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SoccerCast - Kelyn Rowe

Jul 16, 2014|

Kelyn Rowe joins the show to talk about the World Cup and the current state of the Revolution.

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Welcome into positions that you guys soccer cast and post them back and then -- from the we -- today. We're back at it with the reds. Camera with me today Kelly doing under well thank you -- were Iowa which rewards in the World Cup over the past month. I am out there watched every game that I did watch all the game I want bits and pieces and I think. It was on the -- -- woke -- I've ever watched as the desperate to be watched I think so I think overall I think every game with writing and the other big result in big surprises with Angola now I think. Archie to Brazil lost in the. What was I mean one of the big -- points after the final was that Lionel Messi go to golden ball. Were your thoughts on that do you think you deserve the gold dollar for a was the wrong choice. You know. I think. Massacres in through the group -- period through a little bit of that the first round as well. You know -- not. That he was a great player Argentina. I thought there are some other source that could have been chucked it each region and bought it ultra did very well art especially -- -- -- game. Need to throw that ball in the so many different categories of people and done so well I think -- -- and missed. Terrific as -- cup -- that so many players you can get a Cuba. I think -- does deserve the gold in August because he's letters changed so much. Now what was your favorite team of the tournament. It's in its current actual part I'd like to do I love watching US registered massive we did really well. And policy and the little biased. You know and from the US but. Out of the US I would say I was surprised that happy about government I think -- played good game I think besides the semi final and it well all tournament. And I had to say Germany I think the way that way as a team. Incredible and I love Alice -- Now when you look forward to the next the 2018. Russia addition. What are you what team do you think will be you will the German team keep it together and be another great team moving forward or. Will they fall back kind of Microsoft -- Think that there are a little different situation actually terminal -- a little younger than than Spain it's right now so I think. We have to look at that and Germany -- very good team and very young teen date is still have guys like -- like go without like you know those are guys so. I think he does take -- -- accurately be here you never now we have a very similar scenes so. I think they're going to be very good I think Spain -- -- -- would be very useful talent and be very broad. In Brazil India a hot spot as well just because of that counts that you aren't as well so there's going to be a lot of lot of questions and its borders and led government that a lot can happen for years. Let's let's bring it back to you guys in the -- And and I wanna talk about something you guys had a couple of big winning streaks and a couple losing streaks I wanna talk about what the difference is mindset wise between but winning streak in a losing streak so. During the winning streak you kind of don't wanna mess it up and wanna keep on a good role what's the difference during -- losing streak -- that mentality different. So I'm actually in that so when nearly winning streak actually. You're on top the world you don't think you can't -- That's the whole you contact your very competent everything's going well freedom you know blocks going your way when you're on a losing streak -- -- thing is like all right well. Let's not lose let's not -- up. Because they're good they're doing it so much so we can change that mindset that go to every game it wouldn't change that mindset. Let's not backstop. Two were gonna win. And we're gonna bring it our way. And that confidence that you aren't winning streak. That's what -- bring over that hump and I think we're starting to hit that because people off so much we really from the get this week especially in -- really -- -- and the heart and -- that we need to clean slate. But it would defeat in his perspective for speaker. We've won at 5 o'clock fire last ten games but since the end streaks. Looks different that earlier if we would have gotten -- locked in Oxford and gains we -- be having conversations so I think for us it's just getting over that hump of not trying to -- It is going on plant. And for you personally kind of personally -- kind of all -- complain on on the wing employee in the inside and attacking mid type situation. We're do you prefer to play what what is your preferred position. I've been getting that question a lot just because it's a -- change it around so much. But in all honesty -- like the answer I wanna be on the field my position on the field and I told mr. You know -- player like myself who likes playing in development and some gains like on an outsider in other games. -- can -- -- and -- enjoyable. Just because I'm on a field I can push and president had an outside attack there are also moved out and into Packers played. -- -- Want him. You know one -- the other so I think for me. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Number one spot. If I can be on the field with those guys that's a -- Let's move up to -- second half of the season here you guys had a great second half last year. What's your prediction for how you guys will move forward -- second of the season as you make a push back to the playoffs. My prediction will be -- -- like so we've had could say campus students and that they nearly as good enough. On its first you wouldn't want to add to that the fact but you know we're a team that's down the stretch were going to be -- ever going to be more confident we're gonna be a -- week on top players I think. The coaching staff and fitness staff the training that. All compared action that out with our job they are elected we have the power. We. The leadership not you know really out the useful ambitious -- Irish. In Diego and ball -- and Steve Newman and Siobhan great Michael and myself and we have the ability to go forward and make a big run we showed that Indian even for the most part. Now we bring it over and start that over and start the next thirteen games and their -- -- Can thank you very much for joining me this morning to really do appreciate you taking some time for us and good luck the rest of the way. Thanks so --

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