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Three For All: Favorite sideline reporters, 7-16-14

Jul 16, 2014|

Erin Andrews was promoted on Fox Sports, which lead to a discussion of who our favorite sideline reporters are.

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Hey these guys know more than just sports educated well traveled passionate. Renaissance man thinks -- three for a long -- number 30 yeah psychiatry threes overall venture. It's 34 wrong these days -- -- the -- beat. All right everybody -- a free for all that must mean it. Well fifty -- quit we would talk about female reporter sideline reporters who we like we don't like. I salute you and I just am already getting yelled at this happening again mileage yet yeah you are because strangest semi tech she's really bad thing for -- going down this path. -- you're gonna have to own up to it doesn't necessarily trying to -- sideline reporter journey anchor securities. Oh Drake is Eric it's -- during during -- predicted. She's one of those -- girls because their you know these people there on -- TV you are happy about that nothing comes out of the voice right straight professional. If you lose your top three your top three that you like to look at. I mean initially yes but then there'd be some -- avenue it. Right ago errant Alley of course and Jim Brown when Erin Andrews air enters yes -- -- -- -- yes and who else Jeff Brown. Number OK you got. One tall and too little short little ones. OK but they're awful lot of military blogs here but look what's Legos -- minus signs of Charlie has been -- from my way back. What I what Univision that you're here and really that's right that's what you're. -- Plus Joey. Well done that yeah I'm pleased actually from Mexico Mexico's TV Azteca -- available yet so she she was -- -- -- with -- -- her home or is it just. She was asking did -- just a minute wedding dress and asked them freedom there now that was that was different. There was someone else most well a burden to Vietnam so is this a proponent out better. Whatever the latest signs is that one of the jets assistance through football over solid sense of the boat go near her right -- in this era -- flyers girls like report walking in the jets' locker room dressed. Things are obviously so why that Nancy got an article Rachel Nichols don't you. Me tell you why duplicate that is out of this whole list that we got a nice little list going. You bring up Rachel Nichols got jungle to witness that we. Rachel Nichols of the silence says you know I'm Rachel Nichols. Which says ESP -- which there were -- got that little like. I'm Rachel Nichols and ESPN -- -- not she turns her head like she got this little like head shake Lacey tries to be all like you know if they're out of the south and yet another something their depth tonight and I picked a -- -- author of the -- that Richard I didn't listen to what Giuliani -- went -- there -- a nice little pause button. It's a city and -- -- dip for the tape audio video theater had sort of filter shakes or whatever it's kind of weird. The last was to go over. The most out of Rachel Nichols -- Colbert got a recent respect. But it -- these new give me a young guns that are out -- issue. The two -- -- annual growth guide as saying oh I don't its way to Mexico candidate that we felt we were just tear your member. Is that -- There aren't enough I guess. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- about Susan it just means you know I so I know it totally off the radar I guess for me. In case you're actually no I didn't I put a chorus of Thompson's. I think it Michelle beatle. -- Yeah and now OK and then I put. -- Tracy Wolfson the secret list overhears laminated. As a a friends episode so -- I don't -- Dobson Michelle -- biggest look a little crazy they seem like Curtis. Anything goes -- like you name it died. There -- five tool girl you like the crazy ones don't you do a little bit mean but Ben Tracy what is it like Tracy and Tracy -- and the news the complete opposite. Of course the confident in yourself. Tracy is that you like you know I encounters a crime -- -- she's not gonna. I can get on the night it's it's it's perfect you know it's hug means I can cuddle that are. It's the different dynamic with Tracy what older and Chris dobbs Michelle beetle as you might be opened some creativity you know every night I don't now. It's I'm not sure people and that's been proposed but are not certain -- out so we don't trip over product according to vote. I'm a huge -- -- -- so any any partners is playing like I said before with -- totally different Veronica as an anchor. Completely different sentence of circumstantial bug you the most. The animals -- Anderson who just just maybe they they put her in so many different positions where she's just. She can't win. Receded what she was she was the stuff up professionally just as soon -- it it don't matter repeat -- in general policy on water. Any locker images dominates every interview he met Rachel Nichols the other issue is Rachel. Rachel not as much are seen as she doesn't Wear anymore. Obama picked Scarlett seemed more more -- because of the baseball World Series beard and you know I just on an air strike yet they're trying to kind of just go off script and just sort of ad -- a little bit too much and just not getting it done it's diving close Erin Andrews has most annoying and Leo sideline reporter. It's just act -- -- I get -- -- what you re doing now -- either Accra. Dirt know that you don't remember actually. Kristina Akra used to are sure for the SEC channel wave like years and she worked up for the patriots -- the halftime she did the patriots now. And all that stuff she's in now I think she works for any -- for CBS now to a silent report. She's drive me nuts just in general just there's something about her maybe it's an air of of entitlement. I guess and taking her job way too seriously given it by the name wrong -- that. But all you're doing is saying to scorers to -- -- appointed and then like big time and everybody kind of like. Air enters what number and many hands like. Many -- I went up there and Anderson hey you got a concert like beating kid no autographs. That's -- redevelopment has some work for us now -- the big -- right now. I rarely looked him up and connect to a start trending LT we give him on the phone and order is on vacation for us right now the great things can happen is he's got to go here to Florida everybody's gonna assume that he was suspended but I just read that. But it looked pretty well -- you said you know what they actually used I hate that. On top pro by -- Forget just don't yet in did you know that scuba it immediately go by adding that -- in two week it supports digested any music that I -- you know got over 70% of your immune system that. Shut up for a minute. Bottles -- you know those read rights. You know -- -- you know we're gonna talk about how useful or is this a totally different part of the conversation but you know -- if you want to. Give them more credibility -- have to do more a part of the reason the reputations are just out there to look good is because they're not asked to do we know a lot of you put on this list that I got a circle that it has little to do was release of PC ties. We put Doris Burke on this list -- notes there I didn't related Doris Burke here's your college basketball. College MBA MBA yeah she does it all. Amaechi is she is outstanding courses prior yes just -- the ball -- to -- -- you -- is she's out there isn't as well in most cases showed an analyst. But she's not a young gun nearly she's not like these girls that could be doing like you know Playboy shoots and everything else she's very good she's one that works -- she's very very good at let's -- in. As she so shows Smith Michael there might there might gripe is way more with. Female sideline reporters that it is that the use of Seidler -- male or female all -- -- women in sports -- wanna know who got certain if they're gonna get back in the game is that important to you. But I don't know what the coaches thinking as their exiting the field yes. Very important that we thought that from the sideline like that that. That's part of the problem is you'll hear Joe Buck and Troy Aikman and say we just heard from the sideline without all the sideline reporter and therefore. Right. It's Dallek I guarantee -- it be using their editors that Huckabee say and to throw to Eric throat Arabic that Jarrett. To state of African script there and an equal six or senate senate senate back seven -- -- -- -- a -- have a box well a couple of games up here we get some sideline passes got. -- phone lines -- a story that no 1 o'clock hour also some off follow up news of the LeBron James controversy is already reaching the Kevin Durant. The Celtics involved. -- -- -- --

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