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Identifying the New England Patriots chief areas of concern with training camp on the horizon.

Jul 16, 2014|

We discuss the Patriots with CSNNE's Tom E Curran, now that we're inside of 10 days until Patriots training camp opens for business.

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Patriots players report a week from today -- Gillette Stadium. Their first work outs on the field week from tomorrow in fact. The dale and Holley show will broadcast live from Gillette Stadium next Thursday the first day of but training camp workouts. By everybody's estimation the patriots -- the odds on favorite again to win the AFC east. One of the favorites to commodity AFC and make it to the Super Bowl by. Everybody's. Estimation at least in Vegas they're one of the four by best teams. In the NFL and have consistently been in the Belichick Brady era. But the question for all of us I think here Michael is one of them five biggest story lines going into this pre season from the patriots perspective. I don't just want to -- -- Tommy current justify the promo said yesterday he's gonna tell us five things that we don't know. Do it maybe I missed something you know what and it takes on the right now are. It has to do with the offense Mike and the point is that the patriots -- game plan offense. They're not gonna tell you before the game begins who they're going to use. You're not going to be able to go into the game itself looks like we're gonna stop the run and take away the tight ends because they could just as easily. Throw it 55 -- well this year. In similarly to last year one of the biggest challenges for this office will be finding an identity. Because right now if you look at this season you're identity remains in -- you don't have an outside receiver. Because of Aaron Dobson would injury continued rehab from that and the surgery. Who comes back and says oh yep that's the guy that will -- don't look -- is as our field structure you may not have. You're franchise tight -- At the beginning of the season we'll see what happens with that -- be left with Michael and -- we terrific hands of separation. You don't know yet when you get -- slot area and in the backfield you decide to like what Garrett on. In his production. Go to Pittsburgh. And you put sure eggs in the basket of Stephen release Shane -- and now James White from Wisconsin I think that's. One of the biggest problems this team is facing and he didn't know that because she said hey Tom Brady's there in -- and he has there Bill Belichick is there. That to me is what they're going to wrestle. And I wonder OK so they must. They must know something that we don't. Because you if you lay it out like that. -- so they must think that Steven Ridley is a lot better than the rest of us. Thinking I can actually think he's pretty good they I don't nobody more uncertain about it may -- -- more -- they think he can hold onto the football that that that concern. Is has lessened since last year and -- Similar faith. In -- to. And then relieved when you go to gras it's either they think rockets coming back. Or at W just fund -- -- they'll go to the running game -- wonder what it is a wonder what are. It is the Tom what do fall in place and dale I wonder about this with the intimations in visits they've had with not just. Dustin Keller into Michael Finley but also with Dennis at a -- beyond. In the offseason he's a different guys that they tried to kick the tires but it wasn't Adam who -- -- to Michael Finley set -- gap fill me in and -- doesn't tell. Yes I know better those players who could still conceivably. Join the team once they are good to go. As that receiving tight -- because right now they don't have that -- going at the last. Offseason. 2013. That's what they tied at centric team. Well let's go back to Michael's point about the you know more than we -- when we sure hope that that's the case and how hard can -- be. They must feel much better about Rob Gronkowski then then we were led to bully. I mean don't you guys think based on the fact that -- as you -- kick the tires on some guys didn't bring anybody else in. If if Rob Gronkowski is not ready to start the season Michael Holm and my now when -- is your top tight end for I mean nobody thinks that's a good plan. They don't think that's a good plan so they must have a much better sense. But Rob Gronkowski is ahead of schedule and may well be ready to start the season and activities. Is what's going to be interesting and why as we -- -- watch 2.0 was three point oh however my point -- it is. I have a tendency to wanna tap the brakes because we've been down let down the primrose path forward dale in which we. Have an imminent return for Rob Gronkowski he's lighting it up at practice and all signs ago and he doesn't like. Now this injury separate masters suffered November was -- -- pretty good blow out. But not the worse it could have bent but will he be ready in this period of time and will his camp. News father who was certainly very much involved -- decision making process in his agent Drew Rosenhaus sign off on him coming back. Or encourage him to take his time because here's the thing this team. Is one thing but the Rob Gronkowski incorporated. Is another and in 2015. After that season the patriots have a very interesting decision to make it when they're gonna pick up. Rob Gronkowski he's. The bulk of his contract that'll make him leave if you're rich guy or not and I think if you look at. The decision that the patriots have to make immigrant houseguest to make about himself you have. A very interesting dynamic that could bring us right back where they were not that interesting not that led to see what decision you pick it up. Amanda is a no brainer. I mean it's interesting. But it's also a no brainer but if you -- you come back do you treated differently this year the need to master Michael. You -- -- time coming back you with a best player practice as was reported many times you were good to go. Probably after about week three or four and he continued to. Played out played out play out the patriots used a roster spot keep open. The to a -- returning -- didn't return in two weeks I think he's got to go out play OK Roddick to go out there and play but that's a risk that you're taking which if you. Somehow re injury if you somehow. Played poorly if you are diminished player for whatever reason you're gonna hurt your market and yet. I I may be a little bit I think in terms of -- can be injuries that he suffered so far. I don't think that the patriots or any other team in the NFL. Looks like rocks injuries. And says man this -- worse. I get to you believe he's missed. -- nine games because of that and even the injury before the Super Bowl. High ankle sprain a major major problem last year you -- -- blow. TJ ward it and I had a good hit on them. Blows out his knee and then you look at about the injury. I -- -- did break his arm and 08 a misdiagnosis. Or a disconnect. -- what you wanna put it on with the medical staff. Led to another setback -- I don't think he's -- You regret and Danny Amendola he's -- okay. They've endorsed brutal. And in an end and dole is not as talented as okay clinic yeah and I'm sure I think that's a big difference. Will pick this up afterwards but I like -- -- gronkowski are extremely some really you know this is good from a patriots fans perspective that's you guys. One of the story lines you wanna see followed when we kick things off week from now 6177797937. As the telephone number. The AT&T text line many you've checked in there as well. Is 37937. Story lines for the patriots at the start of training camp a week from today. Dale and Holley and Tom. WE yeah. Our number two dale and -- Sports Radio WEEI. Tom. CSN and dot com -- And a talking about the start of training camp patriots players report a week from today week from tomorrow -- first on field work out and everybody's wondering about the story lines. I'll toss one out to you fellas because I'm sure heard his name and up here over the last. Month two months whatever it is what are the chances Andre Johnson is wearing a patriots uniform at the beginning of the season. I'm gonna say slam extremely slim the reason. Bill -- rights too Smart. To. Go ahead with the real rebuild in Houston and say you know what let's take that the icon lets take the best player. All this franchise's history and send them on up to New England where people can have the preconceptions that I'm just another Belichick. Toady who will be able to be goaded into a deal. -- -- The question -- absolutely right. Jose 0% chance -- get back up what you were saying before the break right I do think -- I think it does not -- hundred Johnson. You think that grown. And -- I don't are similar -- -- listen here's the reason why. There injuries. -- -- -- is Koreans exploding notwithstanding. -- in the exploding growing. We have had guys do all males everywhere just -- your -- all on the back and god awful has grabbed myself there and I -- -- This is radio play and I didn't see it but I don't like it happened he definitely I think if you that. His injuries have been April clavicle. When he landed. -- much like gronkowski. They've been contacted. This was the first time he had non contact injuries real if any -- street faster with concussion immigrant situation. You can look at both players and say that they have been the victims of that but where you can say that they are brutal and they're playing style and frame. He's not suitable to the way to play -- medium -- -- is the best receiver wide receiver or slot receiver in the game the same way gronkowski is. But that's the similarity -- I just think of the patriots if they were in a position with with Danny Amendola the same position they're gonna be withdrawn. That they have to make a decision. I think talent makes the decisions -- -- easy it's so easy -- -- -- you just don't walk away from a guy like that even if even if use the army played twelve games there -- nine games there are all of really would have been good to have him down the stretch. A during that seasonal for that Super Bowl. I just think the talent it's just so incredible so over the top. And rock and it's it's irreplaceable in many ways and that's the so replaceable them and they of course it is and we saw that not only was and that's what I said about Wes -- -- make it -- back now Tom. No arguments and I know this because it's as I said. Previously Wes Welker completely replaceable I said it before he went anywhere that slot receiver. As wonderful as he is in that position is replaceable and that's why when he went somewhere else and Danny Amendola -- had notified well as it turned out he wasn't fine. But because the position. Is easily. You know whatever. Manufactured in this off its really just cash cow for yards as I've said before. It was able to -- by Julian -- you can get someone to play that position cannot get someone to play the tide in position like Rob Gronkowski does they don't grow on trees. Whereas slot receivers do and that's what they get paid. By point six million dollars a year I do think fitness when when you were talking about Yemen Dolan contact injuries in your right. The biggest difference though is you know Rob Gronkowski is so more suited to take contact injuries he's had some issues you get -- -- blown up by guys diving -- your legs it's gonna happen. But Danny Amendola Julian -- Wes Welker. Generally speaking their bodies aren't built to take those contacts but they can form their bodies to be better able to those -- and that's what's been interesting. I think if you look at both those players now. -- Wes Welker is staring down the barrel of a concussion issue. That is very apparent. And actually to me was troubling -- apparent in his speech patterns at the Super Bowl when you listen in -- -- -- it was outsmart -- -- a station in Miami compared to speech pattern when he was the dolphins to how we -- When he was with. Denver Broncos last -- approval that's really scary and it was stark difference. He had to last year he's in a position will continue to put the way to Julian Edelman meanwhile. Really hasn't had an injury since he broke his wrist against the Baltimore Ravens. And Yemen dole is working hard with Alex Guerrero who is Brady's -- coach it would Guerrero does use everything is resistance bands. And flexibility. And stability. And having the ability to -- if you looked at Welker settlement ward Danny Amendola. They were so tightly wound such little bricks of muscle. That it became easier for them. To have polls tears in situations like that that's why I think came into what could conceivably have a much much better year record with a Michael your greater questions for the patriots offensively or defense of. Offense offense you know I think their defense. You know some of the moves that they've made defensively start with the big ones. You look at Browner you look at Revis. Among those are huge additions. To the secondary. Adding to legitimate number one quarter's big corners in the case of Revis. If not the best corner in the -- a legitimate top five corner football. So. That's huge and then you have is the return of Wilfork and the return of Mayo and and Tommy Kelly yeah I don't having problems with them. A defensively and -- I wanna see what known Jamie Collins doesn't is first full season -- begin to more time. As as really you know relied on player the entire season and high tower. But offensively you know you mentioned -- -- Tommy I disagree with you on this the entire time -- continued to. When you talk about the replaced ability of Wes Welker. Yeah I -- to say about this opposition. But. Maybe they just picked the wrong guy to replace what. Like you can you can replace somebody at that position it's default position a lot of ways count like tight in light. And in the play breaks down where you can always go there is safe places and -- guy. But Danny Amendola has proven may be because of his ability and maybe because of bad luck combination. That he's just not a reliable guy there for an entire season he's argue that production. And one of the biggest things that I was concerned about with him until I was with a tail into the season when he was still going to the wrong side -- me and house. Every game Brady would have to redirect that to me was why then. By that point of the -- right and yeah argument. Are you concerned about there. Offense the best ever I would like pull it will they be able to score points to score but by the way I'll start that concern Michael the offensive line. Which is where it always starts. What are you more concerned because of the coaches which -- Scarnecchia going on David and putt I thought was a huge deal for that team you know -- you -- the weakest part of this office of mine troubling -- was really the interior with. Logan Mankins Ryan window in game -- and that's to me the one place where Tom Brady has had any appreciable dip. He's dealing with pressure to space by moving -- otherwise he still at the same arm. You sort of -- velocity. He's even better is a decision maker when you have eleven picks onto it guys he was going to -- that's that's an illustration -- and shame on John I don't think you don't see the same. I don't see the same accuracy but I still think he's protected the football I think he throws with more velocity now -- -- reverence really which aspect of it you seeing. I think source camping too hard to life. Okay I'll make you maybe that's the case on and on short on those crossing routes where guys right there anything zip in and there yeah -- But in terms of the deep in terms of what he can do and I know I sound like -- this is from 2000 to break -- throw the deep ball thank you Ron Borges. -- I think the deep ball firfer Tom Brady at this stage of his career is not what it was five or six years ago. And people up -- -- -- out here and parents and Michael you're exactly right how do you negotiate dot I -- beaten up a letter to help them out ranks as I got letting pro -- -- -- very well how do you throw Julian settlement. By as much as you do. On the first play or as one of the first drive of last year's AFC championship if you're a good deep ball thrower I say to you. Michael and -- -- wondering. Why he's throwing downfield to Julian settlement. Because he's five and why you throwing in the Super Bowl. On a doubt -- pass in the slot he's not in the -- or -- on the hash. To Wes Welker. But the one thing that these guys can't do is be downfield receivers with huge catch treaty says he's not supplied with those outside receiver and I see -- -- a huge problem. Where this team because of Aaron Dobson not coming that they need an outside receiver. And the things that they do without one is is pretty amazing to -- answers they were both wide open. Well they -- what -- element was like to eat animals why don't. There was some trouble lurking on the inside well yeah. He -- so let's assume now for the sake of our argument. The Patriots defense is going to be better we all think that's the case so the offense doesn't have to be as good. You don't have to score as many points -- the defense is better like we think it is is the offense still good enough. To make UN AFC championship contender. You have to be able to hold teams in the teens because that's -- we've seen as that's all the -- can give is in the is in the twenties well. Yes and that has been the case -- since you know tapes had this -- and that includes 2007. Days what is really begin. Very improper word to choose port because it's not a swooned when you obviously championship. When they had the lack of Super Bowl championships. So if you look at this team they've scored in the teens in virtually every playoff loss that they. So if you want to win those schemes that they're going to be occasions when your potent offense is going to be. Run aground how we can win those games you have to win some games in the teens may have not been suitable defense -- way to do that. Thank Dodgers had run aground after. Exploding growing is because of Roger gonna go the opposite of of a potent offense and that that you're gonna into a man. You know we got into Clinton and exploding grants and in the in the 20/20 five minute span that that's too much. Text -- by the way Michael says the exploding exploding droids are dropping new CDC. I -- -- all other Artest says it's saying Tom Brady throws the football hard is like saying Derek Jeter's a power hitter. -- really. Difficult time. Understanding what football game you're watching if you can't see that the velocity Tom Brady's. Passes. Is extremely high now well to use some good guy -- -- one. My machine here all argued currently regard and I clarified on the internet's I'm telling you he throws the ball both Reagan hard. That's probably throws a two party tries to rip it to -- on certain on certain. Reps uncertain routes yes especially he's pissed off but you also pointed out he overthrew settlement moment. Pattern you're talking about. He does overthrow a lot of and that's it -- I'll tell you a reason. If you go back to 2002 he had picks against Washington Redskins lost. On under thrown ball also netted against San Diego Chargers I remember after those games he says I will never. And there are going to be exceptions. To report 2001. But generally speaking. I'm not going to under throw down the field because the only place you can get the troubled outfield -- on and on to throw right you have -- to Wear your guy's gonna catch it. When nobody's gonna catch and that's generally what he's done. I I don't think Tom Brady has had an appreciable drop off. I do think he's had an appreciable drop off in the weapons around him then and I do think that this is not one of those chicken correct things. Because I I kind of agree with you a little bit on that you know his ability to throw the ball hasn't significantly dipped for me. What's dipped as the quality of the people catching the football and especially last year. When you add both Hernandez out forever for obvious reasons and gronkowski out. And you know. You had Danny Amendola hurt. And basically you had Julian Edelman that was your offense and Julian cattlemen and a couple of rookies who didn't really look like they knew the game very well at that point. Dell and I think the pressure you know we talked about this early to do brickyard 4% were doing on. Comcast is leading into camp and and one of the aspects was like -- He doesn't deal with pressure as well as he used. And I think the pressure that he doesn't deal with radio talk about. Is the pressure that he puts on himself perform and the pressure he puts on his teammates around. And we saw that in the second week season when he had human nineteen passes there settlement. And thirteen completions and still an -- like 77 yards. I have a healthy at thirteen balls that 77. Almost physically impossible. But nobody else was open and he was going to look at anyone else who was going to Julian -- time after time I'm. And because of his impatience with other. Target's up and I think that that's one of the pressures that Tom Brady passed the conquer. And I think he's gonna have to look at that this this season is being more mentally patient. Will Brandon looked LB a big part of the offense that yes -- wait. We'll talk about -- -- -- -- ball 6177. LI exam -- 37 we'll see which you guys think it's elsewhere that the right to the colts football calls with you guys when we return Dele Ali and Tommy current Sports Radio WB. How much of the opportunity to win a Super Bowl factored into your decision to go to New England. I think that was a number or priority. You know after I got released by Teva it was so good on the list to change it and see what's the best opportunity for me anyway I'm -- in every player in this league. In August before. We knew we all want to win the championship I -- this -- -- -- game. And you know the new page is probably the best fit for me. Patriots got a lot of questions for a lot of folks some of them by the way a -- going to be very positive answers Michael brought up the point. The patriots secondary. At least once you get the first four games of the way. And the suspension Brandon Browner should be significantly improved -- just the addition of Darrelle Revis significantly improves any secondary anyway. But we brought up the point before the break as we get to the -- to you guys at 6177797937. About -- felt a week only teased but haven't talked about yet where does he figure and all while he's a bigger. Slot and -- and talked to his coach from Carolina run repairs at the owners' meeting to vote. Well fellas we're kind of play again it was it was interesting because he was very candy -- Tough. Please hard excellent downfield blocker. These personal complaints that are outside. But he drops the ball. He drops -- oh boy. There are occasions when the ball. Will be dropped because of focus issues and that's the hardest thing and and we talked earlier about hope about pretty that's where he's gonna have to throttle it back. There's these guys come to this organization to play with this iconic quarterback. Who was not a legend when he was when he -- and is -- now he's got to -- in their pants when they make a mistake and the problem is I think. He loses faith in guys really quickly as -- It's almost lets you know you drop a couple and he stopped looking for you after -- a couple you go to the wrong spot you run your vote at nine instead of eleven. Party's over you -- see you again and I think the that was one of the alarming thing about the Indian middle of the year was in getting separation at all. He knew he was placed on the do not call list. You know pretty much after that and and he as a player who's gonna make in the what do five million dollar rate cannot be on the do not call. In my. It always insert guys anytime someone asked me if this question the following question I'll I'll I'll always answered no. And the question is do you think Tom Brady. Lobbies Bill Belichick for certain players or does -- Or. Is it does does he go in and say bill. We designed this gap or I want you don't pay this -- I just don't think. He's that kind of player you know just think about some of the things that have happened to him over the years whether it's. Losing his number one and number two receivers in the same season to go way back for the -- Deion Branch David Givens days to. You know losing Wes Welker right after. Putting together very team friendly contract. I. I joked about it I'll say it is this point guys through in my yet on the right track -- Jabar Gaffney I mean he all but handed owed to -- gaffe because he -- combat. Because he felt he could depend on and he's constantly -- players he can depend on and but he's made it clear his locker. Win any decisions are made it look it's not my job I'm not play I don't do the decision any. Absolutely. He absolutely committed to do it -- I don't know now he could say it without any kind of repercussions. But. I don't know how effective it will be as far as and Tom Brady. The salesman I know what he's like when he's pitching -- But. When he's pitching Bill Belichick for Wes Welker is that will that change bills my companies made up as -- OK I value the player at this. And Tom Brady is saying we gotta go even higher we got to do everything we can't bring them to bring them back. Do like change you know I think -- I think -- one aspect of Bill Belichick it's probably very underrated as Bill Belichick the salesman. And I -- a Bill Belichick go to Thomas say. You know what this -- thing Wachovia. Kick him everything you know we gonna see -- gonna do with. With a contract last time we franchise. In a written copy commit -- -- so we're gonna go incentive -- And hopefully he'll do that it's the best -- rest ago. -- I. And I don't break -- you can open a bag and I heard this I -- -- then it's been since 2000. A year so I think the Belichick before those decisions are made he he is. You know if you think that it can be a combustible one he's gonna work and make sure. That he's got his. -- released in the loop if not completely on board. Yeah I mean look I think that's what's gonna happen it's not my prediction not so great at predictions here of sports talk radio put -- -- my my prediction is. We'll all be all the slapping ourselves on the back patting ourselves on the back. In September October November whole lot of you people in the media. Worried about the patriots been able to score points. All they can score points to score points the regular season. I am never concerned about that -- they're judged by. A different standard the standard now is do you have enough you have -- of defense do you have enough offense and Tom -- make enough plays to win. At a championship levels so winning the AFC east doesn't count anymore winning a playoff game doesn't count anymore. I people were looking at this team saying Rodriguez. Two years left for years that five years that can take advantage of every single season so do you have enough offense. To win in the playoffs and I think that Fallujah legitimate question right now looking and I signals. But earlier first one team doesn't detail. Because you can win a Super Bowl on a down year. 8 o'clock o'clock at which you're not looking at an NFL right now that doesn't have a hierarchy to look at. With Denver Seattle San Francisco they have to be better than most teams. Not just the other team player and without grant it's not a -- -- with drunk in my immediate question mark. 6177797937. Is telephone number let's get the calls do you guys as we talked some patriots football week before training camp gets underway. Joseph is down indicate Jillian next on Sports Radio -- on -- Hey guys. That several years ago when trumps contract with dot I I called the station is in this shall we remain nameless. I mentioned that this is the tanks came and took bargain for. Some priests he does. Look I'm get -- here. -- -- some alcohol there. This would be returning him to -- -- can be 49 on the -- that might mean these guys. Pooh -- it he. -- don't do that way. Well they don't know what well what he can't beat a way to go. Well it would but here's a funny thing is when you think about it -- it's. It's not a democracy down there and if you're remember what Robert Kraft said the owners -- Lester I don't answer the Tom Brady. -- -- if you dance at a Tom Brady and you're never gonna answer to any player you're never gonna put the weight of eighty players opinions very highly. Absolutely absolutely and -- so you're saying they -- shot. We got a shot -- here. -- -- -- And I don't think the conversation stops there you know Robert Kraft great quote great sound sound -- from Robert Kraft and Anderson Tom Brady. But then that's just the start of the conversations on over -- now now massed at the what does that mean so Tom Brady comes to -- says. Robert -- goes to Belichick and bill and Robert. I think what we need is this I think that guy if he hasn't done it before his career. Now it's time to do it holds even more weight if Tom Brady at age 25 in -- comfortable doing that and 830 -- -- comfortable doing that well. If he says it now wouldn't you -- Patriots in the company you know and he's not a complainer he's -- locker room lawyer he's telling you dammit it is time for some real receivers maybe let's go. I think he loves one aspect of lakes to be the stoic. Whatever you give me whatever I end up with I'm gonna make it work yet to keep it has stopped discussed as we saw at the beginning of last year but he is such. Company man. A company guy who will fall in line and do with the coach asks what the company -- -- -- I know it's it's astounding to me. You know how much he can swallow it. Do you guys think that and and I am I mentioned earlier of the rookies last year who. Didn't give you what we're looking for the wide receiver spot RR Dobson are are those guys ready to assume a greater role and you expect. I should hope a lot more out of them this year I think reported better than people gave him credit for. Undrafted. Kimbrel Tompkins comes in catches forty plus -- and he -- it got to do he dropped out locked but AT. Hate to catch him by big -- Amanda -- -- when he made Brady. -- but he's I think he's just OK he's just again but I think they played as well as you could expect between. You know I thought the second round pick. And Tompkins a guy who wasn't even on anybody's radar become indicate what it was balls I think that you can expect that the problem with the ups and is. His -- issue. Which was not operated on stress fracture the turn to a worse issue and it was finally operated on the off season. You're not gonna happen. That outside receive that hallway to a 636 -- get a receiver. Possibly four of significant chunk of the early season so that to me yet that changes things you you have a slot Nam and only in the slot -- you have. Perhaps gronkowski and then you have pumpkins and the fell you know and -- get you Tom Brady to come at the huddle and on. I know settlement and written and thank him and written. Well that's pretty nice -- that. Always its interest you know him and to look at as they get Brady did what I said. I think he would probably get some type of explanation. Maybe a lecture. On the wide receiver position over the years and NFL because it's clear to me. That Belichick sees it differently then a lot of coaches and and Imus got too hard to figure out. Where some of this philosophy came from and you look at those great giants teams and that Bill Parcells the coach of 86 in ninety. I was very media held at Daytona Hakim nicks now and that's a -- on that team know. So Belichick -- is his only drafted receiver in the first round one time he doesn't believe. He doesn't believe that that's where. That's where the value is in the first round for the most part so. I'll own one and I understand that look he's -- he's had a whole fame career. So he looks at these positions -- studies these positions and has a reason as a method to the madness on -- and he's never had a quarterback. Like Tom Brady. So he can have a philosophy in Cleveland five you have philosophy as an assistant with the jets in a school. But and maybe even -- first couple years Tom Brady when he was. When he wasn't the Tom Brady that we know now a quarterback like this. I think maybe. It's time for that. That view on the wide received wide receiver position to -- And maybe that's a bridge too far for him -- maybe worried he said OK you know what I'm going to be a coach who's willing to be offensive center. Be willing to be dependent upon offense. And just play even more. Defense which -- soft. And lets people take yards downfield and will eventually win the game on offense you've -- taken that step. As a coach maybe it's. A bridge too far fewer Belichick to say you know what I'm gonna listen this guy to -- other deferred him away Peyton Manning was deferred to by. By John Elway or by the colts organization. You know I think that that's. One thing that has been very interesting a priest and yours he hasn't had much of a voice in personal decision -- -- is a good point like doesn't elaborate. And he's ever had it is that unless I -- and somebody. He's never had an on and I'm not just step. He's never had a first round receiver -- So Tom Brady it that the patriots drafted me Randy Moss the first -- receiver but pitchers in draft dual match. -- and the way you felt on on Christmas morning you wake up what away and I got to play with it Brady. If they said hey Tom we have 21 round picks and you know we're gonna do when -- draft fat defensive lineman. We're we're not gonna draft a linebacker org guard or tackle attracting a poll receivers in the first round go crazy. By the way every year it seems like week before training camp. You get word it's somebody on the patriots decide you know -- is just that market. It's time for me to retire the Joseph -- -- -- an adult channels where usually it's not a 23 Euro. Today the patriots announced that defense of linemen Armond Armstead announced his retire -- come on 23 year old. What's it's gonna do -- Twitter. Question never existed I did about Arafat are stated topic Todd gives a lot more questions about never used text about Armond Armstead he's retire. Retired today. I'll you know I get -- 23. It's because we've never seen avenue is basically the subsequent to the NFL moment I think it's easier to -- to me. Make likable when you look at this kid he. Said and he cited -- all. Use that USC's at the training staff gave him his lead to a heart attack that he suffered while in college. Went to the CF fell. Played there in -- -- Signed by the patriots. -- suffered through an infection lastly you talk about 23 year old who's just been through more than he should be dad and and you know. At some point we will retreated to make sure that we get out. The story behind little but these. Holy crap support here at 6177797937. As the telephone number you can Texas at 37937. Dale and -- Tommy currently in your call Sports Radio WEEI. Well I'm I'm really excited for -- I think this is a great time here for -- for you know our. My my other teammates to -- Iraq -- we've been working -- you -- -- We're gonna get to this camp here -- ago where conditions that how prepared we are to start playing could -- happen pretty quickly and work we've got a few. Joint practices that we're doing one of our first week in Washington in the one or second week in Philadelphia so we get to figure out pretty quick court -- Patriots quarterback Tom Brady on now with Mike and Mike this morning on. ESPN radio. He always says he's excited to begin already camp and I -- genuinely is excited at the beginning of training camp is it my imagination or did Brady. Seem more involved in the offseason here than we've seen him of of recent years. I think back. Few years ago it was less involved but I think Lester is very involved this year as well and I think they've spent a lot of time talk about mental toughness a lot of mental toughness -- Going into the season. I think he wants his guys to learn the offense. I think -- it comes down to and and it begs the question. Why is it so. Why it's so I was gonna say -- offense so tough to learn houses they -- -- -- I should say wise it's a tough for certain guys learn and you think about Welker when he came here. And 07 Welker and Randy Moss didn't hear any of these stories Tommy current. -- and have stories about learning the offense with those guys. But you fast forward a few years. He certainly had those stories about Chad Johnson Ochocinco. He had those stories about Brandon Lloyd to a degree but maybe that was in the -- this story as much as it was a learning the playbook story. Why why is it difficult for some guys to pick. Because everything is predicated on the things that you have to look at and decide after us now. You have to for it's it's -- Aaron Dobson mean to preach against the jets from Brady's eyes popped out of his -- he screamed at disguise. He wanted Aaron Dobson to sit down on the goal line. Because I think it was team on the might be wrong and he -- -- Miller was shaded outside remember the way it was about the tenure yep. He wanted to Aaron Dobson to turn sick. Make the reception all -- first into the hands of for a touchdown he didn't. He broke it outside to where Miller was. And Brady in his irritation. Whipped a thousand miles an hour and -- should have been and then made sure that he knew that's where you were supposed to -- And I think it's so many of these plays. Are predicated on what you see after the snap -- these guys were coming from and that's probably your guy from march when you get a guy FT CU when you get a guy Cincinnati. And you put these players out there and you say okay. Now you're gonna have to deal with a sophisticated. NFL defense and figure out after the staff how you're being played in which hall of fame quarterback perspective prevent fire. He's going to do -- you better get a write a ticket it's daunting. As hell Mike. Well you know I've been in that case if you if you describe it like that. May be doing in the offseason. Spending time with liberating their offseason and as good and -- there's never negative. But it really comes down to. Allegedly watching a lot of film. It comes down to recognition and a lot of ways I -- that the best way to recognize this stuff is to be on the field. Yeah I CIA -- I'm -- you on this Michael I'm no matter how much time we've thrown a ball -- Aaron Dobson in May and June and July. Until you've got people in another -- all the other colored jerseys out there and making moves on yet what could -- it -- And that's why it's interesting to watch trading QB -- mosque was here. They would spend an inordinate amount of time just Brady and moss and maybe Josh McDaniels -- quarterbacks or defensive backs coach out there. Giving moss a read on. Pretending they with a safety to shadowing and they -- to step up this mosque came down the field. And he would break a long. When they were septa wants out of the other he would have to react it is it's all reps tossing the same thing 6177797937. Rollins on the cellphone payroll and. -- just -- the first question that operate like that -- question mark surrounding you and even. I wonder about what you had any offense would be well I think the defense in the intriguing story. Because your offense is coming back act. At a minimum it's a little jump to any other decent in the NFL Seattle. I'm gonna give you Browner read it's well our you know. And Tommy -- what they're essentially -- this year I think they have an opportunity for the defense to become the identity EP. And Chandler Jones throw Chandler Jones and her -- Joseph and I our aren't on the upside. You know -- -- -- -- -- balls and offensive team they won three when they were basically a defense team. Outside the defense is a much more treatments. And I think it's because the question -- were talking about -- a little bit but you don't when you look at this team. We have more concerns about I think defensively we get into that would deeply bullet. Offensively. You're casting about for exactly what the identity will be. And defensively I think it's going to be fascinating because if you look at what this team has done. If you loading up to beat one team I either Denver Broncos they did that. They look to what Seattle did they've been looking at that. They beat the hell out of there while outside receivers who screwed up Peyton Manning's timing if they meet Peyton Manning revert back to being. The kind of guy who win the green house gets upset a little bit there is a little trickle someplace cumin and it's not pretty and I think the patriots are what we have to do that with 6177797937. Dance caller from California -- I don't. Video you got that in com. I -- I heard you guys met in the Dobson not in the -- others see you attribute this year what would -- them a little little away from bought them. He had no prob did it's he had a foot injury last year if you remember he missed some time -- -- came back and then when he was going downfield he came up lame. And basically was down except for he played a little bit in the AFC championship game. It was a situation that could have gone either way in terms of surgery or not surgery during the season. And ultimately they did have the surgery in the off season but he's gonna be coming back. From an offseason foot surgery so that's sort of say he's going to be where emitted in this offseason when players make a huge jump generally from year one year to. So Aaron Dobson. He's not gonna have the same level of preparation. It's a Kimbrel Hopkins is going to average Josh Boyce we'll fell so that to me. For a guy who had -- to 37 catches and could be a good weapon down at his. Confidence grew was a season gone well I thought it was kind of shrinking violet early in the season and he he's grew a little bit this season monologue that's a big loss I think offensively. -- again thanks for the call appreciate today a detector brings up an interest in point is it Brady's job to go over with the receivers. Where they're supposed to be Harris at the coach's job. And and I do think that that the offense here I mean the coaches in other words aren't saying OK you're gonna go seven yards and you're gonna turn out. Man you over here you're gonna go three yards in your gonna turn and it's just about the way their routes are structured right so it's not like. It it really is more Brady's in the coaches because it's always based on what Brady sees the defense is doing and what you hoped the receivers also say. Yeah and I think if you look at Brady probably. Carries most of the -- those conversations what's interesting though you rarely see any player go back I think really Wes Welker was the only player to me who. We. Take exception. To Brady's agrees to point out to him that's that the way I saw. They kept screaming at me on this one I saw at this police thought that way that they come right we sub randomly do want to Jacksonville. And after that. Things were not real. -- with those two. Yeah you know I don't think it's I think a lot of times. You know one -- say there is struggling. Learning the offense or -- still have to get reps on this whatever it is or they don't say that we say it about them. I think it kind of gets. Confused into being an intelligence issue and don't think it's. Intelligence in terms of going into your classroom and picking up your pencils and in in just spent and out of the blue book and some think is like that I think it is. So it's it's football instincts it is it is dealing with certain concepts. -- ability to adjust to those in a lot of guys come from. Number systems. Where say Aaron UK get around and I'm -- everybody knows that that is in the best is what is going to be that's the calls not gonna change. And and there are some guys were used to that make up to this system. Some have a hard time adapting and others don't and I'm trying to be a diplomatic when a service there are some people who weren't all of that. Bright. Who understand the patriots off so it's not necessarily an intelligence thing. Who's Smart Ben Watson -- Rob Gronkowski exactly right breaks and Watson's. -- really tell brilliant guy yeah and guys I think sometimes a mental block develops when you play exports is to just let it happen gronkowski. -- -- 6177797937. As the telephone over the text line. 37937. Tom. CS and any dot com. Patriots beat reporters who would on some patriots stuff. A week before training camp story lines that you're following question marks you have dale and Holley Sports Radio WE yeah.

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