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Dale and Holley's Four at Four - All-Star Controversy Edition - 7-16-14

Jul 16, 2014|

We tackle four topics all sparked by the Derek Jeter and Adam Wainright supposed 'grooved' pitch in the All-Star game.

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And -- -- That way. Let it play -- -- a flag to that is flagged. Yeah. -- for rusty by AT&T AT&T covered more than 99% of all Americans. -- building you a better network guys are. There aren't. Appreciated -- always. Controversies in the All Star Games not just baseball that's what we're going to that. Now since Adam Wainwright glue that -- to Derek Jeter in the first inning we're gonna start right there do you have a problem. With the grooved a pitch in an all star game. Who won the last two. -- towards a quarter. Racing around worse beating -- this second and he's got a double. I feel like that it's sweet digs it out of the corner. I'll go first I had no issues I don't have any issues now I didn't have any issues that I don't care what if you would Derek Keys. Well as Derek Jeter said after the game he was asked about it they set -- got to hit it. Public view I have no problem -- -- -- Michael let them stand up there with a bad my hands you you come down Broadway avenue tickets if you do it on purpose thanks a lot. Well my only problem with that is that Derek Jeter didn't hit a home run outside all the data pointed -- you really do it. -- -- this and make it real dramatic but it was great I think people wanted to see it. The only mistake. Adam Wainwright made is just mentioning it and no I'm not in charge of big mistake he mentioned it to stick with that don't back away from. But I think. If you're at that game and you're watching -- TV you wanted to hear hear most wanted Derek Jeter to get hit and got the result that you were looking for. No problems. -- -- we are Michael this time. It counts why because in 2002 the all star game ended in a dreadful time. The game you know and at a time. This. -- an 877. It all Terry Francona is off the that would set. Going for game pictures that you don't I'm a make an unilateral decision which is gonna keep playing. The VA announced that it has come with that because you knew that small sampling of the stadium with registering that. Pretty much of it. Still one of my favorite sites of all time but I actually like you know -- if you look at his record. Of if you tried to step back and look at his record all things he's done. Is done some good things are grateful but no question. But I still remember with each round. The fifth helpless how high I don't know I don't know it's -- -- Well let's help -- Well the other thing that happens as a result of that is John Carroll's got two guys last night who didn't play. Because now they have to make sure that they keep somebody in it in the back pocket here something should happen -- it was a tight game who knows. You get to pitchers mark early and the chances from the Yankees don't get to place sorry boys we gotta have we get if somebody in reserve. I -- it if they can't ended -- and keep going. This just keep going it's an all star game thugs that position players -- so whatever you do if you think it might even when your playing. In the backyard in means nothing right about getting paid toward your plan backyard playing for pride in play for fun. It incidents -- unfulfilled Scott. -- play until somebody wins. Three. In the first round of the 1998. NFL draft the New England Patriots drafted Robert Edwards and get a stellar rookie season rushing for 11115 yards and nine touchdowns. And he decided to go play in the rookie flag football game it blew out his knee. It took me two years to come back from that injury and I never gave up a lot of people wrote me off. But I've been through May have met. A lot of blue sweat and tears but I think the thousand on the view -- done and I went through windows. Hard work in I made a bad 2002 was my. First season back in in a fair game and in my first game must look to those -- And just they gave Malone a crowned the comeback player of the year. It -- seem like an idea doomed to fail anyway and let's kick some great. Rookie NFL players on a beach. And have them play a flag football or in the sand what could happen. Fast as you can. I think I didn't do it to a dollar and that was a grotesque injury all it was all I mean and he has -- life. Got the most hospitals quickly dvd that'll last way it was. Artery shearing it all kinds of which I mean it was a it was a dumb idea I'm sure it seemed harmless at the time they conceived of it. But it didn't take them too much longer after the moment Robert Edwards hit the sand the is that I don't think and do this anymore. What are you guys who do you guys think if Robert Edwards had been able to play his career healthy career without that injury would you think you would have to -- Willis McGahee yes electric great call you're like god I like got a lot because. If we talked about this before and we we both remember this game Tommy you you may remember it was David Saint Louis. The patriots lost Robert average rate of about 200 yards and he had a couple long runs and got caught from behind -- ovary look -- piano has been both sides so he was not a fast guy. But put aside I think today is a little bigger deficit. That's a good call or go off -- like we do a Clinton ports maybe we'll -- -- -- -- us about it. Time now for the AT&T all -- controversy of the day that brings us to 1985. And the MBA literally. The all star controversy of the I don't know I don't know that but I guess that would not have an -- -- 5 -- I am way too hard to work this controversy the controversy. There all introverted is our all star controversy of the day. -- for you than any other controversies. 1985 NBA all star game magic and Isiah orchestrated a freeze out of rookie Michael Jordan. And Michael Jordan and Isiah just finished -- and hands. We'll see how cordial the rest of the game is between the so. -- this freeze -- I think it was Isaiah. I think was Isiah -- and it just happened in 1985. In 85. And and supposedly. Native like a lot of the veterans didn't like that's -- that young Michael Jordan brought to the table -- -- -- -- dunk contest other guys were. Word dunking in their uniforms and he had on his warmup so how dare he do that beyond gold chains and it felt like he just this'll do outlandish and to outrageous it pays to do so in 85. Jordan. But all time grudge holder you think you can hold it right now when Michael Jordan and -- an 85 in 1992. As it Thomas. Miraculously not on the dream came -- I don't know. I -- underlie. Add to this day there's a little tension between Isaiah. And Michael Jordan and he goes back -- Maybe you read if you wanna get a quick reprisal vote that team that controversy dream team by Jack McCallum. Written in the last couple years from vendors but you know what a surprise surprise. That. -- -- I I will say this is especially now in hindsight you look back on the career Jordan and you think -- what the -- -- they think it. Let's get on this guys bad side but I had no idea -- don't know that's what I'm saying hindsight being 22 money I didn't know what all went back and at those. That he was in his in his warm ups during the it was out of -- -- there was one story. Tommy where. Jordan got on an elevator and Isaiah was on the elevators at all star weekend in supposedly Jordan didn't speak -- Well he did speak. At least not me you know so they had all kinds of issues with -- with Jordan. Back in the day. And the other controversy just as an aside from last night we mentioned briefly before. If -- across social media Twitter all of the other areas -- everywhere on the Internet. Major League Baseball Bud Selig whoever the decision makers are are being universally. Pummeled for this idea that they did not -- knowledge the untimely in recent deaths of both Don Zimmer and Tony Gwynn. I I noticed where are our buddy Bob -- just tweeted out about it a few minutes ago as well. Most people are saying -- it's embarrassing. That Major League Baseball did not take the opportunity to acknowledge both of these legends in the game. Major League Baseball the most an explanation how does when I just haven't seen it yet -- -- you know I haven't seen it so I've match. I'm not surprised that most people are saying it's. It was wrong where they've missed opportunity. But I'm still more confused by -- than anything else because. They must have -- Really good reason maybe they had a tribute planned in they lost it. The dog ate a whole our equipment where -- work backwards -- it's a job site. I have got to eyeball look this is good and it cannot be that diabolical that they had any kind of -- democratic Ann Arbor. Imagine that -- that is both guys I know I'm no big baby against those in general but but Bob Ryan actually noticed what are coming at a good point that should have an opposite field home run derby contest. And executed -- tribute. The Tony that speaker I and I'll say this I would my guess is. -- but may not be on Twitter he may not be a social media maven but he has folks around him who tellem stuff. How much you wanna -- before game one of the World Series there's some sort of tribute to Don Zimmer and Tony Gwynn. And and others who Major League Baseball may have lost over the last years while -- -- you -- But yeah I think the way to handle it now for Major League Baseball no matter what happened I think the first and c'mon say is we screwed up. We really screwed up and it was a mistake. And then you get into the explanation so they don't explain first because its arms like you're making excuses. But you just own written. And say that as a missed opportunity at the all star game and you think about. You know some of friendly faces a baseball. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Neither did you guys but everything negative to say about Tony Gwynn does anybody as a baseball fan and I -- I was. I was always smiling and I was actually inspired by them so. No short fat guy who was who was getting all those hits it and look like a superior athlete. So he actually gave hope to people. Actually go out there and do it -- we couldn't. But it's not like he was super human and he was always an unfailingly. Nice polite. It even if you didn't if you were working in the media just look at. And and see that he enjoyed what he did enjoy talking with people I and it's just and it is really blown opportunity for -- agrees.

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