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Adam Wainwright admits to grooving pitches to Derek Jeter at ASG, 7-16-14

Jul 16, 2014|

Adam Wainwright admitted (and then recanted) to throwing a few meatballs Derek Jeter's way in his last ASG appearance. MFB also discuss the home-field advantage gained from winning the ASG.

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Middays with the NFC reunited for the first time a long time. Christian Fauria and advancement Maloney altogether ten until you. Let's get to the top story today Christian what is Ole miss him look like on defense this year. Won't mess. We've got the you really want it you'll know you wanna -- I always don't know I don't wanna know yet and neither does anybody else here a little while ago. I I will find a way to get some college football into our show at least one day a week during the cause we don't know on I don't -- -- I'm -- that but I tell you law. A 32 -- -- -- -- -- talking to a college football -- I'll give you everything you need to know about the the week's upcoming games. On that Saturday. In one minute starting with -- yes it is exactly -- no bite you right hook me if you if you give -- picked. OK yes well we we sure do spread we should do ecology pick him we should do that I know I mean it's going to make me money just give me that picks article make of -- -- be happy till I did win. The ES PMI -- there -- we have the college become like on the first state -- -- college football special and I did -- years route just for the record. And that means anything. Should be a nice little -- yes I thought oh my god pull -- help. -- one minutes. One minute together they did coach give him the finger -- if you missed that we are no apologies necessary now -- -- -- are about that yesterday earlier Gonzalez did not happen the next it but I was always -- -- the finger was given it's him again now that it -- the next -- that sport. And I've -- -- in the right seats now and suggested the -- disappearance -- it is an adult like yeah I mean I respected her detractors see. I don't like it -- I respect your lights are still there is no problem I know I had that I didn't like at all retailer bought an emotional roller coaster -- I hate the best thing ever I love you great point. You're at it go down had a down over here in his seat and I'll switch positions. I've put it on my put my iPad now. Senator Reynolds -- is like the size of this elect of the TV we haven't but but -- not ready. Ready to meet you know text and -- becoming comes in comes your way. Aside from the SEC the -- second biggest story of the days what happened at the all star game last night and I'm watching the highlights again right now and I'm just baffled. That. -- game which is supposed to mean something. And the biggest reason why we're making a big deal about Derek Jeter getting grooved fastballs to him. Is that the game allegedly means something for game seven of the World Series. That they're not using replay I'm pretty close plays at this is. It's unbelievable to me how split we are on what the all star game really means. This stuff with -- Adam Wainwright grouping the fastballs to Derek Jeter. To me should mean nothing but we have to act like it does mean something because game seven is attached to it. This is the most true most crystallized. Think it would ever need to look at. To tell you why the all star game should mean nothing -- stuff like this is going to happen this is the stage for it. But when there's a fallout too with that actually has consequence. That makes you feel like. Some wrong occurred because Adam Wainwright professor called on the middle makes. It's -- league baseball has created this problem. Because. They have confused -- a lot of people I don't think anybody cares about winning that gave -- OK I don't think anyone cares about winning that game. But yet they care about winning ticket. And it doesn't make -- exactly at this game makes no sense. Adam Wainwright. I don't believe you look at Vicki made two mistakes shut your mouth that -- -- that adult lie in apologize for something that you actually did. You we talked body yesterday. Okay you're gonna throw the public that curve ball back pocket -- told Derek Jeter nothing but fast we all predicted this as you know I've never is that damn thing wrong with it. There's nothing because this is they break an exhibition game. Okay there's nothing wrong with what happened but now he -- Adam Wainwright curable in that game. Obviously not this wasn't really his game he's gonna give you what fourteen pitches and leave is his game. If you wanted to get the hell out of there as the next -- -- to wanna get the hell out of there. Know that it's an all star game that families do it at night dinners erupted at a threat of -- -- throw the ball well for dating it to dragon hitter to. Nobody cares about winning it than me at -- got to manage to win because you supposed to care is the most confusing game I've ever seen in my life. We talk about just All Star Games and general. And out of all of them. At first just completely against All Star Games one. In the middle of the season like how can you. Oh you picky -- all stars after they've only given you half a season the body of work that's one issue will we talked about this before you can't do it after the season -- -- Carol lamb and all the argument November 9 nobody I mean you could find a place if you really wanted to but that's it's doesn't matter it's it's it's doesn't matter what some of the duke football. And and that team has no meaning whatsoever they tried to make that game more important. By paying the team that won. And acts like 1520 grant you get like little extra point if you want but even then. The loser got twenty. And get a free trip to Hawaii and nobody really cared to hear -- -- him on that one minute on the program Ruble was. It was basically 77 tournament. And they almost aside and they're gonna completely get rid of the -- forces is easier to just announce it yet add to that is nobody wants to add to your point nobody possibly any scandal. So you're gonna sit there and it's like -- a conflict of emotions okay because you're telling me here's an all star break all star game. What's reason to believe it's they were is hanging out right -- good to see you build up is the dinners is that -- you know camaraderie you know these guys together and us. It is so they acted like are you are you. You've got to get mad at Wainwright. For doing what he did. Because the game matters. We have Adam Wainwright talking about -- -- two pitches to Derek Jeter to start the game with Aaron Rodgers. After he found out this become quite a big deal on social media as there is quick to point out by the way. I was gonna give him a couple tight shots. Just as he deserved it. And as you hit a double relatives. Is gonna hit it is something hard for the rights for -- -- now. I approach it pitched a movement. Okay that's called the truth of the dollars we talked to reporters in the middle of the game that is after his outing he gave up the doubled in Jeter he talked to a group of reporters. That is the truth. -- from Adam Wainwright. That is exactly what happened he put his nasty curve ball is pocket any to a 9191. Mile an hour fastball right down the center. Of the plate sometimes known as middle middle. Okay that's what he did. Now apparently. That the people really upset because his people out there that wanna just a well his -- meet so and -- in game seven is on the road America league. That wade might feel good about it and I mean. And last eleven years they've done this for eleven freaking years okay eleven years they've had this this game means something game sevens we've had. 12011. Saint Louis in every game six is we've had. Marie obviously the Red Sox the Yankees in 09 in the first -- the Mosul three miles probably one American League ballpark. So does that really matter I -- it could that it's an exhibition Adam Wainwright at that time was telling the truth but then. Many -- heat and we do that guess what now they got a back that -- apologize now he got a lot to Aaron managers. The comments he meets third quarters after being hit by what we found out. It's taken. -- terrible about this thing. -- it was miss. I made a mistake by that I hope people realize I'm not intentionally giving up hits out there and this can mean. I'm -- people think I'm -- I think yesterday at the politics you can do I -- has been. I just it's it's a distraction that I did not want to be a distraction. -- -- -- -- -- -- We appreciated Claire and I don't celebs social media I don't decision. Says the girl two point 70 million followers on what a waste so if you Wainwright. Even if you decided that before the game you're going to pitch to win you want to pitch to strike people out. What's the applause start going. And and you realize the position the reality of the position that you're in your view it's almost like. You you all you are suppose to. -- it and you were supposed to lob a meatball and and I'm not gonna you know it's a nine in my hour fastball OK it's not like it's in a seven mile an hour. But it for what he can do it's a very -- pitch for him not to -- easily of you know out and out or. Wearing a pop -- up. But you you give him a pass at all for the fact that he was in that position because they -- great war honoring and right behind home plate. It's a big sign that Nike puts out that says respect with the number two and it. And write a rest geared towards -- for just throwing fastballs. I guess -- yeah that's let me yes despite Arnett it -- given us some different companies you are expected it. We we said yesterday it's gonna happen. You -- -- point is that about you know the crystal ball like eighty as a -- that's below gators beat. Now Alexi school Obama right like the huge garbage pit road 1991. -- down to metal that's what you wanna do just a block the throw -- curve ball. Knock it royal Cotter a complete change up. Would you be now anyone done a -- do what you want with -- it and expected it I don't have a problem with -- -- it's a big deal. I think it's an all star game I think of the story that just took often is this. Crazy at this point. Now we rematch of the day cal Ripken's final game Baltimore David gold. Three at bats do nothing but fastballs every single pitch now -- there was a lasting a year do you school playoffs. Gabe and I still don't pick Adam Wainwright gave a crap about winning that game open is one meeting was gonna hold up. Off Michael they have put up zero. Hope that holds up. Now but -- our study is this the same as I mean the Michael Strahan has a built like a sack record because. You know Brett Favre not to admit it but it is -- will and no summit went on base that particular dive to allow Michael Strahan to get a sack. It -- to put him over mark Preston though to get that that's Akron it but that's a great season that's of all time record this is not not a record this is just. Well but I guess exhibition but and but it is -- it is -- it's it's an exhibition game but it matters like it. There's an impact with that regardless. I mean it's it matters right now that whether that's another whole -- managed goes to now maybe. It's just not a big deal in baseball make it maybe it's it's insignificant. Two wins and losses. But it it it it. Has to matter what you have to care. And there is Selig baseball's making you care for an event in a game that. Really nobody's really interested in trying a 100%. Like it if you give up I hit the Derek Jeter allow OK it's not like it's gonna Specter ERA but gonna factor when -- -- it's more -- -- that would exhibition means nothing connects buildings and exhibition. It's that Magic Johnson Elster a game we just saw the highlights there just run them over your head writers and it's like seconds to go and it's a government magic has the ball out but it just sort of clears out a little bit specific defense going on right. And -- give -- chance to get the game wouldn't show why the idea -- -- -- In college or if you want respecting guy deal -- in elementary school are on is that whatever but he. You really want to respect geniuses that hack it out game to yet but they are at all what is the big deal what we shall caught up in this -- On that social media that if people going nuts and actually write stories and Andy and the thing -- -- -- he actually lied recently in the label in their two storm with a big years he's got reporters Redick stories of the believe them. Johnny -- I believe. Adam Wainwright John. Presumably himself. What are you talking about he tried to back panel he just he just -- fastballs out of metal and it double. In all my god the entire world right now it's like just flipping cards over what is the big deal to exhibition game. I wanna know what you think got there Boston fans about what happened last night in the all star game my opinion is that this is obviously. The most crystallized piece of evidence that you need that the all star game shouldn't count for anything. If the all star game doesn't count for anything this isn't a controversy today. What are you think 6177797937. In fact we had Nomar Garciaparra on the show yesterday he joined us and Lou and I were asking if we thought this would happen at Wainwright who ever else comes -- faces and it's is the perfect curve ball away Adam you know just very let's Sosa meters. I have I have the elemental you know I think you would hope that would happen -- -- you know he's picked -- let you know I don't. Early games he's a little bit -- let's -- don't think quite that -- anymore. Do some of the is that younger guys that -- I yeah I think guys like -- right. He did it for sure. He's been around a long time I can see that happening as well and understandably so. In my problem with Wainwright. Lou isn't that he dated it's how we talked about how we admitted it this is so easy to say -- from a fastball he hit it. I just say it from a fast Bonnie and it wink nod smile grand whatever the same thing when it comes to the code of hitting batters everybody knows. When you say it that's what you get in trouble was -- Cole Hamels did that. Years ago the number in our Bryce Harper you have a purpose yep. Mean -- David Price that it didn't exactly c'mon admit it like Cole Hamels but he did -- in the notes that -- circles around it yet you right in being. -- never should came out. And Andy that'd -- whatever talk. -- so are already deserve that the cover up like some of the other reporters -- think you deserve to cover up but if you're gonna play the game play the game to the end. -- a bit to sort of wink and -- and walk away and Sam -- the second half of the season so -- -- It was a straight ahead in 91 -- argued it does but -- -- pocket. That's all. Any -- Doug bought a minute wait -- does -- got played up right -- suppose I try to get over doubled its -- sport they try to give up a home run a Mickey doll. Just what you did. You don't fastball on the middle Derek Jeter hope that you got to its albeit I'm not your competitor now litigate Trout up in Oshawa. Now -- get me out in ages ago Cabrera beat -- who seamer down and -- But you try to get those guys out he didn't necessarily gold -- percent balls out of the try to -- Jeter out just admitted it's not a big deal. It's not a big deal he did it. Six -- 77797. Knighted -- go to Jack in Boston Jack what do you think about this. -- -- I think it. I'd probably that is not that he did at its identity probably why we should -- The controversy has not been trying to back -- the act is never sure that it. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- No unfortunately it does and that's why we're talking about it jacket with the did you do your point is it shouldn't count for anything. I agree with you but unfortunately does count for something and that's why it's become a controversy. Now what I'm it would let me know addiction should not -- -- -- game right there but I agree with it they -- and made that point. Cleared the first hitter only times the first two of the game. Determine the outcome of a baseball. Is will put an entirely lost apparently only recruit -- -- -- -- The game and -- -- now hope to hope we. Sam Pollock and we'll handle it -- One I just intentionally walk him. And me and I mean it makes or gets on base met you they didn't throw the ball although drill bit and hit a -- In the respect huge as drilling out the back -- hit that little logo back nine home plate but here's a vintage and go to this one accident -- in -- does think -- the all star -- should -- -- -- go -- -- why -- -- all star -- count for something. Well I think it should tell them to a big -- equipment in and -- big time money and everything that should count. And I like the idea that America actually look -- McCain they get popular -- -- believe that so yeah. Makes a difference I mean then well what's big weekly play what I want -- to Israel now. What about hockey and MBA. I don't know. -- Or not I don't know 00 and don't watch them. The league baseball games I realized a realist the ball games it's the only all star game next please defense. She want the NHL all star game determine Stanley Cup. -- Well not. -- Bruins fan. OK so a lot of offers and hold on for second so the Bruins are leading the Eastern Conference at the end of the regular season and I'd like -- the Bruins when the presidents' trophy. And some team from the west has five points fewer than them. At the end of the regular season but because the Western Conference beat the Eastern Conference eleven to eight in the all star game for the NHL you wanna see the Bruins a lot different in Chicago in game seven because the all star game needs to I mean. No no not -- that's all star game all star game that's apples apples. 61777979837. You can text 37. 937. As well. We come back there's proof that the all star game. Being meaningful has -- would give it to you we come back this is 937 Libya.

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