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Ken Davidoff hates D&C 7-16-14

Jul 16, 2014|

Ken Davidoff of the New York Post joined the show to discuss Derek Jeter.

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Got off is the baseball national baseball columnist for the New York Post and he's kind enough to join us on the AT&T hotline good morning candidates that I Kirk and Jerry and John in Boston how are you. Great yeah morning good morning all we're trying and have been since 6 o'clock this morning so it's been a two and a half hour exercise in futility. To analyze the phenomenon of last night's Derek Jeter love fest was there mob mentality. That sort of infested everybody from the stands to the dugout. To the broadcast boot to the press blocks where it was all about Derek Jeter all night long and the reason I bring this up. As a jumping off point I don't disagree with much of what you've written with one exception there's a lot and here that says Jeter deserved. A grooved a pitch. And he deserved the cover up. Explain that to me. -- Adam Wainwright. Give up a leadoff double Derek Jeter at -- letting him and met with president in game interview which is confident Austria where it. He kind of that aggregate one. My point was. You know -- by the media more than pages should have admitted to it because that's -- I thought I was trying to help out the old man. What is the what is Jeter deserve -- pitch that's understand. Why why is why. For the same reason tower in punitive thirteen years ago because a lot of a legend two draw favor retires. There's no Laura -- group and pitch we can look good in this final on all the on the national stage. Have a birthday years go beat the home field advantage -- employed one at a time. Thirteen years ago -- home field advantage in the World Series was not at stake that was twelve years ago. So there there may be consequences I'm sure this will be a short lived controversy. If you know if if it is at all. But if the cardinals as an example lose the seventh game of the World Series on the road then this get three visited there was something it's day. I -- 100 noted. What do they award at the National League is it loses in seven games in the World Series that the National League team that loses. Which is lost the home field last night will. Look back on this moment and say why didn't we pick the all star game more seriously. The idea that your complaints are in particular are aren't entirely about it -- you're going for. What and he doesn't deserve to have a group pitch and I mean I understand. You know I don't care about the nationally in my opinion. Pretty country as -- Be sure but my point is -- is Jeter deserves it because he's a good player for a lot of time he deserves. A group pick from Adam Wainwright and all star game. That's my opinion deserves a cover up. Yes. When David Ortiz and David Ortiz decides to read the REIT announces retirement advance. And he gets the same got eleventh -- -- -- of Derek Jeter gets and David Ortiz would deserve such. Such as apparel -- I think you would deserve a group that -- all star game as well. Well I guess we'll have to agree to disagree -- -- -- can do you believe -- -- -- -- -- The birth and gender or look at -- I guess I can relax agreement. His Cadillac is well. He's wow what I would equate it to -- what if a guy didn't make a great effort to be had a short fly ball to center field some in. And McCutcheon comes in and didn't make a great effort to catch and it just let it drop. Would would it be similar. No because that's more conspicuous again all Adam Wainwright had to say it was great job by you know there. And then world none of that weren't on the wiser for but it it Andrew McCutcheon -- view. Lolly -- after a fly ball and that's more blatant than men in the two different conversation. -- Adam Wainwright made two statements yesterday one of them has to be alive so based on. The tone and tenor of what you're talking about here I think you think that he was telling the truth. When he said he grooved one and was covering up for himself and lying when he said no I was really trying to get a modest affair. Yeah apples but I think you're being a little more. Black and why don't let anyone who wants and that I was -- that a win -- I'm here. I busted my -- out here in Minneapolis so. I I was with him personally promote interviews. And I think the first time becoming good Nicholas the I gave one bit -- -- good job by him out of the get a double. And the second time does that look now as I was thrown off fastball. And you know knows not hoping -- I was hoping you wouldn't get it -- it was more it was more nuance. Disparity there. Do you ever feel and liked the -- -- -- simplified to say -- overrated. But he. And Kenny didn't see you know -- Never hit 25 home runs only drove an underground once never won an MVP. Never was really the best player in the league. Does it feel like the appreciation for him is not commensurate with his abilities or his. His body of work. Now -- I mean there -- a lot committed talking about. Mr. in the big and very -- you -- cal Ripken junior music talent superior player. I've really cared they're -- when in his prime also Rodriguez on Iraq which sorts -- was eager player. But if we're talking about the value he brought to the shortstop position and the value he brought the New York Yankees. -- very dear to me is being number three yankees of all time. And is probably feel the State's top forty top fifty baseball players called on. Lol oh well all I need to know I need to know list assume it's Ruth Gehrig Jeter in your mind. So you haven't had a DiMaggio. Apartment recruitment. So you Atlantic Eric you've Derrick what is Garrick. Where I've I united to -- and I I think I don't. -- republic Garrett -- DiMaggio. Well you have -- had a DiMaggio and -- behind Jeter. Guys what it would be 96 years old -- not understand the value of a premium position like shortstop. -- would -- Candiotti brought able shortstop and he did you ever looked at Lou Gehrig's career numbers. Yes he is clear OPS is. A thousand his slugs -- 632 in the playoffs and Lou Gehrig and he played first place in the playoffs Derek Anderson to be played a bad short suffered -- 70% of his career. Derrick any post season is the greatest -- he's entered history Gary. 361477731. Person here this book -- it was a report a much also coming durable didn't miss many games. Won the Triple Crown -- -- a couple of them he's is probably these third all time and OPS is probably one of the three best hitters in history you think -- a better player than the Gary. Yes that deserves a coverup you not to -- the -- Joseph gammage. Joseph -- I mean what do about it. Great players to put a premium that would you say put a premium defensive position DiMaggio -- -- -- that a word yet literally galloped big boycott we appreciate your yacht like me while we -- or anybody got a big -- you're just gonna yell at all stages urged us but I'm more sensitive and I. You know played -- 1936 in 1951. Unfortunately not his fault he got in World War II lost four years. So he played for twelve years Sergio played for nineteen years plus a little -- Let me ask -- -- -- do you think part of the love and admiration for Derek Jeter may be a celebration in some people's minds. -- -- -- -- That this is a guy that in the steroid era did woody did whatever you know wait you wanna give to his accomplishments. And did clean as opposed to many as teammates and many of his peers over the course this last -- years. Unfortunately yes I do think that the large part of that -- I think that's stupid and not intellectually sound. But yeah I do think that's a big part of an adamant that he embraces that. Can't I can't come up with one thing other than -- short to Jeter does better than DiMaggio. Or -- I you've already gone over -- who moving on to DiMaggio. Or bear. When I come pitchers you come pitchers in this can. -- again how 4008. And that's not how are you an honest we'd have a big boy conversation your cat with a mean. How's it puts our vision into -- each other -- go head off the -- to tell me why we can open to other. Ten mile -- let's talk a who's gonna say other than shortstop to move shorts I agree that's important. Why is Jeter better living -- removing we've moved on from -- when it's not our demise she'll. What does he do better than DiMaggio and play shore survive August right it means play longer. Your pride I quoted you -- -- seven more years or so voted yes and part of it do you -- disrupt skis and DiMaggio. I'm I'm I'm until we -- -- the jazz was better than DiMaggio. Let's not now as it has had a brilliant career but I wouldn't it better but he played some years. Right but not at a premium position but he played great defense great defense. -- but again boys not a premium positioning Brooks Robinson's in the months. 23 years out of the better DiMaggio and out of scores some numbers a little more admiral thought about that on the Ozzie Smith I'd say probably not but I I wanna look a little brother. This is my plants somehow Jeter and a -- does everything he does little things we've lost our minds he's a great player but he's earth. Hillary ranks -- on the New York yankees' all time list -- -- on an open yes. -- do you appreciate open EST you. You know where he ranks all time New York Yankees. I don't know precisely you're gonna tell me and on it I get some get a response. You're gonna find it surprising because I sure did he's 34. Yeah I'm I'm not surprised. Is -- thirty or if there's a 38 nobody here is not Ozzie Smith and shortstop Derek the second he wants -- to get Eric guess whose works -- one guess like Babe Ruth Babe Ruth you know third. Mickey Mantle he -- fourth go to my geo. I think a Prius is pretty indicative. Offensive abilities again they're not short stops but. You know the big shortstop and earn your value with the glove you have to be a basement that would set. I do one last question for me can you were there obviously was any sense there that Tony Gwynn got snubbed last night. You know I saw that on Twitter that'd -- maybe they didn't mention on fox. Early -- would have -- well I mean -- game traditionally doesn't. Potter greatly passed last year that's not really part of the drill so. You're at the all star game we've lost people that passed -- five days I can't remember there ever be any sort of recognition and an important. But what real love Tony -- and I don't think he stands about stand usual -- or anyone else was passed in this type that same note not in person. Month in San Diego thing just I was waiting for Ehrlich and his video tribute. I can't doubled off the national baseball columnist for the New York Post thanks for the time this morning we appreciate it. It was indeed -- he joined us on the AT&T hotline. How do you how Kirk ninety's I don't know -- what does that I don't know how old that you bit customize -- -- along time ago DiMaggio. Obviously but we got this right number Ryan -- when Jeter announce your retirement -- and actually rank him he backed off on demise you're right away went with. You look at Kerry's numbers I think -- -- jump off the pace I think Argus the second best player in history base and the only reason these under rate under appreciated is because of -- and also because in the movie because of the disease and it almost you almost forget Lou -- players you know I mean. These numbers are evil it's not never the best player on this team that was playing in some years in the in the order right in the batting order elicited what are BP with rookie the second a couple times when another woman DiMaggio one million World Series. In black and if you go the baseball reference look at the -- page it's all all this talk host my chips right. I mean there'd there'd just -- violence transcendent players. There's nothing. Jeter does better than -- you have first and second Ruth and Ruth and mantle and mantle. And -- better than Jeter who gave Matt here's our Gary wants to get raining here for -- 1934. 120 runs -- ten hits 49 homers but 266. RBIs to lead -- -- 363 which led the league -- for sixty votes of the league is slug guys -- -- BP was. 485 OPS was 11. Seven to knock that 35 runs and 31 the argument is that viewers an -- thirty and evidently he honestly it. They didn't play shortstop black players saw that -- dominicans. Now that the game is better now -- on -- shortstop. But he -- it. Which can Ari can argue that you love Jeter even if you're one of these guys -- -- in for Harold Reynolds you'd admit defensively -- overrated in my argument for Jeter over Garrard is not the -- shortstop and it doesn't work for what else is there. He's a winner but so -- customize GO. You know what demise as the ink and again in and -- good guy nobody factor in fact that while the -- factor is at play here and keep -- word that stroke if Jeter were AJ Pierzynski. You think it would be the kind of love for not only saw there and played 57 -- here's some more answers 15 record says the 361. Is slugging percentage was 7312. World Series 325. You know it's the. Are 6177797937. Toms opened main markets and Ashby and by the way. Just the that you promise is a little in the fight. Going on. In this radio stay with me no no not appoint you as always you wanna hear about it. Minute and when you're with the info and yes wanna give in to the and I guess I only get involved not your thing is that they'll try to give us all right people who can't but that Aaliyah hit back a list has contracts what should -- to another there is some hatred. That when we come back. 4200.

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