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7-16 Producer's Podcast Ep 4

Jul 16, 2014|

Zach Geld and Sam Packard return on the Producer's Podcast to discuss NBA free agency

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We'll soon we'll program for the -- -- system Tucker. Lot of it offers from Scottsdale Arizona here to you know consent for just. Men. You know. -- -- -- -- Yes there. -- strong. And the smoke crack the. And change chairs I changed my opinion as soon as you brother Jimmy's it's seen. I think -- it's from super bad the guy who's playing the Coke head is is really one of the best cocaine performances ever like I've seen a lot of people authentic just authentic. Just nailed it and I never seen an -- to do anything else but that. He should want to go down stuff maybe now the jury -- he. Rock and from party nanometers and party down. That's ten marina that's completely it would tell -- I know. All loaded and I won a quick fun fact about camera sensors used in that wet hot American summer -- probably. Victor pure lack where. The he would receive the guys from the river. Yeah. Com I -- a movie last night he's in the ten he killed someone just because it was good to be some of -- Houston. -- it and -- J. D. Drew. Favoring us fantastic. Great period of opening to the producers -- actor held in San Packard since before that says. Number for our climb in the latter number four Bobby York. And what you I'm up to -- 98 filers now I'm at 97 open at least 200. Race Twitter followers. Will be entertaining. At that guild of NH I'm mad as heck guy. New avatar. Yeah it up yeah I got. What's my brother's wedding and got photos where it looked like an adult person -- -- you know. Want to use that color. -- -- Try to do what you talk about. I wanna talk about NBA free agency -- not gonna mention he who shall not be -- the nameless on. Like I have all book column pulled or for now these -- wanna give them any more power. Is that all his name yet. Yes like that not song I give you power but that's songs about guns so it's not really like that -- son gave -- power. Let's talk about -- and -- big -- so far. Our -- I think there -- it's pretty much settled down trees and signs at least. Yeah the big one in my opinion that's communities game changer -- you know do is -- result bulls. I don't know how much -- team cheaters he certainly talented. But I feel like the bulls needed two or three kind of a swing -- a shooter McDermott. Department. Apparently it is -- buckets. -- -- He blew up in summer league. Something I mean auto -- blown up and summer league right now it's summer league -- you have no idea like that that has any impact on. The -- into Wiggins is doing cool dunks that as a mean. I always tell you don't think that the biggest signing what do you -- the various. I think it's the biggest signing but I don't know if it's actually that big longhorn camera as the impact on the team of yes that's gonna make the bulls better but you still have question marks their roots. You'd Jimmy Butler is -- to -- -- -- don't know he can score. It gives them a great front court gives him a real ugly front court as the European looking for a court which all four I think what. That seems like what the league's going to -- more of the European Sam Cassell whispers. When the championship it's more fundamental base. Team -- mass and ice which -- -- staying. Are and I guess they completely reversed my opinion and I do think you. The flip flop and sentence a yeah I think the bulls are the team to beat in the east I think is the have a cell site in dealing with you know. -- him practically. Yes. Because a haven't put together it's gonna take a time that team to gel to mold and they have. Zero low post. Zero focused on -- We're gonna have score in crunch time in the loop there Stan now. Vanity Fair. Measure just how big and that not a senator. Four big is he talented O salad. There aren't any better way in the more and let the -- are involved more. Mixing. Your tech and his as the east or were there and and the the bulls. And the caps or she pacers are still gonna be -- this -- couple -- Stevenson. Yeah it's going to Charlotte. War and it's a widget like cats I I feel like. MJ saw Lance blowing in the bronze year was like that's the kind of guy -- that guy will do anything to win. That will be previous Helen and just like get him on my team and the bobcats are actually pretty interest in now. They have -- Get short hours they went back to court. Sweet court sweep throwback uniforms and he's the jerseys and it Kemba Walker Lance Michael Kidd deal Christie can defend and he shot is apparently not. The church anymore -- is -- I'm sure it is but they don't even do -- horse -- next. John. Yeah I was I Scioscia. -- to stay on the wing -- defense that got the goods seller. And they got big Albion for searches doing crazy things active they're dangerous team. People forget about another team in the east the actors. That were -- Chris team they've brought Larry Beck now Larry our out now every. You know rappers always irreverent like Larry there's an onion lightly. Michael our arena he's -- too bad boy toys but also it's a print of salt. Larry Larry self season slow them some batteries. -- and calories per one of the best point guards in the NBA real underrated the rappers haven't done much to improve the cells but they still have. To Rosen Larry. Amir Johnson have a solid young core nights of them and win their first round game percent matchup I think there are definitely contender. The Baltimore former team still gonna be decent at a little thing they got. -- neck. Terrible my thought is it just -- to see bosh isn't one. Years ago one in Tehran Tony ten guys Iran will say. I think Dwyane Wade is a terrible and I would have never signed him now that's that what have you brought pain usually -- -- -- contract. It's it's as always stupid. It is me if anyone deserves it and outside can we throw them. And film the last team in the east think has a chance the -- -- is that right. Now they have the Paul Pierce the truth old -- pierce coming in. What you think he's gonna bring that team a lot of veteran leadership and swagger and not much else. It's over. Do you think he's done. Plane in the last five minutes of the fourth he's 40 is that he'll be on the floor and it'll probably take the last shot of the bunch but he's not he's -- twelve -- -- game. He was good in he was good in New Jersey because he played kind of -- stretch for mismatch position and was able to play against larger defenders. If he's gonna plates try to replace -- and just play it on to small forward minutes are hoping it's going to be that effective that being said. -- and Wallace probably the best back court. In the east. I can name me a better -- Calgary and -- waiters. I don't buy into that young -- strange I mean it didn't shoot but I like feel better and wall is better defensively inquiry. Mika. Thank you can make argument that argument hold it wasn't an -- -- and I seriously it's. Enough Arafat on apple ought to get on you're it was terrible I have a close close. RA and then the last piece I guess it's just the failure of the Houston Rockets to do anything bullets splits. -- went on after the west apple table in the got one more east teams silence the Celtics with their sign and trade of Chris Humphreys. And this is moved to open the door for. Another. One so big east and the first fans and they're trying to get Kevin Love I don't know they're going to that it looks like what. So -- trade exception now they're really don't have any more pieces to offered Minnesota. At some point either got to decide to trade Rondo or. I noticed give up children and a straight broader trade underground I don't wanna trade Rondo I wanted to keep -- his let. Sign him long term I think he's a great piece. Just develop young players eventually all these crazy pieces are gonna have to turn into something. The year ago did the wait and see approach. Yeah than I don't know at the -- and they like five guards on the team right now. -- collected -- the -- there in the NBA two K version of I was on the team to simulate the entire season. Go to the drafted next year and just. See what happens you handle that as the Celtics and oh yeah love watch and young folks develop young folks young folks young bucks. Who doesn't like what's -- good young but now -- can probably do artists games really easy ticket prices will go down. You'd think. You know I mean I am I likely watching development knowing they're not gonna win I mean will be it will be entertaining second year Bret Stephens and -- Are on the west. Houston. But there -- actress by ash traded away during Milan trader and Omar logic. Plan to match the Parsons deal if they were gonna get -- Max and match the offer sheet. The mavericks if Parsons -- they decide to take and then watch -- at home. And they went after that trip Trevor Ariza and didn't match Parsons in their thinking there is. Yeah we can give Parsons all this money by in the future it's really gonna. Make it harder go get free agents and I kind of agree with that is Parsons really like. Were kind of overrated I mean three for 45 he's good looking huge contract he surprised by how well. Is that what it is it's hot David people like what needs. If you couldn't pay him. Animal yeah. He. That's why people like me that what is that an -- person. -- crap personality if you. It hurt -- for the next fifteen minutes. It's 'cause like a hot hot dude. But this smoldering hot maybe row at this -- am -- them at some sponsors since. And just put my face on a stamp. Move. Perfect transition right now into our. On official sponsor of the day and after repeated. Repeated trying to contact Stamps.Com. They have not returned any of my calls so I'm switching sides right now. Guys the unofficial. Sponsor that producers podcast is now the post office. And I'm talking to us and then we like -- civic duty that day. Civic duty is doing what's best for your country -- of patriotism the post offices -- you're just gonna go home. You Stamps.Com. Threats and easy it is to go to the post office -- five minutes. Just to save your country. Use the post office post officer and -- group from -- and all the time exactly eleven. Why and I do intermingle with well Brandon is -- be social have human interaction not everything has to be done over the Internet go to the post office and wait lines we suckers there. Exactly just how they interact with the people get out there post office it's been around forever. Wrong they got cool stay there. Different collections. Award if you don't have a partner at -- Exactly. How much -- to print out postage. -- hit the post -- you need your post officers to do that for you go to the post office. Unofficial sponsor of the producers podcast post office. While. Relation to. Years there. Even done but I was a perfect segue so -- -- that we had to get ahead but tonight on this on the same way. Moving on now for and be free agency to the event the flow event that happened last night's. In the all star game I watched four outs which for. Column I watched Fernando Rodney strikes and now than it was cool podium today that was pretty sweet arrow. You like that I'm -- -- it's like if any players need to dance more after every that should be your requirement -- in Arabic Salzburg in a lot more interesting. If they forced out player's anthem every base you've got to celebrate just really ham it up -- really just do exactly it's it's gonna be like. And once dial. It's because it's been exhibition it's got to be a joke of a game one -- that would've done that was weak and he struck out three times. We craps his pants on the big huge terrible -- -- once in a moment there I watched we'd be terrible heat checks on. His first lunatics running -- It barely got back to map and see I want him to dominated them -- him to bat flip after each home run. Like how awesome would that after each one tournament at a Reno could have like one of his bat boy. Pick it up -- -- -- rack yet sponsored by Gatorade like in you'll be fine yeah how many three quarters. During key injuries keeping -- on the ball park at the end. Everybody got a fresh hearing every elect to Mets exactly I'm just ran up the -- do it after every home run swing flipped the bat. Try to -- the Gatorade bath -- -- Bettis they had 680s. There. They couldn't get them together Gatorade bath and a pilot -- the days from I saw a story on sports and they're the aids organizations since no one. To tell that to help Blake. -- PR Ehrlich interviews an apartment now it was just all the players six players here is. It was a leader who is believed that that chapter on. Do you she little Scott Kazmir from the Devil Rays days. Was the leader of BA's all started. That's absurd that's as cheap that's money ball right there at -- that. They have to pay for the tolerances thing. Yeah they probably had altered our professional players so they can afford it but it's kind of weird in this day of like where everything super handled in. If PR people pushing everywhere. I was thinking today it's all of all the players are probably going back everyone home. Yeah sorry to wasn't part it was an ulcer and I -- go back to all these players like commercially. There -- a bunch of MLB players like in airports and I just traveling back to the team absence. I'm sure they didn't like deal with booking a flight consultants -- traveling secretary but -- there a commercial flight to can't charter plane for 25 different guys. -- 'cause it's money well -- -- kind of money it's like a carpool still have -- one and just pick out a -- way. Our rights of people going back to the entire. Every city in America is that one charter plane -- three in the city it's only have teams of 23 guys. Not even -- -- what if they're going to eighteen different places you -- to -- stoppage what if you're the last guy they wanna wait to drop the first seventeen guys off that horse crap. -- commercial flight. Law he -- today commercial and Rita returned in the new -- For pick up and drop offs. What I think of a fundamental misunderstanding of -- -- give -- time in public money cost for usage. Family it just happened to hit play and yet it costs money -- -- Major League franchises you know they can afford. I mean I don't wanna like the Red Sox don't pay Jon Lester and money to throw that money for Lester flew on a private chat with like Red Sox management says from Houston. -- that Maryland yes so but not the all stars I don't for everyone else they -- all stars buyers have about three charter flight to anywhere they want. We're gonna be gonna right hander back to Aruba now -- mines -- remote mine now you have limits on international flights and I aged him and he. Rick this is absurd they should walk home boss there. I have nothing to do with anything. Do you -- you watch the -- more counseling I was here for -- -- it's our interview with mud and it was on. On the screen so I -- lot of so long it was stupid takes for error. John Carlos it and hit it messaging here and ballpark and they had to wait an hour and a half and -- -- dollars a -- rules over two hours from once in the next. -- -- on the spot ideas to make homer in derby better. Three outs. Three arts. -- baseball game yours might they have to throw it up to themselves. I had no pitcher. I'd like I was talking about this the other day you put a pitching machine. Out there on the ground. Just feed -- ninety mile per hour fastballs. See how far they give him different is tougher it is get the bounds. Like distance competition I. Ottawa. Forty miles per hour when there -- hitting them. The mountain and nine. You know words -- goes on 600 feet. Happen and the -- So where -- the competition just based on further to run it or not were little bonus ED three outs of the bonuses for in the summer whoever is the furthest gets. -- -- -- -- -- -- Born in public that's going to be a terrible thing but real is gonna end. What -- do it with the ease him back in the day -- like one on one during the summer complete gains. 3 outs purge or watch those back to act like he used to play those on this week in baseball before this baseball now does that exist as if that doesn't seem as well it's at which it's register every summer and at this week in baseball has to watch that every August. It's. This week in baseball. Picture him making him picture you can imagine that he had no idea what it looks like. And you can picture him is entirely fools. Oh. -- -- What he looks like it was in the host. Posts and that I did like -- in the way of gyms at the end of catch phrase it has no idea. How about that guy how about that back oh. Yet you know. There and I have watched this again I think it's. We'll check on the Google. In action I. They should get rid of the home run derby the all star team and just try something a new wacky competition every year that's a complete exhibition. What did you watch the legends and celebrities. Softball game I cut the few highlights which cells that show. That you had men tiny wheels but he left in the first third of hope on a legitimate triples you know. I don't hate on that yeah he's part of the terror squad he's brought you hit after it and he had to deal with the other he was an obese tandem. Of him in big pond and then no big time big -- real dead now so he's surviving members. I mean that nasty stuff that you know first the third which was quite -- -- And Adrian Peterson struck yeah. Looking pretty terrible on edge and that was it I was entertaining he said it before the -- -- export. He missed a couple pop flies. You look too bad. I -- Out of it so much more fun it's like. Iraq in shock of MTV -- it's rock and Jack man that's what we also should be they should have. A draft of like six players and then those six players skate each choose one celebrity they want and that should be the team. It should be mixed in that's more than just make an exhibition beginning of -- dancer Iraq in jock in the football they had. You had inherited debt you head -- in equity and they have the -- in court. Like ninety's MTV is really what they're -- arm -- quarterback could -- in court to that's. Just sitting in at least he boy. And right there you need novelty is an -- all they play a 162 dangers can throw it and other team. I seal these players on YouTube I can like watch sports -- there's no novelty -- like who like to eat and nano. I see the NL every day of the MLB TV packaging more exciting for the players that is the fans at this point because the player doesn't show the players don't get to see each other every day remembers -- stand -- about oh. But -- are smaller than popular person. His eloquence is as a smaller personally think that I would rather just see all the all stars like hanging out in a room which is real world style. If you just put like nine all stars and house and then -- interviewed them that's Mauritanian in the actual start yelling -- confessional KM. Just make create fake drama I'd rather see Japanese yeah three day week like just lock him in house. And I love real world you who loves real world who doesn't -- real world this guy all of real world as much as I'll real world. Broad rules to challenge because I like -- like real back and it. -- -- -- -- -- rules on access. -- -- Now just called the challenge -- is bringing you guys specifically for the challenge stating -- go through broke rules. With scissors tomorrow. I know that's the problem. Perfect and a -- the end. When we're darkened road rules. Yet there's really once -- mountain already -- after that your. That was the producers podcasts. Episode number four. Hopefully there'll be more than four more four more years four more years four more fierce. -- -- -- Means I have to -- I guess rules. Now through this unprecedented program and the even after the World Cup's of recommitment to open kitchen you know and I don't like Orioles now area your face ouch. First words in so to me -- was random moment. -- you. Clever very clever how's it going -- kitchen. Don't terrible here here don't great distances and leaves just keeps -- and on that stage. I am I realize they are not the only one -- the station and others like dozen or so months. He has club that bit. We've got a club for awhile ago presents your first Internet well as the go to eat weirdo club Dayton -- The way back to the way back machine. Who's the president club. -- we've never voted on. On leadership and little Uggla hatred Syria it's just it's a democratic process we'll vote victory. Your relief that would -- is an. Everyday event. Now I don't think there's flights and time voted. One time we changed -- respects but it was and it's flattened a picture you. That's actually at eight tiller is earlier -- about someone else different that idea. Cooler though we are going to bounce back from statement about. Now how to market hates that they've had its giant phone that's enough that's never mind I wasn't a -- act or statement. We know your favorite act. It is. That he doesn't lines are -- new club I hates him. Just as an -- legs if you everyone -- -- so. We did -- -- Thanks for every type of good looking Sammy is it and he did. He'd done that themselves. Being gala is the best looking of the two thank you I. I mean that's obvious -- and I get to hear arguments -- and from that sent them. They have been edition of Oceania if they catch him. Had to reset the music. -- the spontaneous stuff and advantage and those well time looks at your back and yeah -- and play and then he knew it. He knew it you follow -- kitchen. Young man. I think he needs to change that Twitter handle that as we I am or -- -- -- he's not young then we're decently and he's younger than everyone show. Yeah aegis called. Together bit hasn't -- -- Ben WB and he's thinking is that he's in bad. You know -- that someone on Twitter just. I bet the guy named -- I have to. Well I don't know the I don't know how also to figure out -- and I was wondering if you had a show and act like I think it's gentle -- the big bear. Number gentle -- know he was on Simpson's like multiple times. Who gentle but the big thing. Do you follow the clueless. Person. That gentlemen. It's just look at -- like he's completely. On the candidates -- that I find the Simpsons pretty well the players and so hopeful that a -- of them -- -- the -- were here were -- we don't want any more players -- -- -- talk -- In one of the other guests gentlemen. Are all next week all TV much into an update. I mean he expects its. Well there we go out and you need to do and that is that gal there -- that -- Check sat next week.

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