition the problem is is not just interleague play Italy plays part of that you had a great point about. Is this idea that I remember the example I always give his. I grew up with Wade Boggs be the best -- UNC Tony Gwynn. Outside of the all star game in the World Series our ideals Turkey game around you want to watch Tony okay this the national league's version of Wade -- to this guy's got. Against Clemens organs were pitcher the American League. Not that -- that mystique. No longer exist and will never -- part of it's gone or the other part is the money. The money now it makes this thing so much differently there's a money that is erased -- -- RD it's a race nostalgia involved. And outs and the money these guys make but the money they make together. Whereas these guys are involved -- things off the field. Then make them friendly member there was a time near Boston sports talk radio. Work revenue was getting trashed because he was talking to Derek Jeter at second base camp. Because they were friendly people would call this station grew up on the state IA what you -- -- he's got to hate the Yankees. Where you. David million charity events together are probably from the off the field. That's gonna happen we have agents like -- -- same agent ads where -- can exactly a lot of the time so that is changing to not just the interleague play but these. It's an -- of baseball and all sports these guys are more from the away from their arena. Then they were in those times because they -- -- each other you not want back to work. At some real estate company all seas like used after the -- sixties now your party in Vegas you're in your maybe your co hosting. A party biggest forgot six. It's -- to hate the guy. When you've seen in the biggest till 3 in the morning yet about it nowadays with very few exceptions insured and David Price and David Ortiz are exactly can't be -- -- these Christmas card list. But with very few exceptions all of that stuff. Is for the fans much more so in the players there's no doubt about it. All that rivalry stuff is for the fans which is great but it's not for the players 61777979837. Your calls on like Toms in a car he's talking -- about the all star game -- had. Hey guys. -- I think. There's it's easy to pick up well starting -- it up each -- Everyone to point out short in Kerala that I thank you to actually. Struck a pretty good medium and I really enjoy watching. You know there's there's a lot on not and a lot for further through the leak. To balanced or something like this. And you're still not getting yet interleague play I agree yeah I think generally like that take away. A little bit somewhat. On the luster in the you know seeing these guys beat each other than you would never seek external. But the same -- you got one great that other -- on between the top the top player in the game court voted in by the way. Armed by the -- so you've got. People want to see. Yet the people players in the equality in the game yet another. One after the other the other yeah you know PD that whole -- you know this time counseling. -- and not in love with -- I don't hated. I don't it is. I do everything your everything you're saying right up until I don't hate mail us a -- that I agree with Tom might edit I liked the idea of the all star game he's the best against the best my question is. Why can't you have that. Without making the game. Decide home field advantage in the World Series get all of what you just had -- except you don't high intuit the result of that team who gets those games six and seven -- all fall classic. I think -- coming up and go to eastern right where they say they they had that Olympic tie it. But he got yes think they they took a bit ago all of eating next year from the public -- directly shipped out for having it again teaming up and B I so. I mean there were tie there courtside in baseball until 1961. Lights became a got to play -- loud stadium but you know. It was weird that -- -- -- -- -- so okay let's make each outlets but we have to have a winner coach kept -- players are quite a bank. Are largely -- -- I'm ready matched the channel are saying we're -- cal Ripken and OQ did you or whatever -- that was he totally group want done to cal Ripken and just like went right -- -- -- Jeter as well. And yeah I think you look at all body of work for the last I I don't think that the the Jeter play. You know I mean it. -- -- and bottom line is you know the couldn't swing the bat in the bottom inning. And there are a million did not not a million but I'd say. A thirty or forty different good salary in the -- and actually did when I came out and -- -- colonel one to Jeter sure. I know I'm not get what you have to remember that's at -- all out early and -- double -- shots the Mike Trout. Mike Scott Cabrera that didn't help I had her news just. Once shot down the pipe after another but I also five or else think it's strange that that was the reaction and understand -- -- -- winner but the -- Led to a thousand knee jerk reaction and a lot of times he'd jerk reactions because you don't take the time to think about are going to be the ones that end up being the worst decisions and this was. Absolutely and -- category trying to fix a problem that I don't know really existence of the game and -- in the -- socked by. The way that they manage the game now it's still conceivable you could end game that way absolutely and and then we'd -- Europe pitchers and I understand it's unlikely but it was just as unlikely prior to actually happening. So instead of just understanding that this was an anomaly a little embarrassing. Yeah we didn't want it to work out this way but it did. You swat. The lie with a scud missile as the cliche goes and you implement these rule the fix something that almost never happened and I I still believe deep down it was more about. Fox going to them and saying we're gonna pay you all this money. The race and also a gamer terrible you need to do something. The people or interest in it from a financial standpoint I mean think about these last two -- days right -- the home run derby. It has now become the longest on watchable. Bad commercial on TV watching it's I couldn't agree more that's their because cosmic commercial spots there are. ESPN's got to take care of their their people more than home runs that's for sure absolutely -- what Todd -- you can do. Our home run derby and matches the other night after it due to a top six guys that wanna do. Two rounds chorus okay at the top two guys advance in the sixth and in your finals had had -- I forgot the tiebreaker. She do all that that's an hour. You our skills competition after that showing the guys who could -- of the guys can make catches up the wall shall be accurate outfield arms shall we feel. That's what we want a lot but instead. They wanna drag it out it's still took three hours with the delay. Just as embarrass you can't -- baseball again exactly raise you -- a full night. You're watching multiple things yes and wait in the NBA it is skills competition in the NHL does skills competition it's not like in the dunk contest is an abomination and its own right but. It's not like you're just watching the dunk contest to get the three point contest to get to ball. Yet some other things in there. I think that would be an easy way to making at least a little bit more palatable is that was brutal television on Monday now let's talk to pat in Newton pat what's going on Europe would -- and Gilani tonight. Eight at so I am like a generation. -- to grow up with and really play. It's not anything really given -- -- yeah but not earlier as familiar with from the time -- -- -- -- got here nationally guys. You know certainly. So -- like if you kind of looked at the -- again and they're rather than what your real name is -- the rating. -- -- more comprehensive. Look at the entire season and boosting ratings on my spot in your other and thank him. If you had an even amount of interleague games played throughout the season and then you have. PLC game being like deciding. The odd game continue to take the American League burst and actually whoever won the most. Over the entire series they're dealing. -- -- Pat -- I've heard the idea before I love it what which league wins war games in league that decides home field that made more sense it would you like you said it would make the early gains were drifting. It would it would actually make more sense Chris is right and it wouldn't put unnecessary pressure on one game now. The game still matters like you -- -- -- -- you want that but the count as a win for whatever league gets it but it's one win of dozens of wind does not only once over street like an exhibition. And you know why that's a good thing. And I like that idea Alec quite a bit. I got another real quick thought to have bombing. -- at all. Being from Austin we rarely gets C aren't. It's got to see and actually games you can conscious particles -- -- I think -- greater idea would also be in the American League parks you can keep pitchers that. And and -- per cent and actually part should get the DH. You know I I'm with you and I think we get a lot more brush back on that thanks your call and have a safe drive home and what an hour ago was like monsoon adds a mess out there -- but I have I've pushed that thing is well. Then I'll like to see in interleague play. American League parks use the NL rules and vice Versa and the the immediate feedback -- law a paid paper ticket the Nazi David Ortiz hit. Well deeply for his first base that night they see different brand of baseball. I would be all for that -- but I feel like were in the minority. -- -- -- I'm in the camp that having. If you -- the worst ideas and sports. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- We know which way it would -- be adding the NL because you wouldn't. Getting rid of those jobs -- union jobs that would be. Probably a nonstarter with the players would be adding. One and probably 126 man roster -- offered New Hampshire completely agrees we asked this last signal talking about a -- course this year with your calls -- -- -- -- in addition to. The -- -- -- today with the all star game in the Red Sox and everything else. The worst ideas and sport I would argue that making the all star game how has home field advantage one of the worst. Bob agrees with Chris -- worst -- in sports the DH. You hear the people wouldn't be in this one very controversial but it took most of the strategy. Out of a thinking man's game. So he's saying he is like it because it changed the game and took away from the NL -- I think a lot you'll bulls to point to. The DH being split up Corus and and adding it to and having different rules that being the bad idea Bob is that if it was around saying he likes the NL game I like distract. I could live with -- being uniform one way or the other just give me one or the other there shouldn't be something that dramatic. It's a difference between one week in the other edges. I would rather for me I grew up -- -- guy Negroponte American League City around here I'd rather see DH I don't wanna see hitters try to. Get up there it's going like to Stephen Drew so our pitchers rather I wanna see. An extra hitter out there but if you told me OK they're gonna go back the other way no more DH sorry David Ortiz. Then I would live with that more so whichever. 61777979837. As the phone number the ATP -- line. It's 37937. Not only talking about the all star game last night -- liked the way it's set up. Work counts for something deal like what Adam Wainwright did it. Or you -- -- and Christa would expand it should be exhibition. In addition to all that we're talking about the worst ideas in sports. Get -- wallet you guys 937 W yeah. What was Adam Wainwright were doing in the beginning when he -- his -- on the -- What you think -- that. Well I mean I appreciate what he did you know that I'm trying to get the game started I wanna make you uncomfortable for anyone but. I appreciate dances it's a class act by a class guy and I'm glad I had an opportunity. Experiences last offered him. Kind of -- some Nike. We'll -- you in the first inning and that health care. That's minds of these so everyone -- to continue to group one. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- He's a wonderful pitcher most respect for him and legacy just kind of -- right. Pipe bombs. On what not -- shots and pipe bombs. -- -- top -- shot that's not why it's now a lot of people have apparently they suggested it makes sense right down the pike. I just inherited Nat parlance the war. -- crystal on him out with you as well up until at 10 o'clock 6177797937. The phone number the eighteenth -- -- -- It's 379 B 37 edition of starting with the all star game and the fiasco from last night in the weight. It out all out -- for me fiasco where baseball calls again accounts. I also want to mix in -- your thoughts in the worst ideas and sports you brought up a good one before the break the DH -- agree with you out on the DH I brought the globe pot. In the NHL. Techsters are brought up countless numbers -- ones that will bring up our wreck you work -- list and idol. Listen -- and talk about during the show Bible fully admit. I'll take your calls on there and you know is another one of the one worse decisions you know -- worst decisions in sports. All I assume you did there yeah yeah the decision had paid. Let's cut and I still out what I was doing there that was bad and anybody listens in this time -- -- nine -- apologetic look for LeBron James but that was one of the worst ideas in sports delicate when they asked me -- -- from -- there was a Little League contract to their phone for somebody. The degree do certain things and that must talked of -- bulb on for two -- actors on the one at all or -- Davis in Hartford he's on 937 WEEI go ahead -- -- -- The better part of where Barry is I think is good three point shot basketball it has blown. After all I didn't take a look at -- -- being. Humbled and the game equity. Is it behind the line and I'm -- mark -- didn't put into account records -- -- at the last minute of the game. So what happens if -- hit a three bed two minutes into the game. Ray Allen -- Hey you got a guy Dell curry age you Ray Allen page view Chris Marley and an analyst I -- the -- the impact on the game though is. Unbelievable. Because not only give guys like Ray Allen to occur but you also had a generation of 611 guys grow up wanted to face the basketball -- You had -- -- gritty yet Dirk that battle generation that's why you don't have a lot of true centers in the league anymore the ticket generation but eventually just filters in an -- again. 68696. Then that's great you better be able to step back and hit from 20/20 five. Do you like. League better your point David you like the game better basketball is a better game up three point shot. Because ports where the court I think back -- you work and it happens gunslinger in all the and I. I -- -- -- -- Chamberlain be with a three point shot where are being with the people which. Beat. There are important game I would be with a three point shot or not completely with that point shot. Your man a bunch of guys that I I never would have factored in with the three point shot you mentioned Russell or bad. As those guys were shooting threes or not it's Delaware's US we're Larry Bird at them like any other three as whole career Ray Allen the first of the all time leader yeah he's the first one comes to mind I. I love like two shooters all of the idyllic here I am I I completely disagree Ike and again -- Mighty and watching a basketball up three point shot was -- very young age or on a -- VCR dvd. Felt wasn't watching and leagues and being at -- a member as a yet exactly it's tough to remember those days. I like the three throughout the course of the game I like that a guy who might be 853 point specialist John Paxson. -- don't real deal can dribble okay -- pass okay. We always good as he was deadly Steve -- Steve -- on the -- shoot threes for Michael Jordan my modern I'm glad that Mike Miller mark price vagaries -- -- one of the big reasons why the Miami Heat -- probably a -- series anyway. If they got Mike Miller. -- -- And those that it's it's a huge role in basketball I gyms and Peabody he's on the planet Mikey show with Mott and the Lonnie hanging out tonight what's -- -- Jim. It is in general Leo good how are you. -- 800 C easily play this cycle to a written what I get a few courses where it splits -- so that senate but it. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- It makes too much sense doesn't it they aren't hockey if you win the president's trophy you have home ice is launched you can -- And in the only defence the baseball clause -- has on this is their system for deciding it before. Was just as -- and random we're just alternated every other year -- NL. You're all a that that makes even less sense to me -- is a guy who's eighty years old and doesn't really believe -- email so you're not exactly what -- get a guy -- forward thinking -- he's the and I feel like a big change in this is gonna come after. His time unfortunately they can get robbed and Fred used to spend. A kind of Selig disciple and maybe it's more of the same battle to -- this change is gonna happen Selig. -- PH -- wicket just -- -- -- -- like the NFL at the get go that no -- two point conversion units would have animals like. We have uniformity that because I want to PH I mean now I was shipped to get a that the three weeks and so on. The markets that it would be doing the National League is if we approached the -- It's kind of just walking Priscilla might as a tour in America coached. Let's also strategy -- you -- admit though Jim Wright appeared on has got it you are you should you know like -- -- like chicks -- the law also does image of the man appreciate its goal. I do. At one point I was advocating the NL rules double weeks. But watching. Baseball up close this year. You know for really up close that go being at the ball ball park every night watch -- games on TV do in the game you see a lot of guys like National League pitchers and it's not just the Red Sox baseball runs that they're down so I think there's no way in hell. That if they -- -- to uniform rules going to be NL rules because baseball offensively right now there are thrilled they got some hits last literally neck and people like now final rule offered to Major League -- We have five to three is a huge number for the -- -- You know based on some of the ones we've seen recently implies I think he'd be union issue with taken -- that extra position player job granted you get a pitcher. But I feel like there would be the players you'd have a problem that's a good point odd days -- a car is talking about the all star game as well -- glad. Hey they won't call you got a day. I just wanted to -- all -- to call saying IE I think people or they. Especially that part of the game and what you can say. But it format between elite. Are you hearing that they have something good with you all are counting. Only when you compare to the other game. You know the other on the -- sports. -- that thing in it it's an award watch technically they've added I'm content value to the -- Where you cannot -- became. An order. Keep Hispanic pitcher and courier or anything but do we have something that they too were trying more. I just Sammy Davis a fan I'm speaking for myself and elect Chris answer -- well here I'm not gonna stick around to watch the game. Because that means that all of baseball fan. On his stick around to see how the game on fault because of a baseball fan because it's hiding two home field for me personally. It doesn't add any level enjoyment -- I want it. I won't actually want it they'd be more the other All Star Games to get out of the Derek Jeter Adam Wainwright moment by the way. I already pissed about it afterwards I am because they do count towards something. Rank and and IE if you like for most fan base is do they feel like eight weather means some -- I mean if your Red Sox fan or an asterisk and this year. Who cares -- the American League -- suite at the Odyssey and a Red Sox in the World Series is slim to none and even if you are contending team it's still. More likely than not that that is not going to impact you were team. And on top delegates at the beginning the numbers reflect that this idea is just not working for lowest rated All Star Games are the last four. And then the ratings again we're level this year -- they get a good boost this year just from the -- Jeter thing I was one of the big reasons I tuned in a watch Derek Jeter my entire life. And suited to get an opportunity symbol more time and all star game that's a big reason. Why I tuned into that game and I'm sure there are a lot of people like me and it's still 1010000109. Right around -- spent over the last four years it's just not working. Well I agree it. They've got a lot to change. I just feel you know you watch the NBA. Offered him an integral to -- about the way they don't give it took that -- at my little watched. So that your view that a lot of export our premiere person and I do. Appreciate -- that it. Dave thanks your call appreciate your effort tonight your calls your texture tweets up until 10 o'clock in the Chris as you. And till midnight Mikey on special assignment 61777979370. AT&T text line. Is 37937. Starting with the all star game -- festivities last night bad ideas and sports also wanna get -- -- right sock issue because they'll be off tomorrow they'll be a pile of off day. Get back to work on Friday against the Kansas City Royals. What are Red Sox fans looking for in the second half the Red Sox season we'll talk about that as well wait view it's -- and Gilani Sports Radio -- -- week yeah.

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