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All-Star Game bores most, offends others after Wainwright's admission to 'grooving one' to Derek Jeter

Jul 16, 2014|

We discuss Derek Jeter, excuse me, the All-Star game controversy sparked by Cardinals Pitcher Adam Wainwright concerning Derek Jeter's first at-bat.

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You know there's a certain irony as we sit here today and everybody's been talking about that that Derek Jeter love fest last night. The irony is we spent a lot of yesterday show and and I said he's a lock first ballot hall of fame. But in many ways Michael brought up the the perfect released. Probably a bit over hyped because he plays in new York and plays for the Yankees and there's a certain aspect of that which got Yankee fans upset -- us. I'm sitting here today saying. Exactly what you happened last night. Exactly how it should ban exactly how was when cal Ripken junior got the a lifetime achievement award and got the all star berth in his final year. That's exactly what they should do for these sorts of things Tommy current from CS and any dot com is in the house with a send out. And also Michael Holley as well I don't know Michael I didn't have a problem with the the Jeter love fest last night. It's an exhibition. I sat it an exhibition game now I know got some mixed messages going on here. Because Bud Selig doesn't wanted to be an exhibition Bud Selig wants to be 1950. Or 1970. Where the league's really hated each other and there was no interleague play and it was more. And just today getting together and having a home run derby. And having in game interviews in the dugout it really meant something to these guys and we knew when you -- the all star game. Back in the day every -- those old newspaper headlines. Our guys are ripped for yeah for for for all started performances and that's not the way it is right now so Bud Selig. On one hand saying this is important. On the other hand. It's an exhibition game what. See you wanted to be an important and have everyone take it but the entire week. Building to a climax of the passionate gains for home field advantage in the World Series. Stop the grab mastery during the home run derby. I mean. The tone the tenor of the entire week is fun exhibition in joy which is what idiots. Why exactly an -- with -- either way they set to meet if John Farrell. It's at leading into the game -- You know what I'm managing to win this game and I have somebody hot and I have to -- -- for five innings I'm headed to. I would sign on to watch that game because then the other side would -- I happen sterling was on the midday Saturday and -- hit the nail on the head with this. He said if this game really mattered despite what Bud Selig will if it's this game really mattered you think Clayton Kershaw would only faced three guys. We will and about -- for 234 innings you know you wouldn't be worrying about making sure everybody in your -- gotten on your bench gets into the game. You'd be as you put it exactly right Tom you'd be playing to win you'd be managing to win Michael the players now the managers now. Gotten it was even Bud Selig knows that this is up our slot and also big -- Arnold knows arsenic he knows but he hates the idea that is. Yet I imagine that's a good point I mean you look at it. It would even. Let's go beat them before the games start last night -- you bring up the point of hey Clayton Kershaw will be in their longer go back even further go back to. The construction of the all star roster the fact that you have every team represented. In the all star game intelligent. That you're not just putting the best people out there you're not saying sorry this is the this is a game that we've really got to. We we are really gonna focus on line. The competition of it now in its competition part of it is wanted to dismiss -- there's no there are no competitive moments in all star game because there are. But it's -- competition. It is part promotion. And part entertainment. So it all that gives to the I think the entertainment side. Adam Wainwright took over last night -- Derek Jeter in the sentimental side there's no question. And then that he was competing. And trying to get guys out and he could. But I think indicates -- Jeter he wasn't trying to get them. And here's the other into his wing and you have a climate which she's moving from outraged outraged it quickly trying to find the next one. Well they all its way rate it's Wainwright who we can be outraged about rate now because he -- excess exhibition. That everyone laughs about and juries. One day earlier at the moment derby it's yet to a couple of light shots. Why did exactly from its arm. Because somebody from Major League Baseball told him tale I think so I guess I think that -- a lot to do with that additionally I think that it had to do with a genuine which I thought that came on the interviewed and you win. Embarrassment if he had devalued Derek Jeter's play by fiat group and the last one. Because as much as in anticipation I was not looking forward to their -- past. It was capsule we perfect is exactly what you should -- but you hate the notion how syrupy music going to be. It was the serve -- and had to be a. Didn't get over the top model and in my opinion I thought I thought John Ferrell did a great job with -- I thought the other players did a great job with a here's the other part Michael. Good news for. Guys have been grouping pitches for batters for years. And we talked about the cal Ripken all star appearance his last one had no business being on that team it was a lifetime achievement award which I had no issues with. In general park grooved one. Well I think I think this is a time where you get to see guys'. Personalities stand out a bit American because so many fun. All star moment some of their big all star moments to America go back to. When I was when I was kidnapped him and one of the fun things. What was Freddy me Freddy Lynn with the angels at the time hitting a a Grand Slam in the all star game I think and I was that Kaminsky. I think it was in knives -- -- and -- knows that -- yeah -- are. -- haven't heard over at his baseball cards I mean that's my guy but. Yeah I mean it was fun it was competitive he was I remember Fred and they really excited about the homer in all of -- teammates getting into but also I also remember. John -- playing around with -- Randy Johnson. With the -- stuck it out about it it's like he was really afraid I think you are straight but you don't. That's OK that's fine and this is the only time in a very serious sport with so many unwritten rules and guys -- If you do that if you if you run around the bases too fast and throw it to run around bases to Islam and throw at it. You know but they aren't all of these things in baseball this is one night. Where you can kind of relax a bit and not that you just gonna turn it into a softball game but there are some moments of levity. In the all star game and I think that that's OK I mean that at this. Adam Wainwright group. And 21 of -- great crimes against baseball I think it's criminal. Well first all went getting ninety mile an hour fastball on the outer half of the plate become grooving a pitch because that's what the pitch was that Jeter hit to right field. Different -- -- night. And and -- -- bomb but my point is get this was not a 75 mile an hour batting practice pitch like we saw the night before right. This was a ninety mile an hour fastball on the outer half of the plate that Jeter. As he's done a thousand times in his life took to right field -- played double into the corner. Now can we also assume that Wainwright wasn't trying to get out the guys who followed Jeter like Mike rowdy when he wasn't trying to get him out -- Or Miguel Cabrera he wasn't trying to get anybody out. The first thing the struggle I think is the center of his answer. Would present him with that I mean. I still don't know the context in which he says it's the initial reports I had to -- from a couple shots. Was he joking beating me I watched it he was obviously -- he was laughing about okay. So was genuinely -- -- the guy that that -- not picky what's that's the only issue I have with parity enters. Interview as she did exactly what you need to do you take a nameless faceless gentle person where. Cut out and say what did you mean when you said that that's fine that was good and then the follow up to me might have been -- throw him -- shots or not. I guess that would be the only. Think that was lacking in my eyes but I thought overall. Requests that he was fine in his answers to me were re directing. The say look I don't wanted the degrade what Derek Jeter didn't his final here's the part that kinda got some people upset but again I heard buster talking about this. Buster said the reason Wainwright felt. Either either he was instructed to -- Korean dress at Horry felt compelled to re address it. Was because of social media and how dated transfer to him if he always -- or look at that point. Good point -- Tom as in and daily that was social media. OK so once again this is washed not a real game social media is probably on Twitter during the game in the dugout. Well and I I think it's more likely. -- it was somebody in Major League Baseball who's looking at social media. And no I don't think Bud Selig went down to the to the dugout while I wasn't but see -- bright -- and and I know he wasn't puzzled some media because he claims he yeah barely uses emails like there are people within the hierarchy of Major League Baseball. Who were sitting there on their phones the entire game we're gonna crap. Look at what's going on with -- -- right thing and I think it's a big I don't have a problem with -- either you would express what is news when it's news. And that had become -- so I had no problem with despite the fact the game was going on saying hey we got this going on the all star game can create. Clarify because fox wants talked the about it. Michael and Michael I don't know who it is and and my guess is Michael that Phyllis clicked Adam Wainwright that hey pitcher but backed out here you gotta talk about this well. Yeah maybe she did I I just. I look at this and you try to imagine what what the responses in Saint Louis they are maybe they are excuse me too nice. In Saint Louis because -- think about Adam Wainwright. He knows the importance of home field advantage his team didn't have a last year in the World Series so bureau Saint Louis talk show host you come out today and. Adam Wainwright doesn't wanna win -- -- look at you believe this guy the cardinals could be back in the World Series didn't you learn from last year. Not having home field advantage -- the cardinal the World Series. Even that's not really not -- really what happened but it sounds good I mean if this guy a competitive guy a very good pitcher. And eight World Series participant just last year if he's looking at -- saying hey listen this is not life and it really -- I I can throw the sports to Derek Jeter and will be okay. If you look at that that. Love fired up about and I'll make the analogies are is an economic the analogies for you guys to Wainwright which I have no issues. The last hard body check on an NHL all star game when was the last contested jump shot you saw in an NBA all star game their exhibitions to. And and yes guys get an opportunity here you wanna shoot all right I'll back what you shoot. We see it all the time and yet for some reason. Maybe it was social medium maybe it was a whole bunch of other things that got into the into the -- all of a sudden last night -- Well I don't think it doesn't guys have done in Major League Baseball. Was there are I'll tell you what the differences the fly in the ointment here it comes backed -- by committee really. I don't think anybody is is terribly upset about it. If you didn't have the attachment. -- home field advantage I mean that that brings the weather whether we think it's right or not I don't think it's right. But what do you think it's right or not is immaterial. There is something important that comes with the all star game so it is a it is very it's a very serious. It's a very serious thing in the middle of a circuit. Michael what you're saying is true but that's a lot of crap and everybody knows it. Everybody knows that because as I said look at the way the game is managed would win -- game I played so they can pay lip service to how much it counts and what's at stake. The players don't care. But it's more than lip service when it's there I mean it shouldn't -- like somebody saying to you OK okay. I know this this shouldn't matter. But your performance here has some important meaning -- what matters is that this is the Joker you kidding me I'm just messing around just having fun you can do that if you want. And I and I agree with you -- put. It's there's still no matter how you feel about it at the end of that game. Now the American League so in the Red Sox make their miraculous -- I. And go to the World Series. They will have home field advantage for the second year. They would when you look at the entire thing to me encapsulates the need for a rate of return something had to be greeted. From the game so that we have some other bone to gnaw on a vote. Even on the lowest sports stage at the what do we have ten on today well it's Adam Wainwright. Ring appears. And then the ensuing it. I mean -- they're always have to be something to not tomorrow that something's been on maybe multiple things because it will be multiple games is nothing going on today so not much -- -- but that's what it comes down to go a twenty point -- and at that early. Find out what people having drinks or who got out early. Pissed off about one. And who's right who's wrong and hope it's not for the people who pissed off as a result of the initial action -- -- one -- -- higher. Operation consists of not just again how does not sure he could. He had like. A background on -- but it was at a valiant effort on your part like the game itself is exactly what we know to be. It's an exhibition no matter what's at stake at the end of -- could you could offer a million dollars every guy who plays in the game. It's go play at the same way. Derek Jeter wants to get him when he's at the plate he you know when he made that diving stop it short on the first hitter of the game he wanted to make the -- And and the actions laughing -- priest called safe at first. They're not gonna challenge I'll take a look at that thing. It's it's an exhibition -- don't wanna look like it just challenged it's on our news. Metheny and -- and while he was called -- -- -- would jump out challenge that. Or is this business -- well I guess it's about -- -- these things. I would have been okay Beckett gets dugout shot -- coached at the managers can operate in this -- operate differently. The interviews during the game in the -- go to looks like it's taken on a bit of a different and that is better and off on. You don't want what -- you bring up you bring that this is that you just gave me a good idea go ahead. Tommy current like that don't give -- rectify it for her charming here is that good idea I think going forward if they're gonna have it this way. Gonna keep the home field advantage this time -- counts. I think the next manager of the all star game needs to be -- This jackass during the game. Just like you are when you see a call an institute of pulled off I mean it's like it's acting you know you go to acting school so. And John Ferrell had jumped out of the dugout and in ran out there and screamed and and of bill on the verge of being run out of the game if you just have a stone faced the entire game. You know a guy loses a batter. He comes into the game one better get out here a couple of quick a couple of dugout because Popovich on -- I'm just really -- -- -- -- serious you know why people would happen there. Major League Baseball have a problem with that -- on. You know this is an -- It even though there is home field advantage attached to this game. We've got to take this in the right spirit there's going to be a little more joy coming from the dugout. It's mixed messages well and the whole problem with this -- -- -- Rights to Michael a text -- just hit the nail on the head set of Major League Baseball really considered the all star game at home field advantage to be a legitimate competition and it worked while prize. That would lead pants and -- line up. It would be it would be a popularity contest of who gets the plight in at you know I can stop the ballot box properly in Kansas City in picture guy and if if this was radio. They -- real team right they played like a real game and they all -- team got left out didn't have a -- tickets are back. Like a Red Sox right. It was weird watching an all star game without Red Sox position player and -- it was. You don't know David Ortiz know Dustin Pedroia it was weird watching the game in that regard yeah Jonny Lester though. A Red Sox player for how much how much longer and that's the question is it two weeks there were five years I mean who knows. And and one other thing I'll get this out of the way year. I was much more offended and that probably even too strong a term. -- Major League Baseball screw La yes they do it wide deal why coming why do -- not offering. Some remembrance some moment of silence some something. For Don Zimmer who spent over sixty years in the game and recently passed away and Tony Gwynn hall of Famer who passed away 24 days ago. At at a far too young an age because of cancer I mean you guys got in these things through how do you not. Offer some remembrance of those two giants in the game I think there's a reason there's got to be a reason I don't know what the reason has to be a reason might but simply precedents like. I mean if you do with them the -- cutoff and certainly these two are above and beyond hall of fame individuals -- cutoff. Well you don't have to -- five I would think. If you do if it's an all star game tradition. To have a moment of silence for -- for those that we've lost in and his itself it's not too difficult to do that even if you don't wanna say. Thank you view unfortunately lose five guys. Between this year and in next year's all star game. You don't have to say it can be a video game YouTube video video board treating it -- regardless America you put the names to put the names up you have a moment of silence. Like the Academy Awards to do every year the awards do that video tribute of the people not a lot. And it gives people an opportunity to remember them and. To me it seems like. This wasn't this was not an oversight. It is usually left and this was intentional and my question why would -- more rational why why did they decide. We don't wanna go there was there something is it. The way that Tony Gwynn died it was -- that there was. That smokeless tobacco involved in Major League baseball's been on a crusade to get it out of the game and they feel like. They don't wanna bring that attention that Tony Quinn but didn't have to mention how he died just affected Tony Gwynn was a hall of fame baseball player one of the great ambassadors from Major League Baseball Don Zimmer same thing the lifelong baseball man. I don't I don't understand. Why you wouldn't. Is that they we they swung and missed. But I'm not sure about what level of -- connect. I can't imagine that it was diabolical nor that the Gwynn and -- and we did -- -- How could they do that to -- they've ruined. The memory and the mourning period and -- Wednesday as well -- -- I just again the level of outrage that I'm going to have a over that he's he's measured and not very high clubs is I think -- eyebrows go up. Yes -- outraged. Tommy -- its it's confusion little baffled by it now I would love to. Have the opportunity to take a peek behind the curtain and right and selling requisite. -- what went over the planning what -- the discussions. To anybody bring it up within an intern saved by the way. Tony -- Don Zimmer anybody well. They delayed the start of an inning for this -- Ken Rosenthal interview with Bud Selig and I know that on social media by the time he talked to Selig. People are asking what no windows ever you don't recognize them. Why didn't ask them what. The reason because your partners that's the same reason that you lob may be afforded no opportunity. To Adam Wainwright accurate -- reporter about a reporter in that instance. Your partner and if you catch Bud -- with his -- bouncing up -- not gonna do anything. Worries anything planned and nothing is planned. And he looks like a warrant if that's the difference between normal journalism. And television journalism in which you -- partner that in my estimation I'm not trying to you know goal pointer institute over here. I'm just trying to say that while that case. In my estimation York partnered with that. Organization during your broadcast. Spend a fair chunk of today's program talking football as well as we approach the start of regular pre season training camps or heard about what they'll -- something -- -- -- heard about artwork and am working on that as well Tom -- got about the problem about the finality of saying -- August on. But at least at the top those of you wanna comment on what you saw last night if you were offended by Adam Wainwright now piping a couple of pitches to Derek Jeter maybe work. I personally was not offended -- it didn't care at all. Holler if you work. You know offended as I have to admit I wise that they didn't at least recognize Tony Gwynn and on whatever you'd like to talk about -- fine. We'll get right to which he -- the other side at 6177797937. Dale and Holley and Tommy current Sports Radio WE. I think that's that yesterday at the politics you can do -- -- I just it's it's a distraction that I do not want to be a distraction. To be all over there it's. Well it pretty much was all by Derrick can all four Derek and I didn't have an issue when it. As it was cal Ripken's last all star game it was all about him and should -- band and as it will be when you know the next great long time. Lock hall of Famer plays in his last all star game that's what this whole thing is who's -- isn't as great questions -- Ortiz. In the great question I was thinking about it last night as I was watching because. Most of the of the greats that you think about you know our our young enough that it's going to be a wild on the road. You know Mike Trout is going to be in such a meteoric star in major if he is already but in any elected -- Miguel Cabrera is a long way from. Being at the end of his career I don't know Michael it's a great question who's the next guy who will deserve that kind of treatment. You know that kind of of cal Ripken junior Derek Jeter type treatment when he plays in the last all star game. Yeah and and maybe I'm Manny Ortiz is a very popular player but. You know it's either on the Derek Jeter left Jeter level lower or cal Ripken -- I don't think so. So maybe it's not him. -- I can even offering but he. Right and I mean clearly can't because pocket and I. Were talking about an iconic player of which. Look how far he surpassed. His contemporaries. Garciaparra. And note -- And for different reasons. But when you think about that this there is no other. He -- coming to on the line at this point who is playing for the most named organization winning. Five rings. Book big hit becoming a cultural icon and eating like. Every other thing it's that -- -- that many out the entire decade ago. So -- let's get the calls that you guys 6177797937. Don't go anywhere though because in just a little bit Tom. The five story line. Up five story lines for the patriots going into training camp next week we were just having a little discussion off they -- will bring it on air and see if you guys. What you feel of the five biggest story lines for the patriots going into the season that's coming up just few minutes Allen is in Florida Europe first on dale and -- Yes I don't you know a couple things I I think. I want her battle between right -- does said that when the Red Sox suck welcome last year in the World Series -- he was just that an electorate he's getting it. Alan Alan that's a stupid premise and you know what we're talking about an exhibition game as opposed to play World Series I'm Alan. Thank you don't think that there around. Do you do realize the last five teams that won the World Series -- that won't feel -- and I understand it's just stupid premise that they Abbott but they do have. Anyway I didn't call the dark about Adam Wainwright but that wouldn't shock me -- first about quite gracious and started the game that's our report. I heard Joe Black a couple of weeks ago and I absolutely -- melodic credit. Police said he was talking about the Chicago Cubs and he says after awhile. It completely gets ridiculous and absurd. Keeps signing these players and rookies and rookies and rookies. And finishing their party games out of first place. And I couldn't agree with the law and my my -- point is I'm getting too if the Red Sox -- left out. I mean they're gonna have a rotation would be the rose and Portman and everything this -- Boston. And down. I'm going to be mighty shocked a little still homegrown players first Deval. The word arrogant is what I call the Red -- because anybody who thought their right mind. That take at least Jacoby Ellsbury and -- and Jackie Bradley Julia and everything would just go according to form. I mean I hit it in February I -- -- maps I don't -- -- to be -- -- anybody know that he was the most valuable player on the team and is there a particular reason that anybody know why the two years. People say he's gone I mean today. Because of the mediators is as Scott Boras and it was implemented about -- pretty obvious. What might it mean you're you're you know the Red Sox have up and it's so funny I don't hear anything about the amount but I am in Florida it you know people have okay. And once -- comes we don't get what they get inside them or -- people kind of you know not go to against all of a sudden we're so worried about. How much the Red Sox got to pay -- a printing press event right packed. They make more money than god and we're worried now they're saying they're gonna give less for hundreds. Do you realize what a bidding war the Yankees in the dodges your member Josh Beckett is buddies with the -- in -- -- he's liable to get Clayton -- guard once they let him go on the. He's got a lot of money he got out much but again I probably red -- yeah yeah -- know. I don't know if you if you even stop guys with the with the Dodgers and yankees mean you really optics and attitude that clubs and the Diamondbacks and I mean there's so many teams in baseball. We'll have tons of money because they've got -- great television deal. I mean just fantastic NFL like but it's pretty good deal. And there are a lot of teams. In baseball with -- money that we don't traditionally think of and we think of free agent so Jon Lester is going to be in a beautiful position for him. He -- just go to the market and let people go crazy or you can look at the seven million dollar offer the Red Sox made to him for the season started. He can laughed to himself. This area like a -- Red Sox. I know was going to be at least 43035. Million dollars so I win -- -- and then it becomes pack for 13135. He can legitimately say at a press conference I had better offers out there. But I wanted to stay and Boston and he's in he's he -- that from him in the Red Sox. If he's got leverage on -- He's got -- let me ask you guys this most people in in our listening area. Say that the Red Sox were right to not give Jacoby Ellsbury 157 million dollar and most of the reaction we get on these Airways says. He's not worth that kind of money. Yeah are they ultimately gonna say the same thing with whatever number Jon Lester ends up with a -- someplace other than here I don't think so and I think part of it has to do with the way he is portrayed himself and you know with the caller alluded to him and what we talked about is. If you say you want to be here if you say you want you'll love it here I don't want change. -- given a heck of a lot more latitude rope. Even if his performance is not off the charts. Is not even commence through what I shouldn't say that even if it remains the same as it always does I don't think that there will be a problem. If Jacoby Ellsbury continued to play you know on her -- -- in the year and it never would've been enough but I think that Jon Lester is different in that eight he has made it clear he wants to remain in pretty. You know. He's a much more consistent reliable players Jacoby Ellsbury proved to be I think the other part of this in in and you've touched on atomic Michael I don't know if you agree or not. I I never remember a time when Jacoby Ellsbury talked about how he wanted to stay with the Red Sox how he wanted to be -- to Jon Lester has said every every time he's asked. Arming the pieces that block and Shaughnessy wrote papers yesterday. I mean he keeps harping on I don't wanna go anywhere else wanna raise my kids Sierra wanna live here. That's why I think this one would be different for fans if the ended up signing for a 160 million dollars with the tigers next year. I think Red Sox fans would look at this one differently than they do wellspring go to New York. Yeah I think a lot of people thought Ellsbury was gonna go anyway and which leads to a couple other questions -- If -- the Red Sox and you think. We're a year away or two years away from Jacoby Ellsbury leaving. Why not a better plan in place amid. A -- getting in shape okay. You have these internal meetings. And yeah if you have somebody who is going to be the contrary. Either. Playing that role or naturally every organization. They come out as a united front but I'll guarantee you in any healthy organization. They're people who disagree strongly vehemently. Behind the scenes mimic them up for the press conference and we think this is the best idea that -- basic business. So. How I wonder if somebody behind the scenes are we sure. -- we short of the Jackie Bradley junior is ready. To be our everyday center fielder. On a championship contending team. I did everybody agree on that everybody say yeah let's go with it and should have a better plan -- Brady sighed again and Grady -- are we sure that we wanna go with Grady Sizemore who hasn't been in baseball for a few years. And again where the Red Sox championship contenders if the Cleveland Indians -- brought him back that's a great story. It's it's it's probably the undercard to LeBron returns to Cleveland. I mean that's the appetizer Grady Sizemore comes back to Cleveland after being away for awhile not being not being healthy enough to play. For the Red Sox is not good enough so that's one and any other thing is how -- -- people say not set to. Grady -- miscues and Jacoby Ellsbury is just not working he can't pay Jacoby Ellsbury and what if he's more important to you that he has to anybody else. But that's that's that's a really good count because. In the end and when you look at what has happened around him the Florida stolen bases and people like to discount the importance of stolen bases in the throw the running game. Well look what happened really at the top of the lineup in terms of run generation if we watched it last night aren't there -- all star game. With the running game for the National League vote the way. You don't like it was sale was pitching differently when some ergonomic. We thought he was Alaska. The Dodgers. Second baseman was in last night who scored first double yes he'll plead no -- outfield -- is. Be it hasn't made escaped through some program on. The text line but you know -- changes in a nightmare to line there it is now changes the dynamic entirely in and I think that. He may have been more valuable than they realize. And you know but is he ever going to be as valuable. As the number -- -- in Putnam out your next on Sports Radio stale and holly. Nobody's open in the disguise. Always Bramlet -- but -- OD Gordon thank you you as a. A lot of yet -- the -- Turkey whether or not but it could be ought to have -- just operating off -- -- and all that I'm trying to figure you know. -- over all these years he went -- to -- yup. You know dollars community services and Lewis who voted on federal aggravation that the numbers up -- -- every vehicle and not a target here. That's a great call I think on your part Al and I do think that when Albert pools as you know it assuming that he's announced this my last year and has Jeter did so you know. What -- dealing with assuming that the situation is similar -- -- the exact same thing. Even if he doesn't deserve to be there hit it one of those lifetime achievement award all star -- like Ripken got like Jeter got. And he'll get the exact same treatment that Derek Jeter got last night. I don't know I think without polls and I know we talked about pulls the player vs Jeter the player in polls. Is it is superior player I have -- career just in terms of getting them on the field. All over superior player to Derek Jeter but that -- Jeter had liquid Ripken had so Jeter. Had new York and he had championships. -- I don't answer also want to but he didn't have New York City and just the shortstop of the New York Yankees keep government out in a machine around -- Margaret. -- it looked like it Ripken Ripken although Baltimore. Is not a huge media market he had the story. All of my guide that is something attached to cal Ripken and what does holes besides being a great player and it. Three time MVP I believe it is. What what's that thing. For Albert Pujols and does -- have the is -- as beloved as Jeter is and Ripken ones. He's pretty beloved he would -- those guys yeah it's but I don't know if you ever. Look Saint Louis -- -- -- Saint Louis might have been if he would have been even more -- I was I was he's -- I was in the usual -- on par in terms of attention with an even though it was every bit player. -- -- -- -- Well as -- it would leave it at that. Because it was in Saint Louis it's marooned in the middle of the country and with a major sports town but it's. I don't have a real definable. What personality it's excellent great fans by some people. But for God's sake and that's the same thing with I think you look at -- he was emblematic of that and you would have to be in a coastal. Really it's it it's come out to its -- either him on -- -- the coasters or Chicago but comeback and a national like 6177797937. -- telephone number the AT&T -- minus 37937. The five biggest story lines. Going into the patriots pre season training camp begins a week from now they report a week from today first day of workouts a week from tomorrow. The five biggest story line and wait. Will give. Our ideas or Tom's idea as well we'll see if you agree or disagree and what you think of the five biggest story lines. Dale and -- Tommy current is and how Sports Radio WE yeah.

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